Pelosi to Trump: delay State of the Union or deliver in writing; WH adviser: shutdown's economic damage "worse" than predicted; 4 Americans killed in Syria suicide attack; Sen. Gillibrand joins already-crowded Democratic field


Tired of spending hundreds of dollars prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five visits any today at Zanny dot com slash CNN. The state of our union is we don't even know if we're going to have a stated union, the scarred threatening native our unions, a stalemate house speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling President Trump to take his speech somewhere else is the damage inflicted by this long government shutdown gets even more severe hours before the White House repeats that ISIS crumbled, a massive suicide attack in Syria. Four Americans killed including to servicemembers in a marketplace explosion in ISIS is claiming responsibility was women already making history in the two thousand twenty race Senator Kirsten gillibrand making three already declared candidates more are coming in any of them be drunk. Welcome to the lead on dick, Tampa, we begin with our politics. Lead speaker Nancy Pelosi, sending a clear message to President Trump. This is my house Pelosi telling the president to postpone the state of the union address currently set for January twenty ninth or deliver it in writing as presidents of your wants did the speaker citing security concerns due to the government shutdown the annual address traditionally given following an invitation from the speaker of the house, which she wants extended Pelosi insisted today that she was not disinvited the president. But that message seems to have alluded other members of the House Democratic leadership such as majority leader, Steny Hoyer, the state of the union is off the state of the union is off while you're staff tried to walk that back, but Heuer's not alone democratic caucus, chairman Hakim Jeffries tweeted, President Trump, quote will not be permitted to deliver his state of the union address until government is reopened. Welcome to life in the new democratic majority. Get used to it or on day twenty. Six of the parcel federal government shutdown. Nearly one million Americans not getting a paycheck with the ripple effects felt throughout the nation. Reminder. This is economic pain that the federal government of the United States is willingly currently inflicting upon its own citizens. The Republican controlled Senate had passed a government spending Bill. The president said he wasn't going to sign it demanded funding for his border wall. CNN's Kaitlan Collins starts off our coverage from the White House. The state of the union to be determined. After house speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested President Trump postponed his scheduled address until the government reopens or deliver it in writing this is in hundreds of people working on the logistics and the security of it. Most of those people are in the firm. Victims of the shutdown Pelosi citing security concerns in her letter to the president outing. He still welcome to make the address just not on Capitol Hill, you can make it from the Oval Office. The department of homeland security secretary pushing back on Pelosi's claims tweeting that the department and secret service are fully prepared to support insecure. The state of the union cancelling the state of the union means Trump won't be able to make his case for the border wall. During the primetime television address as aides were planning on if the shutdown was still going, but Pelosi's letter, which she said was just a suggestion creating confusion on Capitol Hill to you said. Shutdown. We're not going to be doing business as usual and the union is off the state of the union is off despite CNN reading the letter to majority leader Steny Hoyer, the congressman's aids now saying he misspoke on day twenty six of the record breaking shutdown Trump lunching with a group of bipartisan house members named the problem solvers caucus, though officials weren't expecting a breakthrough and the White House only issued this statement after saying we look forward to more conversations like this as the shutdown starts to take a toll on the country. Even Republican lawmakers are getting frustrated I am sympathetic to strengthening our security at the border. But shutting down government is not the way to achieve that goal that frustration causing senators to circulate a letter on Capitol Hill today calling on Trump to reopen the government for three weeks and then debate. Funding the border wall. But that proposal doesn't look promising and sources tell C N N White House officials were privately urging lawmakers not to sign it. Do you know what the White House strategy is to end the government shutdown? No, I don't think there is a strategy by either President Trump or MRs Pasi now Jake Nancy Pelosi had invited President Trump to speak on January twenty nine th but she had an introduced the legislation to make it official for the time in the date something that has to pass both the house and the Senate now not placing doesn't introduce that resolution. There will be no presidential address to congress has been several hours since Nancy Pelosi publicly released that letter this morning, and the White House has still had no response Jake. All right. Jalen Collins at the White House. Thanks so much. Let's discuss this. First of all, I don't even know where we are on whether or not there's actually an invitation to the state of the union because all the mixed messages. But let's assume the DNC Pelosi is actually saying you're not gonna have state of the union and toll the government's reopened. This is depriving the president of a big national platform, which we know he likes. Yeah. First of all we are edging dangerously close to my having to confront a longtime promise that I would probably vote for anyone who submitted the state of the union and writing instead of doing this. So for me personally, this is an issue. But no, I think it's problematic for him. Because obviously he wants that platform. I think there's some options for him that would be unconventional as this is unconventional. We're having this fight unconventional for this long that he could perhaps go to the Senate or he could do it from the Oval Office. I think he will likely end up doing it on the date because he gets national TV coverage. And that's what he wants will listen to not Pelosi. She had an alternative suggestion for the president. This is a housekeeping matter in the congress of the United States, so that we can under the responsibility of invitation extended to the president you could make it from the Oval Office. You can make it from the Oval Office. He would cost less than it would certainly not extend stretch so many federal agencies. I think the important thing that we're losing here because it's like does it more drama. I think the practical aspects of what she submitted to him which was a recommendation. It was not a reneging of an invitation was a recommendation that entail. Government is fully open and agencies are fully funded perhaps we should post. Jim suggests and I think that what is important here is the secret service was designated as a part of standing up the homeland security the department of homeland security as the agency responsible for national special security events secretary Nielsen decided that the state of the union is one of these events. They are the lead agency in charge. They are not operating fully just like most of many other government agencies are not in have been for twenty six days. But Neilson Neilson says a secretary knows that they can do it that they're not being paid a lot of resources though. Well, they're working without pay is what she says. I mean, I'm not I'm not supporting it should all be paid everybody who works with coverage be paid. But but that said, I mean, she says they can do it. Well, listen to speaker is basically saying not in my house, not on my watch as long as the government shutdown. You have other leaders within her caucus saying something totally different than what she saying is basically making it clear, Mr President. You are not welcome. Them in this house until the shutdown is over. She is right speaker Pelosi is right. That is her house, and she is speaker of the house. However, it is our constitution under which this president is required to update members of congress and America on the state of the union, and it doesn't necessarily have to be in this particular forum. But that's traditionally how this has gone. I I completely understand. What speaker Pelosi was trying to do, however security isn't important issue. However, she may want should've called secret service before and even raised. Hey is this a problem because based on what I'm hearing from folks here in Washington, she didn't reach out. She didn't say, hey is this a concern? She went ahead and. Option, but they're going to do their job. That's what they do. I think so I worked for the homeland security committee on the hill. The chairman of the homeland security committee Bennie Thompson who has responsibility for overseeing the secret service as well as the full department homeland security is saying that he fully supports this recommendation of Pelosi. So whether Pelosi herself checked or not I can guarantee you the congressman Thompson is talking to the agents, take it a little broader right now in a way, America three. Are we not is this not what Donald Trump wants? We're all sitting around this table talking about Nancy Pelosi versus Donald Trump, whether or not there's funding whether or not the secret service can do this, blah, blah, blah, as opposed to real hundreds of thousands of not millions of Americans were legitimately suffering coast guard personnel, FBI agents, etc. Because of the Republicans passed a Bill for defend the government and President Trump says, no, I'm not going to sign it because it doesn't have border wall funded. Yes, does I do. I think more drama generally works to his advantage. Yes. I think he planned it that way. I don't think he had a strategy for that. And I do have I have a lot of confidence that the secret service can pull off a giant event even in the event of shutdown. So that I'm not as worried about even though I do not always have the greatest faith in all government agencies. But I do think that they can handle that job even in the event. But it's what you said it's shutdown period. I mean, I if I were to speaker, I wouldn't have said is about security. It's about the almost million people who don't have a let's just be crystal clear about what this is about. This is about the president abdicating his responsibility to take the deal that will put people back the work. So you have people their family suffering the Konami suffering. Everybody is suffering because the president continues to have a big temper tantrum over a wall. So let's just play. It's about the people. I think clearly we can all agree. Everyone will agree. No one wins in a shutdown. The people that are out of work, the people that rely on their work and many people here in government that need the services of those who are out of work and the reality is Republican. Democrats here in Washington need to agree on two things. This is not about Trump's big beautiful wall that Mexico's not going to pay for and this is about border security and to the degree. They can agree that is the issue. That's what they need to do and compromise is not caving. They're so worried about appearing they're caving when they're avoiding the real need. Here is to compromise doubt that the U four could negotiate an opening of the it's not where we are everyone. Stick around the shutdown is terrible right now for nearly one million Americans and millions more who depend on this one million Americans to be paid. But we could be on the verge of it's only getting much much worse for all of us. Also, a suicide blast killing four Americans, including to servicemembers in Syria, and even a very close ally. In Gulf buddy of the president today. Saying Trump's sudden announcement that he was gonna withdraw US troops may have emboldened ISIS to attack. Now, stay with us. 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President Trump said he would be proud to own is worse than initially expected charities across the country are now helping federal employees with groceries and food here in DC today furloughed workers and contractors lined up for a free meal from humanitarian and chef Jose. Andrea. Says the department of agriculture revealed that may not have funding for food stamps. If the shutdown continues past February the Trump administration, meanwhile in an attempt to blunt, the impact of this all on the public is starting to call employees back into work without pay making it impossible for workers who have taken up second jobs to pay the bills, again, this is economic pain inflicted on American citizens by the American government as ns Tom foreman reports as bad as things look now, they're about to get a whole lot worse. The money is missing for training. Some firefighters for upgrade, sir. Hurricane prediction models for inspecting all foods. In for hundreds of thousands of federal workers such as Lynn Stratton in Utah who sees an economic cliff coming I have enough for one more mortgage payment, and I gotta go to carmax tomorrow on. So my car, she's not alone. Analysts say the slow economic erosion of the shutdown could collapse into a fast moving landslide of problems. If the C stalemate continues, we need voter security. We have to have it at national parks winter preparations for the busy summer season or on hold no thinning of brush to prevent catastrophic wildfires no stopping of damage by tourists still using the land. This will have a ripple effect through the operations for at least a year and beyond think those security lines look bad at airports now. Fears are mounting that many more essential federal workers could soon start seeking other employment especially since a Federal Reserve survey found in two thousand seventeen forty percent of. American adults did not have enough to cover even a four hundred dollar emergency credit as we have medical bills. We have origins. Mortgages. Things that we need to take care of plenty of services have already been entirely or partially shut down investigations of fatal transportation accidents road and bridge projects. Mass transit maintenance pollution inspections agriculture reports and the whole Smithsonian including the national zoo's panda Cam. Paying for daycare. And all those who just don't know. What's going to happen? You expected to run out of money soon. Federal court offices rent assistance for thousands of low income families food assistance for seven million low income pregnant women new mothers and young children. And while the food stamps program is okay now next month. It may not be so much seems on the brink of rampant collapse, and it's such a distraction for the workers still on the job the head of the federal law enforcement. Officers associations at a letter to the president and congress to saying I implore you to find a solution before an unnecessary tragedy. Occurs. This is not fearmongering or anything like that economic analysts say the point is this will not continue to be a slow burn many federal agencies or patching things together with whatever funds they can find. So our contractors who rely on government business, but as they run out of options, the impact will increase rapidly produce. Far reaching effects, which may be very hard and very expensive to reverse Jake. All right. Tom foreman. Thank you so much. The latest workers forced to work without pay Forty-six thousand IRS workers. This move means Americans will get their tax returns on time. But it does seem with the the Trump administration calling back and all of a sudden people are now essential employee's. And then they're no longer furloughed not working without pay. Now, they're working without pay. It does seem like they are trying to play with the categorization. So as the likes of us people who are not for a load or not federal employees are not hurt by this. Well, I think that that can only go for so long even just going through the airport. You see the impacts of this there TSA workers, even if they're president saying all of them. But even if they're present, they're not completely active. You can see despite it's on their faces like this is a very very tough shutdown, especially again, we're twenty six days in for those who are not doing that. I think the other part of this is. People are not calculating how this has disastrous impacts on the economic economy overall when you consider the number of people who are contractors for the federal government, there's well over ten thousand companies, and that's going to be costing the Konami overall more than two hundred million dollars a week. They're not going to get by get back com. Fill that was signed. It's four federal workers not for federal contract on this. I wonder if at this point at one point of the president just put it as charitably as possible, it doesn't have the largest compassion, gene inside him. But when the economy when the economic numbers start to to to really show slow slowing down if not worse will then he'd be prompted. I I think the possibility of economic consequences are the most likely to be a pressure point on him of anything. But that being said when it comes to something like tariffs. He's been invited that this could go badly for the economy as well. And he's he digs his heels in the bottom line is that federal workers. Out of work or furloughed for Donald Trump is not a political pressure point, just pure politics. It is not a pressure point for him. It is a pressure point for Democrats. So that is why I have thought that unless he just up in caves tomorrow because he decides to 'cause sometimes he does weird stuff like that. They would likely have to give some physical part of border security in a package, but as you shaking your head with good reason, the left has said, we gave you the house. And this is your first fight with him. You can't cave that we you're in. Is it because I know what mayor Catherine saying about the president is true. But how disturbing I mean, I want the American people to wrap their minds around this that the only pressure point for him is what impacts him directly, but he doesn't care about people not being able to feed themselves and their children. He doesn't care to seventy percent of this economy as a consumer based economy. So, you know, this this his he has never suffered materially a day in his life. He is a selfish selfish, man. I think it's easy for a lot of conservatives to say, well, this is a partial government shutdown. This doesn't affect the entire government. This is just a percentage, but at this is your paycheck. This is one hundred percent a big problem. So it really didn't hit home with a lot of constituents and reaching out to members of the house and Senate and their leaders until Friday when they first got that goose thing on their paycheck. And they said this is real. So now, they're speaking out, which I think goes a long way to why we're now seeing progress we had the problem solvers come today, and they say they have made progress they're finally getting together and having some consensus. There's going to have to be some horse trading. I believe DACA has to be part of the deal. But what they are having conversations on has moved progress on is there's a bipartisan effort, let's open up this government. And then we'll worry about securing the White House won't do that. Because they think the only leverage they have is the government shutdown. Take a look at Washington Post. Reporter Bob cost tweeted couple senior Republican lawmakers told me the only way this breaks open is if TSA employees stay home and Americans get furious about their flights. That's the only out they say and their close to the White House. And then you also heard in the piece by Tom foreman. There is this fear. Maybe it's going to take a tragedy. I mean, you have law enforcement agents, not agencies not working at full capacity it cetera. And hopefully that won't be it. Obviously, none of us want that to happen. But but will it take something like that? And I think that's. The point bringing this full circle back to the state of the union address to that is an int- time. We're all the supreme court justices, everyone in the executive branch except for one all of the members of congress. You have those number of people present and with the significance of their roles in one building. That is scary. And it is a severe threat, given the circumstances right now, and the government agencies aren't operating at their full capacity. A suicide bomber in Syria kills four Americans the same day, the vice-president restates the president's claim that ISIS has been defeated look at how they tried to clean that up next. Remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. Our world lead. Now, four Americans, including two US service. Members were killed in a deadly suicide attack in Syria today. I want to warn you the video of the blast that we're going to show you is graphic ISIS has claimed responsibility. But at this point has provided no proof of responsibility bizarrely hours after this horrific attack. Vice president Pence declared that the ISIS caliphate had quote, crumbled, and that ISIS had been quote, defeated the vice-president. Of course was following the script of President Trump on December nineteenth declared all American troops would immediately withdraw from Syria because ISIS had been defeated acclaim rebuffed and rebutted at the time by both the State Department and the Pentagon after that presidential pronouncement during Christmas visit to Iraqi commanders toll President Trump. That ISIS had not been entirely destroyed and apparently was an eye opening revelation for the president according to sources Republican Senator Lindsey Graham today directly tied the president's inaccurate mission accomplished declaration to today's bombing. Concern about the statements made by President Trump. Is it you'd set in motion? Enthusiasm by the enemy. We're fighting. You make people were trying to help wonder about us saw this in Iraq. And now saying it in Syria C, N N's Barbara Starr picks up the story now from the Fanta gone. Without warning massive suicide blast on the busy streets of manage in northern Syria. Killing and wounding US, troops and civilians people. Suddenly thrown to the ground devastation in this commercial area. Where US troops had been on what the US military called a routine patrol, but CNN has learned from US officials. The troops had a civilian intelligence expert with them hoping to collect information about security and adversaries in the area to US troops along with that civilian intelligence expert and a contractor were killed three service. Members were wounded acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, offering condolences allow me to extend on behalf. Department of defense. Our thoughts and prayers to the families and team members of those killed and wounded during today's attack Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who criticize President Trump's original announcement with broad US troops from Syria. It all they have encouraged adversaries concern about the statements made the President Trump is that you'd set in motion. Enthusiasm by the enemy were fighting. And as they get bolder. The people were trying to help are going going to get more uncertain. U S has not said who is responsible although ISIS quickly claimed responsibility shortly after the military acknowledged the attack vice President Mike Pence making no mention of the dead troops sticking to the White House. Talking point the caliphate has crumbled, and ISIS has been defeated tenths later issued a statement expressing condolences and clarifying. There are still remnants of ISIS in Syria, the military for its part has told the president ISIS is not defeated pushing back against Trump's claim in recent weeks, we have one against ISIS we've beaten them and we've beaten them badly, but the consequences of the withdrawal now becoming more clear losing territory. Does not end groups, historically, it just means they have to shift strategies to guerrilla style campaign. And that is exactly what ISIS has now done and tonight to you. Officials tell C N N. There are no plans to change President Trump's withdrawal plan from Syria. Jake or arms star at the Pentagon. Thanks so much CNN chief international correspondent put us aboard is on the ground for us in northern Syria right now, Colorado you've been to Syria more than a dozen times. You were down the street from where that blast happened just a few days ago. Are you surprised by the brazenness in the lethality of today's attack? Well, Jake, I would say I'm surprised in the sense that men budge was liberated back in September of two thousand sixteen. So it's been quite some time since a Kurdish led forces took control of that town. I'm surprised also in the sense that there's a US based just on the outskirts of the town. We also went and drove right by that the US flag flying there. Those a significant US presence. And I'm also surprised given that we haven't seen anything on the scale of this in terms of an attack a brazen attack like this on coalition forces. But I'm not surprised because I can tell you Jake the city was very tense when we visited we have been hearing from Kurdish officials both civilian and military that there are sleeper cells throughout the country. Members is nowhere near the front lines, Jake. But it doesn't matter. There are still people sympathetic to ISIS working within their networks who are lurking. In these towns, Jake, obviously, we still don't know definitively who carried. Out this horrific attack. It could be ISIS. It could be another group. We don't know is is has claimed responsibility, but provided no proof. Still vice-president Pence said ISIS had been defeated. What did the coalition partners you speak with on the ground in Syria thing, did they believe that ISIS has been defeated? No, they don't believe that Jake, and I can tell you because our crew was down on the front lines today. We saw for ourselves mortars being fired off air strikes being called in entire towns that the SDS a Kurdish led forces wanted to completely avoid because they are so concerned about the plethora of ISIS sympathizers, and ISIS sleeper cells that are still prevalent throughout vast tracts of the country. Isis is still a very real threat here and the real concern that we're hearing over and over again on the ground Jake is that when US troops? Withdraw a power vacuum is created and that only gives them more strength, Jake. Award in northern Syria. Stay safe and thank you. Let's discuss us all with former CIA and FBI counterterrorism official Phil Mudd as well as Brigadier General, Marquette or retired Brigadier General who served as assistant secretary of state for political military fares under President, George W Bush will let me start with you. What do you make of this attack? Obviously there are going to be all sorts of individual players in groups that want the US to be there. Don't want the US to be there. What how do you interpret it? Well, I think I we've got to wait to see what the intelligence says was this ISIS, obviously, they want to kill Americans want to kill anybody. They can was this an organization that wanted to get the Americans out was organization that wanted to get keep the Americans in. We don't know. But we've really got explained to the American people why we lost to American soldiers and two other Americans today and Phil take a listen to President Trump. He often criticized President Obama for telegraphing military movements and. Maneuvers tour enemies ahead of time. Take a listen. Well, one of the things I think you've noticed about me is militarily. I don't like to say where I'm going and what I'm doing. And I watched past administration say we will attack at such and such day at such and such an hour. I'm not saying I'm doing anything one way or the other. But obviously he did by saying that he was going to bring US troops home immediately. Do you think that possibly created a situation on the ground where this attack obviously the attack? I just want to make clear attack is their responsibility in the fault of the terrorist groups, but dozen nounce ING such military military withdrawal, create conditions in which attacks like this happen. I don't think so I do think there's a simpler way to understand this assuming as a general said that we we get intelligence that indicates that that ISIS was responsible for this look going back three or four years. Jake ISIS was on the ascendant, not only in Syria, but also in Iraq, they have been damaged mightily, especially geographically, they hold very little space anymore. One thing you want to do if you're a terrorist group is to maintain relevance in one way to do that. If you can't attack in a city that is conventionally is suicide bombers, I think in some ways, this is an indication of ISIS weakness, they want to maintain relevance. One way to. Do that is to kill American soldiers with the cheapest thing for a terrorist group. That's a suicide bomber that said one final comment if you're gonna whack President Obama for calling ISIS JV team. You can't then stand up and say when ISIS has a presence in places like Africa and Afghanistan in addition to Syria Iraq that they're defeated the answer is they're not in. It's not even close a general. Let me ask you. Because politically they're going to be people who say see like Lindsey Graham that see this is why we shouldn't announced the withdrawal. This is why we shouldn't even withdrawal. Because the fight is still there is is still there. They're also going to be millions of Americans who say this is why the president is right. We shouldn't be there. Bring your voice home. Why are they even there to begin with? No, I think that's right. And this was somewhat of a theoretical argument over the last couple of weeks as people were debating, should we come? Should we go? Should we stay or should we go? But the fact is we just lost four Americans. And I think it's time to have a healthy debate in my view. There is many reasons to stay as there are to go. My major concern. Was that by staying? We may be signing. Ourselves up for ten year mission and fill the White House says there are no plans to reverse the plan for withdrawal. What do you think the lesson of this attack is and what do you think the US should do? There's a simple solution to a simple question than any American should ask. What's the likelihood that in American family will be damaged by operations in Syria. I think relatively low compared to where we were three years ago. So I think we ought to get out. But there is one question, and this is where I'd had questions about the presence approach before you get out. You can't do it by tweet you have conversations with people like the Iraqis and the in the Turks to say, how do we protect the people who are allied with us when we're in there, and that's gonna take months not days. Yeah. And there are still a lot of Iraqis and Afghans who we promised we would protect who are not allowed to come into this country. And some of them have even been killed back in Iraq and Afghanistan for cooperating film in general. Thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it at another two thousand twenty presidential candidate to the long list. Other woman running for president to at this rate can Democrats afford to not nominate a female candidate stay with us. The right sheets can take your sleep and your style to the next level with bollandbranch, the upgrade has never been more affordable. 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And that is what we have to fight against in her first campaign appearances today Gelo brand also painted herself as a fighter for families and a champion for women. But will that be enough to distinguish her in? What will be a very crowded field of democratic presidential candidates CNN's? Athena Jones who's covering the brand campaign. Picks up our coverage from New York. I'm going to run for president of the United States Senator Kirsten gillibrand of New York making it official becoming the latest democrat to enter the twenty twenty fray because as a young mom, I will fight for your children as hard as I would fight for my own gillibrand announced last night. She was filing an exploratory committee on CBS late show touting her record helping to pass legislation like the nine eleven healthcare Bill and telling host Stephen Colbert what she would do as president on day one. Well, the first thing I would do is restore. What's been lost, the integrity and the compassion of this country? I would bring people together to start getting things done. Cool bare said has become a popular spot for democratic candidates and potential candidates. No surprise since. The Trump pushing comedian has been the highest rated late night host for two years running. Are you going to run for president? Dylan's announcement comes as her fellow Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio who is also weighing or run is preparing to embark on a listening tour of early primary states beginning later this month spent mine tire Senate career fighting for the dignity of work as you pointed out, we want to stay by a comfortable margin that Trump and one overwhelmingly meanwhile, Hooghly on Castro who served as secretary of housing and urban development under President Obama officially announced. He's running over the weekend are a candidate for president of the United States. And made stops today in New Hampshire the first in the nation. Primary state here in New Hampshire y'all take your politics as seriously as we take our barbecue in Texas, another potential contender much buzzed about Texan Beto, aerobic has slammed President Trump for what he sees as fearmongering over immigration has seized this emotional language, very effectively. Completely irresponsible not tethered to the truth. But he raised eyebrows. When despite having represented, a border district for six years in congress and making the issue front and center on your social media feeds he could not outlined clear proposals for how to deal with thorny issues like immigrants who overstay their visas telling the Washington Post, I don't know. And adding it's something we should be debating arguing his lack of specifics showed he is being open minded about solutions. And back to Jill LeBron for a moment source close to her told me that Senator believes the lesson learned from the two thousand eighteen midterms when dozens of women ran for political office and one is that women are the future of the Democratic Party. And that Democrats need a woman to go against Trump. Jilib rain is heading to Iowa for several stops this week and to begin making her case to voters in that very important state Jake Jones who is covering the brand campaign for CNN. Thank you so much us a Senator Jila brand made it clear today. She plans to take on Trump and as one of her key focal points Julian Castro also went after the president at a campaign event. How much do you think that that not being Trump anti-trump anti-trump message should be the pitch? It shouldn't be the entire piss Jake. I mean, that's the only going to get Democrats so far you can't continue to just be anti Trump. You gotta be able to talk about the solutions. And what actually you will do if you win how you govern. How you will look out for the American people. It's clear. Everybody got the memo Democrats by and large are anti Trump. No surprise there. So tell us what you're gonna do. And that's something. They can all agree on the challenge here is that. I welcome more people to primaries. I think that's a good and healthy process, but they're running against each other for democratic nomination. So they need to distinguish themselves. I don't think the identity politics is a winning case for Jilib Ryan or anyone really it's about the issues. And I think we certainly have immigration. We have income inequality. We have a gay rights or or some of these issues that some of these candidates are coming. They need to show. The contrast they have to show that they have a great personal story. They have political ideology that connects and the power to connect because at the end of the day, they have to take on Donald Trump, and he's going to be a tough challenge. And I think, you know, it's it's kind of intellectually lazy at this point to label anything that has to do with women hood or LGBT QA or anything with black and Brown people as I did any politics. The only bucket of identity politics that have been acceptable over the last four years are folks who are targeting white blue collar workers or white conserve. This support Donald Trump or. Anyway, the alt-right has as it's been called. So I think it's unfortunate for us to continue to marginalize those issues in that way. Let me ask you. Let me ask you a question Kirstin gillibrand when she was a member of the house, representing the Albany area. She was much more conservative than she is. Now, she had an a rating from the NRA she's talked about sanctuary cities. Then she became the Senator of New York and became more progressive. How much would that will that damage your how much should it damage? Your are people not allowed evolve and change. She says she is the only person to go from a rating from the NRA to resistance hero. Right. But she is doing the straddle that both parties have to do which is you have to take care of the base, and you do have to speak to a more middle America more conservative more working class and a lot of white voters. The democrat party lost in the last election. She had more credibility doing that. When she was more conservative. But she has laid the groundwork for a long time, I will give her that's what looks more like a genuine Evelyn than it does super Expedia. And I think she also has she could be potentially sort of metoo candidate because she's been very consistent on those issues and in the democratic primary those fights could get a little ugly. But that could be something that she could she could press some advantage. Clearly, her tame made the calculation which I don't think it's a bad one. When you're talking about the primary is to go from being more moderate candidate to more far left for the race for the democratic nomination. But have you know, make no mistake about whoever wants they do win their nomination. They're going to go more to the middle to take on. I mean, she did as I mean, at least I read that she asked Wall Street for permission first, I mean, she went to court some of her Wall Street, folks. So she does represent well. I also, but Jay I go to the to the everyday people in the contract for you. Go to Wall Street, but let me I want to answer for the well that's enough. There is a historical nature of this. There will there will probably be five women candidates. We already have Jila brand Warren and Kamala Harris as a definite definitely running. And then you see Amy klobuchar thinking seriously about it Tulsi Gabbard said, she's definitely running. This is the first time in American history that more than one woman is running for the nomination of a party. Now, we have potentially five. Yeah. And just to be clear commonly harasses not formally announce not yet is that she we all expect maybe tiptoeing hinting. And there may be an know Dr king's birthday, he wrote a book. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody who writes books. Let's take the leap of faith that she's going to run have five women, theoretically, that's big and potentially first black woman. The last black woman who ran for president and had a decent chance was up against historic amount of misogyny and sexism thinking about Shirley Chisholm who has inspired so many of us. So Kamla Harris is ignoring Carol Moseley Mosey. I say I, but I wouldn't know what she was up a guess first black woman in that role. Seriously is significant and she made it very clear that she wasn't brunt. You know, that she was proud of being a black American and proud of being a woman, but that she was running for the people, and that's really a mess shelter all ingredients. So as the greatest portrait in the capital. Hello, no. The west flowing meet. Yes, I'm bald. Ball. A two thousand. Seventy to say this from the for the Democrats. The good thing is these are not just people that check the woman box and say I'm running for president. They are all each and every one of them are are good and strong and solid. Kenneth. I will look knowledge. The Democrats have a strong bench a lot of good qualified candidates. But at the end of the day, we'll be a difficult challenge taking on Trump. But we do have a lot of good. This is a good. I I think the Republicans had an impressive stable candidates last time around. I think the Democrats are going to have that this time around coming up next. How what's happening in the south pole right now could leave the Brooklyn Bridge, theoretically underwater, stay with us. From March man, three sixty five and on this edition of our show. I'll be joined by Texas Tech's Jerry Lewis through filming program. Everybody worries hard. And I mean, we have fun while we doing for a meal on a day to day. Everybody comes and get their work done. And we enjoy being around. He says they're on me. They didn't make fun of why we're doing what we love to listen to March mad at St. sixty five today at apple podcasts. And March madness dot com. And iran. Clashes during the confirmation hearing today for the president's pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency. I from protesters then from Democrats who challenged acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler support for erasing environmental regulations. Some of these moves specifically helping the coal industry where Wheeler once worked as the former coal lobbyists defended the EPA two new studies this week should serve as a warning to those at the agency and around the world C N N meteorologist, Jennifer gray has the alarming report in our earth matters series. A pair of dire new reports show that right now the world has both the warmest oceans and the greatest loss of Antarctic is ever measured the twenty eighteen record for ocean temperature breaking the one set just your before continuing a dramatic and dangerous pattern of warming. Water temperatures, according to international scientists also university of California at Irvine. Researchers say it's Artika is now losing two hundred fifty two billion tons of ice per year. A huge jump from about forty years ago when it lost forty billion tons a year most of the increase occurring in just the last twenty years. This is just the beginning. We know that the system would eventually lose more and more is with time. So this is sort of a wake up call scientists Eric Reno helped author of the report and says, the most significant discovery is where the ice is melting ice loss has been well documented in west Antarctica. But. Now, the east once thought to be less vulnerable to climate change is melting to imagine the big balloon of water above your house, and you find a couple of weeks and some years later, you realize it's not just a couple of leaks. They are leaks almost everywhere. And at some point that balloon is gonna fall apart. The result could be catastrophic. It's Artika holds the majority of the world's fresh water. If melted the average sea level would rise more than one hundred eighty feet enough to drown. The Brooklyn Bridge to help stave off more melt Reno says, we must take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint and duvets as soon as possible to alleviate the worst case scenario, it can still be done. And with warmer ocean water comes more voice in the atmosphere, meaning more rainfall within these hurricanes and tropical systems and Jake. We're also going to see more intense wildfire seasons as well. Just as we've already seen in two thousand eighteen it's all happening right in front of our eyes. You wanna for growth? Thank you so much follow me on Facebook and Twitter at Jake tapper. You can tweet the show at the Leeds in our coverage on CNN continues right now. Thanks so much for watching. Hey, Sekou Smith here from the hang time podcast. Join me, and my main man John Shuman every week as we break down, the latest, NBA, news and storylines with. Yes. From around the league, be sure to subscribe to NBA hang time on apple podcasts. Spotify an NBA dot com slash podcast for new episodes every Monday and Thursday this season.

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