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Welcome back to american billiard radio. Today is friday march twelfth and the episode this week. I had a chance to talk to gabriel lopez. Gabriel is with orange loops and orange. Loops is the company that created the drill room app for iphones and ipads. This is an. I focused app that allows you to shoot drills in have the phone or have your device. Keep track of those drills for you. There's a lot more to it. It's really a a very interesting app. So that will be my interview for this week before we get to that just to cover some of the things that happened in the last week or so. This is friday last. tuesday dimitrius. Nate carl boys and i were on a facebook live. Call for about an hour hour and a half we talked about the arenas gorst match this happening this week and we really talked way too much about the championship league pool event. That's coming up here in two weeks if you weren't if you weren't there to watch that live and if you haven't caught it yet you can go to facebook dot com q it up podcast and you can see that that episode there nick with the chaka's cheap podcast. A part of the qaeda network had an interesting conversation with rodney morris. This week and that episode is also on the facebook page or on the pod being page in other news last week. They when i say the last week google changed their little doodle. The top of the at the top of their main page and they sometimes do this where there's an animation celebrating. Something going on well. Surprisingly what they were celebrating was masako katsura old. Three cushion player really surprised that that a they dipped into the queue sports world to you find what they were going to focus on the reason i bring this up and i don't really know what the lesson to this is. I don't know what to take from this but it just seems to me that there's something to take from this when you have a website and results for different search items or different search terms. Display your website. Google keeps track of that for you. It's part of seo. And as far as e b is concerned. I never really focused on. Seo i just be built the site and and just work on that and over the years it's worked. Its way up on. Google search return pages but google keeps track of it for you and they tell you hey over the last week or over the last day. These are the terms that people searched for where one of your pages came back in that search so logically when people searched for masako katsura a page on the forums came back so i received information on that in a report. Okay so. I know you're here in. You're saying mike you really don't care about all this okay so where i think there's a there's information that that should be looked at here. Is i received a notification the next day from google saying. Hey you really need to go look at this particular search term. Masako katsura because the interest in it skyrocketed digging into the report. I saw that. Google showed masako katsura as a search term being searched for two point six million times that day again. I don't know what there is to take from that but it really feels like there's something to take from that i'll let you figure it out all try to figure it out to okay. I'm in other news from last weekend's caroline pow. jp newt tour caroline one again. Genie seaver one again on the florida tour. We don't have the report from that yet. But i expect we'll have it in the next couple of days. Anthony moglen no one an event there had beyond billiards. Beat raymond lenora and tony roma's and yoshiaki kawamura and haley. Marian won the q. City nine ball tour. Stop scotch double. Stop at jack's l'americain billiards in newport tennessee. Congratulations to all of those ladies. And anthony i the gorst for serena smash. They are playing this week as you're listening to this. Maybe you'll be listening to this in watching the match day one was yesterday now. They are at first break. Sports bar in sterling. Virginia yesterday was nine ball Fate or one that thirty two seventeen. I think most people expected him to win. I don't know that they expected him to win by thirteen racks. This one is streamed by roy's basement. It's being streamed live for free on facebook so you can go to facebook. Go to roy's basements page and you can check this out now. Like i say yesterday was nine ball. Today they're playing ten ball. They'll be playing eight ball tomorrow and then one pocket on sunday. So that's probably the biggest thing going on this weekend. In other news the billiard sports network is back in the news this week. They made an announcement that as part of their dinosaurs cup which will take place on may first and second. That's going to be a five thousand dollar added events and they've been announcing players that will be at the event. I saw the announcement of shane going to be there. Laurie john's going to be there so they made the announcement this week. That fatal gore's was to have a ten ball race to twenty exhibition match with shane. Shane van boming. That will be the friday before that event kicks off in news the week before this we received the news that turning stone was going to be cancelled turning stone. I say canceled. My says postponed if you postpone it until the next scheduled tournament than didn't cancel it so that was even more bad news however we had some good news. This time the ocean state nine ball championship is going to happen mike. Douglas sent out a notification that that was going to happen. On june fifth and sixth avenue cookers in providence rhode island. There was also pr from the bf this week. They are hoping to get their schedule going again. They're hoping to get things kicked off with their first big event in austria june seventeenth through the twentieth. We also got a note. That the barry berman memorial spring open nine ball events will take place april twenty fourth and twenty fifth at q. Masters in virginia beach now. Of course all of these events are on the calendar but these were announcements that we receive during the week and wanted to make sure that we gotta gotta shout out for them looking back at that berman memorial spring. Open nine ball arana with on. The wire is involved in promoting that and segued back into. What's going on this week raw. Hannah is having the second stop on his junior international nine ball championship. I mean it's kind of a tour. It's events in different pool rooms. So i consider that a tour. They are iraq's billiards in sanford florida. This weekend anybody wanna catch any of the action. There can go to facebook dot com slash on the wire promotions. We all know. What kind of a production. Ross gonna do. We know what's going to be top notch. We know that he's going to be featuring some great players they're q. Nine baltimore is back in action this weekend. Thousand dollar added at sonny's billiards in princeton west virginia. And don't forget march sixteenth through the twenty twenty-first is the mid west opened billiards championship. That's kind of a derby city style event. Short rack banks one pocket. Ten banks ring game ladies only event and attend bowl invitational. They're adding twelve thousand across the board. Big trucks will be. There will be pay per view coverage of it. That one sounds like it's going to be another one of those big midwest events with billion sky and shane and and a couple of the filipinos. I haven't seen the list of players. But i'm sure it's going to be typical of those marquee midwest events that big truck is normally involved in producing. So that brings you up to speed on everything from last week so you didn't even have to read as a billiards. I just gave it all to you so again the interview this week. Gabriel lopez's orange loops the drill room app for the iphone. Gabriel talks to me about where the idea came from and what his plans are for the future. Which i was the most excited about so without further ado i give you gabriel lopez. Very happy to be joined by gabriel lopez gabriel ceo and founder of orange loops. Orange loops is a company that has created the new iphone app called drill room. Gabriel how you doing today. I'm doing fine. Thank you for having. Can you explain to the listeners. What drill ruminants drill is basically mobile app for iphone or ipad that allows us players to attract specific drills. The app tracks the game. Play a specific selection of drills it. scores them and allows the users to track their progress over time. Basically so i sat down last night with the app. Running it on an iphone basically and you can correct me where where i might have done something wrong of basically set up a tripod. I believe it says five feet is about the ideal height. Yeah yeah if five feet is the recommended height six creed would work as well But yet you have to two plays the device in a stationary position by feet above the ground innocence The device has to see they're watching the whole table while you play. Can you say the triborough stand. That's the essence of the setup. Right so you set up the app pointing at your table. That was a a really simple process of you. Set up where the phone camera is is displaying your table you tell it what type of drill you wanna shoot there is. There's a small variety of drills right now. There's there's a shot making position play. yeah we created. Were shooting actually initially for just one drill Back then we got excited and other more than we thought that we should categorize on control show making positional in the future we would like to add also banking drills fans ranking as well But but yeah the da's fully user to able to face the civic drills that are aimed at improving specific capabilities in your play. And we've all we've all shot drills and there's there's probably fifty apps out there from fifty different professional players with a list of all these drills personally myself drills just bore me to death and i'm sure there's a number of other people who are like that but what's interesting about this app. Is you walk around back behind your your screen and you're looking at the screen and you choose. Okay i wanna shoot this District to make these two balls. It tells you where to put the ball on the table and it gives you dots on the table that corresponds to the diamond system. So you can. You can easily look at it and say okay. I'm i'm to diamonds out on the short rail diamonds out on long road. That's where my i object while those so it's pretty straightforward to tell where the ball's go you turn up the volume on your camera on your phone. You set up the drill and the voice comes up and says yep. That's the right spot. Oh cool so you shoot shot whether you succeed or not it comes back and says or or not good job and i got to hand it so you know it's nice that it doesn't just say the same thing over and over again it's not good. Shot try. Our selection of audience could could be improved. No doubt that we would really tried not to have the same audio on time. I actually have a couple of possible voices. We have a male voice and a female voice right now in the future. We would like to expand that selection. I mean we figured pretty soon that given that you have the device and i try some feet away from the you won't be able to be looking at the screen until time so having all your feedback was like an actual option to to let these are no where what state of the app on what is expected of the user at any point in time also. We need some mental reality to allow the user to see wearing the table. He's expected to place the bowls for drill a drill also up to a point warming to death. We initially were shooting. I would like to play like we would like to be able to support a play. The ghost for instance our what. We realized pretty early as well as the morals you have on table the more difficult it is to read. The whole scene computational so to speak So we started out with something simple also trying to understand if there's a market for an apple these they're actually uses users out there that will be using these or something like this wriggled are If you'd makes sense for anyone other than me and were you the one who originally came up with the idea for the app. Yeah avidan getting together with a bunch of friends to play pool once a week for the past three years now It's more of a cathartic slash therapy people But i'm also pretty competitive myself. And i wanted to be disguised my friends so that's cutting it pretty quickly. I want myself a pool table. I i used to play when i was a teenager. Biking highschool stan forty two now. So that you get to. Where am i now but that gut mining might competitive side going and got myself pool. Table cues gloves. And i started to try to learn and see how i could become a better player. So that would beat my friends I even started to take classes. But i came pretty quickly to the the idea of what if there was an app. That will just watch what i do and would generate records and provide some kind of insight as to. What should i improve I'm an engineer by trade. So i'm big on data driven analyses i used to for about a year truckload paper which shots had me which shots at made and that became really boring pretty fast but because you have to do that and then you have to load that information on some kind of spread ship to keep track of course are so. That's the genesis of the idea for the app. There's also something to be said that there's a trending the market of mo- elapsed right now apps such as these are starting to appear for different sports like baseball Soccer hockey so this to other extent a trend in the whole mobile market as well as far as you know there wasn't anything for cue sports. And i wanted that to to happen. And how long does it take to put something this together from the initial idea to having something ready for beta. So we started exploring the first. Feasibility studies would be back in may It took us something around seven months to have i could share. We try to spread the word across the red serenity that the bill yards rented. Read it Some very kind users volunteer to better test the application and they'll shared december and since then we've been polishing so i'd say around ten months since we started to to take it to production to release it to market. I mean it's really amazing. What can be done on the app and for people who haven't installed the or played with it yet. We're not just talking about simple to foot straight in shots now. Don't get me wrong. That is one of the drills. Just shooting a a simple from the spot. Janika ball in the corner pocket it. It expands out to four balls. You know you're you're putting fourballs out. You're trying to run them now. I was a little confused last night. On for example on that four-ball drill and the question it comes up on others like there's two ball drill where you're making the first getting shape on the second. Does the order of balls matter as far as the app is concerned right now. We're not a punishing. If the auditor is not respected it should be rotational We will add that control for the time being. It's an honor system that we're relying on their user to to follow the the rotation order now. We talked prior to starting the interview. And when i had played with the app last night the the early drills work perfect You set the balls up. It tells you okay the balls are in the right place get started. You make the ball at congratulates. You you missed ball it tells you okay you know you can get better You shoot it ten times. It comes back and says you completed eight times. That worked great when i got to More balls you know higher level drills. The phone started having a problem. Now you were saying that. That is probably related too late. I mean there are a number of factors that can enhance the performance of the the application of the first one is hardware Later generation ios devices will perform better The second one is lightning White lighting is. What light is the best if you have yellow light for instance the q. Can get confused with the the one the type of reading errors. If it's always reading the the stream of video on trying to figure out what's more likely that has happened and at some locations. The readings are wrong or the conclusion of that. The engine generates are not correct so depending on also the the cloth caller. You may get different performances. I mean green or tournament blue. They are the ones that perform the best buy Some users have black cloth or orange so this type of differences may have an impact on the on the curiosity. We are working all the time to make that you receive better and actually for those users that have been trying it since december. They can attest to the fact that it has improved a lot. Since then i'm confident that it will keep improving so aside from working on the accuracy and and making that better. What are your plans for the future in the future. Well more drills use create a drills. It's a feature that we're getting requested a lot. It's really easy for us. I mean the the configuration of what are a drill is. It's just a computer file. So we have the potential to create drills really fast. It's a matter of understanding. Also if the drill is prone to generate problems or not in that kind of future that we need to have but usa a drills is something that's in the in the near future also subscription model. We're trying to understand that if if it's possible to make sustainable line of business for us out of these location that same thing i would love to be honest so we could Stuff a team to keep improving the app and further down the line in future we could tackle android because right now. This is only irs. That's another of the big requests that we ever knowing abusive by our users on there are a number of things well. Some users are requesting clips the ability to Record videos of the your best shots also improve the park department So the dashboard. Once you make that. I didn't get that far into it so i didn't see anything beyond just the. Hey you made this eight out of ten times okay. So then is that. I'm using the app every day for number of reasons. Obviously but i get to compare my everyday performance with the day before the week before the month before. So i know if in any given day i've been playing above or below my average you mentioned that should make drills who basic Derive a little bodily for suits from the long range. Shot making drill. I think that has improved my game. Long range shots making a lot. And i know that for a fact because i know what my my. My score my stats. Where a couple of months ago. also the is to be able to generate heat maps. So if you're failing consistently for instance in the four-ball drill if you tend to fail the same shot time on time. Again of the end of the drill we would be a Could be able to generate a heat map saying these are the type of shots. You tend to fail more often. How and based on that we could actually even make a customer combinations. So you should be doing this. Show making drill a number of times and you mentioned the idea of being able to add functionality to track playing the ghost i mean. What would that look like now. That is for a drill to be Just rocking up on goal said break he and for you to try to run the table a number of times so we would be able to detract the whole breaking and running the table scene breaking right now. It's pretty chaotic. It's it's hard for us to read a break More so with a bowl. But i will get there. This is a game also of hardware getting better and the so forth getting better so the curiosity will improve time and do you see an and just may be something. that's already there I mean do you see having the capability for the app to know after you break. Not only where balls are but what they are. Yes yes we're right now classify the balls and if so wall. Quantification is for positional drills. That's something that i am. Makes it more finicky in the positional drills rather than the shotmaking nor this be controlled rules But yeah we know that when you pocketed the volume pocketed. We have a meeting with a certain level of confidence. This is probably six game up to a point but okay now you mentioned when you were talking about the app earlier. There's a male voice in a female voice. I gotta be honest. While i was why was playing with it last night by thought was running to. How cool would it be. If while this was going on. I had earl strickland's voice same really you dog. That ball is yes yes we would love to have illustrate columbia. One of our voices a we. I mean in terms of daydreaming. About what the voices could be. We had a number of fantasies. One was of course earl strickland Jennifer baretta we have a number of players have moved like voices to be included other than that. We went to the movies. I'd like to have a yoda voice. You can have like more funny voices if you will. You know that there is no trap. Do or do not buy like it. That sort of thing or a drill sergeant. What me whatever suits you like. That's also one of the. They mentioned in which the app could become more creative. Now i think that for people that are playing by themselves in their basement which is my case. It's some sort of companion it can become in some sort of companion and give some cooler to you practicing. We have also had feedback in the form off. I don't want any voice. just play some sound. that's fine as well. We'll probably be adding sounds because a no utter the voice. You can become a board with any voice at some point so for people who are interested in downloading it. You can find it on the on the app store or you have a website for it to what's the url for the website. It's drill room dot ai. Okay for people who like the idea. I mean it's a free app right now. So what can they do. What can your average user do if they download the app and they think this just coolest. Thanks in sliced bread. What can they do the help you well if they notice that. There's a specific drill that tends to not work sending us. A video of that scenario would help us tuned the obligation to make it work in those scenarios those conditions that one thing they can do all users could just place a positive review in the app that goes without saying and help us spread the word about it but if if you really want to help us providing some some some content some video with your scenario would help us broad the the scope of scenarios so to speak. It would help us train our models better. It really isn't amazing. I saw one of the initial posts on reddit. And i apologize dig too deeply into it and then when i saw that it had been released a i wanted to get some more information and then i heard back from i heard the you got the email from you. I've played with it last night. And and like i had mentioned you know. There's there's probably fifty apps out there from areas various professional players and you know they they come out and they have a ton of stuff in the original and there's seem to be plans on on building it and adding more to it and then it just never happens and those apps never get updated anymore. I really would like to see this. The idea of the community where people can post their own drills and then add a. That is just amazing to me. so again. It's it's drill. Room dot ai. And all include a link to that in the show notes. And i mean it's free right now. Everybody's got an iphone. Well all the cool people have iphones so you can get a night. But as well and serves say that in the short the near future it will be supported also magnesium because of the new generations are coming with achieved that allows to round these apps from the app store. So if you have. A new generation mac mini will be supported the future as well or even a mac book. So you're a pool full and you have a media you can set up a web webcom some sort. And oh we're i'm really excited about the duration of this is taking the possibilities that it has absolutely and i mean look. We're all stuck in our homes. It's not like we can go out to the pool. Room is often the like so you know this is a great way. It's a great way to to practice drills and make drills a little bit less monotonous and hopefully it's. It's something that keeps people i mean. Look you know. There's there's multiple multiple ball shots. There's there's spots that you know. Look we can always. We can always practice Stuff like that so gave you. I think it's a great looking app. And and i'm really looking forward to seeing where you're going with it. Do you have an idea as to a next major release on. It is something really that we can look forward to. I think the next major release. It's something like six weeks away I will be doing. a a week's fad. Were really putting all our efforts in that. Release six away till hideous. Yeah to broaden the scope of possible drills for users actually. We're getting a lot of feedback of. I need more difficult drills. These are really simple and then we get that and it's true all right. Well i won't take any more of your time. Because the less time of yours. That i take the more time you can spend more jobs in their. Thank you mike. Thank you for having all right. Hopefully we can talk again down the road when when the programs gotten extended and there's much more to talk about sure i'd be glad to all right. Thanks have a good one to take care. Okay that was gabriel again. If you have an iphone which all cool kids have iphones. I really i mean it's a free. It's a free install. it's it's a little bit of a hassle but how many of us don't have some kind of a tripod or stand for our phone somewhere where we can set it up five six feet off the ground pointing at our pool table with the ideas that gabriel has and the things that he would like to do with this in the future i would. I would love to see it happen. Like i said in the interview user submitted drills would be amazing and i think it would do a lot for well. I think it could do a lot for the instructional world. It could do allow for people who are stuck home but again drill room dot. Ai you can go to that url or you can go to the iphone app store and do a search for drill room. You can find the app their next week. Nick will be talking to kelly. Fisher as part of the chalk as cheap podcast. You can look for that here on the queue. It up network and tuesday all of those icee. All of his dimitrius nate myself. And who knows. Maybe carl will be back with us. We'll be having our new. I'll say usual because we did it last tuesday but really second one so tuesday morning. Ten o'clock might time. And when i say ten o'clock arizona time so what it'll be twelve one o'clock. I don't know daylight savings time. Keep an eye on the it up network page in annual. You'll get a notification when we kick it off so again. That's tuesday and nick will be talking to kelly fisher. This week you've been listening to american billiard radio. We are part of the cure network. And i appreciate you taking your time out of your busy schedules to listen. I am mike. Atherton and dave we're always thinking about.

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