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Mada Seghete, Co-Founder of Branch: Overcoming Failures and Turn Them Into Strength Of Building A Community In More Than 55 Cities Around The World


Strong and independent woman is something to behold she pays. The bills buys own things and she doesn't let Amanda Factor. Stability are self confidence. She is a sold rich woman. Are you ready to be rich doing what you love beyond purpose and in control of your life again at for women love the Atwood podcast? We will open the talking about it. Mocked lines online getting recognition as leader and female entrepreneur. And also the athlete being fabulous having freedom and financial independence. It's time to own end loved the F. Word welcome to the show So my name is Michelle Laura. Today we have with a special guest and she sees a modest get to get And she's the CO founder of Brunch. Thanks for having me. This is great so tell us a little bit more about yourself. And how long have you been doing this? Yes so I am from Romania Romania from Romania Eastern Europe. I moved to the United States about sixteen years ago for college Worked over to the bunch of different things. I was a consultant suffer developer product manager and then one day. I decided I want to start a company so I started working my cofounders. Five years ago we had the ball three failed ideas in branches number four before so we started ranch a little bit over three years ago. Wow so when you say that brunches number four how lost journey like to beat number for I mean what? What didn't you give up? And why do you pursue? Well we we did give up on the previous idea Y We really wanted to build something. And one of the most important things you can build a startup. Founder is a team and we realized that you know we were very different. Scoff on their inveigh. Had very complementary skills so we decided to stay together and keep trying so we kept failing and try new things. Andbranch was going to be the last one. We even have this poster in the office that has a heart and says life remaining zero so when you play video games you know you always played you have when you have two lives. Three lives remaining. You're like oh whatever if I do the live nobile but when you have zero lives remaining you play very differently. So that's kind of how I was when we started branch. Were like this is our last life and we made it happen while I love the way you put gaming into the energy of the three lives two lives zero life but for a woman when you are growing your startup case several times how how do you define your and grow your influence some of obstacles. That probably you're faced. Yeah I mean it's interesting. I am actually probably the face of branch in many ways. I spend a lot more time. Evangelizing than my co founders. Do Alice. Yo focuses more on product and Mike is our CEO works on operation. So I ran the marketing team so I travel a lot and speak about branch The way I built influence is really to just getting to know things really in depth and writing about it trying to speak about things finding areas where I can become an expert and telling others about it so I think it's when I write articles I tried to never write. Things are superficial but go very in depth on certain areas And that's kind of trying to become a thought leader in The mobile world. So when you said that you want to become a thought leader always used to go deep also instead of learning about everything like learning a little bit about this and open about that. I tried to pick areas the for example. I do a lot of talks on vitality and referrals so I went in. I research a lot and I know a lot about how to make something viral so instead of going and knowing everything about how to promote your APP. I don't know that much about paid advertising but I know a lot of organic so I picked one area and then I just learned so much about it versus kind of trying to be a generalist y leads. Everyone has different leadership styles minus based on leading by example. So I think it's You know if there's things that no one else can do. I try to take more on than my teammates and I do my best to find ways that I can show people that I can work as hard or harder than them and Take on just as much as they do. And you know we were in some ways. I look at my. I'm part of a team. Yes I'm leading and I'm kind of setting the direction but I'm not just doing that. I'm also taking part of the pieces and doing some of the groundwork and that's kind of my style. I also try to I think I tried to be an empathetic leader. So I tried to understand what people are coming from and understand where they're going and why they're trying to achieve miss. Be Better about that. When you're growing this business right now. What are the some of the you know? Resources and tools that you use to grow So I lead the Marketing Team. So one of the ways. We grew awareness of branches by building these communities around the world we call the mobile growth communities and we have meet ups in fifty five these around the world while twenty. Five thousand people have come to our events. There has been community has been one of the tools we content marketing inc. It's been amazing for us. We write a lot so we've become experts in different areas. I have areas are that I like to ride the discipline. My team. The right about others and We get the people we get. We talk about problems in mobaric or system and We talk about solutions. When people read articles they learn about something they the pinpoint but also that how branch consumed up in point. So you prove to them that you know what you're talking about the show them numbers you research show examples of how others have done honestly. I haven't really if people don't want to listen to me and I go and buy make them like. I think that such a thing of people want to listen to me. I don't like kind of doesn't make sense if you WANNA listen to me means that I don't know my shit so I go up to them and I could visit the I know my shift. I'm just wondering how do you grow your community? So huge over fifty five cities said a big number. I mean how do you do that? well you put really good content so we have a recipe for to do house. We do successful meet UPS. We bring really interesting people to talk. We convinced them by wants to do a good event. You show people. I've done this great events. Come and check it out and it's easier to convince people to come And once you've done a good event people will come back. So and then they'll tell their friends about it so it's really about focusing on quality and putting the community. I saw not trying to oversell or not trying to you. Know we don't talk too much about branch or it's all about the need of the community not about our needs is a company And if you put a community I and try to understand why they're really. They're what they're trying to get out of it So we told to use them by THEM MEET UP DOT COM to promote our events and We communicate I mean we get everyone's email and we send emails but most of the interaction happens off line at the events that we we started so it happened offline before it goes online so when you are giving value what is what advice he can give a community out there one advice if they want to do community as well To really understand. What is the purpose of your community and what is the need? You're trying to solve so in our case we were going after mobile developers marketers. Who are trying to promote and grow their mobile APPs and really know how and we're looking for advice so we knew that that's what they're looking for so we. We made sure that we always been quality advice but it could be. Every community is different. So make sure you understand. They're actually need. Not what you your vision is for what they're they need. Not what you see Maine's cool. Do you have any advice for women who are sitting on the fence striking out on their own? Just just Just try it out. Anything fail the first time. It's okay just keep building. Don't be afraid to fail if you if you see that people don't want to product. Don't be humble. Don't think that you know better than your customers. And make sure that if you're getting if if you feel the market is telling you that your idea is not quite right. Don't be afraid to completely quit and start something new. We went from fitbit for dogs to photo-printing APPs to a printing as decay to linking for Mobile APP so we went to such different companies and such integrations to reach where we are today and we would have never gone here if we became Became attached to one of the failed projects that we had in the US and woman do you all this emotional failure. This came up. I think this year I know Very hard I'll be honest. I don't think I could have been able to fail to give up my co-founder Alex our CEO was a lot better than me at saying. Okay no this is not working and one of my biggest learnings from working with him has been to be able to go. Projects somewhat better now. Even even you know I I started something I was trying to competition failed when I'm not. I'm not afraid to say Again I think when I was younger it was very very hard for me So it's important. It's probably the biggest adviser for any entrepreneur art. Don't get too attached to an idea. Be Okay admitting that is failing star something new. Don't keep going someplace you might raise money and realize you ideas not quite working. You just keep going don't do it. Don't waste it. We started branch with money. Raised for a different ideas learn. That failure is just a step in the past success. There's the book that I highly recommend. Mindset Wow I'm not sure okay. So mindsets about To everyone has there's two different types of people want something have a Static mindset that some of the have a growth mindset so the only way you can grow is if you accept failure learn from it and become better So that's kind of the it just it's too. It's become more natural to me these days. It used to be hard because I think failure meant that. There's something wrong with me and now failure means that now I can be better. The next step would be better so it's just a change in my mindset. I don't have to cope anymore with a because I don't feel down or I fail. I'm happy that I failed and I have a a lesson. I LOVE EMPOWERING MOBILE DEVELOPERS. We empower them to our product which is deepening deploying. So it's a technology for developers. We I get to them. So they learn about branch through the content and I generate a women mostly men especially in the states but in other parts of the world is a lot more women went to one of our meath after Romania and we had this girls that were like building their own app so it depends So wherever they are men or women I love helping them grow their mobile presence and I was. We built up. We've we struggled so helping others. They have the stress I used to have. It's really amazing empowering. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm so honored connected and I hope that I can continue to serve you as he built your dreams and if you love this episode and what you did rated five staff give us glowing review because we were helped more women around the world finding these full rich constant alone. You are strong together. We are unstoppable. Now shared this with every woman who meets because this is how we are changing the world one woman at a time as always get out of your comfort zone and go towards the droops always wanted to achieve for women who loved the F. Word being fabulous heavy freedom and financial independence. My dear saw rich women sending you my love and I'll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

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