Vamily show with Nette and Ridgelife


A Bob here is. So I know you're listening to this podcast experience. Let me tell you. I do everything on the phone. So I've done the whole show everything on my phone so far and I couldn't figure out a way to do the podcast version and then I found anchor, and if you ever heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record edit. Your podcast right from your phone computer or like I do stream yard gives you an option when you're premium member to download audio, and so I can just take audio from that and put it over here. I can record the Intros naturals in Arizona guys really cool. Anchor will give you the podcast for you so it can be heard on spotty at Apapa. And many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything that you need to make a podcast in one place and let me tell you guys is somebody that made a podcast way back in the day. This is really awesome. So, you can download the free anchor APP or go to anger. DOT FM TO START What's up Bob you buddy geary from daydream about nice thing. They man. You got a good podcast, the Rock and over here, and I just wanted to come by and tell you thank you on behalf of a daydream about nice things and the crew at the morning show for hooking up with the podcast. The platform you said, it'd be easy to hook up and up and I really didn't believe because I'm not a tech guy. Hard for me when it comes to technology but while how he was I want to thank you again for hooking up with this This awesome setup and can't wait to follow on weekend run side by side during our podcast yet. So good luck on your podcast. Brother were love you man Rossi help. Everybody good morning will say hello to everybody here Bob the Raptor Joe my little raptor pals in the air first thing in the morning. Brianna. Is in here L Let's see a little bit here a little bit. And we have Nettie. Of course up here in the screen I'm getting better. And then Up and down up and down or easy but red light. So. Thank you for being here, edge life and. And I. I believe I came across deer video. 'cause you had a lesson instrument ridged think that's why I came across your videos. Wet Wet. Inspired you to start doing. Those Against Sermons. That you have their. I their. Pastor, I'm not a preacher on just a you know a center like the rest of us but I I do love my Lord and Savior. I started a youtube channel and didn't like we were talking a little bit early I didn't do with it for a while and then last Christmas my son out clearance land on the property we bought my son Said Dad. You need to start putting this stuff on your youtube channel man that's a great idea because you know we're just having a blast a camera up, you put it out there share these things. So we started doing that with eighteen subscribers last. November December issue around between Thanksgiving Christmas and. A few months into it you know it was taken off and you know I was really learning that the youtube community is a family and. And just a really really. Awesome Group of people and it was from our being and hunting fishing homestead, and I'd just meeting them in all all genres, all niches and Once I started getting a few hundred subscribers. I realized that you the Great Commission to share priced. I was not doing it on the platform I was given. So I said I've got to start doing something. So then on Sundays I started producing a premade video with a friend areas of our property, the bees, the way the pond I did one where I had the faith of Peter I was on a Kayak and outstanding. Could I walk on water and stepped out in the water and I sunk of course And it was like January. February. So colours march maybe but anyway. I started doing those. To really, you know just talk about Bible, verses and apply it to our lives here on the Ridge and it was I was going great people were connecting with it and it was really a good. You know a calling that I I couldn't just keep this youtube thing to myself. I needed to share you know what God's given me with other people that this the holy, Spirit, and then the whole Kobe thing happened, and so you know churches were closed and all that. So that's when we started going live now every morning. Nine am central. Wego live for about an hour and we pick Bible verses that are available today and we read them. Then we talk about discuss them with youtubers archly everybody off the chats and it is it is. It is awesome. I get probably more out of it than the people watching it and it just. It was really a blessing WLAC dot allow me to do that. Thanks for thanks for joining to that appreciate that. Yeah. It was I've been I was just looking around for. Different south to be inspired by on Youtube and and I think yours one of the suggestion ones that that came up wind up through that. and it's cool because we. End Up on a lot of the same youtubers even though I didn't I didn't meet them through. Jason Croker and you you you went met him in person knows kind of fries. To. On Your Life. Yeah. Totally. Blew me away. Totally surprise the core Gills said that dinner up we were GONNA go out eat with the cordial's after we met with the pain family Jason Crocker's sitting there at the table and I was like. So, cool. Cool. Were you watching him for a while before before that happened? Yeah I. I didn't Really Watch the Crocker's win You know they were with jared and Jalen too much I'd seen him. When he started doing Oklahoma thing and the tiny house you know really started getting into that and of course, you know he's got somebody characters you know a bail and Kenny I. Just I just love his character you know. Yup Yeah. Thought your property, a Tam you've been on it since two thousand and seventeen. Yeah. We we. We bought the the farmhouse and you know the the property around it. It's about seven acres almost. We bought that and then a year and a half ago we bought the thirty point four or five simple life reclaim those two hundred of. Loyd. Point four five. Adjoining our property behind it and We just bought that about a year and a half ago, and now we're building a log home for my mom out with my mom not for my mom she's going to be living in. A joint effort. But yes, it's we've had this property. That is awesome. I love it. Is Beautiful Property. Where what is one thing that you've learned over the past seven months Since since it's taken off taking off like that like when did when did it start really getting traction that you were surprised that you wake up one morning and you had a bigger bigger chunk of subscribers in the day before I was just talking to someone this this week that I was. Talking Ernie Arnold you'll know her. As she said, tim do you ever wake up amazed that you have more than eighteen people watching you? I'm like every day I'm amazed of because you know I'm just a simple guy out in the middle of West Tennessee doing took living. My dream is definitely my dream. but yeah, it was I was A couple. See. I had a Ernie hat maker and Kev Lazy Pawn Farm they both really helped helped me in my channel. They did some promotions and So I, got to go from fifty subscribers which took awhile a two hundred and fifty pretty quick and. That's when I realized. Wow that you know the the people I was meeting. Was, way more important were way more important than the videos I was making the content I was making so really. The biggest thing have learned since being on Youtube is I love the people I love the community and the content I put out is really secondary to the relationships on building as kind of why we did the Ridge live freedom tour. You know when we when things opened up, you know inveighs to base three of whatever this going on, and we were lied to go state to state on motorcycles and visit our friends. You know that was cool and that's really what you know what I just been blessed to do as meet. Really Awesome people. Asked really wrong and then it seems like just back to your your Homestead, your property, you have a lot of projects that you're trying to get done and the newest one I just saw. You can get some says. We've got so many projects going on you know the log home and walk home. We started permits last fall and it was so winner or so wet through the winter everything we did we just got some land cleared I was doing most of the clearing myself. I did have a dozer come out and do some things but this we got the foundation in and now the timber's are being put up. So that's the one of the big projects. That has got this going on. Of course. Now, what we're doing is chickens barn repair bends lines. We're doing rabbits just did a rabbit Hutch and me and my we're going to start raising meat rabbits. Bees honeybees I have a three hives in our APIARY Of course, we want to get horses horses more for trail riding a fence. What brought you know for pleasure you know of that that's more of a nicety. Then of course, hair sheep going to get hair sheet. Going to build a pond on one of fields, of course, hunting we we are a big hunting family. What is what is your favorite Product that you've done so far on on your homestead. With how it turned out or just the process of doing. So, many things that we in enjoyed some of them have been functional that that excuse me it really turned out. Well, some of them just been for pleasure. You know setting up the APIARY with a BS that's that's Been Fun the Barn Repair Barn repair you know getting. Bought the property, the barn was there. And the previous owners had left like three thousand linear feet of that would on the ground in termites just tore it up. Of course, they started getting into the. So tearing all that getting all that out burning it. Than Start Repairing the barn and we're we're still in the process of repairing born that's been really satisfying I got another video coming out. Soon, we we we we do the the water damage around the top. That's been a real satisfying. Of course, we had a big sinkhole on the side of the Ridge we moved in dirt and fill in grass growing. That was really functional, but now I sit. In my living room and look out to the barn. On. The Ridge. It just a very peaceful thing. I can't. I can't wait till. Do that drink coffee and watch the horses out there. That's yeah. That's GONNA be amazing. So yeah. So many things and I just feel blessed bill do any of them because you know some some people right now are going through a lot of tough times and I I I wanna make sure that here the at the ridge that we don't just say, Hey, look at us we're having so much fun. At that, we'll talk about that on Sundays that you know we're we're we're praying for people were giving back to the community were helping out. So if there's any way we can help anybody you know reach out. To your community. and. Make sure you're doing that too. I saw the core gills they had tons of eggs. During a few months ago, they just grab up a bunch of cartons of age and they went to all their neighbors and put them in their mailboxes and let them know. You just you just got him Donald Jerry's got you gotta be You've got to be good stewards. Definitely. Pay It forward and that's how it works your waivers. Is Paying it forward. This way young. I'm for like, I'm pro-life Bob There Well. Like. If. You put something like I have this year. That's a little tricks. Point so way. And I did say where you went to visit the Robertson's. Air Property would beautiful as well. And their farm animals on my gosh I was really cool. Lisa Marie the little with a the one who is she? Wanted to take her back so bad the now you know I don't know if they're selling that property they're downsizing. Is that They're moving towards being debt free and starting over so that you know they were selling the farm and all the livestock and all that we're going to link to rent for a little while they're going to get debt free or by an Acre of land and start homes Ed debt free so I can't wait to watch that journey. So yeah. I, really respect them for doing that too 'cause they can continue on with what they've got really not be set up for the future for their retirement but doing this way you gotTa Respect A. Family. So do you have plans for freedom tore apart to our freedom tower number two? On yet Yes. We're talking about so many friends on the east coast of North would be Kinda hard but we do something Donna Future. What we might do is I've got some family on the east coast we trailer the motorcycles to the east. coast. And then we just go up and down all the youtube friends and family on the East Coast. So maybe next. I don't think this is GonNa work maybe next spring. Now, one thing we did learn from this, this is our first real. Big Motorcycle Journey is not to schedule so many channels in so many miles in a day because it was tough, it was. Were riding three or four hundred miles is not too bad. But we're trying to stop and visit people for an hour or two. You know you're you're getting up at seven or eight you're getting into the hotel at midnight you know. Is. It was it was pretty tough and then you do it again the next day. End Up doing it for nine days. For eight days, but I end up missing to Mississippi channels and they live. So close, we just went the next day. So nine days we did that. So how long how long were you watching Youtube and people on before you decided to hop in start your channel. I really BEF- before I started my channels I was on I was literally using Youtube for how to's you know I really didn't have any channels that I watched for entertainment too much stony, rich farmers probably one of the first I started watching continuously not just for how to neck started watching how to's for him. And then Storage farmer who is the arm family and keeping it dodge and just started going out. Then I started getting into hunting channels I started getting to the are being travel channels we would love to travel then I find that I'm sitting. Broadcasting. My phone to my TV watching Youtube channels for fun entertainment and not watching TV anymore irregular broadcast networks my watch YouTube. Owning. And I want to see what Bob Shaving his beard on and you know just. It just it's better than watching some soap opera. Every everything's a soap opera in our rights. Thing just different day, and that's what we do as well. You know because now we've gotten so close to who we see that were interested in what is happening in your life you know and it's it's definitely a lot It comes to where everything comes to heart because she wanted to see how they're doing instead of the same a- same. Oh that you see every day on TV so we don't use that much as well. And I four-goal Said said if you're going up there on the east coast so you're welcome his four Jimmy time. So all yeah I I've watched abby hit some of the things that just amazing I. I'm really into that kind of thing to it's just pretty awesome. That'd be cool visit. Is there is there anybody that? that. On Your List on the East Coast that you'd really like to head up. Well What Am I. You know Kevin From Lazy Pond Farm. He's probably one of the first close east. coast. Friends I got and he supported. What he had about three, thousand, six, twenty, two, thousand subscribers or so when I first met him and he had, he had a goat kidding video where it was like a middle over a million views. And I met up with him and he today incubator giveaway in our name to help our channel out just been a great friend ever since he's in almost every one of our lives. So if I if I go to the East Coast I'm checking out Kevin his channel name is a Hashtag Lazy Pond Farm One word and he is just a great guy family man a rate you know raising beautiful family he works he's got homestead and he's going trying to get his bachelor's degree or another degree. So He's a busy busy young man. How, how? How would you say Or I. Guess. What what are some animals that you would recommend people start off with on a homestead and what are some to stay away from? Well. I'm not an expert that's for sure. But what I have learned in talking to all my home setting and farming friends of course, beans, beezer. So now if some people don't like bees, they're scared of bees and everything but B.'s are really great either animals or insects to have because they've produced so much honey you can get hundreds of pounds of honey and the wax the column we can do policy do so many things with it. You know medicinal and all that, and they really don't take that much. during the winter, you just got to keep them alive and a springtime. There's a lot of activity do summertime. It's collecting honey, and in the fall, there's just preparing them for the winter. So bs a really good rabbits were you know what I've learned about rabbits rabbits they can get like three hundred pounds of meat. Rabbits a year and rabbits are you know are contained in a small amount of space? So you really don't need much space for rabbits and rabbits can have babies like every twenty eight days every month and they're using, they're producing like eight to ten kits. And erotic a Domestic grabs can get huge. Robinson produced a lot of meat in in a in a short amount of time and for very little space. If you don't have you know forty acres if you only got a quarter acre lot and you can have rabbits, you can have homestead. Of course, chickens. Chickens are just you know you gotTa have chickens. Eggs all the time, and of course you can. You can harvest your chickens if you want to where we really don't harvest chickens here less it's a to me roosters. We'll get a video where we were plucking them in the flavors flying everything. That was fun but that's what we don't normally do so. Of Bees and rabbits, I'd say are just. A stable homestead now, you won't get into. A hairless sheep. That's something we're looking at next is hairless sheets that way you gotta sheer him and all that. Are So cute. A lot of people have goats but you gotTA. Go proof your property because they will climb they'll be on top of car. So be on top of your house they'll be they'll be. So we're not really sure do goat thing. Not yet, and of course, cows, you need lot of of space for cows. COW's take a lot but one cow for one or two acres is crazy. Yeah. It's not they need a lot of space so that that's my that's my recommendation I'm not an expert. Right whereas. When you're looking for your home said. Did. You guys like walk on their? No it was the place when you when you saw that one. We. we lived in Outside of Memphis, we didn't live. I don't I'm not a city guy for sure we lived in the suburbs we had. Kind in the country but you know we had the we had quarter Acre Lot. You know you know how that is and. It was pretty out there but you know it was to clubs too tight. So men I got I got remarried by my new wife of several years now she yeah, she's she's really outdoorsy sporty and all that, and we just wanted to move out and you know just how peace and quiet. and. So the Ridge. This property was the first one that met our criteria researching and. We we we visited and we just fell in love with it was kind of out of our price range we're like. We weren't sure that that's what we wanted to do Then we looked around for another few months or six months or so and we said you know what? That first one we visited that that was us you know gobbled provide a way. That's that's what we're GONNA do. And we bought it and it has just been a blessing ever since and it just you know. Just. Amazing. We fell in love with it. So yes, the very first property we looked at is where we were destined to be. That's for sure. How how did you meet? Yeah. That's a funny story. I had kids. I was previously married from for many many years went through a divorce. It wasn't a nasty divorce or anything, but you know. Life happens unfortunately that's something was out of my control but then. I moved out. I. Had I work I'm transferred my work division not too far just outside of Memphis and so I moved down here. And I was looking for a new church I started going to Bellevue Baptist Church. It's a it's a mega church. I've never been to a mega church before and so I I met some friends there and we're doing that and once once things were settled near thing I one on Christian mingle alcohol her dating sites. Christian, mingle. Darla my wife we met on. Christian, mingle. And we found that we had mutual friends from that church. That was crazy. So and Started dating and got married and. Living the life ever since so I've just been a blessing. I do see where Bama rush is indicating that the state he sandwiches South Dakota require certificate for beekeeping is that required where you're at? No no no Now most places you you have to register your hives which is free. Basically all you're doing saying you've got a apiary with one-two-three hives. Matter, of fact, I need to register my third winds cost one. basically, you just registered to let them know you have bees your this Tennessee at least. That way that you know there's there's some diseases that can be transmitted and They WanNa know what hives are out there and they can't come inspect them four American foul Brune, those type of things I've never had any inspections and I. Never I never heard anybody that had a random inspections, a member of a Beekeeping Association your area in Tennessee you just have to register them no fee, no cost and I think most of the states around me. You know they just want to know what beezer out there. and. Simple life big adventure there from his so they say. I love. I'm originally from Missouri I grew up in Missouri I worked in Arkansas for a while I was in the navy for most of my career of before where I work now and came back to the mid South here just love the Tennessee area I just love it. What's your? What's your favorite story from being there in the navy like Either with your buddies hanging out or just Just. Sometimes you had the the really stick in your memory. What's funny is funny. You ask that because when I was in a submarine and when you ask surface navy of veterans. Tell. A story. They always tell you about going into Portland these crazy people they met in all the crazy adventures and stuff. We ask of suburbs mariner. It's always about something that happened on the submarine because we we really didn't get to go with secret. You know you're underwater all the time you go out you hardly ever get to do the fun things. Like the surface guys did but one of the stories I had. We were we were we we were in a round Puerto Rico area the in the in the The The creek carrying see down there and we were. Doing some exercises and we were you at x number feet deep. It was like two o'clock in the morning and I. I was the engineering I was in electrical engineering and I was in the back spaces and the engineering spaces all sudden the vote hit something. I mean it's shuddered and it costs stalled and we did it with what's called a -mergency deep. So you know you're traveling along and had something happens go deep. So we wouldn't we did mercy deep and we weren't going it was kinda slowing us down. So then we surfaced, we had this we had to come up to Paris, go death to find out what happened and what we thought happened was we had hit a fishing. Trawler hit their net. Yeah and We were like, oh no, it's GonNa be dead fisherman and all that stuff periscope depth and what we find. Is, a navy frigate, one of our own. Chips. And what we hit was there submarine detection device called a towed array. That's how quiet are submarines our that our own government can't find us we. We're we're under the water and those guys that they use a device called a rainmaker and it Kinda Kinda makes us not bill to hear them. But we were going through and we hit their towed array with with our propeller and wrapped it all up, and so we had to come up but luckily, they were all fine. We were all fine but we had to go on the surface to Kings Bay Georgia. Now modern submarines are not made to go on the surface of the ocean they're they're like a bobber you know and we went for two and a half days on the surface. We couldn't go fast because all the steel those wrapped around her propellor. So guys who've been the navy for twenty years we're getting seasick. Foods doing this just like on the movies, your food doing. All it was. It was. Terrible. But. We pulled into Georgia and had to get all that fixed. But that was that was that was a crazy days there. Irish force at home said said, but have no life see. His exact. Right we would. We would. We would fill the hall of the ship and go hey, we're reporter Rico Hey we're in the arctic circle or hey, we're in. You know we're off the coast of Spain right now because. If you're temperature you know. What So What kind of job did you do on loader repair and stuff or I was in the engineering space I was a nuclear electrical technician. So the nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor made steam. You know you boiled water and you had a steam generator and they would turn turbans that made A. Generation of power and also the engines were steam turbines. So my job was taken care all the electrical power generation from nuclear reactor. So All the distribution to the power on the shift, and of course, preventive maintenance in controls of all the the electrical electronic devices that that's what I didn't navy. Mice. and. Tom and Rhonda in here. Yeah. That's jared. Crocker's neighbor. You guys don't. Watch the sitting hot tub, the other day and. There's great. Yeah What has been your favorite. Video you feel so far. Well it's it's not your most most popular video that that's that's that's that's crazy my. I'm most favorite video. Oh, Gosh. Let me. Let me the most popular video on Youtube. Channel like most of Y'all know your most popular video isn't the one. You probably spent the most time on and the best thought process honor had the best lighting. We got home from work one day. The wife and I am Kim in the House and go up. No smell, right. We. We've got a big dog, a key economy course. Oh, he's Italian mastiffs and he got set in general. He had a stomach issue and he got sick and you want a big dog it's hundred thirty pounds get sick. Aso, first thing I do is I take him outside I take his Kennel outside and it's starting to get barking in in the in the evening, and of course, Youtuber are set the camera of the Kennel I give them a bath. And with some dogs you gotTa do This. Is Nasty. Got Express Rano glands y'all y'all know talking about. So I did that on video. And it in the lighting was terrible. It was impromptu you the audio was not good. And I got like three thousand views. Now, it's up to like six thousand views. It was like the most part. By Kubota signed by review I think is passed it now. So now now I ain't GonNa say squeeze the Dogs Butts, my most pot were video. Reason people four. With poop. Any. All of it. But, probably, my most favorite videos have been my lessons from the ranch. The ones I was a prerecording. Stepping off the Kayak into the water and sitting between the bees saying you know the straight narrow path if I by the way if so those are just my personal, they're not great as far as. Fear, but there's some of my personal favorites. and. Trauma Ronaldo what type of rifle there behind. That is my great GRANDPA's sixteen gauge I. I have no idea what brand it is. It's so old you know it's been worked on so many times. I've actually contact with that. I've had dove with it, and now it's retired though because it is so unsafe. You know you just do like this. It's a IT'S A. Single shot and you do like this, it goes off but I have. that. That's a that's my great GRANDPA sixteen gauge from believe it's from the late eighteen hundreds late eighteen he he he got it after that. But that's an old gun. I have a question about your. Your Gopro that you just a review October thinking about actually purchasing wine in how is it so far it? A like dislike or do you recommend it the GOPRO hero eight There's rumors gopro hero nines coming out, and that's probably why the eight they they they. They during recent holiday they had hundred dollar off sale. I think they're still doing one hundred dollars off on Gopro hero eight but I had a Gopro hero five session the Little Cube. And I used it on my motorcycle trips are Gopro hero eight. Is Amazing it filming everything in Four K now. And the difference between ten eighty and four K. is just When you try to zoom in on a shot ten, eighty gets really quick. When you're a four K., you can zoom in and you're still at ten eighty you know on a portion of the screen. Yeah, and The you can go so high a frame rate, and of course, when you go high of frame rate, you can do slow motion and sometimes again I'm still learning all this stuff but The reason it was to livestream. You can livestream today eighty the youtube. And I'm still playing with that trying to get accessories the microphone I'm going to be doing a about the the medium odd for it. So I've got you can plug in. External Mike's that has built in. On it, and I'm doing a light attachment anyway so far I really liked to go great. I don't know about the Gopro your online, what they're doing with it but I would definitely love the four case. The image stabilization is amazing. It's almost like you've got a gamble. It really is nice. We really recommend I need to check into it. For the price Gopro Gopro so pricey bran, but with one hundred dollars off. It's it's of course, it's not a camcorder light, my cannon and. Cannon Victor. I got it. Really Hunting 'cause I can zoom in a forty forty time in. Optical and this thing is waterproof. It's a camcorder that's waterproof. All I wrote the audio is not good on it. Breath bill to you on your hunting or you're on a trip L. Pros take great video, but you can't zoom. Zoom you lose all that resolution will this I zoom in forty times I still have ten eighty p you know 'cause zooming optically, and so it's been brought I a review of this. I've had some issues with it though I'm actually on the third one I've had to get it replaced under warranty twice but soap, but so far it does it does what purposes but Gopro off. What would you say? A mistake you made so far on your channel that you you tell other people to avoid. making off that. My. Biggest mistake is not including my wife and a lot of the decision making with some of the content. because I am so enthused I I I'm having a blast I love it and I assume everyone of my family loves it as well and She's a little bit more purse Reserve National Reserve. She's definitely outgoing. She's a little more protective of her personal information. And so sometimes I've I've I've put things out to the world that she would have at least liked to have been consulted with. So that's probably my biggest mistake or is when you're? Concerned of your neighbors where you're putting out and your family. When you're doing this in some of the public, you know you might want him before you include them in a lot of things going on because they they may be upset with it. I could have done that better at for sure. Rock. right there in the same boat. So. and his way was saying that a your favorite video should have been when you visited. Him that should have been your favorite. came out yet that video is not published yet so. Join. Only going by the publish videos I've got some videos that made with Gopro here weight and visited on this Ridge Freedom tour. But yeah, they're they're they're gonNA be on his way homestead. Doug Cave commander making he is amazing. He's getting the rabbits from so you'll be seeing him very soon. Awesome awesome. How did you guys start getting into motorcycles? Probably my midlife crisis you know I yeah. I had never wasn't a motorcycles. You know I had dirt bike as a kid a little mini bike and then a dirt bike but Probably, five six, seven years ago I gotTa do Coty. Diablo is power cruiser and fell in love with it and then got. The exile, which is a cruiser, and then my wife has a monster eight, twenty one and she'd never really was a motorcyclist either and but we love the the time we can spend together the road and just rolling you know We haven't done too many big trips of in this region tour. We do a lot of weekend day trips and stuff. So we'd love it but just really just last five, six years. Always always interesting to to learn that some people you know they've been doing it since they were young. That's all they ever had really motorcycles. Yeah I I. Ride my into work I if it's a pretty day I commute to work with it. Hard for us Bob because my you know mouths always had a bike you know and we decided to let it go and he's had it like you were saying riding dirt bikes and we had harleys forever but then You know we thought that we can start. Exploring the jeep. Wrangler and maybe we can do more off roading especially since we WANNA do a Lotta boom docking that made me the bike wasn't a good route but I can tell you that he truly Mrs Bike. and has been about a year that he hasn't had a bike but we figured you know we can rent one. We still kept our helmets are gear and made me wear we end up we can just go and ran a bike and just cruise on it for that day and. and Go that route. I would love to let go to Costa Rica or Honduras and rent a bike and travel the mountains and stuff that would just be the journey. I would love that video all add the people you visit in the scenery thing I, love traveling to things like that. Will a girl they have had A. Two. Thousand Thirteen Honda Shadow Bantam with nine hundred miles. And epic are epic rb adventure says a, he used to have a BMW. Cage twelve hundred. and he also loves the and. Kane are recited the finally show up Taylor. Are Are Yaser. Awesome. As well at the moment to Oh. Yeah. Baba do want to say from your live I was on the other day the ability to tip you. That was really cool. You know you're not monetize yet. You'll be very very soon. You talked about being a tip that process I was surprised. I'd I'd never done that before except for your live the other day other than you know, I've done super chats on Youtube but the link that your screen bought Stream thing is putting out. Really simple views I clicked on it and a yard had a pay pal account and it was it was it was it easier than doing a super chat? Really it was. It was awesome. So Hasn't done that to Bob's adventure yet actually click on his link and Try, that tipping. Helped him out vandals man builder you. Yeah I appreciate that and Yeah. Pops I. Want I really want to do it. I can do almost like a super chat. So it POPs up in the chat when people do it and so I have set up like that and then reading your guys ring ring, your guys is links to the thank you but it was. It was something I've been thinking about because I've been watching how everybody else for so long and I wanted to set it up that way. So figuring out how to do it was was really cool. Notifications Right Bob as you receive them, Yup Yup it POPs POPs. Up and chat. So yeah for. Snow was really cool. Yeah Iran. A all channels that are are have a subscriber base family based like you have. If you haven't gotten monetize yet try that out. It was pretty cool. And yes, Bama crush. They take thirty percent When when people do and I've heard and you have little experience with this now 'cause you're you're monetize Tim I've heard that they used an apple device apple take some of to. Get you know what that was Kinda units that I was I Super Chat you know my on. Youtube. All the time with my friends and When I super chat people my laptop. I get no fee. But when I've super chat from a phone, the the person's super chatting with AFI. Let less goes to the. Some like. It was it was weird but I don't I. Don't think I get charged thirty percent by Youtube of my super. Chats. It's thirty I. think it's more like fifteen or seventeen. There may be different different Fee based system I'm I don't really think it's thirty percent Because I share all the information on my youtube channel with my subscribers. I'm going to be putting out a video very soon of how much I made my first month being monetize how it all works out where the money comes from and really it. You get very, very little money from from the the views the. Chat Super. Chats are really how your your channels or supported and I don't remember it being thirty percents but it was it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. That's for sure. But. yeah. I think it's I. Think it's good to share that car theft because I think. People they they get, and then they go I'm going to get monetize or whatever, and they don't. Then you're in the dark that it's like you only hear the big channels when they talk about. Any of that, and then the people before but you never really hear about the people that are just starting out in that position. So that's really good to share. On a spree screen captures show the analytics and where you know where the money came from our expecting based on my my viewership because monetize views are not the same as views. The views that you know people watch the commercials are the ones that pay and I was expecting about fifty or sixty dollars a month from youtube and I'll tell you right now that first month I had hundred dollars from you to that was what Bernard and three dollars and I was like, wow, you know that's way more I thought now the second. One hundred dollars? But I I was. You know because I'm not doing this. For an income. At any money I get in. I. I usually give back towards giveaways and you know buying the t shirts, do all the giveaways and stuff so I just. Give it back pretty much. But I was really surprised and I that was that was really at a fifteen hundred subscribers back then. Now I'm close to twenty, six hundred and you know you start getting into five, thousand, ten, thousand subscribers. Like, Jason Crocker does it for living. That's his living in I I-. Awesome I, I love seeing people being able to do what they love and be able to live off of it. So I don't know Bob get that right. You will be doing it very soon. You will be monetize and I. Hope that you were accused Success I. See you being twenty thousand subscribers here very very soon. I hope so and. That's part of the reason for going on the road because from everything I've heard is is like simple right? PRE-K set a log their stuff came from little road trip they did for their property that was. Going on the road and and and and doing this and helping build the channel is is the whole purpose behind otherwise I would just hang around here I can film a bunch of stuff just around here over. To go and build it up and Lynn the OAK. If you'd like say anonymous you can't use don't put your name in the in the name box and it'll pop as anonymous in if you WANNA leave it that way. That's fine too I. Don't I don't I don't care either way, but it's just if you don't want to be anonymous I, do want to thank you and put your Lincoln that's also. I. If you don't mind I'd love to do a giveaway a real quick simple giveaway. We're forty, four, forty, five minutes into this on a make sure that your your your viewers get a chance to participate in this I wanNA, do a giveaway here on Bob's adventures live. And it's based on his channel. So if you're a follower of Bob's adventure, you're gonNA. Know the answer to this question and I'm GonNa give away a ten dollar Amazon card I'll contact Bob to make sure you're actually a subscriber to Bob's adventure I want. I want you to be a subscriber to Bob's adventure to be eligible to win this and. Can. Here so far. So we're. Simple question and what I'll do is I'll go to your about page on Youtube, and hopefully you've got your email address and contact you to make sure the right person can sleep and I'll talk to Bob to probably if there's any questions and I will contact you and get you your information for your Amazon Gift Card. Our. So everybody's ready The other panelists here going to be the judge's for who wins this because I. It's hard for me to see my screen here as I'm talking. So the question for the ten dollar Amazon Card is not rosy is not plum crazy. Those are some of the answers from. His. On crazy and Rosie. No that's not the answer. The question, the ten dollar Amazon Card for Oz adventure is Bob recently. Went to a pick apart and had to apart for his band bill what part Bob and show on his live he actually held up somebody's GonNa win ten dollar Amazon car. What part did Bob get for his band build it got from pick apart place and he showed it on his reese last his last live somebody's GonNa win this ten dollar Amazon car. Bombs, adventures lives and knows that he had this part and said he had to get this for his van somebody somebody. Now. Not a power steering pump there you go his way. Got His. Stand got it awesome Barrio. I've already got a ten dollar Amazon card sitting in for my last live. Below. The, job good job. Good job done. You can tell Doug follow her to Bob's adventure. Yeah. And by the way. I guarantee I wouldn't have gotten a car reiter for because you'll injected so. That's what I guarantee I wouldn't have gotten. That's awesome. Thanks. Extra. Let me do that. That was fun. Thank you. Thank you for doing it. So I really really appreciate it actually because I didn't even give my thousand subscriber giveaway. WAS ON. Gina Pain Show are the show that we both do and it was on her thing. So that was actually the first giveaway. So you have the credit. That you the first base though. And Flex Capacitor Oh man if that was real. I think all of us would like to have one of. Sometimes in life. I am waiting for the power steering pump, but that's not what I went to pick and phone get. So. I WANNA give a plug it's not really a plug for me it's a plugged help everybody else out facebook is a good way to share your videos but most facebook groups don't want you sharing youtube links, they they they they decline your posts and all that stuff well. I've got a facebook group that I made and open to all youtubers is called a home setting and country living by Ridge life. Wants to. monetize on not getting money or anything, but I want people to be able to share their video links on. US On facebook so. And the are being dis that's country on if you're traveling checking things out. Post on their post, your you know comments, post a your recipes, post your adventures, post your video lakes, whatever you want to make sure the community grows. Freely. So facebook does not like that usually on groups, but my group is free and open. Yeah. I started one. Traveling Youtuber self-promotion, welcome welcome group, and for the same reason because I was like. Your, and some of the groups could choose and select who who whose pulse refined to be posted in. WHO's weren't so. Yeah yeah. Go definitely has because there's a lot of people in there that aren't necessarily in our our community and to be some new people for you guys to. Hook up with an meet. So and Oji thon there's another there's another person on the beard uptown twenty twenty. he is. He's going to be grown as beard out as well. Go ahead. Nettie I. Know You got some questions know how often tim do you do your Your camp fireside chats like your lives that you've been doing the. Monthly I noticed that you were doing that as well, and which we love fire fire. The fireside chat was. Up until a couple of weeks ago all my lives were milestone based know whenever I hit a milestone a subscriber count a Upload Count of views count it was pretty much weekly so I was doing almost a weekly live to celebrate those but they would be Sunday there'd be Tuesday Thursday so What I recently started doing is Thursdays at. Seven PM central we do our lives now they're not all fireside chats because when it's ninety degrees out harvesting humidity, I don't go outside the spring was really nice to do the fireside chat and here in the fall will be doing a lot of those outside by the Fire I. I love Love Love that. So I just bought bought some soft box lighting. I. Don't know if you can tell how bride I am but that's going to help me out by the fire because it's so dark I think I'll just take one of these out there. You will see me but still fire you know I love that. Let's thanks momentum just came in as well. As. Some momentum Aaron Jemison came in a little bit ago the trips they're they're in here as well. And If you ever go to Canada for originally tour, there's some. There's some Canadian channel litter hanging around enough now to. Our friends in Canada now than I I didn't even know. I love to Canada, and of course, Alaska loved go up and do a tour of Alaska I got some friends up there. Sean in Alaska is channel. Awesome. Just some really cool things going on in Alaska. Alaska. Awesome. Go I. Wish we can go there I. think that'd be amazing. When When you when you look back at your? When you first started your channel. I know I. Know earlier you were saying, yeah you're you're super happy that you have more than eighteen and I told people out to long lab more than one person in my life. That's way better than what I started with But if you go back and tell yourself, hey, Tim, I'm just let you know when you start this pretty soon you're going to be having twenty, five hundred people coming in and seeing you what would have made you almost Reconsider doing it. Would you would you? Rethought about one better equipment all that stuff before he began. You know. I really. I really haven't spent much money on things like that Now now now I'm twenty, five, hundred into it I I am getting Softbank's lighting. I don't have special Mike's yet I do WANNA. Road. Wireless mic of some things but now I think people shouldn't have to worry about that. When they're starting youtube, just get your I mean most people just use their camera and. An iphone seven or above makes. Your video and the audio is not too bad. If you're if you're within a few feet and just just video, just livestream just. Video was in you and you'll worry about those other things later. and. That's what I did. I have no regrets yet that the video quality wasn't that good. The audio wasn't that good. The lighting would that good but that's not why I watch a lot of my friends channels because of their lighting in their audio I watch it's cool to watch Jason Crocker his his cinematography is awesome but I would watch him do his thing even if he didn't have that and. So when I watch Bob's adventures not because he's got this really cool backdrop you know. Like your window screen behind you in your. Jack Daniels. But It's that's not while we watch our friends on Youtube it does help in a will help in the future but I know I don't regret any of that and. As I get better and as I learned things I, share those things with my friends. So maybe when they're starting out, they won't make some of the same mistakes I made It's been a great ride a loving every minute of it. And that's what I told everybody like I do this. I'm doing this right now cell phone I'm running the whole three more the cell phone so If you WANNA do you can do it. Now Tim, how difficult was it to create the video? You did about the dogs I Q. That No. Yeah that was a collaboration with a home sitting in the great outdoors they came to me about it and. The with with A few channels and no with our dogs it was really. Getting dogs to participate was really the hardest part you know. The. The task than things you know we're already predetermined really and when I just had to get them to do it that was fun and Niro. My Italian mastiffs you know we we did basic training with him class and he is very very well behaved a block blackjack are Labrador it'll. He's still a puppy rough basically and you know puppies puppies are and he's not as formally trained. I trained him a little bit but He's a little harder to get to participate anyway. Yeah. The Niro he I, Love I love. My are Niro. He's a he's a great dog that was a fun video that really was. Good it was for a good cause to make sure people. Don't daughter rescues and spayed neutered dogs. We make sure that they take care of their babies. Right right for sure. And tumbleweed RV life they're going to go live the top of the hour well, that works out well because. I gotta I gotTa leave early today anyway. So works out well for everybody. So we'll go we'll be going over there and about five minutes or so. Where where do you want? Are. Are Now that you're you know once. Or once I hit one hundred on like who knows how many is going to get. But then once they hit thousand I'm like. I. Don't put a limit now on myself of like what I want to set a goal goal S. Was it about the same for you. Once you once you got past a certain amount where you're like, who knows what's going to happen with this? Absolutely sometimes you wake up and you've got fiber ten new subscribers, and sometimes you know some video just gets up in the algorithm and you'll get a hundred, two hundred you know in a twenty four hour period and you're like what happened there, and then some days it's like stale and you know under fact Youtube does this thing where they purge all the people that didn't comment. They watched you in alive. They subscribed that never commented they and then Youtube urges you and I'll lose all I've lost one, hundred, fifty subscribers one time a hundred and fifty gone. And it just heartbreaking. to know that friends have to go find you again Happens. I was put that back out but I've been averaging one, hundred hundred and fifty subscribers a week there for a while as far as putting limitations on if I go back two thousand. Happy, you know. So be it but if I go on to five thousand by the year, that's GonNa be amazing and really I had a goal. I like to be a five thousand by the end of the year. I'm not at the right to do that. But like you said, I'm not GonNa Limit Myself based on what I'm doing now. It's a hoax. Daniel arms Daniel a t-shirt arms home said he held it up. And I got like thirty drivers from that. Tim Holding my t shirt up I got thirty subscribers ten minutes when he released that video, Jason Carpenter isn't Crocker a wears my on three of his videos and I get like a hundred and thirty subscribers that weekend you know you just you just never know. What's GonNa Happen on Youtube? So whatever happens happens I'm just having a blast a meeting people like you all come honored. The, honor to come on and talk to Y'all and talk to new friends like you've got. You've got in your chat room here. it just it just amazing. I love it. So if I go down at thousand or up. It's all good up into me. And your your shirts are red shirts because you did the remember everyone deployed. I got regular. But I've also got black shirts and grey shirts. Special shirts I'm sending to all the channels I visited I did like a concert t you know how the concert T. has all the locations of the concert Memphis. I did that for the rich like freedom tour of channel visits. So I'm sending them t shirts and on the back and has all the names of the channels I visited in a big American flag on it. So they'll all be getting. We're hoping hopefully you'll be saying those under videos. It's awesome. You have anything else you WANNA ask before we get out here in any. Now I just really appreciate this time to Oh man, I'm sorry. Happy to have him on the show because definitely his channel is awesome you know and I'm definitely going to be checking you out. Yeah. I love everything. You've been doing in this community and it's just great with all of us connecting you now. And I WANNA. Thank you for being on to and go ahead and. Let people. Know. Who May just come in or whatever Why go check you out? Ridge's life we are a not a home setting channel. We're not hunting fishing outdoors channel. It's all about the ridge life. So we whether we're in a camper trailer going to uh the ozarks trout fishing or we're on our do motorcycles running around the country visiting youtube channels or were trapping or fishing or hunting, or you're raising chickens or bees or rabbit sir, it's just our life and our for Sundays. We share the shared a share, the word of Christ. and. That's just our life and I. Hope People can come to ridge life. It's one word and share experience I love the comments I love responding to all the comments and when we do our lives on Thursday at seven, pm Central, I love seeing new channels come in, and if we're not if are being channels come in or coin collecting or scrappers, dumpster divers, I, follow all those people are welcome. Welcome all our channel. Awesome awesome. Yeah I will see you guys on Monday judgy stuff from my kirks tomorrow I'll be over there watching him probably tomorrow morning to you because I figured out what service I'm on tonight not the same furious that you're going. So I'll to watch ball. So. You guys on Monday stop waiting for life to happen and Make life happened guys I'll see you. Monday.

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