Hour 2: LeBron or Zion's Rookie Year


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Accredited and financial aid is available for those who qualify including the GI. Bill classes. Start soon so make New Year new career your resolution and take the free career evaluation today at my computer career. Dot Edu. Okay I'm going to be honest with you. All as I read this call from deontay wilder I confess. I thought it was a joke. But according to the guys it is legit so wilder wore an elaborate forty pound outfit on his ring walk before losing via Tko Tyson Fury. He later told her Dan Rafael the following paid a severe price because my legs were how they were. Because of my uniform uniform was too heavy it was forty plus pounds. We had it on ten or fifteen minutes before we even walked out and then put on that helmet that was extra way and then the ring walk then going up the stairs. It was like a real workout for my legs. When I took it off I knew immediately. The game has changed while they're also told. Espn that he would execute a clause in his contract for a third fight with fury. Hopefully sometime this summer so it looks like the rematch. Well Happen Molly. That's only a fury. Also agrees fury has also agreements. Thank you clearly. That's an important detail. Listen Steven when he came out powerful black history month tribute. We saw the costume the whole thing. But how bad does this look for wilder? He's serious here Kellerman Molly. I'm very fond of deontay wilder. I've spoken to him on several occasions. You know away from the boxing arena. Whatever I really really like him so I hope that he accepts what I'm about to say in the spirit that it's given. This might be the most embarrassing. Excuse that I've ever heard for a guy losing the fight. I am not questioning. Its validity. Max I'm not saying that it may not be true. I'm not questioning. He's an honorable dude. I will take him at his word but my God. This is just not something you publicize the outfit that you wore to the ring wearing over forty pounds is why you think you lost this fight. What the hell you were to rank four. According to the report you tried it on the night before you knew how much weight at that particular moment in time. Why would you do that? Why would you go? I understand black history month and all of that you know on everybody by going into ring and win it not by going in with an outfit off for crying out loud that what would you fights okay. So why go? With the way the same thing you always wore as opposed to something different experimenting in the biggest fight of your career. That's number two MAX number three. He just got beat up he got beat up and I'll give him credit. I didn't see I thought his legs we're going in the first round. He says by the ground and around to my legs I thought it was going into route. He just looked out a bit not question. What publicize this excuse is? Nothing short of embarrassing. And then we hear him. Max You want to get rid of mark freelance trainer. Because you know you're hearing that he was listening to some fight in the crowd all the wild. I don't know if anybody's told you this. I thought the fight should have been stopped two rounds earlier. I thought they could have stopped it in a fit. They could've stopped it in the six. I thought mark really waited too long. So when you say that he's probably not going to be in your corner and then you read the quote listen to this quote Maxim Molly. I'm going out on my shield. I'm a warrior. I say I'm willing to kill a man in the ring then. I'm willing to abide by that same principle as a warrior to die in the ring. Deontay wilder that's not what the train is supposed to be about the trade supposed to be about not just trading you but saving you. I mean I mean what does it Eddie. Futch Max with Joe Frazier against the Alley and browse through. Let him out he. What did he say he said? I care too much about this man and his family to let him go out for that last round. That's not the trainer's job to sit up there and let you die on your shoot. He's supposed to protect you. So that's all I wanted to say about it Max flaws. First of all. I want to address the Bruin thing probably did the right thing and but I see deontay point. He can be mad. Lay a huge puncher. I'm willing to die is what he's really saying to be. Great and in this is not a prelims the heavyweight championship of the world right. So you the usually the trainer will give you a little more latitude. That said you're right. The fight could have also been stopped. I understand if Brian would've waited a little more. Also understand if he would have stopped it before he did. You're right it depends what your your tolerance is for a fighters risk in a championship in a heavyweight championship fight. That's not a popular opinion. I have and I'm usually the one screaming for a fight to be stopped if a guy's taking punishment but I think that context matters and that in boxing especially to be great. You have to take great risk with your health and I think fighters are allowed to say. I want to dare to be great. But you're right the trainers there to protect them. That's not a fireable offense. What Bruin did certainly not any probably did? Save him future kind of health issues when he when he stopped the fight when he did okay. It's a bad look Steven A. And you're right. It's hilariously bad to blame it on your costume. Even if you think that's true and the odds as the type dude who afterwards said look the better man one tonight no excuses but he said no excuses right after he gave this excuse that his legs and the reason I think he did it is the same reason that Mohammed Ali. Who took the loss against frazier very well but also said Hey. I thought I won more rounds in that fight. He didn't or Julio Cesar Chavez after he got lucky draw against Pernell whitaker really beat him about undefeated fighters who couldn't accept the fact that they'd been beaten that the other guy was better than them. Deontay is so proud. He's going into ego protection. He's looking for reasons. He lost his brain. Can't accept that dude's better than me and the way the fight went down Stephen. A there's no reason for third. Everyone knows Tyson fury's better. Does anyone think Deonte is going to win? Now we'll be on pins and needles. Because that's how hard deontay hits. You always have that punchers chance. But no one's going to be picking Deontay in a third fight and it was so thorough a beating that now his his ego. I think he needs to do you know Emanuel Steward whose whose nephew train just Tyson fury for this fight sugarhill Emanuel Steward used to tell me and he believed that the reason Tommy hearns lost Marvin Hagler was he got a leg massage before the fight. Emanuel told them not to so his legs were robbery. It is to be like commodity manual but he believed that because sometimes it's trainers to they have so much invested in being the guy in winning their competitive that they grasp for straws this is deontay grasping for it. It's one thing to grasp for straws. Max It's another thing to publish publicized that grasping for straws. I mean my God. Deontay wilder is. He's got a nuclear for right hand. He's always got a purchase chance. This assist I lost. There is no question love Deontay wilder but you cannot come out publicly and blame costume. You can't do that. That just embarrassing embarrassing. You just can't go my cost to back on Monday. Take two right now. What's in television? I want you to imagine somebody imagine. Tyson Fury Magister. Burn Imagine Ortiz. Imagine one of these dudes saying well. Deontay beat me because you know my costume walking along the wilder would laugh them out of the sport. You gotta I gotTa say this. That's a fresh costume. And I guess. The Pricey pays professions like. I didn't like actually didn't like the cops custom because I didn't like lighting up all of that gimmick tree stuff to wwe you begin with just the black socks we gotta go. The the excuse now makes me want to see the third fight. More though telling the truth is just you know publicized. Sometimes democracy is a birthright sometimes. It is a gift. It's a fight and I'm asking you to stand and fight with me Michael on bringing our country back together. This election is a referendum on the meaning of America. It is about what we will tell our children what we did at this time. This election is about whether we recognize that all groups who have been marginalized excluded scapegoated or far worse rise and fall together and that is our best hope standing together rejecting demagogues who tried to seduce us by dividing US and uniting behind the only shield that can protect us our common values as American citizens. And as God's children that is what this election is about and that is why. I'm running to repair the damage to move our nation forward together. We will get it done. Mike Goldberg candidate for president. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty Twenty Geico presents another voicemail from your roommate. Hey I got some bad news. Someone broke into our apartment and they took your TV on your computer. But what's most upsetting is nate. Took my water bottle there it is. It's really worried for a second. Oh they took your stereo too. Geico Insurance Agency could help. Keep your personal property protected like if your roommate is only worried about her dollar aluminum water bottle visit GEICO DOT COM. To see how easy it is to switch and save on. Renter's insurance. Hey welcome back to. I Say. Company live from the seaport district as pure seventeen. Brought to you by chase. Pelicans PHENOM ZION. Williamson has been delivering on the hype during his abbreviated. Rookie season the number. One overall picked is averaging just under twenty three points and seven rebounds per game. Compare that with Lebron's rookie season. Initially that. So Far Zion is leading the king in scoring rebounding any much higher field goal percentage Kendrick Perkins back here with us to help. Break it down. Thank you for being here Stephen. A more impressive rookie season. Thus far are you going teams? I on our team Lebron. I'M GONNA team Lebron regardless of the numbers because it's not just about numbers. I'm looking at your game when I look at Zeile. He's a man amongst boys. You can't teach to eighty you just can't and we know that he's a. Goliath is a massive young man and his strength is phenomenal and you could see rip the ball again away the other night you see him elevate you see him finish at the basket. You see people moving out of his way. There's no question about it. Four three point is however. His first game of the season didn't hit another three pointer until the other night. When I watched Lebron play during his rookie year. Two Thousand and three remember. The game was different than remember. It was still more physical than it is today. Remember that we did. Just Look Lebron James in terms of his athleticism his abilities in open court what we also monitored was as ball handling skills his playmaking ability. We saw almost immediately. You start drawing up those comparisons to a potential magic Johnson but with more athleticism. And so when you look at it from that perspective cerebral as he was having an understanding of the game the intellect for the game that. Lebron James had you saw him coming straight out of high school. And that's what you marvel that you knew the athleticism was there. You knew his game ultimately improve but the game was more physical. Then obviously you look at the level of competition away to gain was policed and then on top of it. All the cerebral approach that he had to the game. You knew he was brilliant with Diane. I see a massive young man who is simply more powerful than than almost anybody. He's going up against and that's what you marvel and that's what I think. That was the same story when shack to the League but it wasn't held against shack. He was a man amongst boy. He's months he was a man amongst boys at college but he was also told everybody right. Okay we'll Zion's more diesel got better hops. Whatever it is. He's a physical phenomenon. A MORE IMPRESSED BY ZION. Let me be very clear what this means. I'm not saying it's better than Lebron but that's the point. I'm comparing them against expectations. The bronze you knew he was going to be great. He was going to be great and he was playing in the League made for him. He can play above the rim. Mazing court vision. He had handles. He could pass the ball. He would have to learn how to shoot but people believe he can do that coming into a league where you're like does his game fit in the modern MBA. He doesn't have to hike to really be a shop locker and he's not one he's not a shooter really does he have enough wiggling his game to get to the basket. Is he going to be a willing enough passer? These kinds of things look Lebron came in. I'll use P. E. R. guys because it just takes into account points rebounds assists efficiency. All that stuff. It's not perfect. But it's a good quick little thumbnail sketch. Lebron's pee ers rookie. Eighteen Zion's is twenty five. Let me give you an eighteen. You're getting close to an all star. Twenty five you're getting close to an MVP. Now Lebron lead the full season. Of course he had a more refined game in TERMS OF SKILLS BUT ZION. Not only doesn't need that right now but my God if he adds a shot and there's reason to believe he can. There's still tremendous upside. I have to say based against expectations based on productivity per game based on the kind of league. They're playing in how their game was predicted to translate. Siahaan's even more impressive as a rookie. Then Lebron Okay. This is this is my take. It's too early to even competitive tubes on only twelve games in to give their verdict going. Who who's having the most impressive season? But I will say this about Zion. Williamson. This guy is one of one is I haven't seen a player like him Ever in NBA history He is a guide that you know. He weighs two eighty but he plays like. He's to forty He moves well. He runs the floor trailer will. He's quick off his feet. And he's an underrated passer Playmaker in my opinion he got a very very very high Q. And the thing that I'm impressed. By that average entry in his system he loves to get up and down fast pace but when they play in of what. I get a half course said. They're running posters for I on and he's doing some like his footwork is phenomenal like he's getting buckets and I'm watching this kid and I'm like he's box office in the sky's the limit form and if he gets into the playoffs which they have a strong chance of doing then. I want to have this conversation down the line. Because he's going to be right up there with Lebron James and my pain Stephen why are you? So why do you take credit away from Zion for his physical attributes but like when Shaq was a rookie? It was the same thing they had to throw bodies Adam us too big for everyone. Why should it what he got credit for that? Why not give credit to I on for his first physicality no. I'm John I'm not. I don't feel like I'M NOT GIVING CREDIT TO ZION is just. The question was asked about him in comparison to Lebron at. I'm going by what you look for off from a particular individual on a basketball court and I think they were in the case of Shaquille O'Neal we didn't have any comparisons to Shaquille O'Neal we didn't sit up their computer. Shaquille O'Neal anybody. He was deals. This he's seventy one three hundred and twenty pounds. I'm talking about in terms of anybody that was playing in the game. We didn't look at it and say okay. Who's he having a better rookie season then or shack compared to this rookie? What was it about? Because Shaquille O'Neal was so dominant and so massive of a man that you brought up wilt chamberlain you brought up Kareem Abdul Jabbar. You brought up Bill Walter. You brought up players from a different generation so there would be no need to compare his rookie year to their rookie year. If you played as a rookie in the sixties planted a rookie in nineteen ninety two. So you wasn't going to do something like that or you could appear Shaquille O'Neal to where the elite centers to have ever played the game. What we're looking at with. Zion and Lebron Lebron coming in in two thousand and three with the Expectation Zion coming in in you know in two thousand twenty with the expectations. Okay well seventeen years apart. What's the difference? I'm saying in two thousand and three what we were looking for from Lebron to me. It was a great accomplishment to see what we saw from Lebron but what we saw from Zion this. Ah this how I think about. It was any were any of US expecting Zion to have Lebron to be good as Lebron. Even those of us who thought maybe he could be an MVP level player. I didn't think he'd be Lebron level. That's something different. Not So the Expectations for Zion is highest. They were were not quite where. Lebron's working I gotTa Tell You. Lebron expectations with with lew Alcindor expectation mascot obscene. When you said you didn't nobody expected Ziona be at Lebron level. Is that what you're saying he is now? I'm saying that. No no what I'm saying is so four and Perkins Right. It's only twelve games in but so far on a per game basis. He's better than Lebron was rookie. Well let me say this to you there when Magic Johnson came out in the NBA draft. Right the true story is that Lakers ownership. I think it was Jack. Kente Cook at the time. I'm sorry I got brave freeze right now but I think it was Jack. Kente Cook the point is is that there was a question as to whether or not he used to own the Lakers before Jerry Buss did but there was a question as to whether or not the Lakers should take Irvin Magic Johnson for Acidini Moncrieff. Outta coming out of Arkansas. I remember correctly now. Guess what Max. Obviously we saw the Lakers pit because they wanNA show talk but city moncrieff was an all world defensive player who could put in twenty or night. Magic wasn't putting the twentieth night immediately. The point that I'm trying to make it ain't just about the numbers it's about the game. Even though Cindy increase could play defense even though city shoot the ball and he can put the ball in the hole. And give you twenty a night magic toss. It was a different player because they thought to the equation. And that's how you Zion. Zion puts numbers up and he's dominant and nobody's quite any of that easing. The game is different than Lebron gain. And he's he's showtime too and he has room for up there's upside because he hasn't really shot a three now the data bus. That was Jerry Buss who drafted magic and by the way magic as a rookie was better than both. These guys jumped senator in game six and gave the sixers forty s and one the chip as let our guest get in here too. Well I I will say it is. Listen Bra Rookie. Bra Braun is my brother. We came in the same time he won rookie of the year. He averaged twenty five and five. He was phenomenal. And I'm not taking anything away from Bronx Zion to me has impressed me. He's lived up to the height in these twelve games that he's played in right. Now we're sitting up you're talking about Zion. But in my opinion if he would've started the season if he would have been healthy this whole season we'd been talking about Zion Williamson in the All Star game. There's no doubt my mind that this kid would have made the All Star game in his rookie youth like he's box office and he's dead. Good some opinion when you look at him the game look easy to him like he's GonNa Variety of ways you know like post moves alleyoop. Dogs RUN IN THE FLOOR. And you know what else impresses me about? Zion is you. Don't find superstars a well. He's a superstar. You don't find guys like Zion on that has a high motor he leaves the NBA and like going for loose balls. Lie recovering loose balls. He's at the top of the list. He's number one. He has. How mode on offense at Chris? You gotTA offense. Actually you're right it was. It was Dr bus absolutely sit by the way not only the second effort on offensive rebounds but sometimes the other dude just takes it out of his hand like taking candy from a baby. I mean he is a monster among men to see Lebron twice this week because they play tonight and again Sunday on. Espn go ahead is different. There's different the point is there's different ways to skin a cat moncrieff. I brought up the Moncrieff Magic Johnson element because they're both effective ball players at the time but magic Johnston a different element. Zion brings a different element. Lebron all I'm saying is that it's a pens on how you look at it. I look at Zion as a dominant figure. I look at Magic Johnson as all Lebron James's awarded a multitude of things that he's able to do. Well that's great but we do agree though Stephen as mid Lebron is one of one and Zion is one of one right. Sure but it's about France of Reference Am. I would be thanks so much for being here. Small sample size. Twelve Games Tommy Brady. We're headed Brady's future continues to be a hot topic during this. Nfl offseason whether the Future Hall of Famer Decides to return to New England or elsewhere has been on everyone's mind including NFL insider. Jeff Darlington appeared on Adam. Schefters podcast for the very interesting possibility. That's enough fell on the raiders. Right now at the front runner for convert. Tennessee has one of the bright spots. We when you look at what Tom Brady looking for. Engaging whether it is the team itself in what they possess personnel where is whether it is the ability to potentially collaborate with the head coach And have some say Gee Planning and personnel. I quite frankly think the Tennessee. Titans a lot of sense. Tom Brady Jeff with an interesting possibility there Emmanuel Acho in the building. Good to see you. You've been saying this for months. You thought this should be the move for Brady. Why do you think the titans are the best? Well I think that number one even though you've got lows of cap space you gotta use some stuff on carry. That's the person that you've got to prioritize. You know taking care of in the future Ryan Tannehill completed. Seventy percent of his passes had twenty two touchdowns six interceptions last season but again they don't know if that is a place he may elect to stay off. They'll be able to work out a long term deal. Brady is short term. Brady has a relationship with his former teammate. Mike Gabel who's the head coach of the Tennessee? Titans AJ Brown is a stud receiver. Brady hasn't had that in a while. Corey Davis is not bad as well. And so when you look at it from that perspective along with Derrick Henry and you're going going to be running the football remember Derrick. Henry ran the football three hundred three times last year. Rush fifteen hundred and forty yards averaged over five yards a carry. You gotta give respect with do in that regard but that's stuff that's GonNa take the pressure off of them. Meanwhile the defense can get some things done and that could take a lot of pressure off of this. Well if I'm Brady what I do. Is I use that as pressure points to make sure that the New England patriots are going to get some players around him as opposed to throwing everything on his shoulders and then throwing him to the wolves with a bunch of no names. Still have to learn how to play the game of football in the case of the Oakland Raiders. I think that's a viable option. If you're brady and you want the pressure taken off because obviously Josh Jacobs Jon. Gruden loves running the football more than throwing it and I think a lot of people still have questions and trepidation about Derek Carr. Even though I still believe that he could get some things done in the end though. I do think that if you really look at it and if there's any truth because I don't know whether there is a not but if there's any truth to all of the speculation or the noise about Brady's relationship with Bella check being suspect that I think at this stage and point in the career of Tom Brady. It would behoove him to go to a place where he no. He will be valued and protected and cared for the way that his former teammate and friend. Mike is Credited Tennessee Titans would do for him credit. Where it's due. Stephen was calling this because of rebel months ago. Saying it's the best place for Brady Stephen a now other people are feeling the same way maybe Brady to. I don't think it's the best place for Brady first of all when you talk about. He shouldn't go someplace because they're running the ball. He better go someplace where they run. The ball has four. Tom Brady not say that he. He shook into the Oakland. Because Jon Gruden likes to run more than path. Pardon me yes. Pardon Me Okay. That makes that makes sense to me. Let's look at the. Let's look at the Tennessee. Titans first of all forget about brand names in the NFL. It's very dangerous. Even quarterbacks you trust the reason someone like Adrian Peterson who could still play a little. Nothing like he wants was still gets. Headlines is because it's Adrian Peterson but in terms of the actual production there. Lots of running backs better. After a certain point so forget about brand names seven years ago five years ago. If you said Tom Brady or Ryan Tannehill. It's a punchline. Of course Tom Brady last year. Ryan Tannehill is better than Tom Brady. Well it's because he had this. He had that he was better than Tom Brady last year. And he's younger in sending inbreeding older improbably descending. So you know even farther than he's already descended so I I think you're trading down if you if you don't sign tannehill and instead Steinbrenner that's one to you talk about the running game. Of course the whole offense was derrick. Henry heavy run. He's not a pass catching running back. Either he's running running back well if you haven't signed him yet and you haven't signed you're right tackle well. Maybe the running game won't be the same next year so you want to bring in fear. Your I believe at this point in his career quarterback to to to kind of manage an offense predicated on the run where you may not have the running back or the Guy. Blocking for him. I don't think Tennessee. The free points go but otherwise. I don't think Tennessee such great location. I think if he switches teams the chargers make the most sense it's La they're loaded with talent. Let's see if it's Belichick Brady Max. I got a completely disagree with you on that one. the titans make the most sense for two words and one name it is. Derrick. Henry you have to assume that the management for the titans is going to have some common sense and they're going to keep Derrick Henry and the reason he was able to move so well and run so well intact but look at the bigger picture. Derrick Henry accounted for thirty percent or one third of the titans offense that means. Tom Brady only asked to come in and account for the other. Two thirds of the offense. You're taking the load and the pressure off of Tom Brady shoulders. Then let's look at things even further when you look at the titans. Tannahill Scher was better in that ten game sample size but I can't compare ten games of Tannahill to twenty years of Tom Brady. I'm just not ready to jump off the Brady Brand waggin going forward because of what we saw from. Tannehill in those ten games. Although those games were excellent however the game that was an excellent that game that mattered. Most that playoff game they lost against the chiefs again the pivotal and operative word there being playoffs. When you need your quarterback to step up in the bright lights and the biggest of moments you could argue. That Tanna Hill was the reason. At least he was part of the reason that the titans elevate in raise their game to beat the chiefs so if I look at it. You obviously have the piece of Mike Gravel and Tom Brady. Mike variable being the head coach like Stevens said they won three superbowls together in New England. We know that there has to be some sort of friendship camaraderie or at least acquaintance there. Then you look at the next layer Tom Brady. He may be declining but declining for Tom. Brady is still ascending for most quarterbacks. Then you look at the fact of Tom Brady. We don't need you to carry a whole rack. You can take some plates off the squad wreck. We just need you to carry a little bit of that load. Tom Brady got started with the help in Tennessee. I that's the perfect match up. Derrick Henry got stopped against the chiefs. It wasn't Tannehill. Didn't have a great game. But Derek key to the chiefs. Where does it stop the run? You can stop the run. Because you're not worried about the quarterback. Remember going into that game wasn't nobody scared about. Tannehill in the play offs. So it's a lot easier to stop the run now. It's time for linebacker if the box because you're not worried about ten. A hill gas apply. So why wouldn't that apply to the teams before they meant the chiefs? The chiefs just suddenly figured that out. I think when you have guys like Matthew in the back end I do think the prepared. Here's what happened in the playoffs. Said you know what Tannahill you're going to have to beat us. I don't think anybody is going to look at Tom. Brady at any point in his career. And say you know what we're GONNA dare. Tom Brady probably the best most winningest quarterback of all time. We're GONNA dare him to beat us. That's just not think. What a recipe for success. When you're talking you're now might be your best bet now. I'm not sure about that. Well if you're the chiefs right think about it you know the Houston. Texans would astonish Shawn Watson. Goes up twenty four on you and the next thing you know in a blink of an eye they score forty one straight points Shawn Watson. Couldn't do anything to stop the bleeding. And if you manage to do that against Shawn Watson you're damn showing concerned about Ryan Tannehill who ended up in that. Afc Championship Game. Going for throwing for two hundred and nine yards. It was a relatively pedestrian performance. Art Show is absolutely right. They set up their loaded the box against Derrick Henry and Tennessee. Titans had no answer. Then that's not to say that would change with Tom. Brady but you clearly have more faith in Tom. Brady being able to pull ups pull something out of his hat. It'd be has requisite talent to work with. Then you have Ryan Tannehill because even when Ryan ten had talent in the past. He was very sporadic. He do something good for about two or three weeks. And then after that he fade into oblivion that did not happen season which is a credit to him but once he's in does not a great quarterback make and that's the reason why via the Tennessee. Titans you gotta probably going forward now and it's Ryan Tannehill gotta go forward with. He certainly helped him get there though they were two. And four before ten nine and four after the fact and then obviously we saw what happened in the past. Two hundred nine yards in a playoff loss. Grady Boston loves you. The fifth-place sixers will be without one of their young stars. As Ben Simmons is expected to be out indefinitely with a back injury that according to our Adrian Mode generosities. Simmons leads the team in assist at just over eight per game. Meanwhile his teammate Joel. Embiid more than made up for his absence last night pouring in a career. High Forty nine points in a win over the hawks. It's the most point scored by sixers player since Alan Iverson in two thousand five after the game being didn't shy away from his previous best player in the world comments player in the world right. Yeah I believe I go when I actually said that war. I say that you know then what you know. Some of the best in the war then who myself. That's what I said but I do believe it tonight. We also want to say sorry. For what the end of the game on TV. I'm so thank you Max a lot to unpack here. Tell me what's going on with the sixers. Well as you see. 'em Bead is blowing hot and cold especially at home where the sixers are one of the best teams ever on the road. There a lottery team. Why does that happen? I sit all along because embiid has to kind of self load manage. Because they're doing this ad hoc there doesn't seem to be a plan and he has back issues. Knee came in the league with his back issues so I am now and now by the way Ben Simmons has gone. And that's a mess and I've said this before but Stephen. I want people to listen closely Adam. Silver is the Best Commissioner in Major American Team Sports. He's excellent. He's made a ton of great decisions. No one's perfect and he messed up with the sixers. I don't think that silver intervened and they got rid of San Hanky and then installed ultimately Jerry Colangelo Bryan Colangelo. Who was a disaster unmitigated disaster? I don't think they did that because the process wasn't working Stephen. I think Adam silver did it because the process was working. That was the worry of the League. You can't have a league when half your teams are tanking for four and five years in a row because the way you set up the lottery system with the cap it works. That was the fear. Oh my God this is working you leave the smart guy. In there and see the plan to fruition it may even take another couple of years and then you have a juggernaut and then the rest of the league will copycat but you take a basketball life for like Colangelo in and he puts his son who was a disaster disaster in and they get competitive right away because Sam hinkie stockpiled the Ammo so then you could always make trades to get competitive quickly when you do that. At least now you have a playoff team but ultimately not the juggernaut. They may have otherwise been. Let's not forget Bryan. Colangelo and this is reported in the ringer in June of eighteen of Ben Detrick Bryan Colangelo was found to. They claimed his wife ran five. Different burner accounts on twitter disclosed dissing embiid disclosing sensitive information etcetera etcetera. It was eighty mess. And when they finally member Silver Force Colangelo down their throat really though Jerry Colangelo and then he put Brian in so by the way it was also critical of Sam. Hinkie of Messiah Jiri all the smart guys right much smarter than Colangelo. He those guys he was making a mess of the sixers a mess of the sixers and when they finally got rid of Colangelo. The owner of the sixers. Whose name escapes me at the Moment Stephen. I'm sure you can come up with it but gosh terra made a terrible error in insisting that the Elton Brand get the job he he couldn't hire his own staff. You have to keep the remainder of the leftovers from the COLANGELO staff which was a disaster and so now the sixers are rudderless. Even though they have all the talent in the world and EMBIID and Simmons they don't know how to put it together so they don't vote manage and beat he balls out at home he kind of pulls back on the road a little bit. He doesn't want to get hurt. Simmons is in the game they told. Abc who had the game Stephen a that he's going to the locker room for treatments in the middle of the game. If Ben Simmons is in that shape why is he in the game in the first place like this is a rudderless ship that should be instead poised to make a championship run or maybe even dynasty the way it was going and at this one's on Adam silver? He made a mess of this. I'm not going to go that route and I'm not gonNA fall victim to urine sexual appetites. Want meeting engage in a discussion with you about the process which I upholstered which I felt. It was absolutely despicable. You're not getting me to go there. I'm not in the mood. I've got a long flight home. I've been dealing with all of this stuff all week long. I'm not GonNa let you irritate me with that. Damn Sam Hinkie argument again because you want to protect the world of analytics please. I'm not going there what I will say to you is this however didn't what's the big deal about Joel? Embiid forty nine points. They were against the Atlanta Hawks. What do you want me to say this? Seventeen and forty two. They have trae Young Guy d Andre hundred that I think has a potential They got a couple of guys. And what have you got a long ways to go? Atlanta's not a good team. They've taken a step back she don't know why most folks don't because we don't pay attention too much stuff going on in the basketball world in Atlanta Georgia. We love Atlanta for different reasons basketball. One of them okay. So Joel embiid showing up against them in Philly on his home. Court means absolutely positively. Nothing to me out side of the fact that it was nice he played and he looked healthy and he was having fun because that's really when he's at his best when he's talking trash and he's having fun then. It usually compelled him to step up his level of play particularly on his home court. Any shows out. But I didn't see that Joel embiid. When he went up against the Greek Freak Milwaukee the other night I see that Joel embiid a few times over the last month the so and so for me again. There's reason to be concerned about a Ben. Simmons had has been handled. There's a reason to be concerned. I think they need another perimeter. Shoot I don't think they should have ever lost. Jj and in the air what it comes down to is that regardless of the talent that they have the question is does it. Mesh to really succeed in east and I didn't even bring up Al Horford and how inconsistent he's been sevens. Is it back in the sixers? Go anywhere no Max No. Yeah that'd be home and I know I mean. Think about think about this though. Embiid who came in with health issues into the League still really has to do his own management. Did they have no plan for the guys who of course when he by the way? It's not like he doesn't accept the Greek Freak Challenge Stephen a he plays the freak really well basically even up in the frequency regular season the best player in the game and Embiid is right there with them basically step for step stat for Stat Win for win. I mean that's saying a lot. Simmons and the process landed embiid and the process lended since. I don't WanNa hear all Colangelo. Chose sentence sentence was the presumptive number-one pick no matter. Who was going to do the picking the fact that they stunk was the work of of the process. Kinky and the process. That's why they have embiid and Simmons. They've done awful job putting a team around them. The Okay you can claim. Butler was going to go south beach anyway. But they not only traded draft picks and talent for Tobias Harris but then paid him like. He's actually we should have done that advocated. They did a good job doing that. My argument with you is that when you think about Sam Hinkie he did draft Jalil Okeafor. Joel embiid fell to him at number three. Because of his injury Michael Carter Williams was the number one pick and obviously the ultimate shipped. All was not perfect with Sam Hinkie. And all I'm saying is that you can't take a job. You can't take a job advertised to a city that you go stink up the joint. You're going to lose for to come but this is what we're building and then I can point to several things that you did while you were wielding. That was not zeal. Listen if you would listen to what the process really means. You might not object to it so much or maybe you won't. Maybe I wouldn't object to it. So much of a black man was allowed to sit up the job but by the way that's right black people invite should also have access to all the tools that the white. Gm's have no doubt but here's why it's called. This is why it's called the process. The very reason you hate it is the reason that Hanky could Misano Kuffour and miss on Michael Carter Williams and still make a juggernaut. That's the point in the process. Stinking not just free year but for several years in a row. 'cause you're gonNA miss on some but if you continually those high picture. GonNa hit on some and they hit on M. B. and they hit on Simmons so here they are Stephen a ton of cap space but because they're rudderless and because Elton brands working with another guy staff and because they're all dog did not mix with the right. You want the rest of the hour to make your point. I'll give it to you. I'll shut the hell up and give it to you. As long as you're willing to concede that as long as the same rules are applicable to black men with five you can lose purposely calm and you still don't have to worry about job security telling the black man next day four. I Look I look forward to the day that we see in african-american. Gm allowed distinct for four or five years in order to build a Juggernaut with Stephen. A what we call that at my house failing up we see it all the time about failing. Heiki purpose and succeeding up. There is failing and that's not going to be the GM Ben Simmons questions indefinitely issues to deal with still maury included him. Those are some emotional sediments from yesterday's memorial which celebrated the life of Kobe. Bryant his daughter Jonah and the other seven victims of the helicopter crash nearly a month ago filled with last filled with cry Stephen. A your final thoughts from the Kobe. Memorial Well you know. I think that No Vanessa. Brian was sensational She was he stole the show the level of strength with high eloquence way. She got up there and spoke in front of nearly twenty thousand people. She was absolutely phenomenal and She just personified. You know goes validated. All the love the devotion and the praised that Koby aimed in her direction. Throughout the years He always raved about how much he loved her he raved about what a wonderful wife and mother That she was that she is. And you know it will always be of course and You know he talked about how she was his better half and was his best friend and we saw yesterday and I think that that went a long way. Also got to give major major praise to Michael Jordan to Shaquille O'Neal as well Both of them going up speaking Gino Auriemma and Diana to Rashi and the wonderful lady from I what. How do you pronounce the Name Ionescu? Yes but you know. She's to bring us. She was wonderful as well. This she goes out there and perform last night and sets. Ncw Record as well you know just a lot of great great stories but in the end what it really comes down to is that the NBA community The basketball world came together to say goodbye to Kobe. Bryant he'll never be forgotten. He'll always be remembered in the most fondest of ways he was a champion He put in the work. He was dedicated. He was focused and in the end he touched so many lives because he was committed to being a better version of himself He was committed to helping others on an obviously had an affection for a lot of young ladies out there in terms of helping them elevate themselves and their profile to showcase for his daughters. And beyond that you can be whatever you want to be in this world so it was truly a great day. Sad but happy Obviously closure for a lot of people but they will never be closure for Vanessa and the children left behind by Coby and G G and so all you can do is just tell them you love them and that you'll do your part whatever that may be in order to be there for them and the best way that you possibly can. Kobe was always the little brother champing at the bit to be the lead guy on his team with shack and in the larger sense in the in the Pantheon of NBA legends. With Jordan. And on the Lakers got his own team eventually improved his point and he never stopped going at Jordan and you could see where both shack and Mj feel like. They lost a little brother and then he finally had his own family where he was the father. An obviously an extraordinary one. According to all accounts especially finesses. Who will be my lasting. Impression of this memorial Vanessa specially the line at the end her description of the bedtime routine with the kids. If you're a father with kids especially little girls you'll that was difficult to hear and and then the line molly pointed it off at pointed out to start. The show is still the best team yet for that just saying that God knew they couldn't be on this earth without each other to bring them home to other for inept was she was. It was a powerful moving moment and it really resonated thing to say that you know. I'm going to hold it down here I got you. I got the three girls. And you take care of G G and you know we're still the best team. Listen you guys are the best of the business and she got up in front of twenty thousand people. This isn't our job. She doesn't public speak the most dire circumstances and she was eloquent. She was graceful. I mean it was absolutely incredible and same thing you said Stephen Eight. And now we see why. He adored her so much We're looking for the beauty in it but it's it's tough. It really is a thirteen year old. He's gone along with three other teammates. That were around age. So that's incredibly sad as well and and remember to nobody at the at the memorial service forgot about them either. All of those folks were mentioned and everybody will bind foreign cognizant enough to make sure they reminded everybody that Kobe Bryant and his wonderful beautiful daughter. Those were not the only lives that were lost in that helicopter crash and I just WANNA say really quickly because this is a sports show and and you brought up a Gino Auriemma and we saw Diana Tarazi. We saw Sabrina an ESCO. And that just showed you those relationships that he had in terms of we talked about coaching G G but they really were working on elevating the women's Game Women's sports inequality and I don't think a lot of us recognize that until this tragedy happened. And it's molly. I'm glad sit on. Their work was cut short. And I know Vanessa will try to carry that on Yup. I'm glad you said that you know I found out about this when we came on the air and talked about it after it happened bringing my eldest daughter. My eleven year old to basketball practice for drop off stay there. I watched the whole that. Watch the game. I watched the practice of shouting shouting encouragement tour and all that stuff stuff. She's working on and there was absolutely a connection that I felt as the father of a daughter who's playing basketball that that coby and his daughter and his interest in his daughters kind of athletic development wh- loomed large that day over the whole gym over the whole program. I'm glad you brought that up. It's tough really tough. We are going to try to move on here and and make a transition back to score so bear with me. Everyone and let's talk a little football. So the cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott still without a new deal and last week cowboys legend. Emmett Smith made news by suggesting he should take less money. So the team can sign other players. Besides dot could make the rest and endorsements and other cowboy great He used to work here. Darren Woodson expressed his disagreement to the Fort Worth Star telegram. Let's take a listen to that. She slept and thanks for some people. Say that he should take less. That's a slap manse fix 'cause they're not here and I'm watching every day. My office overseas that feel that practice everyday they know lying on a team that works. Arvin bag PRESKA. He's putting working deserves. Max We all know Darin very well. Thank highly of him. He's close to the situation. Do you agree with him on the sentiments regarding Dot Prescott. I don't I know what he means but I don't agree because you have to think about this rationally the way we approach because it's a cap league is always like well. Never mind whatever anyone else is going to get paid that a workout itself. You GotTa go get yours. That's true that is true from DAX. Point of view is trying to get his. He's not responsible for well. Let me give them a discount. So I can have a better team around those choice estimate. If you want the money get it. Get what everything you can. Nothing wrong with that. But it's not a slap in the face to him if the team wants to take less or if a fan does they are not saying. Hey Dad we don't want you to have all the money in the world they do. I'm sure state they have the decency. It's that every dollar debt gets paid a dollar someone else's and is it a slap in the face to the linebacker who's not going to get the money because you gave it to Jack. Is that a slap in the linebackers. Things it's not about slaps in the face it's not about respect or disrespect. It's about the reality that the owners have structured that the players are only allowed to get so much. It's gotta be divvied up among them all so either. You believe quarterbacks overpaid or you. Don't I believe they're overpaid? I think the market overvalues quarterbacks there are a couple namely TAT MAHOMES. Who's worth just about anything? And the rest of them should get in where they fit in not necessarily get the most just because they're the next guy up. Well let me say this. Please forgive me for backtracking Max Molly but like when we were talking about Vanessa Bryant Kobe and all of that again as I did at the top of the show. I want to remind everybody that there is a father and a mother that lost a son. In Joe and Pam. Brian two sisters left behind with Kobe. Bryant passing he was the youngest yet to desist. They lost their brothers. So I think it's important to remember that because not enough people have mentioned them. They suffered a tremendous laws as well. Now getting back to the point that Max made just now and you talk about getting in line. Well Max you know what that applies to everybody and one could argue Ezekiel Elliott with some of his knuckle headed tendencies. He didn't have to get in line. He Got Ninety. Million to fifty million dollars guaranteed. They're all the people that got paid by Jerry. Jones in Dallas cowboys. They didn't have to get in line. Jerry Jones and those guys got online and they took care of those guys. You have a quarterback making two point one million dollars in an age where guys within his own vision is guaranteed to one hundred and nine million dollars. That's just egregious and when you look at it from that perspective his the bottom line as I completely agree with Damn Woodson. What he's saying he's absolutely right. And by the way my man Dan. Listen I miss you? Big Bro Michelin Man. Let me say this to you. Dak Prescott may not deserve forty million a year. He may not even deserve the thirty five million a year. Russell Wilson is getting over thirty four million a year. Big Ben Rothlisberger is making. But you've got to get him up in that ballpark with the cost and winces of the world. Sixty five percent of his passes nearly five thousand yards passing thirty touchdowns. Eleven interceptions two playoff berths in the four years. That he's been there you know not a losing record. Give demand is do because if this were Tony Romo Jerry Jones. Stephen Jones would have taken care of him already. They need to take your Dak Prescott. Yeah they can. I think you switched lanes a couple of times. They're like Ezekiel Elliott. You can get them for fifty guaranteed. You Ain't getting Dak Prescott for no fifty and Ezekiel's a better running back than deck is a quarter but it's miserable deck deck. Should go try and get his money if that's what he wants. I just don't view it as a slap in the face that they don't WanNa make him the highest paid guy guaranteed money. It's all about guaranteed money and the NFL's Zion in Lebron facing off tonight for the very first time. We will have full reaction to all of that tomorrow. Safe Travels Gentlemen and thanks for hanging with us so you guys in the morning take care.

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