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Live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm jeanine herbst democratic congressman rasheed leave has called off her visit to the west bank this weekend to leave who is muslim muslim says she rejects israel's conditions about what she can and cannot say publicly during the trip as daniel estrin reports from jerusalem to leaves palestinian uncle tells n._p._r. Art family has mixed emotions. Essentially is the congresswoman's uncle he lives in a village in the israeli-occupied west bank as does the congresswoman's elderly grandmother and other relatives chiefs to leave says the whole village was preparing for her visit and the families sad she won't visit but happy she refused israel's conditions to abstain from advocating a boycott of israel oh he told n._p._r. That israel does not want americans to see the israeli occupation of the west bank to leave and congresswoman ilan omar were planning a trip this weekend but president trump tweeted tweeted against it and israel ban the trip but granted to leaves request to visit her grandmother than she turned it down. Israel's interior minister said her request and then rejection action was aimed at bashing israel. He tweeted apparently her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother daniel estrin n._p._r. News jerusalem the chief medical local examiner of new york says an autopsy shows financier jeffrey epstein's death was suicide by hanging the sixty six year old was found dead in his jail cell in manhattan august tenth he had been taken off suicide. Watch and attorney general william bars as officials have uncovered what he called serious irregularities guards on duty the night of of his death or accused of falsifying records epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges involving dozens of women and girls a local branch of the end of lease e._p._a. Suing of virginia school board to change the names of two schools that honor confederate leaders from member station v. p. m. in richmond whitney evans has more for the civil rights group says lee davis high school in stonewall jackson middle school violate students constitutional rights because their names mascots and in symbolism compel students to support confederate ideologies caitland banner is an attorney with washington lawyers committee for civil rights and urban affairs which represents the a._c._p. Hanover branch in this case under the first amendment. There's a long history of not allowing the government to force individuals or school children hugh display or to support speech that they disagree with the county renamed the schools after confederate leaders in the nineteen sixties during virginia's resistance stints to desegregation for n._p._r. News i'm whitney evans in richmond. Housing starts fell four percent last month the third month in a row thanks to a sharp decline yeah the construction of apartment buildings but the commerce department says construction of single family homes was up one point three percent wall street higher by the bell the dow up three hundred six points the nasdaq one hundred twenty nine s and p five hundred forty one all three indices up more than one percent. You're listening to n._p._r. News the famously liberal city of portland oregon is preparing for demonstrations tomorrow that aims to attract far right figures from across the country oregon oregon public broadcasting's mirrow powell reports. The demonstration is being billed as a rally against antifa a former employee of the conspiracy theory website info the wars is organizing the event also involved or members of the proud boys a fraternal organization designated as a hate group by the southern poverty law center. The portland police are preparing for the rally as well as counter protests by local antifascist and others. Here's portland police bureau spokeswoman lieutenant tina jones.

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