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Friday Night Guided Meditation | Ajahn Brahmali | 8 May 2020


Hi Good evening. This is John Problem back here again. Hits on what is today the ninth on the eighth of May on Friday nights at Maloka put his center for the West Australia for the Friday Nights Meditation follow by Adama. Talk so welcome. Everybody and hope you enjoyed last week's a meditation classes especially the way sac which we did hear a few days ago. That was last Sunday. But now we're doing this will meditation and that'll be followed by the forty five minutes. Dahmer talk after which you to have the opportunity to ask any questions but first of all we do have meditation in order to calm myself down and to really them. Six House to be nice and peaceful excellent. Very good so y you now too. I just Coach is is class. Remember this is how often now which you give to yourself meditation. Ching yourself time to be peaceful giving yourself permission to stop. We all come into a few meditation problems and things we did in the past and difficult is we have to face in the future but right now in this moment you put all those things aside. It's like having a holiday getting away from it. All you have to give yourself permission to that to garage yourself. Permission to be peaceful. And you know that if you do this and do it with sincerity fullness. In other words you're going to that permission to give yourself the opportunity to be peaceful. You know that has huge benefits for your afterwards. Whatever poppers difficulties that you have to face in your life you find. It's much easier to face them after being peaceful so you close your eyes. Give yourself permission. You don't have to worry about anything for the next offer now. You don't have to plan. Just relax and relaxing is not such an easy thing for people to do. Surprisingly they carry much tension in their body. So we start by doing simple body scan Libyan kind and away first of all to your legs. How are you x? Last week it was very cold in putting yard in the monastery and also rain. Sometimes you feel sorry for the Kangaroos. They should give him some kindness. Maybe a little food just to show that you care makes a lot of difference so you care for your legs. How are they if you're sitting on a chair do they? Fate need to be taught to underneath the chair more or put further out. Sometimes WE EXPERIMENT. Try Bit of this. Try spending them trying whatever and find out if his better. This is how we use mindfulness awareness some trodden ever moving this way moving that way we find out what works. I'm just being aware of my ex. Feel pretty good except just one big tub being squashed just it. That's better what's aches. Comfortable knocking move on out to my but experiencing sensations in part of my body and knowing whether my niece adjusted to fidgeted forward or backwards or to the side to bring maximum comfort part of my party which has too much pressure during the period of meditation. World that sitting on the floor sitting on a cushion sitting on a chair was my thoughts is comfortable and move up to my waist. My back getting show. That position is best possible. Given the neutral stretch of my back so often ciano most in the forest stretch and then relax. Wonderful way to overcome aches and pains. Body feels really really comfortable with my back is. He's just saying that tightness in the back. Go back this gives some attention part of my body tightly with axes. Sometimes you can have an acre pain somewhere focusing on it zooming in on that part of the body with kindness. No worrying about the pain but caring for. He's the problem until when the problem is so you can move out to your shoulders. Signal them to be able to relax a part of the body we need to know it first of all to fear it. Fear as clearest possible by trial and error. We've done out to release something. Which is being stretched squashed. Mindfulness gives you the feedback and see things appear better for you. Go shoulders died in your arms race. Any aches pains anywhere. They're there for a while. Just look upon that that that paid with Kaidonis mother looking at be caring for you. Whatever that happened to me as a young boy mother smiling and care took the pain away. Power kindness is huge. And then you got your hands. This is really mad away. Hand in what position as long as say too comfortable. What's Your Hands Subpoena adjusted? Go back up your arms to your shoulders into your neck making show. The neck is not stress because your head is not balanced Top of it. So you can move your head. Is I usually do this? Part of my meditation ahead to the left right forward and back with a stretching so I found the best position whenever take the position of my party for granted. I tested out for it until the best possible position. Okay it's my face making sure the muscles around my eyes and my mouse. Totally at EASE ACTS APIECE. Find Their tighthead tents. Found a way to stay reduction. Feel the muscles loosen. Nothing is how tightly. My whole face feels at ease because my facial muscles are relaxed any emotions which marked calls face to tighten up with. It's fear or anger or whatever all the emotions also relieved now. I look at my whole Party toes to the top of the face relaxed little bit tense when I came in here. He's so good news. I notice a whole body. Relax the Max Payne almost anywhere. It gives me this fading tonight. I appreciate relaxation. High-value the facts might body is in a decent position which is not tense. That's all I don't have to put effort to hold it like this is totally. I and that feels pleasurable. The lights of relaxation similar to the delight. You feel when you first wake up in the morning or mass duties whether you feel when you were soaked in a hot boss. Many years is that produce relaxed and open feels delightful. Simple healthy pressure register there for a few more seconds to my mind my motion into world starting off with the peace of speed on Earth Obama. This is the piece of mature. How peaceful for my giving it a number from one to ten just in A. If I'm agitated piece going to got a clue what I'm GonNa talk about doesn't matter because I know to be peaceful. You have to stay in the present moment just now. I focused more on this moment is zoom in on the spice between the past and the future called now it expands the moment that could be huge pregnancy peace summit of eating way. Way Down Right here in this moment staying here caring for this moment you your emotional world relaxing to the Max not just relaxing. Your body vaccine your emotions. Being peaceful and single of peace number gets closer and closer to one really for inside before conduct. the conversation how we get into the bad habit of always giving things and I'm giving a country like a football match. You can see what's happening ourselves. We need to commentary. Watch listen though the mind saying anything in meditation. We call silence awareness in the present moment. What are you watching? Whatever it is happening now you don't need to charge it. Give it a name fact you can experience it more fully enjoying it more totally when you say anything inside you are peaceful if you are silent. Can you notice how much how satisfied and that is? How enjoyable is peace? Usually what happens is becomes aware of your breathing. One of the only things left which is moving experience. The coming into the this is that the mind is already pretty peaceful. Should be quite easy to watch reason. Why how long the passage so where the press is going in and out just no? It dumped threats meditation for long time. I'm meeting a dear old friend. Iran dress such wonderful times together in the meditations of old. Now you'll together again with your feeling of goes away once you tell framed what to in the company moments no posner future carving out all the thoughts inside conversation with your breezy by being by the beach watching ways has come up the sand then foldaway again gently peacefully the coming into your body passing away again. Closed now to the end of the meditation since the time to know how you feel how peaceful lawyer inside your mind. Mutch sure does that piece into your mind as she starts to be aware of your body again relaxes show boaty ease. Is it actual mind about to become so loose? Free maker paid anywhere to be found before we come out of the meditation. Our Ring the three times as usual as gung finishes sounding for the time. Time to open your eyes too much from this meditation we acres.

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