Wednesday, March 13: Jay Leno, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph


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I know words, I had the best words and if he never like another spin in the host seeds, mud after the wild bachelor finale that broke all the rules. Colton and Cassie are here live and the co-hosts are putting them in the hot seat. When this version comes here to give him a dose of a little psycho therapy. Hot topics are in the house whip Whoopie. Oh, huntsmen joy Behar sunny, hostage, Meghan, McCain and Ana Navarro. Now, let's get things started. Everybody. Welcome to view. I came out like way earlier than ever you're Alex giant cap but coming. The bad for their anti Leno and Jay Leno. Yeah. So so what are these getting better every day? And we'll be back soon. I want you all to be a member. I hope he gets better because I have a lasagna and my freezer just waiting for you. That was Joe she loves you. So did you wonder why your kid can can't get into an Ivy league school, even though they have straight A's greats SAT scores Deva think about that? Well, this could have something to do with it college counseling service lead a Williams singer was just arrested as the ringleader of the biggest college admission scam. Ever he allegedly helped the rich and powerful including actresses like, Felicity Huffman and Laurie Lachlan get their kids into Ivy league schools through bribes cheating on entrance exams. Faking disabilities and doctoring photos of kids playing sports now everyone is shocked by this shocked, but I made us apprised. I'm not that surprised that they caught them. That's all isn't the sad part though. Like when this broke yesterday. I was like shocking like this is what I think we all knew what's going on. I'm just thrilled with his spotlight is being put on it. Because if this one operation, but it does. You wonder how many others there are? And how many other parents are paying off for their kids to get it through sports or or someone taking their their exams for them or whatever it is. I do want to mention that William H Macy. Felicity, husbands husband is not charged in this. But what was also interesting is. It wasn't just the parents. They were nine coaches at elite schools to SAT and ACT exam administrators one exam. Proctor a college administrator. So it expands beyond just the parents. They have to work with the schools to get paid in return in some way. Which also makes it even worse. I was shocked. I was shocked to learn that I could have gone to my parents. I had enough money. I could have gone through school pretending. I was a gymnast. But Corbett, listen, you know, I was a fellow at Harvard at the institute of politics few years ago. Not that I was a student even in my parents had had half a million bucks. They still wouldn't have man. But there are so many black and Brown kids and poor white kids in these schools who are told and made to feel like they don't belong. There are people who go against affirmative action. They have filed lawsuits have said that rich white people are getting, you know, poor them are getting discriminated, and dammit to know that they are gaming the system this way, and that the ones that don't belong there and don't deserve to be there and are paying to be there are these kids not those kids just angered me. I know it. You know, that's how I feel too. We were texting each other. And for me, I thought you know, how mediocre must you be? If you have to game a system that disproportionately advantages you anyway, I mean, that's how I was. You know, that's a good one. You must really mediocre here. You have to game that system all the advantages of that system anyway. But then a wind them to go to just any school. Yeah. They want them to go to that school. And I think what was also shocking to me what you're talking about by advantages are private schools counselors tutors. You say yours, hey for the best anyway. And I also thought we know that people like Jared Kushner's family pays allegedly two point five million dollars to get them in. We know the families that donate a wing to a building or donate a library. Well that sometime. A nurse to the benefit of everyone. So I'm thinking, well you donated the library a kid got into Harvard. Okay. My kids sitting in the library. Now, I may not be buyer. But this is fraud. This is someone taking the exam for your kid. This is very very different. And that's sickened me and the athletic part really sick. And because you all know, you know, my kid is the three sport athlete. I've been the mom that has seen him sitting in the Epsom salt bath all night. I've been the mom that wakes him up at four o'clock in the morning because he's going to swim practice at five thirty when his friends are still in bed. I've been the mom where you know. He's got a leave our summer vacation because he's got preseason football. And these kids these parents are superimposing their kids faces, but what my kids face. Let me letting kids going to go to Harvard or Princeton, and he's gonna finish these kids are going to go six months, and then they're gonna get kicked out. I don't know a lot of those kids have graduated that. Go to somebody writing them papers for years. We don't have that much time left. And I just want to get one thing and really quick. First of all what you're saying about Harvard is actually huge scandal right now that they were accused of letting in too many Asian students Google this. It's even though they qualified obviously for for whatever. But they didn't want a disproportionate amount of Asian students at Harvard University. Okay. For me, specifically, not everything is about my family. I know I remind tweets I know what you guys are saying. But aunt becky's husband talk crap about ASU. Okay. And at state university is where the McCain institute for international leadership is partnership with ASU. They find students identify develop and train a global network of character driven leaders that I have the luxury to be a part of that institute, and it was chosen because ASU is a premier educational system as well. And maybe it isn't as good from some people Hollywood elites perspective as Harvard and Yale. But let me tell you something ASU has a president Michael crow who. Who has an incredible president doing doing incredible things for a long time? And they clap back and said ASU has no comment on glib uninformed remarks. But underlying this is something important that deserves attention. Some universities have decided the most important thing. They can do is turn away deserving qualified applicant just so they can seem more excluding. So I'm just thank finally, I'm very proud to have my family's name attached to ASU is an incredible incredible incredible, college and aunt becky's, husband, whatever the hell. You are annoyed were telling yesterday. Sorry. Your kid probably would have been good enough to even got into a good hair to go to jail. That's big not just mentioned say missions per second. Not wanna just students got an I'm getting a correct nod enough Asia students where let in by Harvard because they were thing as legacy admissions. Which means of your parents went to Brown or Harvard or you pay you can go, but it's interesting because the idea of legacy admissions is racist in nature, and I'll tell you why it started in. Twenties to keep upwardly mobile immigrants who had started pushing for admission to elite schools. Yeah. And I think that that is a very very bad system legacy. Why should you get in because you got him? Yeah. The only thing I will say it is not what title have any. I was the first of my whole colonies military academies. My family goes back generations at the naval academy and that service to your country. So I would push back in that in that part of it. Because my grandfather grandfather, my brothers. They all serve there. You don't have to. Why should you have a great my brother did? But I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of the fact that my family's legacy is at the naval academy. My father's buried. I'm not talking about your family. I'm told us that I'd like to see he's all about the policy of weight legacy admissions came from. I'm very very proud. It was. Me and Jews probably out of the colleges. Well, let me back. Yeah. One big question is will these parents go to jail. I mean, the US attorney said that there shouldn't be disparate treatment. I wondered is the American public ready for these parents who are parents who are in jail for food stamp fraud, and their parents who are in jail for welfare fraud. And there are parents who are in jail because they pretend okay that they lived in another. Pay carrying these parents. I wanna talk also so much news. Why haven't those going cleans been grounded in the United States? That's another question. We'll talk about that. When we come back, and why is Mitt Romney blowing out candles one. At a time. Okay. So, you know, these ladies aren't afraid to voice their views route it, but now it's time for you to voice yours so wrap your phone and join the conversation, put arsenal wild. Meanwhile, your take on hot topics. Have you been reading off and Joan forget on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our podcast on thought cast. Thought cast worse plunges weekdays on ABC. Head warmer bachelor croton and Cassie on their wild and bumpy ride into each other's arms. And funny man, Jay Leno on the politics of late night comedy. Okay. This is not. Okay. We'll we'll keep this short because they talked about this yesterday. But it's still a problem in the country because they FAA still have not grounded the model of airplane involved in two deadly crashes in the past six months, the Boeing seven thirty seven max eight. So if you're going on that plane, take no don't get on it. Even even American pilots. This is the news a wanting them that these are there are technical problems. The company is to investigate they even I was reading that some pilot wrote a letter to death. I saying several before. Yes. Well, I only read six of them. I think are complaining. I mean, come on very quickly. What I read was that these chain. They were these safety upgrades to the jet software to fix this automated safety feature, but they were delayed until April in large part because of the thirty five day government shutdown. How do you like that? Well. That is nine when it's happening. You know peo-? Yeah. People are at work. It's not it's not feeling the country. And then you find out that is a connection just got on the show, I call them because a lot of these planes are flying to Miami southwest United American, and I asked if they had a policy if people f-r-o-t-h uncomfortable and wanted to change in the airlines are not offering any special policy. They are not allowing people to change without change. You know, they the because of the flight attendants because of the passengers because of the pilots because people having signed in our nervous, I think there needs to be a special policy for I always say the most important job. If you're a politician is to protect the people that you serve, and this is one of those instances, I know some of spoken out, but even for the president to to play a larger role because if we want these planes grounded, you need to get involved with the people that run Boeing and say, this is more important than your reputation. This is more important than anything else about protecting the people that we serve another pilot. It'd be paranoid too right now. I mean, you know, I think my friend Josh sums it up in his tweet bench. I'm no aviation expert. But I don't think we should be flying on those planes that keep crashing. We have a tweet. Okay. To be paranoid about planes. That are crash, right. Totally. We'll do not get on them, especially what everybody needs to walk off the plane, the pilots and the white tennis walk off the plane. Why don't you airlines come on two hundred dollars change fee? Can you wave that can you waive the change fees? Don't want to get on that airplane. They do for snowstorm. They do for a hurricane. They thought. Why would we not be concerned when you have pilots one of them anonymous- anonymously said that he was flying without being adequately trained. Yeah. For the new system. I think we are rational to say, I don't think I want to get on that plane. That's pretty normal the Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. Smoked Trump today. Well, yesterday spoke with them, and they they said, it's fine. And so he's he's okay. It's okay. It's says he didn't do it. That's what didn't do it. No one did anything. Okay, fine. It's okay. To be fearful and. I'd like to go on what is it one of them? Let them go on their on planes. All right. I don't have time to make this transition to something fun. So we'll be right back. Why? I'm Jay Leno everywhere. I go people want to know about late night comedy in politics. Finally, a chance a daytime show where the subject of politics, never come up. I am so happy. Leno Jay Leno bid. Farewell to the tonight show back in two thousand fourteen if only known at the time that Donald Trump would soon take the White House and become the greatest gift a late night comedian could ever wish for so here to catch us up on what he's been doing as well as his thoughts on the current state of state of late night, comedy and other things that are going on in the world is my old friend, the legendary Jay Leno. Up to the only man that ring joined Megan together. That's. True. I actually have friends on both sides of the. Rather you you don't like the idea that the late night comics, so one-sided is that true that like the idea just the fact that all the jokes? It's kind of the same joke. I mean, I love them all I mean Samantha and Jimmy and the other Jimmy, and they're I mean, they're all really, but you all kind of doing different versions of same joke. That was my whole point that to me, I always liked to humiliate and degrade both sides equal. Yeah. That was the one doing such a good job up humiliating the grading themselves. But that was school Bob Hope used to do. But you see it was I did it. When Clinton was horny. Bush was dumb, and it was. Call a simpler time. You know, I stand up until Obama came in. And then I was losing interest because he was too good. And there was nothing to make fun of their. Bonanza want? Yeah. So what do you think about that young to Mitt Romney who blew out? Did you see this video video of of Mitt Romney, his blowing out his birthday twinkie birthday cake? Yeah. Twinkie birthday cake. And and because he's so good because he doesn't want to spread his germs all over the birthday cake close he'd one out at a time. Yeah. That was what I love Mitt Romney. When you opened the dictionary. And you look white guy. Gary. I mean, it's. Vote white guy. Public servant. I mean, I'm technically a white guy. But I'm talion when I see him. I know last. Got tie. And he's right. And you know, a more decent guy. You couldn't find me as a decent. You know, when his wife got muscular just took time off into care of her. I mean, he's really guy, but he's one of those guys like when white guys tell a joke. Well, here's a funny anecdote I was reminded. Though, you're doing it wrong. I would and his wedding. He was there. But remember when he tied his dog to the roof of the car once that about I don't I don't remember onto the region. Yes. Joking talking about fasting and dieting and put a ten days ago. That was the one thing he did. I did not like I chase. I don't know. You can't yell at me for that. Public service announ- public service. I mean, how many times have you gone to kids party and? You don't want the cake jazzy ninety just has that. Yeah. Gee. Golly. Wilkerson going. The Gino when he swears he go tally on getting you know, you see it. You know, I never heard English swear windows. Yelling Italian Mitt Romney gully. I'm gonna punch that full. He's mormon. I grew up Mormon. So I understand it's the whoopsie daisies. You find ways around it. Yeah. I totally get it. That's a perfect explanation. Ways to get around it because I mean, if you don't drink you don't I don't have a lot ways she has sex. She's got to guess what can America we have a lot of we have a lot of hot shop. We still we still have our prices Dan's. Yeah. I'm I've since I. Rails. This is not how I want to impress. Jay Leno on this show right now. Okay. So we were talking about this college admissions scandal on okay, tell me why. I love it. Because it's got movie stars. It's sports got money got rich people screw in poor people. It's. It's the classic news story. The best news store before this was Robert Kraft with the patriot. You had the Super Bowl you had a rich guy. Go into like, different classes finally meeting. Oh, a hilarious. Yeah. That was hilarious. And that woman showing up every every Republican politician you like the western hemisphere. But listen, in fact, I'll tell you the job I had during the break. But I can't do it here. That's a team that was wrong. As you know, that's wrong. Next month is the White House. Correspondent for the first time in my memory. We have no comedian. A lot about that. I think about that. You know, the first time I did it with Reagan who had a sense of humor. He had a very humor. What is the first time? I ever got nervous at a gig because I get there. And I'm back stakes. You know? This is the eighties. Okay. Mid eighties in this general comes in. You know, he's got the hat on. He's got all the goes. Comedian. I said, yes, sir. Let me tell you something just as my president understand. This is my commander in chief poking me. He goes you don't make fun of him. You don't denigrate. How God I go sign. Go home. And then George Shultz comes in member having Greg Leno. Nail Ronnie's as. Thing of his head. You thinking their color. Has general. Through. Founding. That was I want to do. It was pretty. Reagan tell you to Reagan was actually, you know, he was like colonizer story because we have to take a break. Get on a tight budget here. Okay. We'll have. Oh. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC with the Capital One venture card. You earn unlimited double miles on every purchase every day, and you can use those miles toward travel expenses. Like flights hotels, rental cars and more capital. One. What's in your wallet credit approval required capital? One Bank USA an a. Comedian Jay Leno, and you in the middle of telling his story about Ronald Reagan before we get to cholesterol. What the Ronald Reagan story. He was really a good comic. And I was sitting with the ones you Jay good student AS Roma's, president, wasn't aggression. He was you know, gee, I wasn't Christine either kick myself thinking how much further I could've gone. Find applied. The greatest show. Now, the other thing is before we go before we come on with this. What's the cholesterol, nine one one campaign, you work with what does Rodney Dangerfield after I'll tell you? I had Rodney on my show. Yeah. And inveighing reggae. JJ watching round. And he was we all know, we study other comics Rodney, hey, Larry, his his movements off, and I said to my producer, you know, Colo Colo paramedics, I think Rodney's having a problem with someone. She goes really just just call them. So writings finishes, his standup. Very funny sits down sweating a little more than normal. But okay, timing is all my infraction. Only another comic would notice. Okay. And I go to the dressing. How you doing? I'm okay, I'm okay. And he's doing that. So the paramedics show I'm gonna go where they here. They wanna talk. Well, he had a mini stroke while he was out there. And the paramedic said to me, you know, you probably save him from a heart attack. And I thought I didn't do anything. I just noticed my friend seemed a little office game. And and I felt such it like, you know, when you make people laugh feel great. But when you maybe you save somebody makes feel a little bit better. Right. But the part of the star you alight a couple years. Like that. A couple years later. Rodney had another one bad and he's in a coma. And is right before he died, and I went to the hospital his wife Jones Fabisch she's sitting there with them. And she has Rodney's coma. I think he can hear us. But he can't react to them Kay. I'm talking to Rodney, and she says Jay put your finger in these hand. She has Rodney if you know jas here squeezes fingers. Why feel this squeeze my finger? And I went Rodney that's not my finger. Rodney anyone like this move and. And and you know, I mean. I mean he passed away right after. I really felt like I made one of my heroes laugh, and and I thought I mean, the fact that it got it got it got a reaction from him. If I'm ever gonna come would you come and visit. Well, that that's kind of why got involved with his cholesterol nine one one you go there, and you check it on it just has questioned. We're not I'm not selling. Anything is no medicine. I'm not I'm not a reverse mortgage guy. I'm trying to screw your grandmother out of our house. That would just trying to make people aware. Just ask your doctor these questions that are on the website. That's all asking do not buying cholesterol levels because that's. Take a look at the questionnaire you go onto the internet. Yeah. Tells nine one one right? It tells you doctors tell you what to what to ask it. Sometimes it's hereditary high cholesterol. There's all kinds of I got a friend of mine runs three miles every day. Those the kale salad thing had a stroke. He's pissed at me. I'm watching you guys eating bon-bons, you know. And he goes, hey, how come I had luck? This is what it is. You you don't you look at look at Luke Perry. Young. Fifty two heart attack. I don't know what the cause was implying. It was. But this all I'm saying is you go, and you ask your doctor these questions people go with my friend. Larry the shell stations. Listen, the Larry don't listen to me laughter is not the best medicine. It's a terrible medicine. Having a stroke, you tell them a joke. It's not gonna help. Now. You know, so ask your doctor does release endorphins. I'm just saying, no, just j you. And I go way way way back back. You have me on your show at ton of times not to humble brag. But I've always been two thousand ten when I was super young wonderful to my father. I just wanted to say that we're in an era where men in media are just being taken out left and right for being pigs. You were the most we spectacle to women kindest nicest man, I ever worked when I just want the world to know. There are good men in many hot even where I wanna go. To death. You don't make jokes about your wife. Your wife was nominated for Nobel peace prize at work. She did with Afghan women. Do you think part of it is because it's incredible. She's incredible eighty you just have you have an incredible wife. They. Going. I like, you know, my mom was woman. You know, it just seems like I mean, a lot of this stuff used to be just called being polite now, it's called politically, correct. I guess, but it is just a matter of being polite and being sensitive to people's needs is a comic you read faces. And and enjoy you know, there's time I mean, I used to do a Hillary Clinton. Joe camera with the joke was but ever get this kind of. And I go, okay, they're laughing at it. Not because it's a joke. But because it's a woman and just took joke out of my act because I didn't like the the tenor of the laugh was getting glad you're not on today. Given Trump president I saw 'em because to me it's easier. When you kinda like, you know, the first time I had Bronco bomb on the show. He was a Senator and he came by himself, and he had his coat over his shoulder. James Rockwood Obama running for president. I said, okay. Let's look at this a black guy named Hussein that nobody's ever heard of you. To run to the fell off the chair, laughing your names Hussein from wear greats. Has really funny. Yeah. Yeah. He he's he's good. Nobody would ever wanna follow him at the car. Nobody wants to either. So thanks to. For being here today. We love you. We'll be right back. Kathy change your mind after bailing on Colton. What's their relationship status right now? And did that visit to the fantasy suite main? He's not Colton the virgin anymore. Nobody interrupts. There live on the view next. Vince, we view we're rolling out the hot topics. So Hello for SNL cast member eighty Bryant hits the table for the first time where hit a have a good laugh. Okay. It's all this week on the view. I'm very excited. We are finally at a point where we are on the same page. I can't wait to wake up next to her over and over again. This is one season of the bachelor where the rules of engagement went out the window, but colon would not give up on Cassie. And it looks like it paid off. So please, welcome. Former bachelor Colton Underwood and Cassie Rando. We are. We are so excited to have you here and congratulations. It looks. Like, you guys are really happy. And I do wanna ask that seemed like Cassie up until the very end you had doubts even after he sent everybody home for people that still are wondering when was that moment that he was your forever love when did that happen? You know, I think that really happened. Fortunately, all. I think up until the end there's just so much pressure and so much going on. It was just got really overwhelming. And so once the cameras went away, and I was able to really look at my feelings, and I saw that they were truly real. That's when I kind of realized that okay? This is legit. And he'd say you took a risk because there was no one left. You could be sitting by yourself today. Right. And it was one of those things I was in the relationship when I was trying to read where her struggles were call it whatever you want. But I firmly believe that, you know, the show in general it was just a little overwhelming for and we would be more compatible outside of the cameras. Eight off those tears real all the time. I'm just wondering. Yeah. Because you're on camera at the same time, you feel like crying very film so much that there was actually a lot more than. Yeah. Pretty much film. Big Cassie your father surprised you in Portugal to talk you out of accepting proposal from Colton and that talk lead your break up. So how is everyone getting along now with your father and your family and Colin get along? Great. I don't think my dad was ever really talking me out of a break-up. I think you saw my feelings and how I was feeling and he supports me, and I respect his opinion. But I mean, in that moment, my mind was kind of all ready made up. So what I had to do. But yeah. Kolding? How's your relationship with her father? It's it's good. And you know, that's one thing too is just because I didn't get his blessing when I asked I honestly respected. You know, his decision. I saw where he was coming from. I respect them as a man and his father, and I know how much she values her family's opinions. And what their relationship is. So it was never like I never took. A personally I never was offended that he didn't give it to me. I understood where he was coming from yesterday. You guys were hot topic. And we talked to we talked about how intent Colton was to get you back and how he deep down was so convinced that you were in love with him. And a lot of people felt that that was a little stalker ish. Yeah. And did that cross your mind for a moment when he showed up and was knocking on the door. Or were you like, wow. This is like really awesome. I honestly it was like, wow. This is really awesome. Yeah. I I have never had. A feeling of regret. Like, I did when I left Colton that night. I was just sad. I was really sad. And I miss them. And. There's a lot that goes into this into the show that we don't see. Yeah. You guys see a small small portion us as human beings to. So while I appreciate everybody who feels like they know me, you know, there's a lot more to us as human beings and a lot more to our relationship that you don't get to see very long process. I mean for me it was she knows third. This is my third show. The bachelor. Actually, that's what I mean. On camera is small idea the backstage, I said when we saw the clips of U2. after the show when the cameras were off in the mikes were off. That's when it seemed like you guys were really Manley love. Yeah. We have really got to know each other, and Colton we saw you in Cassie head to the fantasy suite. Yeah. Very open about the fact that you were a virgin, which I was very suspicious of that. Yeah. But can we now say, you know, without without any hesitation that? You're not a virgin anymore. No, that's actually something that we've talked about. And when I headed when I went into the fantasy sweet I was worried about fighting relationship and having intimate conversations. But we've since then I've been very open Canada virginity. And now that there's two people in out of respect for everybody involved. Really? I think you'd being respectful and saying it is between the two of them. But I think it's Icee that he's a new man and his aides experienced probably new physical changes, and we're all whatever happened. By the way. Let me tell you this one almost died yesterday when she found out you weren't following her on Twitter for whatever I love the love of what with one of our executive producers, and I like. On the bachelor. Really talking about something, and I really like respected when like whatever you were saying to him. So I was like, okay. Okay. It's been trying to get her into. I've watched every season. So what's the takeaway value here? Are you going to consummate this relationship? Dating and we're happy. Oh, I'm I'm hanging threat here. I mean, I mean your virginity. I mean, we introduced you every topic as the virgin Colton big deal. Damn she thought John. This is the issue. Well, the issue isn't that that I made it that was never my dentist. I never identify myself. As virgin, I'm so much more than that. Do I think it's overplayed, absolutely. They overplayed the hell out of. I am. I am much more than just that label. I hate being labeled as that. And I'll I'll open it was overplayed, thank you twenty eight hundred nineteen once you say reversion this time in this period. Is that to be honest. I didn't think it was going to play. It did like that. Oh. I hate talking about sex on television is everyone knows. And I wish you guys the best. You may say wait until I was married before. I lost my virginity. I don't think there should be any stigma on the choices that people thought you were very strong and both of you in talking about your life and your sexuality, and where you are today that were you surprised at at how big and do you think it got that big because you're a man. Right. That's right. I actually think it got that big because I'm a man and what my past career was football football. I think that stigma of being what we're supposed to be as athletes, and we're supposed to build up, these exteriors or this the exteriors and be tough and be manly. And like that was a stigma and a stereotype associated with athletes is you're not you're anything, you're anything. Virgin. So and for me, I know that was that was something I struggled with her. That happened Cohen cast. Congratulations. Thanks. So I have to watch the show to find out if he loses his virginity is that what has debate you still don't know. Well, I don't know. But I know this all have a great day and take a little time. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC. 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