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FTP Ep. # 190: NFL Wildcard Weekend Recap


Welcome to the fantasy throwdown. podcast bringing you the latest sports news fantasy analysis and opinions. Don't forget the hot takes and have a sports show with takes these days. What about hotcakes hotcakes? Now here's your host. Reynier jump into things dwayne calendar. What a slate of games for NFL wild card weekend? Let's get right down to it because we we had. We had some surprises. Go Down Lot. Let's start off with The the key story of today so so obviously The Sunday games just wrapped up the Minnesota Vikings. pull off the upset on the saints in overtime again with. Pass it a speech. That was called. I you you know. I laugh but I shouldn't because essentially we just had the NFL basically give the Fu to a team on national television. And we're just all Kinda numb to it But the Minnesota Vikings have beat the New Orleans Saints Today and yes there was all its passenger fares on car. Rudolph that the NFL refused to actually call. I don't know what else you could say about that. Other than it. You know you I what else can you say. It is absurd but that is actually in fact what happened but the story of this game was the fact that drew brees was for all intensive purposes. below oh average. NFL QB in this game. He couldn't release the ball when he wanted to. He had difficult to even the stat. Outline doesn't look awful. He was twenty six thirty three but total yardage was to renate like literally it was a bunch of dump off passes and and then yards after catch by his receivers. The problem is You know the Vikings did slow down. Michael Thomas Micheal. Thomas was this only seven catches for seventy yards and for most of the game. He only had eight targets. Drew brees just had difficulty getting Michael Thomas the football he was not able to target Michael Thomas nearly as much as he as he should have but he was getting pressure up the Middle Lindvall. Joseph did his the job up the middle for the Vikings but drew brees again. And this is what I've been talking about when it comes into situations where he just has these flat games. The reaction time is so much slower than it needs to be that it just causes issues you know there was a key fumble in the fourth quarter that the saints almost didn't even get this game. Ot from drew brees was so bad. I mean the saints had rally from ten points down to fourth quarter just to get into overtime. It was twenty to ten. You know Kirk cousins makes a beautiful throw in overtime but kirk cousins also disappeared for vast stretches at the second half to You know I as much as a People are GONNA be singing. The praises of Kirk cousins. You know the truth of the matter is is that this victory. He goes to the Vikings defense because they consistently bottled up the saints to the extent that the saints had to turn the taste them hill to beat. They're running and passing attack. They could bleed a fifty yard pass and ran for fifty yards and was by far the leading rusher of afford saints because Alvin Kamara might as well have been invisible. Despite the fact that he had eight catches he only got thirty four yards receiving and he ran for twenty one yards on seven carries Alvin. Kamara was essentially drew. BREES is dump off pass and Camara couldn't get anything going today. I Know Camara has to be hurt or just utterly frustrated because it was a complete and utter non factor today and I had my concerns about Kamara to begin with. I can't say them surprise. The problem is is that you know. Maybe the saints should have signed dirty O'Brien because the issue that I had with this esteem was if Micheal. Thomas got shut down which. I didn't see happening with the Vikings and their banged up secondary My concern was. Where's his office coming from? Because it you know I don't think drew brees can elevate these guys anymore. And that's exactly what happened. The saints offense completely Lee stalled and Sean Payton had to get so desperate to bring in some hill to reinvigorate the offense. There were points in that game today. I honestly thought Teddy Bridgewater should've been warmed up and ready to go now Sean. Payton can't do that. Drew brees and he will get crushed at the saints lost. Anyway and drew brees was benched benched in favor of Teddy Bridgewater but the saints needed something and eternal tastes meal to run. Some gadget plays and it add to his credit tesa mill panned and out. But that's the problem. It took so long for the saints to acknowledge that this was not going to work the way they were going and to do it in the fourth quarter. It was a little too little too late because Dow McCook at that point had established running attack for the Vikings and they played ball. Control Offense The remainder of the game now when it came to overtime then they at least turn rates loose again on cousins and he completed a beautiful rainbow. Throw to Adam feeling that you know folks are GonNa Complain and say Oh the. DB's should do a better job at no nonsense when you highpoint a ball that high and you're in the superdome staring up into light that has the hardest ball and you'll see you'll see it on a Sports Center and all the highlight shows. Afterwards it is the hardest ball for defensive back as a pay because again you're running full sprint looking over your shoulder trying to high point a ball in the lights when this receiver knows where the ball is to me. There's only a handful of guys that I would even trust to be able to make a play on a ball that type and more than that. The receiver still going to win that match up. The reason why it doesn't happen all that often is that you actually as a QB more difficult throws yet to make because again then you have the perfect touch on it and not a lot of QB's actually have the capabilities to do so. There's only handful guys that in the League that asks you can make that throw and drew brees can't make that throw anymore. There are a couple other guys in the league that people consider to be Ille- QB's that I know can't make that throw. Oh so you gotta give Kirk cousins credit words do but the the final play of the game calvert it off catches a fade route in the end zone. Ed clearly shows off. Listen the NFL will has had it in for the saints for quite some time. Now the saints fans are convinced that has to do with bountygate you know if the saints the states caused the video replay review rule to come into effect and the fact that the NFL refused to even review. The play speaks speaks volumes. I mean I. I'm sure I'll river on is going to say some nonsense that they reviewed it in real time. It didn't think they get rose to the level of a pass. Ferrets which is by like I gotTa Spit. You can actually say but but if you actually did a clip reel of all the offense pass. Interference calls that were called at and that play that play would be front and center as is supposed to be called passenger ferrets the NFL could say whatever they want. They do. have an issue with the saints. They've stuck to and they're hoping that the national media it doesn't pay that close attention to it. You know. Honestly it's one of those where yeah we the saints have a gripe but they didn't lose the game because of that call. They put themselves in a position to lose that game. The Dudack Hall. Because they couldn't get their act together and drew brees was absolutely all kinds of awful today. There's no if ands or buts about it. All right moving on Let's let's talk. I mean I could talk about the Seahawks Eagles game but I mean let's be honest. Is that this game was over the moment Judean clowney landing on Carson Wentz said because if you thought for a second that Josh mccown was going to lead the eagles to a win win over the Seahawks I got a bridge to sell you. You know I thought that once was going to return to his game but once they once they pull them back into the locker room in the news started circulating that they pulled hold wants his wife debris bring her to the lock Romera. You knew he was done for today. We'll concussion and for for anyone that would suggest that Carson Wentz was trying to tap out of the game urine idiot. There's no way he's GonNa play through the route that second half of the season to get the eagles into the plants because the eagles were basically done Let's remember the eagles were done and they ran the table to get into into the playoffs as bad as the NFC east was give them. Credit were credit's due. He's GonNa tap out unless he suffered a concussion and the medical doctors because remember Was the new concussion. Protocols there are independent independent medical evaluators looking at these players. They determine that he suffered a severe concussion. There's no way they can allow him back into the game. That that that. That's the longest Jordan it I mean the the NFL putting these measures in place for player safety. And this is the world we live in would carson wentz probably put himself back in the game absolutely. But there's no way he was going to get medically cleared and once that happened. The Eagles were done because visit with as many as they had. Losing your starting quarterback to to boot I don't care how lacklustre Seattle played in this game. They were going to win that game. No no matter what and Seattle knew it. I mean I. It's it's really that simple so you're gonNA get a match up with Seattle in Green Bay and if decay metcalf puts on a performance today that Against the packers next week the sea hawks are GonNa Win de Que. Metcalf had seven catches for one hundred sixty yards vertical threat all game long. The packers packers defense is susceptible to the deep ball. So I know. Russell Wilson can you can flip it out there with the best of all I you know I I'm convinced that The Seattle rushing attack will not do anything unless it's Russell's at scrambling and they say they're gonNA give more carries to marshawn lynch moving forward. I mean between Travis homer marshawn lynch they combined for seventeen carries in one thousand nine yards. Yeah the I'll say that again between marshawn Lynch and Travis homer they combined for seven into Carey's nineteen yards. That's right back several googlers yards. Well Hey had a touchdown that was a one yard. Run it I I mean I don't know what else do you want me to say. It is that's what it is. This was an ugly ugly ugly ugly fantasy slate of games for Sunday. Ed had it wasn't all that pretty Saturday. We'll I'm also seeing stories on twitter that there. There's a allegations of collusion for the person. Could we just won the millionaire maker on draft gangs. This should be fun but Anyway for I get Furhter furhter distracted. Yeah the seahawks did what they needed to do. They want seventeen nine. It was not a pretty game you're not going to be watching this on. NFL films ten years from now. This was an ugly game. Let's move on so going back back to the Saturday games. You had the taxes and the bills and oh man Bill O'Brien bill. Bill bill if it wasn't for the Shawn Watson Bill O'Brien would have been fired years ago. The Shawn Watson continues to save. They've built O'Brien's job and I should say that I'm lucky that the shell wants to keep saving Bill O'Brien job because I am utterly convinced that the way the giants had coaching searches going right now. That bill I would be the front runner to become the next head coach of the giants if he he got fired after if they had lost his game and he got fired point blank. The bills should have won this game. Handily y Josh Allen is throwing so many frigging passes is like an utter mystery to me. I can't the life of me figure out why josh out is throwing so many passes. It didn't make any sense it I mean T- droopy told it screwed everything up because now you've got a situation where Josh Allen is GonNa be remembered for all the screw up see add add abby a.k.a to create this has created more questions about the bills quarterback situation boo before. They say whatever they want. Now I have legitimate. Hamic doubts that Josh out is going to be a franchise. QB Basov of how this playoff game went so to recap the bills. Were up sixteen. Nothing in the third quarter. Were in complete control this game. The shouted Watson leads a tremendous comeback with minimal. Run gain the Shawn Watson. Was the leading rusher first team. He had fourteen carries for fifty five yards. Carl's I'd had forty eight yards on sixteen carries. So yeah that yes. That is a three three yards three yards per carry average and duke. John had one gadget. Play that accounted for is thirty eight yards rushing but this was Shawn Watson carrying his team. He was able to finally get something. Something going with the Andrew Hopkins. I mean the show watch it was completing passes through multiple receivers just trying to get something going but my biggest gripe gripe with the bills is the fact that Devon Single Terry did not get any touches in the second half they needed to encourage moments they were giving carries the Frank Gore. I mean I love Free Corps. Frank Gore is not your number one running back. There's a reason why Devon single terry took over the primary running back duties at the close of the year. Why is Frank Gore? Stealing cares from David every single terry and in critical situations when you're in the red zone. The the bills lost this game in large part due to Josh Allen and critical a cool mismanagement by Sean McDermott. When they're throwing when they should be running in the red zone when the running it they're giving it to Frank Gore said of David but single Terry? The bills had chance after chance to put this game away against the texts and kept ended up having to settle for three point. It was infuriating watching this game. The Texas had no business winning this game. They were thoroughly outplayed. They a SEC Watson seven times people. I can't be any clearer to net. The shot wants. It was running fighting for his life. It's still got sacked seven times. Barda reason why you scrambling so much is because he he had to. The bills are honest. oddest tail the entire game but Josh Allen and his decision making oh boy I mean where do we start taking making multiple sacks to put yourself out of field goal range when all you need is a field goal. I've read Josh Allen all like the bills had to scramble to tie this game up to get into overtime. Josh Allen took multiple sacks knocked them out of feel great and they still had at the defense still had to bail them out again to get the ball back to even send this over time but Josh Allen even in overtime tries laterally the football because he lost track of the clock no no one understands the decision. Making that Josh Allen underwent in this game and again one of my descriptions for Josh Allen was he's a couple of bad decisions away for being Blake Bortles with inexplicable turnovers. That you cannot explain and I have no idea how you can feel good about Josh Josh Allen and his performance when his his his meltdowns are just you know. There's I mean there's the reason why. His nickname is Wyoming Josh. Because he makes tries to make these cowboy plays and just makes inexplicable turnovers hours. Whether it's just a terrible pick fumble taken aback attack. We does need to lie. There were just so many so many poor choices that everyone on twitter you can see is having to save reaction of what the hell is this guy doing. It is one of the most inexplicable things you'll see and again as I said. I have deep reservations Asians about Josh Allen as a franchise. QB This bills. And this is the problem when you invest in and I said this giants fans all the time when you have big question marks about qb and you array kind of get yourself to the sage of yeah. We're just GONNA have to try to make it work. It's almost always a recipe for failure. I'm just saying it. You know. Maybe maybe he learns a big lesson for this but I I don't know I just don't know. Because because even Brett Farve as much as people say talk about Brett Farve Brett farve decision-making never improve throughout his entire career. His is throwing ability is what salvaged him. Josh is not Brett Farve so I I just I don't know I really don't I don't know how how that could even happen. But the play the game and everyone's going to talking about this for years to come you've got you've got the third and eighteen gene. Well well there to place I I should say everyone's GonNa talk about Shown walks and breaking to sat. Ah like he had you sacked by two separate guys. It's still found a way to break out of it. Spin out of the tackles of both players and and And Find Find Taiwan Jones wide open but even earlier in the drive third down. Eighteen and a Watson was able to find Duke. Johnson listen in space because the bills linebackers and coverage dropback too deep in coverage and gave enough space for Johnson into wiggles way to find the. I doubt that play killed the bills. I mean outside of Shawn John Watson Spinning out of Two tacklers To to make the big pass play the set up the winning score again that they're down in eighteen in overtime. That is that that's one that's going to haunt. Ah The bills coaching staff for quite some time amongst all the other decisions that they made a as I said the bills had no excuse of losing this game but they did and the curse continues according to bills fans because they still have not won a playoff game in the. Yeah the ninety five they have not won a a playoff game since one thousand ninety five the street continues all all right moving on and I'll be the one admit it. I did not think that titans with a one trick pony and just running Here I mean. Derrick Henry is a man child I I mean just an absolute monster Amana amongst boys. Listen I did not see Derrick Henry being able to just smash smash and Smash Smash at smash the Patriots Away. Did I said he needed a buck. Fifty to have a chance beat the Patriots. He ran ran for one hundred and eighty two yards on thirty four carries. I mean that's the game folks. The New England England offense couldn't get anything going I thought that The patch will be able to turn it into a James White game throw a bunch of passes underneath if two men and white but the truth of the matter is is that the titans defense was ready to tackle. They made a bunch of tackles and just I can't make it. Your Dad do. England ended up being short on number replace and the problem. Is that even when Tom Brady had type confined anyone open. You Know Tom Brady was clearly frustrated. That entire game and the titans just warm down. I mean it was a thirteen game but man that game felt like it was a two touchdown deficit for the past because it just this continually felt as though they were going through an uphill climb and even at halftime. When it's fourteen thirteen tightens my dad? And I are talking through this game and I'm saying that the PATS ARE GONNA lose this game at halftime in a game of a one point. Game in Foxboro borough. I thought the paths. Were going to lose this. Unless they had some lucky break or turnover to turn the tide and it never came because it just looked as as though Derrick Henry was going to have his way and there was nothing the path we're going to be able to do about it and that's literally what happened. It was a slow Methodical death for the Patriots and all of America was it seemed like everyone on twitter was celebrating the fact that the pats were losing and eventually lost. The one moment that I think signifies this game more than anything else was with about six minutes ago. I'm Mike Gabel coach of the titans employed time wasting strategy. That Bill Belichick has used many times in the past where sure it's a running clock until it hits the five minute mark of the game and he was initially deliberately having delay of game penalties audit team just so he could run the clock down to under five minutes. Because it's a running clock Tuck it will even with a penalty it will keep going bill belichick knowing the rule and that he can't do anything to stop. It is turned to the referee asking. How's that legal? What he knows that he's one of the people who taught it to rebel because he right rebel saw bell check us that so many times against other teams when he played for him With the Patriots so to me that was one of my favorite moments because it was one of the sides were Belgium knew he was in trouble and had no other recourse but to complain to the referee because he had no other way of getting out of it. So you know this was just a very interesting game to say the least I I will say that you you know. It's almost a certainty. In my opinion that Brady's done in New England I think that unless Belgian spellcheck loses the power battle to Brady once again I think bell checks going to his way and not bring back. Tom Brady It depends on what of Robert Kraft wants to do. I know Crafoord Brady comeback. I'm not your braiding wants to come back and I'm very sure sure that doesn't want Brady back. So when you've got two out of three is not wanting to make it work out and only one guy there to try to play peacemaker to make both sides agree. I just think that this is an awkward awkward situation and I think this probably the end of time bringing New England. I don't think Brady's retiring probably should retire. Because I don't think the grass is greener stops. Where Tom Brady could go Post pats I mean the chargers. Maybe the colts. I just don't see a ton of landing spots that are you gotta give him much better opportunity to super bowl than what he currently has his New England That's the problem given his skill set at this point point and what he needs Yeah the past and the the playmaker Bayden absolutely needed Antonio Brown. Yeah I mean they can say whatever they want. They absolutely needed Antonio Brown. And I you know I wasn't checked whatever Antonio Brown's sightings last night but yeah th there's no question that the Patriots needed Antonio Brown that game to to open up the top of the defense so that's all aw that there was for. NFL Wall Card weekend. I took an absolute bloodbath in terms of some of the pigs because I I was heavy on Michael Thomas in draft gigs and that was an unmitigated disaster while I did play Josh Allen and again this is not what I think of Jesse Allen as a QB. It's more along. The lines of Jesse Allen was cheap and he runs around also You get a nice floor of points From the quarterback position. This is just an ugly week unless you stack your lineups With Derrick Henry Endow Alvin Cook You weren't going very far Now I'm seeing something on twitter that the winner of love the draftkings milly maker was a former contested on the bachelor but now of seeing that their stories of collusion because is She maxed out the full one hundred and fifty entries in the Mili- maker tournament which at is a pretty petty ready. Because you're you're talking about a twenty five dollar tree and you know by math that puts you literally as uh you know four grand and entries. Yeah well thirty seven fifteen entries but that should be interesting if they could actually prove that She she colluded in that she and her husband and maxed out the entry at three hundred entries with a unique lineups as opposed to A- as opposed to the usual cap of one hundred fifty. Yeah that's GONNA cause some issues but that's all I got for now you now interesting. NFL Kerr weekend. You got some interesting game setup because you got Minnesota Played San Francisco. You've got Tennessee traveling to Baltimore. Their candidate should actually have a good day running against the Ravens defense. And you know the Ravens are going to run the football ball so that should be very quick game for Saturday night. Live that that's GonNa be a lot of running clock situations I I echina- ready for see that happening yet. You got the Texans traveling to Kansas City. Will Andy Reid shoot himself in the foot yet again in the postseason because we know bill. Brian will But it will be. Patrick behoves and shot Watson and I will be excited to see that matchup and the nightcap will be Seattle traveling to Lambofield the play the packers and again. I'm not a fan of the packers this year. But this is the packers best chance of getting Aaron Rodgers to Super Bowl because the way somebody's at teams have panned out. You know if Seattle upset San Francisco I think Green Bay advantage over Seattle. Now if if I'LL SAY SEATTLE I. I mean if Minnesota upset San Francisco. I think Green Bay has a has a great shot against the Vikings because they just have a a mind lock on the a some type of mental block on the Vikings. Vikings can't play well against the packers in any situation. It seems But you know we're GONNA see how these games go but that's all I got for now. aggregrate night folks and we'll catch up sometime next week.

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