SERIAL KILLER: Dellen Millard


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Get yourself a state farm agent who gets you and knows your specific needs. There's one right in your own neighborhood. Talk to an agent at eight hundred state farm or go to State Farm Dot com today high crime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers. I'm Brett and this week story is about a murder spree that happened in plain sight and went undetected for almost a year. And it's it's also a cautionary tale for the digital age and for anyone who's ever sold something to a stranger on the Internet. This is the story of Dallin Millard On the evening of May six two thousand thirteen Tim. Bozeman put his two year old daughter to bed and began into pace. He's waiting for this guy who's supposed to come by to test drive his truck they plan to meet at seven but by now it was nine o'clock doc. Now he knew they were coming. They called around like seven thirty to say they're on their way from Toronto. But now it's almost dark and like he's like let's just get the show on the road already so while he's waiting for them he's kind of talking to his wife bought the people coming over and he's asking like do you think I should like go with them for the test drive or just like give them the keys. He's let them do it and she's like yeah. Of course you go with them like we want our truck to come back. Don't you don't give a stranger so finally well. After nine o'clock to men arrived for the test drive and it's no wonder they were late because they show up on foot and this is a little unusual usual in general. But you know like they're there to buy a car maybe they didn't have one of their own fine. But what makes this feel. Extra strange was was that Tim and his wife Charlene lived in this. Like Very semi-rural area. That's an hour outside of Toronto. So this isn't a place that you typically like get to on foot but whatever like any kind of worries or just brush off their finally here and the bones were hopeful that their truck was finally going to sell it was costing more than they're willing to pay repairs and upkeep and they really needed the cash so Tim Bozeman smiles at his wife and says he's going to be right back he gets into the truck drives away and the time starts to pass a little more slowly and when an Our passes and Tim still hasn't returned. Charlene begins to really worry like this was just a test drive even if they wanted to take the truck on the highway. It wouldn't take this long. Something isn't right and she knew that he charged his phone that evening when he got home from work so the fact that she was making calls to him and they're rolling straight to voicemail is making her even more concerned like she knew was charged. He should be picking up but yet every single one was going into voicemail so she starts calling around to friends and family but no one has seen or heard from Tim. Her bad feeling begins to grow and she couldn't sit sit around and wait anymore so charlene reports her husband missing to the Hamilton police. By the time the Sun comes up on May seventh. Police were already starting their ground search urge with officers and their canine unit. which just goes to prove that you can file a missing persons report as soon as possible? Yeah absolutely like there's no time limit. I mean that's one of the things we've heard over and over cases people being told by police. You have to wait time. I would hope now. It's two thousand nineteen like everyone knows. That's not a thing but if something happens if someone when you know where to go missing you have to wait no amount of time. So when police assigned to Tim's case start looking into his life they find that by all accounts. Tim had been living a totally normal life. He went to work every day. He came home to his wife and his young daughter. They had built this home in an Castro Ontario. Like he's active in his church in his community like literally. According to every source I read for this story from like books to local media national media. He was not the kind of guy to just up and walk away or disappear disappear so when he did disappear people noticed and like I said they start this search right away. In addition to the ground search police also set to work work on getting the public's help to locate Tim's black dodge ram truck like it's big it's flashy. It's hard to miss. They think this could be the best opportunity for someone to find him him. If we find this truck I and it turns out someone had seen the truck in Brantford in this is about twenty minutes from the Bozeman home and at about ten after ten on the night that Tim went missing. And you know what else they found in Brantford. Is it like to hopeful to want them to find him. Well that would make for a really short episode so no. They didn't find him but they did find his phone now. On the one hand the investigation seemed like it was moving pretty quickly like again like the night of the truck spot the next day. They're searching they find the car they find him. He's we're actually developing but on the other finding the phone without Tim mm-hmm meant that he had likely not disappeared on his own. which again I mean people have been saying all along but like that confirmation? I'm sure people were holding out hope that this was all just a misunderstanding uh-huh but they at least had his phone now and they needed to dive into the records they knew from Tim's wife Charlene that the men who had come for the test drive had contacted him by phone at least twice wants to set up the time and then another to basically alert him that they were GonNa be late so police had this number and maybe that was going to lead them to tim so it was super easy to get the number but when police track the number they also get a name Lucas Bait eight so according to live trial coverage by Adam Carter of the CBC police went to great lengths to find this Lucas Bait person they track down where the phone is purchased and they go get surveillance footage but they weren't able to get the surveillance footage so too much time had passed at that point between when it was purchased and when they were looking for it but they were able to get an address for Lucas beat now he's address was one in a nearby neighborhood of Toronto so not too far away but the address led them to somewhere really unexpected it led them to a highschool highschool a high school that had never heard of Lucas beat so of course the police realized this phone is a burner and I'm sure most of our season junkies know Oh what a burner phone is but it's really basic phone with basic service Nobel's no whistles like you have to register it but you can register it in bogus names bogus Addresses right contractor. Anything really official tied to it. I mean you you could just be anyone. It's basically registered to a ghost and this is what the situation is here and unfortunately even though we have this number it seems like the name we have is fake and it doesn't offer any new information. But here's the thing. It wasn't wasn't a complete dead end when police access the phone call history which they could do. They see several other Toronto area numbers burs listed as outgoing calls so the imaginary Lucas Bait led police straight to the man who would blow this case wide open and the man who was the key to this case was named eager. Now it turns out Tim. Bozeman wasn't the only diet with a dodge Ram for sale eager had one listed on line two and it turns out a few nights. Prior to Tim's disappearance eager had taken can two guys on a test drive and his story sounds just like the one charlene Bozeman told her husband now. Two guys arrived at his house now on foot looking to test drive a truck now. The only difference is that Ebor came back and Tim. Bozeman did not okay but like what's what's the difference like why take him but not eager. Well so there's woman named an broker hurt who wrote this book dark ambition and she also covered this for the Toronto Star. According to everything she wrote. Police said quote that he was a very large individual who could easily have overpowered the suspect. So I think Egos Gore was a much bigger guy and presented like a bigger challenge for them than maybe Tim would have so as police talk to eager about his experience. I mean we have now a living witness of likely. The two guys who took Tim eager tells them that one was a smaller guy. In a baggy sweatshirt with his hood pulled up and the other was a taller man carrying a Satchel and sporting a small tattoo on his wrist. That read ambition so now police were actually getting somewhere aware so this is when they take this information and they go to the public to ask for help. Find a guy who carries a Satchel and has an ambition tattoo. They said so within within hours the phones are ringing and not once but twice to other Ontario policing agencies are the ones that are calling though and they say we know who your guy is so on May eleventh. This is just five days after Tim. Bozeman went on that test drive. Police announced publicly that they've made an arrest out of nowhere. It seems they arrested a man named Dylan Millard. When police originally were brought to him mm-hmm Delon looked like he was the last person you would have picked out to kidnap a guy in steel? His truck there's this article from Robin Levinson King being of the BBC that gives a perfect life and times overview of this guy. He was basically twenty-seven he's the heir to a multimillion dollar aviation business during his grandfather. Yeah and then continued by his father at fourteen dollars a record. He became the youngest Canadian to fly a helicopter and airplane Solo on the same day. His life wasn't perfect though like six months before all of this happened this whole Tim. Bozeman thing went down. Dylan's father had actually died suddenly surprising everyone everyone in the community especially those closest to him now his parents had also divorced. Wendelin is really small and it was exceptionally hard on him but as he got got older and like grew into himself Dell became kind of a party boy with this big social circle he would host friends on the weekends. He even moved people in when they needed needed. A hand and like his social circle included no shortage of young women and it would come out later that was like Kuwait the cazenove like dating eating and sleeping with multiple partners. He also owned multiple properties in Ontario. He had like several luxury cars. He usually bought them in cash and his friends would always estimate that he was worth between ten and twenty million dollars. So why is he ceiling trucks. So that's the thing that doesn't make sense right right like he didn't need to he could've walked onto any car lot anywhere and just bought one in cash and it's his friends say that he used to do and again. That's why when and police were like pointed to him. None of this made sense. Why is this guy kidnapping a guy for a dodge ram truck? When he's got like a lot of luxury cars? He has multiple multiple homes. Like it wasn't fitting. It didn't seem like the profile right right. So the night police finally brought Dylan Millard in was like a scene from a movie according to the CBC BBC police surrounded his car guns drawn and placed him under arrest in his front pocket was three hundred and fifty dollars cash and three black latex gloves when they search his car on his key chain were the keys to. Tim Bows Men's truck now. Police may have a suspect in custody. But they still don't have Tim Bozeman. Tim's family and friends. Even investigators were hopeful but the mood had started to shift. It had been five days since that test drive. No one had heard from Tim if he was is alive somewhere. Like what kind of shape would he even be in at this point now. Police weren't speculating publicly about the outcome but their actions spoke volumes volumes. The case was being led by the Hamilton police homicide squad and when reporters asked if this meant that it was a murder investigation police would only say. It was as a missing persons case with unusual circumstances. The community did all they could to like surround and support the Bozeman. Police would say that in total over seven hundred. Tips came in from the public about Tim's disappearance and many of those tips did help inform the investigation. Now one of those tips led police to the home of Delon Miller's mother whose name was Madeline Burns now when they pull in the driveway of this like well appointed home home they notice one thing immediately a giant vehicle trailer parked in the driveway and when they look inside the locked vehicle trailer which which was registered to. Dylan's family business. They find a dodge Ram pickup truck. The Dodge Ram pickup truck. Tim's pickup truck ironically enough though when they find it it's Sunday may twelve mother's Day and this is when they find it on Dylan's mother's property now inside the truck police find shell-casing gun powder residue and fingerprints belonging to Dylan sprayed with luminol and viewed under a black light. They could see blood evidence and signs of cleanup now again. This is great. We have more evidence however still still no ten. Yeah and we're getting less and less hopeful now because I mean we have tim struck. We have tombstone. Don't have ten. But we have signs of someone shooting shooting a gun and cleanup so the police again not releasing this to the public are more and more concerned. That what they're looking for at this point is a body now. During this time they were also searching other properties owned or associated with the family and Delon himself owned four properties. A house farm land into condos. Police were at the farmland property when they ran into this guy named Chaz main now this guy liked to like bomb around the property on his a t. v. and according to an Brocklehurst reporting chas didn't know or had in fact never met Dylan even though Delen had owned the property operative for several years that he was like tool around on his ATV wet but even though he didn't know him. This guy was valuable to the investigation. He tells police he's that he'd seen some strange stuff on the land. Not Creepy strange just strange strange like heavy equipment equipment including an excavator stuck in the middle of a swamp and what he called a redneck smoker in the woods. So police are like okay. Why don't you show us what you're talking about? So chaz takes them to this clearing in the woods where he'd last seen what he called that rednecks smoker. You're just a day prior and it was a decent description like it certainly looked like basically a giant barbecue but it wasn't it was six feet tall ten feet long connected to a one hundred pound propane tank like this is not the kind of machinery that you see every day or maybe even ever. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. I've I would. Maybe say that. I've possibly seen something like this at like a butcher. who also does barbecues on the weekends? We literally did like a hog roast years and years and years ago my family did and we had like this metal. Hello container thing. And it was still wasn't even that big like it's massive and so on this massive thing there. Is this like metal tag that reads needs small and large animal cremator -t's a- product southern breeze fabricators. So this isn't just like a barbecue. You this is a cremation device and on the side in red letters was something that it looked like delen had put on. He had named the device. He named it the eliminator now given the size of this machine. Police had the same concerns that you and I just did like like. This isn't made for a barbecue. You could fit in entire person living or dead inside so with a little trepidation. Then they check inside but it was empty however not entirely empty inside. The incinerator. were several very small tooth and bone fragments now unfortunately when they take those to be tested there wasn't even enough there to test for for DNA and even if there was the high temperature in that incinerator basically destroyed everything but even without usable DNA. Once the experts arrived they were able to confirm that the bones were in fact humid not some kind of animal bones so once the police knew that they were dealing dealing with actual human remains. Police called in one of Canada's leading forensic anthropologists Tracy Rogers right away in fact it was she who climbed climbed into the eliminator to sweep out every last bit of bone and ash and she's actually the exact same person who several years prior had led the team of experts. Experts and students to identify remains found Robert Pickton's farm who we talked about like a month or so back so this lady like the professional the lady in the area now now the sum total of what Tracy pulled from the incinerator weighed about like five hundred and three grams or just over one pound and police were certain this was all that remained of Timbo Zeman so the scene inside the truck and the remains within the incinerator told a frightening story of Tins. Last stay alive investigators. Were now sure that he had been murdered that his remains had been destroyed. And that Delon Millard was responsible for all all of it after notifying Tim's wife and family. Police announced that their search for Tim. Bozeman had come to a heartbreaking conclusion and that Delon Millard would be charged with first degree murder on May twenty second two thousand thirteen. Hundreds of people gathered at the Hamilton Church to remember Tim. Bozeman and lay his remains is to rest and throughout all of this the people of Hamilton and throughout the province of Ontario. We're just dumbstruck. Like was this man really killed over a truck by two complete strangers. one of whom again didn't need money at all and the biggest question though is there were two stranger so we've got one of them behind bars. But where's the other guy who is the other guy. At least one of the public's lingering questions was answered later for that very day when police announced that they'd made their second arrest in this case a twenty five year old man they mark Smith he liked delon in Millard would be charged with first degree murder now. Mark couldn't have been more different from his friend who he called Delon. The Felon Mark was a high school dropout. Who Gotten by from the money that he made selling drugs his chosen job got him into a good deal of trouble with the law? This guy was like not an upstanding citizen and in this documentary called the devil had a name produced by the CBC one of the People Interviewed said that mark quote clung onto and looked up to de Lillard and based on everything else that I've read about this guy that's a pretty apt description for their relationship. Being around Elon gave mark access to things he would have otherwise never had money Moseley but there were other like comforts and thrills that like money can't buy that like delen Ellen had access to. He was just one of several hangers on that swirled. Around Ellen Miller life what police learn is that the two had spent the last several years ears stealing vehicles and equipment at random sometimes just to destroy it. It's not like they were even selling this or using it or just the thrill oh it was for the thrill all while flying completely under the radar so that was kind of the question. Police were asking like was Tim's death and unfortunate result of a vehicle. Theft gone wrong. Or was it the culmination of what one friend of the two men called a quote succession of thrills us now at about the same time. The police were arresting mark and charging him with murder. 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The iron iron old irons are boring. Irons take a long time. Pick up connors turbo extreme steam hand-held steamer today all right now back to our show one day police got a call call from a worried set of parents their daughter Laura Babcock had been missing for almost a year and on the surface. Like okay like there's a lot of people missing. What does this have to do with this case? Why are you calling now right well? Their daughters ex-boyfriend whose name was Scott told them that when he heard. Dylan's name on the news news. 'cause obviously this is like a huge case being publicized everywhere. He remembered something important after his ex went missing he had gotten her phone records and and the last eight calls that she ever made were to Delon who she had dated for a couple of weeks and then kind of had like a friends with with benefits thing happening around the time that she went missing when police take a closer. Look at Laura's case. They learned that during the summer of of two thousand twelve twenty-three-year-old Laura Babcock had hit a bit of a rough patch. She was a university of Toronto graduate from like this middle class family but she was working as an escort at the time and using drugs daily she had basically transformed from this rosy cheeked brown haired girl next door to very thin and a very troubled young woman. She'd been fighting with her parents about the rules in their house. which is wide during the summer of two thousand twelve? She was basically couch surfing between friends and escort clients now. Laura had well known and well documented mental health issues as well and they were at an all time aim high during this period in her life because again she was self medicating with drugs. She wasn't seeking any kind of help for your mental health issues now. It's around this time in her life when she's a couch surfing going from friend to friend that her ex-boyfriend Scott now he's the one that initially like made the connection to Dallin. He felt bad for her. He like still really cared for her. You saw that. She was struggling so he had been paying for a hotel room for her and loaned her an Ipad so that she could look for work and housing but they weren't together gather right no they had just stayed in touch and again he was just like very worried about her and he wanted to make sure she had places to exactly he just really cared for her so at this time is when she has this friends with benefits thing happening with the problem is at the time that they have this arrangement enjoyment delen had an actual girlfriend named Christina now Christina and Laura knew each other they ran in the same like Big Circle of Friends Suns Circle that included Dylan and Christina News. The Dylan had dated Laura in the past but in her mind like it was completely over now. The problem was this Christina was kind of like a mean girl and would poke at Lauren even though she thought that the the relationship was over. They weren't together on Laura's birthday Christina. I sent a text message that said happy birthday a year ago today was when I I slept with Dylan so laura like not wanting to take any of her crap shoots back immediately and said quote. That's fine I slept with him a few weeks ago. So you can imagine that Christina was not happy she was done sharing her boyfriend with this other woman and Dell and had to like intervene she goes to Dell and she SUPERPAC. I want this girl gone. And he told his girlfriend girlfriend that he would take care of the situation and he wouldn't let Laura Babcock bother them anymore. The last time anyone recalls seeing Laura was June twenty sixth two thousand twelve and for the people who loved her it was like Laura just vanished into thin air. Did you say data cheated missing for a year by the time it was reported like was this the first time the police were even brought in on the investigation so no. This is at the time that they're like brought back doc into this is about a year later but it wasn't the first time that her parents had called police about their daughter's disappearance in fact she'd been reported missing only after a few days by both her parents parents and Scott back right away but when police looked at her situation at the time in particular her lifestyle of drugs and sex work and and her history of mental illness. Basically kind of chalked it up to like. I don't know maybe it's on her own that she went away like it was just a very low priority and at one point the Babcock's were told that Laura would probably just be backed by Christmas but Christmas of two thousand twelve came and went with no Laura so now that they've been like no brought back into her case it's back at the forefront and might have a connection to someone that they have in custody police are trying to make some kind of connection Chew Doan but all they have a few phone calls and this ominous statement to his girlfriend. But that's not much however these stumble across Ross Aclu in a very unlikely place so shortly after marks arrest police were searching his place looking for evidence to use in a trial to support a connection to the Tim Bozeman case but they actually find something else. Instead in mark's room police discovered not only Laura Babcock's doc Cox ipad but also a Duffel bag with her name and address on it so the evidence is starting to pile up and it was painting a really grim picture about what could have happened to him and to Laura and maybe even others now in in all of their searching. Police never found Laura Babcock's body but once police had enough probable cause and did a little more thorough search of everyone's cell sell records Google search histories all electronic evidence. They knew everything they needed to to know what happened to her. That night in July basically cell tower information showed that Laura in Dallin were together on the night of July third. They together drove to Dillon's house where they spent the night. Then the next next morning July fourth they drove along Lake Ontario. In the direction of Dylan's farm now on the way at some point Laura's phone suddenly suddenly stopped sending and receiving messages but Delon's phone continued on to the farm. Once he gets to the farm he snapped a picture picture. Just outside of the barn of this. You know what I need to show you. Okay I just sent you the picture that he had taken like almost like shortly after he shows up on the farm but no one else it is a blue tarp just like a normal blue tarp but it is rolled rolled up like a carpet. Like there's a body in it. The exact shape of a human body that this dude is taking a picture of. It's like taped around onto is now shortly after he snaps this picture again. He's like leaving this digital trail. After he snaps the picture he sets a reminder for himself in his phone for July seventh and the reminder says quote barn smell check. Oh my God yeah yes. So I I mean it's easily pieced together so delon got himself a few toys around this time to like like. He got a gun that he purchased the day before Lara disappeared. He got the eliminator which arrived just a few days after so there is a very a clear pattern of his planning of his intent. And what actually happened. Even though we might not have any physical evidence anymore almost three three weeks would pass before Dylan and his sidekick mark would burn Laura's body on July twenty third delon tax mark quote. BBQ has as run. It's warm up. It's ready for meat and later that night records show that there was a screen shot of the answer to this question. entites into a search engine what temperature is cremation done at. I mean did Google himself so it's not totally clear your weather. He did the search or not but he whether he did or not. He definitely saved the photo. You know like for reference. I mean I don't know. So while Delon and Mark Mark Burn the body of their one time friend Laura Del and took a series of photos. There's some of mark smiling near this like family business. There's one of mark posing in front of the eliminator and there's also pictures of the interior of the incinerator in flames and just in case ace. This isn't enough incriminating evidence mark. WHO's like a wannabe rapper? I guess was inspired to write these lyrics that very evening that started but it off all skin and bone now that it lay on the same Ashi stone last time I saw her outside the home. And if you go swimming you can find her her phone. Oh my God yes so. Police found those lyrics on the IPAD that Marquette in his bedroom and now he thoughtfully renamed it marks marks ipad. Though it was in fact Laura Babcock's IPAD that he had stolen from her in addition to all of the Electronic Evidence Against Ellen. Police also had had sixty five letters that he'd written from prison to his girlfriend Cristina in the letters which will link to the blog posts for today's episode. Delon tells her that they need to basically get their stories straight about the night that Laura went missing he tells her that basically should save. She gets asked that Laura was at Dillon's house host that night and that she and mark we're using drugs in the basement and she likely overdosed. So Dylan Asks Christina to destroy the letters to protect him but for whatever reason then and luckily she didn't so police are tying things up. They have another case that they're building like a really strong case against both Dylan and mark. Four Tim I'm now for Laura but the investigation into these two monsters wasn't over because police saw something in Dallas background. That stood Out something that they thought was worth taking a second look at this episode was made possible by uncoming coming goods which is a website that has unique fun and beautiful things for you or Tis the season gifts for others. I have a few people in my life I just never know. Oh what to get them. 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That's uncommon goods dot com slash crime junkie to receive five dollars off your first purchase. Right now back to the show. There was a case. Police had investigated and closed six months earlier. It was the death of Wayne. Millard Delon's dad now Wayne had been found in the suburban Toronto home that he shared with his son Dylan on November twenty nine two thousand twelve. He was dead from a single gunshot wound through his left eye. Now police and the medical examiner were called to the scene and their brief investigation ruled the death. A suicide Wayne was lying in bed. There was gun on the floor next to his body open and shut they said but now investigators wondered if maybe it wasn't so open and shut. Maybe they'd made a mistake. Because maybe Wayne Millard had found himself on the wrong end of his adult sons. Killing spree. Delon was after all the one who found his father's body that morning and when questioned at the time he told investigators that he was staying with a friend of his father's death and of course you won't be surprised at at all to know that the friend that he claimed he was staying with was mark. Of course. Now here's the really interesting part. I think at the time of his death. People in Wayne Circle like employees employees and associates were actually told that his sudden death was the result of a brain aneurysm. They had no idea that it was ruled a suicide so there wasn't even even anything for people to be suspicious of his employees and associates. Didn't even realize what had really happened until Delon was charged charged with Laura's murder and then Wayne's murder and that's when the people close to them learned like the truth about what really happened to him and I think if they had known like the real you'll cause of death like maybe his employees could have raised alarm bells a little bit sooner because the story among employees when they actually got talked to was was that Wayne was threatening to cut off his son financially. Like basically they knew that Dylan was spending way too much money not taking any responsibility for the family business snus and like kind of trashing. This family business that his father and grandfather had worked so hard to build up Wayne had basically gotten to the point where he wasn't GonNa sit by anymore and watch. His only son ruined the business that he worked so hard to build so he was about to cut him off again. All of this is going on and nobody really knows that because at the time police were like open shut and then everyone decides to lie about how he died so like the right. People weren't connecting now once investigators reopened this this case. Luckily they did have physical evidence to revisit. Specifically there were these X.. Rays that showed the bullet and its trajectory through the eye and police had kept the gun that assumed weighing used when like the death had happened when it seems like it was a suicide will. Wouldn't you know it. The gun had Delon Alan Millard. DNA on yeah and more than that Dylan had purchased the gun like it was the one that he had bought in the days before Laura Babcock's disappearance disappearance and probably I don't know this for sure but probably the same murder weapon and you know it's so interesting when I look at this specific case because recently I I was talking with a retired state police investigator from another state and he had some really good insight. He said you know back when I was running my squad like I taught every investigator investigator to treat every death scene like a homicide. I like. It doesn't matter what it is like old guy in a nursing home woman found the side of the highway or even a scene. That looks a lot like a suicide. Treat it like a homicide. I because it's so much easier to like back down from a homicide to a suicide than to go the other way around right. So as a part of the reinvestigation the coroner who ruled the death as suicide at the outset admitted that it was the first time he ever seen someone die. Hey by suicide with a gunshot through the eyes so he was new to him I guess but like he said it seemed clear to him at the time fine but he could like see looking back on it that maybe was his inexperienced. Here's the part that like I can't chalk up to inexperience. Apparently even at the time like Nick even though they thought it was probably a suicide. They tested his hands for gunshot residue. There was no gunshot residue on Wayne's body like anywhere of course there wasn't so yeah I guess like I don't know how you rule that a suicide like I'll never figure that part out it doesn't make sense. It's to me so during his initial questioning. When police like originally investigated Wayne's case and decided it was a suicide Delon told police that his father was was lonely? He drank too much he was having problems with the business and like some of that was true. Wayne did have known issue with alcohol but at the time he was in a new relationship relationship it was going. Well they had this spin off aviation business that he spent years building for his sons and was close to opening doors to the customers alike. Yes he might have had some problems with alcohol but like everything else in his life seemed like it was on the upswing right. The morning his dad had killed himself dylan was cool as a cucumber. Speaking to police like on the morning that he supposedly found his dad dead comb collected. I mean I guess. Not so calm that it raised flags but he was like definitely cool. Definitely collectives enough to be notable. Yeah well he has so much so that police didn't really question him because as far as I could find they never tested his hands for any kind of gunshot residue because if they would have they likely would have seen something there in the end Delon and mark were tried an convicted in two separate trials for the murders of Timbo Zeman and Laura Babcock for their crimes. They'll serve two life sentences back to back with no possibility of parole for fifty years for the death of his father. Delon was found guilty and was given a third life sentence with no possibility of parole for twenty five years to be served consecutively. After his other sentences total he'll serve about seventy five years before he's eligible for parole and when that time comes he'll be one hundred and two years old. Okay so there's just like one thing that's kind of still unresolved for me so I feel like we're all reasonably sure that Delon Ellen himself was responsible for the death of his father and for Laura Right. Yeah I'm I'm pretty sure okay but Tim. Bozeman was a complete stranger ranger to both guys like. What was the motive and for that matter like who actually pulled the trigger if they were both convicted? Yeah see that's the thing the evidence it doesn't tell us who pulled the trigger but the crown didn't necessarily have to prove that in court Bay said that those details like who actually held the gun who fired and it didn't matter. It only mattered that Dylan and mark both knew what was happening that night and that they were basically in it together overall the case against both of them World largely circumstantial and tied together with like this digital footprint of texts and calls and web searches and photos like all that stuff that they left behind. It's interesting because at the trial they pretty much admitted to killing Tim Bozeman but each of them were pointing the finger at the other. The majority of the defense's case was is built on exactly this kind of finger pointing Delon said that he was surprised when mark fired the gun from the backseat of the truck. During test drive that basically like mark was high a and he was shooting on accident and mark said he wasn't even in the truck when the gun was fired he was falling behind in. Dylan's SUV like the whole trial is like this back and forth and back and forth finger anger pointing finger pointing but when mark eventually went to trial like these were separate trials. The courtroom also heard from two young men like high school students who had bought drugs eggs from mark. They said that mark actually confessed to them later that summer and according to those kids mark told them that he had killed girl burned her her body and threw her in a lake so to even go back to your thing like hey we think Dell and killed his dad and Laura. I don't even know about that heat. Mark might have had a a bigger role in Laura's death as well but we will never for sure. No which is the truth or what. The full truth is and as for motive people people really struggled with this in the early days of Tim Bozeman investigation. And frankly I'm still struggling with it now like sadly it seems like the motive was simply a truck a truck dylan. Millard could have easily purchased with cash if he wanted to. But if you're looking for a better why and it's hard not to. There really really isn't one to be found here but I would say you know. It's hard to find upside in all of this. I would say like Tim died senselessly but it was his case and the diligence. Everyone who worked it that I think stopped a monster who knows where his succession of thrills would have led eighteen or how many victims he would have taken in his wake If you want to see the pictures from this case those letters we talked talked about if you WanNa see the sources that we used for this episode. You can find all of that on our website. Crime Junkie PODCAST DOT COM and be sure but follow us on Instagram at Crime Junkie potties and and we'll see you next week with a brand new episode uh Crime Junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think. Chuck the approve. Thanks to simply safe for being a sponsor of Crime Junkie and making today's episode possible.

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