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Imagine a world where no one remembers the Beatles, except you from the director of Slumdog millionaire and writer of love actually comes to rock and roll comedy about music dreams friendship and the long winding road. Leads to the love your life. It's yesterday. And it's theaters this Friday, take Toy Story, everywhere. Toy Story drop or the world of Toy Story comes to light and only mobile game, bully themed and the toy store universe, including the upcoming Toy Story four go to story drop dot com slash jam to download to your IRS or Android device. Now. Welcome to jam session. I'm Juliet Littman. I'm Amanda Dobbins. I'm excited about today's show. Great. Oh, of course, we'll be talking about fairly close and Josh Kushner's second wedding just to wet. Whatever we'll get time. It say the entire concept of which we need to deconstruct you bet. And then we'll talk about the Royal renovation that's costing the British people up to three million dollars. We also would like to talk about George Clooney's and Barack Obama's vacation in abroad, and yield Europe. It's like celebrity lake yachts. Sure. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't even know whether it's really there's a boat. There's a boat involved, seafaring, water fairing. And then the hills is back briefly discuss that and lastly mostly forward to this. We're gonna talk about some of our summer reads. We are indeed. I'm pretty excited. Let's begin with Carly Kloss Josh Kushner's affair, like, in terms of party, a share a fat in Wyoming. Yes, we're all the. Cool kids, go to party. So back in February, or March was it is apparently in October two thousand as NATO. Yes, they were married in October. Holy shit day. That's appalling. Wow. I feel really shook by that news. Okay. It's not your fault because one would assume that if we're going to have a second celebration for your wedding. You do it within. I don't know three four five months like it's been. It's been basically a calendar year. So some crucial in feather purse wedding was like an upstate New York outside of the city. This second affair was in Wyoming, which is really difficult to get to it. I suppose say, I'm categorizing, both of these as destination weddings. Sure, I'm categorizing them as destination obligation events. I think you can only have one wedding. I'm just going to put that out there. I will give like a special dispensation to the civil ceremony and the party in Europe or whatever. But basically, you, you have one winning you. You've just got one. Yeah. Whose Instagram brought this year tension? No instagram. I because I feel like I've done a great job of creating the nonsense in my Instagram. I feel like Derek blasberg is the original offender here. Uh-huh. And isn't many ways, like the original offender to I'm negative on this, in case you can't tell for a couple reasons, Derek blasberg is I will try she sort of I think someone put it best that he's like the Truman Capote of our generation except she doesn't. Right. And so there's that, that I thought that was gonna he is kind of like a media figure that has a fixed himself. He started kind of in the fashion world, and then has become like, quote, best friends with a lot of celebrities. And he is always. Been closely associated with Carly class. He's super Gawker two thousand six to me. He's the kind of person that like when media Bjork media gossip was first popular on the internet. He was like a key figure. Yes. And because I think that's also where the center of power was at that time or the center of rich people power, sorry, very different from the center of our. And he is then, like migrated to Instagram. And his interim is now just like a ridiculous namedrop e but, like photo Joppy version of celebrities, and he kinda acts as a connector as best I can tell I looked he doesn't even work for. I think he works for YouTube thing. That's correct. Yes. Which is like one of those things where I think he was like hired so that YouTube can say that they're associated share some elite lines in his book, Kapiti page. Yes. Including during college went down. You Derek blasberg worked the model agency. Elite model management writing bios for the models. So that's kind of his that's his first entree into the model world of which Carly class. Still very much part of. Yeah. He seems to me kind of, like, I think there's a younger character based on him the guy that they go to their gossip, I like kind of like similar Sudanic blasberg time. Yeah, I was going to compare them to like all of the NBA assistance like the climates the guy, there's a famous person and then a guy who's just kinda in their in their wake being like the board room or whatever. And that seems he just of attached to everyone. And he really always he has been the most closely attached car class, I believe they're both from Saint Louis Missouri or something there. And she is definitely coasted on her fame for a long time. So in this case, I guess that he would it's not surprising that he was there. And it's not surprising that he was at Ceram think everybody else who's there? It's maybe not surprising. But I think less of them for going they came to my attention. L. Cohn bronze? Yes. Graham at tracker very closely, as you know, and I saw the same photos being posted over and over again. It's sort of, like, I'm curious, what the approval process was like, was sort of like a blanket. You can show yourselves and like X people in the state of homing, but no other specifics because most of the specifics have come from Carl classes, Instagram, ourself. Yes, I assumed that there was like a top down guidelines for what you can share. And when you can share it, and I am sure that one of them includes that you may not include Vonk Trump and Jared Kushner, inner photograph their zero photos, except for the ones that they post to Instagram themselves. Right. But they are very consciously eliminated from all other photographs at cross all other social media, I was really hoping that they hadn't been invited. Yeah. It seems like they were Jared Kushner space is just the most one of those punishable faces I've ever seen. It's. But I think what's interesting, everyone who else who's there, Katy Perry, Orlando bloom, a Wilk fest to Katie, like Mila Kunis, Ashton, kosher, Derek blasberg who's not really politically inclined, but a lot of people who have spoken out politically, and who are aligned with having some sort of social image were also there with Jared Kushner in vodka Trump. And I understand it's like you go to your friend's wedding, and I understand, like rich people don't really care behind the scenes, but it's a real illustration that rich people like don't really care in the seats. Agreed. Yeah. They're just sort of like, and it's not a great luck. Rich, stay rich. Yeah. It's, it's tough. I mean, I guess the counter that tha that is like the sort of centrist. Well, I reach across the aisle. I've got friends in both sides. But I don't feel that way in this in this polar as it's a tough time like this wedding was happening while the headlines about the, the children's camp you have happening the same weekend like no it's fine. They can be brothers. Like I've really just I. Think less of this whole situation. I completely agree with you. It's tough pill to swallow, what's the most surprising guest attendee to you, Wendy, dang. Oh, yeah. It's actually not surprising because she in Vancouver were close friends. I am surprised that Wendy, dang is still hanging on at somehow has been transferred still gets to be friends with Carly class. Very strange. Yeah. Very strange. I was on surprised by meal, kunas, national Kutcher another in this gang I guess, Ashton Kutcher, like the, the mister pop shifts. And, and Josh Kushner, our friends, I suppose, I guess business, you know who else, surprising, Princess Beatrice, super surprising. Yeah. What do you think that connection is probably New York? Right. Because that's where she lives. I think it's Michinoku, who was also there show. Also, who is the issue show, British. Yes, is, she's sort of the British, Dirk glassberg kinda. But she has her own fashion line. If you follow it. No, because she's constantly modelling. Her clothes, right? But it's chicken read did the fashioned line come before all of her fancy friends, or did the fashion line become because of her fancy friends. The best thing that ever happened to me. No news, the wedding, Harry and Meghan. She goes front and center for all those pictures now in our talking about her because we know who she is. I forgot me she was there. That's kind of like the scooter also I mean, to me, it's like the scooter Braun. Yeah. Mike Hass, of course, that kind of they're like, overlapping spheres of influence Alexia that cultivates ultimate influence platform, to like let you know, they're gang right of people who on each other's yachts, and then Mary other and also apparently start business lines, Wyoming tough. I would I would do you have to use in Wyoming, is it really necessary? Also probably was cold, like if I'm taking a trip in June. I don't want it to be called. I mean I agree with you completely, as you know, also there's just in June. I needs to be swimming, I suppose there's a lake or something there. But it's not really swimming weather. I guess the one thing for it is that it is, you can control paparazzi and show it like you can actually close often, Wyoming, Montana cetera. What did you think of Carly classes party dress with off the shoulder kind of I don't know? To me, it looks like a bed skirt refashioned. Address but to curious what you think about it. I think it's fine. I mean she can literally wear tablecloth and make it look. That's her job, and I suppose it's quote in fashion right now. The group pictures are all pretty lame because everyone is, you know, taking the prairie theme quite literally and also like pray dresses, have been sort of in fashion for a while. But they all just look like they're wearing, you know, more expensive reformation dresses together and their hair's all the same. It's really it's tough when it's a large party. And everyone is all looks exactly the same. It's like dress the same way it's sort of self-incriminating how I felt about it also. Ellie Goulding being there. I guess that's another mission. No new sort of brain connection. Yeah, it's weird. And then Katy Perry and LA Golding, but no Taylor swift. Yeah, that's interesting. I guess that's just not. That's just over that seems fine. I just really wonder what it what it was. We'll never know. Even we will. No probably not because they are both so adapted controlling their while Carly classes quite adept at putting image into the world. I think Taylor swift is less and less adept at that. But she's not forthcoming, so no, she certainly certainly not while we're on the topic of Princess Beatrice in LA, Golding Golding to British people. Let's talk about this horror that's occurred for the British taxpayer, Meghan, Markle, and Harry Prince Harry of England. Sorry, the Duke of Sussex. They moved out of Kensington Palace two more cottage, which is in Windsor for more space. But also, it's alleged that there's been a rift between Harry and will, and as a result, the renovation of college cost three million dollars three million pounds. Sorry, even more dollars if our British had pest would you? Yeah. I mean, this is kind of a literal is Asian of the arrangement. Existed for a very long time. Sure. And they act as ambassadors and you know, bring in tourism, and all of that stuff, even the people who are criticizing this, or like the Royal family does pay for itself. But it is it is jarring when the costs and what they actually get away with its our five renovation. I mean I agree with you and the point that's critics are making like they could have just moved into an apartment was that was ready because the renovation it's Larry, they just had to make a new house. Yeah. Like litter, they were five individual houses, and they had to put in, you know, new roof new floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen and I'm like, okay, what else is left? That's it. That's the whole house. So, yeah, they did just get a brand new house off the taxpayer. I, I mean it's really it's really screwed up. This is the whole concept of the real is pretty screwed up. When you think about it like this, I know it is kind of, it's their job to believe. In the public eye, and as an then they get free houses as a result. It's really weird. Yeah. Really makes sense. I was thinking about this. It's just when the Queen you know, who is lovely or whatever dies, can you in? Good conscience. Imagine twenty twenty five being like sure will crown new king of England. Like what it's so strange. It really is so weird. And this is like this is what's so strange about it is just like her to do what king of what why? Right. And then what is the purpose of it? And why do we need to pay for your like floating floor on the kitchen? Do you know what that is, by the way? No, I don't I don't either. They everyone seems very mad about the floating floor that they installed in cottage. And I'm not really sure what it is. I guess a floor above another floor because the old floor is two older something if you understand what this is please, let me know, interesting apparently per competed, or first installation method doesn't mean to nailed or glued down, which they were doing that here at our office, where there's ramp. And construction happening. Yeah, just a lot of lobs for Meghan. It's not I feel bad for her. The other thing is last week. There was a foundation that the Fab Four started together last year. And it's like a ready kaput. That was very strange Jerry just let it with her. Plenty of people have like shell foundations that nothing what are they needed to, like, formally close? Bad planning. I'm blaming the flunkeys for that. I agree. You should be able to manage this better. I completely and also just not make announcements about it. Yeah. Five million dollar renovation though, gotta have high tastes. Exactly. He's gotta respect. Did you see this? Apparently she hired this so ho- how the so ho- farmhouse designer Vicky Charles assured did. I mean sounds great. I was loved to take a tour of cottage, too. I mean, I guess there will be on display. But one day, it will be do you think so? Yeah. I think maybe they'll do photographs at some point. Yeah. Remember the plan to shut them off to Africa. They're like they're going to three or tour of Africa after the baby is born so offensive, maybe maybe. That offense. It's happened. They'll be an opportunity to show us photos, who's to say that would be great. Are you ready to move on? Yes. We're gonna talk about George Clooney and Barack Obama's plumbing disaster. But first, let's talk about Matt cosmetics. Mac powder? Lipstick is the moisture Matt lipstick of your dreams. It's Matt reinvented. Max new Matt formula feels weightless instantly. Hydrates doesn't dry out your lips. It was originally developed at the backstage trend for a soft matte. 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Every summer and sometimes more often towards Clini go Staley and this year, he was joined by the one and only Barack Oba. Yes. So the buys kinda did it a Mediterranean, swank, God bless them. So many people are doing Mediterranean, swing right now. It's true making my head explode, I'm so jealous. I am as well, especially since it's still not summer in Los Angeles. I would like my money back care, and I would like my money back. It does suck. I weigh the Obamas. You know, as befits to people who were president, first lady, the United States, while have been. They were in the south of France. They had launched with bottle, and then they moved onto, like KOMO. They went north. They moved away from the Mediterranean to a lake but there is still a boating experience, and we're hanging out, George Clooney, and Amal Clini, and then, well, I suppose we should say the drama that happened before I believe they went to Italy. Also. Tend to George Clooney event, which was the Clooney foundation for Justice. Before they arrived. There apparently was a plumbing issue. And this is from the Daily Beast via Corriere della Serra. When heater Clooney household things out of hand and this woman pool was half full the water was like ice. Clooney hit asses bodyguard Giovanni to call this guy, Dante who spoke the newspaper and he said, I arrived, and they're all upset you find says to me hurry up hurry up. And then he had to get to work immediately. He was able to sort out the bomber and fixed the drain, but it was a near disaster. Right. But then he is sorted out the pool. And then clearly came out in a quote, sweaty cost me goes t-shirt to take a selfie, but the plumber sue this plumbers having a great time. Great, can you call pool technician of a plumber? Is that what I guess, in Italy, you know, this wonderful question, you know, you are an expert for all drains. This would be I know everyone's being like this is so silly, but it would be disaster. If you go all the way to Italy for vacation in the summer and you can't wall. Vacation take special time. You want things to be right. This George Clooney have the best life of any living human. It's pretty good like whose life would be better. He gets to do ever projects. He wants doesn't seem to care that no one ever likes them. Watches them to. No, I have not. He seems like he has a wonderful wife who's, like a substantive lovely woman. They've got kids that homes in London. Late coamo California, New York. Like they just they hang out the Obamas. He's a billionaire. He has so much money that he gives his friends duffle bags full of cash. And he was on our as one of the hottest TV doctor time question. Sure. I think all that's true. So why does she still do commercials to keep that money coming in to keep Alexander Ella? Flush with cash for the forcing you doesn't didn't get honestly five hundred million dollars from Cosmas. Yeah. Literally. Yes. So I can't you best that is aren't aren't returns on that. I know people are like I've got enough. I'm done here. I don't think it's that I guess, that's how you stay rich. My question is just why the spread so commercials. Specifically. I don't know. They don't even air here. So they do they do. Recent ports event and it was a new one and has like this is still happening. Nestle just owned so many things. Now it's crazy. They own part bluebottle, they just, it's, it's a while anyway, to Jewish in the pool is fixed shot out to the pool. Technicians lash plumber. I'm glad he got his selfie. And frankly, I'm glad that there was not ruined. I think that if you're going on vacation, you deserve to have a go while I don't want anyone to have negative vacation even the Obamas or the clueless. I'm just so joust everyone who's just hanging out in Europe and the Mediterranean, only thing that I've been telling myself to feel better about the fact that I don't have plans to go to the Mediterranean. This number is that it's really crowded right now. And that could be a negative. It is true like in let's be honest. Not a lot of beach space, just realistically. That's very true. It's gonna be summer here are summer goes on October. Yeah. All we find myself right now. Is that all the people on vacation right now? Are they have children? Yeah. And so it's like school's out. And so you have to go on vacation. Exhausting baking kids. Yes. Son vacation, so we're it might not eat enjoying August, when they are like the kids are back at school because school starts in the middle of August, which is just cruel. That's Justice for kids. We are cutting. We've got here yet, then, you know, we'll have a nice time, and there will be more space than the beach. You're right. A pay good note. Next the hills back returned. I was extremely dismayed to find out. It was one hour long episode. I presume alert that. Oh my God. Amanda, it's, it's long. So I tried watching it. And I turned it off. I like what was the moment what you're like, okay? Now not right now. I honestly just the beginning three minutes trailer. Yes, this is uncomfortable. Original hills first of all two thousand six ish. So it was different a different era of reality TV. We were less jaded, but technical part of the appeal it was a trifle. It was so frivolous in silly, and fun in like. Yet, Lauren just as like just, you know, crying with mascara running down, her face it, just the ultimate Jackson vision of high melodrama, and like low commitment, or you know, they actually go together, I suppose, and it was a great, great delightful show that influenced the whole generation of people how about Los Angeles. I think this show is a Downer incredibly depressing. It's so depressing that Heidi and Spencer, the most likely people on it early the least, like bummer. They're like we love each other guy. Other. That's good. Adriana is going through a terrible divorce. And she just, like, I think a lot of people on this feeling. So this is my life at thirty three. This is not what I imagined Brody is married, and obviously not thrilled with Mary life. Stephanie Pratt has a new face Michel Barton is like I don't know out of the wilderness. Yeah. Franko got it was probably like, maybe the most successful of the group of like Brody Jenner, perhaps because he has like several. Club, essentially, you went from like club promoter to like club, partial owner, it just seems like such a Downer. It's crazy. Yeah. So it's a bit like you know how like the people who are the kings and queens of high school, like you worry about them like you peak in high school, then the rest of life is. I mean, just mathematically, if you peak at seventeen than things are not going to go as well for the rest of your life, and it has that vibe for sure. And also like your thirties. Our realtor them you're twenty gas, but it is like a lot of people who peaked early and in unusual ways. It doesn't just like impossible to have birdie, John. Oh, by the way, new person on the show is Tommy Lee, and Pamela Anderson, son. Okay. His name is Brandon Lee. I didn't know who he was. And then Pamela Anderson psalms up, so just, just f way. Oh, gosh. Shows, okay. But like Brody doesn't sit down talking to the camera where he's like oh, yeah. And then my dad came out and now as Caitlyn and. That just can't be a sidebar that can't be a sideline. It's pretty bizarre. It's also just like Brody is entangled in, like the biggest celebrity family, probably since the Kennedys, maybe even bigger like just in terms of global reach as a result of social media. And it's like so we are just having a vestige of that, but it's not really going to be addressed in, frankly, the shows boring and depressing. None of these people are actually friends. It's super stage. The cliffhanger is that they're having at the end of the episode is at Frankie is throwing a welcome home party. Stephanie Pratt who moved to London where she's famous for being a big brother like a million times. And it's like how are spending high gonna deal Stephanie being back? And then they pretend like Stephanie and Michel Barton, like, really close friends from back when they were like doing clubbing together in their twenties. The other like really raw moment is Stephanie says to me show Barton, that she was arrested because she overdose while shoplifting. And Michel has like which came first the overdoses living incessantly I don't know. And it's just really it's very dark. These people's lives have been filled with challenges and arrests and significant setbacks since they're last on TV. So I will say I'm asking you this, because you're the reality expert it's all dark, and I was like, so it was brutal. And I just had to turn it off. Maybe I'll come back to this. But there isn't argument that there is a reality show to be made. That is like actually about the aftereffects of famine and reality TV fame, and the hills are like a case study, and like they have their raw material here, but it seems like they are not making that type of show, and it seems like instead they're trying to just pretend like everything is okay. Yeah. I don't understand. I guess. I guess they're trying to go for the hills. Like aesthetic thing, but instead of pivoting the show to what people's lives of accomplish trying to round back. Yeah. Kind of a Salva for what I'm TV's. Yeah. I, I mean, I was just thinking dealer beach club, which as well which is canceled because it was sort of the same situation where they were just kind of, like remember this person from this exact time, and like partying, and everything's great. Everything's great now. And the show was, like both boring to watch and no one really wanted to watch it. And it kind of seems like that will be do you think that there is a way to make a good version of the hills right now with these people, not with these people it was in the answers, enter paroles? But now these people crucially also bring that up because the two EP of the show are Doug Ross Alex Baskin, who are the EPA of Vanda paroles and the real housewives Beverly Hills. So they're kind of like the chroniclers of TV Los Angeles at this point, but this show. Just is very different. And the cast dealing with this really different and it's just not as active. I kind of like a little interested to watch to see how their style affects what the show becomes because they're so used to like the fabricated event that you plan your show around. Right. But the visual aesthetic is really different. I mean it's like it's kind of like classic hell's going to be Adam develop. Liz Gately type of stuff, you know, and it's just like the to actually don't go together. Very well. Yeah. Do you think it can get better like do you can reality because this is the first episode right? Yeah. So the producers kinda see what they've got and where everyone is. And then make changes. Yeah. So one thing is also like infects watching this is that it's come out that the, the regional hills production made them like redo lines and scripted storylines, quite a bit to everything I watched I was like is this real like what Israel here, because the main storyline one of the main storylines episode is that Justin Bobby and Adriana like go back on a date in Andrea says this might not be true. But I think it is true, she says to Stephanie and Whitney that one of the first people to reach out. To her. When the news of her divorce broke was just in Bobby, and I was like, is that true? Like I need to know. And so I think part of the problem is it with the hills because it was so popular. There's been so much post mortem afterwards. It's very difficult to believe what you're seeing. And so to your answer to your question, like can't get better. I think that's really hard to overcome. Okay. I mean I agree with you. I, I have no desire to turn this episode back on the other just kind of like, as I don't need it to come back because I can any that have about these people. Thirty answered is answered, but it's just I can also follow it on Instagram. You know, like anything that I actually want to know about these people who were briefly in my life in two thousand six thousand eight different impasse ity is like, really available. So I don't need to sit down and watch the TV version. But also, it would feel more authentic. See them interacting on Instagram like four Instagram, like an TV show. I actually think that would be better and you're watching, like four minutes at a time of like a meal with raise people wherever, but I guess that would work. TV. No. Yeah. Definitely definitely not. All right. Don't watch the hills. But maybe read some books this summer. Let's talk about the books reading Amando. Yeah. I'm really excited. I I've been a negative Nancy on this podcast. I feel sometimes sometimes you just gotta tell. The truth shirt my other truth is that I am really excited about the list of books that I have lied up for the summer. I haven't even read them yet. Let's run through your your title. Yes, we should say we started this because you were telling me about the book that you're reading right now off Mike right before we started still on the pod. Okay. What talk about that? She has it inspired the beginning of my list. I just really was longing for a low stakes like middle brow book. I mean that was like such love, like for me that as a compliment, and that led me to the lovely Barbara's bookstore in Chicago, where it was over the weekend. If I purchased the Italian teacher by Tom Rachman, and he wrote, the imperfection est, which was kind of sensation like, I think our onto hundred ten it's a series of India. It's about different. Journalists working at, like International Herald Tribune type of newspaper in Rome. And I really enjoyed that memory on Cape Cod. In fact, a summer read, man, this is about a guy named pinch who has his bothers like a semi famous artist. And it's about this kid like trying to show, his father's standards. And then like preserve his legacy. And it goes from Rome to Toronto to London to France, and it's really great. I I'm like, I'm loving it and I feel bad that I call it middle-brow. It's really good. It's like it's a ball. It's, it's like the definition of readable, literary fiction, which is like a whole category publishing, and I just like I'm really enjoying it. Like, you know, it's not related to world politics. No one's really mentioned anxiety in it. There's no which, by the way, every single character in the hills did refer to their own anxiety. And it just it was like it was very it was jarring have enough on my own. I don't either xactly this, yes. Book is like free of that. It's, it's a lot about ego, and like family. And art our world. And I'm just like absolutely loving it. It's like a mentally readable. It feels like a more elevated than like a lot of typical beach reads, and I am also has really great description of the streets of Rome, and I- fantastic. So highly recommended. That sounds great I had I have not read the perfectionist. So I just put that on the top of it. So it's really fun. One of my list of the projectionist, which I will be reading I will do a book report on this later. I'm just going through the the lineup that out of this another novel this morning, just based on it. New York Times book review that it's, so it's called the most fun. We ever had. Oh, that's good by Claire Lombardo. I have not read it, but it is about four sisters. It's like a multi generational saga of four sisters who live in Chicago. Oh, great. It seems great. And it was also blurb by Rebecca MCI wrote the great believers, which I'm reading right now. It's early. I recall Kate nibs, really like in that book. Yes, I'm kidding than someone else. Maybe Jacqueline Kanter also ringers Fers that one. I am. I'm really enjoying it. I'm told it's really sad. But I'm gonna I'm gonna make it. I am. Glad that you mentioned the blur because those mean so much may I will read any book, that's eighty Smith has blur, gorgeous ally. Came to Sally, routing actually and the author blurb means more to me than the credit because it's tells you who they targeted pre yellow -cation. Their endorsement, and like how they're positioning the book, I completely agree, though. I often feel really guilty about it because you're a sucker for their marketing. Well, because the blurbs machine is like a really you have to beg people. And it's like the uses a lot of the author's time it uses a lot of the blurb time and also, it's become like a favor who you know, kind of contest and like, think of other people who can't get his eighties Smith, blurb, or can't get a Kate Atkinson, blurb, which is kind of what I'll read though I got burned by that there was one by quit that book, like ten minutes in. I don't even remember what it was called. But, but I agree that it if there is a certain author who I really love who slapped on the front of their cover. I will by no questions asked. Even though I know that, that is like book marketing, pulling on me, but I okay fall for it anyway. Worked for me this morning. So we'll see. I haven't purchased it yet, but I'm going to okay, so I have I'm taking office excited, and I have four book. Like marked off already. And these are my beach week book rates. I'm not allowed to read them until then, because it's really important that I saved for the prime reading experience. Okay. Are you ready? Yes. Summer of sixty nine by Ellen Hildebrand. I literally had that Taegu my laptop right? Ellen Hildebrand my friend Gilbert cruise introduced me to Alan Hildebrand like five years ago. She releases two novels a year. They're both set on tuck it. What's the best one? Oh, god. So much asked me this. I really like I need some, some good reeds for myself because everything I've got lined up. It's kind of depressing. Yeah. So I need some lightness. That's why I had to Tom Rachman. So I think that the perfect couple is very good. Okay. And the island is pretty good. Okay. Great soup. Basically Ellen Hillary does this summer book, and like a winter book issue, like in the James Patterson zone of having a ghostwriter. No, I think that she does it or I incredible used to believe that she does it. I also really recommend her Instagram, by the way. Okay, great. No. I think she does it herself. And she just writes quickly and has just a tremendous facility with plot and also untuckit where they're all set. Okay. So summer of sixty nine Elon Hildebrandt. Thri never one. The other is Big Sky, which is the new Jackson Brodie novel by Kate Atkinson, my two favorite living, novelist. Cool. I came out this week, I believe so it. She does in addition to writing life after life, which is my number one recommendation to anyone ever any, any novel. She also writes, like a detective series, Jackson. Brodie is the detective yet. So this is the latest one. Okay. Great. Okay. Good genre novel for the beach. Yes. Great. Speaking of John, novels, I got another one, it's called the Paris version. And so, I recently read this it's by Kris Pavone, and I read the first book in the series called the ex pats earlier, and it's like a basically Misra, Mississippi told from the woman's point eight that's not to test, and it's like set in Europe and it's kind of a spy, novel and apparently, there's a sequel, so many read the, and then the last one is, how could she buy Lauren Meckling which seems like kind of like the media, it book share summer about women in New York which? Once upon a time I was share so and friendship. And I'm looking forward to that one. So those are my four books that I'm reading on the beach. So you won't hear for me about them until August, because it's important to have things look forward to. And that's what I'm looking forward to those great. Here's my less. Yeah. First of all, as, you know, I love me before you buy Jojoy as do so many people. And she also just pumps 'em out. Really? It's pretty amazing. So she has a new one in paperback that I'm pretty excited about, and it's called the peacock emporium. I'm going to be honest. I don't even know what it's about thank it's like someone. I have no idea. But I don't care. I'll be valuable peacock than it could be about if it's called the peacock of boreal. I don't know she one of my favorite books. Here is the girl he left behind a painting left behind, so who the fuck. No. Okay, I have no idea is about a zoo. I think the peacock in question is a person someone's name. Oh, Mr. Magori emporium kind of thing. Okay. I have no idea. But I'm excited about that. At someone just recommended severance by link to me, which is, basically like a post apocalyptic millennial on. We book, okay? So I'm gonna I'm gonna read that or I'm looking forward to, and I was planning Irene. Some Alan Hildebrand. This is love it to really can I recommend Ellen Hildebrand enough for pure escapism? Yeah I'm looking forward to it. So we'll see where else. Yeah, wins of reading recommendations truly. Yeah. But I don't want anything to deep right now. That's true. I agree Argonauts by Maggie Nelson. And that's really you, you really buckled down a deuce heavy reading. I rarely do. That's the thing totally Adamy secret is like, now I'm not doing this remember what I read emigrant in, like two years ago and still dining out on that long one. I know but I read all of the pharmacy. It's. I will not be reading anything serious for another. I also destroyed motherless Brooklyn. I'm kind of like going back in time. I just based on a reduction like ninety five to two thousand and ten right now in books that feel like they have been from that Christ. I just wanna be this history over and over again. I that's what I what I prefer the goldfinch so much, really that the secret history too, but there's just a warmth, even in Donna tarts weird way to the goldfinch that I think the secret history, lacks Turley not warm book. I like warm book. Yeah. I guess it's true. But the ending of the goldfinch, I just I know I still wanna go to answer down, though near Ben okay? Man, rage that. Yeah. Fingers crossed. That's my summer reading list. That's great. Yeah. I'll I want to say that was very good. But just like to just like there's so much depar- like so much about, like every page I just was like, I guess I should take notes as I read this. There's like so much year. He wasn't even debt like some books are dense plot or people in the cramps. Much on page Magill's cramps so many ideas, into every page, which is really impressive. But also like too much for my mind right now. I think so. I thank you Magnusson for making that only one hundred fifty pages. Yeah, that's good. I appreciate efficiency you too. I appreciate now wasabi both side. That's totally. And you know I appreciate it. But maybe not in the summer, that's where I've maybe visit ideas of the fall. Well on that note, just remember, we appreciate ideas, perhaps now in the summer. I'm living. Next week. This episode is brought to you by the movie yesterday. It's theaters June twenty eighth yesterday. From Danny Boyle and Universal Studios in a world where only one person remembers the existence of the Beatles the movie stars rare dish Fave. Lily James, Ed, Sheeran, Kate McKinnon and newcomer mashed Patel. When the trailer I dropped we the ringer had a lot of questions. But what happened the world as we know it without the Beatles, many of these questions, we are still thinking about today and partnership universal. We wanted to discuss one in particular Amelia. This is what I wanted to discuss the I'm so excited. Where would Yoko Ono be if only one person remembered the Beatles? Oh my God. Maybe she'd still be in Japan. I don't know. So are you saying she doesn't even get married to John Lennon? Yeah. Because he's not famous. He's not famous. They don't even connect great point. So she might just be like living in obscurity in Tokyo. Yeah. Any other city in Japan right recording? Screams, doesn't she record screams herself screaming. I believe that's correct. Maybe she'd be doing that, which like on a not a high profile which should be blamed for the break of any significant group in any field of culture. Yes, I am going to say part of her nature's part of her nature. Yes. Because it's become like a like something, we say Yoko as in, like choose real Goco. Yeah. She'll get on. Yeah. Exactly. So, yeah, I don't know what it would be. But she would get in there and Yoko the shit out of it. I just feel like no matter what Johanna was going to be famous. She just has the air about her true someone bound for, for notoriety or celebrity of some kind. Yeah. She usually she just wears it in a certain way where it seems so natural and she's I don't want to say, she's comfortable with the blame nor do I should for seved. It does feel like attention is not something she's she's shines from. Yes, exactly. No matter what should have been famous. Maybe we should have been Japanese celebrity would've been all these international who, who say, but I think no matter what you'll go over to famous. I agree. I think so she's just like yoga Ono. I mean I. No matter what her and Paul McCartney. He, he keyed to Fossey's comfortable fame out of they'd find okay because they be famous would be in decades long viewed to great question devil. They probably wouldn't across paths or maybe maybe they could've laid love. They doubt that I could I could also see her dating someone very young and that making the news, not too late for that. It's not it's really not so Spiring singer Ono, and like Shawn Mendez. I never learned Allen. But sure why not thinking of I'm sinking like a member of one direction because the boy band, not so different agenda. That's sure that's that is definitely true. I could see, like Harry. Yes. Like he would like that. He laid me fashionable because he I feel like he likes the older women. They love him dead. Caroline flack. Yeah. He was like, what seventeen and has like thirty seven? Yes, I, I've got questions, but those that's for another day. If this question about Yoko, Ono gets answered in all the other questions we have, and if they are answered watch the trailer today and cut yesterday in theaters on June twenty eighth.

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