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He scored nearly ten thousand points in the NBA man could get buckets was the first traffic and the first player signed by the Charlotte Hornets and he looked great in those -til, Younis. Any brings smiles to twitter's faces all over the world in time where we need it. The most I'm wearing a block charge shirt right now with us. Is Rex rex. Thank you for joining us. Why Guy has got the Repin the the gear? Scouted. Dot Com. How you been man, I'm happy to be on the show as good as I can be. There's no complaints over here. Okay stop complaining a while ago, I I am enjoying. Seeing your face everywhere I gotta be honest. Oh God you as tweets. My friends don't feel the same. I've missed basketball I've missed. The guys were dire straits in on that front. You know we're we're. We're all H. Absolutely. Wha- Since you bring it up well, what do you think of? The whole bubble idea in Orlando next month. Oh Man I'm trying to remain optimistic about IT I. Want it to work. I just. This virus. It's I. Don't know how you're GonNa all. Suppose we start playing this, and then you know you get into it and Lebron. You know gets cove it. Is, tested for covert. I just don't. I mean do. We think that we're going to actually have a bubble of? Nobody in their nobody's GonNa get in there, too i. it just seems optimistic. But I'm pulling forward. I Miss Basketball. I just also want everyone to be healthy right? Yeah, it's. It's kind of hard to see. People not leaving the bubble and coming back in and things are sort of good in the orange, county area, and the Orlando while Disney area sort of good. It's kind of thing to say. But the numbers aren't bad there. It's just it's crazy to think that we're also projecting. Yeah seven months or seven weeks down the road. This is yeah, we have no idea. It's all kind of yeah. It's very fluid as they say you know what's fluid, rex, what you start throwing up videos on your twitter account. And in an instant less than seven weeks in an instant people start. Following you and re tweeting your videos. I think it was the beginning of twenty nineteen. When he started throwing up videos I know listen I know it's not your favorite topic to talk about your twitter. But we've got some young people who let's get it. Yeah, some people may not know you as basketball player I saw I gotTa familiarize them with you and who you are, they just know your twitter account so I gotta ask how to block or charge starting. How did it? How did it just become an avalanche in erupt into now like almost a million people following? Is, just so it's so weird In. Think about ten years ago Jim Rome was a buddy of mine. And he said man you should get on twitter. And I thought twitter was the dumbest thing in the world, and still Kinda isn't. So he talked me into getting on there and I was on there for two or three years probably. And just snarky snarky. Can I cuss. Start Snarky bullsh- just you know like twitter is arguing with people and and whatnot, and then I got in trouble. You know have have had a painkiller addiction for head for fourteen or fifteen years I've been clean for about five years, but I took a break during that time naturally after Rehab in like twenty fourteen and I wasn't on twitter at all for a couple years then started kind of dabbling again at posted a a stupid video that people. Thought was kind of funny or clever. I, guess At the beginning of last year and I probably went from about seventy, five, seventy, seventy five thousand followers to you know there's probably three quarters of a million on there now. It's just the dumbest kind of you. Couldn't you couldn't plan it for sure. It's just weird to very weird. There's there's people in offices while not anymore, but in virtual offices right now, saying to each other, we go viral. How do we go viral and no wrecks? Did it just thrown a crazy? It's crazy. You know it's. got a crazy Last year I went to get my sec. Media credential an Nashville and go down to the area. You're supposed to go to there. Were you know eight to ten in turns down there working for the SEC that probably went school at Vandy. And I gave my. Id and they looked at me and I was late. I was trying to get into. The game solves kind of rushing in being shitty. Anyway so I handed in my ID and they kind of looked at it. They just a couple of showed it to other people and one of the guys comes out and says are you rex Chapman I said yeah, he said the guy from twitter. And, this was at the SEC basketball tournament. you know so? These kids had no idea that I've ever played basketball. which is Kinda Cool Is kind of cool. Yeah, it is kind of refreshing. Yeah, we. Pretend to be young and into young people things on this show, and so I think there are some young people who are feeling the same way right now. Ten thousand points in the NBA goes. A Bali hung thirty nine on. Ninety, five ninety six, yeah. So silly man so silly liked. His life is weird. Is Weird. That's a great quote. If anyone. If you take anything from this podcast, those three words man life is weird. Life is weird and life is hard does make no mistake about it. There's nothing easy about it, so you must get. Hundreds thousands of videos sent to you a day that you have to just filter through. Do the filtering yourself right, and then you post it yourself. Yeah I do and I. It's much easier now on. There are other half dozen to a dozen. People scattered all over I mean probably well. A couple of other countries that I've just met through twitter, who send me videos now? They're generous. just people that know Kinda. What? Other people like on my stupid channel so I'll just I'll get the video now and then just sort of think of a caption to go with it. For the most part, but yeah, it's it's great at first I was spending more time trying to find these blocker charge videos, which by the way they're great, I guess, but you can only. Hit people over the head with people getting her at some point Iberian started I still do locker charge from time to time and We got that silly show on adult swim now, but For the for the most part you know I try to. put up dog videos and feel good kind of stuff. Especially right now. Pandemic all of the you know civil unrest and and whatnot so people. I think people want to just take a break from what's going on outside our homes, and and just find a minute or two to make them laugh or smile. Yeah, because I think coming through the timeline is a lot of you. Call it a stupid account, but there is a lot of those feel good moments and people being happy and what I do see coming through my timeline. Are People saying? Just, a minute watch this right it's it's not a person. Get kneecapped, it's. It's a feel good moment, yeah! Last question. About the twitter account. What are the rules because I remember months months ago when we talked about a real briefly. You. Do have a couple of rules. What are the rules? Yeah. Yeah. You can't die no dying. I. I don't know if there are any other rules. I think doesn't. You can't you can't die on there and I? Don't like show show anybody that gets. Messed up to a point where they're not gonNA, be okay at some point so yeah, at first I pushed pushed it a pushed. At times and you know you find out very quickly. you know what what people can and want to look at what they do not want to look yet. So I'm KINDA WEIRD I have A. I watching gory stuff doesn't really bother me. But I know it does most people. Well, let's talk about why I really wanted to have you on the show? Because you are speaking out against racism, and for the hardships that black people face in our country, you wrote very spirited article in the Lexington, Herald leader. About growing up in Kentucky playing ball with a lot of black teammates, and how they were treated differently, how the police treated them differently, so just a sort of generic I question. What drove you to speak out? Well! You know. Stevie Jackson. Stephen Jackson was my rookie. He Rookie and Phoenix when I was playing there, he didn't make our team, but Stephen and George Flint. They they're boys grew up. Together Steve is my boy. seeing what happened last week? in Minneapolis I don't know that I'll get over. I've had the privilege of learning about racism I. I don't I've not experienced it. In a negative way you know as much as many. Of US white people that think we woke or you're never never gonNA get it. You Never GonNa get what it's like. And I was just I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it and. You know there's kind of this. I. You know the I think there was a misconception a lot around where I live now that that we had a black president, and then that was in that was gonNA be the end of racism. Well, no also had we elected Hillary Clinton as president. Sexism wouldn't have ended I mean it's like a marriage you got to commit, and then you've got to continue to work at it. And you're in Kentucky Right now. I'm in Kentucky and you know. Just, talking about the systemic part of it I was lucky in that I grew up in a town of about fifty thousand people that had a lot of black people in. My Dad played basketball with and against those those black is his his peers growing up. I had a built in bunch of friends down in the projects that from the simoes seven or eight. You know I'd be I. Would ride my bike there or be taken there for the weekend and I'd stay the weekend, so and I also did that with my white friends in the country so I really did experience a lot of that and what I can say, I was lucky from a basketball perspective because honest to goodness. When I left Kentucky and you know and would go to basketball camps outside the state. Most of the kids that I was playing against. They weren't as good as the guys. I grew up with playing against and with in my hometown, so a that really helped me, but be. It also taught me something else around thirteen years old. You start. If you're any good basketball, you start getting these. You know invitations to go to basketball camp. That's how it was back in the day anyway. That invitation wasn't. It wasn't a cop thing. You still had to pay to go, but you go and there'd be college scouts there well. My Dad was local basketball coach at the college. It was like two hundred dollars to go to Camp I got to go to camp. None of my teammates did none of my friends in the projects got to go. There was no way they were GONNA go. it was just it was an advantage that I had that they did and. When I think back I I didn't give a about school. I didn't but my folks. Were there saying. Hey, you got to make your grades or you can't. Not even going to be able to play basketball well. My, my friends in the hood. Their. You know their mom might not come home at night. They might not know their dad. They might maybe living with their grandparents. Who you know have already raised seven kids so. You know I would go stay in the projects and you know. For a weekend and there would be you know eight people in a two bedroom place with no air conditioning. Ninety five degrees outside all the windows are up. Privileged. The I had my friends did and I'm just tired of dancing around the issue. That's all tasks. Sorry to go on off on. Do do not apologize I. think that's. I, think you just said you're tired of it, and it's time to speak out and I found it interesting Just to try and make things a little bit postitive here because if there is any. Little Spark This little ray of hope is in all this. It's that. People are finding their voice to be able to speak out and I. Even I I read a quote from you I. Know It's weird to read Their quote but I'm going to read it to you. This is this is from March. you talk to ESPN's Ryan McGee on March third and. You weren't speaking out, and this was obviously before George, Floyd you said I have strong opinions about certain things but I realized at some point that there are a lot of smarter people out there the commenting on that stuff. People with political science, degrees and politicians, doctors and lawyers. All the stuff that I think I have a strong opinion about doesn't matter. They don't WanNa. Hear that for me. That's the end of the quote and I know jd on on this podcast. You're myself. We all sort of feel that way as well I'll go on twitter and I'll see somebody have an opinion about race about something and I'll say well. It's already there I. Don't have to see it, but. I mean that's the scariest part about being a human being for me. I mean one of the biggest things is that if you don't feel like you have a voice? You're. No. It's it's. It's just so dwarfing. It's so it's so difficult to deal with, and it's I. Find it very very inspiring to hear you go from that to what you're doing now. Yeah, and you know I really don't Wanna I don't WanNa. Be doing this I I really don't I really don't but I I'm with you. There is a ray of hope now. When I think back, I could have I had the same opinions many of the same opinions when I was eighteen. I could have said something. I could, and I did because everyone was telling me. Hey, man, you know that might affect affect your pocketbook and your image and this and that and this and that. It took me you know actually. I did say something about it about fifteen years ago Kinda, you know. made its way around and then. DIED, but it's taken me till on fifty two to really come out and say you know some things and look. I feel qualified to do this. If I know three things as I know, basket vice, stay in my lane. I'll I'll be alright. I know basketball I know drugs. OPIOID. and I know race from an a white athletes perspective. my own. You know experiences. I don't have a problem speaking out on any of that stuff. I've experienced it I know I know what I'm talking about. I'M NOT GONNA. Del into other areas politically or otherwise because I don't know. About him. So I'M GONNA try to stay in my lane and look I'm GonNa hit people with facts and I'm not going to give them. You know my opinion on opioids I'm GonNa hit them with the facts. I'm GonNa hit them with the facts racially book because. I can't believe that we're here. I cannot believe that we're even here talking about this stuff again. However. The silver lining is that I've not seen people this upset. Racially since I was a kid, you know. In the sixties and seventies, so this I think ultimately. Hopefully we're going to get to A. Better spot. but again I'll and I'll say it plainly. George Floyd death as the march. The black lives matter march was going on ran fall. One of our still talking senators was in Washington. Trying to block an blocking anti lynching legislation. And look man that can't stand that you know and people don't talk about him like they talk about Steve King who they call racist. What are we talking about here blocking making you WanNa? Make it easier for people who lynch black people to not go to prison. What are we even talking about? This is I. Mean I feel like I'm taking crazy pills again, antennas? You said you didn't want to talk about politics, but I was going to bring that up as well because I've heard you talk about. That bill and I know there's people out there that say hey. I, don't WANNA deal with. With politics, but it's hard to sometimes separate yourself and sometimes block out what the Hell is going on all that noise on twitter and actually see what's happening. What legitimate things are happening to change our world, the laws and and the voting spreading in and that that is bonkers. What Wall what you just said, the and I and I've read about it and It is it isn't bonkers. Not I mean. In America well into two twenty twenty. One person going. Up Bill Yeah. Who are you serving there? Yeah, I! I mean I live in Kentucky. I'm born and raised here. I don't know one person and I've talked to everyone over the last week I. Don't know one person that goes. Yeah, you know he'd really doing a good thing for Kentucky in there what you're doing a good thing for absolutely no body, nobody and that's the truth I've never I've never experienced the time in my life where the leadership. That you know as we've all played sports. We've all been on teams. You know leaders who inspire and those who don't. The best leaders inspire you to be better than you ever think that you can be this leadership. Actually think about it inspires people to be worse than they already are. And I can't stand. I can't sit by. Doesn't come on. This is a joke and if anybody doesn't think, please please look. Gregg, Popovich as quote from a couple of weeks ago, that dude, if you ever want to know why he can inspire people during a twenty second time out or a halftime that dude as hall of fame quote. Waiting to happen what what an unbelievable job! He did of breaking down our leadership. I appreciate that I appreciate you Your passion there and and I know we're all trying to be. And I'm in the same boat I'm a I'm a privileged white man and I am trying to be as. Quote Unquote woke is possible I am I'm reading the books that are on the New York Times bestseller list. I guess that's a good sign. That everybody is. Pretending to read anyways, but I'll hit you with the tough question about that in your world. Go ahead. I was GONNA say people keep asking me doing I say. I'm I'm white? What could be better I mean? I was very white here. living in really white world right now I mean good Lord. What could be better a? Heterosexual Adult White Man I hit the lottery. Is this. Is there any? Any advice any. You could, you would say to someone who. I mean not just. Isn't racist, BUT SOMEBODY WE WANNA turn anti-racists to help to be like what you're doing right now. You know. Someone asked me other day. What I thought about Roger Goodell's. You know flip flop and I said pathetic. Pathetic, but okay good and they asked me about drew brees and I said. Disappointing! I said but. Listen Man I've been pathetic before. and. You're not judged. You're never judged. People. You shouldn't be judged by your worst moment. The only only way you should be judged negatively for that is if you don't do something. To make that narrative change if you don't try to do better and be better and learn from it so whereas I, thought it was pathetic and disappointing. All Right? Here's where we are and so far. You know they've taken the right steps. So you know, let's let's try to learn and grow from it. Right NASCAR's banning confederate flags from the rats ended. That's an analyst I that something snarky. Last night on twitter. I'm sure like. Count me unimpressed. It's twenty twenty. But Hey man, but it's a start. It is a start and I. Applaud Them I. Do you know it's like I remember Chris Rock Zanu longtime ago. You shouldn't be praised for something. You're supposed to be doing anyway, but it is a start and at the step and guess what they'll get some backlash over this from their fans. You just wait and watch it. It's not gonNA, be seamless. No, there's I think there's already one drive. Yeah said he's quitting. Driver who by the way never won a race ever? Look it up. He's quitting and he had the courage to walk away from sport that he never ever wanted. That's that's really that's courageous. Headlines on his way out. It's. It's it's obviously it's twenty twenty, and it sounds nuts that there were confederate flags at Nascar races in the first place. But I think that goes back to your point there about being judged If you can't turn things round, right, you know if if Nascar said Oh. No, no, no, you can't take away our quota rivalry our legacy. Everybody out, there can take step if a if a sports league or a sports organization can take a step like Roger Goodell did. LIKE NASCAR did. An, individual can as well so there's a I'm with you. I'm with a low. And I WANNA. Say something I, there's not a chance, not a chance in hell. I don't have a team, but if my if I'm on a team if I'm playing in the League right now, my teammates Neil Neil with him come on man as not even a question and it's GonNa. Take somebody doing something major on a big stage. For that to happen, but what I? I appreciate so much. What the what the black football players did! In getting together and putting out a message because it put pressure, it put pressure on Roger Goodell now. man, this is the whole anthem. Thing is never been about the flag I every time. Somebody says that I WANNA say it's about the injustice stupid. That's an but I can't so you've gotta try to look if if it was about the anthem and the flag the restaurant, the restrooms and concession stands would be closed while they did all of it. You wouldn't be able to take during the anthem. No, you wouldn't. If that, if it was self, important it, you, you just would, and now the football players put their league on blast and the League. The League step to the forefront and had to do something and I applaud those players, but here's what I WANNA say. We can think of the handful of players who. Who Knelt over the last few years? we know some of their names. A lot more players in this for a fact. A lot more players wanted to kneel, but when you're playing in the NFL and your average ah life expectancy in that league career expectancy is three years or whatever. There are other things that you have. You must take into consideration, and if you think guys weren't worried about their pocketbooks over there. You're. Mistaken and They should be rightfully, so we all I remember making decisions based on that when I was playing, I didn't have to have to make this kind of decision. Though so I I applaud. I applaud these football players I really do. The football players obviously made Roger Goodell. Make that statement, mom, they did and. When I'm saying this I'm equally as disappointed as I was in how NFL's handled over last year, I couldn't be more proud of our league. I couldn't I really couldn't in the NBA. from Corona virus to racial issues I mean we are at the. We're at the front of all this stuff, and it makes me proud proud proud to have played basketball in this in this league, and you're close, obviously with the the Kentucky wildcats and doing work for them. How do you see the outlook on sort of college front this coming season both from? A put the basketball side just from this injustice standpoint. Will we see that type of behavior from that type of action from from young players, which is obviously a lot to ask kids that that's a lot to ask. and I don't know. That we will or not Whether we will or not that. I think that remains to be seen I. Do know this that I'm GonNa I'll be marching on Saturday with a bunch of basketball players, current and former here in here in Lexington, so you know times are changing and you better get on board and keep up with, or you're gonNA. Get left behind. Yeah and you have done. A? Lot of fund raising for Charities Through Blocker Charge for K Y. K Y for K Y DOT COM got not for four. K Y. Works there. But you raised a ton of money for people trying to cope with corona virus. Related hardships through your rex. Chapman, COVID! Nineteen Relief, fund I think it was after three days or one hundred fifty K.. What had to get up to. We got asking to Brag, but this is important stuff. No, we got. We got to around two, two, thirty, two, hundred, thirty, two, hundred, forty grand. We've we've given away most of it at this point and when I say this, this is the coolest part about the whole twitter thing, you know so I was down on my luck for a while I was a lottery pick in the NBA I. Probably made forty million dollars playing, and for you know four years ago. I was living on friends' couches staying in my car a couple of nights so I know what it's like to be. Scared and alone in down and feeling like you know. You're desperate sometimes. You just need a hot meal to get through the night. We we gave money to. You. Know places here in Kentucky in New York New Jersey, for meals. You, know food banks and. First responders key that that's the good stuff. And all of that came just as a result of this you know. Twitter and people were so generous so You know not a lot makes me happy that that makes the APP. Okay. We've got more to get to, but first a word from our sponsors. Warning this ad contains mild language which some viewers may find disturbing. Listener's discretion is advised. Sunday scary aren't scary. They're the opposite. They are specially formulated CBD gummy vitamins that are super consumable and easy to take wherever you may find yourself. During the scary time, the specially formulated CBD products can help you with. Quieting your mind. Concentrating on what matters in straight Chilin and we're doing a lot of that these days. Right. You can get twenty five percent off your first order with the code no dunks at Sunday, scary dot com, that's twenty five percent off your first order at Sunday scary dot com by entering code, no Dunks, or it asks for Coupon Code on the checkout page. find out what product might be best for you. Go to Sunday, scary dot, com and use code. Doe Ducks. You just reminded me we were talking about. The national anthem shouldn't be in in the bathroom. if it was important a close bathrooms, they closed concessions. You know what I don't like. was people chewing gum during the anthem I? Don't know maybe I'm just a traditionalist. Really Yeah, and you know what it reminded me of a story of us. When we were working together I'd Chew Gum all the time I know. Yeah, I mean that doesn't bother me. He can chew I want but. During the anthem. Not during the anthem. I don't know what okay I've never heard this one before. But it reminded me of story when. We were sitting together. We're working all night. We're watching games all night for for the bounce. You know where I'm getting or. I have yet, so you're sitting on one side of me. Ryan hollins former player current media personality is on the other side and. You guys requested drink something. Not An alcohol drank a drink earlier in the night. You guys get whatever you got in your mugs and at some point. Hours later Ryan and says. There's gum in my mug. Why I think while we were on air and are, we went right to break, and because I had tasted right at that moment when he said that I had tasted my drink just before, and it wasn't my drink, I was like somebody poured. It was like somebody poured Ryan's drink in the my drink, something like that, and anyway he ended up with my gum in his mouth and I I. Guess. We laughed for the rest of the show, right? Because somehow the mugs got switched I. Think and you like to have your gum on the edgier all in my drink. In your drink. I thought. It was like your Mug for later save it for later, but you just throw it in there I. Want Peace All Day. That's what kind of added. I am one piece and I keep it in my drink when I go. When I eat or do whatever yeah, I've that stupid. I don't like Flavor Mike Gun what? I don't like the flavor of Gum. I just don't like it, but I like the doing part. So chew all the flavor out of it, and then put it in my drink when I've got to go on TV. That is hilarious. We should. That's the next thing unflavored gum. Yeah, we're adding for ad aches. But not. Must not be chewed during the National Anthem Impossible that you if you put in your mouth the national. You get electrocuted. That would be a great video for blocker. Charge right? There guy who got electrocuted. So I. Know You were close to wes unseld. Yeah, the Great West unseld who recently passed and You mentioned him in your in your article. What did the WES UNSELD mean to you? man he. He really just taught me so much about. About basketball, but he's from my hometown or my home state He played around the time my dad was playing and then for four years. He was my coach in Washington. And, West had a real rough exterior. If you look at John Thompson, you know kind of intimidating if you didn't know him. Both of those guys John and West. Could, be. The couldn't be in western. have been a sweeter person. Big John's one of the sweetest guys you'll ever know. I mean Seeing seeing their human side and seeing West as human side was one of the best things I've I've ever experienced. He experienced things buried different very differently growing up in this state as like you know the next great thing. I grew up in the state with very different experiences than West had grown up. Exactly the same way as the next great thing and being able to share those things with him. Talk About Race and children, you know. His children were high school age when mine were just being born. things about fatherhood and. Just a great man I'm GonNa Miss. Him I, didn't get to know him. Obviously through basketball watching him play. But everybody sort of like John Thompson interesting. You brought him up just always good words about once West sold so One ask you about that before we go. Are Let, you I'll let you go. You probably gotTA do some. Maybe, some stretches before Saturday before your walk, you keep in shape, actually keep in shape I'm back in the pool now. I I. It was hard there for a couple of months. They'll man you know. The Gym's closed and all the pools were closed so. I was having to walk. You know you get used to your routine and swimming. My routine I'm back in the pool now I feel much much better. Like our producer here J. D. J. D. getting back in the pool. There we go. There, we go, JD. Get them laughs and baby. GotTa do my butterfly there you go I. Stay I, I. Don't I stay away from butterfly I do back breast and free. I don't do butterfly I swam as a kid competitively and was really good at the I am men Kit. Fortunately Butterfly was not last, and I was a great breadth breaststroker. Kids would catch up to me on the butterfly, and the not is a smoke of in the restroom. Well we'll let you go rex, I know we can direct people to your twitter campaign. Is there anything else out people's attention to? No not really just. M- mainly. pay attention to this. This black lives matter stuff you know. We. Basketball's a tough sport to to have. Racist it's tough to be a racist then or be racist and be associated with basketball at a at at an older level. I feel very fortunate. I'm very appreciative of NBA Family and my college family and all the guys I grew up with and just I mainly I. Just WanNa be there again. We can only be so woke. Man, we don't. There's no way we can get it. Be An ally for all of our friends and brothers and sisters. Who who we know FOR NOT WHITE? The, ally! It's it sorry and blocker charged Thursday nights live ten o'clock. Let's go adult swim DOT COM. On Swim Adult Swim Dot Com. Yeah, they'll swim get the APP. Get to get it on your TV and trust me. It's terrible thirty minutes, but it's better than they could about the news. APPRECIATE IT REX? Thanks, guys. That's it for us. We will be back Friday to make predictions about this NBA bubble or just h and a talk about basketball. Thank you. We'll be back on Friday. You can stay put. Be It. Spend so long.

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