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what's going on. Pokemon trading card game fans. Welcome to episode thirty four Special Conditions PODCASTS. Where love for Pok? Mon Collecting collide. Special conditions is part of the POKEMON professor network and today is May Fourteenth Two thousand twenty. We are recording this on Thursday. I know it's late. We want to get it out to you so bear with us. This is gonNA be fast and furious. I'm your host Adam. Tuttle joined by my co host. Josh Brown what's going on too fast. Too Furious it's all about family here. Yeah we're just we're just riding on says I don't do all right all right. We got some announcements. Get through some crazy stuff happened. Yeah it's just been. It's been a weird week to say it has but we're here. We're talking about my cards. What could go wrong? Well I mean anything could go wrong with us but it is. It is kind of weird. 'cause like everything's coming where breaking out. Everything's coming back to normal not normal but like restrictions or being like lifted a little bit so like A. Yeah so it's just a weird weird point and just more people are outside and it's nerve wracking onto the good news. Yes so today. Show the POKEMON company announced a new Players Cup online from. Tc Go tell me what that means. Adam the trading card game online or the POKEMON company. No wonder what what is this down. We'll get there in just a second round. Pick up the week. I'm sorry we're just yeah pick up of the week. I took a chance on a random lot of cards and it did not disappoint. Then we've got pick the week out. I already said that sorry I I was just you got. I'm excited to tell you I'm going to tell everybody what I got. I did get schooled on my professor exam so I'll discuss that And then a card of the week is going to be Kerr Sola from rebel clash. I saw that Typo. Oh wait no. There's evolution now yes. Yeah it's awkward and Weird. I'm not a huge fan but that's beside the point. Quick just wanted to bring this up real quick if you've not signed or thinking about joining rotc Geo Tournament please do. It's this. Friday may twenty second at nine PM Eastern daylight time? It's a themed turnament accessible to everyone. Currently there is five openings out of the sixteen that we initial initially had It's it's our first. Tournament will be running the an unmodified themed deck format to help welcome trainers of all skill levels including beginners or those new to live tournament concept Sixteen participants will be randomly paired to battle it out in single elimination online live tournament. Coordination will be done in the book. Professor Discord Server. It's available for all patriots as well as on Instagram. I'll competitors will receive two rebel clash Cold cards and the winner gets a rebel clash trainer box for more INFO head over to pokemon Professor Network Dot Com. It's got all the information on quick action. It's not this Friday. It's next Friday. The Twenty Second Twenty Second. I got the date right. Yeah the just the time right. All people think we got now know next week all right. Yeah so just definitely jumped in. We look forward to seeing everybody. It's it's going to be blast tribus fund in you know speaking of TC Geo tournaments out of nowhere today. Play POK MON ANNOUNCED. Its very first. He C- Geo Tournament like this House. Anything like this before right. They have they have like Pickup tournaments that are just on pd all the time but they never give you that full experience of a tournament. It's just I play three matches done Three matches done So this is just coming straight from POKEMON GO DOT COM. Prepare for an incredible online poker on competition. It just. I'll just kind of skim through some of the stuff. It's like the pokemon Players Cup. We'll have two stages in July eligible players will compete in a double elimination bracket broken down by reading zones to determine the top players in each reading zone. Then those top finishers will face off in the final stage of the POKEMON play Players Cup in August when the winner will be crowned as the champion of pokemon Players Cup and earn a travel award to the to a future international championship event. That's awesome. That's right they're gonNA pay for you to go wherever you like wherever you want. That's excellent. I wonder if this will there be any championship points or anything like that. Towards the twenty twenty one season interesting. I mean. Obviously it's not clear yet but this is so exciting. The TC POKEMON T G V. C competitors will need to qualify through their performance in upcoming events the TC competitors will qualify for the play pokemon Players Cup through their rankings on the leaderboard standard format. Tournament Rep what that means. But I'm assuming that it's going to be like a choice like instead hitting verse. You're GonNa hit tournament. Oh that's the only thing I can think of But this is a cool way of handling it. said Pokemon Sword and shield competitors will qualify in the international challenge may online competition which runs for May twenty-first twenty fourth Let's for video game all right debited each of the POKEMON TC PO. Ken and sword and shield competitions will kick off with a special invitation event. The winners will qualify for the final stage of the POKEMON players. Cup make sure to follow along. That's like a that's like a little kickoff thing and they're going to basically just get players straight into like that's awesome masters division competitors. It's basically just in the Masters Division only masters division players who have opted into participating in all available play. Pokemon programs are eligible to participate in the play Pokemon Players Cup online tournament. So make sure all your cheque correctly. I know I do but North America. They're going to do a top. Two hundred fifty. Six Europe is top two fifty six. Oh sheena top. One twenty. Eight and Latin America is topped to fifty-six Do we know if any of this is GONNA be Likes is livestream at all. Like I can almost guarantee you. They will be livestream Ozo- if not players by themselves will be like streaming them right right otherwise step in. Bisbee like you know what we're GonNa make this just an amazing event. Yeah they need to. They need something like you think about all the commentators. They've been without work right. You know this whole time. So they're going to need to bring it and bring it hard and I think I think this is going to be so awesome. Like I know like immediately ev. All the fireworks and things went off in my brain. And I'm like all right. I just got a 'cause I was telling myself I don't need to practice. I don't need to practice not necessarily like with the format we have now I was just discussing it with the POLKA. Dad's That the rebel clash cut like the bunt like the brunt of just like this whole thing because they didn't it didn't get the proper release. It's not going to get the proper chance to shine as its own format like set included and so like it just wasn't gonNa Shine Murray and this allows it to shine which is amazing. I love so much so cool super surprised. They've never done anything like this before. Yeah and it's like. They've had at like world's competitions like they've had you know the TC Geo like set up like for people to play you know it's like they have the ability. I just I don't understand why it took them this long but Kudos to them just making something happen behind the scenes and surprising the crap out of almost everyone. I know right cool. I am super happy for him. I'm excited Like I said I really hope that the stream this Like it could be huge. Just the numbers of people watching in getting interested in it. Because you know there are people out there that are like maybe I'll play. Maybe I won't type of thing but like they don't know what to expect from ten minutes you know in all that stuff insurer. This won't have all the fanfare that like alive in person tournament does but still polka. My company right. I mean they can make this just amazed nominal. Yeah so see. The only hard part is is like I can have all these cards physically But if I don't have them digitally. I can't play deck right so like usually when I play online. I'm like one or two cards often. What I'm actually playing. Because of what? I have physically verse what I have digitally so I think that's going to affect you know some players but I mean if you know what you want to play and you're looking for certain cards. I'm sure by that time you can buy enough pacts or trade enough codes or something to get the cars you need so good luck to everybody. That participates will we will try to keep you updated up to date on everything that's going on because this is gonNA go fast and I'm so excited I. It's exciting to see you excited atom. Yeah and I don't know I've been in the kind of slump as far as like playing recently so this kind of like just punch me in the gut and said like get up like you got to play more pokemon so I'm going to try to play. Tc Gio at least once or twice a day if not more you know whatever I can fit in but at least once a day. That's like now a priority right. That's fantastic. Yeah 'cause I gotta I gotTa practice practice makes perfect here so they say so all right. Let's jump on My pickup of the week. I took a random chance on a facebook marketplace sale. Okay crazy you might say I will be responsible. You might say but I did It wasn't much it was like twenty bucks but in the pictures like it just. It didn't look like anything and is like Hey. Can you take another picture? Sent me a picture of like all. The cards dumped out on their couch sleeve. Yeah it no no okay all right and I could see like a slew of like magic cards. Yu-gi-oh card some other card game pokemon cards. And like I zoomed in and zoomed in again. And I'm like like I can see the the fire pokemon with the hunter damage attack. I was like I can't see much but I see the word chart so I say I'm GONNA TAKE SO I. I quickly looked on Ebay and seesaw. Like what a played condition because like they didn't look in very good condition. Sure that was. You know what you get for stuff like that so I went in and I I was like all right. It looks like played condition so I went on ebay played condition roughly about forty fifty bucks so I said regardless I sell the chart. I'm positive and then I get the the excitement of looking through all these cards so I get I get it. I opened it up. And it's like it's so hard to explain the excitement. I got out of it. Because it's like you know used to play yu-gi-oh at one point. I'm familiar with magic and it's like seeing a lot of old cards that I played with in the past you know and I'm like looking through everything and it's like some some of these cards are from bay. Set some of these cards or from sun and moon so like I was just like I don't know what to expect. And I just see holographic after Holographic I found ancient mu two team rocket Charge CARDS TO BAY set to Char's The second one of both the charges are The charges are based at to the second one actually had like somebody's like name written on the back so I'm like oh great just like such a waste you know. It's like come on the other one. The other team rocket chart wasn't in the best condition. So it's like I made up for it for the other two but I also found a be set mu to They set to polygraph a Meta Grosse G. Rex from power keepers and. It's like that that that cards in pretty good condition That one was like of like the highlight. 'cause I did see something like Super Sparkley Underneath one of the GIO cards and I was like again. I'm taking a chance. I don't know what it is. That card could be stuck together. I don't even know But all in all I got a ton of hits like there's just a bunch of holographic and rare cards from older sets that aren't that bad in condition I got a legendary her legendary collection. Basically the reverse hollow but that crazy pattern on that card it makes it worth like roughly around twenty dollars. Wow so so. I'd say I definitely get some hits. I'm GONNA keep that because those are rare sure but it was so exciting. And it's then there was a bunch of little pokemon toys to and the so all in all you say you said. You Pay Twenty Bucks for this. Yeah what do you think it rough estimate of what you possibly landed all combined? I don't know the yu-gi-oh cards are worth. But I know some of them that are holographic or like ultra rare is that are actually in decent condition. Okay with all those combined. Just forget I mean again not. Everything's in like the greatest conditions for so we're talking played condition for most of these things. probably sixty seventy five bucks somewhere around that and it's like some small things like a hidden gem in there was a like a trainer card pokemon communication from Heart goal silver like. I love that that art love that card and Arkell silver cards are hard to find So like for me. That was like a highlight. Even though it's just like a common card right so you took a chance. You feel like you paid off. Yes okay all right will it will once I sure but I mean just knowing so I mean it's worth it was an enjoyable experience overall the seemed like It worked out. Yes that's all it matters. Meant all the matters. Sometimes I mean I still look for like sky lenders and stuff but yard sales season's coming. Well maybe please. Please put out your pokemon cards people. Maybe I don't know if I want people come into my house now. I know right now me me. I'll just be like. Yeah you're I'll I'll take it if it there's pokemon cards in there. I'll it I guess some Pokemon Cards Adam you did I did. I was not expecting not I know so. One of the things I got is actually going to be our question of the week for next week k. But I got my first ever structure deck of ood. It is the cinder race okay. Is there a theme Instructor Deck? No we're technically the same good So it's the Senate race theme deck From the Sword Shield Collection I have not opened it. I mean I opened the packaging but I have not opened the deck of cards. I haven't looked through anything yet So next week I want to go through the deck and I want you to kind Guide me as to the cards that are in the deck and you know just Kinda give an overview of what I'm looking at. Okay okay okay. So that's next week. That's one of the things. I got this week Adams. Since the last time we talked I did get an elite trainer. Box for the rebel clash sets the beautiful copper. Raja on the front. I have not opened that yet either. Sitting there waiting to be opened and enjoy just sitting there just sitting there. It's been so hard at him because I wanted my very first. Pack of rebel clash should opened on the show. But it's not coming from Adam. Where's it coming from you ask? It's coming from that. Cool nifty. Little box had the little statue of the three starters. Goodness got it had to I saw when I was doing some grocery shopping. I had to have it. It's that statute is too cute plus the PK truecard. It's amazing. And they know. It only comes with to rebel clash packs. I'm okay with it. The statue itself was worth it for me so that being said I have one of those packs from that box. Four packs to rebel clash one siege. In one something else I think out here doesn't matter. So yeah okay Sorta shield rebel clash package opening up with the Senate race on the front. Let's see how the first pack of rebel lash goes from the Adam? Better go good. I hope so. I hope so because this tournament coming up. That people might be participated. We give away the first coat guard. Six four in k. g. m. g. x t x Z. Four M. Hopefully that helps you. The government I Pack Water Energy. We have a BA- wear speed energy special energy and eleven's pellicer address. God Book so much so dumb I love it. Magma Galeria and Yan mask circuit a stuffy a reverse hollow ELECTA. Buzz and the rare is a non holographic but still absolutely gorgeous nine tails. Ooh Terry. It's pretty guard. It is it's gorgeous. Yeah the fuller for the Visa Card. Oh my God that one's done has vr. That's awesome thank. Yeah it's it's fantastic. There's a pack I pack. I'll keep you posted on how the other ones go. I'll save one for next week to all right. Well I'll give out a quick coach. Carter my own sword and shield nine nine w ours the M nine nine seven. B Z ARE D. Good lighters right all right so just a little housekeeping real quick. This podcast is powered by Patriot. You can check out at Patriot dot com slash pokemon professor. We can support the show for as little as a dollar month. That dollar is going to get you. Access to our patron exclusive discord which is fantastic place filled with antastic people and if. Patriot isn't your thing. There are some other ways. You can help us out. If you're listening to a son Youtube you can subscribe and hit the notification bell and listen to US via podcasts. Service like apple podcasts. Stitcher Just take a moment lease review your greatly appreciate it and then also check out our T- player link in the description on our website. Pretty much anywhere all right. Let's get into the car Josh. All right let's do it. Okay Carter. The week is glaring. Incur Sola from rebel clash seventy nine at a one ninety two. It has a hundred points to stage one it evolves from Galeria of course la It has a an attack for one psychic one Carlos. It's called corner sixty damage during your next door. The defending mom can't retreat double week too dark resistance by thirty two fighting and Not Too much else. I mean it's got to retreat caused. It's an okay pokemon weird to call it dead. It's dead coral go. It's a it's just more coral so it's got this weird ability okay. In the last time we saw this ability was on Ganger from storm front. Oh Okay and we'll get we'll get there in a minute. It has an ability that says if this POK MON is in the actor spot and is knocked out by damage from an opponent's attack flip a coin if heads the attacking pokemon is knocked out. What what exactly. So there's a fifty percent chance that the attacking pokemon gets knocked out also and the worst part is is that it's actually like a scary. Yes you can use bosses order to get around it but still like now you're curse La is also knocked out right like it doesn't like when knocked out. Okay yeah so I mean you could play this where you could put like spell tag so they knock you out and if you don't get heads he still at least put four damage counters somewhere. What that is crazy man? It honestly it is crazy regardless of how much damage they have. It's just not correct wild. It is nothing out. We'll take a prize to progress. The game sure. But that's that's how winning a game of Hokum on you have to take prize cards no but my goodness unless you can suddenly make your your non decked-out deck into Adecco deck against your opponent. They're just GonNa hit you for sixty consistently incredible or maybe not even that. Maybe they hit and run with it or just about these hit and run Hitmen Chan and bring that up. Oh you knock that out and then you also get knocked out. If you can't not get one shot like what God. Okay so just four. We've seen this before And it was broken Back in the day it was called Champion Gondar The champ. They're both staged on the Said for one fighting. It said it is forty damage in if the pokemon than it's attacking isn't an evolved pokemon it automatically knocks it out now in this timeframe they were pokemon called. Sp pokemon okay and they were basically like e x g XS like there were basics that could level up So you'd have like a level like thirty six luxury and then it's like you play luxury level ex and it would have like this crazy ability that did basically bosses order. Okay So you'd have decks like that and you'd have to find a way to get around and now keeping my most of those decks had stuff like Croat g which had the same ability as zigzag June and one from the From certain shield. Replace IT DOWN. Take ten only. We had a card called POLKA. Turn Kinda like scoop up net racquets bring that back over and over and over again so that being said this gang. Gar has fainting spell with the same exact ability and it was so annoying. Typical Poltergeist. 'cause it is goes But it also had shout Arom Put three damage counters. One of your pokemon if that pokemon has an ability or Polka power Put six damage counters on that pokemon instead. Wow and there were like it was tough to beat this deck tech. Had like the outs to like if it couldn't win because you could evolve some stuff it would bring out the guard. Just keep hitting you with chatroom until basically it got heads and could win the game that way right at this. I remember the states that I came in third like this was the deck that beat me so this ability hasn't been in the game since this card. I I believe how yeah. This was ten years ago. I mean I don't know one hundred percent if it's been reprinted in another card but I'm pretty sure it has not so. Is this going to be a game changer? Like the GINGRAS. I think gang are had a little bit more going for it. Okay I mean it was a stage two and back then that was easily done I mean there is a lot of psychic support but it's attack isn't that great only does sixty and then they can't retreat which I don't know that attack might be devastating like if you don't have a switch or something in hand you're stuck and you're tag team or via card is stuck in the active it kind of forces your hand a little bit. Well I'm curious to see how this plays out. Yeah I it's just that one car that like I don't WanNa see it. Yeah no matter even even if like the person is just playing like a four four of it just to be obnoxious and like I don't want to see this card because I could lose my game on on a stink in coin flip rights so it's GonNa be the way you see people have like a psychic decker. You'll be like Oh God there's fricking curse Lynn. There don't bring that crisslow curse it's a I'm I'm curse forever Okay well the go kart. School Looking Carve Weird Pokemon? It is. It's it's a beautiful guards. Though T H to be honest he be h indeed. Well thank you for enlighten me. I like the the throwback to the to the old card. That's cool. Well I I like to keep it interesting. Also that gamblers frigging beautiful as well. Yeah no it. It was awesome. Yeah I think it's still a ten dollar car during now. So it's like Coleman. Hey Josh you get anything else. Oh you're going to tell us about your professor. You're judged Oh yes that's the whole reason you guys are here. You're like what Adam failed so I had. I had everything ready you know. I said I'm GONNA take today. I want to study in the just GonNa do whatever it can to make sure that pass us. Yeah and I had all like the rules open. I had I had written down like all the notes like I duNNo. I just took a lot of notes while reading and I thought I had this. You know a have a decent amount of knowledge And I kinda came into it and like I messed up on like the Dome like the one that I. I knew that I got a lot of them right. I know that I got a lot of them right. I was like man I got this. This is easy and the ones that we're like. No brainers are the ones that got wrong because they were so no brainers that over over thought them like one says Something about you know like An ability like What is it like like air doses area in drag off things so it's like choose one of your parents bench pokemon bringing up the new ACTA? Pokemon is now poison the sleep if it said like Oh. Your opponent doesn't have any bench pokemon so what happens and I'm like well you can't use that attack because you have nothing on the bench. You can't attack for nothing but in my head. It's you can't play a card for no effect. You can still attack so I messed up myself on that one. So it's like there was a couple of other ones but it was really nice to see that there were updated Questions like they were they were talking about like Sacramento and Pika to tag team. It was like Oh cool like something. I'm very familiar with but yeah basically I just. I didn't get enough to pass. Well it's not the worst thing in the world atom right and it's like it just means that I have to Kinda just Kinda like Baluchi gap just I think you you. You try so hard. Yeah you over thought it you know it was probably because I was so like I gotta pass this for the podcast. You know like like not out of like my heart like wanting to do it and it's like I wanted to do it period. It's just like I knew I had to get it done something and you don't. Yeah you know your stuff you just gotTa go from Your Gut Man. You got this. You can't do it again. You'RE GONNA pass it one hundred percent. Yeah I got this. I'M GONNA do it do it for me. I'll do a free no do it for you. I'll do it for you for me. And you and you and in perfect well. I am glad that you're not too sad about it. Took a couple of days to kind of figure out your and that's Okay. I mean yeah I will say that I closed my laptop and the next time I opened it like the Hayden. Pass thing was still come on. Come on. You couldn't have just but I was like so upset that I failed is like no but I'll just get it next time. You know the top about pay. This is it's like it's all a journey. It's learning experience. Nine a high feel right and Josh is the new with all the like the card knowledge and stuff in playing games and here I am like I'm experienced player on the new Professors y'all got somewhere Adam. It's okay but we're GONNA make it happen. I'll make a professor at if you yet. Moulin started like playing in my head. Sure I'll make a professor at a you know too much. Wrap it up. We got alright. Alright thank you guys so much for sticking around if you made it this far please send us an email at Info at special condition. Dot Com says voicemail texts picture seven three two eight hundred five eight six three nine. Remember trains if you're affected by special edition. Don't forget to use a full he`ll.

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