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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of watch what happens live with me Andy Cohen and she makes an amazing pie and he's the master of smokey Hi it's with Patti Labelle and Boy George now eastern time make sure you're subscribed have a great rusty or not for cancer research tonight that just happened please welcome Georgia again funk Alex Ross guys are so talented I love your clothes so cool it's very they later on tonight's below deck charter gas brandy continued to struggle this is a doozy the crew had to jump into Action Watch you've only met one other time boy George said in the eighties at the Apollo I mean that's quite an iconic place to meet someone the you've loved thing night here's a pop icon with a career as colorful as his signature hats he just performed with Ms Fatty at the Angel Ball Fundraiser for Gabriel's Angel Foundation Thirty Oh you just turned thirty okay good all right let's get started I found out before the show that the two of you have only previous to performing tonight Jevon yes always say patty is my sister but I mean wow I like this we don't know what could happen there's like eighteen street where it's amazing it's tied I it's everywhere check out their pop up store in New York Thursday and Friday from online ceramics please welcome my friends allies and being carried off a medical emergency and they're just not letting it ruin their lives don't feel sorry for it can't you take a picture of us us here actually yes by the bar they are two designers who started collaborating when they were nineteen they become the leaders in creating grateful dead inspired all right next up shady pipe is one famous snack of a man that you wouldn't mind taking a fight out of me since I getting into music and then you know she knows who I am I do you know who I was I think it's a gender to have you thanks and you're here for a big night I mean we got Patty and George yes exactly are you guys even twenty five yet Davis pies which are available at Walmart by the way along with their whole suite of frozen foods tonight and more infamous by making a stop in the clubhouse here with burning questions says the music legend remains without question but she has inspired us to ask Lulu Kushtia of add more please welcome the Godfather God your questions for Batty and Boy George coming in but before we can get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is putting me in the mood for one patties odd boy George how do you feel about J. Lo and Shakira headlining the super bowl halftime show that'd be sizzling any advice to Megan marks how some water brand new hey brandy tanner and Brian are gonNA shoot a Kayak now news medical attention she needs it we're gonNA take you to the boat rift between Princes William and Harry what do you think is going on their show I thought it was a little bit shocking he said it publicly right my brother's driving Zits Shady Shady five get ready I'm gonNA take a slice out patty ooh doug mother of twins I ever got Joe and this is a gel explosions tonight just album with no expletives it's short people are upset by how short it is well I think that you can still make things alone have swab may come and go but one thing remains boy George having strong opinions on all things pop culture I'm going to run through some current events and get your take in around a pop culture all right okay she by shady whatever have you ever gotten baked of you ever gotten there's instead of just saying the best thing about working with them I want you to literally sing their praises for me okay I'm pushing it Sagen island I need every piece of Info brand new possibly get Lia wow rockwell rockwell too shaved questions for you shady fi what's your first question for Ms Fatty do think Rumer Willis deserve to win your season of dancing with the stars Heck yes in public I love them you Taylor Swift's outrage at her masters being sold into the hands of our enemy who's your celebrity crush no I don't have really I really your idea I know Sam I really make my guests dance okay how do you Lebel Prince can you sing something praise f-full about Fred's when devs voice was attracted to that all right all right thank shady pa Tom Johnson born a star is born a Sam Sam Rockwell we can stars the boys brother he was go about dealing with the British tabloids just ignore them don't try and sue then that just makes them more angry there's been a lot of media speculation about an alleged Cindy lauper Ooh she gives me true curl your goddaughter do you were there okay with your voice dancing yes yes kimberly what's your question Hi yes my question is for Patty I what was your reaction to the rolling stones the list of the one hundred ooh that's an interesting subject all artists I think and I don't know what to think about the deal how do you feel about Kanye west new album becoming a religion take time I'm your host to Andy Cohen and the rubble clubhouse to music luminaries lighting up the clubhouse I get let by I guess status Naomi Campbell throwing eggs at George Michael's van back in the day because she was a culture club fan I didn't ever hear that story I've never had a good one three medics here he may have cool shoe young she's kicking up slightly there fred creative singers of all time aretha was number one Whitney's on it you're on it obviously if I was on and I'm happy who megadeal emailed him either of you made love to your own music every time I sing love to Mow music me like I never met Sam you never met him at night you did it I work with him but I've never met him oh my really someone giving you accomplish that so here's what Patio Boy Georgia time to complement your virtuosity with a little virtue. I'm going to list off some of your past collaborate Elton John whatever everything every no I I'm in love with me Brian Carey Gosh you wrong when you look inside your heart seem like she didn't say hello to you would you walk by it seemed like it it was online it seemed like she snubbed you or something she really did not think she was going through our illness at the come to my house we're going to go over my back in the day moves when I was singing with the rethought and all of the things are back in the daytime so she wants me auto rows we want rents go to worry from Queens say cory what your question gotTa Get away and let them do their thing but when you're you singing with her what do you do see just saying this seizing out I mean that's what we do we have the Mike later the key to singing onstage with the Retha Franklin is what because because you both have voices where typically other singers might be like okay I gotta get a even do the sun outside you really never gotten stone you never taken off the joint yeah yeah yeah no I haven't no the recording again thank you very got we're GonNa take a quick vote in California which is difficult I just say the wrong things at the right time six let's go to Sabrina from Seattle. Hey Sabrina what's your question he andy my questions for Boy George Guy High what has three children got plenty on you feel about aretha being number one she should be in the world George we got tags from someone named Sam g saying what did you allowed never really fell out with the gentleman it was like a series of incidents where we kinda just never managed to get close it wasn't that we we have unconscious it reminded her of our favorite moment in nineteen ninety-six when she was performing at the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony leaders I am sorry to say disoriented bunch is missing again and it's up to both my guests to find them Patty we're going to have you put these remote is on go over to the right I mean he's saying about the doves was just so positive but they were crime too so I just love his insane it all right about the next season of real housewives that really hills and have you met the new housewives something and Carcelle yet not the new ones but I've been encouraging read just take it to the next level and just Biz you to help her with this movie by giving her some impo and that's my baby girl nominal so you said with the win Oh many times uncoupling without any decision for me of us but I've always been a massive found her records yes I was measured like someone's records the is not fourteen and she was always beautifully kids still off but then you know you knew something was GonNa Happen for both of US interesting swear to make your point thank you very much sweeter sound to gus voices unless it's any time you read on stage with her we did a few shows together I think there was a White House you did I remember that because I asked you about that because Paul George Hi Okay my question is have you ever resolve your feud with Madonna and what you think of her decision to play tomorrow theaters with no cellphones include no no I never I was talking to which was right but never reef I would have been so an aunt president I know God Dang it all it's close it's close if you're in a rush aw which she's been sick for a while and right really knew so she was snapping at people but not particularly me. I don't think my feelings were hurt but I I really understood it's actually felt at the time you know you're GonNa be treated what you felt at the time she was in what are your first music yeah she was she was in Ultimo full you know she's about fourteen that's did you meet her George ever meet never met him she's yeah let's go to Patrick from Texas Hey Patrick what's your question unscreened your background singers are going to appear in various locations behind you just head on over there boy George you sit next to each other I think it's time for my day goes to some of the amazing celebrity Halloween costumes from this weekend Kylie Jenner or BFF. Ed You're not supposed to be if you go for it go way out grazing is respectful it's amazing great singers of respect for each other things and they know what they shouldn't did you ever sing with the reader six Jesus thank you thank you Ms Patty we just had a really sweet moment all right let's go where are these background singers now where the ball drops on New Year's Eve in a line now landon no the presence at their faces etched into the stone like the president's had their faces in this certain visual illusion of course I mean the fact that we can't see your dependences incredible tonight goes to the Zoo to models who are indefinitely by the MLB for flashing Astros Pitcher Garrett call again five of the world series I've a feeling of MLB players cups were feeling quite snug around that time show on Thursday night I'm bringing Jimmy Fallon for his for his first boy George you have a new project coming up swear swear right this is a place where they put drills your mouth and they number astacio dressed as Britney and Madonna during their infamous kiss while baby stormy dressed in her mom psychotic Gabrielle Union addresses bring it on character with their Ashley Monaco next month no you paint it's kind of a little bit more intense pain it's aw I want you to collaborate Jack elaborate with gladys gladys was amazing I mean you know it says sausage adviser who wrote my even with her way aided hitchcock and he's writing his wit right now and what it's going to be about specifically I can't tell you do you think of Jennifer Hudson will be playing Franklin in a bio-pic then giving her any type of playing has you know she called me like a month ago she performer Patti Angel fundraiser and also behind the bar we have the guys from online ceramics Alex during the commercial break the whole audience and Patty were singing Karma Chameleon back and boy I'd say what you said I said if you tell you and I was like fifty one dollars everybody else out did you ever get blowback at that time for singing too big at the time I did you did it never diminished me it did it made me sing hard made me think about I mean there were these times and it may have been at that Apollo there were times where you would come out at these shows and you would blow everybody in the foreigner song i WanNa know what love is you came out and you really went for it in a significant way a- as to their whereabouts if we can get seven locations corrected sixty seconds you both win you're going to get your clues there I'm going to tell you about a specific thing that I remember that just popped into my mind number everything no this was in the eighties Diana Ross was leading water who ultimately won Halloween was Beverly Hills Housewife Sorretto who looked incredible and j.lo's iconic green the DPW sitters is take a bold I don't drive take down the lane and you not some things and but was that a real thing was she upset that you went so big you don't know okay all right I just I five cheeses in this Mac and cheese I want to take Pattie Boyd George Patties won't be a family Christmas is on the Hallmark Channel December twenty it was real real good at the time I feel like the media was trying to make something like Oh Diana was pissed that she was were you on the same circuit at all the same circuit and the thing is supremes ended up getting Cindy Birdsong who was in micro yes and that was a one of those moments as a really could you can put them on me no I just let him on when you got there okay George come sit next to me and you sociable I gotTa tell you we were talking during the show about singing with a refund I said to you you have such a big voice in your voice is so iconic and what do you do when you said just saying and thinly over a period then you know what there's a kind of respect though you know nine she fascinates all right well listen you guys it's aim last night patty was in I am still with Cindy moving from us to them I was proud of Cindy. Let's go to chuck from Ohio Chuck what's your question Oh hello graphic quite simple conceptual allow very cool that's in Monaco and Monaco you ernest work you did in the eighties when I'm sure it wasn't a popular thing to do so it was palm and asking because I was watching it on TV and I was into it we're all performance yes and you have the to me what were before the bodyguard okay they said the Dalai Oh yes I wanna do that song honey before I can say really yes it was in the movie and Whitney killed it well and my question though is Do you ever regret turning down singing I will always love you before Whitney Houston sang it was that song offered to you partner Sir George Diana Ross performed upside down and Ross dam up says worry that night not saying not everyone was there everyone God it was your gums and they do horrible things drills Hush Dennis address this is to get your car license he got no choice but Dolly Parton and I have planned patio going to sing that song next wow right right by bogut there t-shirt pop up stores on thirty first and November first at one seven to Allen Street in the East village I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys at the dead Well my question is for Ms Lebel I I WANNA say I'm a big fan also I wanNA thank you for all of your AIDS and let's go to Natalie from Iowa Natalie what's your question hi Andy the question is for Boy George what do you think about John's does this did you read his book I haven't yet but I will yeah excited about it I mean I think there's lots of stalls yeah around the Galaxy's full of them have you sung with Gaga I would like to see that you did what did you do together over the Ramo she hired me for Sarah she called and said I'm with this Supreme Cindy did I said okay good you're making more money than you could make with us right now so I I every generation has never imagine seeing him with Glenn there's nothing to drink country inches also jumping on like girl so wow I have not done it since Whitney but I plan to put into my show one day I would like but I was so happy that when he got that song and it just went light or anything no did you ever sing with Whitney I think we did that was my girlfriend I think we did seem together yeah what but we were together warmest New York and I say over the rainbow she came out and finished it with me wow that's my yes call cindy listed with our thoughts of somebody trying to say something negative whatever you take that you should never let there be on your bucket just don't think about it before and keep I'm saying why they big and this one you resent that you didn't have the power of motown behind you because the blue bells were not on thank you you're welcome other than crenshaw with legendary thing you witness Okay Robin from Texas actually do have one more call for Boy George. What's your question Robin Hi Andy Hi Patty your view brother-in-law caught up with or yeah you famously kind of connected with Diana Ross that night were there other people that you reconnected with Tina Turner or no tall no we weren't at motown where our town yes you sing you sing and you don't have to be around certain label anything with Diana Ross I was proud of her ever sing with Whitney no tonight and now let's go to you what I saw her do the song anytime she was at Oakland Legend we love talking about the Legends Ball Dude Yes yes those legendary thing you witnessed or anyone that you aw had the biggest crush on you growing up boy George and Ios at what did and because this tells you were in the Blue Bells and she was in the supremes

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