Brown Sound (Entry 158.MT1517)


Hello, I'm Kevin Pollack. Yes, that Kevin Pollack. What's that? I did save room for pie. Thank you. And may I offer you a slice of my new comedy podcast? It's called alchemy this. What the heck is that you ask? Well, easy on the custom. I've carefully handpicked five Larry's improvisers and each episode I set the scene and the comedy gold fills your life with undeniable joy. Alchemy this drops October eighteenth be the first to yell at your friends about Kevin Pollack's new comedy podcasts exclusively from how stuff works. On many more. And. This message we are Ken Jennings and John Rodrick we speak to you from our present, which we can only assume as your distant past, the turbulent time that was the early twenty first century during the great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization, we began this monumental reference of strange and obscure human knowledge. These recordings represent our attempt to compile and preserve wonders and esoterica that would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening from an advanced civilization or just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions, this is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule. This is the honest bus. You have accessed and tree one, five, eight dot Mt. One, five one, seven certificate number four, two, nine, six, four. Brown sound. It was like it was like somebody was actually drumming on my chest and it was really intense. And the other thing was when you speak, oh, I could feel that just breathing. Those are still really long wavelengths. And so it is actually physically moving air in and out of your lungs as you breathe. What do you think the loudest sound you've ever heard? Can you think back on onto your life? And remember when you heard a sound so loud that you were uncomfortable. Was that a raven show the ravens Keno those guys Danish Danish Dutch Danish? It's the same country, pretty sure day Dane. From Holland Danish? Let's see. I, I remember the raven nets quite well, and I think they were. I'm going to say Dane, raven nets. It's going to be pain. Good job. You have control of the Ford. So they have kind of this dreamy kind of beautiful harmony sound, but then like really like droning loud kind of my body kind of guitar gone on and on the record. It's just such a relaxing. Listen, I got show up at the show at the crocodile with now. Your plugs are anything. Just thinking it's going to be an ambient. I'm going to be swaying like I've never swayed before getting your happy Mondays on a door, a state of wake sleep. Instead. It is this sonic assault, and I stood in multiple parts of the room and it was insanely loud everywhere. And I had just been led to believe that I would not need to bring production. I'm too old for this sort of thing. You were led to believe that or you just assumed you wouldn't believe by my own MRs. Sumptious. Right. So I'm sure I've heard I've, I've been near a helicopter or a plane or something that was louder or maybe just the silence after a failed joke. That's so loud. I've never actually happened to me, but I've seen it happen to others. So comforted, but you were experiencing what you low notes rather than the shrieking highs loud notes, loud, high pitched notes, like a jet engine, having a very different affect on one then then it's true. I was much more of our kind of a rumble right well, so that rumble affect that low low reverberate pitch that affects you bodily. What was that? I just had a very low low rumbling. I hope that made it onto the microphone that was well timed well place. It was actually our producer check asking about our on boarding call. Really? He's he's concerned, oh, I thought maybe you were sort of playing out our biblical quote for this episode through your own corpus, but that affect that you felt of the low frequency reverberating kind of within your within your body, right? You're not here. It's not loud so much in your ears, although it is that. But also you were feeling it as a as a cresting wave and that physical effect has inspired people over many years to imagine that there's a sound, a low sound, low frequency that at a significant enough volume could actually do damage to the human body. And is this kind of, is there evidence for this or is this kind of magical? Thinking like because there's a tradition in storytelling that there are certain sounds. That will accomplish certain things, whether it's Alibaba, saying, open sesame, or do you know the lost chord the the song by Sir, Arthur Sullivan of governance ullivan. It's about a guy playing on his piano and he suddenly accidentally hits an amazing sound that just transports him mystically, and spiritual. It's, it sounds like a great Ahmen and then he can never recapture that moment of bliss that he found. I feel like that happens every time I sit at the piano tinker around and then it's like I- -ccomplish an amazing amend and then I go to record it and it doesn't sound like an Ahmen, but is it because you don't remember it? No. All had the exact same corden. The men is just not there because I feel like this, which by the way was the hugest hit of the Victorian era. This is uptown funk or the song of the summer eighteen eighty five. This is huge. It's just a song about a forgetful guy and is it in the sheet music the an attempt to create this, this magic true tricky to write the tricky to write the music for a mystical cord. That probably doesn't again talking about gas leading. It's like you're sitting at the piano like, oh, it's coming. It's coming, not happening, not the song will not contain the loss court or wouldn't be lost anymore. But there has been throughout history right? Sound played a role in warfare. You've got the Israelites blasting their trumpets of Jericho. That's right. So the walls actually fall down the walls fall down according to the bible. And are we thinking this is actually some kind of wave former there are there you would know better than I, whether or not the bible was literal truth? What I'm seeing is are there like a and e. specials about the science behind Jericho? No, I think it's generally accepted that it was just some loud trumpet playing that scared, scared people behind the walls. But then warfare has always used every means that their disposal including. Menacing beating of drums, blaring horns, shouting. I mean, there's been a sonnet component that is usually meant to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Wonder how recently there were drummer's drummer in every company because that's also kind of a. It's the same as drummer in a band. Everybody knows what to do at what time and drummer could communicate over vast distances and communicate maneuvers right of troops. What if your whole company get slaughtered at Shiloh or whatever? Because the drummer sped up or the drummer started to do something a little funky swing into it and you're like, what am I supposed to do now? But it's true in an era before electron of communication you could only communicate with if you were commander, communicate with large numbers of troops, either through flags or runners or most efficiently through drum guy with a drum practice. I don't understand the fife. I mean, that makes clear why you have the drought sure why you need the second guy with the fife is just the drummer being like this needs something man. Well, there weren't that many instruments that were loud enough to get over the top of a drum. Like if you had a saxophone player, I instrument get clogged dirt, right? A fife is very simple instrument guy like cleaning his read. That weird thing is now trying to get his oboe to like soften-up. You don't have to worry about. I'm brochure when there's bullets whizzing by your head and an acoustic guitar just wouldn't be like. That's antiwar material. Exactly. That's for when you're in a unitarian church. So you're saying the the five is very high, pick? It's high pitched it's loud and the pitch matters ride because drums are typically, I mean, snare drums in particular, pretty high frequency, pitches matter, John all pitches matter. But then based drum very low and low notes travel much further, our resident of greater distance because their way the wave form that they make through the air is a longer fatter wave, and it takes it takes longer to develop an travels further distances. I don't know if I believe your theory about the fight because the fife for five, five is the five hundred communicating anything, or is he going to imagine he could probably be like. It seems like he's just playing jonky tune. Well, when was the last time you went into battle with a revolutionary war era arm. Maybe you need a Johnny tune. Yeah, maybe that's what it takes to get. Men ready. I bet you if you were commanding a large group of troops on a battlefield like that you would use every means at your disposal including the fife. That's right. There were bagpipes, right? No, wrong -absolutely. There've been a piper out on a certain kind of Keltec or pick this battle. Well, I think there were bagpipes even. Bagpipe a still in UK formations. Maybe not in battle, but I think in World War Two, there were still people playing the bagpipes. Isn't there a famous special forces guy who played the bagpipes and fought with a bow and arrow and World War Two. That'll be another omnibus. John Rambo, I think John remember the part in Rambo three where he's got the bagpipes and Afghantistan well, there's that time in Rambo to where he blows up an entire waterfall with one bow and arrow, but no bagpipe no, he did not have a bagpipe. That's rowdy. Roddy piper. You're thinking. They live and can. To do both were sunglasses. No, right. That's Cobra. Okay. Never mind. But the Brown sound Brown Brown's. We've mentioned it here at twelve minutes into the show. This is I'm trying to trying to shore and we can break for lunch. Tighten up our show. We always say around. Does it take to. I think it might be, what am I? I think in singing in the rain. Have you seen singing in the rain? Of course the macguffin of the movie is sound film. They're all silent film actors who have to learn to talk for real right. Like this happen to realize a lot of actors did not make the transition and Gish at turned out had a. I want. Darling, I love you. They'll talk Godfried apparently. So there's a scene where they're all getting vocal training, and I think there's this kind of large woman and she keeps trying to get Jean Hagen shrill voiced romantically to use a wrong sounds. And of course. Sounds. So I think that's why we need to say. Sloane, the role, an art, but I cannot I cannot curl my tongue. And my tongue is a very. I would say inarticulate instrument should be the most articulate. It should part of your body. Right? Well, it's one of the perhaps. One of the reasons that I that I have difficulty with transliteration, different pronunciations. You're not a professional vocalist and broadcast, but you know you as a professional rock vocalist you are not asked to imitate anything else. You can just make your own sounds and people accept them. You can just go. And people go, he's got a really distinctive vocal sound. I feel like there must be rock vocalist who could roll a good are. There are plenty Freddie Mercury. I have something called a geographic tongue, which is. You have a geographic tongue. Geographic tone is a kind of tongue. So your tongue just leaves your mouth and explores the Amazon and the Arctic, it's really wonderful. My tongue has a little pith helmet and it. It's Drake's out no trying to convert the natives to the long winters. Yeah, we ends up with shrunken head on post. That's what happens to every geographic I've ever known what is geographic tongue. It's something called glut Seitis or migratory gloss site is it's just it's a condition where my tongue swells up under different when I eat different foods and it has my tongue has fissures in it. And this is why it's called geographic is your tongue looks like a land form. It does. It has a lot of a lot more surface area than normal person's tongue because it has deep canyons in it and and it's I wanted to Google earth of your tongue. It's a fatter tongue, and it doesn't. I can't curl it or do other little tricks with it, but like I can't guy your tongue. So it's kind of splotch iw. What what would you say that outline of it is supposed to look like? Do you see the the fishers Fisher down the middle on the side? You can't say this, which is your lucky honestly, if I but it's got a light colored spots in the middle island or continent. This splashing, this is part of the condition and it migrates. It's it's a different. I was about to say, what country do you think your your splotches for them? But it's a different splotch everyday? Yeah, my tongue changes, shape and constituency, and it has splotches that come and go on the side like the heavens. Yeah, that's right. That's right. It's I have a Milky Way in my mouth. I love to have my mouth. But this. Really irritated and my tongue. Sometimes we'll swell up to the point that I it's very uncomfortable. I have to stop eating. I have to kind of just wait for it to subside. Can you do this? No, I cannot do that thing where you curl your tongue to. I can't do that. I can't. Have you ever seek? I can't do any. Here's the thing where people can do some weird origami. Double you out. It looks like an orchid Georgia O'Keefe painting or something? No tummy is basically if you took a cowl liver and you cut it a long ways with a knife multiple times, and then I'm with you in my mouth. You lost except sometimes actually because I also have very big nipples, tiny nipples, but I have big. What are the potential tastebuds? Right. Really big, taste buds. They're like, and they will individually get swollen. It's not the greatest, but it's also not the worst. It's just what I've always had. It used to when I was a little kid, it would freak people out, but then I think there are enough people that understand what geographical here, the upsides as I understand it, you freak people out. That's all sometimes have to stop eating. Yep, you cannot roll your ours. Can't roll my RS glee or do any of the cool tongue. Things that people do. That doesn't seem to be a ton upside. I also can't do the like super good dad whistle where you put two fingers in your mouth and go, okay, I can't do that either, but I think it's just like I haven't put my mind to. I feel that I felt like that for a long time until I realized whatever you need to do with your tongue in that situation. I can't do what my dad's dad whistle is, and I think it's a Korean taxi whistle. So he wanted us increase you pinch your Laura, inhale, sharply. So you inhale are the next and it's really shrill Pfeiffer on Lexington and concord or whatever. Like cuts over every crowd in gang them town. And you're trying to get a cab, right? Or if you're my dad at the county fair trying to get his kids trying to wrangle his kids. That's what I want that whistled to do. I want to be able to communicate long this. My sister can do it, and it freaks me out that because she'll gather her kids this way. Right? Because she's got twenty eight children right. And I have nothing like that. No, I have to call them text them basically. That's my taxi whistle. I can do normal whistles pretty loud like I can go. Whistling has some tongue. So you've learned to overcome your handicap well, or. I think it isn't a handicapped when it comes to whistling. That's the life I can do lots of Johnny whistles. I can do whistles that aren't Jonty to can do sinister whistles, but I won't won't do. I would like to hear what you think do. Won't do it on the show. I don't want to scare. The rest of the show should just be, you know, I'm going to continue to talk about the Brown sound, which is a legendary sound. There was speculation that as we have the technology to make extremely loud, extremely low sounds because the range of human hearing is not the range of sonic capability, right? We know that whales communicate over great distances by making low frequency sounds lower than the human ear can perceive. We can hear frequencies between about twenty Hertz and about twenty kilohertz on the spectrum seems pretty good. It's pretty great, but there are thousands of Hertz. There are sounds below twenty Hertz that Wales and. Elephants. Make sounds that infrasonic infrasonic sounds that we, it's one of the reasons or one of the ways we speculate animals can hear before happened or or in the case of the the giant tidal wave that affected southeast Asia, all the animals fled the area, and this is somewhat apocryphal, but but you get very good at predicting bad outcomes that start with a rumble start with the robot. And that's not all bad that things that can many of the bad things that haven't even in my life have not started with a dim distant rumble. That's right. Your first marriage ended, and there was no, there was no rumble associated with it that you could hear, but for a stampede say or at sue NAMI. Hi, I'm Beth Newell from reduction, and I'm Peter mcnerney from the story. Pirates parents comedian and the hosts of we knows parenting. That's true. But here's the thing. If we're being honest, we don't really know that much about parenting. We do have a two and a four year old and we've managed to keep them alive. But seriously, is there a right way to do this? Are you asking me, Peter? I know you don't know the. You don't know the, I got nervous there each week we unpack what we know and don't know about how to raise kids. Well, our kids, we've never met your kids. So really, I don't know what to tell you. You want expert opinions, child, psychology, cool, parenting, hacks. I'm sure there's a show for that each week on our show. We hear our personal parenting triumphs and failure and failures. Failures because we knows parenting is hard. Maybe you can relate. You can find. We knows parenting on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. So the earth is a much better medium for transmitting sound over long distances, them areas you ever. Do you ever use this in your music you ever just amp down to the ground at Stonehenge and just play a rock and solo. There are bands as you mentioned, the raven nets do it, and my bloody Valentine famously, but a lot of the British shoe gaze bands took this as part of their sound, put big, big sub, woofers, onstage, and then make this extremely loud sonic assault as as part of their as part of their show. Sounds that you couldn't protect yourself against with merely earplugs because it was hitting you in the chest. It was affecting how you it's true chest plug. I need one of those things that empires were basically, and this is being transmitted through the air. Like if those sounds were being transmitted through water, for instance, they would be much they would have a much greater effect on you much more violent affect if I had taken the revenue that's and drowned them in quicksand. Well, you both have to be in quicksand. You couldn't just drown them and then stand up above and it wouldn't be the same. You'd feel it in your feet. I laugh, but this is the thing we talk about when the navy does deep water testing of explosives or or sonar, the dolphins hate it in the whales hated the. They hated and they hated at great. It's affecting them at long distances and not just dolphins and whales. Conceivably, all see. Life is used to hearing sounds within a certain range and quite a bit deeper sounds than than we can here with our ears because the medium that the sound is being transmitted and Ken animals. Also higher sounds famously the thing about dogs could hear that little whistle at the end of sergeant Pepper's we even have the phrase dog whistle. Dog whistle is right, which is back in a distant time when we used to have to pretend not to be racist to achieve high office in America. You can. You can set your little dog with loud and only your followers understand what people in the south. No, what I'm saying. Air bar. It's urban problem, but now we don't have to. Now you can just be like it's the Jews basically and a big. I mean, it's not good. All your fans will be like it's awful, but a huge percentage of the country will be like, Yup, thank goodness. Someone is finally say telling it like it is there was a brief period between nineteen eighty nine. And now when you couldn't say that, and now we're back to being able to say good times, but dog whistles were a real thing right? Getting plenty of sounds above twenty kilohertz that a lot of animals can hear the young people can hear higher, sounds people have you heard about this thing where they'll, they'll broadcast, what do you call it? If it's too high, if it's not infrasonic ultrasonic or sonic broadcast ultrasonic sounds outside like convenience stores because the teens will be annoyed by them and leave maybe without even knowing why there is some I heard from a good friend in just last night. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine named Reggie pace who has a band called the no BS brass band was playing here. And Seattle. And he said that young people now are using ultra sonic sound generated by their phones to communicate with each other around grown-ups who can't hear the sound. I heard this. So they'll be sitting in class and they'll send little. To each other, and everybody will get it and they'll know Morse code. I mean, who knows? I can't hear it. I mean, the dress looks like it's golden white to me. I don't even know what this blue and black dress looks like. So that is true. But there's another phenomenon, a phenomenon called the home, which is in certain situations, like in there was a Bristol. There was a famous home house that people reported making them feel extremely uncomfortable. It was affecting their sleep it. It was causing irritation. They could hear this hum that was imperceptible to most people and could not be detected with instruments. Do you have any if it was high end or low end or well, so most of the time a low end sound this was more it was more frequently perceived by middle aged people. Young people could very rarely could hear it elderly people. Also it was mostly people in their forties that complained about the hum. Well, we've. About mass Steria on this show before we were talking about dancing entry about dancing, many, is it possible that that's one of the one of the one of the explanations is potentially that it's just mass hysteria, you know, the the human ear generates its own tone. Sometimes I hear tones all the time. What's going on in there just will happen for awhile her non. It's something that you're is doing within itself. Just some vibration that causes a tone. You're like, oh, what is that about? But those tend to be kinda mid range tones. My first exposure to infra is getting you off on a because I've heard about this thing about low sound, causing anxiety. They'll put it in movie scores or whatever, while and this is a, this is a very real thing. There was a a paranormal researcher by the name of victims handy who was in a laboratory and reported feeling. He saw out of the corner of his eye, a ghost and when he turned to look at, it was gone, but he felt a tremendous. Sense of supernatural unease and he because he was a researcher, he paranormal researcher doing a laboratory. You know, this guy was in his Dan, which is his laboratory, and that's why like, what are you doing out in the garage? Again, I told you to do that dishes waiting those Stella d'oro breakfast treats. No, it was as a laboratory and the next day after feeling this ghostly presence, he was working on his fencing foil within his laboratory. He was fixing his foil, his very well-stocked, paranormal advertised guy. I mean, you don't know what a paranormal researcher is going to be up to. I know you walk around your neighborhood swinging at goes with a sword, so apparently did you get it from the Scott? No, no. We were independently researching the paranormal. This covered the best way to do it with a fencing foil. Well, he don't use pay. He had his pay in a clamp and the the blades started vibrating violently and rather than suspected that it was a ghostly presence. This paranormal researcher used science kicked out of the club and determined that there was a fan within the building that was vibrate. Eating at eighteen or or very close to nineteen kilohertz arms are very close to nineteen hurts is the bottom end right? And it was creating this low oscillated that vibrated his sword, but that he was feeling bodily and he realized that a lot of the time though or rather that that low low notes like that and and vibrating at a certain oscillation can create a feeling of disease or unease within a person that is very close to the feeling of having a supernatural experience. It will like the human. I will start to vibrate and give you the appearance of cloudy forms in your periphery because the actually get visuals. You get visual hallucinations because the is vibrating at this sort of hallucinate, Tori oscillation. But also the effect within the body is one of not just like intestinal unease, but. Actually, it conveys a presence, an unearthly and ominous presence. I so I came across this as a kid and I thought it was made up. I was reading these kids, mystery novels kinda like like Hardie Boys, but a little better encyclopedia Brown. Yeah, it's about that era. The three investigators, I remember them. I didn't read them their three kids from southern California, and they're better. They're written by the gimmick is that Alfred Hitchcock is their benefactor. The real director, Alfred Hitchcock is interested in these kids and helps present their cases. I'm how. Which he's a fictionalized Hitchcock doesn't even make sense. Of course, as long as a Hollywood director is helping me and my middle school friends publicize our little mystery adventures. What's he doing? If you were going to have a newsletter, we're going to have a corpulent benefactor. Why not have Winston Churchill sure or get a newspaper editor are right arse. Right? Somebody writing for the daily planet anyway, but their ideas that having Hitchcock on their side is very big for these kids who live in a fictional suburb and in their very and it was written. I think by some of these pulp writers that worked for Hitchcock's mystery magazines. So they're very well written for the kind of they're super popular in Germany to this day, even though their out of print in the us anyway. The very first book is kind of a haunted house that they're determined to debunk, but they can't even get close to it because every time they go in this place, they feel this intense sense of rising panic that they can't point to any reason for and the solution to the mystery. And this is in the early sixties. I think turns out to be somebody is blaring. Which was lower in for sound at the kids. So this was a known paranormal thing in children's literature in the sixties apparently. And there's a lot of speculation that haunting and a lot of these things can be explained by the presence of most cases unwitting presence of low oscillating sounds because we have factories that are emitting these low low tones and quite a few of these hums like there were some hums in Windsor, Canada that it kind of was revealed. We're coming from factories in Detroit, big mechanical processes that were that were vibrating. The Canadians were so happy that they can blame America. Oh, yeah. Well, in the acid rain to there was one famously here in west Seattle, the west Seattle home. I can see why they would call it that. Yeah, I guess it stands to reason. No, actually the west Seattle home is from Pasadena, California. That's just saying, well, the west Seattle home, it. It turned out was a fish mating call what kind of fish. There's a fish called the midshipman fish, which lives in the mud and has a lot of little numbers on its back that looked like the like your tongue. No. Well, like my tongue, but also the brass buttons on the front of a midshipman tuning. The midshipman fish being very unusual fish. There are female, midshipman fish women, and then there are two Kant, two entirely different kinds of male. Midshipman flies that weird, John genders a spectrum. It's not weird, but it is. It's unusual in that they the two types male one and male to use entirely different strategies stratagem for attracting a meat midshipmen, male fish type. One are eight times larger than male midshipman type twos, mill Shipman, male, mid. Shipman fish type twos have genitalia, which are eight times larger than male midshipman fish type ones. So there are three sexes are female grower and shore. This is not too different that this is true if you've ever been in a locker room that there are two types of male midshipman fish there, but it turned out that they were down in the mud going. The big guy are. That was reverberating and bothering people in west Seattle. I feel like people need to be more accepting like we're good progressives here. If the Fisher getting up to all kinds of shenanigans of mud, we just need to be like, well, it's not hurting me. It seems like they're consenting mid-ship men and women. Most of the old school progressives of west Seattle or starting to move to Buren, and they're being replaced with much more accepting west Seattle lights who maybe not coincidentally are making a lot more money to if the, if the is supposed to explain haunted houses and whatnot. Here's my question John. How do you explain slammer. Well is very problematic. So I try not to explain what kind of vibration is going to make me see slime. Is a ghostly apparition. You know, you're, you're adding on your own anxieties to the vibrating clouds that you see on the on. The periphery of there is no frequency that pretty slime slammer is in youth. Yes, I'm afraid I was the real slime Raleigh. You the slime or you want to be like a fat green old man. A fat green was inside of me as well there. There is a lot of evidence that sound can be not just create discomfort, but can be actually damaging there have been experiments as you can imagine. We are. We're often talking about scientists taking rats and really punishing them taking them to rate on that shows if you broadcast super loud sound at mice between the frequencies of seven hundred kilohertz all the way up to three point, six megahertz. Explode. It does tremendous actual physical damage to their intestines, and this is specifically the intestine. That's interesting. Well, resonant. Part of me vibrates in laugh. Laughed like a bowl, full of jelly within the core of your body. You know your that is the place at which you are the most liquid, right? Your your testicles. Stomach area is where you know where you are the most because of the stuff I'm digesting. There's hardly any bone there. You're just supported on on several bags of glue, p- and glop. I'm getting to the point where I don't need a sound cannon, like just getting out of a car. I will start at two jig parts of my midsection. And so that is somewhat behind the idea that you could with sufficient power sufficient sort of electrical power because you'd need quite a bit of it to generate a sound this loud and this low that you could create a sound called the Brown sound, which would penetrate the human body and cause you to involuntarily defecate. This is why it's called Brown, just because poop is Brown. Well, Brown sound has been used to describe these kind of low sounds because they just if you're going to put a color spectrum to sound, if you are a cynic Thete. Just seem Browner than it's not really like a pink, sound right? It just feels darker and deeper and earthier aren't things like pink sound actually terms of art, like I have a, I have a white noise app on my phone is white noise which I like white means. It's all the frequencies equally. Or a certain range of frequency, but all at the same volume. But then the app could also shape that sound into a pinker. Two different would be called ping noise and it would sound a little warmer and there was even brow. Choose Brown noise. I mean, I don't know what bunch of sinister got together and decided the sounds wait pink, man, but it's the way we describe all sound. You say, you know, you want to warm it up and warm, suggests yellows and adding adding qualities. If you if you buy lights at the supermarket or at the drugstore wherever you buy lights, I have no idea where people by lights you really, you really, you're in a real crisis now about not knowing where people feel like George Bush the first who has never been to a grocery store. I'm just like you by lights at the light store. I don't know. I mean, I guess your mom's still change your life them at Costco. I guess I was. I was at Lowe's. I was hesitating to to use a brand name yet to use those press. What of Sam's Club wants the sponsor. The show club to give me my light bulbs, but you buy them on a spectrum of light from cold to warm, right? Those are colors. So color describe light, but I'm okay with that because I actually made of colors. Right. Sound not so much the same. Like higher frequency sound, we think of as bright. Is this a musician thing? I've heard people say they want to brighten the tones. So like symbols are very bright and low drums and low sounds we we call dull, I guess, do people use colors. They do -absolutely you know, they say, well, think about the blues. We talk about color in music a lot, and it's a and it's not just sinister. It's a motion to it is. Absolutely. You can feel blue. You can see red color is one of the number one ways we used to describe things. I don't know. I'm an eerie and I'm Laurin Volvo bomb, and we have some exciting news for you are show food stuff. All about the science history and culture of food and drink is relaunching as saver. We along with super producer, Dylan Fagin are hitting the road to find the stories behind all the things that we like to eat and drink. We'll be talking to the culinary creators eaters of the world to get to the bottom of why we like what we like and how we can get more of those things in her life. On our first trip, we went to Asheville North Carolina, a city that pulled out of a seventy year economic depression with beer and food. We spoke with brewers chefs, distillers farmers, forager's historians and journalists who have been part of this turnaround, and we are going to be talking about all kinds of things like the medieval techniques going into some of the most talked about new beers and how ashville was cemented as tourist town by to Berkeley. And some of the things made possible and delicious by bacteria and east poop. Yup. Like cheese chocolate. And the aforementioned beer, booze new episodes will be coming out as they always have Wednesday and Friday on apple podcasts. When I looked Brown sound because you said you wanted to tell the future about it. The first thing I found was Eddie van Halen using it as a word for guitar tone that he aspired to. That was not harsh. I don't know understand which which amp or which humbug or whatever. But for somehow it gives it a warm tone that to him, felt Brown. When Eddie van Halen, I arrived on the scene in the nineteen seventies and people were curious about his tone because he had a very distinctive distortion. He described it as the Brown sound, which was a combination of Marshall amps and a certain Demarsy, oh pickup. It's not playing technique at all. Well, he says that the Brown. So as time's gone on Eddie van Halen has his sense of what the Brown sound is has evolved. So he recognizes that his playing style contributes to the Brownstone, but it's also become kind of elusive aspiration on his part. It's the, it's funny that it's his Rosebud. He's always searching for the Brown sound Connecticut's. It's like the lost chord. Yeah, you can never quite find it there. It is the perfect Brown sound. He can't quite get it. Dreams of it? Yeah, he likes his Eminem's green and his sound sound Brown. I don't understand why you would choose Brown. Well, a dull, it's a well. It's a kind of color that fades and within rock and roll. There's an interesting effect, which is that sometimes very Tripoli tones end up communicating kind of deep and full sound, and it's partly because in a rock band, you've got bass drum and the bass guitar holding down these low frequencies and really like the best guitar. Tones are often incredibly tribally, Brian May's guitar. Tone famously trebling. But when he hits those big, thick chords, it doesn't feel. It feels very resonant and dark and Qatar, players are often making the mistake of trying to make a dark sound by taking the treble away. When in fact, it's a little bit counterintuitive intuitive that you actually turn the trouble up to accomplish the effect of dark tone. It feels like the problem is that the tar style that they're playing the most masculine phallic instrument at all. You know, they're, they're jutting it out at you and actually Ziglar redo the most masculine of all instruments. Okay. The second masculine rock. Instant. It's not a lot of rock didgeridoo although you do the digital do in your mouth. So it's like it's a different experience of masculinity. Then the tar which is at your waist equally valid. If you know if you went to certain depending on which boardings. Wove, right? But this instrument to them connotes masculine actually. Does this. A high pitched sound that could even be harsher squeaky, right, right. So that what they want is something that conveys the muscular nature of the art to them and the fact that the sound is not the most masculine sound in the band? Well, it depends. If you think of high sounds as being pink and low sounds as being black. Yeah, I guess blow sounds being blue, I guess if you are, it's mostly somebody with a really conventional sense of color associated with gender. I guess it's more like men having lower pitched voices, right? Less less of what they what colored diapers and super-duper death metal or heavy heavy metal. Now they use seven string guitars. They tune their guitars down a full step or more to to actually create much lower sounded because Satan has asked them to. Satan didn't just ask Ken to see commanding doesn't ask he doesn't. He doesn't send a memo phen- just says he didn't snaps his fingers. He doesn't do an on boarding call. No afraid. Not fame just posts his theses on the on the door of the church and everybody gets in line. I am displeased that your harsh high pitched guitar tone. The management. Distract you. This, the Brown sound in your bowels has little to do with what he is trying to accomplish. So I don't think that Eddie when he when he described his tone as Brown sound, doesn't want teenage heroes out there. Defecating at the show know zone think he was. He was maybe not conscious of the Brown know which was something that the that the military actually did. Several experiments are spent quite a bit of time trying to find this note. And I've always said that if I were to be a superhero within the marvel canon that maybe the most effective weapon you could have as a superhero would be the power to make your opponent involuntarily defecate because even fighting superman, someone who has all of the power in the world, if you made him poop his drawers, he's going to stop fighting for a little while and go clean up. But here's what you're saying. You're saying it's a super villains power. Yes, it's totally useless for a superhero. Because if you make well, no, if you made Dr. Ach, if you made doc, ock poop is pants. He's going to stop doing his villainy for he's a sociopath. He doesn't care. He's going to be like, he cares like, I'm going to keep, you know. Rank rending Spiderman. She's not robbing banks, robbing banks. Bent on the destruction of some kind and he's like, I can work on world domination while I smell like poop care. Maybe the joker would keep on keeping on villainy if he'd pooped. But most people even the even the worst deadliest super villains are going to say, I mean, imagine magneto like being forced to poop. He's going to say like hold everything. Let me go like I've gotta go change my tunic. See, this is where you're wrong night need has been in the camps. He's been through. He's seen the worst of what humanity has to offer it in the literal. You're right. And he still has this crystal clear vision that he's gonna -ccomplish at all costs mutant superiority. And it's not at all costs if my tunic has no poop on it, I don't. I don't think that we can really know. But I think that if you think about the, the marvel universe or superheroes in general, you never see them in the potty. It's always it's always assume. But some of these TV show or nobody even has a bathroom. Yeah, some of these, some of these superheroes have incredible powers, but does that extend to their defecation? What do superman hoops look like? I mean, are they little like titanium balls is hard as you want? Because he also has a Colin of steel right to expel it with. So perhaps perhaps his the way he would counteract my my Brown sound powers would be to just make his poops into diamonds. So he's like involuntarily filling his pants with your fist, but never with intern. A lot of the other superheroes are wearing full body tight. That's the thing going to the bathroom is not just. It's going to be very time consuming, right? You don't see a little but flap on those things because how much doc would make fun of imagine how painful it would be to poop diamonds? I guess they would be uncut diamonds, right? So they're rounded, doesn't care. Nobody who can poop. Diamonds has a regular size, get torn up. I wonder if his finger is so strong that it could actually cut diamonds as he's pooping them like cut them like the way jeweler would cut them like jeweler, so he could have a request. You could be like, I want Bevill cutter, I want. I want the crown of India or whatever he takes requests, but in recent years, although the Brown sound spoiler alert is this possible. That's what I wanted to Brown sound through. All the research has never, no one has ever accomplished a Brown note. It is the lost chord. That's right. The television show starring friend Adam, Savage, the Mythbusters TV show actually did an entire episode where they got some of the top off. Audio engineers in the world to build an enclosure that could create create. These sounds down at five hurts and they positioned Adam in the in the middle of a semicircle of these super sub woofers and blasted him with sound. And although it has to be Adam because the other guy would never do know Jamie was guys no fun though. He's not going to be the one that gets blasted Adams against sport. He's the one that blasts, but but Adam reported that he felt incredible discomfort and he felt his lungs vibrating, and he felt his whole body having this experience that I've had it in my bloody Valentine concert, which is just like, I cannot escape the sound. And in fact, there is some suggestion that sonic waves at these frequencies create so much disorientation that you can no longer move to get out of the way of them. But at Adam reported that despite all of this, he did not feel either the need to defecate nor did it happen in voluntarily. And so they, they decided that the Brown note was a busted myth. It's funny to me that this is a failure. Sounds like what you're saying is effectively invented a paralysis Ray if it's that people can't move. But so they've made something really a terrible twisted sick weapon a paralysis, and they're just bummed that you don't also poop. Well, what what we really wanted was for them to poop. What happened in all these experiments is that they did create sonic weapons. They're not at low frequencies, they're at high frequencies. A company called Elrod has built a sound cannon, which was actually used during the Ferguson riots in Missouri are easing the new stuff domestically, I, yeah. Well, it's always good. So no, they've been Elrod cannon. Have been used in Faluji as a beam weapon. Basically, you can target the beam of sound. There were there was a lot of different sonic warfare used in Iraq. Some of it was just really high high volume insults the l. red cannon can be used to communicate. Actually, audible sound at great distances, high volume insults, like they would actually be like it'd be insulting their family, no insults like your mother is a dog, but blasted at great volume. Remember when they had Noriega in the in the embassy and eighty nine or whatever. And they were playing like heavy metal. They're playing, they actually played the doors at Noriega. I think that might have been what caused him to surrender. Eventually, it looks like this is they were choosing playlists that had puns like I fought the law by clash. The lyrical content is supposed to make Noriega give up like, oh, what a sick burn? Well, this is. How fun the US army was in nineteen eighty nine. By the time of the the Iraq war they lost all that sense of humor and they were just like your mother is a kennel. Yeah. Your mother is a camel. It's not fun anymore. During Vietnam, they used loudspeakers to broadcast both insults and also kind of like give up. There's no chance you can win famously in pockets. Now they played ride of the Valkyries as they were storming in, they would've played the doors, but people really just been grooving on too much would have been just like, oh, the doors or in every Vietnam movie. But now the Elrod company or corporation has we have now the power to generate tremendously loud noises so loud that they caused this paralysis. They cause ear damage. They cause and is supposed to be a certain kind of the idea that this is like non, whatever you call it on lethal that it's like it's like spring protesters hoses. You get people to stand down without actually do anything or these now awful. The affectively we are super villains. Well, it's like tasers or or beanbag shot that the the police are claiming that they're nonlethal and that it's just it's just crowd control, but they are in fact very damaging burst people's eardrums. You can in some cases caused brain damage. The brain is so affected by this beam. It vibrate so much that it creates a kind of like. Frontal lobe. Damage could be worse in way than lots of conventional warfare. It can. There's there's a famous incident in two thousand five. There was a cruise ship called the seaborne spirit, which was sailing off the coast of Somalia during the heyday of the Somalian pirate and the pirates were attacking the seaborne spirit and firing actual like shoulder, fired rockets at it. A cruise ship a cruise ship. Why? Why are they cruise? Well, they were. They were headed to the Seychelles Madagascar. It was an exotic crews, not one of these ones that just goes around Jamaica and they had an Elrod sound cannon on board. These cannons can fire up to one hundred sixty two decibels, which is audible over over miles open ocean. Is there any way you can help me? So one hundred one t. decibels Jenner one hundred twenty decibels is the most or rather it's the level at human. Hearing where you start to sustain damage. Most rock shows try to keep it at about ninety decibels. But decibels, they damage your ear more. The longer you hear them at a constant state like you can hear peaks a balloon popping is louder than an airplane taking off. It's just that it's only for a second. It's only for a second. And so those peaks don't do the sustained damage that that notes at high decibels for long periods of time. One hundred sixty. Is like fireworks at three feet fireworks at three, which is not where you want to be at us at like bar, just a constant sound, and actually the seaborne spirit was able to repel the pirates by focusing this sonic beam on them. And more more recently than that, there was kind of famous incident in Cuba where the staff of the US embassy there reported feeling great discomfort, the they had headaches. They were feeling disoriented. Some of them actually measurably sustained brain damage, and there were a lot of accusations that it was the Cuban government using sonic weapons against the staff of the US embassy. This proved happened in China to well, just recently studies have shown or studies have speculated that what was happening. The US embassy was actually kind of like Vic Tandy discovered. There were instruments making subsonic vibrations, but in different places within within the region, right. You could have a, you could have an off leading fan or you could have a piece of electronic communication equipment that we're making sounds. But the sounds combined with one another would create a sympathetic resonance or a standing sound wave where you can. This is how noise cancelling headphones or noise cancelling technology works. The noise cancelling headphones will have a microphone. That detects the noise that is bothersome, and then it will create the opposite way. Opposite wave that will cancel out the other wave and create. Silence. But if waves are not directly opposite like that are are clashing waves, they can combine to form a third sound or or or resonances across a whole court, a whole spectrum of sounds. And so sound unnatural. Sounds potentially were being made in the US embassy by a broken fan over here, and maybe somebody was using subsonic communication over here. One of those floor polishing things. That's right. Some some whale was farting. There were some some midshipmen's midshipman fish. The the big ones were resonating in this mall, commie scheme. They were vibrating their genitalia. So and this has happened in China to the government of Cuba and China, both the vociferiously denied that they were engaged in this sonic were way to denies. That's how you would do it. If I were going to do, you'd be frus her well in that vociferating would. Actually potentially contribute to the sine wave that was causing the discomfort in the first place. And that concludes, but around sound entry one, five, eight dot Mt. One, five one, seven certificate number four, two, nine, six, four. In the omnibus you can chew try to choose to contact us through various kinds of standing wave. Kind of seismic activity. We're not teens, so we can't hear the little the little buzzing vibrations in the muddy hall and send us some. It's gotta come through the ground. Oh yeah. It's like the things that are talking to the whales and Star Trek. That's right. If you can manage that, you could communicate with us possibly across time. You could send us Email, for example, Optimus project at how stuff works dot com. Dare you. You can send us physical mail. I'm doing this another order. We could send us physical mail at omninous project PO box, five, seven, four, four shoreline, Washington night. One five. We in turn communicate with others. We like to give people a sense of unease with our social media presence. We liked the cars, the cars that go boom. Tigrayan bunny and we like the boom. We are at newest project. On almost every social media platform go Ford on steam. Dare you to find a social platform on kick. We're on Google. What was the one? Google. Google life. Google people treatise. She peeps Google Google. We were on Google peeps. You can find us individually on Twitter as at bunny at Ken Jennings John Roderick. John's also Instagram under the same. Also go to the Facebook. Omnibus future links, forgot about the future lynx, don't forget about the future Ling's. That's where I forget about Dray and don't forget about the future. That's for all three genders of future legs are broadcasting infra sound at each other, but not for reproductive? No, absolutely. Not just to just for entertainment. Good. Clean, fun in the mud from our vantage point future links in your distant past, we have no idea whether the sonic standing wave that we're creating this show is causing you brain damage or not, but we open pray that catastrophe on others may never. But if the worst comes soon this recording, like all our recruiting maybe are finally. Providence allows we hope to be back with you soon for another entry. Thousand four in a tiny town. A young woman named Rebecca Gould was brutally murdered. Nearly fifteen years later. Her killer is still on the loose. It's just really surreal. Around. Two guys out there. I'm Katherine towns. This is Helen gone now available on apple podcasts.

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