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Thank you for listening to this. PODCAST one production Nobel on spotify up. PODCAST podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts. Uh ease bidden running these streets for years and and he still he added so is fear undisputed never Lao Osu around bodies hit the ground win. The bad guy comes to town barricade. Gangsta thanks to this man of heard on you'll be crying for your mama by the Taiwanese through lives the judge the American Gangsta. What's happening guys happy Wednesday and thank you you for joining another special episode of? You're welcome all right. I gotTa tell you in case my audio sounds a little different. I'm actually hold up in a hotel room in Los Angeles so I was out. Have you for Bella tour. That was last night. We're going to get into a quick recap of that little bit of a special event quite frankly doubleheader you have seized running on. ESPN at at the same time. So we got a lot of fights to discuss. But I'll tell you why I'm here I'm GonNa stay the night here in La. And I'm going to fly to Miami for the Super Bowl now before anybody gets jealous and thanks. Old Shale is bragging that he's going to the Super Bowl. I'm not I'm going to Miami. I get in on Monday evening evening with the time. Change like six hours to get there three hour time change. I landed about eleven. PM We're going to go and do some media with something called called radio row. And I've heard of radio rose. I trust you guys have but I don't fully know what that is it turns out it's a row of radio so essentially you you show up. Hope interesting enough person that somebody calls you over and then you go and do some radio content and then you stand back up going accuate. Hope that somebody else calls you over so a little bit of a media opportunity and you know as we excuse me as we plan to Super Bowl Week. But I'm coming home Thursday so I won't be at at the Games while I'm telling you I'm going to Miami for the Super Bowl. It's more of an expression broad stroke term right and that's apparently a real thing I can tell you guys might remember. Joel Joel. went out to Wrigley Ville when the cubs were playing now. He ended up getting a ticket into the game and going but he went there with his son without tickets and without even planning to get tickets. Because there's just something real apparently about being that atmosphere. I'm not the world's biggest sports guy so I can't fully understand it. We have have a great atmosphere and experience with mixed martial arts. But it's that day for the most part if you really WanNa make something about it you're hardcore fan you do do have other opportunities you do have some QNA's and you got some Wayans that you're welcome to go to you. Got Some open workouts. But for the most part to convert an entire entire city around a sporting event is something I just can't relate to so there's a part of me this kind of excited excited more. Just go see what that experience is like. See what the buzz of of of this huge football games and then come back and tell you guys because I really don't know and none of you ever told me so. Maybe we'll just imagine that we're both going through this the first time together now. Now I've got to tell you. Let's start with Bela. Tor couple of key fights went on. But let's look at two of them first off. Sergio Jio Pettus. Sergio Pasco's out and he's taken on a heavy hilt header and Alfred has knocked out eleven. Alfred is beaten eleven guys and he a beat them all by knockout and he was very confident he was going to do the same thing to Sergio with. Sergio ends up getting them on the ground. Sergio traps one hand and just starts teeing off right in. Alfred's difference face. Alfred start standing up like a Zombie. He's getting punched in the face with absolutely no protection by Sergio Pettus. I mean that's it's not a fun thing to do. And he was still standing up and he was gaining elevation. He was making his way back to his feet. Sergio let's the risk jumps out front puts on a guillotine surgery. Just got a black belt. So he's very proud to go out of use. The submissions gets a finish. This is all in the first round. Alfred ever tapped out refused to succumb to the strikes. Did it even tap out to the joke. He went all the way to sleep. The referee lift his hand. And let it fall like the old Hulk Hogan move to notice stop. The fight amon overall very very impressive by both guys press display of skills by Sergio. He gets his credit. They're put in an impressive show of guts and grit by Alfred. I was just one of those fights where you look at both guys and go okay. I'M A fan. You know what you guys both won me over there. Then let's before all the way to the main event but Chris Cyber is going to go out and Julia Budd one thing about Julia Buddy. She's been a champion of the world. She's been a dominant champion. She's been undefeated streak. She trains extremely a hard one of the best. Kickboxing coaches. I've ever met is a man named Lance Gibson. She's married to landscapes. And so when you want to talk about a young lady. That's got good coaching and good. She's got a twenty four seven not just in the gym. She's got it at home. They could talk about the sport and strategy over breakfast and coffee in the morning should they want it really. She's a very special talent and she's going to go and fight cyborg. But we're this fight gets interesting. It's cyborgs debut. Most people's debut in a new organization just doesn't go oh great and that doesn't mean they can't win that just means that performance just isn't great it's very real and true thing. Historically speaking cyborgs GONNA come over. She's won three world championships in three different organizations. She's going for an all time record of four world championships in four different organizations. There's is a lot on it but by the way cyborg is not bigger than bud. First Time ever cyborg actually weighed in a pound and a house at pound and a half less than bud and I realized on the scales. We're splitting hairs here. Somebody dehydrates a little more than they needed to. I get the whole thing but I still have to present the numbers as they were presented to me and Cyborg worked for the first time ever. Is that a deficit if you just stare at the two of them you know you always think about Cyborg and strengthened power. Well if you ever start Julia Abud you come away knowing. She's got strengthen she's got power and then you've got the final caveat. which is they play the same game? CYBORG has always overwhelmed well-named females with punches and kicks multi. That's the same thing that bud likes to do right. So this was a fight of two storm's coming together in kind of just like in nature when two storms collide. Whichever one is more powerful is the one that absorbs the other storm and as these ladies got in a fisticuffs and this thing was a mess to the highest level? And I want to go as far as to say that Cyborg was ever in great jeopardy Julia early Abud had her moments and her positions but largely Cyborg Atlanta tour. Three shots to buds one. That's just what happened but bud was not going away. Why she was looking to get to the late around? She was looking for four and five. She was showing Britain. Toughness and CYBORG was not backing down and cyborg is one of these athletes who will never cease to impress me of how long she can make her power last all power punchers. I mean it's broad stroke but you can paint them all the same which is take a little steam out of them. Grab a hold of pushing the fence. Make them work a little bit. Make him sweat move in front of a make then move in front of you. The more tired they get which includes the more punches that they lay in that you could absorb the lighter. Those punchers are going to get now. That doesn't mean they're not going to still be powerful. It doesn't mean they're still not going to hurt but it is a very real thing that they're going to be less powerful later in the context human logic right well. The one exception to that that rule might be Chris Cyborg. I never see her shots. Get any nicer or any lighter or any slower or combinations go from six beat combinations nations to combinations. She will throw a storm at you and finishes off with a kick and then restarted. Do it again if you're still standing in front of it's a very impressive athlete. But she's a very impressive competitor and it's very clear that she's very disciplined within her preparation. Her coaches have done. Okay very good job not just now over the course of her career to make sure that she is fit and in shape and no matter how many championships she wins. or how much prey. She's given or money. She puts the bank. Any reason that you would think somebody would go into this but also stay motivated. No matter how many of those things happen none of appear matter. What's next and I'm going to put everything into it and you can just see the discipline and focus? You can see the drive but you can also see the preparation when Chris. CYBORG goes out and fight. There's no other way to explain it. You must be prepared for battle. The will to win is nothing without with how the will to prepare and it is so clear to me as a viewer. That CYBORG has the will to prepare this as you're welcome with Jail Sun sports fans pay attention. I have a daily sports. Podcast I wanNA tell you about. It's from wondering and the athletic and it's called the lead every weekday morning the lead brings you a deep dive into the biggest sports stories from the day and the athletics. All Star team of local and national reporters are bringing it to you stories like where do the forty niners do star running back. Come from or what can Zion I on Williams do for the Pelicans. So if you're looking for the full story behind last night's game and the scores plus today's hot takes make sure you subscribe to the lead from wondering and the athletic on Apple podcasts. Or spotify I want to give you a taste of what I'm talking about at the end. Today's episode I'm going to play a clip. So make sure you enjoy now back to your welcome with jail Sunan so meanwhile on on the other side of the tracks you got going in there with RDA. Now I cannot bring you guys. AP's I cannot even say our DA without how following up by talking about what it incredibly difficult schedule. This guy has been given through the balance of his maker. If you go back and stare at his record you you stare at the dates you stare at the consistency. RDA's only have pull out a one ever that I'm aware of and it was big fine of his conor McGregor. Fight this guy. I doesn't miss a date for anything. Broad stroke and this guy has never been dealt a favourable opponent broad stroke. I mean it's okay. He's in in there with Chiasso. Been Prom you're going to have with is is now seventy powder and he's adjusted to a Kesse should have been one seventy pounder for his entire career. Just is based on height. He should look at his framing. Should have looked at the broad of his shoulders. He should have looked at how tall that he is and then he should have looked to put weight on but it took him a while to finally come to that conclusion Asian on his own once he came to that conclusion. There's some growing pains. I mean they're just issuing a new division. Things are different your preparations different. Your performance is going to be a a little different. I would never say that ever look bad I will just share with you. There's nights that he usually looks good but many times looked great. Michael Cookie S.'s. Second Opportunity against a world champion. Kay He beats him. Don't forget this is a second time beating a world champion. He finished Carlos Carlos Condit. That's pretty damn impressive. We go in there and you get a couple of wins over guys that used to hold the strap you matter and there's no way around it. No I don't think Kia says getting his come up. I think that has arrived. He's been made events before he was in a coma last night on the worldwide leader. ESPN I think that is getting his due. I would just suggest for you. Perhaps we need to give them a little bit more. Do He. Then called out Colby Covington now. That was interesting for a couple of different reasons. First off nobody calls out copy. Covington people are more than happy to put Kobe down and insult him through the media never to his face phase but nobody actually goes as far as to say. Hey somebody give me a contract locked in a cage with this guy so prosekey Esa took a lot of courage orig- and if there's anything that we learned about Kobe from his last fight tomorrow's Mackay. Have we found out that. Kamara newsman is the champion of the world and we did. We also found out that colby becoming in as champion. A right. Champion Dash One. He's the second baddest dude. And Kiss. As now saying I want to fight the second baddest dude food is calling out because he just beat two world champions. Oh and by the way it looks like the tomorrow champion is going to take on the BF champion and Mazda. All all roads do appear to be pointed in that direction. So that's a pretty good call out and if you're in copy spot Kobe's looking for a big fight. He's looking for a meaningful fight but more than anything Kobe's looking for a fight and nobody calls him out. It sounds like Kobe wants a match boom. He might have just found like I don't know how how bullish I am that Kobe's going to accept that and that's a fight that's going to happen but in many ways and maybe it starts with us. Maybe we start talking about about this fight right now and gaining a little steep but it would seem that Chiasso who just came off Coleman event victory over a former world champion who represents the second world champion that he's now beaten and to go in against the guy who is clearly the number one contender. Kobe at a minimum is the number one contender at a minimum. But many people feel he should he put on the spot and fight Kamara. There was enough heat and controversy and that I fight and I think if it wasn't for Kobe breaking his jaw all of a sudden. My goodness Wednesay coming back. I think that that that dialogue and talk would have gone and it probably would be an immediate rematch if you go back and watch that fight. So one of the greatest welterweight fights of all time. It was dead tied. According according to the judge I thought it was three to one going into the final myself. That's an unofficial car. The official cards had it dead tied going into the fifth and not for nothing. That fight got dirty already fast. I mean that was a very very interesting in hard-fought contest to make believe I guess what I'm speaking to is the fact that yes. Yes I think that a little bit of chess here. I think he recognizes Colby. Is The guy as soon as he heals up. There's an opportunity now to slide in grab a hold of Colby and see if and get a W. because all roads do look like it's pointing to be a math versus undisputed. I think we can agree on that. Move onto the main event of that. You've got junior Weirdo. Santos versus blades. Look I am blades believer. But I'm a blades believer with the caveat if he can get this fight into into this this or this position I'm not a blaze believer on the all around but that's not me. We being negative towards blades. That's me being observer of what blades likes to go in do in fights and he likes to fight a pretty clear blueprint each time time. Well he set out to do that with junior and you must understand junior joe. Santos is possibly the greatest boxer in anime. Are you ready for that one. Possibly I think more than likely he's the greatest boxer in the heavyweight division. Now steeping may have something to say about that. I get it. There's some arguments you can put out there and I'm talking over the body of work but if you go and watch what junior can do with his hand particularly that uppercut you go watch what junior can and do with his hands in his fights with Velazquez which did not go his way. Two of the three. I think you would agree with me. This is a guy we could at least say you. Don't want to be on your feet with you would elect to be somewhere else. Okay great so curtis comes out and Kurdish tries to take him down and courage tries to take him down again and then encouraged by the third time. Well it turned out that junior Joe Santos was hip to the Curtis Blades blueprint that I just laid out for you. So Curtis says to hell with it to plan B. and start trading with junior and by the way gets the best of inputs junior down knocks out. I think that Curtis really needs to be recognized for that. And we've seen this with many fighters riders guys where we see a body of work. We see one specific skill that they like to go to 'em they have success with and therefore we draw all the conclusion. That's the only skill that they have. We did that with George saint-pierre one point where he would take everybody down and keep them there and another round will go by he'd take you down and keep you there okay. Well as soon as he can't take somebody down he'll lose well he ran into somebody. That was hard to take down named Matt Hughes so George Through head kick and knocked him out took his title away. I mean any just in fairness this is one of these situations where Intel a fighter is forced to go to plan B.. We for some reason make believe he does not have a plan B.. I I can remember the fight when she was fighting. Ally Quenton Owl all of a sudden is making a very hard on Kabaeva housekeeping. His back off the fences keeps could be the number one position and two hours good at a single egg which is what can be likes to go to as an attack in the open so when Al start stuff in some of this stuff could be find. Come on. Let's do it your way. And they start trading shots and you start to realize commutes pretty good at that and people gave a criticism for that. It's not what I saw. I saw venoy thought that he was very basic. I thought he was very simple but I also thought that he was following the golden rule. which is I hit you and you don't hit me and when you do hit me I put my gin down? I put my hands up absorb it and I come back and try to hit you again. I could be did show us that. He's got pretty good hands. He reinforced my theory. That he's got good hands. When he went out there and fought Conor McGregor? who had just come off a thirty minute? War With the greatest boxer of all time and could be landed the shot that put connor down. I mean I think in real fairness to be also deserves to be in that conversation. But we've seen this with many guys. That's my point my overwhelming point here before you guys argue with me about did look good in the striking with Al isn't the point. The point is we as human beings tend to default that when an athlete does does not show us a position. He doesn't the show that at all he doesn't show us. He has a weakness there he just doesn't show at all. We default to a decision on our own that he's not showing it because he's not good at it. Curtis blades once again showed us. Don't ever Assu don't own ever believed that the top fighters Curtis Blades is a main event fighter. This is third main event. Now five times combing or higher curse blaze matters. Ars Curtis Blades is young curtis blazes. Handsome Curtis blaze has a story. And it's a little bit of a more of like a D as approach of of of F- You all and I'm only here for myself. I get it and that's GONNA turn some people off until it doesn't that theory and that marketing does eventually catch on and and it catches on red hot. It's just a slow bill so curtis is on the slow build approach but I do think that skill wise youth wise size is wise reach wise his ability to show that he can deal with certain pressures he can go into five round contests against former world. Champions he can go into main events on the worldwide leader. I mean Look Curtis. Blade showed more than just his ability to throw hands with J. D. S.. He did he showed an ability to compete Any showed it ability to perform. I think you guys like Curtis Blades. I think that you do. I'm just here to tell you whether you like. Hi Kim or you don't like him learn to love him because he's going to be around for awhile. One thing that you guys need to know about me okay. I am Emme namedrop or now let me tell you why you meet many people. You might be one of these people because people are just people and you're right about that the but for me if I meet somebody in person who I have seen on. TV or in a movie. That's a big deal for me. Let me give you an example. I grew up in. I guess what you would call the country a smaller town in Oregon and when I was a very little kid I wanna say fourth or fifth grade. A woman moved to town several miles from my house. But we're I lived. I had to take back roads to get to the freeway so I had to go through these roads all the time at some point on that journey to the freeway I would pass this woman's House that she just moved into. That woman was the mother of the bionic woman. I don't know who the bionic woman was. I WANNA say James Fonda. I didn't live through the woman era. I guess that was a TV show. Oh and or a movie and or a series of moves. I don't know a lot about the bionic woman but I've heard of the bionic woman. Her mother moved. Aw to an area near my house that was like the biggest neil a news ever every time we would drive to the freeway and passes house which is at least once today every single day we would turn our heads and look at the House of the bionic. Woman's mother lived in Port. I'm trying to make. We don't really see many famous people. There's not a lot of media. Yeah there's not a lot of TV. Shows a lot of movies being made out in Oregon so we had to default to our biggest celebrity being the mother of the woman who may a or may not be named James Bond. I don't even know but it was still a big deal so when I meet somebody. I know that I draw names. I get teased for a lot but I like to bring it to you. Guys can guess who I saw last night but I had an interesting runnin. So Chris Pratt K.. Garden Darden of the Galaxy Z.. Chris Pratt I actually more know him. I never saw that film but I know him from parks and recreation but he is a very big deal in the world of Hollywood right now. He's Red Red Hot. Chris Pratt backup high school wrestler state of Washington. I'm an Oregon for any of those who are geographically challenged Oregon Washington touch each other. where I live is exactly thirty minutes from being in the state of Washington so neighboring states? Chris Spratt in Highschool Chris very handsome. He looks like a movie star. He's a movie star but he looks like one as well. He plays a superhero. But you could see where he would get that part well in high school. Apparently that wasn't the same. Apparently it was kind of a Chubby on athletic kid in high school. That had a good work ethic and a good drive. He got into the sport of wrestling so he goes and does a camp at Oregon State University. The coach at that time at Oregon state the head assistant was randy couture camp goes on camps a week camp is done. All the kids are about to get up and grab their sleeping bags and go say hi mom and dad get in the car go home camps over while the very last thing randy couture does. It's got all the campers together as a big successful camp whole bunch of kids and he points to one kid and he says standup S- kid stands up Chubby kid and Randy said this is the guy. I work the hardest this entire week. This is the guy who got the most out of this camp. This is the guy who did what all of us should have done and moving forward you. You guys need to do what he did. which is be your early? Have a great attitude. Leave when we're done. Don't complain between absorbs most as you whatever. The compliments were something thin along these lines okay. Great that was back and no ninety three ninety. Four at the latest ninety-three Chris Pratt now. How trains at J. Glazer's Jim? which is called unbreakable randy? Couture's one of the coaches there. Chris Pratt who's now a big star walks except to randy couture and said hey great to see type thing Randy says it's nice to see you too and Randy's play nice to see you. Have we ever met so Kris K.. Oh you don't remember me. Hey you camp. At Oregon State was way back in the early nineties and there was a little Chubby kid there from Washington and the last day of camp. You have the kids stand up and pay them some compliments. That's me. That kid was me and ran is like you know what I have. The foggiest idea that was you. You look a lot different now but I I actually do remember that kid and I do remember that moment because it's the only kid that I stood up and praised which essentially gave a thumbs down all the rest of the I can't remember you. Yeah so at any rate. I only tell that story to tie in this fat Chris. Pratt is a wrestling fan now. I've met Chris Pratt one sometime roughly a year ago and it was kind of real quick but I had met him so I see him. Yesterday he walks up to me like we're all friends and he goes. Hey jail and he says Zahn he says hey who do you think is the biggest lock from America to be an Olympic champion this year right. We're in Olympic year now. I don't get a talk wrestling with anybody because nobody cares when I start talking wrestling. I'm like the only wrestling fan in the world right. I truly early in my own sphere of wrestling fans and even the friends that I have that are wrestling. Fans or former teammates reformer wrestlers. They don't follow it. They don't follow it to the international level and that actually requires some research to become an international wrestling fan as a very hard thing to do. There's no TV channel. No cable no satellite nowhere. You can do that. There's one website they cover it. You got to be a member you gotTa Log in and you've got to study this stuff. I'm one of the people that does what turns out so does Pratt. What are the odds of that that he has a subscription to the same website I have a subscription? He watches the same stuff I watched so he comes. Who who do you think is the biggest lock? Well that's a very refund question for me. I don't ever get a talk wrestling. Lock Lock for an Olympic gold medal. Is there any such thing and any sport is a tough question that he just asked me so I think about it for a second. Okay well I think if Kyle Dake can get out of the country get out of the country is an expression meaning meaning make the team can beat all the guys within America to make the team to give on the airplane to get out of the country to compete in the Olympic. It Kyle can get out of the country which means going through Jordan burroughs twice in one day if kyle aching out of the country I believe Kyle Dake four shore as far lock brings home the gold medal. Now I have evidence of that representative of the fact that Kyle Dake is not lost to a foreigner that I'm even aware of which includes a technical fall over star solution number of years ago which includes two time defending world champion but I also have evidence that he was in Italy two weeks ago and in the finals of that tournament with the second best wrestler alive evident of the fact that the Turk who he wrestled has an a world silver medal match lasted twenty eight seconds the second baddest man in the world officially could not go thirty seconds with Kyle. Thanks so might pick. If Kyle Dake should be able to give country and through Jordan burroughs the greatest lock that we have is Kyle Dake and that was my answer. He informed me that that surprised him. I said well who. WHO's your lock? He said Bono and he proceeded to tell me why he proceeded to tell me about bose attacks about both stance about bolts Bos growth evidence of his growth was the fact that he was the NCWA champion but a number of months later became the university world champion and a different style at a different way class. He knew what he knew all about about it. And I only share that with you because of I got a tickle about meeting him if I got a bigger tickle about having a conversation sation with him about wrestling the fact that he was an and still for most wrestler they don't still follow it wrestlers like to say it's a fraternity hurting club and it's a brother. They'd like to say those things and I wish those were true but it's not guys go wrestling. When they're done man they put that singlet away they don't ever go back back? And then you get the real hardcore guy that does go back and it goes back in a coaching role. But even he doesn't attend the local wrestling matches even he does not go Over the weekend logging to this website to the account that he paid for and watch international restaurant. It's just a really rare thing I mean I'm one of those guys and there's a niche and there's the market and there's a reason the flow so well the other side of it is. It's there's not a lot of us which means we all must come to one place and they satisfy that need but it it is what it is the fact that he is that guy. Oh and by the way gave Nicholson Rub and even knew about nickel women the NC double. A.'S PARLANE Matt Matt into a University World Championship and now pursuant an Olympic dream at away classes yet to be identified. It appears that Nichols going to go. Ninety seven nickel. Michael isn't a very odd spot because his two teammates are world champions. One Kyle Snyder at ninety seven his own teammate. His other teammates should he want to cut down to one hundred red and eighty five pounds. which I believe is more appropriate weight class? But then he has another teammate slash coach. David Taylor who is the world champion. Their teammates so so nickel has to essentially identify within his own room. which teammate AM I? Come in to take out weird spot right. I mean it's just a weird spot but that's how that's just what. The atmosphere is out at Penn State. So I think a lot of signs point to nickel staying at two hundred and eleven. I kind of think he might go down to one thousand five jess because I think it might be a little more appropriate weight either way. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood follows nickel and believes leaves in. You're listening to your welcome with jail. Sunan listen up. Do you own your home. Tom Sure you do and I bet it's a lot of hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowners. His annual Renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home. So go to GEICO DOT COM. Tom Get a quote and see how much you can save. It's gyco easy visit. GEICO DOT COM. Today that's Geiko Dot com now back to your welcome with jail. Son Left discuss the hot topic. Stephen a Smith was gracious. Just enough to come on and cover connor verses Cowboy when I tell you gracious enough. I don't know this is an absolute fact but I do not believe it Stephen. A Smith has any kind of a contract track to cover. Emma I believe somebody. ESPN said hey stephen a this is a big week. And you're a big deal and if you participated it could move to to the next level and I have a feeling Stephen As said send me to vegas all help out now. The reason I say that I do not think that he was hired to do this. Role is because I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty when ESPN UFC kicked off. which was on January? Eighteenth of last year in Brooklyn who'd who'd overseas dillashaw. I can tell you for sure Stephen. A drove to Brooklyn on his own and participated in the festivities ladies on the House as a team player to ESPN. I can tell you that as one hundred percent facts so when he came out to Vegas I could be wrong. There's something to do there but I do think the reason Steven A. is participated is relevant. which is he has participated because he cares him because he helps? Stephen is helpful in the one thing that does seem to be missed by mini. MMA fans and the fans aren't wrong to want to protect the guys generally the fans turn on the guys generally is the fans ends that are going putting their finger. Somebody's chest or kicking some sand in their face. The fans are wrong to protect the guys. I just want to make sure that the fans do understand. Stephen is is there because he's helpful. And if you are a fighter and Stephen a Smith is talking about you. It's a big deal. That is something that would be exciting for you to put that in perspective Jeff and a different way than maybe you would understand different if you're a fighter and you win and you see Joe Rogan. Come into the ring with a microphone. Which means you're going to get a post fight interview? That is an exciting moment for you. That's a very big deal to be interviewed post fight and is not something that is a foregone conclusion it has to be earned earned. You could be a main car fight and that is a dud and they will not come to a post fight interview. That is a very real thing. So when you see Joe get into the ring with a microphone. You're happy when Stephen a Smith goes on. ESPN as the highest rated member of the entire network which is known as the worldwide leader. Because it is it is. It's an exciting moment. Now you also must understand when Steven A. comes on and talks. MMA He is very clear at some point in each one of those conversations to reveal to the audience. I am not an expert. I am a fan. Who witnessed something? And I'm going to speak about what I witnessed and I'm going to speak about my interpretation. In my opinion of what I just saw with how questions Steven A. is skilled killed and has the credentials to do just that but he discloses his upfront. And so many people do miss that disclosure Steven A. Ends up in some kind of headlines Headlines over saying he was disgusted by the cowboy versus Connor. Fight I was part of that interview and before Stephen Ace said that or immediately following that he did look to Michael who were his partners up there and said you guys are the experts. I'M A fan. I love basketball. I used to do some box but I watch you guys. And here's what I saw and I'm disgusted at the fact that Donald Surani wasn't able able to get off I'm disgusted at the fact that Donald Surani once he was hit and heard did not step back to grab a moment. Create some space or come in and grab hold of Connor and regain his thoughts. I think the misinterpretation as people said that ceremony was disgusting or that Steven A.. Found that disgust. No no he was in many ways complementing cowboy. He even went on to finish. That saw and say I know cowboy knows how to do these things. I know how he knows how to fight. I've watched tim fight fifty men. I've watched him when eighteen of the night bonuses. I'm well aware he holds eleven distinctions for records within the UFC FC. I am disgusted on his behalf that he now has to go and live with this performance where he wasn't thinking clear enough to either. There's step back to game his wits or step in whole take a couple of deep breaths so just to be clear on what the words that were sad eh. At no point did Stephen Come on and Berry Donald cerrone. That's just not what happened. It just not Stephen A. has is an opinion Stephen as higher. You have an opinion and people stop what they're doing to listen to what that opinion is because always clear and distinctive and he does not hedge himself off. This is what is separated Stephen from everybody else. That wants to be Stephen. A Stephen a has something known as courage. He has has the courage to say what he saw. The number one rule. If you're going to do sport is say what you saw. I have to tell you what I'll personalizes. That's not as easy as it sounds. Because within our industry it's a very small industry and we all know each other. And if you're going to go out there and say what you saw and that is adverse to to a guy who you have a relationship with or sometimes you even have to speak about your own teammate. And you have to be adverse because what you saw was was not positive in their light in that moment. That is called doing your job. That is what the job is. But the ones that rise to the top hop have the courage the discipline to remember that principle at all times to come out and say what they move move on there will be another night. If we're talking specifically cowboy here there will be another night when cowboys in their cowboy will shine to the highest of levels. Cowboy boy has been down before and he has come all the way back cowboy. One eleven fights in a row at one point in his career was given a world title. Fight didn't win it and came back and won another four straight cowboy can come back. Cowboy is a true fighter. Don't worry about Cowboy K.. Just trust me on it. Don't worry about cowboys. Do just fine cowboys. Cowboys down. Cowboy gets the rules. That happened in a fistfight cowboys. Senate himself after that fight. Man I got my ass kicked and I got overwhelmed. If you're not going to be Nick Matt Cowboy Badger. Somebody else said that what he's got his asking that guy would be in trouble. Cowboy just said about cowboy anybody mad at that no no the building cheer they give them a huge applause laws. They appreciated his appreciation to appreciated the tip of the hat. They appreciate that. There was no excuse making camera man. I just got my ask if there was this great moment for Stephen Aid to come out commentate on this which by the way I'll just share with the numbers go through the roof when Steven A. comes to the microphone long and so many times that I keep hearing that we want to be mainstream. Why aren't we made sure? Why are we show the respect of mainstream? When you have the most mainstream guy in sport come mm-hmm and talk on the desk live at the venue about your sport that by the way he sat in the front row and observed as a fan when he comes in does that? And then you reject it do. Are you really want to be mainstream and in a final thought. Make sure you don't forget anybody that thinks Stephen called cowboy disgusting heard it wrong. I'm start what he said. He said he was disgusted. Four cowboy the cowboy did not Stevens announce either step back gayness wits great strategy. He's right about that. Come in grab a holy Connor. Pick a deep breath gain your wits. He's right about that so to act as though he's not an expert he's is not pretending he is to act as though the analysis that he gave as a viewer who witnessed something and said he's right he is right Donald Surani himself. Alf has been in a number of fights where something and he steps back. He gained his wits or he steps forward grabs it and gains his wits. Cowboys been other fights where he gets done is a was this what we're GONNA do. Let's get it on. It's why we love cowboy. Nobody here was insulted. Somebody here was misinterpreted that somebody is Stephen and many people people owe him an apology. Guys I appreciate you. I must tell you I'm going to go enjoy L A little bit. You want to know what I'm GONNA do. I'm not even GONNA go around town down with a little bit of time off. There's some kind of a special out and it is called the Aaron Hernandez Story. I think it's the three part of. It is a documentary on Aaron Hernandez. I'm going to go and watch that. I might even let you guys know how it was guys. Thank you for listening and we will be back on Friday same time. Same cheile channel until then I am channel and you are walk. Thanks for listening to your a welcome with jail. Sunan download new episodes every week at odd gassed one dot com. That's podcast oh any DOT com. It's Super Bowl. Week could beat the. Yeah then I mean Pat Mahomes and the chiefs just went off during these play offs and that defense is just stout right right and the one guy everyone will be watching closely is the dude who towards the souls of packers fans and basically gave Jimmy Garoppolo the day off toaster. Another I carry. And more touchdown his fourth touchdown up the Paul Game Moster for two hundred twenty yards and four touchdowns against Green Bay. This the guy who was cut by six different. NFL teams and Dan who before the season was mostly seen as special teams player. And so today we're going to speak with the athletics. Tim Kami who has been covering the forty niners for years. There's about how much of a surprise most performance really was if he was a one game wonder how surfing has influenced the way he runs the wave hit and then he's gone. It's a very interesting combination of a surfer running back from wondering and the athletic. I'm under skelter Davidson. This is the leave leave. It felt like something great emotion and pass. This isn't a story. Dear diary the athlete it stays as with so tim. Rahim Ozturk performance against the packers was truly historic. What was his reaction after the game was reunited you know one of the greatest games are running back ever had in the NFC champ? She no I did not actually truthfully for you to even say that right now is like I'm still shocked. I can't believe that that's the kind of guy he is kind of Gallaudet players are but a special team had been bouncing around from Lee from team to team really wasn't thought of as a running back until the four dollars just started plugging them in there and he just never had outta bad run he just never went for less than five yards. So you might as well just keep giving it to on Samaha. The hand off into the arms of most Turk. He's gone touchdown. How San Francisco you know? Just he still acts like a journeyman acts like a guy who was a special teams player. Who isn't going to be a featured back while while he's putting up some of the mega numbers in the playoffs? They all treat themselves and they look at the world like they're a bunch of journeymen. It's very very refreshing. And I think it is a large part of how they've kind of coalesced together they all. Nobody's bigger than anybody else in the locker room. Even the guy goes for two hundred whatever yards in the NFC championship game. He's a surfer. write us a surfer. First of all you got no wetsuit on your just straight trunks you riding long boards short board. You've been to mavericks yet. Like like walk us through the Surf Perfect. I started a surfer when I was about thirteen or fourteen. And just been a big hit for me Going out there in the waves and runaways like like you see this video man just enjoying the atmosphere in the water and I wanna go to Maverick almost got US surfing contract for Billabong. No Florida waves out here in California. We're not sure what that is but I guess they get leaves out there and he certainly runs like a surfboard. MOSTAERT JERK GETS IT Samuel out in front touched it kind of feels the crested kind of like glides towards we're the whole isn't he catches the next wave and they're he's gone guys. Don't expect them to get past in the past them. It's not like a classic running back. He's not like Walter Payton joking joking joking he's got kind of villain the moment feeling where it is. The wave hits and then he's gone. It's a very interesting kind of combination of a surfer running back doc. And do you think he's been enjoying his time in the spotlight here. I think he has. He understands what it's like not to to be any part of this to be a such an afterthought to your cut by five teams. You understand that you know a world where he's not a star he's lived in that world so he's he's GonNa enjoy it a little bit again. I don't think he's seeking out crazy fame but these guys are all kind of enjoying it right now. They're all kind of like. This is a pretty good. This is pretty good right now and so tim. Mozart's performance seemed to come out of nowhere. But did you foresee this. I don't think he ever foresee not a guy going for two hundred. Plus and champion Malysz. He's top top picky certainly wasn but he's been impressive every time he's carried the ball. He's been impressive. He's a star special teamer. So you get some skills but you saw something building there and you sometimes running backs just come out of nowhere. This is the Shanahan's are Vamos. That pulling some guy out of the fifth round runs one thousand yards most or is in that category. They've tapped into something with him. Call Shanahan recognized it though. He's been good for for most of the season. Well Tim thanks for joining us. And it'll be interesting to see if most hurt in the forty niners can pull it off on Sunday. All right. I'll see that was a short clip of the lead a podcast from wondering and the athletic you can find the full episode and new episodes every weekday on Apple Apple podcasts. spotify or wherever you're listening.

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