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It's time to eat. Four sit down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross, Tucker and Joe Dolan me now. On the fantasy, feast and podcast. Yeah, let's eat. Maybe it is the fantasy feast eating podcast presented by fantasy points dot com just use the glorious code feast all capital Letters. You can go against me and Joe in our July best ball. Ten draft I'm just about coming up on my tenth round pick year and our June best ball. Ten draft I'm Ross Tucker former NFL offensive Lineman, five teams seven years bunch of podcasts booger. McFarland Andrew Brandt were awesome on the Ross Tucker Football podcast this week yesterday we actually. Actually talked a little bit about betting on Golf I. Just Bet for the biggest bet on the Shambo. That's that's my only rule forbidding on golf and we talked about what Cam Newton means for the new. England Patriots Season Win total on the even money podcasts, but I must admit I am not the star of this show. That is Joe Dolan at F. G.. Underscore Dolan. He is the man owner everything surveyor editor, whatever fantasy points dot com code feast. That's the key and speaking of fancy points. DOT, com. Code Feast. We've got Joe Two more winners are I two winners for the July best ball ten draft Kevin Her, who is relentless now eighty sign up a fancy points dot com code feast. He's emailed me like four times with Amazon purchases, other things, relentless and Sean Davis. He's in his well now. He's fancy. Points Dot Com code feast, but he had a story. That overwhelmed me, and so he's in his well, so we're going to have four more episodes in the month of July, which means every? Episode here we will announce two new winners for our July Best Ball, ten draft and remember in August. That's the big daddy of them all. That's the Rose Bowl you up. That's the season long lead. You can enter to being against me and Joe. Joke morning. Good afternoon. Whatever happy to have you. It's morning. Still here. Ross the same with you. I don't know when people are going to be watching this, but it's good. It's good to be with you. You might notice that throughout the next couple of weeks. The the room behind me is going to get gradually emptier because I moved to South Carolina in weeks. You and I probably should have to have a talk about that Ross because my schedule might be a little thrown off, but but I will always have time for drafting I will I will absolutely guarantee you that or my phone I, as a matter of fact. Deck in our in our current best ball ten, which has been a room full of sharks, as I might imagine, I'm not getting really any good values, but but it's been a lot of fun, and and certainly it'll be fun for up for our listeners to to join and compete against us. It's the best. The mock draft is dead Ross. The fantasy mock draft is dead. They're useless. You have to play ball. I cannot wait next week. We'll go over our June draft, and you can tell me where I went wrong where you went wrong. Because that is real life experience in the decisions that all of our listeners are making right now, and we'll be making in August I don't use this word. loosely. I. Think I used it for John Hanson. And I'M GONNA. Use It for today's guest. Joe and that is Greg Ambrosia at Greg Ambrosius on twitter mentioned earlier, you said Joe you can see us now. We have our own youtube page. YouTube dot com slash Ross Tucker, NFL and Intern Casey does a great job of posting the clips to our twitter and instagram at Ross Tucker pod and I'm glad we have intern Casey because Greg and brochures. A is a living legend in the fantasy industry and be his background is awesome. I have actual NFL game balls. That like I got. I am helmets Joe has fantasy points, and these all swag out, and yet here we got a guy coming on as a guest Greg Ambrosius at Greg Ambrosia on twitter, and he's got a clay us fat head, and a packers, fat head right over each of his shoulders. Greg Dot is legit. My friend Aaron Rodgers had had his right here to my right as well so the whole office is geared to this I mean. Mean I've lived my whole life here in Wisconsin, sixty years and people are like. Why do you still live? There is because I have an umbilical cord attached to Lambofield Dad bought season tickets in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty eight, so they've been in our family for what's that sixty two years and it's now under my name element. Dad's passed away, but the packers are embedded in our soul. I bleed green and gold. It's everything to me. So I got to say two things just off of that. Greg first of all and I've said this before I'll say it again. I love the state of Wisconsin like. If I didn't live in Pennsylvania, I'd probably live in Wisconsin, let's start with the fact that how much they care about the badgers and packers which I love Ben. Let's get to their food groups okay beer. Ice Cream Braatz cheese is like these are my people, and they happen to be the nicest people the history of the world. It's crazy like I went to Madison one time. Greg was walking up and down state. Street I me like every other restaurant or store is an ice cream or a beer place, and then you get to the Student Union Joe on campus and Joseph, Penn State Guy. I Love Penn State Joe, but the Student Union at Wisconsin is on the water, and they sell beer and brought stare I would've gone to class exactly zero times my whole time in Wisconsin, if I'd been a badger while I'll say one thing. I asked you if you've ever been to Lambofield and you. You said not so. I'm going to have to take a guess I. Think Someday because experience at Lambofield is so fantastic. It was built right in the middle of the city, so there's homes all the way around Lambeau field, so you park in the backyard of people's homes. Yes, there is a parking lot there, but it only holds about twenty thousand people right now and so you're always parking and people's backyard. Everybody's tailgating together. It's such an experience, and then you can't get out after the game because the traffic is too much, so your refi you do it all over again. You stay for another two hours, so it's. It's a twelve hour day when you go to a packer game. I've never been lambofield. You know I don't know if you're. Going to I've never been I've never even been to Wisconsin. So this is, this is actually sounding really appealing, because frankly to me, places and things sound really fun right now. Sound really appealing a so. I need to get out to lamb boats. Some point Joe Ross made it sound in Wisconsin in the summer and the fall in. He hasn't been here in December January. Bad here. The only place I'd want to be in Wisconsin in December. January is lambeau because I feel like I would get the experience, but I really hate snow I. Hate it like I've lived in Pennsylvania New Jersey. My entire life to South Carolina and a couple of weeks, and if I never see another snowflake I'll, I'll be happy like I. Really Hate Snow so starmer sounds good in Wisconsin. You can have it in December, January. Though I'll tell you the best game ever at Lambofield is two thousand seven playoff game against Seattle. Seattle it was a game. They WANNA at home and it started snowing thirty two degrees, and it started snowing right before the start of the game, and it was just comfortable warm, and it was snowing. You felt like you're in a snow globe and far was fantastic that game. I think we want forty five to fourteen than lost to the giants the next week when the was below zero and Tom Coughlin's face got all frostbite, but that Seattle game it was like watching it in a snow globe was just heaven it was. So we're GONNA. Get into your thirty one years in fantasy industry, which is insane. Greg, and we're also GONNA get your best ball tips, and your high stakes tips momentarily, but you gotTA. Tell me I. I just got to ask you this. He signed his contract this week. It's four years fully guaranteed I. Need to know as a packers fan, your thoughts on them taking Jordan love in the first round draft I have to be honest with the is watching it that night and I went right into the bathroom. I thought I was going to throw up. I mean I am a packers fan. Through and through and I'll trust the management here. I think Goudie knows what he's Doin', but it's too early. I mean he signed for four more years. He wants to play at least forty, two forty three is gonNA be like Brady's not going to be able to walk away from it. It's like far. He kept saying he was going to retire. He couldn't walk away from it this. This is what they do and I thought it was too early. I mean this team isn't one player away from winning it all, but they haven't. We went to the NFC championship game, certainly a wide receiver, certainly linebacker Patrick Queen I thought if they were gonNA move up I. Mean Patrick, Queen, what about a perfect linebacker for them? I think it was premature now that being said. There are certain bloggers who really breakdown the tape, and if you watch some the love from two thousand, eighteen he makes throws light Patrick Mahomes. I hate to say that, but really some weird angles throw a strong arm than two thousand nineteen made really bad decisions is just very very bad interceptions. So I do think good is thanking less than a week ago from far to Rogers the law for forty five years, bears have gone through forty five quarterbacks and forty five years. This would be a great transition. Rogers is a play emotionally and he could take this the wrong way. He could take it the right way, but he could take it the wrong way to and. That's what I'm worried about, but. I didn't like the pick I really don't but I spoke for fifteen years from now talking about it and I'm wrong. So Greg. You now work for sports hub games network, right and I imagine you're going to give tips. Both for best ball and high stakes and Greg is the guy that gets us all hooked up with the free entries. Four best ball tends the ones that you guys are going to fancy points. Dot Com, using the code fees to try to enter Greg's one. That sets all that up. Up So. He's the man with the plan so I. Guess The question I is what is sports hub games network, and how are you both the best ball and a high stakes expert, or at least able to give tips on both? Yeah, that's a great question I mean. I started high stakes in two thousand and four I was working with a company called crazy publications, but here's what's happened, Ross. The government's gotten involved where they want to license everybody. And why do they want a license? Everybody because they saw fan Doolan draftkings taking every single ad on ESPN, two, thousand, sixteen, and the legislators, sitting home, or like holy cow. We're not getting any of that money. And they felt that every fantasy game operator was fan, Doolan draft kings, and they could take some money from them, so they started passing laws that we couldn't allow certain residents like Pennsylvania and New York unless we got licensed in those states now. We're not doing anything illegal or Being a legitimate company there's a federal law called you Ouija that was passed in two thousand and six, and you have to guarantee the prize as you have to do a whole lot of things we are following that, but all these states are now some money, grab and so game operators like my fantasy league dot com. They're called MFL tens dot com. You remember that this company was running them, but they had to get licensed in eighteen different states and a ten dollar product where you make five dollars on each league wasn't economical, and so they felt that they couldn't go any more. Our company was started in two thousand, seventeen by a guy by the name of Rob Fifty and he's in the hall famous as well. He's been in the industry since ninety four ninety five, and he felt it was time to put all pay to play games. Fantasy Games under one umbrella. You get one licensed, and now you do the high stakes you do. The best ball towns do season long. You do all of this, so we're kind of in a buying mode. Ross were trying to combine a lot of pay to play fantasy games under one umbrella so that we have to pay one stupid state license for all of our companies. Came about. God it okay that that makes sense. Joe Got something yet. Greg Still I wanNA bring it into the modern day here. You're obviously talking about the laws, but. Obviously we have stumped going on in this country right now. You might have heard about it. And the fantasy industry it's a it's a big time business. It's a customer service business, entertainment business, and our industry is completely. On these games being played, so could you talk about some of the challenges that you've had and I know this is a fantasy football podcast up, but with with the baseball contests at the MDC. with with the NFC. What are some of the the meetings in the contingencies in decisions that you've had made in the car in the current climate? Yeah, that's a good question. Joe and we run the national fancy. Baseball Championship is a high stakes baseball. We've done since two thousand four between all our high stakes. We've. We've given away over fifty four million dollars since two thousand, four and baseball. We are really the only game in town. We have a fantastic am a fifteen team league format. It's very difficult, and our guys are just so committed over the last sixteen years in baseball, going away twenty five million dollars, and we were having a record year. I mean site we fifteen thousand teams signed up in high stakes, and we were going to New York City to host the live events in Manhattan right across the street from Madison. Square Garden. Flew there March twelfth? They had the big. East tournament. It a halftime of one of the Games, and it was like apocalyptic people were just running everywhere to get taxis. Everything was being shut down. We had to shut down contests the day before the live events. We had contests at the Balaj you Las Vegas. We had to cancel them. We've canceled all of our contests that already had drafted because it's a sixty game season right now. It's just not fair. And we refunded three and a half million dollars, because we didn't think it was fair for the customers to play sixty game sees it when they felt they're gonNA play one hundred sixty two game season, so we are now revenue games and trying to get new revenue, but. It could be lethal for us. It really good right now. Football is red hot. We have never had sign ups like we have Right now in best ball tens on the national. Fantasy Football Championship. GonNa blow everything out. A, we could end up refunding everybody and what people don't realize. We have credit card fees. We still pay the licensing. They still charge us that. We have ten people working on this product full-time. We have salaries so. It's scary. It is very very scary for our whole industry and content could go under games could go under. It's scary right now, but we're moving forward and hoping that. Open our country and our government gets a little smarter. Greg well said. I shudder to think what could happen to a lot of different industries quite frankly media otherwise. We're no football, season. It's scary. The good news is on some level right now. At least there are some sporting events out there. There's NASCAR golf yesterday on the money podcast. We talked about betting on golf and you can do it. At draftkings America's top rated sportsbook gap, but safe. It's secure. It's reliable. You can deposit and withdraw your money at your convenience. The rocket mortgage classic is coming up. I mentioned this on the show yesterday I. Just like Dude looks like they played football when I bet golf kept and to Shambo and guess what. Turns Out I. Know what I'm talking about. When it comes to off, the bottom rainiers dude that look awesome look like they could play linebacker at least serve their country and played high school football. Yeah, they're good at golf, too. So download the top rated draftking sportsbook at now use code Ross when you sign up for a limited time all new users. He get a sign up bonus up two thousand dollars again. DRAFTKING SPORTSBOOK has sign up bonus up two thousand dollars. Just enter Code Ross when you sign up only at draft king sportsbook. Here's the part Joe Likes must be twenty, one or older. New Jersey Indiana Pa only bonus comprised of they first deposit bonus any I bet match. Two hundred dollars deposit bone it's requires twenty five times playthrough apply see draftkings dot com slash sportsbook for details gambling problem, call one hundred gambler or in Indiana, one hundred nine with it. You're not supposed to buy beer until you're twenty one There are some states now where you can buy. We don't believable I can do ten minutes on the disclaimer voice. Joe! I want to get back into fantasy I wanNA. Talk Great, you Kinda I'm kind of intrigued by the high stakes thing now. So, explain to me, the high stakes thing and what your tips are for people that are listening that might have that kind of disposable income. Yeah. Our high stakes is unbelievable I. Mean we started in two thousand and four, twelve hundred and fifty dollar entry fee and I just thought as joe is back at that time, a lot of companies are going with free. They wanted the names. They WANNA customers than he would sell advertising online or whatever, but there were starting to be a trend where people were tired of their locally. Because it came down to trading, some guy would make some weird trade in your local league. Your body would win the title that way and you're like. I'm sick of this you know, and so I started the national, Fancy Baseball Championship as a pay contest twelve hundred and And fifty dollar entry fee, but it was all live. You had to come to Las Vegas draft live. We did some in Chicago draft live. York draft live. We held simultaneous events, and the first year was a great idea. Hundred Thousand Dollar Grand Prize but people were skeptical, and we did not sell out, and I'm not kidding I never been more stressed in my life at work for a company that was an employee owned company, so not only was our company losing money, but people who I work with our employees. We're going to lose money on this. My wife worked there, so she was going to lose money on this thing, but we guaranteed the BREIDA's. Radio event. The contest was fantastic. In the next year. We sold it out. Every year since then we've sold out that contest and we've added more and more now. We've got a lot of online championships three hundred and fifty dollar entry fee when two hundred thousand dollars in football national fantasy football championship. Has Live events at the Bellagio in Las Vegas where at Manhattan at the Stewart, hotel and we have many different national contests. Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Grand Prize. Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Grand Prize one hundred thousand dollar Grand Prize, eighty thousand dollar grand price, so a lot of different formats, ten teams twelve team fourteen team. It's while Joe knows it's just wild and again fifteen twenty thousand teams one of our desk. The Platinum Twenty Thousand Dollar Entry Fee twelve teams under seventy thousand. Dollar League pride. Some people have more discretionary income than we do, but there are people out there who love the game have a little more income. Have confidence in themselves. They can put twenty down to win. One hundred, seventy thousand, and that's where this market is going right now and We have people from lawyers doctors to just normal people who just love to play. We have customers with their DADS. They bring their sons their contests. They're sitting there at their nine year old. They let him announce the picks it's. It's a fabulous. Greg, how do we win? How do we win one of the tips? Like what? What are the keys in the best ball draft? Well I'll give you the best ball if I knew the keys, the high-stakes I'd be on the other side of the table I'd be winning over there. Instead of running it I can't compete with our guys Joe knows these guys are serious and subscribe in a fantasy points dot com. They've been filing John. Hansen forever. That's what they. They do and so I can't get your point, sir, that's all as a fantastic game and there's different strategies for that best ball draft you set back and the computer picks ramp optimal lineup every year every week. So you have to take guys like maybe Sean Jackson. Who isn't a great player in starting every week, but he could go off one week and then get your zero the next week. Well, that's good. That's what you want, right? You know McCall. Is One of these guys I think can go off? I always liked Tariq Hill because he could go off one week, but then he doesn't have a lot of consistent points. Dominate Sirius. XM show yesterday. Who would you take? Will Your Jones or Tyreek hill both want right next to each other and season-long drafts? I'd take Khalil in season long every week. He just seems to get five six seven catches. You'll get your fifteen to twenty five points, but tyree could give thirty point game a forty point game. That's the type of strategy that Jews in best ball. That's different from season long Greg one of the things that NFC players have to navigate in some of your contests is the third round reversal and. People who aren't familiar with the I think A. Player people have been in the industry like I have for a while. are very familiar with the concept and where it came from, but third round reversal in your big time contests. Could you explain what that means to to the listeners who might just be hearing about the NFC in your contests? Third round reversal is for the customers of balances out all twelve draft picks so if you play fantasy football in two, thousand, five in two, thousand and six, you know that if you look at the number one pick, you took Ladainian Tomlinson. You were winning. Plain simple he was that dominant, and before him priest Holmes was like that Marshall Faulk was like that. It was the luck of the draw almost as much as anything else. And if you've got the first bit, you were GonNa. Do very well. And so we. We, were running a fourteen team contests at that point, and if you got picked thirteen or fourteen as soon as draft spots came up I got a phone call saying I'm done. I can't win. You can't win from thirteen and fourteen, so we're like. How can we balance the cell? So we had heard about third round reversal on we instituted in two thousand and seven. Basically what it does is go wonder fourteen in round one fourteen to one in round two and back to fourteen fourteen to one in round three. Over the last thirteen years, the number of league champions in our fourteen team and we use it in our twelve team, as well is consistent. It'll be three from this spot three, three, four two. It's unbelievable how that is bound stout, and we use it in basketball as well because there was a time when Lebron was the number one in our other guys, it balances out so twelve team league one to twelve twelve to one twelve to one then serpentine from that point on, and it really balances out every draft spot. That's interesting. I did not know a lot about that Greg. I'm glad Joe Asked you. That jaw got a question for you. While we're on with Greg, and that is, why are you not dominating these high stakes leaks? You know as much as anyone. The money up Joe and cash. Shane well I I first and foremost I'm actually doing a high stakes leagues a bunch of them this year I had a beat Joe Dolan. Last year with the NFC was with fantasy, free agents and also. I've been doing I've been doing the cut line I've been also doing the best ball championships and I think greg. Probably closer to the season will be getting involved in some of the some of the season, long kind of formats that have full waivers and setting your lineups and all that stuff, but. Ross I just got a fully admit like some of the high stakes. Guys in Greg knows this you can know as much as anybody about fantasy, but the high stakes guys, you have to be able to be willing a to execute what might be considered a ludicrous strategy, great and be very. Very confident in doing so and you have to not be able to be afraid to go against the grain, and you know one of the things that I used to really hate doing. When I get done with draft is posting I like to be transparent Rossio. See me I'll post. Best Ball results on my twitter all the time and One of the things you have to be able to withstand if you do that is everybody's GonNa. Tell your team sucks like you could have saquon Barkley George kiddle. Prime Jerry, rice, and and and Lamar Jackson on your team and somebody will tell you you're team sucks on twitter. And then you know, sometimes, people will say stuff like no. Those receivers are weak and you look at it. You're like yet. They kind of are, but you have to be confident in your strategy, and you have to be able to be competent. Saying look I know. My team looks different after a draft, but there's a reason I did this. There was a method to my madness, and I think the high stakes fires in Greg. You know this well. They're able to get over the mental block of executing a strategy, and maybe they can't put it into words perfectly. And maybe they're not interested in putting it into words the way I am. That's you know. I talk a lot I write a lot. That's what I do, but maybe they're not interested in that. They just WANNA play. I'm sure you see a lot of off-the-wall strategies. I'm sure zero R B was was popular in NFC formats before it ever made it to the mainstream. What can you tell us about that? In terms of in terms of both successful I stick slice. Sean Siegel. Who did that are event? Where he went us? First, four or five picks were all wide receivers at that point, it was tough for that three down back to be on many teams and PR was getting wide receivers at twenty, two twenty two points per game and running backs were really at sixteen to eighteen, so he loaded up with four wide receivers, and he does dominate in fact, not only do win are. Are Hundred and fifty thousand Grand Prize. At that time he took second as well he had multiple teams, and he just killed, and he was on road visit. He still is, and he talks about it, but at that time the wide receivers p P. are people just weren't catching on? They were getting three to four or five more points than the running backs at that point, so he loaded up again he gave. Here's the. The thing with high stakes you mentioned, Joe they're confident. These guys are gamblers. They're not afraid to take a chance on an injured guy who might come back or a second year wide receiver. Who they think is gonNA. Break out this year. I draft baseball on the buddy of mine named John Giles who's in our hall of fame I can't stand drafting with them or an auction. I Hate I hate every second of it. It and people know it because he takes chances all the time that I just can't do I'm more conservative as the draft or I really am. These guys are not afraid to bump guys up two rounds from their ADP, and they do that and when you say when you get to the live events throughout ADP's these guys are GonNa. Get the guys that they think are going to break out this year now greg. Follow up Ross. Civil last year in the NFC for sure, I think robust are be probably actually because there are so few major running back injury. The waiver wire was as barren all years. It's been just kind of the ebb and flow of fantasy. But one other thing that what you were talking about kind of stands out to me and I'm not really sure. This. This can apply to county. Just your season-long Leagues where you're playing twenty five bucks with your buddies, but. Is there any utility to finishing six in an NFC league? Like. Does anybody give you credit for that like it, so you're what you're basically saying is your players. The best players are not afraid to finish twelfth. Because they think that means they're. They have a better shot to finish I. They're not afraid to swing for the fences. Because occasionally they'll hit a home run correct, so we do keep lifetime standings, which is important to our guys. They WANNA finish. You know lifetime standings once. You've done in sixteen seventeen years. They don't worry about finishing last. They are taking their chances because they are going to try to win at all I. Mean Not only I in their league. They're hitting a home run for the overall titles that's playing for. We'll greg most importantly. We want to thank you for coming on the show. Your email and your background and you I mean you have been. A pioneer in the industry, which is why I said you are a legend, we are all very appreciative of the best ball. Tends I'm either going to take Robbie, Anderson or Shod Para me with my next big I really like Robin. Here's number shot. Perriman more than anybody out there I don't know I don't care I do so. I'm doing it I'm like I'm high stakes Bro. I'm like hi I'm going for the guys that other people don't Greg. Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having me, and all that means that complement is I'm old. I've been around. Forty years, this industry is and I've been in thirty. One years I'm blessed them lucky and go back all. Thank you much. There is Greg Ambrosius. Make sure you check him out on twitter at Greg Ambrosius. What an awesome! Guy Joe and like I mean it must be for some for you. You must like whether it's John Hansen and brochures. You must love to like hear. These guys stories from back in the day like overtime. Oh, absolutely a lot of times. I'll Jon Hansen because I remember growing up watching football and and when I I was. I was born eighty six. So you know I grew up in the era of NFL prime time, and just like where these guys? We didn't have the access that we have. We didn't have red zone channel and we didn't. We didn't get the CDs guys play every week. So the highlights were were all we had, and I love talking to John Hansen about old days in fantasy. Oh, how good was Emmett? Smith, and how really good was jerry rice and some of the old calls they made but I love I love when Greg comes on, either the Sirius Xm radio show or or or the podcast. Because aren't the do much actually. Actually I can listen to them. Talk and Greg's great source on ADP as well like I love having them on a and talking to him about some of the recent trends because high stakes guys, they're ahead of the curve when it comes to the trend, so It's a good way to look we use. We use that at fantasy points. We use the NFC ADP because we think it's the best source of four ADP because you know. These are guys who are putting up real money, and they're the ones who should be moving the market so I love hearing him talk about eighty p because he starts to really understand Understand like what the trends are coming. Matter of fact, one thing I'm going to have to ask them here over email is. What's he seeing on Cam? Newton because I in his NFC contact because that was one of the big moves that happen this past weekend, so he's a great resource on all that stuff as well. I'm glad you brought that up, Joe. Before we we end today, show I. WanNa get your thoughts on Cam Newton at this point as as a fantasy. Layer. So I actually just took him as my second quarterback. Believe it or not Ross in an NFC best all draft champions for twenty five. Thousand Dollar Prize I took him as my second quarterbacks. I think two rounds after I took Josh Allen and then I handcuffed him with. Jared stood him because. Look I find it hard to believe that the Patriots are actually GonNa Sign Cam Newton, and then go with jared sin, but they paid cam nothing, if cans not healthy. If he doesn't take to the offense, they can just get rid of them. so I- handcuffed Jarret Stidham, but you have to acknowledge it raises the ceiling of the Patriot offense and the thing, I really like what it does is I think it helps the backfield big time. James White has been kind of a guy slipping through the cracks. We know you can catch sixty seventy eighty balls a year, but you wonder. Oh, God without. Tom Brady, what's going to happen well? Cam Newton is different player than Tom Brady. It goes without saying, but he's had years. Recent years were thrown the ball to Christian. McCaffrey he was very productive doing that so I think it opens up for James White I. Do not doubt at all that Josh mcdaniels and Bill Belichick have looked at the ravens offense, and although Cam Newton at this stage of his career, Lamar Jackson far different players especially obviously cam size. Size and running styles different than Lamar Jackson. I don't doubt some of that designed run. Stuff is going to find its way into the Patriots offense, so I'm very interested late in my draft adding Damian Harris the second year player out of Alabama who played only ten snaps last year, but he was a third round pick Andoni. Michelle's coming off yet. More knee problems and foot surgery this off season, so I'm really interested in adding him. I think it raises the ceiling for for Julian. Edelman and a raised ceiling for a big body receiver like Nikiel Harry Siasi the rookie tight end and one guy that I don't want people to ignore. Not Saying draft him in the Tenth Eleventh Twelfth around I, took him in like the twenty eighth round in best ball draft champions, but they have one receiver on their roster. Who can run in his name is demure bird He was with the Arizona Cardinals last year. Apparently, he's been A. he impressed them with its speed, and in whatever they'd seen from him in meetings Sochi can run and that can help with Cam Newton a big arm quarterback so I think it raises the ceiling of the entire offense and I like it because it adds more players to a player pool. I'm willing to draft. Kind of out on the Patriots in general. I love it. Very well said Joe. That's type of analysis. You get at fantasy points you use the code feast all caps you get all Joe's knowledge. You get Greg Cosell. Who will be on tomorrow's Ross? Tucker football, podcast, talking coincidentally or not about the quarterback run game quarterback centric run game, and you get to try to go against me and Joe in our next best ball. Ball attends draft, so all types of good things happen when you're in a fantasy points, dot com and use the code fee checking out on twitter I F G underscored Dolan I'm at Ross Tucker Nfl all of our shows at Ross Tucker pod, totally stuff checkout joe on Youtube. He's not quite as fantasy. Points Swag this week yet. She has a title hat. On this week instead of a fantasy points hat, I guess he's given up. I guess he doesn't care about his company anymore. Text his boss and tell him that. Joe Is not representing as well as he did a week ago. Check that out on YouTube youtubecom slash Ross Tucker nfl the net I am totally stuffed. That was a media episode. We're done. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast, even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts Ross Tucker, dot, com, or wherever podcasts can be found.

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