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Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in a new virtual room collaborate live building ideas on the same page and see more of your team onscreen at once learn more at Microsoft Dot com slash teams. Hello again New York giants fans, and welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue radio part of your SP nation family of podcasts I'm your host Ed Valentine lots to talk about on today's show as we have reached the the first day of September less than two weeks away from the giants season Monday night game against the Pittsburgh steelers on September fourteenth. Big Day big news on Monday for the giants as the long debated long discussed long desired signing of defensive. Back. Logan Ryan finally took place with Ryan announcing that on his own twitter feed that that he would becoming to the giants, a local New Jersey native back with with the home team the designing of Logan Ryan is something that I've been advocating for since way back. At the beginning or even before beginning of free agency, his versatility, his experiences connection to Joe. Judge always seemed to make sense always seem to make the giants a logical destination four Ryan. The Price Tag. Back in the spring throughout the summer was too high, but with change in agents. By Ryan that the price tag came down to deal got done Ryan is now in place with the giants assigning that the giants badly needed after losing Xavier mckinney to Injury Sam Bill to Covid Nineteen, opt out and De'andre Baker to his legal troubles. Ryan will bring a lot of experience familiarity with judge. Familiarity with the way that the giants intent to play defense brings versatility to the defense could be used in the slide could be used as a boundary corner. If the giants decided that they don't want to Corey Ballantyne on the field on a regular basis could be used as a as a safety in three safety packages along with Gebreel peppers and Julian. Love you know. He's not a great player never been a pro bowl or never been an all pro but he brings a lot of experience brings a lot of of leadership capability really really good signing for the New York giants not going to turn them into a super bowl contender, but is going to to give them a chance to have a much more representative secondary a give. Some of the young players. Some advice some help help them to develop was a one year deal worth at the Max I believe seven point, five million dollars probably not going to to amount to quite that much as as I believe at least two point five million of that is is incentive based, but really really good deal for the giants longtime coming in Glad to see that Logan Ryan is, is now a member of your New York. It's another thing that happened on Monday was that news broke. That among other players, the giants would be working out former starting center John Jala Peo- on Tuesday and that news was was not greeted well by by many of the fans at at big blue view and endless in. You know my my advice. There is guys just just relax a little bit listen on Jalapeno suffered that week seventeen Achilles tendon injury. We know that the giants have monitored his progress Dave gettleman said that a number of times hell appeals currently sort of making the rounds. Doing workouts had one the other day with the Houston Texans he's at this point trying to show teams that he's healthy enough to play healthy enough to be an option. Teams need someone listen. It's pretty It's pretty apparent. I think that the giants have found their starting center so. The giants aren't looking at Jalapeno and thinking Oh we have to have a starting center. We better go get Jalapeno 'cause. He's better than anything that we have. They're doing their due diligence, which is what NFL teams are supposed to do. They're looking at available players seeing who's out there seeing how healthy they are seeing, how ready they are to to help NFL teams. There happens to be a need you know maybe maybe you for the last two years, the giants have judged although I know what was a different coaching staff but the last two years the giants judged John Hal Peo- to be a better player than Spencer pulley. What the giants might be thinking here is that if Spencer pulley is not going to start for them, perhaps John Jala Peo- might be a better and cheaper option at as a backup at center Then pulley who who they could. They could save a decent amount of of cap space on if they were to cut him but if they were to do that on the roster right now, they would only have undrafted free agent Tyler Hey craft as a potential backup, and he's a kid who's never played center before so he's transitioning to that. would be a good idea to have a veteran backup on the roster, and perhaps that's why they're looking at Jalapeno to see if he's an option as a as a backup center who could who could perhaps save them a little bit of of salary cap space. So just don't flip out about that guys. We know that Jalapenos play wasn't great the past couple of years, but but his experience. would be a good thing to have You know in in an emergency situation should the giants decide that they want to move on from Spencer Pulley? So you know just trust that what the giants are trying to do is is is check all of their options and make sure that they look at at available players to to see if if they can create the best possible roster a when. They have to to make cut down later this week. No the thing I wanted to talk about quickly is the upcoming Thursday scrimmage. Last Friday scrimmage was really the big one for the giants that was pretty much the high point of training camp. This swan coming up on Thursday at metlife stadium will really be the final day of training camp will really probably resemble. My guess would be that it will resemble. A lot more of what you traditionally see in the fourth and final preseason game where guys who who are fighting for roster spots guys who are are trying to make the team get one final chance to to impress. I would think that starters are going to play maybe a little bit not going to see a lot of live tackling. You're going to see some situations you're going to see guys given opportunities one. Last chance to to make an impression before the giants have to trim the roster on Saturday also just wanted to mention something that I wrote at Big Blue View this week roster cuts coming on Saturday as the giants trim to fifty three I'm expecting some surprises there who knows exactly what the roster's going to look like I will try to make a prediction on that on Friday following the final pre. Not, pre season following the final scrimmage excuse me. But with a new head coach with so many young players with so much competition for the final spots. At at positions across the roster I think that this roster could be very very unpredictable and obviously with waiver wire and all of that it's going to change anyway you know somewhat even after Saturday when it is initially set. So interesting interesting time and we'll see how it all plays out but. Really looking forward to to the scrimmage on Thursday into seeing how the giants set their initial fifty three man roster on Saturday. Really not a whole lot more to to get to today giants fans just to please you know a reminder to. To big, blue, view on all of your favorite podcast applications something that I generally failed to do is to remind you guys if you have questions for the podcast questions for the Big Blue View mailbag that we run every Saturday on the website. Email those two big blue view at g mail, DOT COM and I will get to the best of those or. If they're intended for. Chris Flung in daily own of the Chris Joe. Show I'll pass those along as well. Remember to check out big blue view on all of its various platforms on Instagram at the score. Blue underscore view on twitter at big blue view on our facebook page on our big view Youtube Channel. Please also, giants fans remember to stay safe out there take care and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye Now. Heads up baseball fans. There's a brand new podcast over on. Allie of SP nation, the bomber brothers podcast featuring me chester and my brother Sean together. We tackle all the latest surrounding Yankees Universe with in-depth analysis and some help from plenty of exciting guests we're joined now by Brian, he's the Yankees beat reporter for MLB dot com we're joined now by Bob Klapisch is baseball writer for the New York Times now by then Lindbergh he. is a writer for the ringer. He is the Co host of the effectively wild podcast on fan grabbed Jack. 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