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Finding Balance in Mt. Hood/River Gorge Oregon


To be good at anything in life your career your relationships managing your money etc you need to find some balance for my husband jeff and me that means means escaping from time to time and finding these places to explore that about beauty exploration experiences and if you're lucky making a few new friends along the way i on this episode we invite you to escape with us to one of the most beautiful places in oregon are in our search to find some balance can you the millennial money would shana didn't gain breath it will expand your brain. Gotta shuffle of skin skin care products half of which you don't use or that. Just don't work for you. Stop wasting your money. Instead start thinking about your skin holistically and how oh your entire lifestyle affects your face skins as diagnostic will walk you through important lifestyle factors. You may not even realize that are affecting your skin and provide you with a recommendation of what your skin truly in needs. What i love about skin say is that they tell you the main focus areas affecting your skin and they to provide expert tips on how to improve them for example elephant dry climate with one of the nation's worst air quality so i needed a lecture t._l._c. when it came to my skin skin care i've received so many compliments since i've been using skin say and my skin loves all the moisture visit skin say dot com slash my money for free diagnostic nonstick plus. You get twenty percents off your first order with my code. My money s. k. i. n. s. e. dot com slash. My money promo code my money. You know that i live in los angeles. Which is this crazy busy city but i am just down the coast from the mount hood river gorge area which is just outside of portland oregon and just also on the border of washington. You literally can cross the gorge george and your in washington. It's pretty cool and i'd always had this picture my head of how beautiful i wanted this area to look and wow a who has not let down to be honest between running the podcast being an entrepreneur with crazy big dreams being a wife trying to manage our money from day to day and so how much more i can really get stressed out and totally overwhelmed so this trip was a quest to get out of our comfort zone and find balance without without breaking the bank and what you've come along as i share how we found balanced from an amazing bike wine tour to staying at a hundred year old hotel with healing spa treatments to a kayaking standup paddle board tour on the clackamas river so i asked all of our three guests alley he clear and luke how they would describe this area and one word in here's what they had to say discovery. The first word that came to mind for me was spectacular. I would probably go with them unexpected just because a lot of folks come out here and it gives them more than what they even had anticipated. Luksa unexpected word really hit home with me and that's what we found when we we headed out to the spectacular bike and wine tour with allie from mountain barrel in the hood river oregon area it was a perfect day sunny skies warm weather and i mean could any day bad day when you're sipping wine from local wineries for a few hours i tend i think not all around you is is this scenery right so if every minute of it should be spent out <unk> out enjoying it and that was kind of an and there's something about being on a bike yup being on the bike is pretty darn cool and not not all hard work with the incredible scenery that we had. I wish you could have been there with me and allie agrees. This place is so special special what isn't special about head river. I think it's like we talked about earlier. You've got this agricultural agricultural. <hes> aspect which is which you know has history and <hes> we've got you know now. We've had this weinstein. That's just exploded exploded and we have <hes> we have fruit were known for all of our different fruits and then we have an amount of the landscapes that that you get to look at and even even the the the mighty columbia you know flowing through the gorge and <hes> and the different yeah we were looking at underwood mountain even which is pretty close but you've got a nice <hes> different different facing slopes that helped grow different types of wines. You've got all the different type of ter- wa and the different micro climates so it's just it's pretty dynamic <hes> and that's just talking about the landscape and the architecture then we have this whole recreational element which people out religious appreciating what we have here. Ah there's a lot of it and as you can see sometimes we try to put some of this stuff together and i think when you do it can be pretty amazing as long as it's as long lungs it's done right and i hope that that's what that's what we try to talk about. Bottling it up. That's kind of what we tried to do with our guests that come out is try to put these things together in the best possible way <hes> and <hes> share it find a way to share it and let our guests enjoy it. Yeah i mean we've had amazing experience like you know we're we're on this quest for like balance and relaxation and and living in los angeles sure we have beautiful mountains all around us but it's not quite quite the same like there's a there's a peacefulness about this place even just driving here this morning <hes> essentially we drove from like the portland area and just the the river running by the highway. I mean it's just like you want to stop at every sort of like you know bend or turn around the highway away and take it all in and i'm just curious like what about this area and this wine region that is maybe so so different about some other place that you know going on this bike tour that we just went on and in sipping wines like how is this different in this part of oregon well. I think that definitely a the landscapes and the scene scenery. I mean that's that's first and foremost i mean we've got. We talked about for every mile. You go west of cascade box. So once you get go further as passport land you cascade locks for every mile you losing inch of rain so you start out almost rainforest in one side on the west side of hood river <hes> and then you move your way to a complete desert and our wine region extends all the way to golden dale <hes> which is where mary hill winery is which is going to feel comp- completely different and that's torsion inside so we also have what's neat about the gorge and our wine region that we have here is that we are oregon and washington and then like i said we've got this east west thing going where the the winds that you're going to taste over on our far east side of the region are going to be much more like warm from weather <hes> varietals and things you would find in in walla walla <hes> so we've got we we used to call it a world of wine and forty my i hope so we've got that and i know i keep relating everything back to obviously i love wining saying here at the guam but but beyond that it's it's it's not just the things to look at. We're we're about experiences here and i think i think everyone here that is involved in agritourism or agriculture. Even <hes> we all all understand and appreciate <hes> what we have and the kind of experience we can we can give people who've never been here and we feed off of it. We love it and we we wanna make it better and you make it better by working together and by you know saying how can we give the people what they're looking for and let them see you know the best of what we have to offer and so it's definitely a it's a it's a community effort and i think that's that's an i'm jumping all over the place because i don't even know what sir but but that's the other part is the community in our community is <hes> we're family and the business started because of my partners and wanting to be a part of it and believing in it and being excited about it maybe not right away but eventually and he worked your imagine yeah or maybe it was really annoying but either way it worked and we and and now we just get it. You know it's like how can we keep. Keep doing this and and it isn't just. I don't think it's exclusive to what we do. We you have other the beer we've got we've got seitaridis and we have breweries that are just fantastic and in fact. We've been now kind of all working together to say to do packages together and visit so you can taste everything that we have to offer because it's it's just it's so vast yang more than one day here. I was sure her. I wouldn't have thought that just what like a forty forty five minute drive outside of portland there would be hello this great quality wine and beer and like you said just restaurants in all of these sort of like just amazing again hard to like explain experiences but like when you were putting together your company mound barrel like what sort of experiences where you're like okay i have to somehow somehow like a package this up so somebody can really have this this experience and relaxing yet enjoy themselves to have some sort of physical activity while our wine tasting yes. I think it's because you want to be outside and you wanna be in it. We talked about this earlier but when the sun comes out you're just say like it's almost picking between different things and and so we you no we en- having been from originally from the other side of the gorge <hes> in trout dale <hes> which is just outside of portland i was from from northeast portland but what really out and trout dale <hes> i i understood and appreciated what we what we hadn't hood river but there was never a weinstein scene and we would head out we have multnomah falls we have amazing hikes and we have out and do a lot of that and do a lot of things up on the mountain and we loved hood river you know stopping in in an and experiencing kind of the downtown and the fruit loop we did grew up going to the apple farms you know out here and so that was always really knee but when i discovered the wind scene that was it. It was just like this this. How can we not know about it was the first it was just like oh my gosh this is amazing. I want to join every wine club and then it was like all my friends need to come and do this you know and and then it was like i have to move here all the stuff you know so i i think i think that it was the st- like like i said discovering the wine and then <hes> a friend of my me and a friend went out and did a bike ride to one of the wineries and signed in the idea originally was like i gotta market these wineries that was in marketing right but i think once we did the biking to the winery that i took it to a whole 'nother level and and that was it i mean and then it just became oh my gosh no this is the way you market you market him by matchmaking making the the experience to and from part of the the whole experience you know make learning at giants per tation where we all zone out you. We all get on our phones and do whatever but all around you is. Is this scenery way so it every minute of it should be spent out enjoying it. 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In start your conversation it's available in hardcover e-book and digital audio after our epic wind bike ride with allie and her company mount barrel we headed to this little town with six hundred people called do for to the historic baulch hotel that is over a hundred years sold you walk out the front door and you can literally see mount hood staring back at you. It is majestic and so amazing we went to the ball hotel how because one of the owners claire offer some life changing and healing spa treatments to usher and balance and awake your soul as she so eloquently says pressure on seoul your soul knows its way and when we can start to really tap in and trust that and give it give give us the space we need then it's going to unfold in the right timing and lord knows it's not usually the timing. We want if not usually the timing i want either. Claire is a jama with so much wisdom to share honestly it was this huge surprise for us and if you listen carefully maybe you can hear the relaxation haitian that is in my voice. I had this very unique. Gemstone reiki treatment with claire just a few hours earlier and i know it might sound a little strange but getting out of my comfort zone was important. I think the number one reason for me to go on this trip so so clear. This has been like an absolutely amazing days. We were driving over to your historic hotel do for we were like where are are. We going just these winding roads and we came over yesterday. There is the storm brewing you know and it was just this sort of bizarre moment oh meant and then we came here and the such a again amazing welcoming element here so tell me a little bit about baulch in like what what brought you here. Many things brought us here and i feel like in so many ways it's the culmination of ah several dreams the dream that i had to be able to have a f- a retreat place a place where i could do the healing work that i do and and create experiences for people and just is love for hospitality and his love for historic buildings and his love for nature both of us have deep <hes> love for nature and so wanting to be in a natural environment in a beautiful environment but also also one that were not in the middle of nowhere at one of the things i really like about being in do for is that it feels like it's the middle of nowhere and yet we're fifty fifteen in minutes from a major interstate. Were an hour and a half or more from portland oregon so were really in a place. It's really accessible to a lot of people and that we're in a place where people can unwind and relax and really come home to themselves and i feel like right now. We're in a time where people are quite stressed and beside themselves sort of literally and figuratively eh with what's going on in the world and so we really need opportunities and experiences to drop in and remember who we really are yeah yeah and we even had this moment. We have this often when we travel but we sort of felt this last night where we always say like it takes a while for the l. a. to come off of us. There's a moment of like oh gosh like. We have to have something to do where there's not enough to do this and then when we can sink into two but that's great. There's actually not a lot for us to do and is about relaxing and i think for so many of us like we love the the word the idea of like relaxation balance and those sort of things but the actual doing of it is har- stress yeah which is so counterintuitive by totally understand talk a little bit about some of the work that you do. I was lucky enough to have a a treatment with you this morning which was amazing and tell me a little bit about like what is inspired <hes> different treatments treatments that can do that people might not have heard of or or they might not be sort of the norm yeah well. Thank thank you yeah. It was really great blessing working with you earlier today. I felt it's always such a great honor. When i feel like i can use and give my gifts in a way that feel feel like our <hes> well received a benefit of value and so and i i am somebody that is just a guess multi passionate and so i've never been really content to like sort of choose news one thing and then just do that and at times that felt more like a curse than a blessing because it's like you know in my signature line or in my blurb when i talked to somebody or my you know greeting somebody. It's always i don't wanna overwhelm somebody with all the things i do off and yet there's an incredible richness to all of the different experiences and and it's it's not really about me. I mean it's really about creating creating space where people that come can <hes> start to can find what they need really and so just the path of my career has been such that i studied. I studied in and practiced art therapy for a long time worked. It is a therapist so that deep sort of understanding clinical understanding of what drives people on what supports people and then just my own curiosity and my own my gemini nature. I'm just not easily and i guess bored easily or something. I just learn other things. I learned other tools tools other techniques and i i'm always looking for what's going to sort of solve the problem quickest and you know what's going to get to the root of what's going to create the solution that somebody needs most quickly because the history of psychotherapy is is that it can take a long time and i think we're in a time where it doesn't have to take a long time and i don't think we have a long time. I think i think there's an people just generally have more of a sense of urgency anyway so i like to provide all kinds of different treatments that these were things that were already in. My toolbox just happened. I guess to have a sort of a an interesting toolbox and then when we came here it seemed like my background my training as aestheticians i could do these skin care treatments and like all right and i i trained reiki so i could do reiki treatments and gem therapy happy and all right. I learned aromatherapy and you know before. I knew it. I had a whole life sort of treatment menu of things that i could offer. I wasn't really i didn't hadn't hadn't particularly set out to do that is just kind of worked out that way and and it allows me to meet people at where they're at and <hes> experienced different things that maybe they wouldn't experience or they wouldn't even allow themselves to experience other places because certainly some of these treatments people or or sessions nations people could get up where they're where they live at home right but a lot of times. We don't give ourselves permission to there's something about being in a different environment where you know. It's it's a welcomed. This is probably a loaded question could take us you know three or four hours to discuss but i think think that a lot of people out of feedback i've heard from people that listen to the podcast and i know just from my own friends and myself sort of being on this journey to you like find out like uncovering your purpose and and what you know the best version of you and is there any advice is you would give to somebody who's maybe stock and <hes> you know they're trying to to walk in the space of the version of themselves that they want want to be but maybe they just can't for whatever reason get there <hes> so a couple of things <hes> jump to mind and the first one is <hes> that we are not meant to do it alone that personal growth is a team sport and that we can't just the nature of who we are. We can take all the classes that we want or trainings or download all different kinds of things and i certainly do that but oftentimes it really takes being with somebody or having some accountability with somebody to do that so that's one thing and to not be hard on ourselves when we can't do it alone in fact when we can do it alone to take it as like a huge blessing to have that to allow ourselves to have that be the exception rather than the rule i think think and feel is is you know to to give ourselves the space and the credit and then the other piece to that i think would be or feel would would be that too when we're feeling stock and certainly we all go through those places to trust the process and to believe or trust i or or find a way to tap into an idea that life is working for us <hes>. It's not something that's happening to us. It's happening being with us and that maybe in a stuck place we need to back off we need to and we need to rest or we need to just just not pushed so hard especially if if if whoever it is somebody that knows themselves to be kind of a pusher driver which you know in our culture culture were really taught to be and the other i guess third piece that really just jumps to mind is to really trust to trust trust your own soul that your soul knows its way and when we can start to really tap in and trust that and give it give us the space base we need then it's going to unfold in the right timing and lord knows. It's not usually the timing we want. It's not usually the timing. I want either <hes> so there's something kind of in there maybe part three b. is like cultivating patients right which you know. Let's just as are all work work-in-progress. Are there ways that someone can incorporate wellness or or different elements so you know everybody's at a different budget level like some people can't go to spar go to a therapist. Go do something like that but they they need to. Incorporate great this piece in their life are their little ways you can kind of tip toe into bringing balancing where and wellness into your life absolutely i mean that's that's the miracle of the age wherein is that there are so many free resources. I mean just the podcast world alone. I think probably can <hes> feed somebody. Nobody nourish somebody with more information. They could probably ever use in ten lifetimes so part probably part of it is <hes> <hes> finding a few people that like if somebody's at a at a in an economic place where they can't really reach out and and be the <hes> investing in support for themselves but they could be listening to people and practising practising tools and skills i think so i think that's kind of the key is maybe learning this learning. Some tools and skills like starting to fill toolbox with some simple bowl things that we can do to rebalance ourselves because they think that's kind of an important piece right. Now is rebalancing because life is designed right now. Now it seems like to take out of balance and to take us out of alignment so the more we can bring ourselves back into alignment then the more. We're going to be moving ving ford on whatever that seoul path is and so the sooner we can kinda recognize more out of alignment then then we can start to do what we need to do in those do things can be really simple. I mean most of them are free are free. You know it's has to do with breathing and being in the body grounding simple practices for for women especially of becoming in hab actually inhabiting our audience inhabiting our hips inhabiting our physical selves because because we're so inculturated to sort of be up out so many spiritual systems are about up and out great and i think there's deep medicine in coming coming home and coming in so recognizing that we're all <hes> an amalgam of mind body and spirit and so looking <music> at which areas we tend to be strongest or maybe even too strong in like some of us are a little too in the busy mind mental department. We might need to to be more in the physical realm. Some of us are to may be physically embodied. Maybe a little slothful and you get a little more active or or need to do a little more learning and and then also whatever ways we can connect to spirit in whatever in whatever way hey you think or feel or believe about that because that's not about a religious thing. It's about connecting to a force. That's greater than us. In whatever way you know that whether that's nature nature where jesus or the goddess or whatever just finding like a sort of a spiritual home that feels good head right and usually those kinds of places will also begin to offer more support spiritual communities will tend to offer more resources. If you know anything about me you know that i love water. My birthday is in july cancer and we are water signs and i. I completely believe that that is true. I could live in the water if that was possible so we headed from do for to the clackamas river an an estimated and met up with luke who owns the clackamas river outfitters where you can kayak and do a little stand pow warning the day we went it was rainy amy so we did not have any water adventures but there's no doubt that i will be back because it just looks amazing and i know there are so so many beautiful rivers and every corner of the united states so what is so special about clackamas and why do people come here they they come from other places that also have those resources that are so amazing yet. They come out to estacada in two minutes forever and they say that about this. It's just really helps help. Solidify how special this place is for me and for the folks that come here luke bleeds the clackamas river and you can see is souza's for what he does the minute you meet him. I mean could there be a better job of his sole. Purpose is just to help other people like you and me relaxed and find balanced and get out of our heads and really experienced the beauty of the water first of all i grew. I grew up out here. This is where i learned to paddle to whitewater paddling and kayak and stuff so i'm really a fan of you know the big trees the greenness i love the wild river in still waters of the lake aches so <hes> what makes me a big fan of this area. Is you know how close it all is. If you live in estacada your minutes from these resources sources you know the the lakes five minutes or less away in the rivers ten minutes upstream at the most <hes> in and also you know if you're in portland or the you no clackamas county multnomah county outlying areas of portland your lesson hour away so <hes> proximity in location is is very key <hes> and then when you go beyond that the user friendliness of the access and getting their easily in just the setting you know it's very beautiful area so you know it offers in everything from paddle boarding to kayaking river whitewater stuff and lake stuff <hes> you got class one to class five you know for for river whitewater us and so it really offers a really wide range for for those users you know if you wanna flow on ener tube between barton to carver you know that's their if you wanna learn how to kayak on one and two you know the lower portion of the river between milo mcivor park in oregon city is great for that <hes> you know we use it for our business for for that instruction and tours in when you graduate out of that and you wanna do harder stuff you just head upstream you know in your ear in the wild and scenic stretch with o'clock so it's just it's it's all here. You know kinda but don't tell anybody. I think that's the secret to the mount hood river gorge area pie. Everyone wants you to come visit they. They also don't want you to tell anyone and i get it with a place so beautiful so filled with adventure and relaxation. I can respect the desire just to keep it that way. If you're like me and you already have your screen up googling how you can travel here. I promise you you will not be disappointed. We want to give a big. Thanks to our friends friends at mic minimums edgefield hotel the ball hotel the porter hotel in portland into the mount hood river gorge visitors bureau for helping us find some balance and get our zanan. Thanks so much for checking out this episode and a big. Thanks to our sponsors that make this show possible. Remember to subscribe in your favorite podcast player player so you never miss an episode but before you leave i want to empower you to embrace where you are today the good and the not so good and remember nothing lasts forever ever just keep taking small steps every day and remember how awesome you truly are continue.

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