September 19, 2019: Ricky Wirths


The today is Thursday September nineteenth two thousand nineteen on this day in two thousand seventeen fifty one year old ricky wirth's walked into a Wichita Kansas tax office but instead of paying the nearly four hundred thousand dollars he owed to the State Ricky shot thirty five year old tax agent Courtney Holloway Five Times welcome to today in true crime apar- park cast original every day. We flipped back the calendar to this date years ago and recount one event from true crime history. I'm Vanessa Richardson. It's and today I'm diving into the troubling story of Courtney Holloway and Ricky Worth's on the morning of the nineteenth ricky was informed that much much of his property would be seized to pay off his tax debt in a sudden rage ricky went to the tax office and shot the man assigned to his the case five times due to the graphic nature of today's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen before we unpacked the ramifications of Ricky worth's actions nations. Let's go back to the morning of September nineteenth. Two thousand seventeen a little before noon as part of the tax compliance division of the Kansas Department Minna Revenue Courtney Holloway had the necessary but unfortunate task of seizing people's assets when they owed back taxes. It wasn't the most glamorous part of the job but often there was no other alternative before entering Ricky Worth House Courtney reviewed the files. Nothing was particularly out of the ordinary. Ricky's construction company owed close to four hundred thousand dollars and courtney was there to serve a tax warrant it it was a last resort but courtney have the authorization to seize Ricky's assets. It was never easy but after years on the job courtney learned to keep his emotions out of it after all he wasn't personally responsible for Ricky's debt just before noon. Courtney along with sheriff's deputies entered Ricky's House Courtney explained that he was going to have to seize Ricky's bank bank accounts his personal property and anything else related to his construction company to pay his debts ricky was mostly silent as he listened Tha Courtney speak but courtney reassured ricky that he wasn't going to seize it all forever ricky needed to contact the accounting firm that his construction firm firm used once he got the necessary documents and gave them to courtney he would be able to release some of Ricky's possessions such as his vehicle Courtney Courtney could see some hope finally enter. Ricky's solemn is just before courtney left Ricky shook his hand and said thank you you for not taking all of my stuff. Courtney gave ricky a reassuring smile then he got back into his car and returned to his office. rickie watched courtney drive off then he turned and watched as the sheriff's deputies supervised the confiscation he saw as they loaded his car onto a tow truck. Once the tow truck left they seized all of the equipment he used for his construction business. His blood began to boil as they took the little cash that he had on him placed it in a Ziplock and threw it in with the rest of his stuff. Despite being told hold he would be allowed to get some of his things back watching these men actually pack away. His valuables filled ricky with a sudden rage. This wasn't right. He had no car no bank account access no cash nothing. Something had to be done at around two thirty PM that afternoon. Courtney was back at the tax revenue office from lunch. He he sat down at his desk and moved on to other work around that time ricky arrived at the tax office and asked to see Courtney after being being buzzed in he waited in the lobby as the receptionist went to grab Courtney from his office. Courtney was surprised to hear that Ricky was out front waiting for him. It had only been a few hours since they last spoke. He couldn't believe Ricky was able to get the documents from his accountant. So quickly Courtney Courtney walked up to the front of the office and saw the black portfolio in Ricky's hand. He smiled courtney could quickly process them and release. Ricky's vehicle vehicle back to him but ricky wasn't there to hand over paperwork instead upon seeing courtney. He angrily asked. Why did you take my money. Why did you take my stuff before. Courtney could process his questions. Ricky pulled out a glock model thirty six forty five caliber semiautomatic handgun from the portfolio courtney stared and confusion is trained on the gun it happened so quickly courtney felt the impact of the bullets but couldn't believe that he had actually been shot and then another one struck him the force sent. Courtney to the ground he needed to flee to find safety as ricky fired the two more times courtney scrambled to find cover. He managed to get into a supervisor's office and barred the door. A coworker was inside and tended to his five gunshot wounds courtney cried out. Rick wirth's shot me. The police and the paramedics were quick quick to arrive but ricky had already fled. He drove off in a white truck as Courtney Holloway Clung to life. The paramedics strapped courtney to a Gurney and loaded him into the ambulance along the way he cried out. Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die up next we dive into the aftermath of the courtney shooting now back to the story on September nineteenth two thousand seventeen thirty a five year old Courtney Holloway was shot by fifty one year old ricky wirth's miraculously courtney survived courtney was rushed rushed to the hospital and treated for his wounds. He'd been shot in his left thigh his right arm his left Middle Finger and the upper part of his right chest chest only inches from his heart. After Ricky fled the scene he eventually pulled off the road and called to people the first. I was a friend. He asked them to take care of his kids and his employees because he had just killed someone. The second was an employee. He thanked into them for all of their hard work. The construction company within thirty minutes of the shooting authorities found ricky in his white truck driving through the neighborhood at the site of the police ricky pulled over and turned himself in officers searched the truck and found the Glock forty five five he had used to shoot courtney. When then governor of Kansas Sam Brownback addressed the media he proclaimed that ricky worth's shot courtney hallway because Courtney was doing his job. It was courtney's job to seize Ricky's assets. Most of Ricky's possessions came from a construction company. He owned and operated the majority of his work consisted of moving dirt and odd jobs like installing windows. It's unclear if Ricky's company was in the red leaving him unable to pay his taxes or if he simply didn't file regardless godless the Kansas Department of revenue took notice on June first two thousand seventeen the Rick Worth's construction company received a tax warrant for one hundred ninety six thousand four hundred fifty five dollars and forty six cents less than two weeks later on June thirteenth. Thank Ricki received another tax warrant for one hundred ninety eight thousand two hundred fifty dollars and two cents in unpaid consumers compensating in use tax in Kansas compensating use tax is essentially a sales tax on merchandise purchased outside of Kansas but used in the state state for the next few months Courtney who had been assigned. Ricky's case tried to work out a way to help him pay off the massive debt. Unfortunately only by September of two thousand seventeen it became clear to the state government ricky wasn't going to be able to pay back taxes Ricky's assets. It's bank accounts. Personal property work property were thus set to be seized and auctioned off to the public. All of the money would go towards paying off his debt. Once Courtney left Ricky on September seventeenth two thousand seventeen something inside ricky snapped in our research ricky didn't have a history of Violence Nora rap sheet prior to shooting courtney the thought of losing everything it just made him act impulsively unfortunately that action had near fatal consequences ricky was charged with attempted first degree murder to which he pleaded not guilty the trial took place the following summer in June of two thousand eighteen during the trial courtney who was in the midst of his recovery testified in tears. He told the jury about the day leading up to the shooting and the fear that he was going to die after ricky shot him five times. Jury deliberation wasn't long on June twenty twenty eight th two thousand eighteen fifty two year old ricky wirth's was found guilty during sentencing later that summer ricky addressed Courtney Courtney and his family. He apologized for what he had done. He wished that Courtney and his family could one day forgive him though he admitted that he didn't know if he'd be able to forgive himself ricky was sentenced to nearly fourteen years in prison plus three years of probation though the DA had asked for twenty seven years Courtney and his family were disappointed in the outcome at sentencing Courtney Holloway revealed that that since the shooting he had been unable to run while playing with his children and that he had a difficult time writing he still had two bullets lodged lodged in sight of him since his conviction ricky has been held at Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas according to the Kansas Department of Corrections. The earliest he'll be up for release is in two thousand twenty nine. Thanks for listening today. In true crime today in true crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes adds up today and true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like today in true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to listen to today and true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at podcast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing. Reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Parkas network will be back with a brand new episode you'd tomorrow in True Crime Today. In true crime was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It is is produced by Max and Ron Cutler sound designed by Russell Nash With Production Assistance Bhai Ron Shapiro Paul Moller Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley this this episode of today and true crime was written by Joe Gara- I'm Vanessa Richardson.

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