Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 18 Episode 12


Some game right. Off Sounds Law. As, the R. H. A.. Day. Off. I can sell you. The OUR ASE? Hi everybody of come to the RHA BNB for the penultimate episode of Survivor Token Chiens in the Brazilian highlands my name is Mike Bloom, and if that voice is any indication, we are here to take the monastic approach the podcast we are unbend unyielding unbroken in our commitment to creating this stupidest survivor podcasts out there. Of course. I'm not alone on my journey here in exile I'm joined on the Dune Biljana Boris Leon how are you? Doing Great Mike as with many episodes during our rewatch this has just been so fun I. Mean Come on token chains eight. No joking teams. That's All about the delivery, I had no idea where that was going token chiens. So is supposed to be like token chains ain't no ain't no joke in. Like is this being said to or is it saying that token genes are not like jocular adolescence? Well, it started with token chiens ain't. No joke. was added because it right. I remember when we covered on survivor historians, we turn token chiens into token teens like, Oh, a guy goes teach cocaine's canes not smoke. Yeah. Yes. This is actually just a dare commercial. There were going for listen I mean coach kind of has the look especially with the beard of a guy that would sell you some speed under under ensure way. Yeah. His sign says Tokes fourteens. I've yes. Actually what it is I, remember when Angela I got into survivor and I was having her binge, a bunch of seasons an inside joke that we have. She would constantly purposely mispronounced token jeans as token cheese just to get under my skin and she's exceeded in that regard what what was your response to that? I'm just like it's not tokens Cheez its token cheese is like kept digging further and further what would token cheese taste like is that like a like a soft cheeses that? I mean I think when we're doing like the family feud like if I'm getting a cheese plate from his stop and shop what's on there? It's probably like a like a very mild white cheddar yellow Cheddar Maybe A. Swiss. Pepper Jack Okay Yeah. Great. Well. Next time I go to my my local stop and shop Kroger all day is whatever just grab on that token cheese plate Well. Let's talk about a very cheesy episode because this really is a fond farewell to one of the biggest characters in survivor history of course one of the reasons why this was picked because this is the coach Wade boot episode of course, coach would go on to get booted and survivor heroes vs villains and go all the way in. South Pacific before that coach was one of the joke in teens characters that were out there in the survivor universe and this episode bond bid a fond maybe not so fond depending on the way that you've viewed him initially to the character. So Liana obviously again, as we talked to many time, you sort of had a different approach to the way you watch the season's. To try to catch up, you know as things were going on I'm so intrigued what was your first take on both tokens and the character of coach obviously is going to be the main talking point of this episode. So I had just missed token chains one I was starting to catch into survivor and they brother because I sort of started watching them at the same time. But I quickly, of course, went back and started watching previous seasons and and I remember being fascinated by coach because he was someone who was felt so delusional yet also somehow tuned in I guess at the same time like because he I mean, he was able to make it so far and I think that was because at least or some of his connections that he was able to make. With everyone else on his season. But I think really this episode in particular was like you describes such a love letter almost a love hate letter to coach because they're willing to make fun of him so much within this episode and you can tell Jeff probst is throughout the course of the season like. Over coach but also very interested in coach. And I think that definitely comes out in this episode and they spend so much time on him, giving him of course, the poem moment at the end during tribal council as well as being. Thank you very much. Yes. Of course, helmet. But. As one says, of course. Of really the whole thing is just so much about coach as as a character on survivor. And that was really uncharacteristic for the time. You know I think that maybe the closest equivalent up to that point had been sugar inca bone in terms of like the advent of one character really taking narrative focus and making. So much of the about them to go back to your point about like what Jeff thought about it Jeff I remember at the time he ended up doing blogs for entertainment weekly after every week actually in the style of one of the token sheets cast member Stephen Fishbach and Jeff loved coachee absolutely adored coach Wade and I feel like maybe the difference between coach and someone like a judd sergeant for example, from survivor Guatemala is that I feel like. Coach was not like antagonist towards production like judd or a Shane powers that still made 'em entertaining from our perspective. But actually interacting with him was a tough time. It seemed like coach was maybe even overly respectful and in admiration and awe of what they do considering how much it goes into the honor of the battle that is survivor. But that was not what the audience felt at the time I remember and I was part of it admittedly that the first time I watch coach on season eighteen. I was channeling Aaron Lob. Deli were all asking who is this jackass? He was such just a pompous a-hole admittedly took me a little wild to like come around and see that humor came from the fact that like he was. So over the top and the editors knew that and they were staring into the curb, it wasn't necessarily that like Oh we're really just showing how much. Of An asshole, this guy can be it's no no no look at the stuff. This guy is giving us. We need to pump it up to the biggest extreme and to your point it really comes full force. In this episode, I think that is one hundred percent on the money because when you talk about this episode, the shots of him on exile island or you know wherever exile. With arms outstretched of course, like a gift that has permeated through time today you know that we see him lying in shallow water just of course, meditating in exile. Are. The shots, the moments that production must have been like his can you believe this guy like is this for real this goals? We have TV gold here. Yeah, that's the thing and I. Think. This episode is entirely made like you said, coach provides a lot of material but I feel like the Kudos for this episode honestly should lie on the editors. Yes. Because there is so much incredible stuff done. From you know like you mentioned the establishing shot of coach on exile when he's lying in the water that flout looks like he's dead for a second that coach because the last time we see coach go to exilees like I'm going to do this. I'm going to be such a great person taking the monastic approach, unbending, unyielding unbroken, and then cut next time he looks dead in the water quite literally just something that makes me laugh every time there's so many great musical moments like I was obsessed with the music this episode between like I thought they used all their mythical mystical music choose for a lot of this because of how much coaches connected with his inner native American Or even the epic D S Era Music, it's brought in when coach has his final stand during the immunity challenge it felt like they did over time the just embellish coach somehow even more in the course of this episode and I have so much appreciation for what they did. I think the first moment that I recognize the music was when he goes to jail and he's like walking slowly up that sand Dune and there's this swelling music. The just is like pushing him on word like he truly is that you know that martyr that he is taking this noble approach and when you put the visual with the music, the music is like telling this super grand story and he. Slowly like limping up the sand Dune, it's hilarious. There's so many moments of I dunno intentional or unintentional comedy in this episode, and of course, it all centers around I, think the editing of coach as a character on this episode. We'll even before that musical Qa, because obviously like coach coaches trip to exile I on forever and always be the best ever trip that's made to like an exile island or exiled dune or or hero arena or whatever. Because again, it's so fantastically over the top but I remember one of the first thing from this episode is you know we start the episode in coach fashion you know Stephen and jt know Debbie was going after you and coach says like, wow, you know they were able to mount a counterattack to protect me I have the best friend in the entire world the next day you you have this great moment. That coach even admits to have him kind of like watching out of exile when he starts complaining about his afflictions and they play in the background a sad piano music that you hear US snatch of other times in survivor history, and it's usually for very sad moment. Sushi. Like I think I heard like a similar thing gener- Rosca announced that her she was leaving to go visit her dying mother. You know it's usually for much more saccharin dour situations and this is from coach being like I just sat near that fire and it felt like I inhaled twenty cigars you can't send to exile and again it's just they're really stereo. On this and I appreciated every second, even like Weird Wah Wah guitar of JT getting in the shower. There's so much little stuff in this episode that really makes it an Alzheimer in my opinion Oh my God mike shower moment sent me. That was so funny at the reward when it was like I i. don't even know how I would describe the music like the first thing that pops in my head is like a little porrini Klein Jose sex very poor. Win like the bromance of the season right they're going on like there. Overnight SPA data bit. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. Right. So but yeah, they're going off they're getting their overnight vacation they get to take the private plane the first time. Mentioned work we're GONNA. JT. That probably had a few parties. Yeah Right. Have some Brazilian barbecue, their very own meat festival, which again if you're going pouring like yeah. I'd seen that title before somewhere. Yeah exactly. That's a loved that rewards assuming we're not going to talk about it much because again it's a lot of coach. Tells them fully snobby dodd which I couldn't remember when this season film I'm GonNa have to look it up right now because for all we know I do remember there was a time when they did film those even-numbered seasons. In the well actually. Yeah. I mean. This filmed. Her second to December tenth. So maybe jt was wishing them and early Christmas or maybe that was literally the only Spanish Portuguese. He knew and he decided to say Merry Christmas, the person serve again barbecue in late November. mean. At least it's better than like what mid June? Or like on the amazing race we see all the time that when people are in definitively non Spanish speaking countries they decide to use on delay for some reason, right 'cause. Yeah. That's the phrase you WanNa go with felice navidad is that this is a better or worse can't I? Don't know but I also don't know like why would say that to someone serving me food right like Oh. Thank you merry Christmas. Yeah. That's point unless unless maybe jt is one of those people that just loves to celebrate Christmas early he's like, Christmas die hard and that just makes even more lovable and why everyone voted for him in the end that's right Christmas in July baby. It's so interesting also to. Token jeans I think token is a solid season. I know a lot of people put at the top of people's lists as to like what to show people as one of their first survivor seasons when getting them into it I think it's a very solid season I think luckily to season is not really moored by a myriad of twists like there are idols but none of get played there's no swap, it's sixteen players. Exiles put in there, but it's us you know not necessarily to a big strategic effect but I think the the reputation this season has it's very important top heavy and it's member ability in that obviously to season with coach Tyson jt and Stephen, and those are the only four people from the season who are going to be called back, which is unfortunate because I feel like has been robbed of spot many many times. But it's weird to see like little baby Stephen Fishbach especially when he's doing his weird like Golam. Crouch. Did you notice that in the beginning of the episode Leon when he's like Crouch by the fire and for some reason, he doesn't want his to touch the ground. This was Cambodia. Stephen for some reason I feel I Cambodia Stephen is very flexible in a weird way like he does and the Dahlem crouch because I remember Steven from the beginning of the season and he looks nothing like Stephen by the end and also like the Stephen that I, know today. But yes, I did notice that and then jt is like sitting so normally. Like people typically said I. Don't know what he was sitting on a log or something like that whereas. Steven is doing his best goal. I don't know if he like maybe the grounds wet or maybe he feels like this is like I could see Stephen like actually from posture perspective since the neanderthals. Walk away sort of like how the squatty potty has that mentality of like. Well, actually, you want your feet to be brought up to get your body in the right position to create the least amount of exertion. Oh, I, one, hundred percent believe that. So there's like a pose in Yoga where you're crouching just like that and you best believe that is challenging to do so but but it's like Oh, this is opposed that our ancestors could easily do because they would be doing work like that. You know I don't know like didn't like sit down or whatever. You know obviously. Search. Did they didn't invent the chairs until certain point to like what could they sit up? They could just never say so we know from archaeological digs and bones and whatnot. But yeah. But this is like him just tapping into that that mentality I wonder if coach like encouraged him to do it like we will all live as the ancients once did jt please start fashioning spears Stephen I don't want you sitting ever. Yeah. When the Dragon slayer makes his Dragon Cain ye shall no longer. So a few weeks ago we obviously looked at the infamous effing stick from Mike. Renisha does the dragon came like how close is it in the family tree literal tree to the stick in terms of ship why was going to say it's got to be some sort of like grandfather just because it's a bigger but yet it did happen later in terms of like the timeline of survivor but I, I, remember be like well. It's going to say, well, shaved. The IMPROV. Shorn. Yes. Well whittled. Widow. Like. I remember it being smoothed when he first finds the stick, it's still got all the like bark on top of it. and. That was not the version I remember. But if we're talking about the version that is that is whittled. then. Definitely, they're totally related like they even look the same like if you put a little face on the Dragon Cain, then hands down there related. Yeah. I think my favorite about the dragon candidate didn't notice until this time around was the wisp of hair. It's like a little bit of leg I. Get I. Don't think coccia fashioned the hair onto it, but I guess it was sort of leftover. But outside of the SNOUT, there's like a little tuft of like would leftover that Kinda makes it looked like it has like aggressor haircut and so that's what I imagined. Coaches. Dragon came to be like word to come alive. STOMP it on the ground or something. It would become agree sir. And become a dragon yeah. Okay. I'll have to work on my imagination envisioning with I would look like a recess. Yeah. That's something that coach could come up with. I would believe that I mean he sort of has the grease for Hairdo a bit as well. Right ponytail the Steven Seagal haircut has I think he's called one of these episodes. Yeah that's true. He really does have that because it. Okay. So asked me. slicked. Back is that what it is because? School. Sleep back and pulled back as well. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. Because sometimes it feels like he just pushes it back in it's like slicked back. Him. But at the same time like come on, you've hair products out there unless that's something that his his degreaser. Dragon came. To him. I believe actually, there's a really fun moment release fun small moment from token jeans where that says everything about what coach does where Brendan brings back a tree mail that has like a band around it and he goes like tree mill, everyone coach, your hair hairband and coaches takes it entice his hair back with it. So coach was truly living off the land quote Unquote on survivor token jeans by. So you know it's some people Bob Crowley use some production supplies to create a fake immunity idol coaches, production supplies to make his hair straight. I mean if you're going for this even Seagal like you gotTa do what you gotTa do. I suppose. So let's they're going into this episode Ileana. Game, this is from the Great Sarah from Sydney was just been a batting a thousand with all these games from these episodes and it is no different here. Liana time to get colorful now coach is a is a colorful character of the Brazilian highlands, our full of colors themselves between the verdant green's of the jungles and the harsh browns of the do and in which coach almost died. So Sarah has posed a bunch of different color based questions here, and we're GonNa see how many you can get and see how closely you were paying this episode. Okay. So I have no concept of what color based question entails that being said, I am one hundred percent game for this. This is the frigging life Romanian coach. All right. Benjamin. please. All right. Here we go. At the Reward Challenge Leon who wore the green headbands. If you remember, they denote colors for people in reward challenges I. Think it was a black a red, a green, a blue and a yellow in this one who wore the green Bandanna. Okay. So to answer your earlier question of how close How close attention span? The answer is apparently not very. Kim Kelly. Clip can of no not really. Yeah. Right. Okay. So this was during the reward challenge and this was Oh my God who had what color. I am going to go with. Shade. Shot in the dark hit. That is correct. Jt Worthy Green Headband, and you'll be seeing a lot of green soon enough when he wins the money. Five hundred thousand Benjamin's with his face on them. Over the this streams are connecting. Now, it's crazy to think about that jt wins both challenges in this episode will win both challenges in the finale leg jt is GonNa win all the challenges and the last two episodes. Does he really when. He wins the last two immunity challenges as well. So he and that's the big argument as well as like Oh, you should steven have gotten rid of jt but there's also a scenario where like Stephen couldn't have gotten rid of jt because he won the last three immunity challenges. Yeah. No, you're right. which then I mean then he would have had to have gotten rid of him earlier. But then of course, like that jeopardizes so much. So yeah. Yeah and I think also jt. Jt got invited on either one or got invited on every reward of the season so like. Crazy season for jd you see in green in so many ways. Liana. Well I was just going to say like I know terrance are doing the whole legacy watch thing blah. Whatever. But like jt is such a fascinating one for me especially because now like We're watching him reverse order to watched his folly in heroes vs villains two weeks ago. Now we're watching him play is definite best and arguably one of the best games of all time in token she well that and my I had watched the his moment in game changers with the coffee like sugar interested whatever which was obviously he gets voted booted not long after that. So that was like watching. Just such a terrible player for. Two weeks and then being like Oh my God he's amazing. Mets season you know of course, editing is part of it but like to see jt play like jt one point Oh. Wow. Fantastic. So Liana what color was the hat that Jeff probst wearing in this episode I'll give you a hint. They were two colors. So. Do I have to name both colors or do I just have to name one color? I'll I'll save you could name one color I'll give you the point I'll give you a bonus point of you name the other. okay I feel like sometimes his caps like the front part is a color and then the other part is. Not a color well, not not not. True. It's like a gray or brown or you know one of those. So I'm going to go with Bulak. Sorry that's incorrect. Jeff's cap was green and white. You were right. That has the two tone hat thing going on but the one sort of base color was white and there were panels of green below it. I think it had this survivor logo on his tummy to hats hair. Well I think this is this is jeff like experimenting with Wardrobe, 'cause the kept changing location. So like we're still in an era where he's really trying things out of the out of his wardrobe, do you remember when Jeff became producer for the show? It was around this time actually I believe because that is I was just I was thinking about his fascination with coach and like I feel like he's always so frustrated with coach as a host. But I feel like coach as a player from a producer perspective as someone who you absolutely want. So I, wonder if there's something like Oh, Jeff, looking at it from two different perspectives of like Oh this is why I appreciate coach so much. But I don't know. Yes. An interesting thing to think about I'm trying to remember I do feel like around like this seventeen eighteen, nineteen period was when he ended up becoming producer I'm more of a of taking the realm of the helm of show runner. So maybe to your point if it was less so about him, you know dealing with coach in person as much as him hyping up coach everybody else you guys can get believe this like this guy. Disguised unreal. You believe he's going through because this is also Before, coach will flip him off when he yells at coach during that challenge heroes vs villains. That's right. That's Oh that's such a great woman too. Many good moments and survivor. All right next question here Liana, what color was the sweater that Stephen had tied around his waist. God Was this one he was doing the Ghalem crowd show this before that. Sort of where's it habitually throughout the episode you see like a sweater. Or Sarah calls it a jumper that he has tied around his waist like easy. No. Doing a college catalog cover from the mid nineties. I'M GONNA go. With. I'm sorry might have been brown or some severe gastrointestinal distress but no, it is read in line with his old tribe Jolla POW. Oh. Darn, I should've just shot that. Okay. All right. That's all right. I got the next one. who was wearing an orange t shirt this episode. The Fallen Comrades Jeff Probst person says loses this yeah. I'm pretty sure Taj was wearing an orange t shirt. That is correct. Yes he's called your shot. So the thing was is that it's actually a pretty fresh or insurance because I don't know if you remember this Leon up, but the last episode was the auction and Taj had won the right to spend it and overnight on exile with Eddie George. s maybe two episodes ago and so Eddie. George much like HP gave Serie his shirt a couple of seasons beforehand she. He gave her his big orange t shirt that she proceeded to where the rest of the time. Okay. Yes. It's coming back to me I. It's like super oversized on her and I remember thinking that's such a cute luck. Well. She doesn't hear them when she liked ties it autumn Yeah, and it's Kinda like pulled to the side or something like that. I think and so it looked very stylish. Liana let's go to the governor's treaty. Perhaps have a party at the governor's retreat. What color were the hammocks? There are three of them. have. You tried to get to. Is Twine. A color. No that's some material I know saying that's very cotton colored. Cotton. Oh, my God I'm trying to even remember they were him well, okay. I'm just GONNA go with Brown, right? Like one of them's got to Brown know what Liana this is the governor's retreat, the partake capital of Brazil this green, red and yellow, of course. Of course, of course. We're the like. Know what to call them the twine bits where those colored. They're talking about like the canopies themselves off the hammocks. Okay. All right. Sure. Before we move onto more funding games, we're GONNA take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors. Support for this podcast comes from state farm with surprisingly great rates. 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Of course, we always get like a dream teamer showing off what challenges all about is. Jeff explains it. So in this immunity challenge, what color were the walls on the one panel that the Dream Team was showing on Okay. So I definitely was paying attention to the walls and not the dream teamers APPS for sure. I'M GONNA. Go you know what? Let's stay on the green train I'M GONNA. Go the green. Unfortunately. It is yellow as in some might argue coach was yellow for pretending he had a back spasm and holding out of the challenge. Well, technically blue plus yellow equals green so. All right I guess to get Herschel Credit for nude one element no way yellow study. I guess yeah. I guess a couch because you're saying like. So according to your logic, if you said the answer was four and the answer was to, you'd say, well, two plus two is four. So therefore, I'm right. Hey. Math. That's a logic works right Liana at tribal council. What color were Tajiks bra-strap underneath that big orange. Shirt. Oh. Okay. I think I think she has a red Bra like I don't remember it's in this but I remember having a very bright Red Bra. Yes. To loosely the shining red bra that is correct. Red Bra read. That's a different version of the citing that I saw right after meet festival on certain double feature. A OH Our final question, Liana let's go to the jury here who were surprised surprise not very amused with coaches final antics. Of, before jury members who is sporting a very fetching lemon yellow shirt. Now that does feel like a very tyson kind of thing to do. To. Wear like something. Very Bright. Shoot but you know what? I feel like. Oh my God I have no idea. I think okay. You know what I'm GonNa go. With Tyson. But can I have a second answer for half a point of Debbie because I feel like when Debbie came out, she was like she was like mad but she also looked very like she she was wearing okay changing my answer Debbie I'm going Debbie and I feel like she had a really big necklace on as well. I don't know if that counts. You talk yourself out of the correct. Tyson. No issue. I. Literally. Saw a Mandela effect manifest itself in real time. It was Tyson no way to wasn't Tyson it was he couldn't have been tight said. because. I remembering Debbie coming out wearing something very vibrant. I'm going to have to go back a lot of golden jewellery I think maybe that's what you're thinking. I might have flip flop them. Yes. Because I was very taken with jewelry. Darna shots. Okay. What's close? Yeah you got I. Think it's I think you've got about. Half the answers correct. I believe which again considering this is a pretty granular ways that Sarah put out here. I'M GONNA, call this a success though I think to your point. If I think if it were a failure, it'd be like a failure is. Not. Enough successes. So therefore it to success just because it's a part of the whole. Yeah I understood none of that. But I'M GONNA call this success. Exactly exactly. But yeah, lots of lots of big bright colors in this episode including Tyson's lemon yellow t that maybe it was from Debbie's wardrobe enticing Tyson just decided to wear that I feel like that would be something that especially Tyson, onepointoh would do. High Sun one point Oh is such a fantastic. Tyson of course, is still like absolutely wonderful but like being introduced to Tyson for the very first time especially when he puts the immunity necklace, which in this season is absolutely gorgeous five. Oh My God, it's so pretty boney puts it up like that headdresses link wears it into travel like little a-hole. Fantastic. I mean, I'll be complete I don't know if this is a hot take. I my favorite Tyson. I think twice in one point now, just from like a character perspective because he is such an unfiltered unmitigated asshole the entire time to the point where he's saying, you know like I love to blindside people and make them cry and watch their dreams be crush like kids. So over printing a, it makes his his boot episode arguably one of the highlights of the season because it's just. So much fun to watch and be he just like having so much fun out there between like the naked dancing between the challenge the challenge what they had to throw the ceramic pigs pigs and he's like smashing. That's his tribe wins literally says I WANNA smash them runs over and just starts throwing the other pigs on the ground celebration like this is Tyson embracing tastes always sort of been like a heart. Even in his his parental age I feel like this was when he was most that way in his first season it's so fabulous and his his boot episode which you mentioned there is a video. I'm pretty sure it's still online. It's on Youtube but him giving commentary to his own boot episode and it's Hull hairiest because you get him like in the actual episode. He's like Lincoln at people and he's like doing his whole thing. It's just a a truly cinematic moment that will live in infamy. That is incredible. I'm sad the one. Thing. Missing from this episode because again. Every time the quote unquote big four of token jeans. The only person missing was Tyson though I guess he was there in the form of a very loud shirt. Very loud yellow shirt which we have learning youth. Thank you. Okay. Well, I so okay. So I have a question you asked me about. What bandanna color jt was where during the reward challenge, which we now know is green but jeff probst. said a pretty funny thing during the reward challenge, which was that this is like follow the leader. which for some reason, got me fascinated with like children's games and somehow trying to figure out what other children's games we could make into survivor challenges because you know look. It's it's we're in a challenging time when it comes to creating television sometimes, we might not be able to build large sets of these big challenges. We might have to revert back to a simpler time, for example, children's games. So things like tag things like Marco Polo and I wanted to ask you could we come up with some ideas for good children's games that would work as? Survivor challenges like wood duck duck goose for example, translate to a survivor challenge. But I think the question is would duck goose. Would it be a matter of like once you get tagged you have to do something you know because I feel like you'd have did the other thing would be you'd have to create something that adds more of an extreme intense element to it not like. Tag now playing on Fox but maybe something that like you know a adults and additional challenge. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of like a Jeff probst mother May I do I feel like if people are accusing Jeff probst of favouritism like that's GonNa show right outright they're they're like you know Jeff May I. Take Four big steps. No, you may not this big Alpha male may take ten large steps over to me. Yeah I don't know how well how well that would work and I think what like Red Rover right the one where you like hold hands on through the hands that one also might not survive until they. Flee I. Think they've been trying to get rid of that was the whole Shmerkin mergen brawl deal. Riva's they got rid of those challenges that really injured people I wanNA feel like a game where you're supposed to like. A clothesline people on the opposite tribe with grown adults is not going to do really well, how about what about? Though. If Jeff probst instead of Judah King Mother May I does red light green light instead. So that could work right because then you know theoretically like he's unbiased, he doesn't know when people are running right because the green light go everybody starts running and then you know they have to stop when it's red lights stop. The other thing that I was thinking of too is I know they did the classic Botchy Ball Challenge Right Win Jeff probst didn't even bother to show. Up. What about like horse shoes or something in a similar vein? I think some maybe something that you would like maybe like I'm surprised we haven't seen a cornhole like I feel like this season, we had the tossing the beanbags onto the tiles, which is probably the closest thing but. I feel like we've had sort of strayed away from doing those sort of backyard games as of late, which is weird because like big brother has now done the same thing of like even that do backyard games they're amping and up with ridiculous production values. My. dodgeball. Oh. addition. Yes. Absolutely, survivor dodgeball needs to be look ahead. It's big craze in the mid two thousand right with the movie dodgeball True Underdog Story. I'm sure we all watched on sandy real life dodgeball tournament that did indeed occur like there are rules to this. There is competition, but it's not like exactly dependent on athletic prowess like I think this is a an incredibly perfect thing to put it in the next survivor I doubt it'd be fantastic. Also you know the two sides are going to be six feet apart. About this now, the thing is, do you use like red rubber play ground balls or do you use like do you? gussie. May or Yeah I. Guess I guess coconuts try to like gussied up a Baltic look native enough or making look like a coconut giant coconut. Yeah I think that's probably what they would do. Right like you put some sort of, but like coding over it or cover of some sort. The coconuts, it'd be a little challenging. Again if we're trying to lean away from challenges that. Inherently injure the participants. We might not want to have people hugging coconuts at one another I like this though because what this does is present you with a choice because you can either when you receive a coconut road at your opponents or you cut it open and drink it up once you do that coconuts removed from play. So like what are you going to pride your own health or are you going to done for the win? Eva What happens when you use up all the coconuts? Coconut is there like an infinite replenishing supply of coconuts? Assuming Fiji at this point especially, if they're taking some time off of survivor that they'll replenished certain point, you know that's another not to be too too much on a tangent but if we're talking about the deforestation, of Fiji, like, thank goodness, we're getting a little bit of a break. Let's get these trees and coconut are grown again let's make things grow could actually all-time my question for this week into the reward challenges because I was. Interestingly, tickled this idea that Jeff introduces this challenge goes with is pretty impressive survivor maize and then. Grabbed the key with your palming long enough and strong enough and knock down three little polls to raise your flag and he says Oh and one more thing. Your ankles are going to be shackled together, which just seems like the most random obstacle to me and I remember there was a period of time like this would happen but it just seems so odd and it was such a weird image. Have these people sorta like do a little boots scoot through his entire maze of shuffling their feet because they can't move their legs very far apart they will literally wrote Omg. The running is hilarious because of exactly what you're saying this like shuffle through me, it's Just, like because I get I mean obviously there shackled together. So they can only move probably like I would say, maybe one foot apart like as shuffling through this of me. It just felt like if you're talking about obstacles that you want to introduce the players to help you know make it a little bit more challenging like really you're GonNa make them just like shuffle around that being said survivor is also the show that has given us fantastic worm challenge. I'M GONNA say look I didn't realize I think we all felt the worm challenge came out. Of. Nowhere we didn't realize the seeds have been planted years ago of them doing this just like embarrassing the players I'm just so weird out because like amazed is enough right to figure out like okay I got to work by way through a maze you don't need to like add an extra physical stipulation to make these horrible people have to suffer more I just have this. Eerie that like they ran it with the Dream Team and they were like. We had someone run it in two minutes now that's that's you know that's too fast. We need this to take a little bit longer. How do we just slow them down? Well, we obstacles in the way of the May that would take too much work just tie their feet together like we've tied their shoe strings together. We'll go with that. You think aren't they could've could've just blindfolded them. That's right. Thought for a second because I thought I, saw them as and that the the maze walls for some reason went up to like. To like chest height, which I guess makes sense if you're trying to get an overall lay of the land but I thought it was a very curious height to the maze until I realized that like if you were blindfolded, you can very easily feel along the rails and that would help maybe they should just in the full thing and like I don't know have them shackled one arm to one of their legs to make it like it's. Awkward and essentially hopping on one foot or stumbling all over themselves. The entire time we'd so how? What's the distance of the shackle? You know what I mean like if you're going to have, you're right. Let's say you're right arm is heather to your right leg. I do like is it do you have one foot of distance? Do you have two feet of this stance? All right. So here's here's what it is. We're GONNA take we'll do to shackles right arm to right leg left arm to left leg and they'll be. They'll be two feet. So now you're essential your own puppeteer, right you're controlling how your legs move with your arms. Good luck. Okay. So you know obviously no, one can see this but I've stood up and I'm trying to hold my hands about two feet from my legs and this. would be even more comical. Like 'cause I, lift my arms as I lift my legs and I can't. Forward, because I would fall over, left them to the side. Maybe, this is what Stephen was training for with his swatting key new. There will be a challenge coming up. It just wasn't as extreme as he wanted it to be i. mean that's exactly the motion I'm like squatted down trying to like keep my arms within the two feet of my leg. So yeah, absolutely. I don't know I personally would rather have this than the worm. The worm just feels so painful to everyone involved like people talk about you know I. Love the beach. But like I really don't like the sand. This is. One thousand because literally take your face and shove it in the sand and then go through this and with your face in non sand. Exactly, and use your ve your face primarily to make your way through the sand. Yeah as well. To Dig your way where you need to go, you can't use your arms. You really are just flopping down through it Oh what a disaster. So maybe they'll take step up and just do the to the puppeteer of chaining your arms to your legs. That might be a nice step up. And send it to some. Oh, we got some ideas for you. We have dodge ball and chain you're augustine your legs. And a waddled through a mayor's, that's what we've come up with listen there. We're making time merger effort here in the survivor opposite everyone sitting on their duff's, and we're here bringing some ideas to John Hoffer. Exactly what else are y'all doing like we're bringing some great ideas. All right. Well, speaking of great idea. So of course, I was inspired by what did you call at the coal column? Calling the moments, Palmans. Yes. Of course So you know I had to think about you know I got to come up with a game inspired by this and it was this poem plus so many other fantastic coach quotes which the one about like when a woman sees a boulder drop when men drop a pebble like so many like weird antiquated but also just fantastic quotes and literally him. Quoting. Other people, right. This is where he quotes Marcus Aurelius I believe it's been founded after the I don't think that is an actual quote from Marcus Aurelius. Imports. Mark, Twain and Tribal Council like he clearly is trying to be that that book of motivational sayings that you buy when you feel really down or you turn into like a cal desk calendar that you give to that acquaintance for Christmas. The quota day type calendar. What I've done is I have pulled a bunch of coach quotes from his twitter. Okay. Because I had to make at least a little bit more challenging for you Mike. But what you're going to be trying to do is you're GonNa try to guess is this quote said by coach on his twitter or Dr, seuss. Oh This should absolutely be the comparison that we need to make today and I am. Just I like I have no idea how this is going to go you may do fantastic and you may be able to suss out exactly. which quote is which but? I don't know how it's going to go. So let's just go ahead. On in to this bizarre game that that I have created? So your first quote is. Only, the sage warrior will be able to see clearly the plight of the unworthy in the final chapter. Don't even know what that means. No one gets. Like the most sage warriors have the clearest is to see ahead of so considering how I think the key thing to decipher coach is like if the quote is meant to complement himself than it's coach over, it's more about like a first person than a third person that feels like it's going to be coached so I'm going to go with CO chair. That is correct. Yes. and the sage warrior comment. Also, you know I feel like he's like the type of guy talks about that kind of stuff. All right. How about this next quote? If there is a silver lining it is this absence makes the heart grow fonder? ooh. See I. Would say Dr Seuss. But I feel like coach may maybe he said this when his assistant coach visited last episode and like he lost his family memories like well, there's a silver lining absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I'M GONNA say that that sentence structure feels Sushi into me someone to go with Theodor Geisel alias, Dr? SEUSS Well much like me talking my way out of Tyson wearing a yellow shirt. Unfortunately, this was a coach quote. Wow Yeah I believe he was talking about his family in this instance. Alright. How `bout quote number three fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life. It is a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope that is. Because coach would never admit that he's living in a fantasy that is a one hundred percent. Yes. Dr. seuss. No, coach would insist like, no, there's no wrong side of the telescope. The telescope is one hollow tube of all the same size and I'm looking at all angles and also I discovered that planet that we're looking at. Right and and it was when I was visiting the tribe in the Amazon that they showed me the way of the distant land. Yes. I was I was going to be the first to Kayak to Mars, but I wasn't able to make it past the psych evaluation. No I heard it was his asthma actually oh yeah. It's has been acting up has herniated discs. Yeah. All. Right. You're next quote is. He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. Hugh makes a beast out of himself. It's rid of the pain of being a man is sounds like a plot of the movie the fly. Would want make themselves be so I guess is the question that like if you become to be still you lose your humanity. I feel like that something I feel like Dr seuss thing I? Feel like that's a moral that he would put in one of his books. That is correct, Mike your three for four. You're doing a fantastic job this quits. I'm Barry Brazil. You remember what what did he put is that like the general quarter he put that in one of his books. Okay. So if you're wondering where I got these quotes from his like quotes, dot com or something like that. Small. So can be one hundred percent false in the same way that you know coaches incorrectly quoting other people I may also be Greg. Because I couldn't pick one because. Okay. So look ahead to get past like fifth six page because they're all like lurex quotes like exactly. Are No so So you can make some sort of fun story regarding that quote. All right. You're next quote is sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Who? I feel like that's something coach would say as a smart ass response to Jeff probst. Complicated in the answers or simple unless I mix those up today, mix them up, the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. I'm going to go I'm going to go with coach here. I'm sorry that was Dr Seuss. Not. Show the context but But yeah, I don't know maybe we can find I mean redfish bluefish. Complicated or simple. Exactly as I, I don't know I think it's a complicated concept because you have to understand like the myriad species of fish and but once you like if you're just told to discern what's a red fish or even what are to fish and that's a much simpler answer. Yes while you know, you can ask your one year old. He might actually have a better answer than. Okay, you're next quote is evil never sleeps fight the good fight. I feel like this is coach he has this is probably him saying about like Aaron or Sierra or Brendan Right. Yeah. Good coach quote there. Okay. So Mike, you are still doing a great job four out of six. Correct. Your next quote is you know you're in love when can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Oh Weird. I don't know if that's coach because that sounds too like idyllic for coach I coach was too much of like an honorable man to truly talk about when things were good. He felt like it constantly had to be like working to against the odds to better himself. So I'm going to say that's Dr Seuss. That is correct. My yes. Quote was indeed from Dr Seuss. All right. We got a few more quotes left. Let's see if you can continue to do a great job. You're next quote is you have to overcome the fear and anger inside you let a bright light shining and melt coldness of your heart. That's what being tough is all about. WHOA. Did you grab a quote from the next episode of tough as nails I called Phil Key was like Liana, I got some key phrases for you as well. Smother quotes. That's what it means to let those what the son in and melt your cold heart. Yes. Today. That again that a very pointed criticism of somebody but I don't know if you put that into trick me. So I'm going to say it's Dr Seuss. Coach really was he saying that about? Again no idea. So you're welcome for really putting some context, all of these quotes. I'm so most of these I did poll from his twitter which they were comments about like seasons that he was. He did have some that were just sort of like random thoughts. But anyway. Okay. All right. So we got two left so. Your next quote is Vision. Without action is just a dream action without vision just passes the time and vision with action can change the world. This is brock paper scissors toll shit going on right now. I don't want to do math. Okay. So wait. So this this this yes logic puzzle with this is missing this on a Tuesday that she lives at a Red House. Okay Wha Liberty again vision without action is just a dream action without vision just passes the time action or wait vision with action can change the world. Okay, I something reverberates in my head that I feel like coach said that at some point. Yes. That was a coach quote. And this one was specifically like he was referencing like something from winners at war actually he was like. Eating something. Yeah. But it was like super generic he like re tweeted it. And it was like, didn't make any sense because he like re tweeted what did he re tweet like some random survivor tweet actually Watched survivor and then he like re tweeted it with this comment, it was like, sorry what doesn't actually make any kind of? That's interesting. So he brought up this like random trio of elements that sometimes work together or work against each other and then reference winners at war in the middle of it. I mean it's going to change the world. It was vision with action. So therefore, we're going to change the world. All Right Mike, you have one final quote, and that is remember me and smile for it's better to forget than to remember me and cry. I, don't think would save forget about me I think he's much like what a pad Ben Atar he's quoting simple minds saying you forget about me I gotta say that's Dr Seuss. That is correct. Yes. That was a Dr. seuss quotes well congratulations my you have answered I believe seven correct which Talk about passing grades I believe that one is a passing grade. Well, you know what they say action without wisdom but addition to decision on Thursdays doesn't like anchovies on your pizza makes for a good time divided by logic. Yes. There was. One other quote that I want to mention because I got real deep into coaches twitter before my browser crash got up to like funny? Eighteen. Internet's like, Leon I'm I'm cutting you off. This is for your own good I promised stop looking at this he actually tweeted poem. In response to survivor I can't remember what season but it was survivor was premiering because the end is survivor is back on tonight and he said I have walked across the desert sand, a journey of drought and despair. But tonight, my thirst will be quenched and life will no longer be bland because. Well, guess what survivor fans survivor is back on tonight's which I hope is not a rhyme scheme in any way because. This again because I got very thrown off by the first four lines. Okay. I have walked across the desert sand A journey of drought and despair. So standard despair not rhyming. But tonight my thirst will be quench and life will no longer be bland. Also way. Okay wait. The first hand with bland with a fourth line. Okay. Yes. Sand with. rhymes or not sandwiches. You just put it in the middle despairing. That's fine. Words in the middle as long as the first in the last one thrive it's fine. It's fine because even then he says because guess what survivor fans which doesn't rhyme Sam Santa Sanz's fans. No I guess it sort of works. Survivor is back on tonight which doesn't rhyme with sand despair or quenched. I think he just. went out of steam by the. Survivor's on tonight. Yeah. It's fine. He likes started writing it because the first part is like, Oh, I've watched across the desert sand, a journey of drought and despair. There's probably like hoping to like fit another line and they're like Okay Sandal eventually, Ryan with something terrible venture arms on the screw it why think even coaches poem in the episode it didn't rhyme. or at least it like loosely rhymed Oh. Oh, I wrote it down. Okay. Oh good. Let's let's. Let's break this. With friend and foe, we marched to the battle plane. Some seek success others to seek fame. Okay. This is good. It Kinda rhymes we play with honor for the love of the game. And with armor or without we will toil in vain so that someday someone somewhere will remember our name. So the meters a bit often the last line because he's emphasizing the importance there but men, he's much better when he's malnourished and. Nearly, on a stretcher with his back in terms of poetry is on twitter well-fed exactly playing fame game vein name. To me rhyming dictionary like we agree those rhyme. Yeah, exactly. Well, speaking of coach there there is one more thing I want to read before we get into the next game here because Liana I've found a is book no turning bath hole in the south. American expedition of a dragon slayer. I. Found it on Amazon and you can read the first chapter for free. Would you like me to read it? Yes please. Okay. This is called the pages of an atlas I'm just trying to check to make sure who's Eso. Oh. So this covers the life all. So it's no turning back, but the back is mirrored. There's another bath basic in reverse next to the first back at slightly faded away as a reflection in the water. This. Also uses about like five different fonts on it and a in the actual like printed crass version of the the cover of it. Cover Okay Yeah Dragon slayer is in a different font that looks like it's from the Medieval Ages but Benjamin coach Wade is a different font than that. Also added a three time contested on CBS survivor I'm not sure like added that after the fact or if AH, oh, it's copyright two thousand eleven. So it looks like he may be republish it because I remember this book I thought he came with this book for some reason before survivor but maybe He waited to to really push it out until after he made his biggest splash. Yeah I mean I guess. So when is the optimal time to release a book I mean Just Ask Boston Rob. There's also a very confusing thing where the colors of it make it look like one of those old wrinkly pages like you get when you're like doing a school project about colonial Williamsburg and you're like, Oh, I want to write on paper that makes it look like the old times but the cubs looks like that. So it's for some reason, the covered looks like a page from the book. That doesn't make any sense when you wanna Megan seem like. The, more sturdy thick kind of deal riot. That's what that's what I'm thinking here I'm going to. Check it out for themselves. Leon, I'm going to send this link to you. See if it links directly to the the cover alone. It says a lot say don't judge a book by its cover, but I'm judging the hell out of this thing right now. All right. So so I'm looking at the image right now and yeah, you you weren't lying. But what's weird is that it's like it's a crumpled up page, but then they're clearly has to be a backing behind it. You can't just have like a crumpled up pages the first the first but this also doesn't even look like sneezing look real like it still looks like Photoshop version of what the book would be. Once it's made. Exactly, like it looks like a mockup that you would send to like the publisher of like this is what I'm thinking of and they said, no, no go with it it's fine. Okay, sorry. I'm looking at all the funds. What did you say five one, I like at least three different ones yeah. At least three or four. Okay Yeah. No turning back. Okay and what are these pictures? So looks like I'm assuming these are pictures, but this is about coaches. Kayak expedition that he took. So I'm assuming these are pictures from that. Can We? Get a real. Okay. We can get her paperback version of this book like, Seventeen. Let's a paper bag. It looks like paper. Oh and we can oh, customers view. This item can also view the Boston Rob Rule Oh God. Is there a package deal for them? Either frequently together. Buys them bolt together I don't know but for thirty two dollars gift both be ours. Gobble my birthday is coming up. Oh. Let me let me let me give the read. The first chapter here called the pages of an APP. Let's I've always been drawn to the ocean transformed by beauties afraid of its powers changed by its pleasures and Mesmerized by mysteries. The massive bodies of water that surround US have a magnetic passion full of life and energy that defies logic. The mind of its own, the ocean gives us a glimpse of its storied and wealth both hats. I've seen it's raw power with churning surf and raging swells throwing anything that dares the IT. So to have I, experienced it's calm beauty and splendor on a quiet night in a secluded hove reflecting the moonlit sky waves pattering softly against the sandy shore. All the focus today on man's progressive achievements. The ocean gives us an into how ruggedly beautiful as the hand of God. Some of my fondest memories as a child took place near the water. I remember one day many years ago standing on top of a Grassy Sand Dune on the coast of Florida with my brother Peter at my side was the spring of Nineteen seventy-nine. We stood holding hands feeling proud of our new matching shorts and shirts on. It's really cute. Looking out over the vast expanse of water that's fresh before ss are as we could see, why was why did he break his brother with him as part of the family visit? Yeah that's a good question. Other. Brother, became part of the ocean. I mean I don't know maybe his brother replaced him they were matching. Shorts. Maybe. It's like a signing thing again, going back to Red Brown. Red Brought Red Bra our data taking us out of school for a week of vacation which only adds the thrill and wonder and excitement of standing before such a creature. I sense even then at the ocean carried with it a soul, a mind, a personality of its own. For us at a living breathing powerful being pull was inevitable will whispered in my years beckoning for me to partake of its challenges. The surf roared through my soul scaring me to ride its thunderous currence. Love with the ocean. I think so too also how long? Chapter. Several pages, but I'll read the first couple of chapters invite cutoff. Point. I looked over I at my brother and then my dad both seem to be struck with the same sensations as I was all in love with the ocean. All right. Let me see if I can do some character voices here. Gaddi I, said, what countries all day on the decide I mean if you took a boat and headed straight from Deir where would you land? Actually. My father replied. Coach yes, that's little coach. One countries. Five years. Yeah. It'd be like kind of older, my older son. He was here. I'M A. Daddy. Back by by doubles for. Other. Side the delay on. Collection. My father replied after a moment of thought we're not too far from Cuba. Once you get past. Cuba null go you can go all the way to South America. Colombia probably. Knew, the answers to everything. Shock swimming around down there. Get that accent. Baby. Jay ways dead. We got sell to pay. So Mr Poll doesn't take away hedge. Cap here. Sure. But they won't bother you if you stay close to the shore. We talked for a while before I decided we play around in the surf. After retired from swimming, we built a magnificent sandcastle. Its spires seemed to reach toward the deep blue sky late afternoon sun shone bright on the top of our new creation, passing long shadows over our heads or the hotels. The beach was covered with seashells of all shapes and sizes. Now is amazed at the variety of treasures that flourished near the ocean. Already I was beginning to discover the rush of excitement that nature and the ocean hat differ. I would never forget the feelings of awe and excitement that filled my mind that de rumble of the waves and the cries of the seagulls. shoprite there. Maybe this is the problem Liana is that coach did not get to play near the Ocean in survivor token jeans. I mean yeah. I think that's clearly a problem. Obviously, you know they're a little bit landlocked there. They didn't. He didn't get to see his true love for the ocean. Really could've helped him although in heroes villains they were in the ocean. So I don't know about that although in South Pacific obviously that clearly had an effect. So I don't know jury still out perhaps. Yeah. Well, I believe in Samoa, they weren't allowed to go into the ocean because of like uproarious tied or something to maybe coach was just could not really harnessed the water as much as he wanted to maybe his father is decided. Yes, that makes sense. Let's go through Greek mythology and place coach. Listen I know he would be loving that if we actually did that. Okay. All right. Hold on does it does Poseidon Have Chil- I mean obviously he's a Greek God. If Percy Jackson is Ken than he does. My Gosh. Can you imagine especially like if he's GonNa be his baby version designed. Not Threatening. That is necessarily. Coach. You'll. Get over the news evert. Chain ways. SERVES ANC the Pacific. It's slapper come on coach. We're GONNA make it there one day. Disaster. Let's move on here to a coach adjacent game from the Great Elite Bay Shimon he writes in a low Jimbo and Libor bore. We all love coach and his defining characteristics are him being a maestro at a soccer coach? I thought of a game that incorporates coach and his time in Brazil. It's pretty simple bleep as going to give the name of a Brazilian figure and Liana, you have to guess if this is a soccer players name or the name of a musician. Own. How experienced are you in either? What's a level lower than week? Say. That David. Coach I believe is that level Yeah Oh man okay. This is GonNa be because I was like trying to decide which I actually think I probably know more Brazilian soccer player. But. Yeah Man. If I only got about fifty percent of the questions on the previous. It's GonNa be a disaster. All right. Let's start. So again I'm GonNa read a name it's other Brazilian soccer player or a musician. Neymar. And why they are okay, that's a soccer player. That's correct. How did you know because I know again, very little about soccer but I know Neymar as Brazilian Tiger player? Oh `bout Tom Jobim. Are the musicians also Brazilian. I believe so. Okay, well, I am unfamiliar with this name. So I am going to go with a maestro. That is correct. It sounds maybe I'm sure I'm butchering the pronunciation sounds a bit like a Lord of the rings character when you say like, Tom? Jobim. Like. or Jim I'm thinking. Of Tom Bedell is probably what I'm thinking. Yeah okay. All right next one Marta. Marta, that is I believe a character from arrested development. Is that an option? No. Unfortunately girlfriends of Joe, blue and future celebrity apprentice contestants are not eligible as an option here. Okay shocked. Okay. Well I have never heard this name. So I'M GONNA go with Maestro I'm sorry they saw player. Launch Excel apart after ten questions. Yeah. My strategy was like if I know the name and then it's a soccer. I don't know name, it's a musician. Announced Strategy. That's right. That is my strategy. So all right next one. Carlos Cayetano. Last Name C. A. E. T. A. N.. I just want to apologize to every single resilient out there. Musician. I'm sorry to soccer player. He's better known as Donga Oh of course, of course. No. Okay I wasn't sure I. Don't know doing doomed might have been might have been on your list of random Brazilian soccer players you know. Okay like Neymars I feel like the most famous Brazilian soccer player. Right. Yes No. Literally not the audience for this. Okay. All right. Well, that's okay you. You know who's the most famous soccer player me Dunga, so there. Okay. All right next one. Anita spelled a n I T ta. I feel. Okay. What if I said for the past I feel like I've okay. You know what we're. GonNa go. We're GONNA go artists. Let's go maestro. That is correct. Yes. Eventually it had to pay off exactly it had to work eventually is your next one K. Tano Veloso. Okay. So do I think that that's sounds like a soccer player as name I think that's like or is this more a musician type? You know what I'm going to change my strategy. I'M GONNA go soccer player. It's a musician that's what I meant. That's what I said. Mike. You misheard me I said I'm sorry these fall two years I always think people have saying soccer player when they mean maestro. Very similar, very similar sounding words or adheres this next one, Ronaldinho. Oh okay. Yes. I Know Ronaldinho as a player as a soccer player. Is he resilient but would he be? Okay at soccer player soccer player. What am I even saying that is correct. Okay. I. Was GonNA say. Jamar this is the one that I feel like even I know role Dino. I was like trying to like guess my way out of it for some weird reason of like he wouldn't put something in there. That's that obvious. Finally go Berto deal. Okay. So let me try to think new mayor. What would we had the most of? Trying to think Let's go with. Musician that's correct. You actually. Go Berto gills frequent performing partners back in the day was number six Caetano. Veloso. Oh my gosh it all comes all circle. Cute I'm looking at pictures of them. They look very fun together Leon I think he did better in this game than actually you did in the other one blame your limited but a working knowledge of Brazilian soccer players. I can't decide if I'm proud of myself or disappointed myself for doing. So poorly in the other game but no, both of these games were so fun. It's always fun to test myself and things. I theoretically should know everything about and then also know nothing about and do you essentially the same. Better in the things I don't know anything about. So to finish things off here on the BNB each and every week. Of course, we want to highlight a different 'cause and our charity corner. This is something that we actually brought up in our big brother B. and B. But we decided to bring it over here as well because it's an extremely important 'cause Adele from BBC Canada to has put out a go fund me to donate to the families of first responders were. lost. In the tragic explosions in Lebanon last week for those that don't know a tragic series of explosions rocked Beirut to its core resulting in thousands of casualties including several people on the front line. What Adele. has set up a gofundme page where you can go and donate any amount of money. You want to guarantees that any money made from this will go directly to the families of those who passed in the explosion Adele himself. is of very good friends with a firefighter who firsthand lost kind of his colleagues. So you can understand just the the wide spread of the tragedy that happened there are of our hearts do go out to those who were affected. In Beirut by what happens if you want to donate other, there's not really a short link that I can give just go into the show there should be a direct link to the gofundme there right now over seven thousand dollars raised and I. Know that we can do more to help these people who very, very much need our help in the way of such a disaster. So please if you can take the time, click the link in the show notes. Fill this out and again, our best and our very deepest sympathies to those that were affected by the lotions in Lebanon and that's GonNa. Do it for this week on the being we finish things up or starting to near the end here Liana we have one week left in house. We've announced beforehand it's the finale of survivor Borneo. It is. Unbelievable. Now. We're finally finishing this up because this has been such an incredible journey to go back and watch all of these episodes and to now go back and tied in to the very first episode the premiere of Borneo that we talked about going to be closing out with the finale of Borneo I mean I. I couldn't have asked for a better episode to discuss. Yeah, I mean, this is an probably will always be survivor's most watched episode had a fifty plus million people tuning in. I'm sure we can get into certainly at the time you know just how big things were between the fact that they had to film. Separate endings with all four finalists so that in case spoilers got leads, people wouldn't necessarily know who one of course with the finale of the I ever reunion hosted by Bryant Gumbel, which is not required viewing, but we can certainly dote on that likely honest. It's a great way to go all circle in one of the biggest and most important episodes in survivor history between the first ever Thai. Richards big brazen move at the final three, and of course, the rats and snakes speech that took the nation by storm and led to the first ever survivor Viktor being crowd. I. Guess Right. Now because it's still TVD. But I'm hoping if all things called come through and we're going to get a very, very fun way to close this out, I can't believe this thing is coming to an end either you know I I think reminded remember this this started you know only a couple of weeks after the war ended because of the twentieth anniversary of the survivor premier and it feels like the world and we have been through so much over the course of these twelve weeks I think of it only as twelve weeks is pretty mystifying to me. If, feels like. An entire year and yet a week at the same time like what is the concept of time anymore it doesn't help the also going covering like twenty years of survivor to you know like we're not saying with one cast of characters. We just keep jumping around all the time that does make us feel a bit displaced especially in these times. But yeah, we're going to be back next week to finish off this re-watch series of course as we sort of alluded to before Leon and I, are double dipping BNB for a couple weeks. Here we are doing the big brother twenty to be in. Be where we are doing weekly in game segments there this past week we had Maggie Morgan from the class of twenty twenty. She was an absolute delight. We had a lot of fun breaking down week one of Big Brother twenty two between talking about intro packages over the years getting a deep dive into one of the houseguests rap career trying to paint one of the characters that showed up in a recent competition as a possible serial killer. The limits are endless here on the BBC if your big brother Fan, make sure to check that out as well as what we have coming up in. Because we'll be here for the long haul for bb twenty two as well. Liana. What else do you have going on? Right. So I you can find me on twitter at Liana Rha he. I am talking about Canada's drag race, which is in full swing. Oh. My Gosh, we're having so much fun. It's you are a drag race fan and you are not watching Canada's drag race get on et because it's been such a fantastic seed as season just lawing drug race out of the water and we are talking about drag race with new video podcasts. If you're interested I n looking at the loop, all the colors Liana. Oh my all the Colors Green Red Felice Navidad Brown. them all we're doing them on. Dot Color. Insert. That in their. Jamie, was argument I think I did also ask before of. Color so I'm not sure. took. That's on my list of like, what do you call a group of baseball players? Do Dogs, have. Brothers. Brothers. I still my gosh. Sticky notes place. So we can refer to that later and have no idea what we. Think. They Jiffy pop probes the only currently surviving. that. In BB DJ before big dig. Johnson. Laws. Right. Anyway. So yeah. So definitely check that out and I'm also was a guest on the ninety day fiance podcast with talking about, of course, this week and ninety day fiance you can always follow me at a Mike Bloom Tifosi Leon as well at Leon Rha. P. Just. Finished recording beyond top chef or this week where we did a food show potluck or we talked about everything from you know. Very. Food Network shows that are thirty seasons deep Kulu series that debuted. So that was a very fun podcast. Of course, toughest nails also reaching its homestretch we had a great recap with Phil Cogan of episode seven. We also are going down the hatch with lost be celebrated our one year birthday again time is weird nowadays especially for a show like lost Gordon I celebrated our one year anniversary of down the Hatch on eight fifteen with a clip show that ended up being a lot of fun and also sometimes cringe which also made it more fun. So be sure to check all that out. Of course, I'm doing exit press for Parade Dot Com with big brother as well, and I also was a guest this week on A. Kids pod. Just a very fun podcast where I had a lovely group of children asked me questions about what it's like to be a podcast her and I got to talk about that and weird people out hopefully, not too much with stories about how I ended up getting a survivor tattoo determined by a podcast, which also if you have an order jet, there's a set of temporary tattoos base around about available at rob has a website dot com slash bloom tax with all proceeds going to benefit direct relief and so. Check that out. I know I'm going to cover myself with Sir Whittington in honor of the fact that he will not be permanently on my body and make sure you're subscribe to all the other reality TV wrap up stuff going on. Liana. As mentioned on Canada's drag race I guess it on ninety. Day. Fiance. The Bachelor is still going strong with its greatest seasons of all time clip shows when I really want to highlight this week is the Purple Pants podcast hosted by the fantastic Isaiah who recently unveiled these daddy calendar for Two Thousand Twenty one because again, the time is weird. It's still flows and so will the Saudis. But if you haven't checked out the Purple Pans podcast just celebrated its one year anniversary. It's a fantastic mixture of serious and silly and you know covering everything from a lot of the social justice initiatives going on to the Zany -ness of love after lockup and Bryce is just a fantastic person and host whether he's by himself or bouncing ideas off of somebody else if you are in. Survivor withdrawal right now, which might be you if you're listening to. US Prattle on about random survivor nonsense for the past hour and a half I think you're GonNa like the Purple Pants. Pot You have a year a backlog podcast listen to so chop chop that's GonNa. Do this what Mike I do want to say and the Zadie calendar is now out so if you are thirsty in lock In Quarantine. Bryce as a I think he was on with rob right to talk the Zadie calendar. So if you're thirsting for some survivors that is out as well. Yeah, and we won't reveal exactly WHO's on what but it's a nice. It Goes International Nice. Old School new school mix like I dunno Leon in one day. Maybe if I'm if I'm truly plumbing around with a barrel for content, I could do as Zadie brand seal, a Brenton zeal who I would be very down for something like that. You know I love me some Zadie he's exactly. So be sure to check out all the great stuff that Bryce is doing if you have games and know we only have one more survivor podcast, but it's a big in and Dame's we want them. You can email them to us rha AP BNB AT GMAIL DOT COM special shout huge Kudos to Philippi Shimon and Sarah from Sydney for sending in these fantastic games and we only have one more week. It's sad it's crazy thing. This is all coming to the end but I think we're going to have a really fun guest lined up next week and hopefully some very fun games as well to close out this wiggled through time BNB rewind whatever the heck you want to call it. Scott saint-pierre for editing everything behind the scenes, both of America for his fantastic theme song that only rivals the great epic ballad that was playing during coaches struggles in the immunity challenge in terms of just pure beauty leon and I'll be back next week with a special guest to recap the season finale of. Barnea. But for now, we'll check you out at your next day. the. Sum Game, right. Done. Off Sound School. The R. H.. E. Ambi. Your mom. All School. I can sell you. The our ASE. And Three.

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