Standard is the Standard: Can the Steelers 'stack win's vs. the Ravens in Week 5?


Want to know more about what your favorite Ninjas have on their minds check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any Ninja Warrior Fan. It's for steeler fans going on this is Jeff Hartmann editor of behind the curtain dot com with me as always is the dancing folder night Lance Williams yes. How's it going Lindsey feel. It looks like you're energized. You're ready to go. You're excited for the show yeah. I had to go old school tonight. You see the green cap. You know I asked Jeff before we started. How many of you guys have seen a green steeler cap. I got this cat back in the nineties. In I'M GONNA IS GONNA have to get ninety style all this Sunday for the steelers to get that wind is GonNa have to go back to the nineties style but we'll break that down but so yeah man you know Nice Day out here green cap you know what it is Jeff. Go there you go green cap the steelers of are coming off their first win of the season Felicia a big shout out to her. She is in the live chat. She was at the game on Monday night. The steelers won twenty seven three couldn't ask for much better in terms terms of score will we talked a AD nauseam about that in our steelers postgame show if he went lance in my opinion of the game and specific players here's the played well and he does it disappointed. Go back and check that show out but we'll be one tonight. Let's say some of them. Oh Yeah I wanted to ask Felicia she she could comment in the live Chadha. Where where does she get some Gras at. Does she get a permanant pepys. Does she get some local delight some food. you know some local. Pittsburgh cuisine. Let us know Felicia all right. We'll take it out and and crazy. Chris brings up right off the bat. Where's the dollar Sir Gesture. Oh Man I gotta be honest. I got some emails about that with Hashtag Poor Jeff in it past egg something for Mason Hashtag it will the poor jeff was trending. I think for a while but okay we'll learn did you to start the show. Today is before we get talking about the Ravens. We realized that we're a quarter of the way into the season and the steelers Ravi sitting at one and three no one expected the steelers to be in this position yet here we we are and slants decided that instead of going back in and you know giving specific raids to specific players we wanted to just be a little bit more of a general grading of Offense Defense Special Teams and coaching. We're going to go in that order in so when we're talking about this in the live chat I'd love to see what you all would grave the steelers in that specific category so feel free to explain yourself or you just want to throw great out there. That's fine but we're going to give our grades and it's going to be an eighth through scale just like you wouldn't school Let's turn over the offense lance. Go ahead. Give us your grade in acute a key thoughts on the steelers offense at the court prior to their victory against the Cincinnati bungles. I would have given the steelers F on on offense because prior to the bungles game. They were averaging sixteen point three points per game and in the current. NFL with the way passing is the way it is is the way you can't hit receivers. You can't hit quarterbacks the way they've legislated out some of the physicality in the game. There's no way in the world you should average sixteen eighteen point three points per game even with a second year player you add in the twenty seven to three win that up their points as per game to nineteen but they're still giving up twenty eight point three points per game if I have that right if actually they're giving up twenty two points per game so you know if you're only averaging nineteen points per game. We've seen with this offense has been struggles to get first downs. It struggles in the red zone. Its struggles on third down so I say all of that to say that I would give him a nice fat. De Bats yeah to me. I'm torn because you know me. I'm a teacher and so I'm big about pluses and minuses here and so I'm I'm looking at I was thinking about a d plus or a C. minus. I'm leaning towards the C minus after the twenty seven to three win based on the fact clear me out quit shaking her head based on the fact that I liked randy feet or did in the game in terms of a game plan okay. Lance you disagree and you're making the D. on the screen. I see all that stuff but for me. I've at least intrigued enough to say. Let's give him a C minus baby a D plus. It's the same thing yet. It's just a little different. that's my grade. I think there's hope for this unit will put it that way. I don't know Jeff. I know my mom and my parents. I know that if I came home with the D. plus or a C. MIDAS that the ramifications in the differences between between what would have happened to me would have been distinctly different assigned. Mine is still passing. d-plus is not passing passing okay all right in that regard what you mean to d plus there. You think they could have gotten to wins. It'd be a CECE. My is so you gotta go d-plus okay so we both give him DS. I say deep laws. Lances is a regular straight up the let's go to the other side of the football. Defense defense is GonNa be an intriguing you sent a statistic out to Dave Scofield via text that I thought was really eye opening and that was about their red gem stuff the of that stat in front of you. I think I know I don't but I know roughly what it was. I think that they were ranked. Fourth National Football League in red zone defense however they are giving up at the time before I sent the text they were given up twenty eight points a game but were fourth the Red Zone. What that tells you is that teams didn't even have to get to the red. SOx score or the steelers they were just lighting with bid plays days so defensively migrate is going to stay with the letter that you start with when you spell d. but I am. GonNa I put a plus or a minus on it and I'm going to put a minus on it I I think the steelers are very very average defense right now. literate with a lot of communication issues not really good on the line of scrimmage. getting beat up in the run game. They give a bit plays in the passing game the the one thing that this defense does very well and they don't get people off the field. Let me add that one thing that this defense does very well. They get after the quarterback fourth national football ball league and sacks. I believe with fourteen but I'm going to give them a D. minus. This is not steeler football not steeler physical dominant football football that we're used to seeing in the black and gold so D. minus for me. Okay I probably going to hear from you on this great too but there's two do things you mentioned. One of them that I feel are saving raises for this defense the first. He said he said they're fourth currently in the National Football League. Yes fourteen fourteen fourteen after four games. It's a pretty good clip and then I'm going to help me forgetting turnovers. I believe they're tied for second second in the league internal poster plus four plus four okay. I'm looking at the ratio because that includes the offense. I'm just talking about takeaways again. They have nine takeaways always on the season. I think the Toronto behind New England with ten so to me. That's that's an that's a huge upgrade and I think that they've gotten better with guys like Mak- Fitzpatrick in the back head. Did you notice. Have you watched the film of last week. Did did you see I think it just came out today. I think it just came out today. I have not not been able to take a look at it. In fact I think the Patriots Ironically enough I think they have either nine or ten interceptions some like Lazar number of interceptions which is just ridiculous that you have maybe ten interceptions after four games. Some of that is how good they are and who'd played including the steelers right. I'M GONNA go with C. Minus here because the with the sack totals with turnovers the offense has not been helping them out at all especially in the first three games of the season. You saw what could happen if and the steelers offense actually actually has some time consuming dries if the offense actually gives them a chance to rest from time to time they were they were poised to strike as Myron cope used to say interest for all four quarters. It was for all four quarters. They were all out hunting the the entire game so I think there's hope for this unit is well. I have more hope Lance. You may disagree this. I have more hope in the defense in the next quarter than offense. Do you agree or disagree with that. I agree defense has more talent well. They should get wants to Earth Rounder Tim first rounders on a defense a right. That's exactly right and that was before. They got Minka. No I think it was after they got it went to tin and Louis Louis Lulus first rounder to which acts to its second round or correct to who was second. Mark Barron was the first round pick. Wa was the first round. Pick chocolate doesn't count Hilton was undrafted. Sutton wasn't a first sean pick. Vinci was probably late round pick or was he drafted. He was six round picks out of Florida state. Nelson was not at first round picks. There's just a couple of guys. The first round pick Terrell Edmonds of the first Bush was the first round pick but debris was the first round pick. TJ while was the first round pick him hayward was the I pay. My Gosh smells like ooh. GonNa pop song sounds like a lady on Bell Rap He but Naked Rob Day yeah except it's not auto tunes anyways none not to get off on a horrible wrapped engine so I think the defense I'm going to give them a C. minus because it's one of those situations where I think there's a lot of hope there the turnovers this axe wchs out say see mine is I know you're gonNA disagree because the result hasn't always been good if they can make of his Patrick is going to help with us. They can eliminate those big place then. I think they could be a pretty good defense. Yeah I mean I'm disagreeing because some of the numbers are scary. I mean quarterback rating yards per carrie points per game and now it's up to twenty two but before the Bengals game ever given up twenty eight points a game. I mean that is scary. I mean we are in the month of October. We're in that is absolutely Halloween s right but three good teams though let's not forget that I'm not I'm not giving him an excuses giving them a crutch to Ed to lean on but at the same time. Let's not forget the fact that up until week four. There's three teams were combined eight and one I mean you had three pretty good offense is is there so let's see where things go this you as always start slow. They're always a poor September team. The calendar has since flipped to October. We'll see how they do. Let's go to special teams now. Who Cares I care. I Care Chris. Boswell is a part of special teams. We Know Oh had yes you are. You're absolutely correct yeah. You can't add that. I've normally I would say. Let's do special teams but when you have. Chris Boswell coming off such a dreadful season in two thousand eighteen if you have to talk about it. He hasn't missed a kick. He's the best player on the team. Currently I mean he's he's. He's he's the best finish. He's the best guy on the team. He's perfect. This year is perfect so special teams get to a for the fact that he has not missed a kick extra point nothing. Chrissy Boswell Mr Perfect like Paul Orndorff so big up to Chris Boswell special teams. Get that egg raid. I'm going to go a minus. Jordan Berry has surprisingly been okay. He hasn't been in his bad as he normally is. I can't I can't stand that guy but he's been better. This year is is average yards. Per Punt is better. He's pinning teams inside the twenty more. I think he only has a handful touchback some four games that's good but the one thing I liked the most is that last season and even in two thousand seventeen. It seemed like every time the steelers had a special teams play especially any tape of a return or heck sometimes even a block situation. They were getting penalized all the time. It wasn't never return until you saw laundry thrown of his up there. You go there you go so I honestly think that for me. I'm going to go a minus. The penalties are still a concern the my question lands is if if Chris Boswell right now setting up for a forty nine the yard game winning field goal to tie it to win it if he misses it they lose. How confident are you that he's GonNa make that kick. I think he's good make it and I apologize to Joe. Coleman and you are absolutely right. Curt Henning was Mr Perfect Mix Joel who who was Paul orndorff nickname nickname. I saw Paul Orndorff had a nickname. He used to kiss his biceps. He used to power driver move. He had the well-qualified hair he was. It's like I think it was a linebacker from Florida or something like that Paul orndorff. Somebody tells me in a live chat who's Paul Orndorff. Let me drop my specialty. I'm great to a minus eight minus B. Plus because Ryan Switzer. The electric football man gives them nothing the return gay Mr Catch it Stan right where I catch it he gives them nothing in the return game so I'm going to downgrade them slightly to a minus because because he's just inept so as much as you don't like Berry. I don't like Switzer. Soak the Barry Switzer legal offices not getting any money from either one of us well. Here's my question. Can you name any return man. In the National Football League. This baker plays returner check out the American Ninja Warrior Royer podcast for a behind the scenes. Look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Deontay Deontay Jackson made a play of the first game of the season for Denver you one play named one for one what I here's what I'm I'm saying is that I feel like the NFL. They are eliminating the return man from the game. It's basically turning into someone that can fair catch the football. Now you would hope the job that will now. Here's what you're starting to see in Monday night's game when there was a potential return kick who was out there deontay. Johnson was out there not Ryan Switzer if they think it's a fair catch situation and switzers out there. That's what they're going to probably do. They did this. San Antonio homes back in the day. They did this Antonio Brown back in the day and that's I'm sorry Mrs Misses Her Fifth Enzo. Those guys were only used in specific situations. I feel like they're at the point now. Where Ryan Switzer in its is laughable that he has a roster oster spot if this is actually his role is the fair catcher on the Pittsburgh steelers fifty three man roster. 'cause the guy doesn't play on offense anymore anymore. So there you go the drop jurors to what what grade in a minus you were. You were breaking up. I see you now so you said I did not hear so basically no one SWITZER's. Basically they're fair. Catch on the Pittsburgh steelers team so you're dropping your grade down to what an a minus yet met. That's great job almost said a curse word you know in thinking about him getting paid being affair catcher almost said the word that starts with a D. Like Gee. That's a great job and like all these guys that that work super hard to get to the national football league. Don't make it for whatever reason I'm sure they look at Ryan which go do that. I could just catch stay I could I could I could having entire podcast on who of the people I call my financial heroes in my in life and it's people that are making Butler of money and aren't doing a damn thing for for it a Bobby Bonilla's on that list now. That's my God long. I I'll tell you a quick cyber. My personal favorite is is a man by the name of Matt Flynn. Okay Nomad Flynn was a backup for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers got in he can. He had two WHO Games where he threw. I WANNA say over four hundred yards. He became a free town season. He has no hold on give give a free Asian the off season. The Seattle seahawks paid ate him a boatload of money. They draft Russell Wilson Russell Wilson wins the job Madison's a backup then they cut him. He gets paid still oh he gets a Butler load of money from Oakland. They draft Derek Carr. Derek Carr wins job. He's still making a boatload of money holding a clipboard on the sideline. That's the job Bob. That's why he's my hero because he's not gonNA have. CD's and be able to live his life with all this money yeah. He was getting like three checks at once. I remember this I I'm GonNa. Tell you with another guy. Another another guy like that was Kevin Cobb. Kevin COBB LIT UP A couple of games free agent contract. I used to argue my brother other every day. Kevin cobbs a franchise quarterback. Why based on two starts yeah that was terrible? It just is Shay you how desperate. NFL teams are for quarterbacks. A here's a to ninety nine the tips from Joko Coleman he says donating because of the eighties wrestling references since I'm giving I'm GonNa give jaw another reference. I went to Wrestlemainia to wonder early wrestlemanias that was at the sports arena. I went to that Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia which was that who was the headliner in that one that wasn't hulk vs Andre. The giant wasn't no. I think Mr T. might have been there or something. I can't remember I can't clever pay remember but I went to see it not believe it was at the L. A. Sports Arena wrestlemainia too but I know I went to see a wrestlemainia. I used to go to wrestling cards back then. I saw stark aid in the south. Who is your wrestler back in the day who come on man you gotta ask. Rick Flair core man as you were you were. WCW Guy I was Nwea Guy I can he was with NWEA. I used to watch WMA I used to think the WWF was corny forty because I always hated Hulk Hogan always watch. We have to stop the show now because you just can't do ric flair versus is Harley Race Harley race and Ric flair sixty minutes now a second second tier wrestling for me. I was a wwf guy was a hokey okay. I was a little Hulkamania right around my house taking my vitamins lifting weights. Oh Man I I I can picture that command. You tell me you didn't add a Red Leotard do in the yellow tights but I did have my so habit. Actually is is probably worth the money as little weights little hang rivers had a headband and the wrist bands and stuff is Iraq that around the house all the time. Oh Oh that she give somebody definitely donate in the super chat so we'll pull that out in the next show oh or one of these shows this week I that I think it's back in my hometown. MOMS send it over something but Jeffey Hogan Yeah I had my wall given I was the biggest Hulkah- Maniac ever let me tell you another than even get interviewed by meaner Glenda's invest okay. Let's knock it off on a wrestling tangent here. let's get a coach. Is We want to grade one more thing in the coaches. go ahead. Lance your grade for the coaches because they we have one win. I'm going to elevate the great but it's a d. MINUS this team team in particularly on the defensive outside of football. This team has looked woefully prepared confused communication issues coverage busts so on and so forth. I'm giving the offense offense a little bit of slack because they lost a franchise player to second best quarterback in the organization's history embiid Rothlisberger but the defense defense has been. I don't know it's offense. Almost it's almost no D. in it. it's offense largely so I'm GonNa give them a D. minus Tomlin again lose another challenge although I thought he was going to actually win that one that Pi call was really bad but you know Tomlin is. These slept slept rock of challenges. He never gets anything right hasn't won one since two thousand. Seventeen D- my jeans needs Gee. That's what like eleven loss challenges in a row. It's a lot I don't know the number but wasn't Terro Austin's supposed to be the guy that was who's GonNa fix it. No one's GonNa fix that man. Okay I go ahead and give migrate of a D. Plus in plus only there because I thought that at released against the Bengals who aren't good football team they had a good plan and so in that regard navy like I said with the other two parts. Maybe there's a little a bit of hope that they'll finally start to coach these players so ultimately I think lance it comes down to the fact that we're giving the steelers solid salad ds or D. minuses the first quarter of all right overall grade. It D- For dilly dilly or didn't do diddly or her or any other disease but but yes big up to greg w on the live chat Bob Backlit was my man the chicken wing I love I love Bob op back when the shots the cross face chicken wing. Yes if we go four ninety nine and tip jar from crazy cruces's. Mason Rudolph second career start has a highest completion percentage energy since one thousand nine hundred seventy. NFL AFL merger with that and having been as a mentor. How good can he be. Well if you if the requirement is to flip a coin past maybe thirty six inches then we'll see what they asked him to do. I mean if he can't do do that. The shot play great throw but he can't execute the game plan that they had him. Do against the bengals. Did he's not a professional quarterback. The ball didn't travel a ball travel. What fifty yards we've met like a hundred yards total? Execute the game plan. That's that's the thing that was okay. I guess it was it. You're absolutely right. Kenny executed game played. Yes because he did you might not have liked the game plan but I mean it is another thing Brian Baldinger from NFL network he does all these breakdowns on twitter and he broke down Mason Rudolph and he gave him phenomenal Allegri said look. If you had to see the the Bengals we're gonNA drop into that. Shell and it's going to lead the underneath wide open. He was hidden James Conor tent hidden James Ales for seven. They're good. They're breaking off chunks. It's like an extension of running game so let me ask you right now right now. Who would you feel more comfortable starting just in his hypothetical world Gartner Gartner harder minzhu Menchu Mitch Sar Gardner Minzhu or Mason Rudolph. WHO's better player? I haven't even seen she threw a pass completely on the thing. I haven't even seen highlights. I don't know WII. Look Up Jacksonville Jaguars highlights yeah I just WanNa see more but I don't know how good he can be. I mean I WANNA see him. Execute different types of game plans. I WanNa see him actually push it down the field. Well throw aggressively into tight windows. I get mad. I get that I agree with you a hundred percent but here's the thing we've seen him. Show the ability to make the throws. Okay preseason is preseason but you still have to make the throws and he made he he made those throws in the preseason even week to coming in for Ben Rothlisberger. He made some throws down the field so it is possible that he can do that. I just few he's a guy that runs the system that they put in place instead of the play what they had in place past week. Was We need you to just check it down. We need you to just take what the defense gives you and in that regard job well done. Mason Rudolph you can't you can't fault. The Guy can't info young player for executing a game plan jeff as a fitness guy man. You GotTa look a Gardener Mentions Dad. He's jacked. He is absolutely that guy has jacked. You appreciate his dad. His Dad banks is throwing up some weight. I mean the Guy is absolutely jack but he's in much better shaped his son and he looks like he could give you about ten snaps on the D. Line. Hey I'm dispenser hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script terrific riff on what that means and basically what is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to it college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. Can you hear me Lance. I got you now all right. We're good. I am golden all right here. We Are we're back. We're back okay. I think we're back good all right so we have a couple of people that want to catch up on sorry for that little blip on the radar snowman two dollars in the tip jar. He says Jeff so see I get this show up here. Maybe maybe not computer is real while he's eating two dollars to the cause. I guess it's a 'cause it. Lands put out there regards to trying to get me that Mason Jason Rudolph Jersey so here we go. I'm trying to catch up here. Gentlemen and Ladies Gentlemen so be patient all right very good. Let's let's talk about this upcoming game okay. The steelers and Ravens are about to go head to head and what's really crazy when I was doing the AFC north recap for this week doc was the fact that if the steelers win on Sunday in Heinz Field and IF THE CLEVELAND Browns lose to the San Francisco Forty niners. I believe that game is in the bay area correct me if I'm wrong lands and then the steelers would be in first place in the AFC north because because they would all be two and three in this field you have to know AFC north divisional record whereas I want to get your thoughts on this upcoming game just in general nothing really specific just yet but just general what are your thoughts on this game. You know I think sometimes I think the football like boxing or sometimes you know different you analogies are different metaphors from different sports. Come into my mind when I think about AL football and in this game I kinda think of boxing you know when they say the popular adage. Dow's makes fights and this is an interesting stylistic match shop because you know what the Ravens WanNa do and it attacks some of the glaring weaknesses of this defense that we've seen thus far far one of those. Is You know how they respond to play action. Passes covering tight ends and their run defense you now. This is going to be a very physical game because the ravens are going to pound you on the ground. They've got to get it done on the ground so I think from from certain perspective this is going to be you know one of their most difficult challenges on a short week plan against a really physical football team. I'm not disagreeing with you. There are a lot of potential matchup nightmares exists between the steelers and Ravens especially from the Ravens offense with the steelers defense. Lamar Jackson is a nightmare no matter who's playing. Have you watched that Kansas City achieve scheme the waning waning minutes of that game he had gone to his right. It looked like a video game the moves that he made discover touchdown. I mean you keep on waiting for that. One time where he's just GONNA get ear. Hold these spin the wrong way. There's going to be a defender burned down it. Just it hasn't happened in a maybe you won't happen. I don't know Michael Vick didn't get jacked up that many times in his career so I think the Lamar Jackson is a quarterback that just like all the other ones you talk about the Michael Vick of of the world. What did they always say whenever you had to play Michael Vick you want to count them in you. Don't WanNa let him get out of the pocket. You WanNa make sure that he has to throw the football from the pocket. I think that if the steelers have any hope is that you have to force you have to force Lamar Jackson said turn into a thrower in that's where he struggled the most nets where he's known struggle missed now my question lance. If you're defending eh the ravens in especially we are Jackson. Are you using a spy. You said on the post game show you probably would. Who would you deploy though to be that it's Fi- to keep an eye on him? At all times I mean I think it has to be rookie has to be Devin Bush. I mean athletically Devon despite the only guy that could maybe run with Lamar because the March Axa four three guy but the other thing. He's a big guy too. I mean he's bigger four three guy. He's not a slight guys not huge but he's not a slight guy. He's not like a Russell Wilson. I mean he's a big guy and you know I mean. I hate to sound like I'm using hyperbole but Lamar Jackson is the best athlete the National Football League I mean this guy is is is a freak week. I mean this guy has four three speed. He could probably throw the ball seventy five yards in air strong arm. I mean he's just he's just one of those. Those guys amongst freaks. That's a super freak. I mean he's Rick. James whitted you know you know but you gotTa make them throw. I mean you have to make them throw. I mean the thing about the ravens is they don't have really good receiving weapons from the wide receiver position but they are blessed with three pretty good tight ends and that's something that the steelers struggle with so. I mean the steelers are going to have to and that's why award this green hat and that's why ward is green hat. Green hat is from the nineties and in the nineties we can remember that the steelers play really physical defense in the front seven they they brought the hard hat day lick people and typically when you play the steelers you felt and if the steelers are GonNa win this game on Sunday. Take out to bring hard hat. They gotta bring it this Sunday because the ravens are going to try to pound you with that running game with Ingram with Jackson and they are going to stay committed to it and they are going to do it so the steelers Cata bring your heart hat on Sunday if they want to win this game well. If there's one positive is the game is is at home I would be very concerned. If this game coming off shore we were on the road the NFL Scheduling Committee did it did them a solid by keeping this game at Heinz Field for me. I think this this contest in general and we continue to talk about the ravens offense versus the steelers defense because I think that's the most intriguing part of this game the browns they gave up a little bit on the ground but they really did put pressure on Jackson that made him uncomfortable. He never could really set his feet in. If there's one thing that I say that the steelers are good at it and it's you know this. Lands is is putting pressure on the quarterback. That's been their. Mo The last three seasons under Keith Butler and so if they have a standing chance they've Dave to get to Jackson when he drives back to throw and they had to stop the run. It sounds elementary but that's it right. I mean another. The thing is you know part of this is football complementaries to L. Ultimate complementary game. They've got to get out in front two got a score some points because if they can get out in front front or Ravens you can limit the number of opportunities you're going to see in the running game you want as you said you want. Lamar Jackson to pass the football and and I'm looking at at Zen masters comments no Lamar Jackson is not a killer. He is a developing young quarterback athletically. He's a killer he he can wreck your game by making athletic plays that are just out of this world where you do everything right and he just beat you with his athletic ability. You know he has God given ability like that. I mean you gotTa give the young man you know his props on that. He's not going to assassinate you and kill you in the pocket throw after throw after throw but he has improved and yes. They have not played very good competition but you're still beating. NFL fell teams and he's still a freak. You know what you're going to get with the Ravens. The question is can you stop it. I mean thing you look at the Ravens. and you look get their running game and I was just writing down some notes to myself I mean I think this will probably be be the most multiple running offense. You'RE GONNA see power power. You're GONNA see zone. You're going to see zone read. You'RE GONNA see Bootleg jet action misdirection. I mean they're not just going to line up and try to run it down anger throat. They're going to do some of that but they're going to do. A lot of different things in the run game and one of my main concerns is not necessarily just the physicality of the Ravens running game. It's the communication issues. We've seen this defense have in the first couple of games because you know he's GonNa. Chuck it in guys bellies. He's GonNa pull it out. He's GonNa play action going to put it in a belly run with it. I mean he's reading stuff so you ought to be really organized. In on paid your is going to happen. You're going to have to have your eyes on him and you're going to have to be physical not go for the fakes and all that stuff that they're going to try to prevent. CH- or excuse me to show you in this particular game in my opinion and Mingka Fitzpatrick is an x factor in this game and a lot of ways. He seems to be the organizer in the deep end and I think that his presence presence will be felt but and Ryan brings this up and I was going to mention this as well Vince Williams. was a full participant today in he he can be back in the lineup and if he's back in the lineup. I say you put Mark Barron on the bench least only put him in certain positions and you lead Vince William. Stop the run. Here's the interesting thing with the Ravens. The Ravens play a ton of eleven personnel absolutely so they're gonNA put they're going to put three wide receivers on the fields that are going to try to schematically take Vince Williams off the field by putting out you know multiple receiving threats in eleven personnel with those three wide receiver. Tell DOE run onto tights a lot too because they have they can catch yes. They do an and that's GONNA be. The challenge always advanced challenge with Vance. Is you know can't Vince. It's cover tight ends with the steelers can't bear in cover tied hands. Kim Bush cover tides. I mean that's that's. That's the thing with this game as well as that. All all the targets or majority of the targets Goethe Raven tight ends. That's the challenge as well. I mean they really WanNa hit guys down in the middle of field in between numbers numbers. I mean nasty throw that he likes to make he might he likes to make that seem throw to mark. Andrews and so who would be that guy in the deep in the deep secondary. There is the guy that you want to be. It's going to be making sure yeah. and you know. I'm sure they're going to try to give bearing. I mean they saw tyler I for drop that touchdown pass in the end zone so you know it's going to have to be on his PS and QS in this game because they're gonna go after him with titans absolutely yeah okay. Let's switch to the other side. Let's talk about the steelers offense against the Ravens Stevens. I have felt that the that the Ravens defense ends has been over hyped overrated in the early portion of the season because you saw them just dominate Miami team. I saw them give up. A lot of plays late late. Arizona and I saw Cleveland pretty much moved the ball. Will you talk about boss on the steelers defense secretary. The Ravens were like Captain Captain Captain Bust against the Browns I don't know if they knew how to cover. The tate in that thing gets a rookie seals or something like that just went off on. They just were leaving him untouched in the secondary. I think that this is where this game sadly i. It sounds elementary again. If the the steelers can put up points I think they win. The question is can they put up points because the ravens are still good at stopping the run but in the back end. That's I'm not so sure. Lands what your thoughts on this match up. You know it's interesting because get this is going to be very different than I think what we saw on Monday night. I think you're going to see Mason Rudolph be much more aggressive in the passing game in really tried to get after those corners. you know for the Ravens. The Ravens are given up. It plays I think right now in the running game I think we saw the running game tricked up and gadget it. I think both of us think we outing. Both of us. Don't have much confidence in steelers running game. It's GonNa have to compliment what they WANNA do in the passing game. I think there are opportunities there. Let me ask you Jeff. Does Dante Moncrieff. Get a hat this week because I because I think I think you need to put your your your best white receiving weapons out there and I'm not so sure I feel so comfortable in this game with the rookie and with James Washington as the three wide receivers with Juju Smith Schuster. You know that that doesn't make me scared at all. You know I'd like to who at least mix in you know maybe moncrieff if his fingers are okay I I just don't. I don't know how you how or why you would do it to be honest with you because he was an active two weeks ago he he was active on Monday night but according today's goof because he only played three stamps. I don't remember seeing him on the field. That was the victory formation. They threw out there. All man the cold the Sierra but still you think about it. Look these these three guys or do. They have what he gets. A helmet will depend a lot on Vance McDonald and his his health whether he's able to play it's a numbers game in Davis. Scofield is ridiculously good at predicting the inactive list so he's a guy to ask and if he's in the live chat he he does his prediction article every Saturday before a Sunday game of savvy curious to see if he thinks he'll get a hat at this week but I don't feel so. How are you feeling about the steelers weapons in the passing game. I mean as I said it out loud you know. I I was cringing. What when I said those wide receivers and I didn't even at Switzer I mean Switzer they have three. They have three wider like I is. Do you feel like this wide. Receiver core is good enough to consistently beat eight-man coverage not right now I think I think they're getting there. I think the deontay Johnson is really improving a lot. What if you watch the game again. I really felt that he was. He's doing little things that he's starting to figure out as as a rookie it takes time. He's he's coming back to the football. You know he's learning when to cut off his route. His report with Mason Rudolph is is really developing. What's really ticking me off off. Though is how there's no report seemingly between James Washington in Mason Rudolph two guys that played four years of college football together. Everyone just assumed that they would go out and it would be like just pick up where they left off if you're GONNA win on Sunday I'm going to save right now. James Washington is going to have to makes a place period. Why are they targeting and he got one target a game. Now I know some of the game plan was was more toward you know a bald. He was talking about the short passing game in fact a running backs retargeted seventeen times in that game. I think the wide receivers were targeted less than ten times so it was clearly the the type game plan that focused on the short passing game and really attacking in the short to intermediate levels. Why is he not getting targets but he's getting a ton of snaps well he. He is believe it or not and this is something that puts out there. I'll throw it up on the screen there. He is considered one of their better blocking receiver so that's one of the reasons he's getting a lot of snaps is that he is out there helping to block on those obvious or those running downs but in terms of targets. I don't know why he's not getting targets and I don't know if it's EAS- knots getting separation I don't. I'm not sure I wish I did now you would that sounds like you know like he's out there to block. You know when a when a lady goes out with a guy just because he's a nice guy but he's not really all that attractive. That sounds like he's a good blocker like like the guy that had only the dead. That's it's that simple. Fact has only every everything to do with why he's playing. A lot has nothing to do targets because if he's run blocking they're not gonNA throw the ball anyways obviously but question is why are they not targeting him. That's what I wanted to do. I mean I don't I don't. I don't know I mean any he time other than highs ward. Let me throw that caveat out there other than hines ward whatever you're talking about a wide receiver and one of his best S. attributes is blocking. That's not a good thing I I understand that. I just want to see him. You get a chance because every time we've seen him on the field in the preseason. It's been two straight years now when he's given a chance in terms of combat catches and things of that nature he seems to make the play and so I wanna see I guess I keep on waiting for them to have a game were off his actually unleash a little bit and he can take shots and he can actually throw those debates and the some of the throws they would dial up within a quarterback not saying they're the same quarterback and I'm not saying that he's as good has been or anything of that nature. What I'm saying is that I hope those are the plays that typically go to Washington Washington's not a wide wide receiver screen guy. He's not that's just not hit. deontay Johnson's Guy's GonNa make someone miss get an extra three to four yards juju Smith Schuster the guy that's going to catch that pass stiff arm. Somebody breaks tackle and get maybe three four five six seven four yards. James Wash doesn't fall into that Cara category for in my opinion some. I'm hoping that this game plan opened things up a little bit more that might open up James Washington more in he's the guy that's probably going to have to beat that man coverage period. We know what the Ravens used to do to Mr third and fifth they would put three defenders on Juju. Smith Schuster is going to be blanketed. I'm sure deontay. Johnson's going to get some attention because he's got two touchdowns in the last two games. James Washington is going to be the x factor for me offense he better be because there's not many options back there and and they're they're they're definitely not guys that make you feel making glue sleepover you know. They're going to have to really scheme this up now. Let me ask you this. If advanced McDonald's healthy you like a running to tights with Nick Bennett and Vance McDonald Donald. I think those two could be really really good formation for the steelers down there. I mean I do you can pass protect. the issue in this game also on offense aside football. I think the DC for Baltimore's as Wink Martindale correctness is your love at name. I Love Them. They're like a TV host. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah so the nasty other thing that's going to make his game very difficulty is the familiarity of the Ravens have with the steelers and the Ravens give you a lot of different looks and it's going to be a cerebral game for Mason Rudolph as well but on the flip side the steelers are very familiar with wink what they do you know on defense and I still think the ravens like you said or trying to to really try to find themselves defense particularly with Earl Thomas being that guy back. They're not eric. Wetter Eric Wedge does a fantastic player. You know although although it didn't show on Sunday against Tampa Bay when I gave up I think fifty eight points whatever it was a against Tampa Bay but this is a tough spot for the for the young quarterback division opponent. Ravens a physical team runs to football I. It's going to be very interesting. You ask you Jeff. How would would you defend the steelers. I mean when I'm thinking about the steelers. I'm thinking I would play cover two I play cover two I play a lot of to men I. I don't think the wide receivers can get open and I'm GonNa play two safeties deep just in case and I think I can handle your running game was set. I'M NOT GONNA commit another guy in a box. I don't I think you can run it. So most of my coverage looks are GonNa have to high safeties. I'm GonNa just play a too high safety. Shell against you I don't think think you can run it any. I don't think you can beat me deep and get off man. That's what I do. I play a lot of two man against the steelers avenue just a single high safety and drop out extra player down the box because if what I've seen so far with Mason Rudolph that they're not gonNA throw the ball. Downfield anyways and so there you're GONNA try to run it or they're gonNA run. Short screens screens intermediate routes in which case I'm GONNA won an extra defender there to help and prevented from turning turning three or gain into a seven or eight yard gain so you kind of have Robert. You'd have a lurk so you had a safety lurking. You'd have one high safety and the safety is kind of planning to lurk lurk safety either side. A either safety is to lurk in case in which case on the flip side the offense coordinator. This is where you have to draw up this. You know you're going eleven personnel now a three wide receivers you have got to get used to win your one on one match ups because that safety that one high safety is going to pick a side so. Rudolph's GonNa have have to look off. He's going to have to deliver a good pass down the field. That's something rothlisberger is always good at this prime. I'm not so sure about this current quarterback in this current receiving crop but at the same time that's what did this way. You'd have to do speaking of Rothlisberger. What was that quote. The Tomlin said everybody said I did ask is Dale Elliott Decay. His sports who asked was having Been Rama's Burger on the sideline helpful and I think Tomlin's response was in terms of playmaking taking he did nothing a and been already looked like these gangs some weight too yeah. I told my wife watched that he's on that all carb diet now man. He's scarfing down scar gravy fries baby gravy for is from Raymond. He's a big fan of me and my love affair with Ben Roth's Baristas the reason why can't Jeff Love Big Ben like Lanza shaking my head at the dollar tip jar thanks Raymond. He knows it. I am Ben Rothlisberger Fan and he knows Atlanta's is not. That's why he said that so What's what's rains image? That was that image. I was trying to make it look like he was pumping gas but then take concert okay. I didn't know what it looked like a firearm looking pumping gas. I don't know what that what is that Ray I don't know what that is the fully ever tell us where where she went to eat at yes. She said she you got pizza somewhere but that was a long time ago. I can't call probably went to video. She probably went to Minneapolis. I don't know I don't know if that place is still open. Hope mini meals are still open every five dollars Kathy in in the Super Chad she says what do you think of Tomlin's comments. were getting on the sideline. which is what we're just referred to What do you think of Ben being on the sidelines Lance Tom. It was basically saying don't ask me about people that don't play that was kind of his nice is a gruff way of saying that at. Hey Ben is still in check so you might as well pay you for your brain helped. The quarterback helped a young guy out mentally still come to work being a meeting rooms and help this kid. GET THROUGH IT Yeah I. It's got to be its unique situation. You know what I mean because Ben's planning on coming back and you have to wonder I if I Mason Rudolph having been around is okay. I don't know if I want him in the meeting room. I don't know if I want to hear what he has to say. All the time 'cause I would be tempted to look at him and say man what you shut up. It's my show for the next thirteen games now or whatever the Jeff Jeff get little now but I've seen if I Mason Rudolph. I don't know if I want Rothlisberger always always around and he's on the sideline is an in game thing and he's looking at the the tablet with you and they're pointing out things. That's fine. I get that maybe you shoot like I could see yeah. I can see that you know I I guess bank probably help you know like you shoot over to game plan. You shoot over some coverages different blitzes that they show you you know. What are you seeing the in here. What's the tip you know. What are you looking he needs. He has to utilize Benz brain. I'm not saying he shouldn't I'm not saying I don't. I don't know if I would want him around all the taught if he is around all the time but we know they're not going to be around on. Its He's GonNa. He's on the golf course man. He's had that handicapped down so what will want arm or he's GonNa. Try to try to get that a hidden. drop what I heard. Is that the elbow surgery. He'll be able to rehab that pretty quick in terms of being able to swing the golf club. He'll play tennis or something left handed tennis man. Can you imagine social media blowing rolling up if trying to think of a golf course in Pittsburgh quicksilver I think golf courses and I was just trying to think of one that came to my ahead in quicksilver is one. That's one. It's well not oh come on. I mean they're trying gotta think of just a regular course not Oakmont I thought the play quicksilver so it's just a name I remember you know just imagine what I did say that a Mario a imagine if he got spotted on a golf course around week nine nine two seven I mean social media would just explode. I mean Dion Sanders. Just go nuts it would just be awful in the green. TV's been gained sixty pounds in basketball shorts winner Biz. Go put it on a fast I I I'll guarantee I mean what could he do from. We're fitness perspective right now like walk the treadmill. I mean he can't do much impact. I mean acting look like he was a mummy. I it however they found a trainee any am I do. A lot of lower body work. a lot of bike work not actually on a bike a stationary bike aerodyne bike or air assault bike things like that. They can still get his cardiovascular work in I do a lot of lower body strengthening I would actually do some stuff with his healthy th-y arm as well There's actually been studies that show that if I let you break your right arm if you train your left arm still you'll have less read degeneration in in your right arm even able to be used so he could lift a Hoagie. You get it get easier. go-getter interoffice. Burger he'd go to Sam sups in Oakland and lift US up or lift a huggy or a hero aurore. Whatever you guys call it. I think we we call our hoagies Pittsburgh. Lift the home. It's YUP now. Here's a read says maybe Ben will do his radio show again. This was never publicized but he is doing a radio show again. It's just not what 93.7 the fantasy. WD One hundred two point five yeah. I think that's what it is in Pittsburgh and so for me I look at it and say that you know he's just basically calling into the show whenever he has time is not a structured every Tuesday at eleven. AM The ben Rothlisberger show will be on he is he is giving his opinion. It's just not as structured as it was. Wow crash strobe lights going on. I'm just looking at is going on. That's because I have the TV ordered background and so I think the flashing lights from from the TV aboard had been a dangerous been so I'm glad it's not just on the radio. That's the dangerous big. I mean with nothing to do voice in his opinion. Oh my God that view really get bad okay we. We have a few minutes left. We talked about this game. I thought we did a good pretty much. General analysis says of what's coming up for the steelers LANTA. I need to know what your prediction is. I'm not sure with the spread is the steelers were three and a half point underdogs at home. The last I saw I'm not sure the over-under fear in the live chat and you know those numbers that are up to date. Send them through so we can give you our thoughts on that. They should stop it. Releases comment was good Reggie. Yeah no China might be better Lancer. You know okay so much. Let us know what yes he had. What's your prediction for this game. Let me give you my my my keys real quick just running some package defense. You gotta be able to defend tight ends. It's the game where you gotta tackle. Bring your hard hat. You gotTa Bake Lamar Beechwood his arm. We talked about you. GotTa be sounding play action and you gotTa have great communication for all the different things that they do in the run game with all that set the steelers will not win this game. I think the steelers I think the ravens events will win eight seventeen wow. I can't believe predicted that close. What was your score the week of week four the Dangles Game Twenty Seventy four twenty twenty. I'm thinking twenty four twenty. I don't know what I picked. I picked the Bengals but I'm picking yeah okay. I'm picking the Ravens to win. This car is a day times says that the steelers are getting three and a half with a forty four and and a half over under so what was your vinyl prediction and again twenty eight Seventeen Ravens and I'm also predicting that as a team to ravens. We'll run for over one hundred yards. Running backs will average over four and a half yards carry all right. That sounds like Jake That's interesting so okay. I'm GonNa say that this is a game that I think is the perfect setup for the steelers. I am a big proponent of a I. I have a big proponent of emotion in sports and I think that this is the perfect game for the steelers following twenty seven to three winner prime time because there's a lot of times when you have these letdowns and I'm not talking about Mike Tomlin's record against Blah Blah Blah Blah. I'm just talking about the emotional. Let down from a big win and I don't care who's the Owen three now and four bengals. You were in front of a national audience. You put put up a good performance and there's a lot of times as an a tendency to say okay. We can kind of relax. We got our first win but the Ravens are going to cause his teams are really get a laser focus and I think that this offense although they might have to be very scheme heavy I like the way they're trending defensively. I did say that I did say that. I think the bigger fitzpatrick is is the X. Factor. I did say that I think James Washington's. The X factor on offense and I think both of those players play well. I think there that Mason Rudolph the one that steals the show in this game and I think that this issue is defense. Continues Turnover trends that we've seen so far this season that's right. I picking the steelers to win I wanted to have the steelers was getting points but take him on the money line too. I like the steelers to win this game. I'm GonNa go with twenty. Seven twenty seven actually actually check that twenty eight twenty seven steelers when one point game they are two and three and then we'll see what's going on in terms of the I'm actually going to take the the over antique dealers getting the points Twenty eight twenty seven. You heard it here first. Did you see Ryan Kellerman comment. He said I'd secretly worked for. ESPN brother works for ESPN is Max Kellerman off. I take you know there's only like seven Kellerman in the country. I know that guy is related to Max. Keller is probably his cousin or someone wants to know why even has steelers stuff on picking the team every every week Hertzberg. I'm from the north side no hey. I'm just picking who I think is who is going to win. I mean just going to pick them every week. We don't WANNA ear. Both of US picked the steelers. Just pick them to win every week he this is a question they years. Lands picked the steelers to win all zine. Yes you did. I think he picked up the win and week to do you absolutely I think I picked up a couple of weeks with. Let's let's see here. You did not pick ah you're going to beat the ankles yet. You've got one right. I've got to write this year. we both picked him to beat the seahawks. Yes I picked him to lose it. Patriots you pick them against the Patriots. See Dog me out man you pick what he beat the major. That's probably the worst pick of the season as far are they got smashed. Then was her then was hurt and I am determined that van was hurt and it ruined everything at the beginning of the season but he kept throwing throwing it so he's a gunslinger number seven right. That's right so so for me. I'm a superstitious guy. My wife has me today. She goes this mean on Sunday. You have to sit in that chair and you got to wear those clothes and said yes. Yes and yes so what's what's your snack. What are you eating. What's your snack food for Sunday snacks. I'm too busy. I gotta work. I gotTa have the laptop. I'll eat at halftime. I might go and grab something. Protein shakes something like that heavy. I gotta be a point no carbs. I see nihay carbohydrates is the right ones got hydrates hydrates. How about a pickle pickles. That's fine Vlasic Cedar. You go not does but yeah I do. I aw special pickles Jeff Dies and stuff and those nasty he'd be careful that stuff lands telling you telling you care for that stuff all right folks so anyways listened to here's the deal. We have a lot of stuff coming your way tomorrow. I will be on with Brian Davis Jewish preview show Friday night. It'll be land as yeah. I said it hopefully he's home from the Strip club by then if you don't overtime about-turns this Jim Crown light on sorta light on becoming in a strip club so it's one of those things that if you were talking about you have to follow us on Youtube Youtube move and type in the BTC live radio subscriber channel and you can watch all these shows and you can see what lance talking about so but I in this is as a good point and I get emails about this. Sometimes there's a lot of comments. Russia's lays enjoys being the bad guy lanza wrestling fan. If you picked up on the you he's a he'll. He likes being the he'll. He lives up to it so every time that you'll say he's not a fan. Why's this guy on here. I hate lands. These shows sock. He's like you're. You're feeding right into it creating this monster. You know it's a Oh I'm listening to. I saw dare I didn't no lands is the incense candle guy so it candles. Maybe soya candles gotta go with the natural. Soy Candles Yeah Yeah. I don't like to see semi. Hennessy was my drink in the twin. When I was in my twenties I just do Purba now. One one single ice cube no Hennessy war. This is very true as he gets when it comes tonight. You have to have an odd couple to make it entertaining. It doesn't get much more different. Lancet lanced exactly exactly and I believe absolutely yes now. I guys I trust me. I've I've gotten newlands over the past. What is six seasons now lands we've been doing. I've got to know him a lot off the air. This guy is a steeler stand through and through he just this calls it like it. Is I see the world through black and gold glasses. He sees a different Lens. It's all relative. It's base for a good show. That's what we're so. Take hits for what it's worth so make sure you check out behind the curtain dot com for all your. Pittsburgh steelers needs and lance. Why don't you send us off tune in tell a friend an and subscribe and if he won be ready Sunday after the game went back on for a steelers postgame show hopefully awfully talking about lance eating crow for the second week in Iraq. I actually eating Raven there. You go eating Edgar Allan Crow grow. Thanks listen everybody. We'll see in the next show.

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