A Lesson on Self Worth with Humble The Poet


This is five minute Friday. Today, we have a special five minute Friday with humble the poet Canadian born rapper spoken word artist poet in international bestselling author more talking about how to maintain a sense of self worth through any break-up. And how did this side your motions? He's got a new book out called unlearn one hundred and one simple truce for a better life. Let's dive in. A few weeks ago got the hang out with Lewis, and we went out for carbs and had some real talk. We talked a lot about our heartbreaks relationships of the pass. It didn't go. Well, and realized is not a lot of opportunities spaces for guys to kinda talk about that. You know, we all for some reason have it in her head that will be judged or consider soften doing. So. So I really appreciate Lewis for creating us base for me. And it really is buyer. These thoughts we experienced a lot of intense pain who enjoyed out of a situation that we've I'll you'd so dear, you know, being thrown into a world that feels known we start to feel worthless alone. Scared everything we knew everything we wanted everything we understood gone so quickly. I've had my heartbroken once or twice more than I can count. Actually. And thought you survivor once and it won't be so bad. The next time. What I feel to realize the heart doesn't break the same way choice. Whenever we go through the first time probably won't get us a second. Instead of something new in probably more intense and knocks over again, my husband broken by friends business partners, girls way, more than a care to admit. And I'm fortunate to have never experienced any heartbreak at the has my family. Some of you have betrayal sucks, and I'm sorry. If you listening to this, and I'm reopening any wounds as I said, it's all central a broken heart an injury on the inside, and is very little that we can do on the outside to make it feel better. There's only so much. We can do we're mostly at the mercy of time time heals all time reveals all and it does not work at our schedule during this time feel so intense, and it's really difficult to bear. And we started to feel hopeless. I just wanna share some things that I. Realized during the difficult times that I've gone through. None of it's easy. And it's going to keep in mind that time takes his course, most of these ideas, only gain relevance. When we go to a heartbreak, and it's the realization that make me grateful that I went through those experiences are heart is an organ and is not broken but distress rowing through combined with the lack of sleep and poor diet and other choices can seriously harm our health. We have to make healthy decisions drinking may appear to numb to pain. But it's really a depressant. And it's dangerous. Addition in dependence can develop my mother lost two brothers to alcohol one after divorce alcohol and heartbreaks definitely do not mix. Also, if you were dumped or cheated on or even worse realize the relationships that come to an end because of a mismatch, compatibility and priorities. Not because you're not good enough. Don't mistake incompatibility for your personal worth is. Someone dumps you is because there wasn't a fit or you weren't. Taking them to where they think they need to be even if they tell you, you're worthless. You're not even if you feel worthless. You're not your personal worth determined by you never allow it to be dictated by anybody else. If you can't love yourself. You have no business seeking love from others to be betrayed mean. Someone didn't live up to their end of the bargain that bargain may be assumed or explicit either way promises broken every day ignoring this fact, a reason that Bogan promises thing so much expectations of the key ingredient disappointment, the less, you expect from others the less they can let you down as much as your mind may say differently. All we have is now yesterday doesn't exist. If you can only be assumed now is all we have as what we need to focus on. We feel scared and confused when plans or derail the truth is that uncertainty is the most realistic depiction of a future. So get used to it chain. Not the enemy is the only consistency in our life. So less folk. Focus and practice adapting. Happiness is not what happens to us as how we deal with things that happened. Again. This is easier said than done, but you're better off even trying to gain some control on your life. By deciding your motions, we all have plenty to celebrate it in a life, and we can focus on what we have or what we lost. But that focus is choice in the emotions that come with that focus or a consequence of the choices. We make you see unhappiness is when that picture and head doesn't match the pitcher that's in front of us when we were a kid, and we wanted to toy mom said no and dragged aside of the store, we were heartbroken. Maybe even so mad. We didn't speak to her for a while. But we got over it. As we grow our experiences. Just applied versions of that story. We're not going to get what we want all the time realize that something there in our control. And most things are not we need to meditate on what we can. And what we cannot remedy the things we can let's work to move on from them comparing ourselves to others, just a thief of joy who. Gives a fuck. How many of our friends are in relationships finally Cleese realize everything that we're going through in life is temporary including life as a whole and the grand scheme of things we're gonna look back these events and realise how little they matter harming ourselves or worse can lead to permanent problems to feel helpless to feel like we're drowning in the pain is deep sickening and feels like there's no end in sight. I know that. But please remember with any problem. We've had in our entire lives time. Help us adapt to the change and allowed us to move forward. If distress and pain is too much to deal with please seek professional help, you love ones may have the best intentions, but they may not have the tools and skills to help you get to where you need to go emotions are related to chemicals in our brain. And we're all unique in composition. So it's okay to seek additional support to get over what we're going through. I love you for the simple fact that you're taking time to hear my thoughts. So please remember that you're not. Alone. You don't have to go through the loan. There are people who want and who can help you. And who know how to help you see the butterfly has struggle in cocoon to break out if we were to help it by cutting the cocoon open it wouldn't develop the necessary muscles in his wings to fly. Its beauty comes from his struggles. And so do yours. Heartbreak. Like any other struggle is essential for your growth of you. Enjoyed this five minute Friday, make sure tag humble, the poet on Instagram and myself out Lewis house, check out the new book on learn one hundred and one simple truce for a better life. You were born for something. Great. Hey, guys, if you enjoy this inspirational clip from a past episode of the show, then you'll love the free book. I'm giving away right now. 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