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Now sports talk on seven hundred L. Jelly. Let's do this seven. Oh nine seven hundred. WWL W it. His sports talk on a Wednesday night. Thanks for making your way here. Settle in two hours to get it done tonight coming up after the bottom of the hour at seven thirty five John Brennan checks in. We'll Talk Gus smacker glory days. We did memories of Riverfront Stadium last night and a caller mentioned Gus Mager tournaments on. On the Riverfront Plaza, he said I John. Brennan wanted one that goes Mecca tournament with his team Lo. And behold I sent John Tex last night, and he said man. I was a deep dive on research. You're right, so I, said you gotta come on tonight and talk about that Gus, macro tournament back in the day in the Riverfront Plaza, so he will do that eight o'clock hour. It is unofficially. I declare how King Day in. In Cincinnati in honor of the one of the most significant impactful homers in reds history, we will put together a list of and perhaps rank the most significant and impactful homers in reds, history, all of that between now and nine o'clock. Let's begin here where our first guest teamed up with Larry Phillips, for a fascinating read in Cincinnati magazine. That is out today. It's a it's a prequel story a story. Nobody's heard at least in A. A long long long time, and never in this form, and it changes everything you knew or thought you knew about the origins of baseball in Cincinnati. WHO Better to turn to for that discussion? Then friend of the show John, or how are you lance? I'm great. How are you? I'm well great to hear voice that means we're talking baseball so explain this your baseball and Cincinnati eleven years before the original eighteen sixty nine red stockings. Yeah, it's pretty cool. It is definitely a frequent story. We got the idea from our book about the eighteen sixty nine red sackings that I did with Gregg Gauges Greg Roads and I found out really too late in that research that. Baseball I had really begun here a little sooner than I thought, and interestingly, even though it began leaking fifty eight, which was the. Underground railroad and Cincinnati, but then really re until after the civil war and people got more exposed to the game. You know in the civil war camp, so it was fascinating to me just because there was a guy named bombed back. Who is Great Tombaugh player? Eighteen, fifty eight later played baseball would've met Harry Reid and and a couple of guys from Jersey where he was from became the Cincinnati at age eleven. Is You all your? Your listeners know that's just a great age to start following baseball. And when they got the rules of eighteen, fifty eight, which by the way we brand new rules out New New York City ninety feet between the basis that was the first time and rule came out of course. Three nine players didn't all, but they decided. Let's try this game. Let's go out to the east side now again i. hope the West siders sitting down because. They fall begin on. The East side began near. What is now Saint Francis to sales church at the corner of Madison and Hack, Berry and he's Walnut Hill. So it all brand new or shaking stuff because I think in Cincinnati? We care about this stuff just because it's a home professional baseball. We always get the own games. Start the season and he gotTA. Know your history, so let's rewrite it a little bit. Let's get it right and. You know. Let's talking about no doubt about it. So four games played in July and August of eighteen fifty aid. What happened after that? You know what I think happened, was it? This is true for a lot of cities. You know some places where Baseball Cities Louisville is a big baseball city, but Cincinnati was tombaugh city little different game. Shorter basis, more players, but I think the reason. It never caught on here again until after the civil war, it's just because the tombaugh was so entrenched it was. There were club formed was like a social thing, and it just became the game now the worst some cricket. Cricket Player, which was English gang. We all know I think that baseball Tida emerged from Combo plays cricket, so there was a cricket field out there. In East Walnut hills which they adapted into a baseball field, and they got some combos together, so cricket players together and just had a ball. It was a body I think about a mile and half right out there on a horse car. went right through eastern part of Cincinnati and up is now reading road out the East Walnut Hills and They just had a grand old time and I I think this guy bombs back is so important is because he was the captain of his tombaugh teaming for him. He was from Jersey. So that's where they're playing baseball and he wanted to try this game so I think he had to be a ringleader in the four games were played and It drew some crowds, but again it just didn't catch Senate. Don't you know I really don't know why and catch on? It's like well. Why couldn't this feature national pastime if caught on here earlier than it did, and we really don't know but the interesting thing to me is. They tried it and again these rules came out only in March of eighteen, sixty eight, and by July of eighteen fifty, they were playing four, really three or four, really key all star Games. The New York City Between York City in Brooklyn, which was its own. City back then and I think what a week or two later they were playing baseball here until it. Just it just shows you how it was a national game with national scope and some places. There's just glommed onto another ones. It took a while, but again the civil war was so key because they're playing. The Games Both the Union camps in the considered camps center I think it's just an interesting story, both for the sake of the underground railroad win of course There's so much the news now about the racial protests and unrest, and it's just a great story because. I gotta say I'm so proud of the city land for having the national underground. Railroad, Freedom Center here and in eighteen fifty eight. It was full blown man every other day. There was this story since they newspapers about. Future, the fugitive slaves, coming up from the south, escaping through Cincinnati on the way to Canada, and even though they had the fugitive slave act, which made it a federal crime to harbor, and take in a a slave, and and move into Canada. People were doing it. They had guts. By and again credit to Cincinnati for being willing to go and do that kind of thing, it's just a wonderful I think blend of ball and the underground railroad again lance. This was a two. Mile Square Area Cincinnati in the basin, the most congested two Mile Square area in the country after Manhattan. Hundred thousand people. Seven hundred and fifty grocery stores and hundred fifty bakeries, and even more bars than either one of those people who were just jammed together, but living together and I'm not GonNa pay to fix it because the year after. Eighteen fifty eight there was a fugitive played newspaper here which was published, and they got into a lot of trouble. There was a mob scene with the mob. Crests and the our river, so it wasn't like everything was beautiful, but again keep in mind. The folks were living side by side, and we got a map that shows exactly who lived where among the militias and among the baseball players, so you can see. Cincinnati was a half and played. Fifty giardi check it in. He's teamed up with Larry. Phillips for an just an outstanding read in Cincinnati magazine. The boys of summer eighteen, fifty eight. The illustrations are fantastic as well a John I. Want to ask you about the present day reds in a second, but for those who wanna read this piece in Cincinnati. Magazine is easiest way to say GO TO CINCINNATI MAGAZINE DOT COM. If you scroll down the right side, you'll see like a heart, and you can click on that word says read the July. Issue free. Correct and it'll all the way through it I mentioned the math say more photos will be coming. In a couple of weeks, and that becomes a standalone story, but I gotTA. Do quick through specialize issue online. We'll take the right to the story and if you want if you WanNa buy the magazine. Joseph adds kroger CBS Pharmacy Walgreens UDF. All those break places have got it for Yeah Online, creepy and I think our listeners I really going to enjoy it absolutely no doubt present day reds present day baseball. What is your level of excitement interest, intrigue surrounding Sixty Games and all that may come with it this year well I. Think I'm like a lot of fans. You know I. I thought after all the. Acrimony between the two sides. That's well maybe I'll check in about game forty five. See I was going into original hunt. I'll watch it, but I'm like any any. Diehard fan lands like the Celtics like. I frankly can't wait I. think the reds have a good chance of doing a lot of damage. This season got such a good hitting lineup. It's it's very favorable to them that the D. H. is come into the National League. They've got a lot of candidates for that. Starting pitching is excellent. You know if you're not sure or southwards in Washington. You gotTa Lake this rotation. in the National League and really throughout baseball, the bullpens pretty good I, just like the guys they added I think they added like a hundred and sixty six million dollars worth of UH payroll in the off season, most of the opposition in in the. Vision didn't do that, so I like their chances in. You know it's a six game season so. Let's all pull. For Forty Game Wins Thirty. Winston. See what happened takes a ticker chances. I'll take it certainly. Hey, you know how much I love your work. Enjoyed talking baseball with you, thank you for your time. Thank you go. You got to take care of giardi checking in tonight. Excellent piece in Cincinnati magazine. Going back to eighteen, Fifty, eight and baseball and Cincinnati Lebanese before the eighteen sixty nine red stockings still ahead, get you caught up on headlines. A reds player has tweeted out his covid. Nineteen test results today in the NFL. On the verge of announcing changes with a question mark behind it, all of that and more John Brennan on the gusts macro tournament coming up at seven thirty five tonight. It's Arnelle. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty five seven hundred wwl wrol carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister. Hey, thanks for making some time. Hang out for a while. Let me get you caught up in headlines, and then John Brannon after news in a bit will open up the lines get into some reds conversation first things first. It's intake day for MLB summer camp, or or spring training two point. Oh whatever we're calling it. Players reported a great American Ballpark in Pasco Park Today Tucker Burn tweeting earlier about his covid nineteen test results The tweet, indicating and capital letters negative. Let's play ball. Workouts will officially begin on Friday. Some players did take batting practice in the cage. Field at great American ballpark today. By the way the reds should be in La, tonight for game, two of a four game series versus the dodgers, it would be game eighty six of the regular season college basketball note Rick Pitino all of fame coach tweets that he believes the season should not the college basketball season that is should not start until January and include conference games at that point that would buy time for. Things do get more under control. In his words, he is not the only one of that mind in college. Basketball of light, the American Athletic Conference has officially moved its headquarters to Urban Texas. Effective today Providence Rhode Island had been the home of the conference since its formation in two thousand thirteen NFL news multiple multiple reports tonight, indicating the NFL will shorten the preseason to two games. Games down from four games a right now. The sense is weeks. One and four of the preseason would be cancelled to give players more time to get in football shape after the virtual off season campus scheduled to start July the twenty eighth, the first preseason game would happened between August twentieth and August. Twenty fourth, each team would play one home game and one road game teams would travel. The day before and depart after the game. Now there is a report tonight that follows from the NFL network indicating. Hold off on that a second because there is a sense that some inside the players association at high levels are wondering. If in fact, they should play any. Games. And no minor league baseball as we told you last night, but how about this? The Florence Y'all used to be the Florence Freedom. Florence y'all and the Lexington legends are getting together for a season. They will call the battle of the Bourbon trail. The city's Florence Lexington will form two teams each and play in front of fans each Wednesday through Sunday starting on July thirty first, the season would run seven weeks include thirty. Thirty two games, they would play in Florence and in Lexington there will be tryouts. Open to all the Florence Y'all are an independently team that had played in the frontier league, their season since canceled. The Lexington legends, a class single a affiliate of the Kansas City royals. We may just have to talk more about that tomorrow night in guest form when we we have a little bit more time those year headlines. Right now you can find Things. You've missed it. If you go to seven hundred wwl W dot com on the blog right now you'll find in honor of candidate. Joy veto an one of his finer moments Joey votto in a Canadian mountie outfit hat, and all is worth checking out a classic appearance on Mlb Network Intentional Talk I have that. In fact, you'll hear a little bit of that later in the show, we have a list, a partial list of the most significant and. And important home runs in reds history in video form I've tracked down the ones I can think of and have found in Youtube. Form will do that coming up at eight. Oh, five because I have proclaimed it. How King Day we'll get into why it's part of on this date a little bit later on, and if you missed Josh van meter last night on Sports, talk, he let off the show. He is worth taking. Listen to really cool interview a perspective on. The Protocols and the testing, and the season ahead and what he thinks, the extra innings rule which he was involved in playing in the Minor Leagues and having his dad uses lunch hour to pitch batting practice to him and do flips and having his girlfriend. The pictures to the pitching machine dropped the ball and the the pitching machine, all of that plus xbox with Nixon's L. and his golf game in podcast forum. Take a listen when you can't. At seven hundred wwl W dot com all right last night. It was the anniversary of the opening of Riverfront Stadium and we spent a good chunk of the show talking about your memories of Riverfront Stadium. Well, Lo, and behold a twitter follower mentioned the gusts Mac three on three basketball tournaments that used to take place in the plaza of Riverfront, stadium and he said I believe John Brennan and his. His team won the Gusman tournament one year and I said wait a minute. I don't know anything about this. I sent coach Tex last night. I said. Is this true? He said well. That's a pretty deep research dive. Yes, I, said. You've got to come on sportstalk and we gotta talk about the Gusts Macro Tournament of back in the day on the plaza of Riverfront Stadium. He said absolutely so after news. The bearcat coach, the glory days of the Gus Backer three on three tournament. After we check news, it's aren't L. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet seven hundred w out of you. Seven, thirty eight seven hundred wwl, wwl's aren't L. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet are no carriers. Your Global Transportation Provider visit our LLC DOT COM Kelsey Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new stated your collision repair center coming in July. We are monitoring the situation expecting conversation momentarily with basketball coach. John Brennan it all started last night. with the mention of Augusta currnent for Riverfront Stadium Memories and I was not here back in the early nineties. so I. Don't recall I i. certainly have heard of the Gusman three on three basketball tournament. It's a nationwide tournaments like. I tournament, which started back in Nineteen, seventy, four in low Michigan by eighty seven, it expanded beyond a single tournament to a national tournament, and they have since played nine hundred and seventy two tournaments, involving two point, two million players between the ages of seven and fifty, according to the website in fact in their tournament. This year across the country has been impacted of course by Covid nineteen, but as of this moment they are slated for a stop in buys. Villa Ohio coming. Up July twenty, four, th through the twenty six buys by the way is the home of Dom capers longtime NFL coach buys. Villa Ohio by my map is about. Three hours from here northeast of Columbus, but our next guest I was told last night. My twitter follower Bryant hop steady man. My Riverfront memories are the Gus Mac or three on three basketball tournament on the Riverfront Stadium Plaza and he said I think. John Brandon played on a winning team in that and I said wait a minute. I got to know more about that, so let's welcome in the man who played in that tournament, and by all accounts he won that tournament. He is the coach of the UC. bearcats John Brennan, how are you? Lance my apologies. For dinner cruising thing they do. They really getting away. Not only that you have to do that zoom thing and it's just a whole new world I tell you what? You Go. Take me back because I am so excited to hear the story behind this. At what time what time in your life? How old and what were you doing at the time? You wound up playing in the GUS MAC or three on three? Gosh say woodland mother Emery. Almost went back and try to remember the rules. Because I. I know the listeners out. There are gonNA. Call me out I'm going to be wrong here but I think it was ninety nine one which made me about. Seventeen years old, sixteen seventeen and you know the gus macrey went across the country. Yeah, they put it up the hoops on the plaza outside riverfront, and it was just slammed with bodies and basketball's going everywhere. It was three on three. For us. He wants to try to win, so we got most competitive team. We can put together with fourteen guys on the team and. I I it was it was. It was not for the faint hearts. You remember that. Was it. Your team was made up of friends, did you? Did you know? How is the team put together? Yeah so it was definitely friends, but it was friends that play basketball, so let's. You know we we have. We have a role in our program that I I love I love. I love the men of famous basketball, but if I tell you the ones I, love the most I would start my twin daughters. So that was the same philosophy last that we have with the three on three Gus Makati so we. It was friends, but it was friends. It could play basketball, so it was It was competitive. I mean it was a lot of house. Maybe a few fights might have been a few escorts out of the area, so it was, it was pretty. It was pretty fun. I understand the. Legitimate officials was just like regular people officiating the Games. Yeah! It'd be like a guy that you know you play. Pick up with it. You know couldn't get in the run. The basket. With a striped shirt on, and he would just point at the foul. and. I'm telling you man. It was it was physical. Let it go, they wouldn't go that. That's for sure. Creative. Did you enter this just that one year or multiple years? We ended ball full years I believe believe it was multiple years, and what would happen is and I. Think when people put on twitter like if you're on the side towards the river. Block the shot. In a inevitably lance, you could look over until like five or six. Basketball's going down the river. Was Intense. Do you happen. This'll test your memory. Do you happen in your team name? I have no, idea. I thought I'd take a show with. The only thing I remember Lance is we won. We won the championship. Now there may be unconfirmed reports that you may have singlehandedly. The game winning shot is true. You know that that's actually accurate. So what happened? This is one thing I do remember it was. It was getting really chipping, and it was one of those ones where it was okay. Game was all played game. Point Right, yeah! Nothing's easy on game point, so it was getting really tough, so I drove left. Pola jump right if it went in Iran off, I just ran I left. I promise you. I ran right down the plaza there and somebody else grabbed the trophy. Promise you. Larry Bird running off. It's over we've won. I. If I close my eyes. I'm picturing like a young John Brennan with like shorts and flowing hair, and maybe a cutoff. T shirt my close. Spot? Look like Shaggy Scooby Doo. That is fantastic. Hey, this was a blast I. I was so intrigued last night when the twitter follower had mentioned it and I said what the Heck I gotTa! Text and see if this is true I appreciate you making time around the much more important recruiting tonight to tell the story that GUS MAC or three on three. Well, it was great memories, and it was a fun time in the city and I wish they'd bring stuff like that back. It's brought everybody together around around around the game of basketball again. No kidding last night most importantly you in the family good. Great everybody's healthy going the right direction just excited to come out of this hopefully bigger and better than before and looking forward to getting not back together whenever that may actually have sounds good. Hey, semi best everybody. Thanks for the time. Thanks! Here there, you go John Brennan coach, the bearcats and winner long about eighteen, ninety or ninety, one of the gusts maker three on three basketball tournament on the plaza of Riverfront Stadium, and he hit the winning shot inches ran off. Bring the trophy later. We but I, just the visual of basketballs floating down the. River. Let me do this before the top of the hour when we get into our main topic if you listen to those stories, if you happen to have participated in that Gus, smacker three on three at some point on the Plaza Stadium and it's funny. Everybody I talked to last night. I I traded tech with the Chris Mack and Joe Frederick and Chris Mack played in Joe. Frederick did not, but I would just getting a sense of what it was like an all said that that. That played everybody I talked to even this morning at all yet. The officiating it wasn't real officials, and there were arguments, and there was pushing and shoving, and there were fights, and it was just in the the scene as John described, was chaos on the plaza of Riverfront, stadium back at that time for the Gus, Mager three three I. Guess, Here's my question. Why doesn't the Gus Macro Tournament come back here? When's the last time? It was here and I think there was also. Started a skinny Richard Skinner about this last night there was like another tournament like was it hoops for hope or some type of traveling basketball tournament that came here at at one point as well, but maybe August Macke or three on three line if you have a have. A story of basketballs floating down the Ohio, river five, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, eight hundred. Pounds seven, hundred on a t, and t plus Joey votto on Canada, day and one of his finest moments on MLB network. It's all ahead. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet, seven hundred wwl, W. On eight o'clock, we're moving right along. We do nine Gary Jeff Walker and a Dad Boyd. Able tape you nine to midnight serving those of the NIGHTCAP. If you missed Jonah ready early, if you missed John Brennan not be available in podcast form through the Iheartradio, APP and at seven hundred wwl W dot com, the podcasts presented by my friends at Richter and Phillips Jewelers in fact, if you go to richterphillips dot com slash lance. Dot Com slash lands. There is a fifty percent off deal on your next purchase at Richter and Phillips Jewelers I. Thank Them for presenting the podcast every day. That was fun with with John Brennan I'm glad he could make time. He certainly has much more important things going on like recruiting. He sent me a text back. He says I'm so sorry, did he was he actually called in a? A minute or so later than are scheduled time no big deal, but he says I'm so sorry. I was on the phone with a recruit and couldn't get off and I'm John You're recruiting UC fans listening right now. What we lost, we might lose a recruit. Because he hung up, ought to talk. No, he did not, he didn't do that. He finish up the call, and then he called me. Let's. Let's work on a couple of calls and this macro. Thing I I love stuff like I love learning about things I wasn't here for in and don't know any of the stories by and I love the idea of A. Locks flowing John Brandon in short shorts with a cutoff. T shirt of the plaza of riverfront. Stadium, hitting the game, winning shot and running off the court as basketball's float down the river. That is that's gold. Let's go to the phones in Loveland Oh bill. Lance, how are you I'm well welcome to the show. Thank you. I played. In a macro tournament nearly ninety I was like thirty six thirty seven years old, the youngest guy in our team. Yes Yup and On your reform, you had to put your level of. Ball. Clay. And we, we had a guy in our team play. Xavier College basketball. The other three guys all take college football, so we were all pretty good athletes. We thought we'd have a pretty good pretty good shot at it. But I think are our Zieger. Guy Kinda put us in a higher level because. Based on. But they had a two point one point game one point per basket. You play to like fifteen head. One by two did have a two point basket that was about twenty feet out, and we thought Walker shooters thought we could we could. Say outside hit three pointers. With the wind was blowing. You know constantly on that. Plaza levels. ENDED UP, being an inside game and it was. I mean it was bill and they did not have our level. They did not have routes. They had a guy. One Guy at court is called a dustbuster and he would just settle disputes, and you call your own salads and virtually every place. There's a file called. Call the. And I. Take to in order to get the ball up and into basket you. You had to guys hanging on. and. yeah, we play our first game where we went to about twenty. One Twenty three to twenty one and we were dead after just totally that we lost my second games out, tournament lost their second game. The next day WHO WANNA game lost our second game and we were like. Thank God. Brutal. We did at one time and decided to have. We're not GONNA do that again, but it was fun, but I think we've done a little bit better. Outside but excellent. So, glad you're listening. Thanks for the story. You. Have a great night I. Want the guys back or three and three coming back to town. I'm calling the GUS banker. People inside what's up? Get it back here. I think that would be cool. Springfield would go tommy seven hundred wliw. Pay. Yeah Yeah. Not Not the one thing I remember about real feisty. Him is hardest ball I ever saw. George Falter. For that black kick back. That he right also. Facing of the yellow say the club seats. And Alessio left center. That is all I ever saw in my life and he had a habit of doing that Tommy. Thank you for the phone call. Let's get back to the smacker stuff in Batavia Joe Seven hundred. wwl W welcome. Welcome thank you Lantos your story. Once they were down there, and Danny aines started off everybody's pack in front of the plaza, warming up. Whatever and you all got together. Go over the rules and stuff, so they couldn't start the tournament until Danny Age made the shop. amendment. What was daddy aims? Doing here is promoting the only snacker. So when you cross the bridges. Everybody met there after they warmed up. Everybody went over the rules. And he had to make. A three pointer starts tournament going. Nowhere. And they had a 'cause. We're all short. My friends are so. They had a six foot and under league. And you can get that apply in In the regular league with the college, kids and everybody else all right, but it was. It was always jam packed up their. Mansfield, they did it everywhere. All right excellent well I liked the Danny Aines Trivia know. Joe Thanks Buddy Dad's pretty crazy. And then if you won the loser's bracket, they call it the toilet bowl because I heard I heard that as Campaign. Excellent Hey joe thanks buddy. Great topic, thank you have a great night. It was fought. Bride hoffstetter gets credit. He tweeted about it last night and of the John Brandon Angle to all of it Finley. We go, Hey, judd. Hey Lance, are you? GotTa go smacker story. Yeah Excited about reds baseball anyway. Agus Mac or it I. Don't have a Riverfront Sword, but I did play a few times in earlier. Caller said they have them. They had them all over the place, and generally how it was set up. Usually some kind of a service club or civic organization would take a hold of it, and they would turn it into some kind of a community fundraiser. Kind of how that's kind of how you allow. Those places started with it. Sure that the issues with it was a lot of times. You would certainly have people that would I mean everyb- most of the help was all volunteer so sometimes you had court monitors that were that new stuff about basketball, and sometimes you didn't so that the disputes are I. It was real because I like everyone pretty much been saying it was brutal. I mean you call your own thousand obviously when? Most of the categories were in there, guys in their twenties and stuff like in obviously everyone's really competitive and Kinda got that way, so it was certainly It was certainly like that and then one of the. Times to not that not that make it a downer, but there would be a lot of issues with. people coming into town and then you'd have a extra police security needed and all that so a lot of times it just it would kind of run its course and I. Don't know if that was that way a riverfront, but yeah, usually the lifespan of gus back would be maybe two or three years, and then I don't know if that the town would just kinda get tired of it and all the stuff that goes with it so usually didn't see him. Go places very much longer than a few years Gajah. Hey, John Thanks Buddy! Yeah good. Thank you one hour and the books well, that was fun. Let's do this when we come back. We do on this date in reds history well on this date, one of the most significant home runs in impactful home runs in the history of the franchise which got me thinking about something. We've discussed over the years. The the list of and the ranking of the most significant and impactful home runs in reds, history I'll give you the candidates and explain what happened on this date. It was so significant as we turned the corner into the Eight o'clock hour, Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM nine PM. Let's keep rolling. What do you say eight Oh? Nine seven hundred wwl aren't l. sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. I'm Lance McAlister. Jerry Jeff Walker is here what hour from now with? The nightcap? If you're just tuning in you, Miss John Already. Who's co-authored a piece in Cincinnati magazine. The kind of flips every upside down everything you thought you knew about baseball. In the city of Cincinnati in an actually beginning eleven years earlier in the tale behind Bat we heard from John Brian or one night after we did riverfront. Stadium Memories in the idea of the gusts, MAC or three on three tournaments was brought up in the thought that he may have played on a winning team. He checked in tonight and. Confirmed that in told US tales of the Gus, Mak or basketball tournament in this hour i. WanNa Begin. We'll do on this date. Reds history at the back end is always but I want to begin with something that. Comes from on this date in reds history. As I was putting the notes together this morning. I realized today was the anniversary and I thought well. I usually pull this out. Maybe once a year around one of the more significant moments attached to this since this is I declared this unofficially in the city of Cincinnati. How King Day now you have to be a old school. Connoisseur reds baseball to recognize the name how king how king spent a total of seven years in the major leagues. He spent parts of two seasons with the reds. He hit one eighty three in fifty five games with the reds he was. A catcher. Is the third string catcher for the reds luptak hitting Catcher, he four. He's career. He to fourteen in seven. Major League seasons. But on this day. He authored one of the most significant and clubbed one of the most significant home runs in reds history. nineteen seventy-three dodgers pitcher. Sutton was one strike away. From ending the game and dropping the REG twelve games out of first place. When sparky Anderson Pinch hit how king for Bill plummer. Brought in the left handed, hitting Catcher, and how king? And King proceeded to stun the dodgers and the crowded Riverfront Stadium with a pinch hit game winning home run in game one of a doubleheader that night. The, reds would win the NIGHTCAP in ten innings on Tony Perez two run double, and that night jumpstarted the reds, instead of going twelve games out. The red swept the double header and would go sixty and twenty six the rest of the season to win the National League West. In one of the most significant and impactful home runs in the hundred and fifty plus year history of reds, baseball. Here's my question. If we were putting together a list of the most significant. Slash impactful home runs in reds history. What would be on that list? And how would we order those home runs and rank those home? Now I have done the best I can do on the blog at seven hundred wwl wd calm I have twenty candidates. And those candidates are ones. Combination of I could think of. Look Up. And then find youtube video of. There are a number of them that I can't find on Youtube and I. Don't have him on the list. Let me give you? What I think would be our starting point for a top and by the way I've got one two, three, four, five six lines open, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T.. This is what I would think would be our top five at least are starting top five, not in exact order right now, but I think we have to have that one. The Hell King Homerun this state nineteen seventy-three. We'd have to put the Eric Davis Homerun Game One of the nineteen ninety. World series. We'd have to put the Tony. Perez home run in game. Seven of the seventy five world series we'd have to put Johnny Bench bottom of the ninth home run to tie game. Five of the National League Championship series against the pirates back goes clemente to the wall. It's gone Johnny Badge. Every home run to left his this right and the game is tied. And I would put. Jay Bruce's walk off clinch miss home run to win the division in two thousand and ten now what order and then beyond bad up for conversation? We've had this debate in the past and I remember the last time we did this, and it may have been. It may have been a year ago, or it may have been the around world series time thinking of the Eric Davis home run, and I seem to think we always debate, which one is one between the Davis Homer, and the Tony, Perez Homer, and the argument always is Eric Davis Homerun. Was Game One of a world series. It didn't win a world series. It wasn't a game winning at the end of a world series game homer. It was in the first inning of game one. And yet you understand the impact and significance of that blow David vs Goliath knocking the as for a loop, right out of the chute with the food, man, glare under the under the CAP, and behind the mid of Dave Stewart and the as work done with one swing the Bat, the Mighty Oakland A.'s were finished in the first inning of game. One of that world series when Eric Davis hit that home run. Yet, the argument can be made in terms of historical significance. The reds are losing game seven of that seventy five world series three to nothing in the sixth inning. They lost in seventy. They lost in seventy. Two people were wondering. You know as Sparky, really the right guy for the are they going to be able to to win a world series or not with all this and they're coming off of the heartbreak of game six in the Carlton Fisk home run they fall down three nothing in by the sixth inning in that Game Tony Praise hits a two run home run. Now on one hand. It didn't even tie the game. It didn't win the game. It got him back in the game. It got him off the Mat. I seem to in the past. We have debated those two for the number one spot. What else would we entertain in this conversation about the most significant impactful home runs in the history of reds baseball as you understand it. Again if you need your memory jogged or just want to kill some time watching. Some of these I have twenty of them on the blog at seven hundred wwl W dot com. There are those that have come in regular season games. There are those that have come in. Division Championship series. There are world series home runs. There are all star game home runs. There are hit homers that they run the spectrum. And you're talking over one hundred and fifty years baseball. So? What can we add to our conversation? When we continue five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T. are now carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet, seven hundred wwl. W is ready for you. Eight, twenty three seven hundred wwl W it's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet eight tomorrow night back. normal time six did nine I'm out on Friday, but that will not prevent us from doing our annual fourth of July weekend off the beaten path topic, and that is in honor of being outdoors and certainly situations. will be different this year but it honor of being outdoors in. In the fourth of July, we always revisit for the this weekend. The games the outdoor games we played as kids kind of the Ode to Pitcher's hand, wiffle ball, games and hot box and pickle, and all of that tomorrow night for the off the beaten path. Topic should be fun. Always have a blast without that one tonight. We're honoring what I proclaim is unofficially. How King Day in Cincinnati was. Nineteen seventy-three, one of the most significant home runs in reds, history, which always makes me think. WHAT DO WE CONSIDER TO BE? The most significant and impactful home runs in the history of the franchise I mean I could last night was one I. Don't know that it's top. Five might be top. Ten last night was the anniversary of Adam Dunn's walk off. Grand Slam to beat the Indians that would be up there is it I don't know? Is it top twenty five top twenty? Does that get into the top two. It was a regular season game. It wasn't in a season where they made the postseason. It wasn't even in a season where they had a winning record, but terms of drama. How many times have a history of the franchises that were better? Grand Slam to win a game. That drama certainly ratchets up the importance and the significance I would think for our conversation at least I think inside the top twenty, if not pushing top fifteen go to Columbus and Michael. You are on seven hundred WWL W. Befriend. How are you good to hear Your Voice yes? I've got to. Of course Davis his home run in game one that basically stuck a dagger in the Oakland as you talk about setting a tone for a world series with one swing of a bat. And then I don't know impactful. This would be on the web. Yanni benches homerun on his night. Yes, I think that has to maybe not top five, but that's at least two top twenty, if not closer to ten because I, mean you know I? It's your reason for bringing it up. Think of the stage. That was his night. His parents were there and on his night he hits a home run and is he rounds the basis? He's holding up the number one in his hands like a like a kid in little league. He you're like. Oh, he almost hit. The game winning home running game in the world series. Yes, it was, it was true joy on on an electric night that was all about him, and and he delivered at that point, so yeah, that has to be in the conversation. Eight. That's all Michael. Thank you you know what else I would add a certainly from an emotional standpoint. It's not top ten, probably not top twenty, but at some point in this conversation you would have to put him on the list. Michael Lorenzen homerun following the death of his father. Because if you remember one pitcher homering game now I, know it's pitcher that can hit a Michael the Renton, but the circumstances. It didn't win a game. The circumstances and as Michael is rounding the bases he's in tears of I will never forget that night. I'll never forget that home run again may not top twenty, but if I were writing a book on the most impactful significant home runs in reds, history I would have a chapter on the story behind Michael Lorenzo. Following the death of his father. How Out Let's go here in Portsmouth. Ever it welcome to sportstalk. How are you? A of friends and I think it was like nineteen seventy or Nineteen, Sixty, seven or They hit a home run and. Yes in fact, lucky, my mom California the head of chain, link fence, and yes. The Gary. And Training yes, the fifteenth inning which I think I'm safe in saying. That's the longest all star game in history and a Cincinnati red wins with a home run in the fifteenth not. Not? A Little Kid. I remember that yeah. That has to be in the conversation. I'm glad you called tonight. Thank, you, sir, have a have a great night. Yeah, in fact I! have video of that went on. The blog at that is one that I have at seven hundred wwl W dot com it is. In fact, it is if it's still up there if youtube still has it, it's in. I think it's even in black and white I if I remember Ooh, this is a good one, maybe not top ten. impactful and local ties Mason, we go. Hey, Carl I, don't I'm well I. Like the one one you're about to offer up. Tell me. A nineteen ninety five reservoir in the playoffs versus the La Dodgers mark lows step for the plate and had. A walk off. Grand Slam the win ballgames. He three against the giants and ninety five and got us. Off of Markelle three Yeah Oh. How about that additional information I like that? Also I'll throw a truck note and. I was I was when I was west of Oklahoma City Reagan Falling Away Station when I can spend very rare barely. The radios the and Say Groping at all, and it was it was. It was hard to contain my side, but. That is excellent. You made my night. That's a great story. Thank you. Jumped the track you know. In, the Stop Real fast on. Your round. Inspection. Right Carl thanks buddy. All right that's I, liked it I story that goes with it. I'll tell you the ones. I'm looking for that. I can't find him for the blog and again I'm I'm tied to Youtube? If it's on Youtube and you can tell me about it, you can send it to me. Lance Atlanta mcallister DOT COM, I'll take anyone you think can crack into this conversation. What I can't find the how king? Somehow some way video does not exist to my knowledge of how king's home run. The pinch hit homer on this date nineteen seventy-three and that is. Colossal and its impact, because if the reds lose their twelve games out, they win, they take the double header. They win sixty of their final eighty-six to win the division. That's impactful. I also can't find Pete's twelfth inning home run in game, four of seventy three against the mets, and that would be against Harry Pirker and I had a poster of Pete. Rounding Second Base pumping his. His fist at Shea Stadium, but I have never been able to find video of peach. Twelfth inning home run in game four of seventy three, so those would be to that. I know of can't find video for for the blog all right more when we continue Clark and Nick and Andy and Matt Tom and others have a home run to add to this list it's. Interesting because think of what we've had. We've had world series candidates. We had A. National League Championship series candidate with the Mark Lewis. We've had an all star game candidate with the Tony. Perez and we had a Johnny Bench homer on his own night. So the scale see there's different levels for the scales. Home runs to consider. We'll check news, and then more are now. Carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W. Eight thirty eight seven hundred wwl whol carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Thanks for hanging out tonight then in a little bit of time. You're Jeff. Walker's in at nine. He'll take you from nine until midnight. About the way I've mentioned July first candidate today in honor of that. I WANNA play a couple of clips from Joey votto appearance on MLB network a few years ago. This was on a intentional talk. Kevin Millar in. Oh, who's a Kevin Millar? Now I'm drawing a blank. He's from here. He's been a guest at the show why I cannot think of his name. Okay, let's get past that I'll get back to it I'm joy made an appearance. This was from Bush stadium in Saint Louis. And Chris Rock. And the guys did not know. They knew vodka was the interview. They didn't know he was GONNA show up in front of the camera wearing a Canadian mountie outfit head to toe, the red the red outfit, the that the Canadian mountie. Hat full full arb-. I have the entire interview on the blog right now. At seven hundred wwl W dot com, let me give you a couple of snippets of it. Joey during the interview and he did it straight through never broke out of character as a Canadian mountie. Guys didn't know what to do in the interview was fantastic. Joey talked about his horse nibbles. Here's a part of that conversation. Who can write nibbles Yoi? Nobody rising. It's mine nibbles. NIBBLES might nibble. Do you do ride nibbles to work in the outfit I mean because we haven't seen you in Cincinnati keeping out there. Are you keeping up right now? This is serious stuff. Nibbles, horse, Tau. I get around what you think here. popping in a car is going to get you around to the trails. What if there's a problem in the trails? What if there's a four fire? Some sort of situation deep into north. You know this is why we've got the horse. Why we wear the outfit. We solve problems everywhere around the country will solve problems. Joey votto on MLB. Network intentional talk. We'll give you another one. Joey talking about the Red Serge. I thought that that was just kind of a fun suit, but apparently when you're Canadian, you actually wear that thing around. This is the Red Serge voice the Red Serge. There's nothing bigger or better in Canada than the Red Serge. Let me give you a one more. Joey votto in his full Canadian outfit that day. Out of curiosity you bring. The outfit on every road trip or just certain road trips. Bring everyone Unfortunately, some of the hotels are a little reckless with their dry cleaning, but you know it's. It's part of the GIG I just I. Make Sure I. Get it done beforehand i. if there's any trouble in and around the the hotel, I throw it on hop on nibbles and we go solve some problems. That is a bow. It runs about six minutes the entire interview. In full garb as a Canadian mountie is on my blog right at seven hundred wwl W dot com, funniest joy bottles ever done as far as I'm concerned by the way during the break I remembered another homerun ideal I once had the audio of this, and for the life of me. I can't find it and I want to say years ago Pat. Hughes, the voice of the cubs, put together a CD of some of the legends of broadcasters, and he did interviews with them and included some of their great calls I. I believe this was on that CD and I can't find that CD, but Marty Brennaman has always said this home run, and the call of it was the moment that he finally felt accepted by reds fans. He took over in seventy four of course July twenty. Fifth Nineteen, seventy-four Tony Perez hit a two run home run in the bottom of the night that riverfront to beat the giants, fourteen to thirteen and cap a dramatic comeback. The reds I think a trail by seven or eight, and as the ball leaves the Bat. And MARDI calls it Marty says, and it is screaming. It's all over the reds. Win It. The reds win it the reds winning. And Riverfront went nuts and Marty will tell you to this day. Request there were calls to this station that evening, and throughout the next day play that again. Play that again play Murray's call again, and that was the day Marty said that he felt accepted as the new voice of the Cincinnati reds and I don't have that audio. I can't find it. I had it, and it's it gives you chills, and I don't know where that CD. When anybody has that CD and can confirm that home run his on it, and you could give me that audio. That would be outstanding. Let's go. Let's go here. Ashland Matt seven hundred wwl W, welcome. Hey LANSAC. When I was a boy growing up in Louisville the AAA team in Louisville colonels. Was a Boston Red Sox team. And all I'll saw the their brothers Momberg. Yeah saw his awesome. But how king? Was Our catcher in the very early seventies. Really Yep, he sure was. He was a Boston Red Sox. farmhands. And for whatever he was the only black guy on the team. We had Louis T on was on that team. Yeah! But the only African American got was how king how. Yep and for whatever reason. We all just became his biggest fans. And that was a great story. You told about his homer. That's a great story. You just told because I didn't know so we traded I gave you something I didn't know, and you gave me something I didn't know. I gave you some you didn't have that. Will Give you one more yeah. My entire lifetime professional baseball. And I saw a lot of mammoth home runs. Yes, but the best one I ever saw. Was the triple a all star game in Indianapolis? And it was Oh, my gosh got. We've been talking about the the big left-hander. Frank Coward Prank our no, no, no, the left-hander played for the reds. Not Adam earlier that bad. Okay all right all right, and it was his. It was his last minor, league game. And Adam Dunn hit a base while this was the first year of the. Of Indianapolis is new ballpark. He hit a ball. Out of the stadium. Bit still circling the earth. But Lance get. Hit The street and Dead Center field. Enrolled all the way down to downtown Indianapolis No. Yes. Through Don Shula's steakhouse. That's a fantastic story. A I'm glad you called. Easily, the best I ever saw I love it. Hey, thanks Matt. Have a great night. You know I had done on my list for a different home. Run a major league home run. He hit the longest home run and great American ballpark history. We'd have to find a spot for the five hundred thirty three footer. He hit in two thousand and four against Jose Lima blame it on Lima time, remember. It went out of the stadium and landed what up against a piece of ward or would have rolled into the Ohio River. We'll put Adam Dunn Homerun on our list. How about? Cove Dale we go. Andy seven hundred, w. w welcome sportstalk. Thank you I can't remember it's. Made that run not being shut out for like one hundred and some games, yeah! About two thirds of the way through there, they were about to get shot out. Somebody in ninth inning hit a home run. And kept the streak going. ooh, that's one I got to find I think I. Know What you're talk. I can't figure who was I can't either. I can't remember who you know what you've given me an assignment I'm going to try to pick that up all report tomorrow night. How's that? Thanks for the call. That's good. I have an assignment. I have a take home assignment tonight. You know another one that's intriguing, but where do we in terms of significance and importance that the todd frazier home run that won the home run Derby I mean certainly July thirteen, twenty, fifteen, certainly an impactful night. The spotlight of baseball was on the city of Cincinnati `electricity in the air. The clock is ticking down and boom. He does it and yet it's an all. It's a Homerun Derby. So where do we? Put It on the scale of impact and significance, but man. If you're a reds fan in that time period this time here, you will always remember that night, and that home run to seal it as the winner of the home run Derby. Dave concepcion hit a hidden all star game home run in eighty two. We were white. which I loved. Further down the list, but a significant homerun albeit in an all-star game we'll do this date in reds, history and round things out next eight forty eight arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl w. Backward, let's go back in time on this date. In reds history, we begin way back in eighteen sixty nine. Thousands of spectators lined the streets of Cincinnati for a welcome home parade for the red stockings who returned home from a perfect twenty and a road trip, nine, thousand, nine, hundred seventeen Fred Tony pitches to complete games on the same day in a double header against the pirates. He tossed a three hitter in the first game, a three hitter in the second game he won twenty four games that year he pitched three hundred and forty innings. Good golly nineteen, thirty four on this date, the reds lose an eighteen inning affair and the first game, but doubleheader versus the cardinals at crosby field. Get this courage, pitcher, dizzy, Dean and Reds Pitcher Tony. FREEDUS each tossed seventeen of those innings. How is possible? They eighteen, sixty, four, the red score four on the ninth on this date to tie the game and Pete Rose homers in the tenth to beat the cubs at Crossley. It was Chevy at Westwood. Night at the park rose was presented a baby buggy prior to the game in anticipation of the birth of his first child Pete Junior. I'd never heard that story. This nineteen seventy Tommy Helms becomes the first reg player to hit a home run at Riverfront Stadium. The reds win their first game at the new park. Nine to over the braves. The drive-by Helms hit the netting on the left field foul pole. It was the only home run. He hit that season. Nineteen seventy-three, as mentioned the how king game down to their final strike in about the fall, twelve games back to the dodgers, the third string catcher pinch hits hits a game winning home run. The reds win the doubleheader. They go sixty and twenty six the rest of the way to win the National League, West, this eight, nine, hundred and seventy-five Joe Morgan drives in the winning run in the fifteen reds beat the Astros eight, the seven riverfront, their fourth extra inning win in five days. Nineteen eighty-three, the enquirer reports on this date that minority stockholder Carl Linder makes a bid to purchase controlling interest to the team from the Williams brothers He'd have to wait sixteen years until nineteen ninety nine. You become a general partner. Nine hundred five Bob House, retires reds, president and CEO. How he's not in the hall of fame is beyond me. Nineteen ninety-three I forgot about this one Joe Oliver Mrs Three Games because of a seven stitch Gash on his. His finger incurred well unloading the dishwasher at his home. The injury was part of a string of devastating injuries that saw the reds lose seven regulars that season they used a club record, fifty one players that year nineteen ninety-six. Forget about this one. How Morris Breaks is elbow in a freak accident during a reds win over the cardinals in Saint Louis he's kneeling on deck. Circle Eric Davis takes a swing at the plate and breaks his bat the barrel. Sails through the air like a boomerang. And Hits how Morris in the elbow breaks his elbow. And finally on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine, the reds win their tenth zero beating the diamondbacks at synergy all right there you go. I, love. Those are a nightly on this date in reds history, right? Let's round it out with home runs. Tom Ram listening offers up this I. Love to see this. When way back in the sixty says wally post hit a Roy Hobbs type home. Run at the Old Busch Stadium. It knocked down part of this sign in left field that is tremendous by the way Roy Hobbs on the TV. Right now up here on the Monitor on MLB network the natural. What fantastic movie! Love! That movie one more? Date we go, Hey, pat. Hey. What's up how you doing time? Well, what do you got for me? We've got a good one for you. Thousand and Some of the lost years of the red, but Dion Sanders made his return to major leagues. Is First Batty singled up the middle first. Pitch Second Pitcher home three run home run. Third Time he had a bunch single then he stole a base and you know who that that home run was off. Deo, nomo! Eric Gonyea. Don't hang. You'll is back and look at fast that Eric. GONYEA, being the most dominant one inning pitcher ever. He was hundred and sixty pounds. He was about the size of Dion Sanders Dionne hit one. Out of the energy than, but it was just freezing comeback Friday. One that people don't remember today that the place was electric that night. That's a good one. That's a good one to wrap it up with that Call absolutely, thank. You have a good night. That was may second of two thousand and one three for three, a three run homer, seven six win of the dodgers, energy field hit the first pitch for a single, the second one for a homer, a receiving his first career curtain call after the home. Run there you go he. He was thirty three years old at that time. I wish I had more time I don't I would have talked more about you gotta include somewhere on these Barry Larkin becoming the first shortstop major league history to go thirty thirty when he hit that thirty th home run in Nineteen ninety-six, I'd include Ken. Griffey Juniors bottom of the eleventh inside the park home run to beat the cardinals, I would include well, certainly in the conversation Todd Frazier's Homerun for Teddy Kremer in two thousand and twelve, I would add joy vodkas home run for super bub. A few years ago, I would put. I put Joey votto walk off Grand Slam on Mother's Day Two Thousand and twelve. You'd have to include somewhere Joe. Random walk off homer on opening day, five and Ramon Hernandez, and his three run walk off homer on opening day, two thousand eleven all right tomorrow three hours live some fun. Talk a little reds, baseball or off the beaten path a night early since I'm not here, Friday will be our traditional. Fourth of July weekend, topic the outdoor games we played as kids. Always have a blast with that one This was pretty cool. You know there are some nights. We pull things out of thin air The last two nights we've had topics just pop up out of nowhere. That turned out to be fantastic topics. Thank you for one year contributions to for listening and and three. Overall supporting the show. Straight up nine o'clock that I'm on time for change. Let's check news and Gary Jeff Walker with the NIGHTCAP Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W.

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