Looking ahead to Galatasaray in Champions League and back at defeat in Mallorca as well as transfer updates


UH-HUH get back here very soon for me Tim cable bye-bye This weekend very few people expected this moments to be the defining moment of the weekend training grounds as well it was pretty safe to assume that it's going in combine the eighteen times heat's possession with the twenty-three that Hamas did well it was clear that possession was being conceded fall to easily that's it ten individual runs at New Yorker players they succeeded in passing Tony Three of those occasions all three shots he had were off target for those who were picks instead despite any up with ten men for the third time this season they still dominated possession but managed just four shots on look ahead to the Champions League meeting with Galatassary and will round up of course all of the latest stories that are making the news this week now don't forget you can listen back through over a hundred previous episodes of this podcast the website of revenue podcasts dot com you can find us on I tunes Google spotify Stitcher as well it from fourteen and certainly the harder edge that we'd seen to gave managing in recent weeks wasn't very the Iran tackled by may okay also a few eyebrows raised the selection of the team that was aiding has odd remember he was with his wife today celebration of the birth of their fourth child so veto of the season it was called by some the night of lost opportunities for others it was simply a miserable display by round the dread that will with Venecia's is also wearing very thin he does more bad than he does well any defies logic in the last twelve months despite having been training with the because of the ninety minutes Venecia's was clearly desperate to impress all he was trying to happen just a little too hardy sold plenty of the ball a few weeks ago which is already picked up seven hundred thousand subscribers Yovich is well doesn't escape the criticism that was coming his way he can a start he said to the game was very bad indeed recreated plenty of chances in the second half but we missed just about everything today we met a motivation B-team who don't deserve to be where they are in the table on the lineup he said well that is my decision but everybody has to show up and play well reels off to the game pulled very few punches about the team that lacked leadership and for some we'll be heading into Europa league potentially patience for others back to you but for us we just could not find the final passed despite all the possession the red for well he said if you are on a yet I don't make the challenge simple as that it was just Hamas particularly in the first office at least the one who the most creative four key passes he may now reaction after the game from co twice we knew what to eighteen us to waste opportunities and he went to ground very early the view of his performance on the day and as for the Dan he was not very happy they must show that they are the level expected to play here now what about the fan reaction it was very was beginning to become a parent that's a win something this season we must have continuity in Allah peformances injuries are not an excuse here today we have good flares when given the chance he returned is just sitting out fifty percent one ten lost five drawn five in this remember after a summer spend of knocking on toward three the issue of continuity he said we have to show we are good and deserving every three or four days at the moment I'm not going to say I worried but if we want he's the man and the summer suggesting today in various parts of the media that Marino has already had talks with Peres also shrouded Ajab Courtois this time judy received this position faces up to him he knows his tiger it could also be added to that list as well the club remained doubtful Marianna we'll go iskoe if he wants to make the euro twenty twenty squad will have to consider his position along with him that was Kalahal that was an bay on the Madras No crews no lucas either say maybe they should have been the opportunity dying number feel sedan must go now he isn't a stranger to this remember several times during the seasons in the run-up to those eventual Champions League victories the one possible exit route at least until the end of the season if you went out on load could be to Milan as part of a deal to bring in Sioux so as well and bring him back and he is not in the squad for galatassary and there is no medical update released as to what the situation is with him that Sudan's win rate by the way since charging in Lago junior high sweet a quick roundup of what's making news today before we take a look at Gal tasks right Christine Season and Eric Q. of clubs remember waiting to side him including European champions Liverpool and according to some in Madrid there is a simmering assistant is the first to the former Benfield ps jeep black CICI's future away from the Messiah now whilst the youth are being given the chance to flourish it's now a target for PS G. as well as remedied both teams though all looking to lighten their loads by selling before they tried to land the Danish International PS G hundred million they want Z.. Dan will out is the Mealy Tau Mendy Rodrigue and Yovich were not his choice of signing hey would have been Jaden Sancho being fined one hundred thousand euro by Borussia Dortmund for disciplinary reasons

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