#802 Praying for Contentment (Proverbs 5:15)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot proverbs chapter five I fifteen drink quarter from your own cistern flowing water from your own well this is pretty powerful imagery tempted to go outside the covenant of marriage and look to some are already starting to look to another man adultery is referring to like even sexual satisfaction pleasure and so so we are provoked to pray then Haitians there might be for any spouse a husband or a wife to begin to look to someone else for that which God ship with you how you rebuked your people and Jeremiah for leaving you to worship other and even in your own heart until God leads you to a husband or wife so God make us we pray a content people please avenue through which God blesses me through my husband or my wife in this way and obviously the picture there in this warning against the Heidel to seek satisfaction and pleasure in other Gods for forsaking you the fountain of Living Water in God how prone we are to do that no no no God is designed my wife or my husband to satisfy me in that way to meet that particular need this is the has bins against adultery and he is saying drank water from your own cistern flowing water from your own while in other words enjoyed Oy the good gift God has given you in your wife in your spouse the chapter goes on to talk about ledger from our own systems got I I'm assuming that somebody's some people who are listening to this right now are being tempted to drink from other sisters gone may not be so may use even this time in prayer this word right now to pull them to pull them back to drinking his designed to be experienced in your spouse whenever you or I are tempted in that way just to shut that down to no no relationship with you and then even in marriage to go outside the bounds of looking to our husband or wife our spouse would not in any way indulge in activities sexual activity outside of marriage to the husband or wife you've given to to find the satisfaction that you designed for us in them so God we pray we pray that you would help us all who are husbands or wives to drink he's guard scarred me guard all of us from looking to other sisters to satisfy we know this even ultimately released fountain be blessed rejoice in the wife of your youth and so when we think about marriage and the tendencies the temple or another woman to satisfy them to fulfill their needs in this way or that way that you've designed to be fulfilled in marriage Own Cisterns God I pray for single brothers and sisters who are listening to this right now the day would not go drinking from cisterns from people who are not there when you think about the context of the writer here in Providence is doing he's warning spouses against adultery specifically here has been or wife God that you would give sexual purity gotta break for that for all of single or married there we so help us to honor you and experienced satisfaction from you in the ways you have designed in Jesus name we pray for marriage and sexuality according to the boundaries and the cisterns that you provide maybe so I then for each of our marriages if you're single to pray for those who are married around you yes and then also pray for contentment us just pray that over all of our lives that we might experience your beautiful design your good design in my own life and marriage and marriages and lives represented among all those who are listening right now God please May this be.

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