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It is mac i._o._s. Twelve big finish a smorgasbord of security and doing dungle duet. It's friday the ninth of august twenty nineteen. I'm ken ray and this is news from mac o._s. Ken brought to you by yours truly truly and sponsored by eero the home wifi system that goes anywhere and covers everywhere get free overnight shipping with offer code matt. Go west ken at e. E. r. o. euro dot com slash moco west. Can this show is also sponsored by squarespace. Space your place online if you've been kicking around the idea for a site or an idea for which you need a site. Stop kicking it around and kick it off with squarespace when i started mac o._s. Ken i didn't know one end the building a website from another actually i still don't but but i do know how to build the site with squarespace. I love squarespace for the beautiful templates for the ease with which i can customize those templates but the biggest the reason i love squarespace. It gives me control of my place online. See what it can do for you. Go to squarespace dot dot com slash mac o._s. Can for a free trial and when you're ready to launch choose the offer code mac o._s. Can save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain maine mac o._s. Dot com has been a squarespace site for years and it'll stay that way. Find out why start so you're free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code mac o._s. Ken the save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain at squarespace dot com slash mac o._s. Ken and the big thanks to squarespace for sponsoring this week show i._o._s. Twelve is headed out with a bang. I'm more sites new numbers from apple that show last year's mobile operating system hitting an adoption in rate of nearly ninety percent according to apple's figures says the report as of the sixth of august eighty eight percent of all iphone the ipad and ipod touch models were updated to iowa twelve. Only seven percent are still on iowa's eleven while the remaining five percent or using an earlier earlier version of i._o._s. Those numbers aren't likely to go much higher for a couple of reasons. I there's not much higher. They can go and second. We're probably just weeks away from grieving i._o._s. Twelve successor speaking of which if you're on the beta train their new new cars for you to check out apple insider says apple has released beta number five of i._o._s. Thirteen i pat o. s. thirteen and t._v. o._s. Oh s. thirteen apple suggest users only run the betas on secondary or non essential devices of course. You're going to run it on your one and only iphone anyway so make sure you've got ample backups of important data before going cutting edge of you tales of security and invulnerability today we'll start with the latter cult amok says researchers have uncovered new flaws in i message that could give hackers control control of your iphone or ipad sound scary though the attitude of the researchers who found them seems to be what are you gonna do. Woah google project zero researchers natalie savona veg and samuel gross found the bugs well some of them. They doubt they found them. All the cording to the report researchers call them interaction less bugs hackers can exploit them to carry out an attack without first convincing insinger user to visit a malicious website or open dangerous file. Similar bugs were uncovered in what's up in may according to the peace. The app was reportedly fixed five such bugs. The peace says silvana bitch is detailed six interaction list bugs. I message so far with moore yet got to be announced and despite being relatively easy to fix they are difficult to eliminate entirely according to the researcher the individual joel bugs or reasonably easy to patch can never find all the bugs in software and every library you use will become an attack surface so that design in problem is relatively difficult defects time to freak out well you can the only real remedy seems to be pen and paper her quoting the cult one more time silvana vich notes that i message security is strong overall and certainly not the only messaging platform with flaws was so you shouldn't rush to stop using it just yet put another way. What are you gonna do news of another exploit. That sounds like something out of a movie while simultaneously making me wonder if i've seen too many movies threat post says researchers. Here's at this week's black hat conference in las vegas were able to bypass apples face i._d. Using a pair of glasses with tape on the lenses according to the report by merely placing tape carefully over the lenses of a pair of glasses and placing them on the victim's face the researchers demonstrated how they could bypass apples face ide- in a specific scenario the attack itself is difficult given the bad actor would need to figure out how to put the glasses on on an unconscious victim without waking them up because they have to be unconscious. You see this is what i call the movie conundrum film and television of taught me that it's fairly easy to knock somebody unconscious chloroform on a rag a mallet a well swung base from the three stooges through this is us. These are all ways people on screen have disabled other people onscreen. The improbably probably tell. I've never actually watched this is us. Researchers are said to be tricking. What's called liveliness detection. According to the report researchers specifically specifically honed in on how live this detection scans a user's is they discovered that the abstraction of the eye for lightness detection renders a block area the eye i with the white point on it the i._r._s. and they discovered that if a user is wearing glasses the way that lightness detection scans the eye a changes quoting one of the researchers we found weak points face i._d. That allows users to unlock while wearing glasses. If if you're wearing glasses it won't extract three d information from the eye area. When it recognizes the glasses quoting threat post one more time same researchers created a prototype of glasses dubbed x classes with black tape on the lenses and white tape inside the black tape using this trek they were able to unlock a victim's mobile phone and then transfer his money through mobile payment app by placing the tape attached to classes above the sleeping victims pace to bypass the attention detection mechanism both base i._d. And other similar technologies sleep tight america though not too tight because x. classes daunting though security stories may seem. There's good news in them. <hes> they were about good guys who found bad things and there's more good guy news to be had like news of these special new iphones apples making available double to select security researchers. The birds says apple is planning to supply special iphones security researchers next year to help them find security flaws in i o s don't expect to see a lot of these though the devices will be made available to researchers that report bugs through the company's invitation invitation only bug bounty program for i._o._s. According to the report cool as a secret security phone may be the bigger your news has to do with apples bug bounty program now with more bugs venture beat says apple has finally doing what a number of infosec typeset subset. It should for a long time adding mac o._s. Watch o._s. and t._v. O._s. devices to its bug bounty program for the roughly the three years of the bug bounty program at this point. It's only covered i._o._s. In news about as big venture beat says apple is now offering offering a maximum reward of one million dollars for the most serious security issues with any luck that'll make doing the right thing and no brainer giving researchers researchers as many as a million reasons to report their findings rather than horde them or sell them to baddies more news in a moment but first a word from eero the home wifi system that goes anywhere and covers everywhere. Is there a single spot in in your home that you're single router isn't hitting there wasn't mine until i got my eero eurocents up and just minutes plug the base unit into your modem or router than plugging a beacon near the dead spot the beacons just plug into an electrical outlet making physical setup up practically nonexistent and the app you used to set up monitor and run the whole system is simple intuitive and amazingly amazingly full featured eero has fixed the dead spots. You can get yours fixed as soon as tomorrow go go to eero dot com slash muko west ken and enter code mac o._s. kind at checkout to get free overnight shipping with your order that's e. I e r o eero dot com slash muko wiscon- and code mac o._s. Ten at checkout to get your eero delivered with free overnight shipping. You must use this u._r._l. To receive this offer eero dot com slash muko west ken and code moco west ken and a big thanks to eero for sponsoring this week. Show financial analysts are said to have been largely upbeat on apple after last week's earnings report. We may get to that next week. I'm not sure i bring it up. Though because while financial analysts are said to have been largely upbeat on apple after last week's earnings report barclays analyst tim long would not be among them. I he wasn't officially covering apple for the firm yet and second. He's not optimistic. Apple insiders insiders says long relaunched coverage apple for barclays on thursday with the tail of gloom and a ho hum rating and i'm back to wishing firms ran ratings like toads rad ho-hum and grody to the max but i digress basically mr ester longs. He's no recovery for iphone growth on the horizon. He also expresses concern over apple services. According to the report long and company insists apple services services growth will slow down from its current state while new services like apple t._v. Plus an apple arcade could be revenue generators. The pricing of the incoming coming services as well as relatively young elements of the services business will face increased pressure from competition especially overpricing. This makes sense since as we all know. We don't know how much those services will cost which makes this make no sense. Barclays barclays has a tepid cheese reading on apple shares. You can call it equal weight. If you wanna longs twelve month price target on the shares as one hundred hundred ninety two dollars apple shares ended the day thursday at two hundred three dollars and forty three cents f._w._i._w. And finally today a bit of dungle news because who doesn't like a little dongola sounds dirty might actually be apple's got a new thing into which to plug other things apple insider says the cupertino company is now selling updated version of its u._s._b. See digital a._p. Multisport adopter delivering h._d._m._i. Two dot zero support for sixty hertz refresh rates at high resolutions h._d. Our output and more if this is a thing you need. It's out there. It won't come cheap though the piece as the updated adopter retains a sixty nine dollar price tag and orders placed today are due to arrive by august twelfth or thirteenth depending on delivery speed brick and mortar apple stores will receive stock on the thirteenth of august sounds like the kind of things samsung would make fun of doesn't it no last week may be eh this week not so much. You may have heard about the note ten shown up by sammy on wednesday. I didn't talk about it here partly because i had and have a lot about apple stuff to catch up on and partly because the phone race is kind of passe so why am i talking talking about it now because it's funny remember those ads samsung ran making fun of iphone owners for all the dangles with which they were supposedly saddled once apple dropped three point five millimeter headphone jack guess what the note ten doesn't have if you set a three point five millimeter headphone jack penrose on you what the samsung do about the funded made pretend it never happened of course quoting according piece from business insider samsung released a memorable advertisement in november of twenty seventeen titled growing up that features an iphone user through the the ages becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations of his phone than the end he caves and biza samsung galaxy in one section section he ruefully inspection adopter cable which enables iphone users to turn. They're charging portal into a three point five millimeter headphone jack fast forward ford to twenty nineteen. The piece continues and note ten customers may need a similar bit of kit to use wired headphones with their devices as for that growing up bad it has disappeared from some of samsung's major youtube channels. Where be your gibes now. You're gambles your songs. That's the internet. I'd imagine they're still out there mac o._s. This can brought to you by me and sponsored by squarespace. Get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code. Macos can at squarespace dot com slash mac o._s. Can this show is also sponsored by eero. It get free overnight shipping with offer code mac o._s. Ken at e r o hero dot com slash mac o._s. Can can advertising handled by backbeat media online backbeat media dot com. You can reach me a couple of ways info vo at moco west dot com or call seven one six seven eight zero four zero eight zero until next time that is news from mac o._s. Ken i'm ken ray uh-huh chow.

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