Big Brother Canada 7 | May 6 | Monday Morning Update Podcast


Darien rather? Yes. John. And sandy. Sees no. The reason is you. Roseanne that he could do to Morrow will do again. Hello, everyone and good morning. Welcome to my life feet update for may sixth. I'm heroes turn Armstrong. And today. I will not be telling you about everything that happened on the big brother candidate seven live feeds yesterday. I'm going to be talking to you about everything that happened on the big brother candidates seven feeds across the entire season in regards to Dane, Dane, Rupert. We know Dane is in the final three he has won the final four H O H. He is a luck for final three Dane as one of the final three members of big brother candidate seven is now going to get the treatment where we talk about his game across the whole season. See what he's done see how deserving he is as a winner here potential winter here. So let's talk about day. Now, I have. Changed the formula slightly here for the game. Recaps. I'm just going to be here on my own. I'm gonna give you the goods the details. Less less than analysts more like what happened what really happened. And if you want you can interact with me live on YouTube through the chat, you can ask me some questions along the way, and we'll have some fun with that. And then at the end will give you a nice summary of analysis and all of that great stuff. And we'll see we'll see how this works. I think I think this'll be good because it'll be fun. So. Let's talk about Dane Dane across the whole season. Now preseason he was he was somebody that you know, he talked to. And I remember that I seemed really won over by Dane that she wasn't maybe knows unsure about him as I. But Dane was one of her favorite people that she had talked to. I personally was impressed with his knowledge of the game. He was number two on my draft board. And I felt like I could I could let him slide a little far and still get him. I was hoping to maybe get ST and Kira first. And then I would go after Dane as somebody that would be easier to get. So. That was that was my view of him. He had he knew the show he'd been watching for a long time. And I think I and some other people as well really expected him to be underestimated in the house because of his teeth. The big thing. The big thing that everyone was talking about Dane preseason his teeth. Can you believe it? They cast somebody without all of their teeth. And now we're looking at Dane in the final three one of the potential winners of the season. Just like that. So week one day one Dane enters the house before he enters the house. He looks at Adam Adam looks at him. They give each other little fist bump, they know their broS and as soon as they do enter the house they get together in the pantry and they talk about forming in all guys alliance with four members. That is like the brigade Dane is on board day knows who the brigade is. And they bond with other people that bring in numbers, it'll be great. It will be wonderful. Anthony and Mark walk in the door. They pull them in his well and just like that the pretty boys are formed just like that. Day to he really he bonds with Anthony him and Anthony have a bond that they they cherish throughout the season. They we didn't see this on the feeds. But apparently, they really bonded over similar experiences in life things that they felt that they had gone through that were similar in. So. They make a secret funnel to within the pretty boys. So Dane, he's working with the pretty boys. He's he's he's getting other relationships in the house, but Anthony is his true allegiance from day to he makes that final two. Adam is going to win that I h h and he is going to put up Damian and Laura now, Anthony Dane or kind of more on the side of wanting to keep Laura. Mom, either. Because Laura had a beef with Sam or just because they liked to Laura better. But Laura did have a beef with Sam. So that meant that Sam was pushing for Laura to go Adam pushed for Laura to go. And so the pretty boys end up flipping this vote to keep Damian over Laura, but this tension between Sam wanting to do something that Dane Anthony, did not is going to be a major driver for the rest of the season because they feel like Sam has too much influence over Adam now through this votes. Dane has has he builds some relationships he's got. SD? He's he's building relationship with KiKi. He's building a relationship with there is a tentative group of nine that forms in week one consisting of the pretty boys, Dane atom. Mark Anthony as well as Sam Kaelin ST KiKi, and Chelsea very strange grouping of people it does not last, but, but it was a tentative group Adam really wanted to make that group work, but it was never going to work. And of course, within that group, and sort of outside of it as well, Dane has this bond with Estienne KiKi, and he forms his own little small group with SD KiKi and Mark who was initially included in that group later to be replaced by Damian. So that's how that's how it's looking for Danes game in week one. He he has an initial bond with Adam he gets brought into the year. He create create the pretty boys with Adam Anthony, and Mark he then makes a final two with Anthony. Within that pretty boy group. He then has relationships outside of that group with SD and KiKi he has Mark in that group as well. And a major over Arkin group, including people like Kaelin who he does have a good relationship with Eddie who has a good relationship with. He has a good relationship with most of the house at this point in time. He's feeling pretty good and not worrying about too much here. So heading into week two Laura is a victim. Dane did in fact vote kraut, so he votes correctly here. Dane is going to win the next h. He made a deal with Eddie during the competition. This is this four honor the Gulf one he made a deal with Eddie to keep him safe. But he liked Eddie anyway, and he didn't want him to go up on the block. So that was fine. What he wants to do is nominate Kira and Mackey this is because he is contemplating a potential backdoor for Sam. Now. This is one we're going to be able to get a lot more detailed than week one. Because this is when the feeds turned on. And so one of the first things we saw was Kaelin was really trying to pitch deign to back door atom or Sam. And he says, yeah, that's a possibility. Maybe Sam maybe maybe we can make Sam happen. So Dane he wants to do here and Macki Macki would be the pon. He's he promises machi-. He swears on his father Mackey, you not going home your upon don't worry about it. Kira is the theoretical target? If the back door plan doesn't. Come through. Adam however, would like to keep cura-cures a number for Sam and himself. And he knows that whereas Mackey is somebody that might come after Adam. And in fact, probably is coming after Adam. So. Adam really wants to push for Mackey to leave. Dane does not like it says, no, I don't want Mackey to go. This is also the week where Corey enters the house, Dane immediately. Does not like Corey he sees her as somebody that is very threatening that she is a potential marine Olympic, athletes, whatever he's very intimidated by Corey he doesn't have a much of a relationship with her. She just came into the house, and he's very concerned about her. He wants to put a target on her at some point soon, but she is immune this week and also isn't voting this week. So not a whole lot of relevance to this particular week. Now, Dane, Anthony, both agree that they would love to get rid of Sam that Sam back door is something they would like to make happen this week if possible if possible that she has too much influence over Adam. So gotta worry about that. ST and KiKi at this point in the game week two Dane is h there's they say, hey, we're looking at our allies, Mark. He's annoying. I don't know if we like him that much. Maybe we don't wanna work with him moving forward. Dane, he's playing both sides playing all sides. Danny's very good. But he's ours. He's are good. He's gonna work for us. So we don't need to worry about him. That early that early. They were talking about Dane knowing how dangerous he was. But thinking that he was dangerous for them and not against them. Kaelin Kaelin is also in week two already thinking couldn't there be a guys thing between Dane, Adam. And Mark because I was pitching today that he should put up Mark instead of Mackey. And Dane was like, Nah, I don't wanna put a Mark. I'd rather put a Mackey Kaelin did not want machi- to go on the block Mackey was an ally for Ceylan. So Kaelin was not happy about that. He also seems reluctant to back door Adam he'd rather do Sam. So maybe they're all working together. What do you think about that? Anthony. Oh, so close Kaelin so close. She approaches Anthony about that idea and. Yeah. Does not work out. Well, not work. Well, for this is going to be one of the reasons why Anthony is willing to let Kaelin go moving forward. So. Deign starts prepping Adam for a potential Sam backdoor, he starts telling them, you know, Sam she's gotta go. She does Adam is against the idea, obviously. But he is somewhat willing to let it happen. It's still pretty early in the game. He doesn't want Sam to leave. But, but if Dane had been presented with the opportunity here he might have been able to get away with it without Adam getting too upset. However Adams going to ruin the plan by winning the veto. And with Adam having won the veto. There's nothing that the Dane can do. Because Adam is not going to use it. He knows that Sam might go up as a as a target. And so he decides he's not gonna use the veto and the back door Sam plan is out no more. Now, they're going to be deciding between Mackey and Kira now because Adam has won the veto Dane is going to do his best to convince Sam that Damian was always going to be the replacement nominee. No. No, it was never going back to her you Sam, no, definitely not. Damian. Of course, who who might have given you the idea that it would have been you definitely not me. No. And she she buys it for the most part. Adamant Sam we're gonna push hard for curious day here next to Mackey as I said, Adam had always wanted Mackey to be the one to leave here and Dane is pushing against this. He does not want Mackey to go. He he really feels like KIRO should leave and maquis should stay. Unfortunately for Dane Mackey is going to put several feats into his mouth. Numerous times throughout the week. And he's going to at various points in the week tell Adam that he's coming for him. Tell Dane that. He's coming for him Anthony that he's coming for him. And this is not good for Macki Macki needs those people to be on his side. And he's really starting to mess his own chances up here, which also messes Dane's chances out because again, he would like to keep Mackie's you'd like to keep his word to Mackey. But it's not working out that way. Meanwhile, cure is promising Dane the world the moon the stars the the universe. I will give you my first born child. I will do whatever you need, Dane. And yet he is unconvinced. He would still prefer to keep Mackie in the game for the most part. But because because of everything that's happened. Because of all the feet Mackie is shoving into his mouth, the pretty boys do get together. And they agree to take out Mackey. Now that was not the end of it. Because Dane went to ST and KiKi now SDN KiKi they want to keep Mackie. They like Mackey they think the maquis will go after Adam for them. That's great. So Dane goes to ST, and let's ST. No. That Mackey is going to be leaving as says. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I don't like this S SD kicks. It into gear goes and talks to Mackey tells him. What are you doing don't say Danes name don't say these people's name tell Dane you're going to go after Adam tell Dane you're going after Sam that's those are the names that you need to be saying. And she tells Mackey exactly what to say machi- says exactly that and says, you know, what you're right Esti Mackey is somebody we can work with like this. Deign flips back over and he flips with Anthony. And now Mackey staying once again, just like that. And then Mackey says Anthony's name. What are you doing Mackey got upset all over again reading through? This Anthony finds out that Mackey is saying Anthony's name Anthony says, you know, what Dane we can't do this Mackey. He's just a puppet, and he might be our puppet, but he could easily be somebody else's puppet. He's very open to any puppetry. So this is this isn't good. We can't keep him. Dane does not like it Dane still wants to keep Mackie in the game. Anthony puts his foot down. He says no we have to get rid of Mackey and Dane agrees. He says, okay. That's fine. Whatever if if you guys if you guys want this, then that's what will happen. So so that's what happens Danes plan from this point forward is that he would like to pull in Kaelin, but taking Mackey out is going to be doing. He's gonna make that difficult because he knows the Kaelin is going after Sam he wants to work with Kaelin if possible. So Dane, he goes to flip Damian to tell Damien to vote machi-. He also works on Eddie. He has good relationships with both of those guys and he has them both flipped at one point in the week. But last minute they both flipped votes back over and it ends up being a five five tie where Dane has to stand up in front of the whole whole house week two and break his word to Mackey sending him home and evicting him from the game. Meaning the second time Dame voted correctly. I guess. So there you go Mackey sent home and chaos reigns. In the big brother seven house heading into week three. Now, we were going to take a quick break for our sponsors. And we'll be right back and we're back. So let's get back to the show. Now a little a little new section here. I have following the each week. No having seen the feeds of the week prior where when I go through the state of Danes game heading into this, h but I I see a question in the chat stacked wants to know. Will. I please ask Dane why was his mortal enemy was it. Because he's she saw through his or because she bomb bogarted, Adam. Well, this is the perfect place to try to speculate for the answer to that question. I mean, I think that again it comes down to week one when Sam showed how much influence she had over Adams nominations Adams target. She is the reason why Laura got put on the block and was sent home and Adam and Anthony did not particularly like that. They didn't agree with the ultimate decision. And they didn't like how much influence San was having over atom. They saw that they wanted Adams loyalty. Remember, this is only week one. So they they don't know how loyal and how loyal Adam might be to them moving forward in the game. They're very concerned that maybe like the moving company before them Adam might fall in love and betray them. And if Adam tells Sam about pretty boys their whole game gets blown wide open. So I think they're very concerned about that. And they really want to take him out. She has too much influence over Adam and too much influence over the game as a whole. And so I think. Really what what that came down to add on top of that that Adam was being targeted by a lot of people in the house, and they were always shifting the target from Adam to Sam. So because of that allowed them public reason to be putting the target on Sam which only reinforced their initial desire to target Sam in the first place. So there go so heading into week three. I believe nobody in the house if they want h h would target Dane, he is totally fine. No need to win. This h h he is not in any danger. Here. He is currently working with the pretty boys has that final with Anthony. And he's also working with SD and KiKi. He has good relationships in the house with Kaelin, Eddie, Damian Chelsea and Sam he is somewhat neutral with Kierra and Cory Cory does not know how much he doesn't like her at the moment. How much he would like the target. Her cure was just put on. The block by him. But also saved by him, and and they just made various deals, so they're okay. But not on the best terms and he's currently targeting Sam he would love for Sam to leave if possible. So that's the state of Danes game heading into week three. Chelsea is going to end up winning the week three H O H and Adam. Let's Dane no pretty quickly. Hey, you're good. Don't worry about it. We're we're fine. Adam tells Dane Chelsea she's in the Paula my hand, she thinks she can use the guys for votes were actually using her for votes were good don't worry about it. So Dane, he safe. He's not going to be able to get Sam out this week, but he safe, and that's fine. Kiki ST are going to talk to Dane and let him know that they don't trust marquee more, super sketchy. They don't like him. So so that that group is starting to break apart. But Dane is going to retain the loyalty of KiKi and St. Eddie claims that he did not understand what happened with the vote. He again, he flipped his vote last minute. This is going to be the start of the end for the Eddie and Dane relationship as they move forward. There. Mark is going to tell Kaelin that. Hey, I voted Makio out because that's what Dana wanted. This upsets Kaelin because Dane said that he wanted to keep Mackie, and then Mackey is Dane is apparently telling people to vote maquis out and then breaking the tie to Vic Mackey, which is not what Kayla thought he would do so Cailing it's mad at Dane and their relationship starts to deteriorate. And again is probably one of the reasons why Dane is willing to let go of Kaelin this week is also gonna get mad at Mark for throwing them under the bus that way that was not cool. Mark. Not cool. Dane is going to really let Adam field. Most of this h for him. He has a decent relationship with with Chelsea. But he knows when tobacco off and keep his hands away from the pot, and he lets Adam really try and steer this H O H and make sure that none of the guys are targeted. Adam is reassuring him that he is fine, and he doesn't need to do anything. And Dane, let's this happen. The way that it does which works out for Dane because he is not targeted by Chelsea this week. Chelsea isn't in fact, going to go after Kaelin for a backdoor KiKi and Damian are going to be the two ponds that are nominated prior to the back door. So Dane daynuss. He's kept in the loop through all of this because of the pretty boys and because of his relationship with Chelsea. And so he understands that that kaylin is the back door. He's not supposed to know that Kaelin is the back door. But of course, he does. And he he sees everything that's coming through. Adam. This is also when Sam and Chelsea are starting to talk to Adam about like, hey, eventually, we're going to have to turn on Dane, he's the big threaten this game. Eventually we're going to have to do something about it. He's gonna turn on you. You know? And this is when Adams like now, he's nine guys come on. No. And Adam is going to go to Dana, and let him know that Sam and Chelsea are talking about him as somebody that might turn eventually and somebody that they might have to turn on eventually. Like that. They have doesn't like it Dame turns this around to Anthony. And of course, tells Anthony they've gotta go Sam Chelsea they have to go soon. So this really really again solidifies even more this idea that Sam has to go in Danes is and Chelsea Chelsea. So Dane rallies his troops saying we need to get the veto used on KiKi. And then we need to keep Damian. And because Damian we'll go after Sam to we need to pull Damien in. And we need to go after Sam that's what we need to do. And he really he rallies his troops. He makes sure that KiKi and S D N Damian who is starting to pull in our very anti-spam. It's very important. So and this is very important for him to go after Sam. And it's also very important that it's one of the main reasons why KiKi Esti never align with Sam is. Because of Dane Dane is the one that keeps them apart prevents them from rallying together against the guys. So this is good preventative work for what happens in the future. And that actually happens somewhat soon here. So the women are really starting to look at Dane as a threat, they keep bringing it up to Adam. He says, no, no, he he's fine. They're like, no. I don't know. I don't know out them. He's got KiKi. He's got he's got Damian. He can beat you in competitions very dangerous. Adam. Let's Anthony no they keep keep bring Dane up. I don't know what to do. And an Anthony says don't worry about it. I'll handle it. I'll handle it. We'll we'll figure something out. This is also when Chelsea is starting to talk about Anthony. And so this is all all coming right through Adam into the pretty boys and planting the target right on Sam, and Chelsea now Sam is going to win the veto and the plan is to take KiKi off the block to back door Ceylan. And once again Dame makes sure that even though Sam is using the veto on KiKi that KiKi and ST. No, this is not for you. This is for the back door plan. They're trying to pretend this is for you. But it's not don't let it fool. You. We still need to go after them next week, and they buy it. They bite into it. They say, yes, we're still going after Sam, and Chelsea we hate them. They're the worst. We will never work with them against potential guys alliance because there's definitely no guys aligns and everything's gonna be so. Very effective there for Dame Dane tells Adam that KiKi s you want Damian and Eddie gone that Damian and Eddie are the targets from KiKi, and he's lying to Adam here. He also lies to Chelsea and Sam he says the same thing to them and with Adam back backing him up. It's enough to convince them to keep the target on Kaelin for now. And and maybe even talked about targeting Mark next. We'll save Dane for later on. He seems pretty cool. He seems pretty good. We'll keep doing around. They throw some ideas around for alliances. Final seven final final nine. Let's talk about working together. Moving forward over the next few weeks. And they exclude. Kira exclude Kira from these alliance talks that's going to be important later on Cam has a question here. How would this season turn out of Adam wasn't as loyal to the pretty boys? I mean depends various positions throughout the game could have been massively different if Adam decided to turn he had a lot of power in the early game in particular. So. The entire season would would would be different for sure. So Kaelin dozen fact get back doored Kaelin goes on the block. And there you go. Anthony starts to worry about KiKi SD's trying to form an all women alliance. He's he's really starting to be concerned about those two Dane assures him, no don't worry about it. I've got them covered. Chelsea and Sam or the ones we need to worry about SDN KiKi. I've got them. They're my numbers. Nothing's going to come of that. And almost to like prove Dane Danes point. Correct. Like right after that happens. SDN KiKi have their own conversation where they talk about how much they love Dane, and how much they want target Chelsea and Sam. So it was very right here. Very right. So after toying with a vote flip against Damian Adam rushed around to Chelsea and Sam. So Anthony was starting to consider flipping the vote. It got back to Adam Adam ran to Chelsea and Sam they were running around like crazy people. Adam got into a confrontation with Kaelin. And again, it happened with Sam this is very annoying to Anthony Dane, they feel like they really need to separate Adam. From these women Dane is really however playing middle between Anthony and Adam. Adam is yelling at our Anthony's yelling atom Dane is with Anthony complaining about Al Adam. He's the worst. He keeps. He was trying to use about to Sam. And Chelsea we need to we need to separate him. Then goes to Adam. He's like, hey, man. I'm sorry. Anthony is mad at you. Like that like, it's not fair, you know. Really playing the middle. This is going to be indicative of what we see Dane do throughout the entire season. Always playing the middle between the pretty boys and really the whole house. He's always the diplomat here. So. Adam and Dane late in the week. Get caught they get caught by Sam talking about the Kaelin age reveal conversation, and they're talking about talking about that. And they're also talking about PB's for life. You know, Sam has got a go of actually Sam over. Here's a good deal of this. And this spirals into the women and Kira on covering the pretty boys and their plan. We saw on the episodes. There's a big moment we really thought this could lead to something, but Danes work with ST and KiKi was so solid that it never amounted to anything. They did out themselves. They were like this is this real couldn't they be working together. I'm not sure could they really from day. One are the that smart. They're not bad smart. They're not that smart. Okay. We'll we'll go to Estienne KiKi about it later. But but for now, we're gonna hold onto it. Meanwhile, Dane, very very Dane had such control over his people far more than than Adam did less than Anthony will eventually, but but definitely a good deal of control there. He is in KiKi s-era about how Eddie is not to be trusted. He's starting to set his sights on Eddie. And that's because Eddie has has proven himself to not be loyal to Dane, he had a good relationship with Dane, but he flipped his vote at the last minute to vote out. Kiro over Mackey. And now the relationship has started to deteriorate and Dane wants to make sure that Eddie can't get into KiKi essays ear. So he's tells them that Edie runs to power. He's starting to work with Chelsea he might have been on this whole thing to KiKi on the block. So we make sure that they do not trust Eddie or listen to anything that he says. And he also again, make sure that they're also against Sam, and Chelsea and in particular, he says, I think we can work with Adam. But Sam has to go Sam has to go, and they eat it up the eat it up because Danes feeding it to them. So. Calin? Here is going to be evicted Dane does. In fact, vote her out votes correctly once again so heading into week four Sam or Kira might have targeted Dane if they won this H O H. And that's because they have uncovered the pretty boys alliance, and they are thinking about how to target them. And if they had won this h they would have gone to KiKi an ST, and they would have said, hey, I think the guys are working together. And and we should work together. To take out the guys they would have tried to put Dane on the block and take him out. They likely would not have had the votes to actually victim here if they put Dane up against Mark. I do believe Mark would have gone home. If they put him up against Anthony, which I don't think they would have because they weren't entirely sure about who was involved. If Anthony was if Mark was if Damian was they might have actually even Damian on the blog. That's definitely a possibility considering that they thought. That he was involved. But regardless I'm pretty sure that the pretty boys would still have a decent amount of influence SDN KiKi would not want deign to be the one to leave of any of the guys. So they would still be votes for Dane Damian. If he was off the block would still be vote for Dane over Anthony or Mark they probably care or Sam probably would not have put Dane up next to Adam because they would wanted to keep their guy. So I do believe the Dane was safe this week, regardless of what happened. Theoretically, theoretically, the whole house gonna flip theoretically KiKi could have gone against Dane in this moment. But given everything that happens throughout the rest of the week and the season, I do believe the Dane would have been able to save himself here. Even if he had been targeted if Sam mercury had one this H, and it was kind of a close one Sam did come close to winning this one. So this was potentially one of the more dangerous points in names game. But like I said, I do believe he would have been safe, regardless stats wants to know or sorry may wants to know, how do you think Dane will handle the questions, and what will he say if asked if he betrayed her and his vote was just for her jury vote would he admit so that's that's heading into the final three what will deign say to ST. I think he'll say that. He he was loyal to her ninety nine percent. And and he wanted to make sure he voted for her even though he knew she had to go in that moment in order to get where he is. And I think she'll understand I do. Bull talk a little bit more about the the final three moving forward. Once we get there still in week four right now. So heading into week four, he still working with pretty voice. He still has his final two Anthony's working very closely with Anthony. And he now is working with KiKi as and Damian has real Damian in Damien feels good he's on neutral terms with Corey at this point Corey still doesn't really know that that Dane would kind of like to see her leave and he's not on great terms with Eddie Sam Chelsea or Kira? They all don't feel great about Dane Sam Chelsea care because of the conversation that Sam overheard with Dane and Adam and Eddie because their relationship has deteriorated and Dane was vote to evict Kaelin, which Eddie was not a fan of Eddie would have liked to see Kaelin stay. And so Dana starting to make some enemies he starting to put himself in a little bit more danger than he had been before. But like I said, even if he had been targeted. Probably would have been able to stay. But he wins h anyway, it's the buzzer competition buzzkill. He beats him. He does promise them before he wins though that he would not put her up if if he won. So Sam has an agreement from Dane, she's not going on the block, he plans to nominate Kira, and Chelsea and betray his word and evict Sam through a backdoor if possible if possible. He also promises Adam he won't nominate Sam, but he's still he's still going to Dana. Sam do make a more formal deal to keep each other safe moon forward. If Dane keeps Sam off the block and does not back door her Sam offers to extend it testy. Dana like. I mean, more me. So it's not what happens there Anthony is starting to feel like he might rather have Chelsea leave. And and maybe it's actually good for them to keep Sam around a little longer. And it would be great. If they don't have to be the ones to take him out. Anthony proposes that he thinks he can convince somebody eventually to take out Sam for them that prophecy is going to turn out true. So Anthony starting to think about maybe we should take Chelsea out. And then leave somebody else to take out. Sam Dane is he's he's like, okay. Maybe maybe. So Danes plan put Chelsea and Kira on the block in order to make this happen in order to make this work the way that he wants it to Dane is going to throw Chelsea under the bus to cure help smooth that path and it works. He tells Kira all about how they were talking about alliances last week and KIRO is not involved in any of them and curates very upset. Very upset. Sponsors whole thing between Kira and Chelsea that. Luckily, I don't have to talk about in this particular game recap. But I'm sorry, curated make probably the vinyl three. And so at the very least the final four, and so I'm going to have to go over curious game. And I'm not to talk about this on that one. Sorry. Sorry. So cure and Chelsea get into it. They're mad at each other more so than even deign this point, and and so. Dinh's also gonna throw Chelsea into the bus to the whole house. You know, she's trying to make alliances with people all this stuff. It's good work. It's good work is h to discredit your potential target. The nominations and it worked it worked. Kiki Esti are going to talk about the possibility of a guys alliance that there might be something to this idea that maybe there is a guys alliance, but they think the Dane Anthony on their side. So it doesn't maybe there isn't as lines. But we've got Dana Anthony there with us. They're good. Gonna do Dane is gonna tell Chelsea to try and win the veto Chelsea you go out there and win. I want you to win. I do. And then he tells the cameras after she leaves sorry Canada. My word is no good. And that's really a good summary of Danes game. Sorry, Canada things were that isn't good. Corey is going to end up winning that veto Cory is gonna win. Anthony advisor to talk to Dame about the use of it. So she does and they agree not to use the veto. And this this starts a relationship with Dane that is that is a good one that they really start to form more of a relationship than they had before through this through interaction. With Anthony's help Anthony has been working on Corey since last week, and he's putting good word in for Dane with Corey. And so that relationship is starting to blossom a bit. This is also when Dane is going to start to work on Mark. Again, Dane story is kind of he's got to storylines one is within the pretty boys. He plays the middle. He plays each of them off of each other. And he tries to make sure that he's the best positioned within the pretty boys and then outside of the pretty boys. He doesn't same thing on a bigger scale through the with the pretty boys help he he gets in good with as many people as possible he plays as many sizes. He can put himself in the best place to move forward. That was always his his goal. And it was always what he was doing throughout the game. So on the pretty boy side of things he's gonna work on Mark here telling him Anthony, it's going to be so hard to beat in the final two. He is. He's he's such a great talker. We can't beat Anthony in the final two. They talk about how corey's very threatening. She just one this veto competition. She somebody that they should be watching out for and they also talk about how Kira would be a great final to go wouldn't wouldn't. They would they be great file to go. I mean, we're not going to do it. But they would be a, great volunteer. Deign tells the cameras that he does plan on sticking to the pretty boys all the way down to the final four, and he will take Anthony to the final two even though he'll be hard to be. He tells the cameras this in week four. So we'll see how much that holds as we move forward. And Dane might have that option between Kira and Anthony, and he says if for some reason he ends up there with KiKi ST, he'll take Esti Estee. So this is also when Dane is trying to work on Mark. But Mark is not really having it because this is one day with this. Mark starts to plot. Danes demise to the cameras saying that he's a Walking Dead, man. If Mark ever gets power, which I would say is a Mark on Mark on Danes game. But we saw how effective Mark was in actually trying to make that shot. And he didn't even end up taking it at thing took it at him. So wanting to do. ST is going to try and flip. Sorry. Not as the Eddie is going to try and flip the vote to save Chelsea this week. Yes. That is after Corey wins the veto and does not use it. And the reason why accord doesn't use the veto is because when I was talking about Anthony starting to want to not take out Sam yet and take out Chelsea I that's because as I talked about Anthony heard that Chelsea was talking about him and talking about not trusting him and hero went around trying to expose the fact that atom had had leaked information. And that's why they were in trouble and through that cure was talking about a potential guys alliance. And because of that all of the guys were like, okay. So Chelsea, thanks guys. Alliance of cures talking about it. That means we do need to get to get Chelsea out of the house. Very important to know. It is definitely cares fault that Chelsea. Just as much as Adams vault. Just to make sure I pointed that out we'll talk more in detail when we talk about cure his game. But so Chelsea is the target Corey does not use the Mito, and Chelsea is going to go home next to cure. But Eddie doesn't like that. And he kind of was wanting to flip the vote here. So he tries to campaign, but he fails he fails he does not succeed in flipping this vote. He tries to get Damian to flip. And it just doesn't work. He tries to flip Daming against Dane. And Anthony as well. He says, hey, they were trying to flip the vote last week when you're on the block Damian thinks about it. He's like could they have flipped on my? No, no, I trust. Dane, Dane, hasn't put me on the block. He hasn't. I trust Dana. And he goes, and he tells Dane about Eddie trying to flip the vote and about Eddie trying to put some information into his head. This is going to further turn Dane against Eddie. He was already looking at as somebody that he needed to make sure that KiKi Esti did not trust. But now he's actively targeting Eddie as somebody that is somebody that needs to go starting to try to you know. You know, get information out there that works against Danes interests. So. Kira is going to catch the pretty boy hand signal reigniting their suspicions. The guys are working together. We weren't sure about it. But now we've got them with their hand signal and Mark was involved. It's gotta be these guys working together. Chelsea is going to not use. This information properly. Because they don't because he doesn't want to really campaign against cure. And instead bring it straight to ST herself. She says ST the guys are working together. They have a hand signal. They. The they've been plotting the whole game and ST is like oh, man. No way. ST's thinking about it and propsed Dane because he immediately catches that something off with SD shortly after her conversation with Chelsea he's he gets on that immediately. What's what's wrong Esti nothing? Nothing. It's fine. As he come on. What's tell me? Tell me tell me what's going on. I don't know. It's just Chelsea Chelsea saying there's a guys alliance. And I don't know. He's like, no, no, no, no, no. That's ridiculous. There's no guys alliance Chelsea's just trying to save herself. Like, oh, you know, so on and so forth. Here's a whole conversation with her. And he makes sure that she does not flip around that that she is on board with him. And she says, I believe I believe, and they also go to KiKi they let KiKi know that Chelsea is trying to spread this information. But it's false and KiKi also believes them so. It's squashed. There's gonna be no revolution against the pretty boys. Dane has it under control. He does Chelsea ends up being evicted here. Dane is h isn't vote but Chelsea's victim. So we had into the double vision and heading into the double vision. We do have a few people that might take a shot at thing if they win h h Sam if she wins could take a shot, she didn't make a deal with Dane, and we do see her win the following week where she does not take the shot at Dane, so she probably wouldn't have Kira who might take a shot at Bain. But again, probably not given the circumstances of the next week. But but it is possible is possible. I think here is maybe one of the more likely people to take a shot a day if they win this double of h and then Mark who has been talking about if I win if I win Danes. Oh, a Dead Man Walking. So Mark might take a shot at Dane if he wins this h three people that's starting to get a little higher Danes starting to getting a little more trouble here. This is another point where he could have been theoretically in trouble. But again, I think in this double of edition. Nobody would have had the votes to a victim dean if he was put on the block, the only person where that might happen is if Mark one put Dane up against Adam that maybe Adam would have the votes to stay. But I do think it'd be a close vote, and I do think Dane would probably end up staying especially with Anthony there to help him out. So I do think I do think Dane was safe this week, regardless of the outcome. But it doesn't matter anyway because Adam is going to win this H wage Dane is working with the pretty boys. Anthony, ST KiKi Damian all those same people. He's still kind of neutral with Corey. But again, he's starting to build that relationship up starting to get onto better terms with her not on great terms with Eddie Sam and Kira? This list is diminishing Chelsea's gone now. He's just not on great terms of Eddie, San and Kira he is targeting Sam, and Eddie Sam I Eddie is secondary target because of what he learned from Damian about Eddie, Adam is gonna win this h he puts KiKi and Eddy with Eddy as the target just like that Dane wants to target Eddie. And it happens KiKi is going to win the veto Sam encourages them to make a big move. Take a shot go after Dane, but he doesn't. Do it so Kira goes up? Instead and Eddie is victim. Dane doesn't fact vote to Vic Eddie put in correctly once again heading into week five Kira is the only person that might take a shot at Dane this week if they win, but again, given the outcome of this week, it's not likely that it would have actually happened. And if they had tried to take a shot at this point, they definitely would not have had the votes to take him out, regardless of who they put him on the block against I do believe the Dane stays. If he goes on the block against Anthony. I think that Anthony is in more danger in that position. I think he stays against Adam. I think he stays against Mark Damian against ESI. He stays all these people Dane is I believe up until this point even though there are some people that might win and take a shot at him for the most part very safe throughout these four throw these these first weeks here. So he's still working with pretty boys. Anthony. As KiKi Damian neutral with Corey same same stuff here. Not on great terms of salmon Kira that list of four from from week four of Eddie Sam Chelsea Kira by week five two of them are gone. And now, it's just Sam and Kira? And even though he's not on great terms of Sam or Kira? Neither of them are going to really push to target him this week because of the deals that he's made and the connections that he has at this point he's targeting Sam, I and Corey is his new secondary target Cory because he feels a little threatened by Cory Cory is good at competitions. It's finally coming around. And he's going to put a target on Corey if possible if possible so Sam is going to win this next h SAM's gonna win. It Dane is not happy. He really wanted to to get Sam out this week. It's. Right before jury. He he really wanted to make that how you do not want Sam on the jury, but but Sam one and so there's nothing we can do about it. And he's going to bang some beds about it. No, not happy. So what? So the lounge opens at this point Mark tells Dane that he said some stuff about them to the cameras. Look, there's some TV's and there just in case we ended up watching things at some point. I don't know like I might have said some things about you cameras. This is not nothing crazy as you know. Danish. Pretty sketched out by that anyone should be. Sam decides she does want to uphold her deal with Dane, he safe. He made a deal with her last week keep each keep themselves safe each other safe, and she's going to stick true to that deal. Part of this is that she feels she doesn't have the numbers to victim, regardless. And part of it is that she genuinely feels like maybe she can work with Dane, and they do have this deal. So instead she lands on targeting Mark of Mark and KiKi or potentially KiKi. But. Really what happens? This is not as relevant Dane, but she wants to target KiKi. You're surely wants to target. Anthony and Corey, but KiKi and Adam talk her out of it. So then she lands on KiKi, and Mark and she wants to target KiKi. But then as KiKi actually, do some decent campaigning in particular to convince Sam that guy has to go. So that she flips over to victim, Mark. And that's where the where she lands for a little while Mark and KiKi as the nominations. So Dane would love to get Corey up on the block and get Corey out instead of losing one of his own numbers. He's got KiKi. He's got ST. Those are his numbers. He does not want to lose KiKi if you didn't have to and so he wants to get Corey to get to be back doored. That's that's Danes plan. He really wants to make that happen again, very important for the following weeks. Now S team KiKi try to form an alliance with Adam and Sam to keep themselves safe Dame does not like this. He wants Estienne KiKi to be targeting them, not aligning with Sam. So he makes sure that even if they do, you know? Create this alliance that Estienne KiKi will not be loyal to it that they will still target Sam even though they just made an alliance with her and decides to use this alliance to potentially try and get Corey back doored and seems like it might work at first. So it's looking okay for the back door Corey plant operation backdoor. Corey KiKi at this point in time on the block starting to doubt Danes loyalty. She started to be like. I'm concerned Esti. I'm concerned Dane wants me to leave because then he has you all to himself, and he can take you to the final two and SD is like nab. But also if that is the case at least, I'm gonna file too. And so are you going to do? Adam is going to end up winning veto. And with the veto. He pushes for operation back the record. He gets it off the ground. He goes to to to Sam he says, hey, we shouldn't be victim. Mark we should've Cory Cory is the bigger threat. Sam actually listens to him and gets on board to take out Corey Kira, though, says no Sam you can't listen to Adam you can't trust him. We need to get the guys out the guy has to leave. You have to understand. And we were like, wow, cure actually, seems to know what they're doing. And so then cure goes to Anthony. Anthony, I don't trust Dane Danes the worst. I don't trust him. He's he's manipulative. We need to take a shot at him. He's trying to get rid of Corey this week. Did you know that did you know that Anthony Anthony? Yeah. Of course, I knew you think I don't know these things Dane, he's the worst. He's trying to get rid of Corey. That's that's unbelievable. And so Anthony finds out through Kira about the back door Corey plan. And so he gets to work and shuts it down, but because KIRO went to Anthony cures like I did it. I cracked the guys thing. Now, we don't need to get out Mark. And we're like oh care. Does not know what they're talking about. Okay. So. As I said Anthony gets to work steps in. He shuts everything down he talks to Adam. He says no Corey should not be leaving Sam you having trouble controlling Sam. You're having trouble getting Sam to wanna keep one of the guys. Here's what you need to do. He tells Adam what to say to Sam Adams says it to Sam he convinces Sam to keep keep the target on KiKi. And and. And keep Mark in the game. So it's all fine. Everything's good. Everything's fine. Nothing nothing to worry about Anthony has spoken. Cory is gonna stay operation back. The Corey squashed. This is going to cause some debate though within the pretty boys. Dane is not super happy that this that this plan did not go through Anthony is not super happy Dane behind his back trying to get rid of Corey. They get into a bit of an argument. They talk about who whose side piece gets taken further in the game. Dana saying it should be ST. She's terrible competitions should be Esti. But he loses out to Adam and Anthony because both Adam and Anthony are really pushing Kira Mark also would like Kira, they all see a Marxist Kira as his best chance at winning in the final two Adams's cure as somebody who doesn't who can't win competitions and would be loyal to him. So that'd be great. Anthony sees cure as a secret sleeper cell that would secretly actually loyal to him because he can manipulate them and not be loyal to Adam. And we know who got the better of that deal. Anthony. So data's outnumbered. And he capitulates all right fine. Here's the person will take the final five. That's fine. Whatever what they're not gonna win. So. That happens there. But he's upset. He's upset about this conversation doesn't like Sam has to go SAM's to go. Sam not taking out Corey. Make sure that he is going to target Sam. Dan, and Anthony talk, and this is when Anthony really sells this idea that Kira has to be the one that they keep Anthony tells me, hey, Cory Cory loves you Corey you can work with Corey we're gonna make this happen. And Dana like I dunno. I dunno. I dunno about Corey. But you do have to worry about ST. You know, she's been talking about you lately a lot Anthony. So. Daines loyalty remains with Anthony here. Even though he loses this particular battle. We then get the blood veto where we're Kira wins gets the blood Vido data's very nervous. Wasn't like this. It's freaking out a little bit. And what could what could possibly happen here? Here's a bit of a wildcard he doesn't like the cure has this power. He also tells KiKi at one point in the week. You know, what if Adam goes on the block here up on the block? Might be time to take our shot might be our only chance adamant Sam they're like the daily of the season and. Goes up there. Maybe we should take him out. And I kind of feel like Dane might have been serious here. I think he was mad enough at adamant this time because Adam sided with Anthony, and they did not go after Corey and Sam still not doing what he wants. He really wanted. Sam to leave might have actually taken the shot at Adam. If Adam ended up on the block, but that was not the blood veto power to Adam do not have to worry about it. So gear at this point tries to throw Dane under the bus to Corey says. Hey core you should target. Dane, he's the worst. He works with everyone. He's manipulative all this stuff. And of course, as oh, yeah, totally totally. And then Corey runs to Anthony and says Anthony curious trying to give me a target. Dane, you're telling me that Dane is good. I believe you, and these absolutely you should believe me cure talking about this backdoor plan. I don't think it was Dane, I think they're lying about that. I think it was adamant Sam really more Sam than Adam. And and cures like Corey. Yeah. You're right. I agree. I agree. What are you going to Damon? Anthony, still disagree about Corey Danes deigned thinks she's dangerous. Anthony says I've got Cory I've got her. She's under control. Don't worry. Dane doesn't believe Dane Dane, is is not happy doesn't like doesn't like Corey here. Cure feels very confident that they've cracked the guy's lines. And so even though they have the blood Vido, and they can get rid of market. They know as part of the guys alliance, they want KiKi to leave because Kiki's not nice to them, and they can't trust KiKi and they've cracked the guys thing. So it doesn't matter guys go after each other at this point done deal. They do wanna take shot Dane next week next week if they have the opportunity that wanna take shot at Dane, it's important to note Gigi blows up at Dane on her way out the door. But she is a victim. And Dane did route. So heading into week six. Kira would target, Dan? If they won the h they would. But they would also not have the votes. I think they would definitely talk. Dane, they would definitely not have the votes to victim. Dana safe. And it's only one person is Kira. He's working with the pretty voice. He's working with Anthony is working ST and Damian. He's again starting to build more relationship with Corey is continuing to build. He's not on great terms of salmon Kira at this point, and he's targeting Sam and Corey still, but Corrie is gonna win this next h and Dane panics. This is not good Corey one h and cures run around telling people that Dane was trying to back door Corey. That's not good. So Dane is going to run around and in what is perhaps one of his finest moments in the game. He makes sure he gets everyone's story straight about this backdoor. Corey plan. He coordinates with ST, Anthony, Adam and Damian. So they all have corroborating stories to say the Dana nothing to do with this. Now, this gets him into some trouble with Adam because Adams also concerned the core is going to go after him. And they're like, hey, what Dane us trying to get me. And Sam on the block. Why why does Sam to take for this and dances? And then the no this is not about Sam this is about me. And you staying off the block. I just wanna make sure that it's not us to on the block Adam doesn't like still punches some boxes. But what are you going to do? So Sam feels good Sam has been working with Corey Amazon talking Corey about going after Dane Sam things the quarries on board to take out and for being real. I thought Corey was on board to take Dane out. I think melodic people thought quarries on board to take Dana. So I can't really felt Sam for believing that one. But, but of course, at this point Anthony has a lot of control and Anthony gets into corey's ear and salmon shady he says, I believe in. I think this is good. And so, of course, okay? I think Dane is probably innocent. But I still have to investigate stuff have to investigate. So cord doesn't investigating and everyone tells their stories like they're supposed to Dane has has made sure that everyone is on the same page Sam and Adam not not so much Sam, Adam and cure Earl saying different stories. But Dane, he coordinates everyone's saying the same story by the time Corey gets around talking Dane, Dane, says look I'm sorry. I knew about it. But I didn't cause it, and I didn't tell you about it. I should have. I'm sorry. I wanna work with you moving forward. Corey says, I believe you. I believe you, and I wanna work with you. Great. Deign volunteers to be nominated says if you need to nominee me, that's fine. As part of a plan to get Sam out. I'm good. I I will do that for you. And so Corey takes them up on the offer Korean Anthony, both decide ultimately to nominate ST and Dane in order to back door Sam. Hang out. So. Dana Adam then make up. Cold guys. You know, we shouldn't we shouldn't argue, Dane pretends. Like he lost this round. Dane is like, oh, I'm going up. It's it's fine. It's not it's not both of us. That's what matters. That's what matters. And Adam is like, yeah, we're good. I've won. So we're good. Dame tells us that they might go up, but they have to remain calm. And he blames it on KiKi Kiki's fall key throwing me under the bus, man. If it weren't for KiKi, we wouldn't be on the block. So you definitely should never throw me under the bus like that. Bad bad move for everyone. Deigned solidifies Damian's vote against ST to keep him in the event that the veto is not used. So Dane will. In fact, stay against SDN. He doesn't eat meat Damian's has it. And he also tries to cash in on the deal he made with Kierra we to when curious said that they would use the veto on him. If he was on the block, and they won curate is not bite cured is not accept that this that they have to fulfil that deal. And Dane does not like that data's mad cure because of that Dana ends up winning the veto. Me starts saying. I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't take care of the final. They're super annoying. I don't like that. They. Back to back off of this deal. I don't like your. Keira runs to Anthony O Dane, one Fito now he's going to stay. It's going to come. After me. Do I do and things like you're gonna make peace peace to make him an offer. He can't refuse. Okay. And so that's what does goes to Dane, and neither of them really accept that this this he's offering, but it happens. So Dane takes himself off the block sim goes up Danes very pleased with himself than Anthony talk about how this was the best executed plan Canada history. And they might be right. They might be right. He feigns ignorance to Adam. Oh, I didn't even know. I didn't even know. But Sam knows this all Danes doing. She does she she recognizes Danes handiwork, and this is very important very important because Anthony is more under the radar with this move than Dane, even though this is obviously day Anthony's h wage, and he did it in many ways because Dane is the one benefiting because Dane is the one that got away with it and coordinated stories, and that is getting his way and taking Sam Sam is going to give the credit to Dane, she's always looked at Dan. He's the big threatening one. And he's getting away with all of this Dane is the one that she is upset with and impressed with at the moment. And there's more there's more to to that as well that we'll talk about in just a second Anthony is still upset with Dane because of the whole backdoor operation backdoor Corey that Dane did not consult Anthony about so he starts to bring Mark in closer with Corey and push start to push Dane away a little bit. It starts to bring Mark in a little more. So so that's that's something. That's starting to happen here and Marcus still trying to figure out how to take Dane advocate who would put up Ataman, Dane, Damian to do it. I don't know. It's not it's not gonna happen, Mark. It's not gonna happen. Dane starts to work on atom tells him with Sam out of the way, they can focus on making final together their legendary to make this happen. Final two. Let's go Dane final with Adam final two Anthony working on a final with Mark. It's never actually happen. But he tries many times. Dane also talked about the cameras how he wants to throw the next day h there's nobody in the house that will target him at this point. And so he feels very comfortable throwing this next h. And that's because Kira is now mad at Corey more. So than even deign for for, you know, going after Sam and they want revenge against Cory for Sam. And another part of it is that Dane is going to do some jury management with Sam. So Sam is accepted that she's leaving. And Dan goes I love you Sam you're such a great player in this game. I have to vote you out. But it's because I respect you. I hope that we can be friends Sona. So lots of like, he's really lays it on Fiqh with Sam. And she eats it up just like ST eats it up. Daines apparently, very tasty. When he lies. And she tells Adam after she loves Dame. She loves Dane, she wishes that she would have worked with him more in the season. And that he wasn't taking her out this week. And she even tells Adam and Kira guys she brings them into a room with dangerous as you guys have to work together with Dane you have to do have to do this. And so Dane feels very comfortable. The care will not target him. So Dane is gonna throw the next h h now Mark does try to throw a wrench in names plans. He tells Adam that they knew about Sam backdoor all along Dane denies it. He says no Mark is lying and then goes to market like, dude. And then Mark dies telling Adam wholeness, Dane works on Mark. Some more about Anthony being tough to beat in the final two. He does that like on a weekly basis. And ultimately, we see Sam be victim from the house Dane did vote her out putting correct yet again and. When I talked to Sam about her jury ranking jury vote rankings, she ranked Dane number two just below Adam just below atom. So according to Sam at the time, she was planning on voting for Dane above anybody else except for Adam. And she even said that between Adam and Dane, it would be kinda close. But that obviously she's gonna vote for atom because. She is in relationship with. So. Heading into week seven. Nobody's going to target Dane if they win this H and Dane recognizes that and throws the H at the time. He's working with the pretty boys. He has been brought into an alliance with Anthony inquiry. He is working with Estienne Damien. He is now also been brought into a working relationship with Adam and Kira? And if you're wondering, yes that is in fact, the entire house is working with the entire house. He is targeting Corey as the most dangerous person left in the house apart from of course, the pretty boys. So Mark is going to win this next h it's time for Mark take a shot at Dame, right rights. He talks Dane deigned says, hey, I volunteer as tribute. You can nominate me against ST. If you need to know could Marcus talking about nominating either, you know, maybe atom. Against danes. You can you can nominate me that's fine. Markaz? My god. That's like the best thing anyone's ever said to me. I can't believe you do that. Wow. Dane, I'm so impressed. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put you on the block. I love you too much, man. Mark tells in the dire room that this changes his mind, he doesn't even wanna take shot the pretty boys anymore Dane, so loyal. Toil thing is definitely loyal. Yeah. So I mean, I would normally say boneheaded move man, volunteering for the block. But it manage it works. It works. Well, so. Oh boy. All right. So. Has wants to know will that change Sam wanting to vote for Dane in the end if Dane boots, Adam? I don't think that will change SAM's mind. I don't I think that I think ficials say well that was Mark. I would've voted for Adam over, Dan. So I mean. So Dana says he's on board to put ADEMA, but they're not taking him out. He's got the votes day. He does try to float the idea to put Corey on the block. But it does not take which annoys him a lot. You really wants to go, and he's very annoyed by Mark and by extension Anthony because he knows Anthony is the one keeping Corey off the block, so Adam and Dane bond some more over the course of this week because they want Corey to be nominated and targeted, but it's not happening. Dane isn't a tricky spot with Vito because he does not want to have to use it on Adam or not use it on ST. So he's hoping he doesn't get picked. And he doesn't. Corey is going to start talking about wanting to target Dane this week because she sees how threatening he is. But Adam cars are Anthony covers for him says neuro we don't want to target thing. It's not what we want. Deign starts working on Mark over the course of the week. He's still pushing for Corey to go up, and he succeeds he managed to flip Mark against Cory. Corey is going to go up on the block as a replacement nominee after Adam wins the veto this actually before the veto. But if Adam whoever wins Corey is going to be the target Anthony finds out that that Marcus flipped Mark tells it and yells at Dane, but he blames Adam Adam he's a snake can't trying to get Corey nominated. Dane, meanwhile, who's the person who actually did it. It's like, oh, yeah. I mean, Corey maybe as somebody that we should think about maybe targeting. But I mean, it's totally cool either way. But yeah. At a move the worst. This. This turns into a whole thing as we saw and really Danes strategy here as I've talked about play the middle. Always play the middle. Be the diplomat Dane tries to play cool as much as possible. Hey, we're on the same team here. We're all we'll decide is a team. I'm good with whatever I think the right move. Yes. Is to take Corey. But we're gonna decide as a team, I'm fine. Either way. Meanwhile, Anthony and ADEMA really going at it helps Danes day in the middle. This is week seven. Yes. So they. Anthony, eventually managed to flip Mark back and Corey is going to be safe. This is Mark Anthony really start to veer away from Dane, and Adam there really starts to be a genuine rift. That's forming there's still working together. This will not gonna quite target each other yet probably but they they are starting to separate in their interests. But Dane is not done. He starts to get the house all upset about Mark's decision. Says can you believe Mark is gonna put ST or Damian on the block next to ST? Can you believe it? It's the worst. Why is he making that decision and the whole house blows up on Mark? And this is Dane starts to consider. Maybe I should take Mark to the final to everyone hits. It'd be an easy beat Anthony starting to work against me a little bit. Maybe I'll take Mark knows. Corey is then on needed by the secret assassin, and boom just like that from the heavens gift appears on Danes doorstep. And he says to Anthony sorry, gotta Votto Corey. She's the bigger threat. She's going to win competitions. And there's no I have Corey she's loyal Gordon's. Stay says, no sorry. It's not happening. Corey's gotta go. Gotta go. Get into a lot of arguments about this Dane says that Anthony thinks he knows everything, but he's the one I'm the one that everyone comes to to work with everyone is working with me Anthony thinks he knows he does not know, I know. And these two focused on Corey just like Adam was to focused on Sam. That's what's happening here. So. Pretty boys continue to argue Dane does tell Corey that. She has his votes, and she will be very upset if he betrays her. So she says she campaigns to Adam by implying, she'll target Dane and this gives Dan because Dan and a perfect excuse to explain why he's voting Corey outs. Mark Anthony, meanwhile, agreed to sewer Dane in their goodbye messages to Corey. So Corey is in fact, evicted and on her way out she says, Dane will not get my vote if I leave tonight. Oh, boy and Dane does voter out put in correctly. Once again when I spoke to Cori, she ranked Dane number five in her jury rankings. Anthony was number one. Adam was number three and Kira was last at number all asked actually cure was the second to last at number six just behind Dane. So according to that Anthony would get corey's vote over Dane and Dane would get corey's vote over Kira? But that one was kind of close so. We'll see. Heading into week eight once again, nobody is going to target Dane, if they win this H, and once again, he throws the age at this point in time, he is working with pretty boys working with SD and Damian and he's also working with Adam and Kira once again. Yes, that is everyone in the house. He is targeting. Damian but not actively he's not actively trying to get out of the house. He's just agreed the Damian as the next person to go. What he's really actively doing is placing a target on Mark. He saying, you know, what I've changed my mind. I don't want Mark to go to the final two. I want Mark to go at final four. I don't trust the Markle bring me the final two. So he starts putting the target on. Mark. He tries to make sure that Mark is going to be the person. That's victim wants the pretty boys. Make the final four. That's what he's really working toward even though he is agreed that Damon will be the next to go. So Adam wins the next h Adam asks Dane, what should I do and Danes tone? Look at me. I didn't want the situation because I don't know what to do you? Go ahead and figure it out, man. He does think that Mark should go up. Maybe you should nominate Mark. That's all I'm saying. Look, really weird. If you don't. This is Adam does this whole thing. He does a whole house meeting without Mark where he pretends that he's going to be back during Mark at this meeting Dame pretends to be willing to go up on the block offers himself as a pawn on knowing that Adams should down. But it helps him look good in front of ST and Damian who do eventually go up on the block with a fake backdoor plan to get rid of Mark Dane and Mark once again talk about Anthony being dangerous to take the final two as I said, it's like a weekly occurrence SD is going to ask Dane about guys alliance. Was there was there? Guys lines called the pros. Says no, no, no, no, no such thing. Don't worry about it. They also talk about jury votes Dane says and this was interesting to me he tells ST personally, I would never vote for Anthony in the final two not unless he starts winning things. He hasn't won isn't one enough to start winning things if he wants my vote in the final to think that's the message. He's trying to send with St. to the jury house in the event that he's sitting next to Anthony in the final two. I think they also make out. The party. Which is a thing that happened. So Dane he threw that h he also is going to throw this veto competition. Does not want to win it. He did not want to have to not use the veto on Damian Oreste. So he throws the veto. Hoping that Mark will win marks not when Damien wins. So pretty boys. Meet Mark says he thinks that Dane should go up and block instead of him. So that he doesn't have to Esti data's open to the idea initially. But in order to make it happen. They bring in Kira and they propose a final five with them cure agrees. Let's go at the final five Dane, then makes a final three with Kira and atom in order to keep cure a comfortable within that final five. So that happens and through talking with Kira Dana agrees, I shouldn't be going up on the block. And so he talks to Adam. And then the rest of the pretty boys, and they agree. It's got it. We're going to stick with the plan. Mark is going to go up on the block. Dane, then works on atom more talking about their final two. They both agree to each other. That Anthony would be easier to be then each of them. But they'll still take each other doesn't matter. Deign wants to throw the next H as well. He tells that to the cameras, and he is looking at this point had a final three with Anthony. And Adam he knows they'll both take him to the finals, and he will probably take Anthony over Adam does count jury votes against them. So we then get to Anthony who as we've been talking about has been separating from Dame a little bit. And he secretly behind Danes back is going to take the information that he knows about Dane because Dane when he made the final three with Kira and Adam has has. Told Anthony, hey. I mean making a final three with Kierra and atom. So Anthony knows Anthony uses that information to work on Kira and flip them against Dane says. Hey, I know the Dane probably approached you about a final three, but he has a final three with a lot of people. You don't have to stay loyal to a final through day. So he flips cure against Dane and Kira is now gunning for Dane once again, thanks to Anthony. Dane. In the meantime, works on Damian to make sure that Damien votes ST. So that doesn't have to Mark wants to take a shot at Dane next week. But Anthony says no, no, no, no, it's atom. We're taking shot at Adam market grease. They'll take shot at Adam. So they're going to go and try to take Adam out of the game. But if it's a triple they'll take up both of them. Both of them. So ultimately here we see ST is evicted Dane did not vote her out. So this is the one and only time in the game. He does not vote correctly. But. He got Damian devote her out for him. And he his vote to keep ESI was one hundred percents embolic so on account this as a correct vote just by proxy Bamyan voted for him by proxy. Really, this is not an incorrect vote. So to speak. So ST when she talked to me ranked Dane number one. In her jury rankings list. Anthony was number four far behind Dane, Adam was number five behind Anthony. And KIRO was last at number six. Interesting to know, then we have a double Vic Shen double vision in week eight heading into the double mission. Kiro would take a shot at Dane if they won the h. And if Anthony or Mark one they might take their shot, but they would take their shot at Adam. And so Dane would only be in trouble. If Adam on the veto Adam did not win this veto, Anthony won the Mito. So if they did decide to take a shot at Adam Adam would have gone home if they won and if they decided to take their shot Kira, if they took their shot at Dane, I believe that Dane would likely not go home. But. This is probably the time more than any other time more even than the week before I believe it was we three that. The Dane could have theorized been in trouble. In certain circumstances. But he's still working with the pretty boys. He's working with Damien. He's working with Adam his his final two Anthony. It's kind of drifted it's not there anymore. He's kind of neutral with Anthony. He's not on great terms with KIRO remark. They're starting to look at target. He is targeting at this point still market final four, and he's willing to let Damian go at final at now that final now. But it's all moot point because Dane wins. This h h he puts Damien and Kira? He is not worn. Damien ahead of time. Anthony is gonna win the veto. He does not use. It Damien is going to be a victim. And when I spoke to Damian key ranked Dane at number two in his jury rankings. Adam was number one. Anthony was number three and cure out was last place. So that's how Damien saw things when I spoke to him heading into week nine getting close to the end here Kira will target Dane if they win the h. Deign at this point. He's working with pretty boys working with Adam again, his relationship with Anthony has deteriorated. He's kind of neutral with Anthony not on great terms with Kira and Mark marksville. And finally, cure dozen fact win this h and they do in fact want to target Dane. So their plan is they're gonna nominate Dane and Mark because again, and then he has turned them against Dane but secretly they're going to be targeting Dane, and they will be vote to Vic Dane, or so they think and they will break the tie to Vic day, Dane tries to prevent this pointing out that Anthony could win the veto use it and force Adam on the block he reiterates to Adam that he's loyal and they need each other in this game too. They have to make this plan work Kira talks to Anthony Anthony throws Adam onto the bus cured asides and Adam should go on the block next, Dane. So that Adam can win the veto and save Dane, thus ensuring Dane eviction little care. No at this point. It would be an atom addiction. However once being nominated Adam freaks out which makes stain happy because that means Adam is definitely gonna leave right? This backfires though because Anthony is impressed by Adam's loyalty during the hug in the crying. And meanwhile, Dane his smiling, he's happy like that to Anthony flips, and he decides that he's going to take out Dane over Adam. And now truly this is the most danger Dane has been in all season. Anthony is then to attempt to turn them against Dane. But he does not succeed Adam remains loyal to Dane, he does not tell Dane yet about what Anthony told him. But he does not flip on Dane once Adam wins veto, which he does he takes himself down and dangerous needs to hope that Mark goes up on the block next to him. So that he has a chance to stay because Adam says he is a vote to keep Dane Anthony. Let stay no sorry. Even if Mark goes up next to you. You're not staying. Here's the thing. You were not loyal with Corey you wanted to take Corey out. You do not trust me. It's not. Okay. It's not okay. The he he cites the Corey situation as the the reason that their relationship has been deteriorating. He just hasn't been loyal. He also says. You have a final two that. I'm right. So you all know not from day to look a couple of weeks ago, he approached me, but I never like, I never instigate anything. But. It's not not looking good for Dan. He's a Dead Man Walking finally as Mark wants predicted. And he acts all defeated for the rest of the night. And he tells the cameras I'm not done yet. Not done yet. We then get the next morning Danes infamous pitch to Anthony where he shows him his calendar study board he says we need each other in this game. I've always been loyal day to we've always had a great relationship. I've always wanted you in the end of never seen in any other way. Anthony Kobe shack, they didn't always agree, but they still won together. And I love you. I love you, man. He makes it work Anthony, flips he's gonna keep Dane he's gonna keep dating. Anthony, then intern flips Kira cure. Let's day. No. I'm gonna keep you keep you. He turns up the dramatics. Thank you. Thank you so much. And says the cameras, Dan Giessen. I hope you're proud. Proud. This was very very good for Dane, very very good because he manages to survive by flipping Anthony and side benefit Anthony manipulation with KIRO worked a little too. Well, and now cure as talking to the cameras about how they're gonna take deign to the final two that they've been convinced by Anthony that they can beat Dane. And so there's talking about taking deign to the final two to the cameras boy. Mark is of course, if did he throws Dan under the bus on his way out the door being in on the Sam backdoor plan. We never actually saw the fallout from this. If there was any. But you know. I thought it was the third person in a row through Dane under the bus on their way out the door Mark in his interview with me ranked Dane number two behind Adam. He's the third person to do. So Anthony was number three. And KIRO was last at number four so heading into week ten nobody will target Dane this week Dane is one hundred percent safe. Probably no matter what situation plays out, given what happened Dane is working with the pretty boys. He's working with Anthony. He's working with Adam. He's working with Kierra is a file with all of them. This mind. Targeting. Adam targeting, Adam. When's the H Anthony wants to keep his record of staying off the block and Dana obliges, they agree to take atom out. If he loses the veto. They reiterate they'll take each other to no matter. What Dane let's Anthony know that Adam told him that he made a final two with Anthony. And he doesn't care and care. This is going to ensure that and then he wants to take atom out here at the final five final four Dane does work Anthony or does work Adam to make sure that he's gonna keep Anthony. If he wins says, I'm not gonna cut you were gonna make final three. It's going to be legendary. It's gonna be great. Adam Adam says, don't you if you cut me, my heart's gonna be broken names? Like, don't worry. It's not gonna happen. Cure approaches Dane about taking him to the final two. Dane gladly accepts. You wanna take me? Sure. Cool. I don't know if they're lying, but whatever finally. Dane is going to win the veto beating Adam getting to six competition wins with many of them thrown competitions that that he could have theoretically one. So we've talked about Adams combine all season long. But. They actually might be better. He and Anthony plan to break its Adam later that he will be leaving. But but they're interrupted by Orissa on the TV with a surprise vixen. And that's when the feeds cut, and we assume that Anthony voted to Vic's, Adam we do not know for sure. But that seems to be the plan now things could have changed. But seems to be the way things we're heading so heading into the final three. Dane has final deals with both Kira. And anthony. He has the best chance to win the final three wage question becomes who would Dane take. If he won. We can't be sure. He's promised. Anthony, he will take him. But he's also promised a lot of people along the way that he would take them. He knows that cure is easier to beat and he he could easily cut Anthony for Kira? And probably when the game he could also easily take Anthony and potentially lose. If he lost Adams jury vote. There are a lot of factors to consider. But. Looking at this looking at the people that have spoken to of the five jury members that I've interviewed thus far four of them ranked Dane above Anthony. All all of the jury members this far except for Corey rated Dane above Anthony. Most of them rated Dane significantly above Anthony, only some of them just barely above Anthony. All five of them. Every single one of the people I've talked to this far have ranked Dane above Kira. And this is far above care. So it seems like the easier beat based on what I've been told so far is by taking Kira and winning at that point. But he could theoretically still be Anthony as long as people haven't changed their minds in the time since I spoke to them. So that's what we're looking at in the final three. So that's that's Danes game. Let me know if you have questions let me have questions about Danes game as a whole. But but the summarize here to to give a little analysis on Danes game. He he dominated this game. He did he was rarely targeted. There were only ever a few people in any age for any given h wage that would even think about targeting him and of the people that would target him. He was very rarely in a position where he actually would have gone home almost zero percent of the time. He was in a position where the votes were actually there to take him out. He would have stayed against any of his allies. I believe including Anthony if he was nominated against them so very very dominating game there. He knew exactly when it was safest to throw h wages and vetoes to downplay his competition strength. This is very very key. This is one of the reasons why I was usually ranking him above Adam because Adamowicz win whenever he could. But Dane through a significant amount of h is and vetoes in order to downplay his competition prowess. And so that he didn't have to make tough decisions and piss people off if he didn't have to so that's very important for looking at Danes game. And like I said anytime I said that nobody in the house would target Dane if they want h h he threw that h almost every single time he knew exactly when to throw it, exactly. The key. Times when it was most important, and he followed through and that's that's a very underrated skill. I believe. So he did that he always voted correctly except for the s devote again. But I don't think that really counts. Maybe more accurate to say, he never really voted incorrectly. He was almost always working with more than half the house at any given time throughout the season. He had the most amount of allies of anyone in the house Dane was always working with the most amount of people compared to anyone else in the house. He was also the most cutthroat player in the game. Always always willing to lie to get ahead. Just full on li-. Like, I said he talked to the cameras the week. He was h took out Chelsea he said sorry Canada. My word is no good. Dane embodied that philosophy in the game more than anyone else. He was very unashamed of how willing he was to lie and stab people in the back, and he did his best to do it nicely. He did his best to hide it whenever he could. But he was always willing to betray his allies. We'll see if that follows through and what he does with Anthony at the end. But throughout the game. He is. Definitely been the most cutthroat player that we've seen throughout the season. Mindy wants to know what was Danes worst move in the game laughing when Adam flipped out these worst moving the game was probably winning the final the double of h. But that wasn't it wasn't the worst thing and taking Damian or maybe telling Anthony about his final three with Kierra one of those things, but it turned out all right because he did manage to retain Anthony's loyalty anyway. And in fact that end up being a net positive for him. So really that wasn't the worst thing in the world. Maybe maybe you'd say his failure to get out Sam for so long in his his focus on her for so long. But even then I think it's not really that bad. So there are really that many bad moves that that Dane made throughout the game. Let's see here. Let's see here. Do I respect that type of game the cutthroat game? Yes. Of course. And I respect any kind of game that allows you to dominate the game and get through to the end. I actually do like loyal players probably more than even most fans. I'm somebody that has defended Corre cody's decision more. So than most. I think that I think that playing a loyal game is is is a way to get to the end. And it's a potentially successful way to get to the end. But I definitely respect Dane as well. And I think that the way the Dane played the game being willing to do whatever. But also having loyalty in the moments when when it's advantageous for him. That's that's the key there because Dane is always willing to stab somebody in the back. But if he doesn't have to he won't he's not somebody. That's just gonna stab indiscriminately. He's not like KIRO who stabs people in the back when it's against their interest. He would never do that. If it was not in his own best interest to do. So. So I do believe that Dane always was making correct decisions. There may want to know how do I think Dane handled the good-bye messages, I think he did pretty well, he handled SAM's. Well, he I thought he handled pretty well. I think that Adam for the most part had better goodbye messages. But Dane had better goodbye messages than Anthony. And that's probably what will matter and end up mattering here unless Adam did end up staying at the final four. Would I prefer Adam winning more than Dane, I do think that Dane has played a better game than Adam probably? Although if again, if Atta manages to stay at the final four, then maybe we need to reconsider that. But but I do think that he probably has played a more dominating game up until the final four, then Adam. And I do think that he is maybe a little bit more deserving of the win. But I think they're so close it's it's it's hard to tell at that point. I personally I like Adam lot. I would lie would've loved him win. But Dane is very very deserving winter as well as Anthony who who's potentially played better than than any of potentially. So he got that. They're do I consider Dane a lion. Yes. As is line. He's a legendary hall of Famer lion. Suada go. So really, I mean when you look at it, right? Dane is the most well rounded player of the entire season of the entire cast Dane is easily the most well rounded player, and if we want to make a case for why he's better than Adam. Why he's better than Anthony? I think this is how you make that Dane was socially incredible. He had the most amount of allies kid the most amount of connections. He was great strategically. He was very very good. He was always the always knew when to throw it your wages. He knew when to win he know who to who to target. He knew how to target them in a way that didn't piss them off as much that he was able to retain his relationships with them through the way that he targeted Chelsea by throwing her under the bus at the same time was fantastic. His maneuvering with the pretty boys as a whole was obviously incredible. And then competitively winning competitions. He is amongst some of the greatest if he wins the final three h he will have tied Adam with seven. Competition wins. I believe he will be a slightly lower percentage. I think I think he's. Six of it might be the same percentage, actually. As adam. So he'll be very very he'll be up there tied with with seven combines with Kevin Dmitri. And and Adam and definitely up there at the top with percentage as well. So competitively he is a beast. And again, we should note that there are competitions that he threw competitions that he definitely could have won like the veto the Damian one. He I believe definitely could have won that competition. If he tried which would have put him at more competitions, not to mention the fact that if you want if you played more vetoes when he was h he would have had even more chances to win those competitions. So. Competitively. He's incredible socially. He was incredible strategically. He was fantastic. He's very very well rounded player. He didn't always get his way. Adam at various points throughout the season had more influence and was able to get his way over Dane Anthony at some points throughout the season had more influence was able to get his way over what Dane wanted. But that didn't matter today it never slowed him down. He was always able to roll with the punches and keep his enemies comfortable and keep himself safe. Even though Adam was even though Dame was going after Sam for so long. Sam had a chance to take Dane out and didn't take the shot because she felt comfortable enough with Dane Dane would get very angry at situations. He would bang on the beds here, you know, slam his water bottle gently into into things, and and he'd be very upset and he'd trash dog people to other people. But it never got out. He never showed what was happening underneath the facade of Dane, the toothless, toothless hockey bozo. He was always. Able to keep that under wraps never letting anyone know his true intention. So even when he failed. It was. Okay. He was he again, he always tried to play the middle. He always tried to be as a dapple as possible and use whatever situation that was in front of him to his advantage. And that's definitely the Mark of a great player. And I think they're going to be a lot of great debates between Dane, Adam. And Anthony for who is the best player. But I truly think the strongest argument for Dane has been his, adaptability. The fact that he didn't always get his way and still manage to manage to succeed in the way that he did shows a lot of strength in the game in a lot of different situations and scenarios that maybe the other players would not be able to thrive in quite as much. So very very interesting points about Dane, they're stacked wants to know if there's ever an all stars. Do I think Dane, Adam? And Anthony, we'll be asked back. I think that if it's an all stars. I think you have to have all of them back. Otherwise, just probably bring back like, Adam and Anthony or Dana, whichever one doesn't win. And then save the winner for all stars, whatever you're gonna do. But I think that all three of them need to be. I think three the best players candidates ever seen. So. Yeah. Sofia wants to know should Anthony lose two atom if they were in the final two. It depends on how they got there. But I think that again, the debate between Anthony and Adam it's a tough one. And part of part of what you know solves the debate is who has the jury votes. I don't think I could say should Anthony beat Adam. Because if Anthony does beat at them, then I think Anthony was probably the better player in this particular circumstance. And maybe the better player overall. If Anthony beats atom beats Anthony I'd say, oh, well, Anthony failed at the jury's stuff. And so probably the more well rounded player probably the better player. I think they're close enough that it doesn't matter. I think I think all three of these guys are close enough that that how the game finishes out. Here is going to be a large terminating factor of which one we think has disliked edge over the other. That's how I feel about it at least also wants. No, both Adam and Anthony made mistakes at the end, which one do I think is better overall player, and they're out of again, it depends. If Adam stays here at the final four, then then maybe I'll say adamant Adams of winning then maybe I'll say at them, otherwise, I might say Anthony. But again, I think it really depends on how Anthony finishes have Anthony loses to Dane in a jury vote. Then maybe I'll say, Adam, maybe, you know, Hugh, all you need to do is win one of these competitions, which is very very doable. And then Adam has a better chance to win the Anthony did. So I think it depends on I think we'll we'll definitely have that discussion here. Once we do our final round table to wrap up the season after season ends that would be a good way to do it. What kind of player would I be asks Cam? I obviously based super loyal to all of my allies. Never betray anyone. You know, stuff like that. Three also snow is Adam social game play underestimated compared to anti. I do agree. I agree. I think Adam's social game is definitely underrated. There. All right. So there we go. That's what we have three or four Danes game. We managed to do it and under two hours look at that. We'll see we'll see how this goes down. If this was more, fun, less fun, more, informative less informative. But it's it's a very I think good in depth look at Danes game. And definitely he's got a good chance to win. And if he is the winner, then I do think he is. One of one of the better winters that we have seen on the show as a whole so. There you go. Stacked wants to am. I going to sell all of my Adam shares in the roundtable, assuming he is leaving or my going to gamble. So yes, we have talked about this as long as it remains ambiguous as to whether or not Adam has left. We are going to keep Adam in the stock watch. With with the knowledge that he is probably the person that was a victim. And that is obviously going to affect his rating. But if if for some reason, we found out for sure if if somebody has left because they're spoilers or something along those lines, then then we might end up taking them out. But at this point, it's almost two o'clock. So I believe we're just going to keep it keep it there. All four players are going to remain in the stock watch just you know that potentially one of them is potentially. All right. So. Is big the candidate coming back next year ratings have been great ratings have been great. So I definitely expect. It will looking forward to that as well. I think this season has been a great one. We're going to have to figure out how to move forward from here. So tonight nine pm eastern. We're going to do the roundtable. We're gonna talk about all this stuff going to predict the final jury votes and all of that great stuff should be fun nine pm eastern. Check out the final round table of the season during the season and then tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern. I will be back to recap Anthony's game throughout the season. And explain what he has done and talk about his strengths and weaknesses and all of that. So that should be a lot of fun and then Wednesday morning, I will be live at eleven AM eastern. Maybe a little bit earlier actually because I have a flight to Toronto on Wednesday. And I'll talk about game. And then if Anthony if Adam does end up staying if Adam did stay at the final four and cure ended up leaving and I had to do that. And I didn't even have to that will be unfortunate. But I will then do Adams game on Thursday. So that is that is a possibility. And then of course, Thursday nights, I will be live from Toronto to recap the finale, and then Friday, I will be speaking to the the final three in person in Toronto, and I will release those videos Friday, probably around midday. We'll see, but I'll let you know on Twitter at Armstrong Taryn, you can also, of course, find me on Twitter at Tarrant for the form for tonight's roundtable, very helpful. If you fill that out we're going to rate these players one last time on their chances to win the game and give all sorts of other opinions about the season. And where the jury votes might fall. So that should be a lot of fun makes you check it out at Armstrong Taryn. Got for you. Thank you so much for joining me. Join me tonight with the roundtable. And then tomorrow four Anthony's game that should be fun as well. And I will see you.

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