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Genesis Invitational Recap: Scotts win, Rorys struggles, Tigers no-show and Rivs greatness


Are Idle and it is Sunday evening. I just cracked a Free Seltzer that they gave away in the media. Center Good you're holding up all true. But I think they've brought like a limited supply. When KEPCO WINS THEY HAVE UNLIMITED MIC ultra? Describe for the people listening where we are right now. We are sitting next to the second hole every country of the second fairway outside next to a tree. It's rory ended up off the tee today. I'm usually struck by like the anti-climax that happens after golf tournaments. Because you know usually they finish up right before it gets dark. And then there's this whole process of like starting to tear down bleachers scoreboards. All that stuff and it's like Kinda sad because it's dark. I don't have any of that right now because we had an early finish. It's actually beautiful. This is John. Part of the day it makes me WANNA get out and play a few holes. Yeah too bad. We didn't bring our clubs actually to the media center but the genesis invitational is over Adam. Scott won by two at eleven under par. He had a very interesting day. He ended up actually dropping from the top of the pack after a bogey and then a double early on his front nine and I pretty much count him out. But that's the story of the day. Is that people. Were jumping up and jumping off the leaderboard like constantly. Everyone was done. I think I wrote off. Basically every person on the leader board at some point. Rory made a triple. You'd cooter dropping down Herald Varner. Doing God knows what ten whole Scott Brown getting in the mix you WanNa know why because Riviera is a damn good. Golf course everything. Every tee shot every approach. Shot Asks for something out of your game out here. There is nothing easy out here. Like the first hole is the easiest hole but plenty of guys made par there. You have a lot of nerves off that tee shot. All the fans are surrounding. You like this golf course asks for a ton out of these guys and the winning score Ma'am Scott. All you did was shoot seventy today one under. Yeah I mean what happened? Today was basically the chorus played the hardest. It's played this week. Got Wendy late. It got a little bit windy. The Greens were nice and firm and dry and those four or five foot putts. Got A little scary a little bit. Slippery Tiger showed us that yesterday but we saw plenty of that today and then you know guys just playing with some nerves being near the lead. It's so fun on a PGA tour Sunday when there's a lot of guys near the lead we'll blows me away. Is that Adam Scott. This is his first. Start in twenty twenty. This is first start since winning in Australia towards the end of twenty. Nineteen the guys actually playing you. Could you could argue some of the best if not the best Gulf of his life. Wow Yeah I know. He won a masters I'm pretty good and I know we wanNA players also good but his his peaks are very high. I think that's the with Adam. Scott is that he's not going to peak all the time and his sustained peaks aren't as high as maybe rory's or deejays tigers Kapka speed like those guys are probably a notch above him but when he's on a golf course that works for him ball striking wise when he putts well enough and he chips well enough damn if he's not a top eight player in the world the thing with Scott today watching him today. He's still got the long putter. He still keeps the pin in from everywhere around the green. It does not inspire confidence because it looks like whoa different. Alexandra a crutch but instead it was that we look at his swing compared to Harrow. Varner swing swing is not induced confidence. No doubt but it was. You Know Scott that was pouring in the clutch putts today and it was rory's that were sliding by the high side. The low side catching lips. When usually you'd think it would be the other way around. I'm just like impressed. That a guy any guy can win you know like he took a two month break from like elite competition and he said he needed to because he ends up playing events in Australia. That a lot of pros don't play. Yeah so like his off season starts a little bit later than Tiger Woods off season and then call this his preseason before the majors really get going that starts later he just pushed everything back and so everyone goes out and plays Tori. They play the Hawaii swing events. They play the Waste Management Phoenix Open. And it just kind of feels like Adam. Scott is behind the eight ball. And Somehow he's not like somehow he is prepped. He spent two weeks in the Bahamas practicing and it just feels like he shouldn't be able to do what he did this week. No it really does. I think that's a good point because it's always kinda like troubling to us that. Try to make sense of this game. You know when a guy misses four cuts in a row and then he wins the golf tournament or a guy comes from a long lay-off then is just goes out and wins. It doesn't really add up but that's why golf is is so strange you can just come out and be in good form because your head's in the right spot. You're not over complicating things. And Adam Scott's case you. Have you know one of the best natural golf swings in the history of the game? It's so good. I didn't even watch him enough this week. I was focused on rory early. Obviously everyone focuses on tiger. I spend enough time watching Brooks on the range kind of struggling during rain sessions. And there's the most gorgeous swing in the world. Yeah it's it's one of you can't name like you can't be like. Oh Wow he's got one of the best swings on tour talking about anybody without bringing up Adam Scott as well you can't talk about those dudes without talking about Louis stays in like the elite swings are always named now. It's so good all right. Well it was not all sunshine and rainbows for Adam today that obviously there is the double. He made it five which looked ugly for he. He and rory but even worse than that he got to ten hit. This phenomenal chip. Shot up to about five feet. Miss that at eleven hit a great wedge shot into maybe four feet missed that and then roar import in a Birdie. Putt was only to back. And it started to feel like Oh. Is this going to happen? The and then he gets the twelve poses approach shot left. It's a pretty nice chip but runs it by the whole and then pours in like an eight footer. Coming back or how a fifteen. Though how about fifteen he hits it into the bunkers short right and has a fried egg lie. Skirts it over the green that was right when Sunkei was approaching eighteen. Like I think that's the idea is that there wasn't just that he went on played better than everyone is kind of staved off what was a ton of people. Having chances. Dustin Johnson had a chance herald. Varma had a chance Roy. Macaroni could have won today. Matt Kuchar today. You got on the list. There's probably twelve. I counted names of dudes that could have won today. and so does it make. Scott more impressive that he ended up being better than all of them. I don't know like I think really. It just made a phenomenal tournament like I was. I had a blast on Sunday. I couldn't I couldn't be pulled out into the Gulf course because I needed a TV in front of me that needed to follow it all. It was kind of like a bit of like a Master's type Sunday were things are happening. Everywhere on a whole basic level on a basic level what makes the PGA tour work will make golf on TV. Work is the suspense of a back nine on Sunday. And that's one of the reasons. The masters is so great is because we get so many memorable finishes there and it's kind of funny people say that there's no real course. That's a good predictor of national. Except for Vieira. Yeah it's like Mike. We are one here when he won the master's Phil Mickelson one here the same year. He won the master's this event now. Middle of February is six five or six weeks prior to the masters in Augusta National. Here no well. It doesn't but the the thing that is the same I think between the two. Is that the tee shot calls for you to hit a side of fairway because there's a lot of dog legs out here so especially in the back nine you have to hit a good drive to a certain area you can miss it a little bit left. You can miss a little bit right guys been talking about. How if you miss in the right spots you can get away with it but then the second shot also requires a spot on the green that you can't hit in the spot that you can hit like each shot has stakes to it. And that is what aggressive nationalist. So only the most dialed in ball-strikers. Find all those spots or avoid the opposite the bad spots. I couldn't help but think about Augusta because people say that you know I. I look at the the winning scores of the Masters the past twenty years. The winning score is average ten and a half under more. We today last. Yeah exactly eleven under par. The last twenty years of this event the winning score has been twelve and a half under. It's right around like the perfect number. Where chaos can happen and you can shoot seventy six or you can go mega and shoot sixty five and win the tournament i. There's so many Augusta vibes out here when it comes to the golf course. Obviously we're in L. A. It's a lot more fun vibe than Augusta. Ooh Yeah just depends. You disagree ragged better. Oh No it was. Awesome that scene over the eighteenth green. Yeah let's talk about amphitheater with everyone just sitting on the grass watching the action. The only thing I don't WanNa make it seem like I'm complaining but the pressure of having a one shot lead instead of a two-shot lead completely different would have made it a little bit juicier better amphitheater engulf than that one but it was Probably Seventeen at the players. You can't get you. Don't get close to the green here at Saga freaky today. The final dance came up. Mccutcheon was sneaky. Only two shots back. Yeah he stuck it. He didn't have much of an approach. Shot hits it short but then chips it up to like you know. Four or five rotation short of the whole so that got the crowd thinking and then Rory pours in a Birdie. Putt he's been stuck in neutral all day finally makes a Birdie. Putt nuts he sneaks into a t five classic rory mcilroy and then of course Scott lays up his first PUTT till like four and a half five which you did not like. But it's not that I was dating like it. I was worried for the it was nice that he made that one an uphill. Putt that you leave that Short. Maybe it helps you not for part like you said but protecting it that is to me. It's got to be one of the best amphitheatres top three. He got a true heroes yet. Them celebration whatever was from. It's funny and yesterday but people were out Saturday because of the timing of this event fans like Saturday afternoon. The tournament ended for the day and they were just kind of hanging out there. They're like you know. I bought a ticket to be in here while the sun the sun is out like there's there's pretty much no shade yet on the green and the grass has been kind of baking in. The sense was warm. He's had a couple of bud. Light sells out of signs. Gone place this week. And it's comfy one of the coolest things about that. Amphitheater is that it grows throughout the week. Like this sixteen at Waste Management. It's got tens of thousands people at like on Monday of tournament. We early same. Same Wet on Saturday. Yeah exactly and the same with Sawgrass like Sawgrass. We'll have some grow throughout the week but it's like people go there just to sit there and people kind of get to eighteen. When it really matters they will not spend a. Lotta time there on Wednesday. We walked around the back nine on Wednesday. There's kind of nobody really hanging out around eighteen little more people that are on Thursday little more on Friday way more Saturday and then Sunday. It is full. You can't move. I ended up Actually making the walk from the tee to the green with the last couple of groups and so I went from the tea right behind our boy. Joel Damon Friend of the program as you'll find out in just a couple of days it's two hundred twenty steps up. This hill actually gets kinda treacherous halfway up the hill. Because it's been trotted on all week. Slippery it's slippery. It's actually a lot of loose dirt. But you don't see any of the people you're just going up this incline and you can hear the people off in the distance. Especially when there's a lot of people thousands of people up there on Sunday you kinda hear them murmuring in the distance and eventually you ascend after two hundred and twenty or so steps over the peak of the hill you see all these people feel the big reveal the clubhouse and you're not surprised by it but it it. Kinda wakes you up you got the big like C. Suite alongside the Eighteenth Green. And you're kind of locked in your checking out okay word not Chicago. I time you actually see where it landed. And Max Homa a guy who's from this area. He's played this event numerous times. His is like shot up. His eyes were widely like. Oh Wow that that's what that's what we're doing today. That's we're dealing with and he was trying to make Birdie and yeah he made bogey Matt Kuchar comes up there. He's like smiling. Because he saw rory's Teasha was like sixty yards further than his. But that's kind of where pardon. My French shit gets real. Oh yeah and it's funny. It's not like some of these eighteenth holes where it's like all or nothing you know it's not like eighteen sawgrass say where there's water and catastrophe but there's a lot of bogeys that get made at eighteen. Pretty good tee shots you can hit the right side of the fairway and not have a look at the pin. Yeah or at the green period and I think that's where Scott ended up. Actually he was in like two feet into the rough and he had a really really good low striking drive that was fairway fairway fairway fairway fairway rough and so the greatest tiny tiny as hell it. What's crazy is how hard they could make this place because they're the rough which we are sitting in right now. It's not long. Nope for some of these shots. You guys are like yeah. It's it's almost easier but it's better angle long enough. The leg. The base of it is thick. The base of the rough is Kinda like beaten down and the blades are pretty thick. So if you're ball does sit down. It makes it a pretty difficult Gulf shot. Well my point. Was WE ADJUST SHOCK. I on the other day to talk about you. Know what makes a great golf course but I think to? Pga Tour players to them. What makes a great golf course is not having it be tricked up? You know not feeling like The Greens are unfair or the roughest crazy long. Fairways are stupid narrow here. I was just talking to Harold. Varner he said look. I mean this place is an argument for like you can just throw away that distance report. 'cause you know you look at a place like this. There's no more room on this property. It's not super super long. It was what seventy two and it's today total yards. Yeah I mean they held the US amador here for a reason. Some of the longest amador's in the game like they. Do you need a golf course? They will test them and those guys did NOCCO that week. This is going to host the Olympics in twenty twenty eight when it comes through Los Angeles. I'm so stoked for that now. No like we've got some issues with how the Olympic format has been decided but we will see some of the fifteen probably greatest players on the world playing for a gold medal here. Yeah it's going to be phenomenal. Hopefully there's like a you know men's and women's team match-play event by then by then I won't hold. My breath is even if you make number one into a part for which really is then. The winning score is what seven under? Yeah my math. Check OUT THE UP. So what is our takeaway though on the tenth hole because you said that to our players do not like tricked out. They like fairly like to be punished when they hit a bad shot. And they like to be rewarded when they hit a good shot. I am really on the fence about number ten. I came into the week thinking that it's a great hole but the more shots that I hit from the modern to her player into that green may me kind of think that it's a little bit tricked up offered said that you know the green might be? It might not be shaped the way. It should be a little bit flatter. You can't hold it with driver. Get the hit a really high three wooden kind of hope that you can carry it all that way. I don't know I. I laughed very undecided about it. I think it's awesome. It's inserted chaos right always pro chaos and I think a lot of us are but it's such a centerpiece for this golf. Course right in the middle you know. That's very true. Might be good that it's not number seventeen or something because it sits right in the middle of the round where you can really go one way or the other. Obviously we sell Herald Varner today. Who got to the ten th tee with a share of the lean and then I he basically said afterwards that he blacked out chunked but he dropped kicked a tee shot but mark mainland said that it was a it was a top to be He. He probably ground I so so chunk. Ground saw like a chunk top. Yeah that would make how far they go hundred twenty nine yards. I'm a three hundred fifteen yard hole. My man had seventy eight letter. Also I mean it's it is a bit of a degree in Manhattan there. It's impossible it's impossible. I don't think he could have held the green from there He hid it long left. Then from there he went into the bunker. Long left again. Then back to you know. Thirty five feet made double. I guess what I'm saying. Is I agree like I don't love it as much as you do but I do accept it. I think you're right. It is it is in the perfect spot on this entire golf. Course you look at the routing. Yeah and it. The tee shot on ten is right by eighteen green and is very near the I T. That's a little sweet spot where you can see a lot of crap happen. If you're in the grandstands eighteen you can see a lot of really cool Gulf shots so the one thing I'll say about ten that I'm not crazy about is the area to the left where everyone's golf balls kind of kneeling. There's this important there's a few like there's there's three or four big trees tall. Paul Paulson really really. Just have the trunks there. But then there's just a few scraggly little trees and they just are there to mess with you They don't they. Don't feel natural natural. There's not a whole lot of other trees around that. Are there like that? That are around. Greens that are regularly in play. Yeah and they're just seem like they're put there to be like you know. Let's just make this thing a little bit harder. Yeah because guys bail out there for a reason if those trees are not there it is. That's the only the only play you go little run off hopefully. Don't get screwed over by one of the very skinny tall palm trees so they play important purpose but maybe they should be bushes and not like these low hanging trees or the one thing I fully realized being here in person is just the way you can't actually like hit that green you technically. Can you know trundle up on the front edge a yeah? I think it's you like hit a high three. Would that hope lance literally on the front edge yeah or darts prior little short of it and it trickles up onto it. That because it's so descending I I think it would be perhaps better played at two hundred ninety five yards downhill where guys that hit the ball really far hit to iron and can maybe with a lot more spin on iron shot. Maybe they can actually hold onto the green. I don't know because at that point. Probably five would is like the gets rory's hands anyway. I think it is one of those things like Augusta national now. If you introduced brand new onto the tour people would freak out. It would freak out as it is. We love it all right. Well let's talk about Roy because you just brought him up in the idea of a five would Are We surprised by him today? because he went into the he went into the final round with a share the lead him. Kucher and Scott role at ten under. He ended up shooting seventy three finishes at eight under but really didn't sniff the lead for the entire back-nine because he made a pretty shocking triple he did. I'm surprised by Rory and afterwards I think to myself okay I am. I dumb to be surprised by this. She has it's not one or the other with rory. He is not either a cold blooded killer on Sundays. Or someone that shrinks. When he's in the final group he can be both of those at different times. And we've seen both those in the last couple of years but man. I definitely thought basically all week that he's GonNa win this golf tournament. Yeah I it's interesting. Rory is the I'll I think we can crown him confidently at least myself the best player in the world right now. Who like over the past year? He has been a better golfer than all the other golfers. Yeah Brooks has one more big tournaments the majors. The last three years and tiger has had these incredible incredible weeks. He doesn't play that much and he had a pretty disappointing week. But Roy he's been the best Golfer and he was in my opinion in first or second speed like all week. I use that analogy all over the website golf dot com but he was kind of under the radar and not making a ton of birdies but really really avoiding bogeys. He wasn't exactly striping it but he was still shooting in the upper sixties every single day and just kind of inching closer to the threshold. Matt Kuchar headset. So I'm not. That surprised that if he was a little sloppy it happened this week where he wasn't really really great. He chipped the ball really well but he did not put well on Saturday and do not put well today. Joe The ball really well and struck it pretty well all week but he was never like bucking his head rory he never felt like he was actually grabbing the tournament. It felt like he just Kinda nuzzle up to the yeah the lead and then kind of retreated so there are a couple of moments that stuck out to me. Obviously there's the triple that he made five caught a flyer. You know made a pretty good swing but just ended up along the green and he was absolutely toast. Hit a shot that he caught a little thin rolled back et cetera. Et cetera seven. But he's hanging around at seven under par he gets to the nine toll couture and Scott are both at ten under par Harold Harold Varner also at ten under par in the midst of playing the ten th hole and the pin on nine is right on the front edge. It's sort of. It's almost sitting on a downslope. So the only way to get close to it is a two pound drive down the fairway and then they high lofted wedge with quite a bit spin that challenges the front bunker sits right on that downslope and then just grabs and sure enough. Scott in cuter each hit shots out of the rough that go a little bit long a little bit over the Green. And then rory hits this high perfect wedge just ready to the Pinot girl. I was sitting right behind the French. So I'd like this awesome view of it and boom comes in stops probably eight feet from the hole. Incredible shot two hundred and seventy degree. Lib Out kind of a horseshoe situation. He can't believe it goes to the ten. Th Hole Hits a great drive and NEAT. Little chip to five feet misses that one too high side the whole way. That was it for him. That feels like the difference for Rory on days like these I guess the fact that he contended for sixty three holes had really good Golfer. Sixty three holes and it wasn't even his best stuff it wasn't even his B plus game. It felt like he was his big game. That has me excited about rory. Yeah because again this time of year with this guy. It only matters if he has a green jacket on his body in six weeks is he gonNA. That's all it matters He is one of three people that I would choose as the favorites right now. There has to be tiger. Who'd be Third Kapka Adam? Scott Wow I am lucky when Scott won the PGA The Australian PGA in December. I logged a little forty. Two one. Bet On that ozzy to win his second. Green Jacket looks really good right now. There's a lot of value right there. There's a lot of value with the other Ozzy's Markley Sherman one cam. Smith has played pretty well against it is out here practicing day. Oh played really well at Augusta Ozzy nation. Let's do it right and you mentioned tiger. Let's talk just briefly about his week. Is there anything that you take away from? Tigers Week here sixty eight. I'm a tiger of players that made the cut he he. He came into the weekend. We had the highest expectations. We talked to Jeff Shackelford like Jeff. Can you even really believe that we are at this point again? Where Tiger Woods has peaked? Again he is one of the top two favorites to win every single week he plays. He's playing an event that he hasn't had success ad but he's been pretty good at. Yeah I was all in on pretty much book. Tigers GonNa top fifteen this week. He's going to contend in means a lot to him he's the host he's dialed in whatever. And then dammit. He played horrible for the last sixty three holes. Yikes yeah thirty one going out on the day and then you know it's hard to really ever put it like an idiot. You put it like an idiot today. Yesterday did not chip well. His irons game was as it always is the best part of his beg but it didn't bail him out in times in the past. It has bailed him out to drive the ball like incredibly. Well See I. I mean a challenging course. I would expect tiger to excel at compared to the rest of the field. That was not the case so excuse me for a lot of recency bias. But I'd be a little bit concerned. Yeah I mean he. He pretty much said you know. He was not feeling that great on Friday. His body was not you know it was stiff. It was cold. Wonder how he'd feel just missed the cut. Yeah I mean he was only what to shots away from doing. So let's say he like screwed up on Eighteen. Gotten a bad lie we'd be like You know just not as weak. He's a host. He's busy but he made the cut and then play like crap one interesting a worse because of one interesting thing just from his post round comments today. He was asked if he would do anything differently in terms of preparation and he said you had probably get out here a few days early which to me is like no kidding. Because he didn't practice on Monday he didn't practice on Tuesday. He played a role in on Wednesday. That was kind of it and then boom right into the weird though because we're just always like how much golf can this guy stand at? This point is life and he always guessing. Yeah War just guessing at times. It sounds like he's guessing because he's like well you know on Friday morning. He's not sure if he's GonNa commit to Mexico and on Friday afternoon. He's not sure within three hours later. He is sure like it feels weird to not always know. Yeah Tiger will be out there and then there's the question also of you know it's not like this guy has been playing a ton of golf. You can't really blame it on that. It's not like oh he's been pounding balls at. The Rain has been playing tournaments every week. It makes sense that he's rundown no this guy's tournament a couple of weeks here he is. You'd think you'd be well rested but I don't know all this hosting stuff man. I don't little stuck in between the like elder statesman and the player. Sure that that's what happens when you see the end of your career coming. I mean the end of his true playing career is probably a little more than a decade away. He will play the masters. And if you can have exemptions into the other majors he will play. You know the biggest events that will happen is it. You can hear it. Yeah so like it could be three years away. It could be six twelve all right. Can we talk about something happier? I'm just saying like the guy is always going to be in that weird spot so Before we got we we don't have a ton more to talk about We have flights to catch. But I WANNA ask you this question. This event had a mega field. Absolutely mega six hundred and forty seven strength. Feel all that means for the people is that it is on the level of Jack's Tournament. The memorial is on the level of just about all the WGC's it is not at the level of the players of the majors but it is the next rung below. When you take away the majors and you take away the players. This is an invitation genesis. Invitatinal Jackson invitatinal the Arnold Palmer invitational the WGC's technically are invitationals. Is this the most compelling and perhaps best invitational Oh that we have on the PGA tour? Are you asking a fifth major question? No I'm asking if it's major if it's the best invitation like you look at the rings of Tour Events and I will put the four majors and I will put the players as one B to the four majors being one. A is this the next best next best biggest most challenging great event on the PGA tour. I will put it no doubt ahead of Bay Hill because like Orlando you can have it. it's hard for me to put this ahead of memorial right now. Why because the recent history and tradition at memorial has just been a little bit better event in the last few years like before it was an invitational. Yeah it was a decent tournament on a great golf course but there weren't that many it wasn't guaranteed. You'd have a top top top to your field so like yeah. This was incredible. If this continues I would say it's going. It's going to the best players in the world. It's Tigers event. He's GonNa be that elder statesman and the best players are gonNA come. They love this golf course. Max Homa calls a course ever played which makes me think that he should maybe get a little bit more but also DJ loves it. Rory loves it Adam. Scott says the his favorite event on the PGA. Tour Matt Kuchar. I absolutely love this. Golf course it has the potential show. Because you know. It's pretty beautiful walking out undoing June afternoon in Dublin Ohio. Enjoying the fresh memorial air. But I gotTa tell you this. Is it better golf? Course than that. One Yeah and the atmosphere in the vibe appear that's great and I don't want to disparage the good people the mid West they turn out. It is great but look there's even for being in La there's a fair amount of star power here. Yeah there's some action going on So no I'm not ready to commit to it just yet but I think we're on the road at the grounds crew ground. Screw coming through All right well before we go We have a little fun earlier this week. Through number of podcasts. And one of them. Which will hit the airwaves in a couple of days is with Joel Damon Wednesday morning on your podcast feed? Tell the people what they should be looking forward to with the demon interview. Well here's the thing. We recorded this just before the start of play. We recorded on Wednesday before the genesis started and at the end of the interview. My last question to Joel was okay since we're going to run this after the tournament how'd you play? Where did you finish? And here's what he told us. I made my I got here at the genesis solid. I believe there's no reason I shouldn't have a top twenty this week And if I thought well I'll be sniffing the tenth place ish finished. Wow so Looks like I'm GonNa putt average ISH. I'll probably finish around that twenty twenty fifth mark and basically that happened. Yeah T. Eight. It's Funny Yeah. I ran into him right after he put it out on eighteen. He was coming up. You just sign his scorecard and he comes over and he hits me on the shoulder and use like a better top twenty all right man. It was fun tracking that all week because he has played this event twice prior to and missed the cut both times. Yeah so he came out here Friday he shall sixty five Saturday. Oh wait I dunno Saturday. Sixty either way. We were tracking them all week. And we're kind of interested to see. Is it true that he should not miss the top twenty and could he put well enough to get into the top never faltered? The only thing last interesting thing was my man. Joel was right in the mix and then on eighteen. He missed a four five footer. That probably cost him. I don't know three hundred thousand dollars and I saw him after he was like. I mean you get into contention and then it's kind of a letdown once you realize you're not GonNa win like Oh shit. That was worth two hundred K. While I hope he listens to this because I got back to the seventeen green as he was making the turn seventeen to eighteen and he had to walk right by me and just straight like locked in look left. I was like right next to him and he was honestly locus. You could tell But they didn't even give me little thumbs up or anything anyway. That's a teaser for Joel. Heyman coming out on Wednesday. We hope you listen. We hope you leave us. A five star review only five star four star reviews and until then this is the drop zone from the genesis invitational.

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