It's showtime folks the power show host. He's the power show refrain from discussing or engaging in any sort of interoffice or finger. Our show is live now for show. Welcome everybody to your Wednesday may twentieth beer half full power. I am Bauer. This is lucky. Bauer Lucky Bauer. Welcome to half full Bauer. That's we're going to give you over the next ten minutes here. Chaz to laugh smile and I guarantee you a good deal of happiness with what we're going to wrap things up with you because you are. What your favorite movie frozen to you like the whole frozen series right you like Ana you'll like Elsa Snowman. Oh yeah well guess what we got some. Olaf coming today for you. So you're want to stick around for that. Let's let's tell everybody I log onto the Bauer show dot com. Of course. That's where you can see this very video in addition to youtube but you can also find our podcast audio podcasts. Their Daddy does not rock more each and every week where I take a rock band. And we tried to figure out the four career defining songs that ban Uncle Jeff and I do a the Bauer show podcast. Which have a brand new episode? That's already you can find all of those and you can subscribe and you can review just like you can do to this podcast at Itunes as well as the Bauer show dot com already. Ready to start this show local. Let's do what we usually start off with corona virus. That Jesse you can hosting. If I'm out sick I think you've got this thing look Lou. This one comes to us from WT. F W T F. Dad says my three year old created a superhero named soap. Man Who superpower is delivering soap. That you order. He doesn't even make the soap. He just picks it up for you at the soap store. Now it may not be superhero. We want but it's probably the superhero that we deserve. GotTa Wash Your Hands Right. How Long Twenty. Second right and you could sing. What twice happy. You're soggy high five on that one. Bearing Nice well played luck. Lou You know how people get bored during this Irish time right you. Mommy sometimes do an obstacle course in the house. Sometimes Charlie plays along with you guys on that. If you guys tried this yet taking anything you can find in the house in the kitchen using a ping pong ball and trying to set up an obstacle course for the Ping Pong Ball. Have you done that? Let's watch as this guy shows us how it's done and builds longer and longer courses and manages to add things you'll see here a string that looks like it's going across the camera as because he's got a cup filled with water that goes back and forth like a pendulum. Look what he's doing here bouncing it and then a giving the COP. How many how many two four. Six eight hands look at that and it still goes into the water. Did do you only you can do that. Luck we try or do you think we just make too much of a mass in really make mom angry. Besides where would we hang up the spinning up right the swinging cup? That'd be far too difficult to do at our house. Maybe we'll have to find a new house houses. See if that's something that we can do. But that's still pretty amazing when you see what this guy's doing with the Ping Pong Ball. It's like beer pong but if you have to do a drink when it lands in the Green Water tank. There was also like the one clip in the background. The guy on the computer or watching. Tv or playing a video game not paying attention to the eighteen times the ping pong balls bouncing down the pots and pans and finally makes it into the glass. You just non sending back. They're like no big deal. I see this every day. Now this I think up located to watch you can see here swimming pool right. You can see here what appears to be a little kid and a ball in the pool. There also appears to be a person in the hot tub off to the side here and we're about to see is something that was being listed as Superhero Dad. Okay now we're GONNA see. This is a real superhero. Dad's controversial clip nonetheless. Let's roll it and see what happens here so you can hear people talking in the background. Little boys going after a ball in the pool and I would to be careful around the pool. Not because you can fall in the status jumps in to go save the little boy who fell into the water and then apparently the person in the hot tub kind of slowly makes their way over. But let's watch out again as the DAD jumps into the pool over. The fence doesn't even touch the fence. Ready go splash and he doesn't even touch that sense jumping into save a little boy now. Also this does he look like Superman. Jumping like that luck. Sure I think it's controversial in that. A real superhero. Dad Probably wouldn't let his kid hang out that close to the pool without any supervision at all and if that was a person in the hot tub that was supposed to be supervising. Big Time Fail. So It'd be a Superhero Dad. It could be alternately. Big Time Fail right right. Who LIKES FROZEN HERE? Who LIKES OLAF here? I'll do okay now. We know that frozen to just came out. La- last couple of months right like came out right around wasn't around Christmastime or something now. When did it come out? I think around lay Thanksgiving now. I think it was around this year. Did come on January no. I think it must've coming around Christmas. Here's the point Josh Gad. The actor does the Voice of Aloft is trapped at home. He's he's being home quarantined as well but he's got a microphone. He's got his voice. Olaf whipped and now he's Kinda script for a song. The Disney has just released. Let's watch the video. The goes to that song showy I am with you lose your sight words. Yeah Okay Watch looks a little lonely right. I leave you with this letter. I remove you with this song. I am with you when you laugh at something silly idea wrong cares about our where abouts. I'm hearing you are there and I K Trab less a brightness and not all right you're somewhere else and I can tell you how the notion that emotions you wanNA. I wish there was a look glass that we could each other's senior a with fish music with this rhyme. If you look just close your eyes in Giresse US I am wins and me you please deliver this hearts. How cool is that a lot again you dared. Is You like that a lot you see Josh Gad? The Voice of Olaf can do when he trapped in this corona virus world. Wasn't that's it for us? I'll let you watch it again as soon as we're done okay. We're done here the full we'll catch up with you guys tomorrow for Thursday until then see Make sure you do your homework until at least three friends about the Bauer show podcast station or start a whole new conversation at the our show facebook page facebook DOT COM SLASH. Bauer show and follow us on twitter up any time. The conversation is there twenty four seven on twitter at the Bauer show.

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