How Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes? | Diabetes From COVID-19 Can Be Deadly...


Hello everyone and welcome back to my show. I'm dr lot from acupunctures my life. I have an interesting topic of discussion for this episode and that ten kobe. Nineteen caused diabetes. Now i've been in discussion with some of my medical colleagues on his topic over the past few days and quite surprised as to what was discussed as well as information come across as a result of recent studies. You see there are international groups of diabetes. Experts who believe there are individuals who may have developed diabetes but first time as a result of having been infected with this virus. There's research that suggests that this virus can cause sudden onset of insulin dependent diabetes. Now as i've stated in past episodes this virus gains access and can wreak havoc on various internal organs via ace two receptors. Now here's the potential connection. There were key metabolic tissues in the body which contain as to receptors in this case the beta cells in the pancreas in which the virus can attach to trigger changes in glucose metabolism. You seem beta. Cells of the pancreas are responsible for the production and secretion of insulin is a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar now. Nothing is set in stone at this point because researchers are attempting to determine if the cases of infected individuals who would become diabetic as a result was due to the patient haven't become hypoglycemic as a result of let's say the stress response associated with infection or damage in which the pancreas sustained as a result of infection leading to insulin deficiency. Now there's been chatter among some of my colleagues estimate if this can be even seen as a new form of diabetes but i will reiterate it's just chat now when it comes to chinese medicine. Diabetes is termed xiao now as a state license board certified doctor vacuum puncture. I will say if you're feeling a bit concerned and are experiencing. Let's say irritability frequent drinking in dry mouth and tongue and chinese medicine those symptoms of upper shell whereas i could potentially focus on moistening the loans and claiming heat from the stomach as a treatment protocol. Now a few define yourself experiencing symptoms such as a propensity to hunger and dry stores. Some of the symptoms of middle show i would potentially focus on clearing heat from the stomach and nourishing the kidney says treatment protocol. Now if you find yourself experiencing turbine cloudy of sweet smelling urine or presenting with great a urine output then fluid intake as well as let's say an intolerance for coal co. limbs this can be a sign of low shower whereas i could potentially focus on replenishing. Say the kidney and tone of buying the lungs if you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms contact an acupuncturist or myself if you don't have as well as a primary care physician if you'd like to be tested to see diabetic now. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel as well as download the acupunctures my life at from the google. Play store to learn more about acupuncture herbs and even in psalms and until next time acupunctures. My life what you.

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