Standard is the Standard: What is holding the Steelers back from success?


What is going on Pittsburgh Steeler fans, Jeff Arvin, editor of behind the curtain dot com with you for another episode of the standard is the standard the flagship podcast. It'd be TSE and with me as always my co host Lance Williams, Lance, how you doing this evening. My man feeling good with the little sweater on its fall, a little collar, trying to bring a little level of sophistication to the listeners isn't it really hot in California all the time. No, not northern California gets and fall, and the leaves turn and all that good stuff crisp, all right folks, weatherman our Roker over there. Grisly you started something see now on a live chat. I'll come on now. You just killed me. Okay. Anyways, you're here to hear nothing but Steelers, and that's what we're going to give you. And they're coming off a really poor performance on Sunday night football when they lost twenty six to fourteen to the Baltimore Ravens on at Heinz field, they have yet to win a game at home if yet to win back to back games this season, and it just looks bad. And that's the best way I can put it. And we talked about this at nauseam on our post game shows. If you haven't listened to that, whether you're listening in audio form on one of our platforms or whether you're watching on YouTube, go back and watch that one that he want our exact knee-jerk reaction to the game. We're not gonna talk too much about the game. That was because we've already covered it. We are going to identify some heroes and zeros though from the game that was so Lance, let's go over with. You can go first just to your hero, and then we'll get zeroes after that. I think Chris Boswell is the hero Boswell, looks like he's right the ship in terms of being inconsistent with his field goals, fill goals were rate right down the middle really look like the Boswell that we all know. So that's a positive or team that's going to need to score as many points as possible. It's good that you place kicker is back in the fall and he looked very good at a game on Sunday. I agree with that. And you know, that's the, that's the obvious answer. I when I wrote my winners and losers call him. He was the only winner I had, and it was just because he didn't miss. But for me, the more I think about it, you know, one of the big question marks coming into the season was safety and who's gonna play free safety because Mike Mitchell is gone and who's gonna do well, they knew Sean Davis over. I have to be honest, the more I watched the film, the more I've been impressed with Sean Davis. He has yet to have someone play alongside him for Tuesday games. For instance, in week, one O's tro Edmunds we to was more Vernet. We three was. I wanna say a mixture of both. And then in week four was drill Edmonds because Burnett is hurt, so I didn't press with Sean Davis. I thought he's, I think he's played well. They're asking him to do a lot. And if you watch, I mean, they're sending as a free safety. He's he's blitzing a lot, and that's all you saw what happened to troll Edmonds on Sunday night when he single high, maybe they shouldn't blitz Sean Davis's much, but I will say this. I've been pleasantly surprised with Sean Davis. I think he's tackling. Better this year, Lance, you may disagree adamantly. But I I, I've been impressed and I'll put him on my heroes list for week four. The defense is garbage. I can't. There's no heroes on that side of all those guys are garbage. They're not gonna find much back push back from me in that regard, but let me ask you this. If you were name another hero on either side of the ball from week four, you're gonna pick and there ain't no heroes. Minds one. Let's get zeros yet to narrow it down to one Lancet can't say the offensive line defensive line is one player who has eroded to we believe they've been say been Ross burgers said I wasn't good enough. Instill our nation said, we know then Roff was burgers. Absolutely zero for six. In the second half on third down, Steelers offense as a result, don't convert any third downs. Time of possession is flipped thirty five, twenty four somewhere with some second. So it rounds out to sixty or sixty time possession totally slip because they can't convert their downs. And that's largely because been rothlisburger with scattershot in the second half as hot as well as he threw the ball in the first half. He was that bad in the second half in looking at it on film. It wasn't as if. Plays didn't work it was, he'd missed throws. He was bad. He was right. He has to play better and he was an absolute zero in the second half. And for this game on a break LAN rule, I just told you can only pick one player. I don't care. I'm picking too. I'm great right now. I'm putting out an all points bulletin APB for Cam Hayward and Steph onto it because honestly, haven't seen him in those are the guys that everyone said, you know, man, they're great. They're going to be dominant Steph onto. It's healthy, came Hayward's coming off a double digits axes, and it's going to be just there and we reckon it in there. They're not wrecking anything. I not sure Steph onto his registered a sack yet. I don't think so. Cameron Heyward might have one and a half to the most. They're, they're not. They're not factors at all in when you have linebackers that are as weak as the Steelers. Linebackers you can't have. You have to have those two guys taken up blockers to let them try and make plays. They're one of the reasons why the Steelers defense has not been very good in to me. I've, I washed the filming. Again, I looked for him and I couldn't find them. They were just getting washed out. Every play is driving me nuts. There's studios to put a lot of money into those two players in for that. They're not paying. They're not paying out right now. So I'm gonna say Cam, Hayward, Steph onto where you've been, where are you been? I if you watch the film Lansky seen anything that I'm not actually with Jimmy, but you know what I think the ravens did is they made a tactical decision. They said, we will double team these guys, and we will survive blocking both of those linebackers with tight ends. We can handle one with a tackle, can handle the other one we're tied in and we'll be okay it. 'cause all works in concert. If those guys on the edges aren't working right, you know, it may not work for the guys inside. Somebody has to win to take pressure off of somebody else, but you could clearly see the ravens said, we'll double those two tackles and we will live with those Outside Linebackers wanted one and we don't think they can win and they did not win. And if they don't play better up front. Tastes like chicken or maybe or maybe it will taste like a sweet tea. Either way. It's just not good. It's not good at all. So there's this heroes and zeros from we four. We could have had a lot of Devers from that game, but let's move on. We're not moving on from the game necessarily. This is where we get nervous tacky portion of the show. That's where we both find an interesting statistic from union the team moving forward, they beat a game that was, and we think it shine some light on what's going on with the Steelers right now lands. I know you have a good one. Once you fire off your stack staticky stat of the week, and I want to get credit to Adam Schefter I think Adam Schefter and the guys at ESPN stats insistence research, put this out. I think it was Monday and their stat was the following. The Steelers are last in the NFL in rushing yards. Forty three point three yards per game. They're only rushing for two point eight yards per rush. That's the last in the NFL since week. Two. And they have nineteen rushing yards that they had in the week. Four game against the ravens was the lowest in a game since nineteen seventy listeners. I was born in one thousand nine hundred seventy. That's forty eight years ago, the nineteen rushing yards. Those rushing yards in those rushing statistics show an alarming pattern with this Pittsburgh Steeler offense. One. The quarterback is trying to play hero ball and put it all on his back. They need balance. He's not good enough just to be that type of quarterback. They need to run the football to try to put the offense on schedule so they can convert third downs. And Secondly, he has too much control in the office. He just has too much control. At some point. Somebody's going to have to pull him back and say, look, this isn't working. You're leading the National Football League in passing yards and your team evens in last place. Something has to change and asked to come for the whole or native from the head coach, but been throwing the ball forty plus times. That's a recipe for not making the playoffs. Yeah. I mean, you go back earlier in his career. I remember the stat line for Rothlisberger when he was young was two hundred yards. Passing Abia touchdown. You Hobie stayed clean and the turnover ratio, and they've ran the ball and they were successful. And whenever Ben through one to save was over to fifty maybes over three hundred, the only one like once when that happened and when you go back and he's had those games where he threw six touchdowns and things of that nature in eastern for five hundred yards. But in those games, rarely to the sewage do well, they, they're a balanced program, but I'm going to go to the other side of the ball for there's a lot of stats on the defense, but here's some again. Yes, VN on top of it and they're going back some aways to find some of these statistics hero the Steelers defense, the first four games, the opponents points. They've allowed one hundred sixteen so far. In four games as the worst since nineteen sixty eight. Opponents total touchdowns if given a fourteen total touchdowns the worst since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. This is pre Chuck knoll folks and they were bad. Okay. And then lastly the next opposing passing touchdowns twelve in the first four games. That's the worst ever. They've never had a divas as bad even pre Chuck knoll, and they were awful and then totally ours. They've given up one thousand six hundred eighty two total yards in four games that is the worst through four weeks in the NFL since the merger and the most ever in Pittsburgh Steelers history. Let me say that again the hunt one thousand six hundred eighty two yards through three or four games is the worst through four weeks in the NFL since the NFL and AFL merger in it's the worst ever in Pittsburgh Steelers history. I don't know what else to say. I really don't. That's it's awful. Awful back and say, Jeff is you know? And this is this is for my listeners that come from the inner city that might have seen a fighter to walk in home. When somebody on the background says, just put your hands up, please, which hands up at least don't just let them get. She put your hands up. This defense is, oh my, oh, my I was using other analogy, but in this environment and climate I cannot. So I'm trying to self edit a little bit better now. Now that the stakes were tad bit higher. Go. Amid defense, put your heads of please at least try to don't let him just hits you in the face, like. Protect yourself, at least duck and cover. That's bad. That's bad. They're taking all the bullets Jif. None of the bullets are missed it. When they're in the foxhole digits, getting hit with grenades bombs, nobody surviving. Goodness, Jeff is leaked it's beyond leaking, Jeff. Taking a shot in the bow and the ship is just going down. Man, it is. It's got water. They better get the buckets and start throwing the water over to size, man. I don't. I don't know if the boat is stay afloat. Let me ask you this because this is a question that I thought of today. It's cutting grass thinking about the show coming up in this kinda ties into the main topically wanted to have tonight. The main topic was what unit on the Pittsburgh Steelers is affecting the football team to nose in a negative way. In other words, is it the offense or is it the defense? And we'll talk about that in a second. No one in. I did not hear anyone not you and you're one of the more pessimistic fans that you'll have your first time. Listener lands tells it like it is he doesn't sugarcoat things. He's realist. That's great. It's good to bounce that off of me because I'm the eternal optimist, but still no one saw this team being this bad. No one saw this defense being this bad. So I ask you. What happened is on offense. You can talk lady on bell and you can talk about poor performance by number seven, this defense. I mean, I didn't think I knew they weren't going to be great. I knew it's not going to be. It wasn't going to be the early two thousands defense, but I I didn't think they'd be a step back from last year is exactly what was going on. We follow the money, follow the money, follow the assets, all the assets on the offense. Aside of football, if you go to over the cap dot com, do you look at the allocation of money? It's probably about ninety million offense sixty five million defense. So you have a, you have an allocation deficit. They're looking at the talent on the offense. Aside of football, look at the offensive line. Look at Ben look at bell. Look at, look at juju, look at all that town on the office society ball, look at the defense. And I think you have one player on defense that in the top five at their position. There is a talent deficit there, and they've missed on some first round draft picks, and there's no easy solution in sight to the to the loss of Ryan shazier. You couple all that together plus their counter MP tween schemes. I think the trying to still play three four stuff trying to incorporate Tomlin's Tampa to cover to type stuff. So they're kinda in between schemes as well. Lack of talent missing on some draft picks not all the resources are on the defense. It just looks bad in. This is what she get your right into. I wanna take it a step further and you hit on this a little bit. I'm glad you did and it was draft picks because you talked about the allocation of money and you started rattling off names on offense. And so I really when you're naming these names, I'm thinking, what are they drafted into new Brown, six round Levy on bell. Second round Ben Rothlisberger first marquees Faouzi I David decastro I Marcus Gilbert second Ramon foster Alejandro Villanueva undrafted free agents juju Smith Schuster second James washing. Second you, I Rogers undrafted free agent if he ever comes back. So, yeah, they have some players that were really high draft than he. Okay. Go to the defensive side Cam Hayward, first Steph onto its second. Joe Haden not gonna count him, but he was the first round pick he they, they did not draft him Sean Davis. Second. Thence Williams, sixth TDY at first, but do pre I and so yet they're, they're definitely spreading it around. I mean, are already burns first, I Cameron Sutton. Third year, you have all these different players might kill them Lazar undrafted by New England. So for me, the allocation of money does show Stephanie where the precedence is where the where the prime real estate is so to speak. But for me, I look at where they've drafted these players and they've just missed, like you said, they've just missed you can't you that first round pick in my opinion, you can always hit home runs. It's gotta be at least a double. Journalists Jones was a strikeout looking, and then you have budget pre. He seems like a swinging bunt single so ad. It. That's the see, yeah, money is one thing, trace it back to the draft and you'll see another story altogether. Terrell Edmonds. The book still out on him, but first-round pick. So they've spent picks on the defense is they just haven't panned out my gosh, just think if they could draft defensive players like they draft wide receivers, that's you're talking about a much different team, and I'm glad you illustrated that. 'cause I read an article earlier today about that. Just it. It's drafting, you know, twenty five in higher consistently for years in the difficulty with that because you don't have access to the best of the best. You know, you're, you're really projecting when you get to twenty five in greater those guys are in essentially second round picks. So you know, so it gets more difficult to try to hit those guys, but there was a time you know, dare I say in the cower air. Were first rounders were almost guaranteed slam dunk, almost pro bowlers all pro just slam dunk guys where every first rounder date they kinda hit. They hit a lot of guys, you know, under cower. So you know, we really appreciate Chad. Scott was a first round. Pick the players heard the term Johnson was a first round pick or whatever his name was as name, the receiver from Michigan state, it was awful. But if you think Chad Scott chess, God would be the corner on his team currently. I mean, I mean that that's where it is right now bring back DeWayne Washington man, that's need. Did they try charming, they drafted draft, but you got Troy. You got Aaron Smith, you know, you got Casey Hampton, you got Joey porter until you got Clark Hagans. I found pig, but he's paying out good player. I mean, I don't know. I mean, they they've got a lot of work on defense and it ain't getting easier on Sunday now now, and we're going to talk about that game coming up with the Atlanta Falcons here. Second before that are true and false segment, it's been a everyone just that's all they talk about. Maybe I don't know. So true or false basically where we land tonight, both come up with these questions statements and we debate whether they're true or whether they're false. All right. So this first one is very basic. A lot of people were talking about it even though we've just hit the quarter pole, the Steelers will make the playoffs this season lands true or false false. Okay. Are you going to land just? Yes, I am. That the defense is taken all too much water. I don't think they can say that ship is sinking. They just don't have enough on that in, and the offense is not going to be good enough to save them. And so they're not gonna make the playoffs. The defense is just too bad. Just can't sustain it. It just can't sustain it. You saw those. You heard those numbers. Let's not saw those numbers. You heard those those numbers. Those numbers are fifty year bad. So I, I don't think there's any scheme. Any brilliant coaching Eureka move. That's come up to save you from the fact that you're inside. Linebackers can't cover and you have one corner and you don't get Pash rush. Okay. I'm going to say, I'm gonna, say false. I agree with you. I don't think they're gonna make the playoffs. I think this is two dozen, fourteen written all over it. If you remember two dozen fourteen, they started, oh, and four battled their way back somehow in finished eight eight and we're one field goal kick away under is a Kansas City, San Diego game. One. Gig away for making the playoffs. I don't know what that was. I don't wanna know what that was. So I'm going to grade you false. The Steelers will not make the playoffs in this year. Hey, I hope I'm wrong. Let's go to the next one. But the way Jeff, that was actually us. Trying to look at the live chat that was actually a mistake. He turned the volume down before you do that anyway. Oughta work. I phones. He was born in nineteen seventy. Give them a break. Okay. So the next one is amongst their eight home games at Heinz field. The Steelers will finish above five hundred at home lands true falls. So we have left have Atlanta left on Cincinnati at home. They got Cleveland at home, who else they have at home. It's only doing on New England. How does four already played two. So they're going to third, this were missing one. I'll look it up. Yeah. Well, I don't wanna for did. But then they're not gonna finish five hundred home. Okay. Yeah, it's it's funny. I'll never forgive this. But my dad said this to me when I was a young kid, he said, Jeff, it's easy in the NFL. You just went all your home games and you split on the road in your twelve and four. In theory, it's simple. So here we gather, let's look at their home slate. So at Heinz field, they have Atlanta this Sunday. I won't give you that pig. Bye week they host the Browns. Okay. Then. Knowing that in week ten, they host on Thursday night football, the Carolina Panthers. I don't know about that when fifty fifty. Okay. Then in week thirteen they host the Los Angeles chargers. They win that one. Okay. And then they host the New England Patriots in week fifteen. We all know what that is. The dub, then. And then we seventeen finish the regular season by hosting the Cincinnati Bengals. Win now. Okay. So they're already and to the falcons. Rounds. Let's say they'd be Carolina. I'll turn Carolina into win. So I'm saying three wins and Mikey my prediction today. So three wins. For me. I'm gonna say a push will false. I'm gonna say phones. I think they finished five hundred. I think foreign for at home this year. So the stadium was usual, finish above five hundred. I say that they finished at five hundred. So therefore I think the statement is false because that's that's a tough home slate. That's a tough. It's false. It's false. I will think you don't think five hundred. Do you think what three and five. I don't wanna give away. We got a little bit. You're right. Tease it a little bit just touched. Okay, let's go. We can't go week without talking about this Jag. Okay. Lady on bell will report during the bye week and be ready to play in week, seven lands, true or false. We'll false because you definitely add the ready to play because he's big as a house. So I mean that he will be in the lineup, they're not using the two weeks on him that he'll be on the, he'll be potentially on the field whether he, whether he joins Jenny Craig now, or later is not important. You think that the way beyond bell you're saying that he's not gonna report? Yes. All he's the joint Jeffey Greg. Say false. I wouldn't trust anything Levy on says. Has records his records are bad, is word seems to be bad. And I, I would probably guess he probably hasn't talked to the organization. He's probably just saying this through social media and he's on a jet ski eating cheesecake and no false. He's not coming in. I don't believe that guy plus the fact that he doesn't have to Yardley knows that they're going to transition tag him next year. That's come out that they said that they were gonna transition, tack him next year, and he doesn't have to report to a Cruces, it'd be unrestricted free agent. So if they put the transition tag on that means he gets the top ten in salary, which is much cheaper because he has reported and he negotiate with teams. So I don't even think it's in his interest to come in now unless he thinks is values gonna drop significantly, but it's going to drop whether retains one hit or not this year because he's older but no false. He won't report. I don't trust anything. He says, I'm going to say true. I don't trust what he says. I think he is very flabby right now, but I do think he realizes that for every week that he stays away, not only hurting the Steelers, and I think he is still really tight with a lot of guys on that team. I don't think the bridges were burnt completely when he didn't show up and we won. And I think that he realizes that he has to go out and and he has to put out to get a big deal. Because right now UC Todd earliest playing well, David Johnson, not too much, but there are some running backs rather in there showing out there playing well, and he's sitting on a jetski eating cheesecake he's dead. So I think he realizes that it would be in his best interest to actually get on the football field and play. And so I think that he's looking at week six by week getting there, maybe ten the practices prior to the players leaving, you know, get acclimated again. And then when we seven, he's ready to, he's he's on avail. We'll put it that way. He's vailable doesn't mean they're gonna use them doesn't mean he's ready to be used, but he's available. Okay. Jeff. What you said makes a lot of sense. If would he was doing already made a lot of sense. That's true. So you know that. Requires some thinking and some planning in a solid team. But so I don't know if he has the team or is done any solid thinking. So, yeah, gotta think to get to your conclusion. Irap lyrics, bad ones. Like I said, I had to listen to one of those songs to get. We're for an article and yet. Listen to it over and over again to get the actual lyrics, correct in man, I and I'm not a Rabkona sort of like you are lands. I, I don't mind it. Not those guys like I can't stand. It was awful and it was dreadful. Scare, you have to say, lyrics, Jeff was awful. I know it was bad. That's painful. You're like lyric lyrics, like. I don't know. It was pay. That's probably been the hardest thing you've had to do since running the website in having listened to bell. It's hard and McConnell sort. It was bad. He, he thinks he's really good, and he thinks a lot of fans love it. When on Twitter, all they do say NAN leave you on bell straight fire just because they know he's gonna re tweet of. So anyways, we're getting off the topic at hand. Let's go to the next one and that is this week. I'm sorry, what will hold that one? We'll go to the one that I thought of, which is awesome because I thought the Steelers won't rush for one hundred yards in a game again, if flash until lady on returns. True, true, true. The quarterback won't give it to a running back. So that's true. He doesn't want. He doesn't want to end it to running back so true. I'm gonna say false because they play the Browns at one more time. And I think that nobody put up over one hundred again if they wanted to. And I didn't put up a hundred on a couple of other teams if they wanted to some. Say falls, I think they will rush for over one hundred dollars per game. Even if if four when lady on Bill ever decides to show up. So I'm gonna say that they will. I think that I think that the last game, it's tough because you wanna you wanna hate Ben for throwing the ball that much, but for crying out loud, they they, they're down fourteen nothing in five minutes into the first quarter you, you're going to have to throw the ball, eventually get yourself back in it. So. Yeah, there's a lot of game left there. There is. There is, let's be honest made it. They didn't start the game. Well, the offense doesn't get a free pass here. They didn't start thinking well, but on top of that. If it weren't for hours cones fumble, they'd have been down twenty one of three in the blink of an eye in if you the case you're chuckling. Absolutely. I mean, but you know, the quarterback in his mind's going. Throw it forty, five. Here we go. Vuk eighty buckle up. Okay. The last one here. Lance of this one. On Sunday, Heinz field against Landon week five, the Steelers will run the ball, at least twenty times drew revolves. False because we want to be down. They're going to be down, so they're not going to run it twenty times. So they're going to have to play catch up again. So he's gonna check it. Another forty five times plus. I mean, bid has this thing been will probably be close to two thousand yards passing by the time. We get to Monday through what five games. So it's the bench show, and you know, we'll just have to see if he's good enough to carry them to victory and that goes back to one of the peace or do you wanna do it later in the show? And we were talking about what side of the ball is, is the cause of all of this. We'll get to that. What do you wanna do this? We'll get to that next. Okay. Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, yeah. No way. No way they'll run it twenty times they're gonna be behind in. He's scrapped the running game and say, you throw it. Different about Kate, be big bid and get my numbers US. You ready for this. It's true. The Steelers argh run the ball twenty times. I think that that doesn't necessarily mean it's James. Connor getting twenty carries. But I think between like frying Switzer maybe a quarterback scramble James. Connor, there's all count as Russia's. I. Not one of Rosen's Manami can will run the ball twenty times in, I think because if you want follow the Steelers long enough in close enough and especially during the Ben Rothlisberger era, they have a knee jerk reaction to criticism. And so what everyone writing the throne too much throwing too much then all this area. What are they going to do? They're going to come out. Run run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run. It would be like flaming your head against the wall. That's what they're gonna do. I would be stunned in, but there with this team. Good, good going to rant real early w t.f. No, no. It's just a real quick goes to your point because I was thinking the same exact thing. You know what, you know that's going to be like that. And you know what that is. That's been Rothlisberger basically doing their big Earl, Thomas flip off the the fans flip off the media, flip off, everybody see you want me to run it yet. We'll run it nine straight times. Yeah, we'll just declare, we're going to run it and I'm gonna show you the running games not going to work see believe in me. That's just that's just the immature response to it in my opinion, from the quarterback, but he's not being held accountable. You know, Thomas not gonna, hold them accountable and either feet ner. They're all too close. I mean, we know that the running game competence to passing game, vice versa. They complement in sales. You can coordinate an offense around the run, incorporating it in in a way in which runs in in. It all works in concert then has never really believed in a running game been believes in been, which is fine. But look, it ain't working. You almost get fifteen hundred yards passing. You got one win. That's my ran out. Stop. No, you're right. And that's exactly what it is and it happened or Haley. I'm sure it'll happen. Countless other times too, so. Okay. There you have that. Let's get into the topic of the day and that is which side of the football is negatively impacting this team. The most offense or defense will exclude special teams because even though Chris Boswell has been awful. I don't think special teams is the reason the team is necessarily losing. So go ahead lands, you can go, I would side you think is impacting the most and why? Well, part of my rat leads to my answer, I think is the offense. I think everybody's going to be surprised that I say the offense. And the reason I say that is we all know the defenses bad. We just know it's bad. We kinda have an expectation Steeler fans because we're Steelers fans, and the history and the tradition. The Steelers still curtain, hey, man, but the pertinence been ripped off the. It's been ripped off. I mean, you have no curtains in this house. Everybody can look for your house and see everything. There are no curtains. The offense has to help defense all the towns off. It's a sign of football if they're not winning, it's because of the offense. The offense needs to complement this bad teeth. It's it has to possess the football. It has to convert third downs, and it needs to score touchdowns in keep this defense off the. Field to defense is bad in there ain't no help coming in during no guy. The Muffin man down in Florida, eating cheesecake on a jet ski. It's gonna jump in and save the defense eight. No help come in. It is what it is. You know, you have to be darn near perfect on that side of ball. So to me, it's on the offense. The offense has to carry the weight. All you can expect out of this deep. It is a stop here too in. That's it. They're going to give up twenty three twenty four twenty five will close to thirty points game, but that's what this defense is right now, and it's going to be bad for the remainder of the year. They wanna go to the playoffs if they wanna win a championship. It is all on this offense. And there are a one win team because this offense cannot convert third, Dell, three of eleven three of. Eleven to of ten. That ain't good enough. They gotta do the heavy lifting in right now. This defense is just clawless in his just please hold your hands up. Don't let them beat you that bad, but it's all on his offense. So this office is going gonna take this team wherever it needs to go for the sake of argument. I'm going to say the defensive. A lot of the reasons you just said they for as bad as the Steelers. Third down offense as their third down defenses is equally as horrible, and I'm watching it conscious get off the field. Where's the fifty? Six action last year. It wasn't just the fifty six sacks last year where it was the pressure. That's what I don't understand the there is not even pressure. I mean I go back to Kansas City game. Patrick Mahomes had enough time to go back. Check his Twitter feed, tweet a couple things, put a post on Facebook selfie for Instagram, and still hit Travis Kelsey on time for. A touchdown. They weren't anywhere near him and that goes the personnel that goes the scheme, but it's just not good enough. Yes, the offense is bad. Yes, the offense. It could be considered the greatest letdown because of the potential. They hold that at the same time. This is a defense. If you can just get a few stops for a few more puns this offense. If they ever get going, we'll have a chance to actually lead this team if they never given this stops if they never get those extra possessions back to the offense. It's a moot point. Anyways, in the offense could be clicking on also Anders still find themselves in a hole. So usually offense, I say defense, I think what the moral the story is this team is just awful. I almost said sucky because that seems like it's right that sucky it's a word. No, it's not word, but I just made it up. The Steelers are very sucky right now. So. Succsssful fast. How about that? Yeah, it it. It just it's a different place. Absolutely. And you could go either side of the football to be honest, there's enough blame to go around for everyone. So with that said, let's shift gears now looking ahead to week. Five. The Atlanta Falcons come to Pittsburgh. I wanna say the falcons he to into Lance, talk your head. I'm not sure what the records. I know they got beat by New Orleans and laws. Yeah. Three losses, long on one in three one and three. Okay, so lands, it's time prediction time. I wanna know what you think about the game on. I wanna know what your, what's your prediction for this upcoming showdown at Heinz field prediction. Let me just give you just a couple of stats from Atlanta's office. There averaging twenty nine points a game, which is six. Their average nine point one yards per tint, which is third, which means their vertical breasts downfield throwing team. They're rating the porter. BAC is one fourteen which is fifth, Matt. Ryan has ten touchdown passes and they've only given up ten sacks in a rank eleven in with sixteen passing plays of twenty yards or more. The other thing about this offense is they're very good on third down. They convert at forty eight percent, which is fourth in an actual football league in a converted sixty six percent in the red zone, which is seven. I say, all that to say this offense is lights out. This often scores a lot of points. It moves the ball and has weapons combing in Freeman or both gonna play on Sunday. Freemans going to be back. You've got Julio Jones. You've got Ridley. You get Muhammed sununu, you have tied ins, they flex you out there multiple, they'll spread you, they'll go, twelve, they'll go, eleven, they'll go ten personnel. They do a lot of different things. This is highly. Well, scheme Horton needed off instead as explosive. The red zone issues have been solved Sarkozy and had some issues with the red zone stuff, but it's been solved there rolling on offense, terrible on defense rolling on offense. I think this Steeler defense has no shot in hill at stopping this off. It's and typically, if you listen to the show in the past and I haven't been doing Jeff this year, but I'm gonna come back with Iran because I think it's time for Ron. You see how that Ryan that's better than lady on bail time for Ron there. Simple. Keep it very simple. The only hope is to play rope a dope. 'cause the only hope that this offense has or excuse me, this defense has is the play no single high. Every coverage concept has to be supported by two high safeties because of Ridley and Julio Jones. You can play cover to cover four play covers six. You can play to men, but everything has to be supported by two high safeties and they have to tackle and you've gotta hopefully get pressure with four or five. You cannot blitz in his game. If you do, it has to be very selective with zone play behind it because they have to go to the rope, a dope tactic. You can't give up the big shots. They have to decrease the number of big plays in the passing game that they're getting up so they don't get behind. So the game doesn't turn into a Ben Rothlisberger game, but there's nothing about. The way this defense has been playing that suggests they can stop it land. So my prediction is I think Atlanta wins this game in a shootout thirty five thirty one. That's interesting. I agree with all these in. It's not an easy game to predict because I think both defenses are awful. I think the booth offenses, although Atlanta's is performing better right now offices head of the potential to really light scoreboard. I can't get fact. You said there everything what twenty nine points per game. And that's nine in the league is you said nine, six, six, six, Phil man. Man still thirty game. He's be tops in the league by four, and they're not even in the top five that just shows you the trends in today's two thousand eighteen NFL man scoring is just at nuts. It's under premium. They're giving it away and Pittsburgh Steelers defense gives it away a lot. So I think. My head tells me that there's no chance of Steelers when this game, but then my heart tells me that there's certain factors about Mike Tomlin team and Ben Rothlisberger in particular that made me wanna pick Pittsburgh. They rarely lose back to back games. He normally has them play well off the really bad loss. Think about the way they played on Monday night after they lost the chiefs the week prior. They're at home. They haven't won a home game. I think that matters. And so you have these tangible things like the what you talked about, what the offense versus defense, etcetera, etcetera. And then you have these intangibles, the motivation, the ability to step up their game. And for some reason, and I really can't tell you in a black and white fashion. Why? I think the Steelers are gonna win this game, and it's not. I don't want you thinking this is like a joy pick, although you will say that and that's fine. I've earned that right. I've earned that name that tag. I just think there's, I think this is a game that they win. I think this team is not only think it's good. I don't think it's awful either. I think they play up to their potential. I think they actually win. Yeah, I saw she said in the live chat. It's joy, take whatever you wanna call it. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers win this one in shoot out. I'm gonna go with. Thirty eight thirty four Pittsburgh. I think there's some field goals kicked. I think that a lot of scoring said there. You have it thirty eight thirty four. I have some people asked on the live Chad for some predictions. Isaac said, thirty seventeen Atlanta. Thomas had forty eight thirty. One Steelers. He said Atlanta's defense is worse than the Steelers hands down. Anthony says, thirty eight thirty, five Steelers. I still can't pick against them. Abedi won't gamble. Won't pick against them, but many won't gamble on them. Favored in this game. They're giving points? Yes, they the early spread we ran us on Monday Monday morning. Early spread was the Steelers were were giving four points. I take over absolutely over. Let's you over under. I would think that the over is is high fifties. I would think. I'll tell you this last week, this game angles, falcons. They had forty to fifty. Two point scored in the first half. About that? It's nuts. I mean, I watched the Atlanta Cincinnati game. The first half was nuts. Just. Oh, I was even. Starting to listen to the words. Listen to the words. Listen to you, Jeff. Thirteen joyous now. Absolutely. He doesn't listen to me. Thanks. Thanks. Don't worry about that. So Lance, do you think the suicide gonna lose? That's fine. The over under is fifty seven and a half holy smokes. I'll take the over. Yeah, I would too. Absolutely. Spread is now plus three Atlanta, holy jeeze the the betting action right now is sixty two percent in Pittsburgh betting for the Steelers giving three points at home. What is Vegas know that I did. That's. No. I mean, they're happy like you are. They're happy to take Pittsburgh Steeler fibs money. What they're happy about. But, but I will say this to your prediction to all those people predicting the Stephen shootout in shootout games, you only need to stop or maybe two stops at most. It's almost one of those games where if you force to punts you're probably gonna win. So although it's going to be difficult, it is simple. You're not asking them to tell this office the point where you're trying to keep going to under twenty points. You're probably just asking them to stop them twice. Hold them to a field goal one or two possessions in the red zone. Once they moved the ball up and down a field. So it's really about situational football and about playing good defense in some spots. Not playing consistent, good defense because neither one of these teams can do. Both teams are bad. There's a bunch of candy bars in the secondary. This twits skittles there's kick cats, paydays sugar babies choosy me's raise it. Cougars. There's a budget kiddie in both secondaries to be had. It's just force apart once or twice force field. Go here there. Maybe you win the football game. It's also the turnovers and don't turn the football over the team in sheet outs. Like you said, it's forcing a few puns. And if you win a turnover battle, you're probably gonna win the game. So Pittsburgh believe it or not. I wanna say, what were they even didn't they finish even on Sunday night with fumble recovery and Ben through pick late in the game. I don't know. They were minus one because Vance with one. On the season turnover giveaway takeaway ratio, so okay, but it's good. He would get. We have some questions here. These one. Do you think that this is Chris? Do you think James Connors capable balancing the offense? If they give him the touches. No, they're not gonna give them the touches because he's not good enough to make the quarterback thing that he should take it ball out of his hands to give it to him. I mean, I think people gotta realize great players have to be compelled to not call their own number. That's why they're great players. They think they can get it done. Great players have to be convinced typically by other great players that it's in their best interest to give it to another great player. That's that's part of the DNA to make players. Great. I said it last week on the show. James Connor is a solid back but have been rothlisburger steps to the line or scrimmage says, when I rather throw it to a b. or juju or make this decision or give it to James, Connor, he won't Chuck it any probably should until they lose. Okay, you're answering these. I'm just asking the questions. Here's the next question. Where in the world is Mike Tomlin's defensive expertise. Think it's in the same place that camp set news. We're already Burns's with defined to. These were Cam. Hayward is at some point scheme is fine, but you if your your coach you've coached scheme is great. What do you need for schemes to work players to execute the scheme? Exactly. And what type of players do you need to execute the scheme? Coach, -able intelligent players that are what. Athletic. Good at sports look, look, I don't. I don't care. He could be a mad scientist. I mean, we saw what happened to Bill Bella checks defense in the Super Bowl would've backup quarterback. They gave up nearly seven hundred yards and gave a forty five points to knit falls who would ever thought. That the genius, the defensive guru, that Astor minded has all the answers. They get shredded so you can have all this teams in the world. You gotta have ball players got have intelligent athletic, very good, ballplayers. Execute the scheme. They don't have it. Okay. Will Ryan Switzer get as many targets is last week in, will we see Jalen Samuels ever be used more Jalen San was will never be used riots, which will continue to get a nice though share of tar kids in my opinion until the second round pick until they trust him more. I, I think they like Switzer. I like Switzer. I think he brings him Jews to the lineup. I just don't ever want to see him in the backfield getting a hand off. Yeah, no, I agree. Is this per bowl window closing fast for this team, and what are our expectations moving forward once assuming on bell leaves and if Ben retire. So let's break this down. Learn time, yes or no is Super Bowl window closing fast. Windows already closed. They give, what are our expectations wants bell and Ben potentially depart, we're going to go through a series of some rebuild years. Okay. So you're what I think about that. I think like the nineteen early nineteen ninety s still competitive had bad years. But not like, hey, they made it as equal than in the mid ninety. So it's it's, it's potential, but it's not a guarantee or what you felt was a guarantee but early in his career. Okay. Next question. Could Jim Harbaugh be a good replacement for Tomlin? He's not Isaac as Thomas hater. Just wondering, Jim can't win it. Michigan. He needs to do that. I beat Ohio State. Beat Notre Dame. Okay. Let's hear Brandon. He just got into. He just got in. He just got into Chad. He wants to know what your thoughts are on bell reporting bags of this during the week of in by. Here's a question because we talked about this in the show. Let's say he shows of during the bye and let's say that he is suited up. They're not using the roster exemption for a week. Seven. How many touches do you give lady on bell? The first time he's back on the field. Thirty a run on that weight off. If the game playing Cleveland, I guess I could work out all all that rust and all that weight off. I have puking up on at east cake. After the gave you wanna sit out seven weeks, we'll put about seven weeks touches on that tire. Tire get all that tread off. Yeah, man, I'm dogging him out a run him thirty thirty five times. He's the tunnel work. No blow for you in that game buddy k.. Gauge. Next question is will do. I'll turn this question over under for you, you know, over and works. So they've won was pretty how many big plays are is a Steeler secondary's. We're talking through the air giving up on Sunday. Typically, a big player splash play is twenty yards or more will say, this person said the line at four retaking over they taking under over how big, how many do you five or six either you're going to like eight or nine like that's nuts, man. NFL. This is still an NFL thief. Five or six and not necessarily the ball travel in the air. A couple of the five will be run after the catch is to get you twenty where it's seven yard pass for five minutes tackles, and it turns into a twenty yard game probably on a third eighteen and they pick it up. Okay. Probably. Okay. Why don't you think the Steelers Roosevelt next more. Because anytime he's in the game, it says they're going to run the ball. Is predictable and you take a pass threat off the field. So Bros. Roosevelt Knicks potty better. I just put it like this, put it this way listless. Would you rather have an additional tied in or an additional wide receiver on the field. Depends on the wooden. I would probably would have probably have probably want someone who could catch the ball who provides pass catching threat as opposed to Rosie nix. Although I love Rosie nix. He brings it every week. Yeah, absolutely. He can catch the ball. He caught it on the Monday night game. I think had a little was wide open little swing. Passer. Thomas reminds us that he, he predicted this year's beat, the buccaneers and we to three, I predicted they would win as well. He said they'll play strong against the falcons in the because to five hundred, even though the tide kind of messes up the five hundred. So they haven't it. Lance, give w TSA this week or or now. Kind of like this last segment to replace WT f I liked the because I've been getting some requests for some more fan involvement is show, and I kinda liked this last segment instead of the w. t. t.f the w. t. f. is just those defensive stats that you need those her chips seem all. Back to sixty eight fifty year old. Digging back fifty years, your thesis, trash, absolute trash is not good, but I'll tell you what Steeler fans they're still in in in in golf when you're playing around of golf in, let's say you're the first four holes. You're basically playing crap saying that I grew up hearing with my dad and his buddies. All the time was there's a lot of paper left in their referring to. The scorecard is a lot of holes left for holes in you got fourteen left to turn it around saying can be said about the Pittsburgh Steelers right now they're past the quarter Mark of the season. They did not finish it where they anyone thought they would, but there's a lot of paper left. And so I want you all to stick with this even if they lose this week, stick with the show, stick with behind the curtain. Dot com because we're not gonna stop. We're gonna keep producing content in my opinion. I think real Steeler fans never quit on the team and that means they never stopped carrying the never stop reading and listening about this stuff. And before I took over this website, I was one of those people I read about never getting dozen three reading about the six and ten team led by Tommy Maddox, and that's what led them to Ben Rothlisberger in the two thousand four draft. So stick with us behind steel curtain dot com is should be your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh Steelers in podcast, folks. Listen up. If he didn't know whether YouTube channel, we do go to YouTube dot com. Type in BT SE Steelers, radio subscribe, light comment. We appreciate the support also if you behind the curtain dot dot com. Tomorrow morning, you'll see an article with this podcast in it. Go to the bottom of the article and you'll see two wings one for Android users inland for apple users where you can subscribe to. Our platforms, you get every single show that we offer. That's this show this dealers preview show the Steelers hangover Steelers one on one where we're going to try to bring in some guests as well as our post game show with lower Lanson are on there together talking about the game that was so make sure you stay with us. I think this win in that will get everyone ramped up and get getting pumped up for the Bengals game before the Biza lands. How do you send us off anything? Right. Just one last nugget for listeners to watch for for the Steelers office side of they gotta get. They gotta get some guys blocked up front. They gotta get McKinley blocked and they gotta give Vic Beasley blocked the Killian five sacks, which is second National Football League. They had to get those guys. Blocked. Atlanta is fast and they, you know, as fast and small defense might be to run the ball. They those guys blocked. If they can get those guys bought, they're gonna move the football scores point. So again, shootout is the only way I think they get it done. I don't think they're going to get it done know. Fortunately, I think Jeff. You know, Jeff, always the optimist thinks are going to get it done, but listeners we enjoy the sport. We appreciate it. You know, keep tuning in, you know, tell a friend and subscribe. That's my hope. My old hook live from old show, so definitely tune in telephone subscribe. Let's get this populace get growing. Let's make this the most popular Steeler podcasts. Interview on YouTube. He's out Roker. I'm Jeff Hartmann editor. Off. We'll see you gotta say.

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