Did You Pay to Have the Trump Team Spied on (Ep 1103)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino engy. No welcome to the Dan Bongino show on this Tuesday another stack loaded show today producer. Joe Today my friend. He's a fine and wonderful day. Good to be here legally Daniel. The Irish Joe Armacost they believe you are Scottish. Correct armacost coat of arms and stuff like that The organ armacost. Very Nice folks. Listen we are loaded up. Today's Joe knows he's been doing cutting a lot of video and audio i. I've got a ton of stories where let me go and tell you what we're going to go. I've got some crazy new connections coming out and I'm basically going to expose to you for you. So get ready. My what the G. as we used to call the secret of the government he insiders swamp. Rats are really worried about. And I'M GONNA make a prediction here. Yeah I'm going to predict what's GONNA come out this I report. That's GonNa Freak you out in a show you some evidence. You're GONNA love that. I got some video from the White House. Yesterday it's liberals head-spinning Reagan style from the exorcist. Assist Not Ronald of course Linda Blair style gotta trump tweet. That's GONNA blow your mind. And some project Veritas video had tip James O'Keefe into crew about all jeff heads probably going to blow your mind a little bit. Don't go anywhere. Let's get right to in today's show brought to you by buddies. At Policy Genius Policies Genius Dot Com folks go to policy genius Dot Com compare life insurance quotes in two minutes. Listen nobody likes to go and shop for Life Insurance. It's one of those things we procrastinate. We put off but it's one of the most important things you can do for the safety and security financially of your own family. It's the season now to elect benefits do your workplace. Most people know open enrollment decision time for healthcare coverage. But it's the perfect moment to reassess your life. 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You can help you with disability insurance home insurance too so when you look at workplace benefits this month make sure to double check your life insurance options. Che's then go to policy gene DOT COM and get quotes and apply in minutes policy genius Dot Com the easiest way to compare by life insurance. All right. Joe Let's go how nice I started at a light story before we dig into the really heavy stuff for you today folks because this is GonNa absolutely scramble your marbles here how liberals are so easily triggered these snowflakes snuggie wearing marshmallow eating s'mores roasting liberal who just cannot the by the way the guys tweet I'm GonNa show his response responds isn't really technically a liberal but he's acting like went out. Here's the White House yesterday. President trump had a great ceremony for the world series champion. Washington nationals tells me what are their better players. Kurt Suzuki comes up. They'd say a few words and he does something interesting is he's walking up to make which definitely surprises. President trump. Check this video out. Come in say a couple words come on I love you all I love you all. Aw thank you. What what job he did? I didn't know that was going to happen. What he's talking about? What was going to happen happened? The president's Zouqi walks up and puts Maga- hat on which clearly enraged a bunch of anti-trumpers Liberals and snowflakes. Just go to twitter yesterday. It's almost comical mkhalele. Put this on here and it opened up the show you how just crazy the opposition is here. The hoax loving Democrats liberals here's norm Ornstein at abnormally Ornstein. Who's completely who trump broke this man completely? He broke him like he broke. Matt Max boot Formerly respected people. Who aren't anymore very sad? Ornstein says says I love Kurt Suzuki as a player but he wore a Magar hat to the White House so I will not cheer him. Oh serious horrified. Not Quite as bad for Ryan Zimmerman. Brian Zimmerman praise trump but his praise for trump is hard to take listen norm before I move on. I promise you. Kurt Suzuki is one of the most talented athletes in the world. He is is in a great marriage with a great wife. He loves his family and he's one of the most respected athletes in baseball. I sincerely doubt he gives a rat's ass what norm Ornstein over hyphen hard. Pass Right Joe. Marred past thought norm Ornstein. Go back to your thing take norm and your marshmallows. Mellow and your snuggie and enjoy yourself. Kurt Suzuki we'll be just fine. I promise you moving onto some more serious like taken by by Steve. CUCO MR Olympia. Make bodybuilding grant again. Love this shirt sue. It's great to work out into its super thin. All right folks this is I know I tell you what's important and I say is important. Sometimes I say stuff's important he like you say it's important because a lot of things are reporting this what I'm about to tell you. This segment is very important. The deep state is in the swamp rats involved in the whole spying operation on trump. That's about to be exposed henceforth the reason for the impeachment probe job the fake Whistleblower Gate Muller Gate Collusion Gate. All the fake gates used against trump. The hoax. These hoaxes keep happening for reasons because they don't want something to come out. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA start with the lead here. I'm not going to bury it and then I'm GonNa get into it and I'm GonNa explain you at the lead. The lead is this what the deep status in the government don't want you to know. Is that the spying operation on President. Trump may have been financed just by the US government itself. Oh wait time so I I'll play it out for you. We're going to go there. We set it up but how does that differ. Why is that a big deal? And how is it different from what we've heard before what we've been told previously based on a tremendous amount of research done by me and others and I've been holding this for a long time and comfortable with it now was that yeah the operation. Despite on trump to the FBI the Pfizer Court Hillary Clinton and fusion. A lot of it was financed by Hillary Clinton enright Joe or payments to a law firm Perkins Kuu either turn paid fusion ladies. Gentlemen what if I told you that some of this may have been financed by the US government. I'm in itself. Okay let's go so let's go to this piece in the federalist by an excellent researcher a fantastic thicke investigative journalist Margot Cleveland. WHO's broken a lot of information on his folks? The show notes a must read today. Go to Bongino DOT COM subscribe to the newsletter. Her this story will be in there. It'll be attached to the podcast on my website to Bungee DOT COM SCOOP MARGOT CLEVELAND THE FEDERALIST CIA and FBI informant. It was a Washington Post source for Russia Gate Smears. She's talking about Stefan Helper. Now remember the lead. I laid it out and advance was the. US government actually financing and pay for spying operation against a political opponent of Barack Obama breath. Oh we haven't heard that one yet. Have we know what they're hiding. Why are they hiding? Stephan Haufer now from from the Margot Cleveland piece where they write about the fun helper. The federal justice learn that the now outed. CIA and FBI. Informant the font. How but we know the guy who was spying? Being on behalf of the government on the trump team tried to spy on Popadopoulos and page that he also served as a source for Washington Post reporter. David Ignatius remember the same guy. I who wrote the story about Mike. Flynn call with the Russian Soi. David Ignatius seems to know a lot of people show. Yes providing more evidence that the intelligence community has co-opted the press to push anti-trump conspiracy theories in addition and email recently obtained by the federalist from the five connected. Christopher Andrew Brag that his longtime longtime friend David Ignatius has the inside track on Flynn which adds further confirmation of this conclusion. So we now know. According to Margo Cleveland's reported that Stefan Helper a US government spy by who we know was interacting with the trump team for the purpose of gaining information on the trump team to spy on them for the Obama Administration. Now we know that how Perez well may have not only been involved in the operation to take down trump but also in the operation to takedown. Flynn that we knew. I already know if you listen to show. How is an integral figure in the attempt to take down? Mike Flynn as well. But what's new here. Air Is that how per may have been a source for David Ignatius From The Washington Post David Ignatius from the Washington Post by the way who who again printed a story and had access to Flynn's phone call to the Russian ambassador. Now how does this all tie in to my my lead here. That was the government actually financing some of this stuff what are the additional suspected. Sources producer Sir Joseph for David Ignatius of the Washington. Post one of the suspects is a guy named James Baker not not the James Baker Acre at the FBI who was calling his lawyer legal guy in the FBI. Not Dad James Baker. There's another James Baker a a military official who works at the office of net assessments. which is a cute title for an operation that basically pays intelligence login figures they basically are like a prop arm for the for the CIA? I don't know any other way to say all right. But it's got a cutesy name. Joe Office of Net assessment. Aspen sounds like they're running spreadsheets. Or something on excel spreadsheets on the number of dog toys. Someone sold off assessments. They always have those kind of name. There are never cool names right. It's kind of like a Blink Operation Spitfire twenty two. Isn't that office of net assessment. So you don't pay attention to what's going on. Yeah that's good name so yeah right so now we know that this guy who runs the office of net assessments which works with the CIA to pay people like helper also may have been a source in in the take down of Mike. Flynn using media. Tools like David Ignatius of the Washington Post. We know how for May have been a source to again. What's the lead here? Does the government actually paying for this operation. So why are they hiding helper. Why is everybody in the media so obsessed with hiding how per remember the when when the story first broke the New York Times? He's not really a spy. Yeah yeah he's an undocumented government forman remember all these articles left is freaking out helpers. Not A spy. He's not a spy is an undocumented undocumented workplace in former band member the euphemism game bed. He's just fine folks spy forever. Yeah remember that the whole dance alpers helpers how helpers right very good why were they hiding helper let's go to this Washington Times piece which will be in the show notes. It's an older piece. That's the benefit to my show notes by the way we don't only include today's articles we include older the articles that are now relevant again today by row in scarborough who's done tremendous work at the Washington Times on this headline loose contracting practices. This is a Pentagon office wastes millions whistle blower punish Dan. What the heck you're talking about the government paying the spy on trump? We thought it was Hillary doing it house any of this related Laden. Oh Man let's take a little snippet from that piece by Rohan Scarborough and the Washington Times and see how this May in fact be related to the government payments used to spy on Donald trump quote from the Roman scarborough piece seven helper the professor became an FBI informant to spy on the trump ABC campaign failed to document the research. She did as a contractor on four Pentagon studies worth one million dollars and investigation found. Wow alpers getting a lot of money. It's crazy eared. The Department of Defense Inspector General's report exposes loose contracting practices at the Pentagon's office of net assessment. Gosh that's crazy how that keeps creeping up the same kind of problems reported by an analyst Adam Levinger who we reported on the past the office of net assessments later accused this whistleblower Levinger reporting on these payments to help her and others of mishandling sensitive if data and he's been suspended without pay. Wow so the office of net assessment where this Guy Baker works works James Baker who is suspected to be a source in the attack on. Mike Flynn through. The Washington. Post was paying Haufer who is also suspected affected of being a source for David Ignatius of the Washington. Post crazy how that would happen banker halpern net assessments. We Now know office of net assessments was was paying how for money and a whistle blower named Adam Levinger who exposed some of these payments for these faulty reports that how per was giving them that the to whistle blower was suspended at Joe. I thought we were told. Whistle blowers are to be beatified satified in sainted. They are never to be questioned. Whistle blowers no suspended suspend whistleblowers. We're just told that this whistle blower we not joe that this guy is to be sainted. He's to be promoted from priests to Bishop Cardinal Hope to say immediately now we find out an actual whistleblower exposing payments to halpern others in the office of net. Ed Assessments ridiculous payments. For a whole lot of money the government runs the office of net assessments. Folks our government your tax dollars dollars that he was suspended while remember that guy where they suspended him they said he disclosed sensitive data and I wasn't ncis or others in the report it said he did not disclose sensitive data and they deleted the not kind of a big delete. Remember that show. Yeah do Yep Yeah Adam. Levinger disclosed disclose sensitive data. The reports said he did not disclose sensitive data. They forgot to put the not in there. It's kind of like saying Joe robbed a bank and leaving out. The Joe did not robbed the bank like we left. It did not part out of it Kinda changes the story just a little bit little just a Tad. I gotTa Tell You As the UNBUCKLE UNBUTTON. I'm Bud Zeman. If there's an awful lot of cooks cooks in the kitchen here dude you know what I mean in this story. You're also aw I'm kind of having a little bit of difficulty following you. You know what I mean. Okay what I don I do. Not I ask you to be the ambassador for a reason I understand. Let me tie this up for you because I do have a loaded newsday today. I want to be sure you see exactly where I'm going with it. All right thank you. So let's just lay out where we are. We now know the government. The United States Government do wedding leading office of net assessment has been paying people for reports. Okay fine I have no problem with that intelligence reports we know one of the recipients of that those those payments were stefan how prefer grotesque amount of money we know a whistle blower in that office has sense the problem with some of those payments and the veracity the the information however was providing for that money. Okay get it. Hey we're paying this guy a lot of money this report Kinda suck okay. We now know that. In that office of net assessment it's one of the military officials running it. This Guy Baker is suspected to be a leak or David Ignatius. WHO's the same guy who wrote The Washington report that took down? Mike Flynn okay. We now know how per may be a leaker to Baker. I mean excuse me maybe leaker. To Ignatius to based on Margot Cleveland's latest report now. Let's put the Cherry on top of this little bad boy. Thanks Bro Remember this Kathleen Half Ren- Cavaliers note so Kathleen Cavalier is a State Department official. Who in October before the FIS war meets with Christopher Steele the alleged author of the dossier? We know it's true. It's really not the only author we know it's the Simpson Blank summit. I'm going to get to this at another other time. Someone else may have had some input into the dossier we know Chris Glenn Simpson did but still meets with the State Department official. He's alleged to be the author Through the trump dossier and he says to the Kathleen Kavulich the State Department Rep. would she takes a note under. I've circled for you. Hear that one of Simpson's sources it is a guy named Trubnikov Trubnikov Trubnikov. You mean the Russian intelligence officer so let me get the St. Christopher Steele was being paid paid by Glenn Simpson and Hillary is claiming now steal that one of the sources for the negative information on trump and the dossier that peop- tape and other resolve. Aw garbage that it's a Russian Intel officer connected to Putin. Isn't that fascinating. I don't Russian. Collusion was a Republican thing. Apparently it's a Democrat thing to steal but we'll leave that one for or another day again. What does this have to do with the G. paying potentially for spying paying for spying trying to hide it and being very very very concerned about how let's go to the series of tweets by a great investigative reporter for the daily Caller Chuck Roster tweeted out a while ago? But they are definitely worth earth your time now so. This was chuck back in May may seventeen. Here's a series of three tweets. I'm going to read to you the the key in this and let me see the leave these up for the second you well. I'm GonNa tell you where I'm going before I read these. Okay Trubnikov Ladies and gentlemen. The Russian Intel connected. Guy Was not steals. Buddy Trubnikov was someone else's buddy. Who May I suggest may have had a larger role role in the dossier? Then they're leading on. And if this guy who had a larger role in the dossier was being paid by the office of net assessments I the US government all ladies and gentlemen. We had a big problem. Don't we okay. Let's read these tweets by Chuck. Ross about Trubnikov remember steele says. It's his buddy. Because he wrote the dossier Joe Right Right. Winking Not Chuck Russ quote from Nick off also has links to Stefan how for all we he does. You mean the guy being paid by the government that guy how per tap Trubnikov contribute to a Pentagon study on China Russia issues. How per was a contractor at the time for the Pentagon's office of net assessment? Crazy crazy. How that happened K.? He used the offer to the right policy papers to get close to George. Popadopoulos chuck goes on how per also hosted in a rage trip nick off to speak at the Cambridge Intelligence. The seminar two thousand twelve in two thousand fifteen triptych off had visa problems. Gee I wonder why. He's a Russian Putin connected Intel Guy Prior to the two thousand fifteen visit but those has got cleared up I wonder how that happens one. Final tweet helpers role in hosting Travnik Office significant for a couple of reasons. How far resigned from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in December two thousand sixteen over what he claimed was undo Russian influence so stupid he reportedly? What are they concerned? That Russian operatives were given too much of a platform you mean the platform you got money from the US government to pay to host that Russia Russia. You mean platform folks. This all making sense to you. Now like are the bells and whistles going off yeah eight. US government paid spy. How per was always now alleged to be a source for the media to be spying for the government by the way being paid by the office of Net assessment assessments were a whistleblower discovered a lot of this and was suspended? I believe in their effort to hide in that same guy being paid by the taxpayer remember. We Thought Hillary painful which is bad enough love but now you paid for it. How her who is tight with nick off? I believe how bers information from Nikolov may have somehow found its way into the dossier after. How was the one getting paid by the government to develop said sources ladies and gentlemen if if that's the case now it makes perfect sense why the Democrats are eager still to make sure this is the steele dossier because that's bad enough? It's bad enough that Hillary paid a for an Intel Guy Christopher Steele to gin up information on track off. They Interviewed Review Chris. Theo after that interview joe the report was delayed. Yup Do you think it's possible that Christopher Steele may have noted in the interview with investigators looking into the spy gate fiasco that some of the information he came he said came from Trubnikov may have came from hopper paid for by U Aw Elizabeth Elizabeth. I'm just putting it out there folks. You heard it here. I I just want to show you a headline from the liberal media. Wrap it up with this from. Vox and Fox have V.. Vox like Victor Victor. Remember when they freed out with how presume came out. Here's the headline spy gate. The false allegation at the FBI had a spy in the trump campaign explained all about Stefan Halpern. Opin say. He didn't spy on trump. Here's what actually happened as by folks. They're freaking out because of how was being paid by O.. N. A. and a whistle blower suspended the hide it to spy on the trump team and the information steele saying came from Jamaica off actually came from helper and made it into the dossier. Oh boy do we have a problem. We have the US government. We have our taxpayer money. Being used to lie to a Pfizer court on behalf of a political candidate to take down another one. The verdict is in. And that's bull folks May Have to bleep the second part that. That's okay. Thanks Buddy. You can leave me asking for the bleep in there too. Thanks okay thank. Thanks for working with me on. That helped make sense. Yeah that really did too. Many too many cooks. Yeah thank you a lot like that. Yeah worked yes wait 'til that little doozy comes out. Yeah remember this day. 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We are loaded up today. So let's move on so yesterday. Major League blow out on outnumbered on Fox which was just a pleasure to watch in here. I know you got to see this. I don't I work at Fox. You know full disclosure. I work with both of the participants in this kind of on outnumbered. I don't have any. I don't make my politics personal you you know I. Just don't I've worked with them. They're they're fine but I going to take the side of one of them on this because the other side I just think is mis- misleading you without further ado. This was a debate going on outnumbered. About Joe Biden John Kerry Joe Biden son Hunter Biden an associate CEO. John Kerry Devon Archer. They're suspicious business dealings and Ukraine with this natural gas company and Watch the response to Steve Hilton from Marie. Har- fubo uses this Goto. Line us all the time. I'm not sure she knows what evidence means but she keeps saying every everytime she feels uncomfortable. She says there's no evidence I want. Oh you don't watch it. They they want to actually after this but this could have got good. They should've let go to longer check this out. There's a further element of corruption that needs to be looked into and again something that Ukraine should investigate. Which is John Kerry's corruption? He was secretary of state that the time he was also involved in channeling money to Ukraine. His former chief of staff Dolph was hired by soon. After Hunter Biden went on the board they hide John Kerry's former chief of staff while he was secretary of state state paid him money from his. MMA could have come from the US tax payer that money is circle back to Democratic senators. Who then right to the administration calling for more money to be sent to all of that needs to be investigated John Kerry's evidence that that I just or evidence department all oh covering up the corruption to defending are you are you much? Billions of the old counties. We're talking about the news. Please don't accuse me of covering something up up you want because there's no way old all. Oh that thing would nuclear. That was all over the the twitter yesterday. Well let me just via made. And I'm by the way I'll say and I'll open invitation real debate Marie on this topic anytime This is not here to defend yourself and unlike liberals I don't like to engage in East kinda these things especially with co workers if the bed but I you know she she wants come on the show. I'm happy debater on him. So let's be clear about this. We know for a fact we call evidence data points. I don't I don't know what Euphemism Marines I miss confused about. Whatever it is we know for a fact that Hunter Biden wasn't fact hired by a natural gas company and Ukraine while Joe Biden was in the administration is vice president assign nine as the point man on Ukraine and actually discussing natural gas? None of that is in dispute. You can dispute that but that would be just simply foolish I. I don't know how else to describe. Those accepted facts. Okay we know one hundred Biden was hired without any of the requisite skills on the board to me the requirements any board member would have to add value to that company. Hunter Biden had no skills in Ukraine. No skills the natural gas arena at all. Nothing hundred Biden was clearly hired because of his last name again not in dispute among reasonable people. A fact we also know at Associated John John Kerry Devon Archer was also on the board. I'm going to get to John's Solomon piece in a minute of burris Ma the natural gas company and we also know now pursuant. The emails was uncovered by John. Solomon that Devon Archer was actually seeking meetings with John Kerry and other people in the State Department and other Barack Obama lawyers and other representatives to to make a lot of this investigation go away poof into Barista for corruption while hundred Biden Devon Archer and associated. John Kerry's on the board. I say to Marie you you suggesting that there's no evidence doesn't mean there's no evidence there's no evidence you saying. No evidence is actually true. And you attacking Steve like that. It's kind of pretty horrible. And I'll debate you at any time you want a rematch on onto five or some. I'm ready anytime. Yeah you're going to get a challenge. Any of the fact Steve put out there. You're going to get a blood. Maybe yeah I mean. What do you do the bank records for the payments? Maybe the only person media hasn't seen this stop and I worked for the State Department. It's not an what does that mean I don't and with that means that you worked for the state. So the facts are you worked for the state. So Biden didn't work for Barack Obama. I don't care how these two things are coralling. A great you you work for the State Department even worse that you're unfamiliar. Apparently with the evidence somebody say good for Steve Way to hit that. Hit back hard all the time now John Solomon yesterday another tremendous piece of reporting by John. WHO's just been knocking it out of the ballpark lately? I'll have this article up at the show notes. Please look at it. John has been just all over this. He's got his new WHO Senator John Solomon reports. This would be up in the show notes again you subscribe to a newsletter. I'll send them right to you breaking yesterday. I don't know if Marie read this or she didn't happy to debate it anytime. Any time. November Four Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Headline John Solomon Hundred. Biden's Ukraine gas firm press the Obama Administration to end the corruption allegations memo. Show folks. You understand nothing you've been told about. Now you understand why Ukraine Gate whistle blower gate is such a big deal. You get that right. Remember the Golden Rule it Democrats always Joseph always accuse you of what they're doing so now we know the prior segment Tien in here that we may have actually paid tax payers the office of net assessments to produce information from Russians against trump. That was false. I would call that collusion now. Trump did it right. They did it. Ukraine Gate. Eight is there is a Ukraine gate about Biden and about the DNC working with Ukraine to impact the election target trump. But they need you to believe it's about about trump's so they just make it up through the fake whistle blower but now we're finding out that the Ukraine gate story involving Biden and the hiring of his son. They're paying for his last name obviously to access the State Department. Joe What were we toll. We were told clearly by Joe Biden. I didn't talk to my son about this. We find out that was alive. We find that the sun is already admitted to talking to his dad about it and the dad has already admitted talking. You aside about it what we also find out that all of these claims by the Democrats said this hiring of hundred Biden and John Kerry's buddy John's homey there Devon Archer homes that it was no. Oh big deal about. They were not trying to leverage their contacts in the Obama Administration. Joe It was just straight up deal. Business deal because Devon Archer and Hunter Biden Arches so indispensable and qualified to be board members on natural gas company that they were hired for their mad skills. uh-huh we find out John Salomon's peace. Let's take little portion of the piece here. That hundred Biden's names specifically doc was invoked by Barack Obama as a reason that the State Department should help them say what according to a series of email exchanges among US officials. Again end for Marie. We would call this evidence according to a series of email exchanges among US officials trying to arrange the meeting the subject line for the email exchange simply red berets MMA. So let's get this straight. Keep that up a second here. So the BARISTA's risk people that hired Hunter Biden's kids specifically invoked the hiring of Biden and his name to get immediate State Department people. Wow that's crazy. I thought that didn't happen quote per our conversation station. This is one of their email exchanges. Karen Tra- Montano a blue star strategies. That's a legal. Firm representing charisma strategy firm requested a meeting meeting to discuss with Novelli. That's a US government representative from the State Department alleging corruption a February twenty four twenty sixteen e mail between state officials read quote. She noted that too high profile citizens are affiliated with the company including Hundred Biden as a board member SA. That's not possible. Joe that email can't be real right. That's not evidence. Clearly it's made up right now. We were told specifically no no. It's not no. I'm sorry as the audience budget. You gotta see corrections whether or not that. We need a crazy. You're about clearly kept you know it's real. The State Department is clearly being contacted acted by a political tactic strategy. Legal representative from Burris MMA trying to get a meeting with the State Department to clear up a charge against charisma corruption charge while hundred Biden and different archer are sitting on the board of Berea crazy. Weird we were told. That doesn't happen happen Joe. That didn't happen recess. There's no evidence so that email clearly burris right. There's no clearly a fake okay. But he gets to the second portions of this piece. I get the oiler ways. It's like an infomercial away. There's more there's more evidence not air quote evidence. Forget to that they also brought you buddy. Thanks for your patience. 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Check him out today okay the second takeaway from this John Solomon Peace Remember. Remember folks keep this all in mind. We were told the real Ukraine scandals about trump and the deal non deal fro quid. Quid pro quo. That didn't even happen. Because we have the transfer we were told. That's the real scandal just like we were told. Russian collusion was about trump to now we find out. The real scandal may be hundred Biden using daddy's name and Burris mother to try to get interviews and access to the State Department to clear up a corruption investigation into the company. He was working for crazy. Well here's takeaway number two about another well connected cat. Sitting on this Barista. Aboard Company. Being investigated by the Ukrainians as apparently Joe Biden's pressuring the Ukrainians Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor looking into it. Wow take away number to quote from the John Solomon piece. But the records do indicate indicate that one hundred Biden's fellow American board members Charisma Devon Archer Associated John Kerry folks a very close one secured a meeting on March second two thousand sixteen with Secretary of State John Kerry himself. How did that happen? In addition to serving on the Barilla aboard Archer and hundred mine were partners at an American phone firm known as Rosemont Seneca. Here's an email quote David Archer coming to seize s today. The Secretary of state of three. PM needs someone to meet and greet him at C. Street an email from Kerry's office managers again. We recall that evidence folks. I'm just putting that dad there. S is shorthand frequently using. The stadium is to describe the secretary of state the member who don't state the reason for the meeting. I I thought I thought this stuff was happening. So let me be clear. This BURRIS MA hires associated John Carey in the son of Joe Biden while Joe Biden is the point man on Ukraine where Barista's located and discussing natural gas as his point man role as VP. Natural Gas Policy Prisms the natural gas company. Joe Biden's claim there's nothing to see here folks Sh- nothing's going on as the Barista lawyers are invoking the very name of Joe Biden's son on to get meetings with the State Department to make the investigation at the Barista go away and while the other board member connected to the Secretary of state at the time John Kerry is is getting some VIP meet and greet John Kerry himself as the investigation. The push to make it go away is going on. Don't worry folks this is all about. Donald trump all about trump and the quo prayed quo. Quo Non quit non-pro on quo non deal. It's that's what it's all about again. We would call this evidence. I play that cut again of Stephen. Burri debating baiting on outnumbered. But I don't WanNa waste your time. I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding at the end of that clip about what the word evidence Actually means now as I've said before because I believe in Fair Analysis and quality investigative work evidence is not proof series of data points and facts acting as evidence can be proof of a crime. Video evidence confessions fingerprints. DNA email chains tax. They can be proof if you meet that hurdle beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm not willing to suggest that yet. But suggesting that there's no evidence evidence of massive malfeasance and the hiring of Joe Biden's kin John Kerry's associate while a corruption investigations going on the company that hired them and while they're squeezing reason the US government to make that corruption investigation away while Joe Biden's on tape demanding the prosecutor looking into it fired. Suggesting there's evidence I is is so beyond ridiculous ridiculous that I'm having a hard time believing we're having this conversation. It's gotten that bad folks and working king at the State Department make evidence not evidence. Okay can you imagine. Imagine it was some like the worked at the Secret Service. Imagine God forbid they had a lapse in a security plan or something just broke today. No I worked at the Secret Service. The report is not true but it doesn't matter. Facts are facts all right go to some good news. Finally we know that the media is GonNa spin anyway but this is a great story you know a couple weeks back. I like to give you the real news not the nonsense and I I told you a story. It's a quick story just kind of sum it up for you but I was in the gym. I don't know about two months ago and a friend of mine. Good friend Nice Guy but he came up to me and he was like. I'm not worried about at the election. Trump's GONNA win in a landslide and I went on a bit of a kind of a rant there for five minutes saying how that's absolute most dangerous counterproductive thing you can say right now. I'm not knocking. The guy he didn't mean mean. Anything buys a nice guy and I asked for permission to use it on the show and he was fine with it and I got a lot of nasty email. Dan Don't be like Debbie doubt folks. I'm not a Debbie Abi Downer listen at all I am just trying to give you reality so you're not prepared for unreality like the Clintons. Were remember member the Clinton team we're GONNA win in a landslide. Trump's two chances of winning is the Washington Post that crystal is article are approaching zero. They didn't even go to Wisconsin. What happened they lost? I I need you to be a little anxious and I said to you when I get the good news. I'll give it to you because back then. The time the polling data folks really wasn't that great and I'm GonNa put this out there again for like two thousand time on the show but I want you to hammer this your skull yes. The statewide polling data was off badly in the last election. And I'm going to be in this piece. I'm going to discuss. Why in a second? But I'm going to suggest to at the data. This time will be better. The data was bad in the last trump election in two thousand sixteen. I know Iran in that cycle. I experienced it firsthand because a lot of trump voters were first time voters I knocked on doors. I used to pay you. Get A walk list when you run for office right that. Walk list of diehard Republican voters. Why do you knock on die hard Republican voters before primary? Because they're the only ones that can vote in the Republican primary. I was passing all these houses with trump signs. Is I call my campaign manager. Why isn't this name on the list? I'm wasting time. I'm passing ten trump houses. You screwed up the list. She said to me Dan. I didn't screw the list up. Those is people do not vote. They're not on the list so I started knocking on the doors with the trump signs that weren't on the list of Republican voters. And sure enough. She was right. Hello Ma'am do you vote never in my life. Why do you trump signed? Because I'm voting. Now that's why the state polls were so wrong. Oh that's not the case now. Those people voted in the last election. They're going to be counted now now. I'm not suggesting the polls are spot on. There's always a massive trump undercount for a lot of reasons but but I don't want you to be fooled by this forgetting nor the no no don't ignore the polls be a little anxious that where you'll go out and grab ten friends vote. Gosh if there's one thing I wanNA be proven wrong on its at my anxiety is misplaced. Please prove me wrong and winning a landslide. How would be the greatest day of my life? I'll retake replay. This cut having said that though there is some good news out there piece by Breitbart in the show notes. It's definitely worth your time folks. Forget the national not a national election. Mashal poser relevant Dow. Those you should forget you need to pay attention to the swing swing state polls. It's an electoral college election. It is not a national election for president. That's a myth. It is a series of fifty state elections that determine the national selected. It's not a national. The popular vote does not matter. John Nolte great piece of ever four two thousand nineteen twenty twenty any swing state polls show why. The media really watched trumpet beached. Now I have three screen shots from this piece that worth your time. I let me tell you the good news the good news. This is this here. Screen shot number. One remember. There's always a bit of a trump undercount. He's in a lot of trouble. Joe Biden and others and Bernie Sanders trump in the swing states quote around around the swing state polling from the far left New York Times. Show explains why the media's desperate to see trump impeached among likely voters. Remember what I just said folks. Those likely voters were not there in two thousand sixteen. They never voted. But they'll be there now now. We know them among likely voters trump is losing by only two points. It's two quid. Pro Jo and Florida Arizona Wisconsin folks well within the margin of error in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Slow Joe is up by only a single point. Trump bleeds North Carolina by two. That is very good news. Here's where it gets even better because Joe Biden is this one hundred seventy see how. The show's weaving together. It's going to crush him. Yeah Bernie Sanders. Only beat trump in one of those two states Michigan by three points. They're tied in Wisconsin. Trump Beats Bernie by four in Arizona. North Carolina our line of Bhai one in Pennsylvania and two in Florida. Nice huge numbers there. He's still down to by Basil folks. I'll give you the reason why I think there's a bit of an undercount here. Bottom line is stay anxious but I don't want anybody to panic. We're still in decent shape. Here's a second. Take Jake Way. It gets even worse for some of the other front runners against trump as for the current Democratic Front Runner Elizabeth Warren trump lease by two to four and all of those states Arizona where they're died. That's not scary enough for the media. Latest polling trump winning Nevada a state. He Lost Austin Twenty. Sixteen this at least the double money is it coming. You can't go a single but we have uh people can miss and model names. Missing Monthly Guy said it reminds him of his youth. Yeah now I really liked this piece a lot not continues and he gives four reasons. Why even with those solid numbers within the margin of error in the Swing States and crushing Warren? In the swing states maybe adding Nevada. Why that may be undercount to check out these four points? I'm not gonNA read every sentence of it but it's worth your in detail. Read the piece. It's up at the show today. Reason number one. It may be an undercount here. Polling US historically underestimated trump strength by about five points. Now folks factoring in what I just told you about how. How likely voters even if that's just two or three points trumpers either winning or tied and every one of those states okay number? Two trump is doing remarkably well in the middle of impeachment hearings will almost certainly and with his acquittal in vindication if not in the house then in the Senate great point takeaway number three while by might have to have the best shot at stopping trump. Everyone knows it's only on paper. Biden's a terrible campaigner. The fact is some looted at least three foreign countries countries that we know of is a huge liability. Well said well said take away number four. Most importantly chumps tonight even out competing right now. He's not out on the trail. He's not debating he's talking about his record as accomplishments. He's it's not a contrasting himself with his far left opponent and he's not doing what he's doing. Best selling his vision is ideas is common sense love for America. We know he's a great guy. He's not doing that now. He's he's busy being president and fighting off this ridiculous impeachment which is going to end badly for the Democrats in other words folks. This may get a whole whole lot worse for the Democrats little bit of good news though. Let that puts you at ease just smile a little bit. No it's never the catastrophe the media wants you to believe it is but stay anxious. Anxious people win elections complacent people get their butts kicked. Don't forget that oh I did not want to forget this either. This huge project Veritas James. O'Keefe he's always out there breaking news on CNN otherwise he's the captain of hidden video. I want to play this little doozy for you from. ABC News About Jeffrey. I don't want you to pay particular attention to Bill Clinton Angle. You may have heard on your show a little while ago. Check this out at just broke before going to play it for you. I want you to Kinda hot wash Through your head and tomorrow I'll get a little more on check this out. I had three years of had this interview with Virginia. Roberts we would not put it on the air First of all I was told told. WHO's Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This stupid story then. The palace found out that we had her allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. We were so afraid. We wouldn't be able to interview Kate that we also washed the story. And and then Alan Dershowitz was also implicated in because of the planes. She told me everything she had pictures. She everything she was in hiding for twelve years. We convinced her they come out. We convince her to talk to us. It was unbelievable what we had claritin. We everything they had some Bill Clinton stuff to wow. That's in the bottom on that Clinton stuff too crazy. We'll get a little more of that tomorrow. I've got Some other stuff. I need to get to all right. One final sponsor and I got another story in the side is very important serious story about the minute to win. Former federal agent agent died tragically. But this is worth your time so stay. Tuned final sponsor. Today folks is our friends at public wreck. These are the most comfortable everyday pants. You are ever going to find folks when I was in instructor in the Secret Service Academy is really tough to find pants kind of tactical everyday comfortable pants to where we had obt you pants they were comfortable. They breathe at all. You didn't have enough pockets. It would just poorly design. Well that problems all been solved. We public wreck. They have the best pants out there. I love neighbor these all the time. Thinking about your favorite pair of raggedy sweats. You'll have how comfortable they are lounging. But you're not able to wear them out of the house you know you WanNa look sloppy. Right what if I told you the pairs of pants. 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We need to discuss so folks. There was a real horrible thing. I don't know any other way. Describe it then. Tragic horrible disturbing really horrendous in Mexico there were nine. US citizens killed in Mexico by savage animal cartel gang there's differences of In the story right now at Fox News coverage be in the show notes Daniel Wallace Fox News nine Americans including six children children killed as Mormon As Mormon offshot group caught in cartel crossfire. I mean what kind of savages. You have to be a really stories just hard to believe. The family was killed. Kill the Lebaron family and apparently lived in northern portion of New Mexico Sonora reason for a long time It's they're unsure yet if this was a targeting or a case of mistaken the identity but folks the details of the story are horrible. And because I try to keep the show relatively friendly friendly I'm gonNA leave out the horrible details about what these cartel did to this family as they were travelling back the United States but folks trump put out a tweet over this and you know this is one of the Times I really love this guy. I really really appreciate what he's doing. Quote this is the time for Mexico with the help of the United States to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president. You know what's good for you folks when I was in Law Enforcement Academy in Federal Enforcement Training Center in Glenn County Georgia learning how to be Federal agent one of the stories that was frequently told by people about the danger of what you're doing being a federal agent was the story of a ROIC. Da Age informer informer. I believe Marine by the name of Kiki Camerena. It's a sad story. I don't like to talk about because it's so horrible but I want to show you why we need people like trump right now. Kiki Marina was a DA agent. who had uncovered I mean massive drug trafficking He was a real threat to one of the cartels down there in Mexico well being da age and he was targeted he was targeted. He was taken. He was kidnapped by gunmen. He was tortured over thirty hours. There was DR involved. Who kept him alive so they can continue the torture? The condition they found his body in a plastic bag is not suitable for me to talk about on this show and it was. It was one of the most disgusting and disturbing cases. You're ever going to hear about if you don't know the story of Kiki Camerena. I suggest you look it up. Well that was during the Reagan. Years and Reagan wasn't doesn't have any of that so they launched Operation Landa which was one of the most massive murder investigations we've had at the federal level in US history and they got most of the dogs. Who did this? The mutts the pigskin cockroaches interview right. If someone sent me don't call dogs are dogs are great let's call call them roaches. Flies flies landing on dog turds. That's the kind of people these these savages. Are they got them. It took a while but we got

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