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And nine seven six. Four three from workers banding together to kids. Earning a buck in the next ten minutes. We'll get the lowdown on what's up with big business. I'm bethany van delft and this is the ten news. Something interesting happened at amazon recently. And it's not that. They found a way to teleport packages to your door. Man at the end of march employees One of the company's warehouses in birmingham alabama decided to vote on whether or not they would form a union. What does that mean. Unions are organizations of workers dedicated to protecting workers rights and making sure they have things like safe working conditions equality better pay and benefits like healthcare. This was the biggest. Push to unionize by amazon workers in the united states yet with president joe biden even showing his support for the movement but the final vote count came in last week and the move towards unionizing was rejected. Bummer labor organizers. Aren't giving up though. They're asking the national labor relations board to investigate the results and the nlrb has already accused amazon the second largest private employer in the us of sharing misinformation with workers about. It's also since the vote. There's been a new wave of interest about unions among amazon workers. Yes and congress is currently working to pass legislation that could really strengthen these groups in the future. It's never too early to start dreaming big. That's a correspondent. Pamela karlan discovered when she talked with fourteen year old mason right about how he turned hot dogs and buns into serious bank mason. You're probably the youngest entrepreneur in the state of georgia. Tell me about mason. super dogs. dogs is a very important thing to my heart. You can get quality hotdogs in its gourmet all worth. All of our topics are gourmet and handmade. Do you said that the restaurant idea actually started rate as were coming out of foreign teen. How did that happen. I got the idea of mesa super dogs from new york city because when me and my sister when our city in time score you so hot that carson superheroes and there was a lot of people in new york waiting for one cart at a time i was okay. This seems like a good business plan. And i took all the money i had left from that troop of bought myself the red card then as i was doing like birthday. Parties miss the specially vans. It was going really well but the pace that was going at. I wanted to do more hotdogs on. Wanted to be open more so my grandfather matched me for the money for new york style car for my birthday. I was really a great way grateful for that. Once covid happened instead of being like a food truck had to pivot and we got went. A restaurant funny story. I thought we were going to go. Get some chick-fil-a in it milkshake in spicy chicken sandwich. Instead of getting chick-fil-a that day on my birthday. I got a restaurant in. That was awesome. How do you balance running your own business with going to school. The way i figured it out is scheduling in time management. So wake up at six. Get there by eleven. finish up the lessons. Since i'm home schooled in then be done by twelve with a lunch rush comes in. That's smart thank you. So what would you tell other kids who want to do something like you or who are thinking about starting their own business but maybe a little scared to do it. Our just go for it. Just do it even if people telling you this might not work. Just do it. It doesn't matter what age you are. What career path you you wanna go with. Just do it. Would you say you love what you do. I do love what i do. I never worked a day in my life. Because i do. What else awesome she. We'd be looking for mason super dogs all over the country soon most definitely and in the airports trying to have a mason super dog all over the place in beating chick-fil-a steady going there come to mason super dogs located at thirty two seventy five snapping road mason. Thank you so much for talking to us today on the ten no problem. Thank you for having me. People all over the world love hotdogs and as correspondent ryan nurse reports. Some people maybe be loved them a little too much. Imagine that you're eating a hotdog chomping right through the soft gun and into the warm meet casing a burst of flavor the mixes savory beef sweet catch up and tart mustered Only imagine that this isn't just lunch. This training like training for a sport. There are actually hundreds of people who trained like this. They're known as competitive eaters. Or if you're an insider girja tasers. I know because. I used to work as an announcer for major league eating the world governing body of all stomach centric sport. That's incredible for five years. I traveled around the country announcing eating contests for all types of foods complete with records. That would blow your mind. There's the cupcake record. Seventy two cupcakes in eight minutes and chicken wings. Two hundred eighty one in eight minutes and even ice cream sixteen pounds in just six minutes. Oh talk about brain freeze animal but the super bowl of competitive eating the stanley cup of swallowing though world cup of consumption is the nathan's famous fourth of july hotdog eating contest. It's been held annually in coney island new york since nineteen sixteen and up until the early nineteen ninety s. regular guys with big old bellies. Would pretty much always win. But in one thousand nine hundred six dot change a scrawny little japanese eater named kajima crushed three hundred and sixty pound american men named ed the animal karachi nakajima took the two thousand dollar first prize by eating just over twenty three hot dogs and buns or hdb's as they say in twelve minutes. Neither of the girgis is used condiments and they both dunk the buns in water to increase their eating speed. It was the dawn of the japanese era of competitive eating in two thousand one. Another skinny japanese eater named to carroo the soon nami. Kobayashi doubled the record eating a phenomenal fifty. Hdb's in twelve minutes. Kobayashi held the title for six straight years. But in two thousand seven a fresh-faced california kid named joey jaws chestnut used his formidable draw strength and stomach capacity to knock down sixty six hot dogs in the last twelve years since chestnut has lost only once and he just keeps eating more and more like a bottomless pit. Last year. joey. Jaws eight an astonishing seventy five dogs in just ten minutes and a petite american woman named mickey pseudo one for the seventh year in a row breaking the women's record with forty eight and a half. Hdb's though the nicknames are funny there's sonya the black widow thomas and retired. The locus fever calling competitive. Eating sport no longer seems like a joke. The nathan's famous fourth of july contest has a total of forty thousand dollars in cash prizes and over a year long season. There's an estimated half million dollars in prizes up for grab on the pro circuit but the training is actually quite rigorous. Trust me so dear listeners. Please don't try this at home but just remember the next time you enjoy a delicious hot dog that in the world of competitive eating this would be just like a tough workout at the gym. Lucky you it's what. Watch the bag trivia undeterred. Now that we've talked a ton about making money who is the world's youngest self made billionaire. Is it a opted. Technology with austin brussel be inventor reed richards or see fashion designer. Share horowitz. did you guess it. The answer is a austin russell. So what is optics technology. And how exactly did it make austin so rich okay. Very simply optics is a branch of physics dedicated to the study of light and the way it interacts with instruments. That gather information. Okay we optics tech every day your rier list mouse digital camera or blu. Ray all optics. So how does austin come into the picture as a kid. He happened to understand optics really really really well. And at seventeen he founded a laser sensor called. Lumina are the laser sensors. Luminaires makes now are being used to develop self driving cars. Which are worth a whole. Lot of moolah austin stake in his company is valued at about two point. Four billion dollars. That's a lot of money. Yeah times up but before we go. Here's a quick note for the grownups. We're listening at ten news town hall with former commander of the international space station. Terry virts and we want to hear from you. Ever wonder what food astronauts really wanna know what it's like to be in space birth two hundred and thirteen days or how one becomes commander of the iss semitic question of your own visiting ten news dot com. That's the t and n e w s dot com and. There's a chance your audio maybe use. This part of the podcast. How cool is that. Houston we ever great question. Thanks listening to the ten news. Look for our new episodes on tuesdays thursdays and extras on saturdays. News is a co production of small but mighty media and next chapter podcast and is distributed by iheartradio. The production and editorial team is a group of a huge appetite for news. including tracy crooks. Pete must though ben austin to campo jenner pascua stephen tompkins and sarah. Ohlander pamela kirkland and ryan nurse contributed to this episode. Our production director is jeremiah. Till and the ten news is executive produced by donald albright and show creator. Tracy leads kaplan. Do you want to be part of the show. Have a grownup help record a question. A joke or a fun bath. You wanna share an email it to us at hello at the ten news dot com and show your love for the ten news by going to your favorite podcast app and submitting a rating and review and helps others find the show so they can drain the fund to. I'm bethany van delft and thanks for listening to the ten new car driving a mason super dogs.

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