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Office Depot Officemax is your number one destination for HP INC shop are huge selection of original HP INC and now through October twelfth buy one get one thirty percent off all HP INC at Your Neighborhood Office Depot officemax store and at Office Depot Dot Com or your inc online and throw the go to Wednesday morning jets got some good news yesterday would Sam Darnold and the Yankees got some good news last night as the Astros S. invincible too because you felt at the end of the regular season the way that they were playing the way that those two guys took the series took the ball and then games one and two in the way that they are getting pushed to the brink and even the astros end up taking care of business at home game five with Garrett Cole on the mound who has not lost since May going to five the Yankees the only ones sweeping taking care of business and hanging out good morning our you I'm doing great man and it was great for the keys and he didn't end it as a matter of fact that kind of that kind of action fuels the fire for the other team it's motivation for the raise just like it's motivation I give him credit he wanted to go on short rest he wanted to get it over with but man I mean they were after him I mean they they weren't they weren't backing down they weren't intimidated and that's the beauty of it things and it gets back to the team in this day and age nothing gets missed there's going to be a level of just determine he's a third a distant third so does that these other guys in that he's man I think it's really good yeah and I also think that this you know makes the Astros look a little this is the least makes the astros a different team going into the AL CS having used both of those guys Fleiss having distorted different guy in Game Bank studio boomer assize in Greg Ged boomer and Geo on the fan simulcasts across the country on CBS sports network whole nother set of circumstances but I do think how it affects the Yankees the Yankees and applying the raise guess who's got home field advantage and the New York Yankees and you would think that re- in reality that it actually affects people but I do think it affects people I think like if you're very confident in your overly confident and you're saying in your pants last night watching Perlman or getting toward that again no kind of touch the money you know he said today J. Hinch the night before the bench give me the ball its end this thing and for like say the forty niners when they play Baker Mayfield and the browns any sort of like and I and I know sometimes we make a little bit more of it than it just seemed invincible early on but now after you watch the Yankees sweep away the twins and it wasn't even a match and now you've got FDA they end up playing the the astros guests who they're probably GONNA seem game one zach ranking and he ain't that cranky cranky of old no absolutely not us the rays are one of the lowest paid teams in the League and they're just playing baseball the way the race play baseball now that doesn't mean that it's going to be easy and Houston that's for sure that's that's Burland or they pitch their answers off and they are bringing this series to a break and every other series in the postseason so far one of the AFC S. and that's at the very least at the most they might avoid them completely as the Tampa Bay rays last night in impressive fashion they get the this happening here with the Astros you feel like you're the Yankees are in prime position to you know feel like favorites going into that series now because of the home field will probably still be a did that help the team I really do because if you listen all their post game interviews every one of these guys was talking about the atmosphere and that building and the fans that showed up nation and disgust from the opposing team and I think we saw that from the as last night the race yeah and the fact is is that now bro under wasn't great did they get inspired because they're actually playing in front of raise fans yeah they're total frauds and yeah they don't show up during the regular season and yeah next year they're not gonNA show up regardless of what they do the rest of this year but the fact that this team I mean they seemed inspired by lively crowd a lively home crowd that they never get I mean that Tampa Bay rays a total expenditure of sixty four million dollars on their roster okay and the Houston Astros are up at one hundred sixty eight light underdog but man I tell you this could not be working at any better way could work out better is if the race finish off the astros are the front running race fans show eight million dollars on their roster and when you think about the amount of money that Justin verlander makes compared to the roster of the raise its building is still awful with the bullpens that aren't bullpens and the cat walks in everything that's there but I mean when there's fans in there that are cheering on the raise it's a different atmosphere it's one of those weird old buildings that somehow works in the advantage of the home team because it's so weird old and straight the amazing thing is house like half believable it really a great story and it's great for the Yankee Fan because you want you want the Astros pitching staff to be extent perfectly thrown in that that was the seed from Centerfield yeah it really was and then of course it goes to review it looks like maybe Al to had gotten his hand in you just felt like they weren't losing that game last night right from the get goes they jump on Orlando's all over the place but now they've got a game five against Garrett Cole as you could possibly have in a spot where you felt like the Astros were really mounting a comeback in the game and that just that just shut them down I mean that was that was the end of that hurt comes back in September slowly works his way back in two innings three innings four innings pitches pretty well gets game one of this series goes four and a third couple earned runs but he is you know he's been really really good on the road in his career he someone who's got exceptional stuff so so go to the bullpen they'll use everybody so blake Snell close last night for them you know Charlie Morton only with a couple of days rests they'll figure out a way to get him in the game ballpark they all know that nobody is giving them a chance to beat the Houston Astros all fuel I mean it's just like they they are they are writing on like this at some point you know sort of glass now somehow get gives them four five innings that sets up the raise perfectly if they're within striking distance and they can score at all perfect that's like those those videos whether those Tomah main ski videos man this is like this is it this is textbook right ear doesn't get any better than just in that that would be an unbelievable accomplishment be great yeah whatever team comes out of this to face the Yankees they're going to have to face a a well rested line something that would really be something that would be amazing that would I would be a tremendous upset. I mean of epic proportions if they were able to pull that off being lose in their building loosened with maybe this'll be a number leibel accomplishment for the race had a great year and everything else and onto well then to win three straight and glass now going for Tampa right you do and and of course he was unbelievable the first couple of months of the season he ends up getting line up was you know in those three games against the twins why would you touch it why would you mess around so we'll see how they handle that I mean you have frazier Ford hanging out together yeah both pitching staffs are going to be pushed pushed to the limit you know what I mean that's that's good for the savages yeah just show up and you know whoever find out that is just going to grind them into dust whoever it is and that's what the Yankees have they just have this lineup that grinds everybody out and by the way Aaron Hicks says he's healthy enough to come back in Alad you just wonder can go toe to toe with Garrett Cole now Kevin Cash and the raise the they don't care if he doesn't have it in two pitchers having cash is done a good job of getting the most out of all those players but think about it those players you know they all know that the lowest paid team in the league they all know that they play in our horrendous against Garrett Cole which is really going to be the question the raise you six pitchers last night and look even no matter who you are as a you know who the Yankees end up playing together I think they're going to want an extra arm lifelock told us yeah yeah I mean I think that was more like Hicks wanting to get back in I think they'll probably be smart and say no we're not we're not gonNA mess with the as good as I liked the fact that he wants to belong he believes himself and he's confident you know and then he goes a little bit over the line when he's complaining about starting though because you know what he games at home and and the way they did and beating Berliner it's huge its users no question about that but going into Houston and being Garrett Cole that that would be happens in game five there at least taking their inching forward to being in a better position for the lcs than they were a day ago because he did not play store no that's right hey that's him that was that was him behind home plate I mean that was perfect and executed play incur- myron gets the ball to adamas dominance as like you know totally ready and his body was set up to be able to throw the ball at home the ball was ed like they all have a chip on their shoulder and it's working and it will be something new they if they're able on Thursday if they're able to beat the Astros in Plan GonNa take take apart yeah but have at the rate so last night there closer starts and one of their starters closes so you had their closer star gets do starting then Blake Snell closing I mean they do all sorts of ways you gotta give them so much product there's a level of unselfishness that has to permeate the team and will but I mean I still think there's going to be a lot of Yankee fans WANNA see Houston go out just to be able to to feel better about a world series raised to slay the Astros and then do it again against the Yankees would be incredible but of course you you'd still rather see the raise and I'm not saying the Yankees would sweep the start for any other team baseball not maybe not start but he can make any other roster in baseball and get his time clock going go yeah there there really isn't but you feel this morning like the Yankees grew a little bit as as favorites last night by watching this regardless of what is the Astros at the very least are getting pushed to the brink and there's still a shot I know that people wanna see Yankees Astros even talking about it for the longest time it's just it's strength against all I know Aaron Hicks can come back I mean I'm still I'm not messing around with that lineup the way that Brett Gardner playing the fact that he's hitting third the fact that these at bats that he's effect it has only time will tell if in fact they win but all I know is that yesterday was like one for the little guy yesterday was one for the little guys I show for us we're going to have a gigantic Wednesday show today though damn and I'll tell you that right now we're just got it started boomer and Geo on the fan across the country on CBS sports network. I mean maybe there are a pain in the neck there were great baseball team they're amazing but it's not the astros is not well it's not the Astros but when you think about it lender on three days rest eighty four pitches and three and two thirds innings that's something that they weren't counting on him having to do yeah right well what kind you know and and it's been so inconsistent form because well part of it's him and his defense in the outfield but the other part let's face it is the Yankees are loaded took the thing off man I mean that's a yeah you don't WanNa cower away from the best teams you don't WanNa take the the the road less traveled the right thing but there's always like a just a little bit of like you know I belong there yeah well I I kind of liked it that's why you it's tough man because you sort of toe the line like I talking about well you know he still got a little like he's got a little attitude you know of course he's trials is going to be an amazing one and then Thursday night obviously Tampa Bay at Houston seven o'clock on Fox sports one yeah that everybody's Eliason Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo raise push this thing to a game five Garrett Cole and Tyler Glass now too Doc Eric Legrand is GonNa join us in studio a little bit later today Jerry will join us in a couple of minutes to give us the update it's the morning show with boomer that's how you got to put it yeah and if if they somehow pull it off we've got three game fives now happening to today in the National League one on Thursday that's really what this is all about and that's exactly what's happening at the top of the fourth inning altuve eight thrown out of the play Oh that's right there's a turning point solidify at least yes rank the greatest thing in the world but also if you're a yankees fan you wouldn't mind seeing the race want you'd have home field advantage might Zena regime on Saturday Saturday and Sunday end none none of them would be upset like this would be an upset in the American league right and by the way the the Games today Saint Louis added land the tomorrow the giants and the Patriots that's going to be a complete and utter NFL embarrassment for the giants unfortunately because they're all hurting the picks the Pittsburgh pirates going against one another in a game five to move on to the lcs you've got a human sacrifice five oh two on tbs and then Washington at Los Angeles tonight eight thirty seven on TBS yeah so in Strasbourg and Buehler look back at it is Bradley looks up it's one nothing raise Tommy now too so I mean I don't know what's GonNa Happen with dash or team working out in Tampa by the way what's another all star team working case right right exactly treats might have their best team that they've ever had excite the giants are getting back there to their inside linebackers Al Gotree being one of them Oh okay so Carlos stand right so if you're if you're clint frazier you look and you see my Tuchman doing when he does with Cameron may have been doing what he does I just fall farther and farther first class service at affordable prices and we will start with the game at the trop last night and not a good start for Justin verlander terrific start for Tampa to to pitch launched period but then you just can't you can't take anything for granted man they're going to be tough they're going to be tough but you'd still I mean obviously I mean the Yankees would be prohibitive favorites over the and you know who they're going to replace it I I who are they going to take out the put him in Nobel especially when the backups to Giancarlo Stanton have been better than John that moved the line news yes I mean Call Vegas man call let them know I don't think it's line worthy movement arrays managers mouth here's Kevin Cure Meyer down oh to now it's Tutu resilient bunch for sure this incredible it is we've used didn't send Dr No in the first inning what are you doing now pressure pressure on and let's go yeah absolutely and then they show you the replay when you could actually hear the announcers course not no no it is not Jerry's here with all of the stuff good morning Jerry well good morning brought to you by auto group schedule an appointment today to Ray Katina's service center Orlando really struggled and he knew early didn't have his best stuff out there pretty quickly realized that control just wasn't where I would like the fastball slider was just a needed a flat fastball essentially over the left field wall they tack on a couple more Travis d'arno with an RBI single kind of has had is in it and enjoy Wendell that were a lot lately and this is just another notch in the belt for all of us show and how much of that resiliency we have and so they'll go to Houston for a game five now justin take a perfectly executed defensive play as the ball is going to be handled by three different people and let's not forget with all the new rules with the catcher and blocking the plate Travis I know where he was and then kept his body in a place where to they couldn't get his hand in there and it wasn't a violation that's another part of this thing that Kinda goes unnoticed here's came out in that fourth inning for Tampa they used six pitchers with Blake snell getting the final two outs for the save in his first career relief appearance and this will go to what you were talking about be glued to that you have that you have the giants and the Patriots on Thursday night and then you'll have what will have a big football Friday and we can preview the AL that's going to be a gigantic the double the right William Dominate the hormone the fourth and inbetween you're the big relay play Yarbrough top breathes out and froze line tried to the Gee maybe you to boomer about the the crowd at the trump I was actually blown away to hear Josh Rennick say this little surprised by how much intensity was in this ad catcher running around or or some big lumbering guy until they all two-day and everything had to be perfect and it was it was Bang Bang play just said so that this kind of spending all night really doing a whole lot more runs on seven hits three walks just three in two thirds eighty four pitches only fifty two for strikes didn't seem to have it at all and baseball Joe Girardi who did the game last night in Tampa when you could hear him was a guest with Mike on the Fan Mike guest him if he is interviewed anywhere yet I can't tell you took out I mean they're pushing the envelope they they WANNA score they haven't scored so they're trying to be aggressive it's the right call by the third base go the other way and it could Dan homers here matters and the race a one nothing lead here the bottom of the I mean that is raise radio with the call feminist annihilate I pay him whatever he wants man you would that's what I would do what will frighten jeff pay him well you get paid Jerry's familiar the best stuff tonight for sure the later game the dodgers nationals Walker Bueller with Clayton Kershaw right behind him taking on Stephen Strasburg means a lot of managerial openings radio with GonNa make you watching Jerry as a baseball coach man is the greatest thing you've ever seen you know it's funny because when Joel Madden's interview with the angels overdue right he's he's going to be the manager the angels yeah so I just did Joe Girardi is a guy who gets legit opportunity for Brody van wagon and in the mets what are you gonNa pay him A. and that's why you have to favor them in a in a game five but I mean you just backtracked but he told the truth I believe he told the truth that I realized how bad that in cash cure Meyer dumbest d'arno you cannot execute a relay any better than that from K. K. Two Willie TD's tag you're not talking about it five will be tomorrow night with coal and glass now as you guys pointed out Yankees get the winner of the series which will start on Saturday tonight to game fives you got the cardinals and Atlanta Jack if I have or haven't expect there to be some you do expect okay so you expect to be in the in the loop here yes I do he would not and it was like well maybe I shouldn't say that yeah yeah but anyway the crowd really got that sort of thing we were ready for that especially in this dump of a building game and we've been out by twenty feet and this this was a close playing very well done but you know it was perfectly executed by the race and that's what it takes the throw a guy like that misfield we haven't really played very well you know with with something like that I would say flavor we'll probably bad wording but maybe not used to that many crowded much crowd that much atmosphere here Ed Right Center on the move care Meyer can't get it it's short hops. The Wall plays the Caramel two-bit a third is being waived dominate the relay here's the through Domino's got it Damn Jack Curry writing for the New York Times and your great career that you've plumer and Gino in the morning now I got a lot of that in the not easing Thursday night football giants take on the Patriots Sterling. Shepard won't play Saquon Barkley Evan Ingram Wayne Gelman not likely to play like I can come up with at least fifty other words to describe Chris Carlin before I got the lovely but hey he is lovely as well happy go lucky certainly okay anything yeah what do you want him to say right what is he supposed to say no yeah I interviewed with a team don't worry about it he's an appear okay that the lovely Chris Carlin will be lovely and talented lovely I love Chris Carlin but I I don't clarity facing Mike Volt Knezevic Larry Says Ready to roll and so prepared that you know again certain situations I know what I'm comfortable doing a note I'm not comfortable doing he hopes to have his but have not been ruled out as Pat Shurmur was asked about the status of Barclay and Ingram the game there against coffee at four guy coffee ship it out to you for free so let the ink flow and get ready to print your heart out offer excludes Economy Page Wide Inc expires October twelfth from my colleague John Flaherty who joined boomer and Gino in the morning now algae Jack on defense well need it sure any additional player helps that's yes that is true Sunday the jets take on the cowboys Sam Darnold probably not but they did that thank goodness Oh come on Jack for crying out loud does he realize like like who you are what you've become yeah I guess not anything the game pass the time they were talking about Candy Corn from Mike Okay all right we'll be back at quarterback in Dallas Jerry Jones that his weekly interview with Sean and RJ on the fan tough start to the interview for the cowboys owner disappointed oh you didn't hear that from me and he would continue to peppered about all that stuff I you know I understand that you're you're curious about the injuries I really don't have anything to add other than what's out there sounds like I know that I would describe him as lovely lovely and interesting where I would go with a different adjective bluntly big huckabee'll bear wasn't that love now talent yeah lovely and talented not an animal I know you're not because you would have used the words a lovely and Cowan true yeah lovely all over his lab the packers thing in the morning former President Bush there and ellen degeneres sit next to each other to get in is little different for us coming in but there's no excuse we go back home we got to take care of business the Astros from a couple of years ago when it Yankee Stadium Rock couldn't lose at home yep absolutely million dollars Joe Girardi three million Joe Girardi on with Mike and we had jack curry on with Margie Maggie Ginning and I haven't heard that in like a year and a Gino in the morning yeah yeah thanks Eddie I appreciate it man dude get used to it really still Craig Carlin nine nine okay talented lovely son of Gulf yourself those tough to do adopted two people go sit next to each I know she had to apologize or explain herself or something like what in the hell why because these gillies the twitter police are out there out there is not stuff that we put out yeah that's our doctors near their doctors a center Davis and ALC- Ogla tree will play which is the EH the rutgers Maryland game a little bit with him probably not happy go lucky crap poll talk to you Harley listening to people can't pronounce Sam darnold named the quarterback so I read a tweet from big head Oh I think legitimately coffee house lap he's had man forget about you know Aaron Rodgers and he's he's an old guy we all forget grass he's pretty good with that stuff oh my goodness screaming at everybody do you think that that was a cover up like Jerry Jones just legitimately forgot who they were playing then he used the cough Nah I don't think you forgot it all away they're gonNA play but they also there's a there was a big bureau of the Houston Rockets in Jim in Shanghai and they were painting over the Houston Rockets Houston rockets a persona non grata now of course it's only GonNa get worse from here and your man Adam Silver's basically trying to put it all back in the box and trying to thread the needle put an in helmet in helmet preparation we have done a lot of preparation with him out pants which is a new method this year I think fans look at the Knicks as a brand younger players in their lifetime. Don't remember the Knicks being good I've seen the Nixon the finals but kids coming up after me didn't see that applies he's fighting with all the Knicks fans and he's you wouldn't say that to my face and all this stuff I mean holy imagine the things that were said to him why he looks at it I just so that whole brand of the Knicks is not as cool as let's say the Golden State Warriors or even the Lakers or the nets now you know what I'm saying the cool thing now is not the next nets the we put him in pants in in shirts and then in a helmet on field and then we'll see preparation at that point definitely all right I mean he's about eighty five pounds and he lost ten pounds in the last three days and Kevin Durant by the way was back fighting with people on twitter yesterday if you could through college or go through his Hodge's whole yeah he he actually looked okay play badly no he didn't well he was asked Tomlin about the rumors that the CBS all access available across all your favorite devices all you have to do is go to CBS dot com slash boomer to get a one week free trial of skins might want him on the head coach of a warning four football team. There's going on the road to Play Hall of fame caliber quarterback with my third quarterback you think I'm worried about anything this week other than that name has surfaced for the potential reichen remember he played for the Redskins so todd Bowles could be back on waiting for yesterday Sam Darnold cleared to play this week against the cowboys so news anticipating that clearance happening but Sam darnold now is back and now as the team gets healthier and Chris Herndon coming back from suspension these things now trending in the right direction hodge's ready it has a lot less exposure a lot less in helmet preparation in helmet preparation preparation has been out helmet in during a Raider interview on Tuesday Kevin Durant spoke about why star players not signed with the knicks quote. Here's how they're on the street Guy Yeah Josh Henshaw I don't know man where's vic he doesn't WanNa kick anymore he's done yeah he said he doesn't hold Punter WanNA see some results on the field now fortunately for the jets they've got a couple more tough games on the schedule right off the bat before they get to the easier the titans I did not say cut Cairo Santos four field goals against the bills as we did see yes yes so you got you have a lot of like kicks going back in the right direction you know where you feel like you've got the right guys which is what you felt like going into the season is what you felt like in the first for the previous week of course we know that didn't happen and Luke Falk plays against the Eagles and it's exactly what we expected to see which was a total boat race there craziness because they certainly have worn the the trials and tribulations of this organization over the last few years but let's see me now a lot of owners consider that I know that cody Parke's back in the League the guy who the bears made such a big deal out of cutting because hired him half of game one you want now this season to feel like you're going in the right direction and you're not it's amazing how things change it a full one eighty that attached to it I it makes no sense to me he must he must end up enjoying it and the oilers beat the islanders five two to James Neal a couple of power play goals scored fourteen and you heard your owners say this his performance so far is giving us when we step up there we don't know it's going to or not that's not what you lost don't bet any money on against that happening lose Okay now this would not be let's say you're Mahar when you were the kicker of the cowboys ask all access it's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo got the news he was what about the the odds of Jason Jarrett Jason Carrot runs over with paper towel there's a line on Garrett getting fired in season uh-huh on the night all right hey everybody boomer assize and it's September and you know what that means at the NFL on CBS is back stream your local game live every Sunday with oh I think so be interesting to see how the jets defense response to Dak Prescott The Dallas cowboys hopefully Sam actually comes everybody from the beginning of the season to where we are now so I don't think all is lost I do believe that you know jet fans because of the history and the negativity that just baked at this team as it was built it would see what they can do and maybe get this thing to a place where it doesn't feel like they are one of the worst teams in dire straits in the NFL protect them and he will also make them better because he'll know what the hell he's doing on the field and he'll move around and he'll make secondary place Chris that the offensive line knows who they have behind them now they know that they have the franchise behind them they know that he's coming back from illness they're gonNA play their asses off the so it's not as if they're blocking for a third string practice squad backup quarterback who's not who's in way over his head there's no there's no inspiring arnold was a third overall pick in the draft he is supposed to be a superstar and he is going to bring back what I would hope is going to be a down and plays good and play solid and continues to get better because they'll they'll look differently with him quarterback at least I hope they do a part of their schedule it just at this point now I mean it oh in four you're obviously not thinking about playoffs you're not thinking about anything but really getting this into them like this whole thing is too much for them to handle so I don't really blame them for going off the deep end and want to get fired and all this stop I just sort of let them have their well I agree with you one hundred percent and hopefully Sam doesn't feel like he's gotta come in and throw for five hundred yards in ballgame I just hope he goes out there and probably pre diagnosed to now being cleared to be able to play on a game on for a game on Sunday so be about six weeks of time and that seems to be right let's that's about the right amount of time so hopefully he's getting better every single day hopefully he's getting energy and that's what I'm looking forward to see you know a guy that's out there does not WANNA kick punt pick us go back to Norway the steelers face the chargers Sunday night here's Mike Tomlin trying to get Devon go ahead man goodness just what the redskin fan wants an tuna back for the jets the jets defense has played well though that you sit here and tell you that they've been overrun they haven't been they've held their into the bargain when you're saying about the jets here one thing I don't agree with is I'm hopeful that Sam Door GonNa play well but watching that offensive linemen had mono before that game you got tested for Mono after the game and now we're looking at about six weeks it's about it's going to be about six weeks time from when he was on in that situation and it's not just loop Fox fault he's at the wrong place at the wrong time and he has to bear the brunt of the pressure of playing in the NFL Sam backed off track so we're that still remains to be done and remember this you know Sam Darnold played the first game against the buffalo bills with mono you played with mono yeah so we five years manning wasn't in Daniel Jones and everybody just seemed to be inspired after that of course this is a larger of a gap between Luke Falk and and Sam it plays as normal game and the defense continues to play the way that they have and they're going to be playing you know incomes they wounded Dallas cowboys team has lost two in a row now ooh trendy right now I think the team in China now maybe you can they are there well suppose which is like it's anyway my question is They football schedule on the Patriots how do they get such an easy in the league they weren't able to to move the football go to Chris in Huntington who joins us on the fan what's up Chris Hey guys thanks for taking my call I agree with you locks yes so they end up because of the rotations it's really just a couple of games that are in question at the end of the season that changes with where you ended up I'd like to say that I and Geo when you do Mr Know it all and Joe Beningo you are spot thank you frank I appreciate that at the end of the previous place Kansas City right so they play Kansas City in Houston which are those those are playoff team right so they were going to play the NFC east catacomb of professionalism to the position. Yeah I mean I know it's like a broken record Sri truth that position changes every shirt does I mean it changes your run game it that's fully healthy doesn't have the virus in them and can go out there and play man if they just held on in that bills game I mean just the one in three feels so much they were going to play obviously the AFC east and they were going to play the AFC north this year all of that was predetermined because of the rotation of the schedule Yeah and a team that of course feasted on the worst teams in football three Ed we know the here's the thing I don't necessarily know that Cj Moseley's old and you just you just know they're going to look better but how much better I mean this is is this a playoff team that got knocked off track or is this a six and ten team that got and it's amazing about the Patriots so you know they played Washington on Sunday hammered them now they have a short week against the giants there also you gotta remember the Patriots Make Everybody look worse to the Patriots aren't dropping these games very rarely are they losing it's on life when he steps on the field on Sunday Franks in Connecticut what's going on frank high over Gio high your frank's good I love you guys back without Cj Moseley then comes Dallas at home at Houston Kansas City at home at the bengals and then there's a couple of games in there that obviously are games that are determined by where you finish the year before and those games are Kansas City and they're Houston exclaim after the giants is in for eleven days normally as a ten daybreak but it's eleven daybreak because it's the Monday night game at the jets Komo after winning the super bowl and it seems like almost every year that they win the super bowl their schedule is easy I believe they will of course they have to I mean you can't watch any worse you cannot look that bad that offense did not have a chance against anybody we could have been the worst defense you gotta be physical you gotTa have the stamina you know to get through the four quarters and hopefully he'll have that now hopefully these last two weeks with him practicing will give him a new lease that's it so the fact that you've got the the NFC east that's got you know the giants and the Redskins in it right off the bat which is which is very very simple for them and then you got the AFC north which has got the steelers who are not the steelers and hurt when they played one though they didn't have let's go to Jim in Quinnipiac going on Jim Hey how are you moore who lost to Cleveland I mean come on and then they play Philadelphia who's no great shakes you can't go by what they did this past Sunday everybody's going to get right against the jets with Luke Falk that's scary that guy you know if he's going to get sick you know nine or ten times I mean how's he even going to produce anything for this his thing I'll tell you crossover schedule so to the bills and so the dolphins so it's just you know they have Tom Brady who bell Josh mcdaniels and everybody else is like in a state of Buffalo at home in Miami at home this is this is that's a fourteen and to schedule it worse I mean I think right exactly at worst one hundred percent alone they get the six games in the AFC East I four right so that that's a major advantage here right and it just it just so happens that their schedule this year but look at this six after that after these to tell me that Cleveland's any good after watching the other night they at least have six that are least Baltimore six weeks and the doctors cleared him I think it's fine I need to go to the bathroom is that the guy drops I I was talking to me I feel like this is a great song for a eighty sports highlight phil the teams that they're not supposed to lose to where are these other teams are I mean hell the chiefs were an eleven point favorite at home against the colts and they got their their brains beaten are after the buffalo game they got Washington and the giants those giants fan but you know the jets the jets play the same schedule they play the same it's just the team you know turn double play like cheesy slow motion hands she bloomer available wait one second right Jim while I while I get him so how's everything going today oh just terrific okay live from the Investors Bank studio as Boomerang. Go on Fan and across the contrast CBS sports network can I ask you of course you can boomer now array me into some pain all right it's the morning show with boomer Esiason Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Injury he was making me laugh with all those stories hernia surgeries he's seventy two to why one on each side better the one having that one win as opposed to being winless at this point but I I look back I went back in that game he wasn't right in that game either changes the the the wide receivers changes how the defense plays you cheated the offensive line hell we just went through with the giants for crying out loud the difference between I love it Phil Simms half-naked doing curls after winning Super Bowl yes that that for some reason Richard Sherman wants to make a big deal out of supposedly knock it in the handshake from Baker Mayfield by the way when you see van bow they don't have Antonio Brown right Ben Ben Did play that game they still beat them thirty three to three you got the browns they're the bengals yourself I mean the he he did that that whole videotape thing Palestinians in the short shorts they're really tight shorts bump bar on we are pregame handshake line he and Baker Mayfield check in there is video evidence that shows the two of them engaging in a handshake saying he was mustered he must enjoy it to a certain degree I guess I'll do that stuff right Al has to because he can't be you know they hit looked like Richard Sherman like kind of slapped hands they did and then the next guy came over to Baker and they hugged yeah all right so what Ed what's going on I love your show thank you now I'm kind of curious what do you think it's too soon that Donald back in and out no not at all now it's about time now to the point where you wouldn't be surprised if he snubbed an opponent or you know like the whole flag thing planting the flag that's way Nick Bosie could didn't forget about that for years and years nobody just up Sixteen Amit Moseley goes out it's like everything's gone everything and you got you got to be mentally tough we think that he seems like a guy that would do that I don't think he's a guy that would do that because he is someone who got that competitive edge what is what what's Richard Sherman talking about I have no idea why why does everybody just pass it off like and where he went on the air at Iowa I was not putting them on and he told me about his five hernia surgeries and his prostate removal and then he's got another hernia Sir want to hire a lawyer and get after that hurry this guy needs was infected he was telling me about he was putting a convalescent home g right the mets showing up to Spring Training in Port Saint Lucy with like the you know rusty Staub caps and the orange hair and then like this is a great one Yeah this guy had one but you had to come on your podcast most right one I had to the controversy factored bs look into the camera fake news fake news crap story yeah that should not have any now you'd be able to tell me a little bit more about this than I could because he's done a million commercials yeah they were the hype team they got Odell Beckham Jr stupid that's just an they beat them down they said what they said after the game they embarrassed the forty niners crushed a browns as a whole but there's no reason I mean he's always been a guy who cannot wait to just stir something up which I've kind of appreciated over the years quite frankly because it is entertaining the commercial comes up before the show or sitting in boomers off his LDL perks up then I start to talk myself into unders comments the night before on the dugout that Fox sports one had and put them out there don't think for a minute that baited know what Justin verlander were saying about give me the ball we're going to be a storage yeah and I think this is fueled the fire like I was talking about how Tampa Bay had the fire fuel because of just umbrella are there you know everybody was talking about you know them being the team this year and and we all know that they're they are story I don't care what you say whether they're good or bad I because it's an easy thing to believe with Baker Mayfield because he seems like a guy who would do that that's why people just jumped on Richard Sherman but it's not sense however this one was nonsense there is something about Baker Mayfield in the browns that the NFL players on other teams cannot stand ah one hundred percent Richard Sherman is lying about what took place now it could it be that there was another moment don't touch the money in I guess in Defensive Baker Mayfield it's because of all the commercials because here we go again just ripped him back and everything else ripped apart but I don't know why Richard Sherman felt the need to lie about a handshake rain the train that's right the failing Richard Sherman and his fake now failing reporting of it well yeah well reporting because it's what retirement said after the it'd be giving answers you know he talks to the media lot and on top of all the commercials on top of all the hype he seems to be the guy that is you know feel yeah I haven't had to go to that from yet to allow get back to high perfect alright boomers here now jim go ahead how are you thanks hey volmer how are you and you know it'd be the rest of their schedule I'm not sure I'll have to look at it but man if they have to play let's just take a look here doing the most heat and pressure yeah Freddie Kitchens really is the problem there I mean they had a team here they assembled all his talent they're ready to go they ended last year on a good note they decided to go all the newsworthy stuff that has happened around the browns he's like the center of it all right and so he's always going to be asked questions about it he's always right so I don't know if I could blame a reporter for saying Richard Germans right you're right I think you blame Richard Church for lying about it that's the problem and what does he get out of it I don't know game or after though he was talking about pre-game pre-game yeah well then he's lying flat out lying because as one hundred percent video as a matter of fact Baker Mayfield the blind stinks and I don't think that he's a good head coach I think they made a massive miscalculation with him and when they play good defenses good defensive line you're going to see what happens at New England at Denver Buffalo then they play Pittsburgh twice in other half of the audience is giant fans are going to be like come on with this Gronk Scott to be doing this game and by the way you think he's is he going to be an analyst or is he going to be a clown right his press conferences he's getting paid into corners by the reporters he's getting owned it's it's it's a mess and I cannot see it turning around I can't because the replay coming and they and they went after Baker Mayfield on the field and then after the game everybody went after him man all right we got them rattled we gotta miss he skittish have the giants at the Patriots and you're going to have a TV debut tomorrow night yeah of Gronk that's right the GRONK is going to be like three weeks Pittsburgh Miami Pittsburgh Cincinnati Arizona how about that schedule one two three that should be five wins right there and then they got Cincinnati and the let's end this thing tomorrow night what about last year when Aaron Judge Played New York New York passed the same thing sox clubs kind of the same thing you always want to just make sure your respect the game making his TV analysts debut for Thursday night football on Fox yeah I would not put him on a Patriot game the first time around I understand why they're doing it but I'd be there's a whole right at a at an epic level and by the way you know it's not like their defense was doing much against San Francisco Seattle this week the objective with it dude we're going to kill a man awesome bag or not there was this whole controversy that came out of the Monday night game between the San Francisco in honors this this is like this is like what goes on in the world I this is a guy take a look at the teams with the best defensive lines yeah I mean I their offense to his under it perform their offense if he's going to be an analyst it's impossible for him to be able to this fresh off him being a New England Patriot in his first time on TV right so th th they should make the playoffs we'll watch out for Devlin hodges though man telling you this guy could be the take the League by storm you never know tomorrow night you had with the offensive coordinator I mean they basically put a hey seed in charge of this operation and he is failed at a epic level so far doesn't know what he's doing he's up there guesses he literally spilled the coffee and he's trying to still talk while right you know Sop sop coffee on his lap he was at the end of the interview I think he's going to say that yeah that's going to be Gronk in pre-game show dig a rookie quarterback other third string running back there the receivers concussion man or worse to you we're gonNA kill who who who who like that's GonNa that's Gronk as an analyst with his shirt off he's got feelings these days so this is the quote right from Sherman Okay what's amazing and annoying was not him shaking hands at the okay you're GonNa have rivals but pay your respect in that moment especially when you're young respect the game and take adderall before the game everybody's focused right he and then and then this one that they put on before these games by the way did you hear what the flyers announced act for the game so I mean really he's gotTa have to handshakes to and shakes before the game I mean at the coin toss multiple coin and when you pull Bush league stuff that's disrespectful to the game so what Bush league stuff that he pull respect the game Sherman said visit earn anything in this league games as he won he's acting like he was the MVP it mahomes did that'd be one thing but he would never do that because he's got too much ginning Sherman told Mike Silver of NFL DOT com. That's some college bleep it's ridiculous we're all trying to get psyched up but shaken hands with your opponent that's NFL etiquette aww pools of blood outside a concession stand how do we fix this let's make our rage room where it's safe to go beserk no it's stupid shake coin toss posed coin toss Baker ran off didn't do the obligatory trip within forty seconds it can't be in the booth he's gotta be I think he's part of the pre-game show right so he's got to be so he'll be down here then with Strahan and those guys the smart this is somebody up in corporate thinking that how can we get our fans not to slash the tires of cars in the parking lot we've had six incidents downs why not we got Chris on Long Island wants to talk about this Mayfield Richard Sherman thing. What's going on Chris Hey guys Hawaii Goodman so you're you're missing a key element of handshake date here is very important story okay so yes yes Baker and Sherman greeted each other pre about yeah the rage room yeah the flyers are creating a thing called the rage room so Ryan when the band gets upset they go there and they can let it out Randall wouldn't shake his hand for nothing right well you know what I'm saying hall of Famer that's all you want to pay respects to one of the best ever done it was another one of those guys right a Maniac Conrad Dobler you name them you know there were a lot of maniacs out there a lot of maniacs I thought I often told you about okay we'll take heads okay you stand over there you stand over there okay you win the toss you want the ball we'll take the ball okay thank you guys see after all right so no second loss handshakes so ridiculous that I mean listen you how many times are you out there with the coin toss handshake is that is that the is that the etiquette is it and don't ever get that type of publicity simply because they're either not playing these years but in the old days man forget they're trying to hurt you know yeah a Bill Romanowski Manchu are there some second hand shakes that could be I don't know I think it's written in stone what you do and how you do it and by the way if I were out there with John you know lyles Szeto from Long Island here played at Lawrence High School and everything else we're playing the raiders and he decides he's coming now in our locker you're going all over the place but I did a lot of like crazy little torts sports potpourri with boomer this actually this actually makes a lot of sense when you yeah well come on stop it first of all they're gonNA meet gritty in there I hope knock gritty will die but no I don't I don't drew and they'll just pummeling Jonah wouldn't that be great well I guess only there's a camera in there put put a cavern there that you have a whole nother of entertainment yeah just be like Mason Rudolph he when he got out of the pocket it's almost like he hasn't played enough to know how fast it is out there I guess yeah I mean listen I don't watch the only pre-game show I watch is yours I'm not just saying that I can't because you love Terry Terry Bradshaw has been on that sitting you can't see anything can't find glasses he's making terrible jokes it's the wars thirty bradshaw great God it's the worst you got an assist last night as I point is angel player but man he was overwhelmed in the beginning like Oh my God this is happening so fast and it's the same thing for a quarterback unease back in our day they were allowed to hit us in these yeah and they would always push the rules always push rules try to get the quarterback out of the game so it was not fun and they'll something will happen in their rage room guys will go the rage room will be the place where to to maniacs meet to fight now you know go to raise room let's go to raise takes appreciate family lunatics are on the field like you know we we may we city and we talked about as perfect but there are so many other you trying to learn so many things at at in such a short period of time that when you get on the field you put yourself in these bad situations and you and what's coming at them and this is the thing like Josh Allens gotta learn you know Sam Darnold gotta learn at Baker Mayfield's gotTa learn it Colin Murray's in the middle of learning at every week I did like you never know like half of the guys on the on the field if they're on something that they're not on something what the Hell's going on out there guys dive in before the game to say hi to me Okay and say hi to me is casino obviously I'm from Wyoming and Sal Champi want Lawrence running around and realized he actually protects himself pretty well though he hasn't gotten crushed but realizing that the guys on the on the defensive side of the ball fast as hell man and things making a fool out of himself for the other one for like thirty years now I can't take it lasts for thirty myself in thirty you're not making a fool out of yourself for me yeah yeah after he's diving at my knees and trying to knock my you know my career yeah I appreciate it that is a game I appreciated that a Gamer man whenever can you know Richie Malo and south champion the coach of Lawrence and East islip and it's this whole little thing going on right to my holy what's going on with Jerry brought about the Raycatena auto group schedule an appointment today Ray Katina Service Center First Class Service at affordable prices what's going on we're still not sure who the Yankees Starter Donald Carter I here's Aj hinch the Astros manager he says give the raise a lot of credit for doing what they did it wasn't that ver- lender was that bad they did a good recite Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Jerry recco is back with us going to tell you everything that happened last night homered in his game as early on there was a three-run first-inning Travis d'arno and RBI single as they got to Justin Ver- lander here was d'arno why successful I have a four nothing lead and that is raise radio the astros would get one back but that would be it and in the ninth with a couple of guys on base time run at the plate Blake's Nelly no it's a little more fun now guys still get hit as we saw to Mason Rudolph and Josh Allen some of these other guys but it was a different world you have a look uh they did raise radio again four one the final score forcing a fifth decisive game in Houston Tomorrow Night Tommy Fan Eh Centerfield Brindley turns and looks it's gone homer Willie at Damas his home and again in the rain these hits that you shouldn't be taken as what you know you gotta you gotTa get down when when you're out there you gotta get down man I take those hits it's the morning show with boomer Gulf things come quickly like a joke suppose quickly but last night the islanders debuted new one of their new defenseman no adoption and he got a and I'm like no no no no no no I don't want anybody getting anybody out of anywhere just everybody calm down and he came in and gave me a big hug and no longer to see on the field one prior to go up and you shake hands up beforehand that I know of and you say like you know if it were Dan Marino Hey dan how you doing how's everything good luck today rinke stinks and you know and what's his name Berlin didn't have touched the money put me in skip let me end this but don't you kind of like that and that was a majority was on during the broadcast of the game that you could tell the three days rest he just didn't have as location for the Astros UNHINGES team goes back to Houston they pushed back we're not afraid of anyone and it'll be a lot of fun to to play that game five he's not going to start calling him travis darnold just to buck the Charlie the microphones pick up everything yeah and and Fox sports one played that a comment that he made to Aj hinch yeah I just I listen I get it I understand what you're saying I think that the forty niners Brown's example is a little bit better I just don't know if like G. Men Choi is more locked in on Justin verlander because he I'm ready to play the Hebrew home yeah I just I just think that when it's ver- lander this kind of stuff you want to hear from him let's go in this I'm ready to go skip what do you want they could feel like this and I'm like okay I got I got if I were you I would ascend Anthony Munoz to the visiting locker room with alka Seltzer mouth have them foaming like he was the hell you doin' in here of wow that was a scary human being out of uniform let alone what he was like in uniform reith up like maximum torque which one you WANNA go on three days rest I'm not sure if I'm going to be at my best much you know what's amazing though is that just how the cameras pick up everything now the cameras hold? Aj Him that he wanted the ball game pass your question if Joe Sip your high school football coach read something somewhere hey that's a different thing to go on that you know that is a good one but that's that's a totally different situation because that is a leader that is standing about that whole situation he goes yeah well the guys wrote him pretty good because he came out the morning that they were going to go play over at Brenda burn arena doll season to get home field we have it for reason it'll be nice to get home I love this series I love the opportunity that we have a win and they head to the against the Yankees pitching there's more examples of touching the money and losing their is touching money of winning how many knuckleheads I guarantee we're going to win in the end up losing stuff he might he might guaranteed Yankees will play the winner of the series in the AFC game one will be Saturday cardinals in Atlanta tonight for game five the pitching about I don't know East islip talking about how they're going to take down bellport don't you think that would be in your locker room for example baseball I don't know if I'm telling you against Verlinden that opening in for the three and two thirds that he went he's fallen behind and and we're getting some leverage counts and and we're able to capitol Zahn facing Yuli Gurriel still ready runners leading at second and third the one to swing a line drive up the middle right there as Wendo he has it froze the first race job of staying with them I thought his fastball was was really good I mean it was pretty hot coming out today he threw the ball hard I think is location was you know a little spit matchup in that fifth game we'll be Garrett Cole entirely to say you know God Dang it I can't believe we gotta go back and play a fifth game we should ended this thing but they lost game four last night to the Connecticut the Mohegan Connecticut sunk that's right yeah that's still doing those games yes said they were GONNA win game five in the WNBA finals do they say after the loss game for last night right and so she's now we'll see how it works out because it's him though I mean isn't that what he's supposed to say guys won a world series before he carried that team Oh yeah first time he's he's GonNa win the CY young team that's all yeah over a few things yeah occasionally you know depends what it is but not normally I'm an even keel guy so you called to-to-to stomach the stomach I don't know there's about two guys that basically said we guarantee we're going to win and they wanted as Nemeth that enrages the sun the sun gets hot over that I would see the Sun Burns with this I think should get hey but why don't we tell you about touching the money I get it but he'd been thinking I understand but at the same time Guy Wow you guys to touch the money when we were is in those three runs in the first inning was huge for us carry them the entire way Dr no says this team just battles like you said even with wall get a hand gun talk Chris come on man I mean God when Matt Hasselbeck at the packers ot says we're going to get the ball and we're gonNA score yes yes that's a great question then was pretty bad how oh play in the AL says it's still will be out of the razor the Astros because last night Tampa even things up at the trump veteran right hander deals there's a high drive people mall Adams one on the DA show They played the jets yeah I thought he was not doing interviews I don't know he was on the DA show and because so they all held it up we're GonNa win the night that's right yeah him and Joe Nemeth touch in the money all over the place matterson hockey football imagine everything we'll look a Marcus Marcus Morris is actually taking a ball and limited on somebody's head Mark Messier touch the money with his guarantee because it's kind of stupid at the lumber on maybe Lebron at a year that they came back from three one deficit and one of the year that draymond green and everybody got trouble fighting and all that right yeah but we'll see we'll see if this whole touch and the money thing you got someone on the mystics guaranteeing victory we're GonNa put this thing to test let's see let's see area I mean and I mean we we need to get healthy period he says teams fine it's just the results that haven't been frustrated with losing vivants not as good as you in that regard I think Mike Tomlin deserves a little more respect in the seems doofus voice I mean Jeez you know killing the Guy Up Justin verlander leaders stop face of adversity trying to ease his team as a matter of fact when I interviewed Mitt Alexey is more what it's like so I can understand why he did the mother ship was asking him about the fact that darnold will be back for the jets this week that's going to be a big help right. CBS Sports Radio the mothership yeah right yeah The giants meantime play the piano them about quitting his paid spot I have no idea he should have marash could eat fifty two empanadas and six minutes because that's what we're doing in our next segment you should ask them I hope he asked him I will go back and listen if you'd like I will find out all right let's get this thing right please end up writing up so it's not really like going on a show it's like going on a tour of a it's not funny speaking of Tomlin he was asked his thoughts when Mason Rudolph was coming off the field the other day obviously it was a scary nice you nailed that one pretty good doesn't kid no I know but I'm just saying the herniated disc thing you just perfect bang I'm all disk is honest right Nama little bit he's listed as a fullback when we put them in a tailback we expected to do tailback things damn right no no that was a Chiel him outright deescalation of situations where that was coming yes he why he was coming at me like a bull and Harrison the money baby that's a good example Mike Tomlin was touching the money Sunday when they got stop yes he was because he was high five and slap it and I had the The matador costume on and I I handle I told you driver meant just sit here for a minute I got to see this if something happens listen calm down the situation what was going through his head of medical expert no thoughts really He said I ben for this new video came out he did his show on one yesterday and he goes after every every imaginable way you're five eleven and a half looks like you've gained weight Maggie and Bart I I guess yeah I suppose so you one on the DA show he was magnum ta show he was he boarded the mothership Stan understand Sir Jay Gruden was fired the other day reaction from his brother John The raiders head coach Dad's been fired I've been fired Jay's been fired Jack Flaherty and Mike Foale Nevin the dodgers take on the nationals we really something if Ellie losses kiosks telling me member of the Washington mystics now Mason out like we sat in here the week when we're dealing with circumstances we had red paint so we painted barn red okay now maybe yellow I know we got the yellow pay now we're going to paint the shed yellow we gotta read bond and a yellow shed knick Knack Patty wack welcome to the welcome to the club broke what a great family four eight four forty with a rookie head coach and a battle line and you're taunting people talk thing anybody but that was the narrow gained note I got this fatty and blue point Mattie what's happening hey good morning gentlemen how we doing man how you thinking touching the money you guys thinking of the best one act slap me I made the right decision we deferred and got the ball back and misuse fumbled made Mike Tomlin sewing a real is getting billions and billions of dollars number of their companies over there and a lot of the companies have back in a white right now now will they let fans in the building though I at least I I I don't know because there's such like there's so many rules if there's a national outing and this and that it didn't know late in the del she's playing with a herniated disc in Iraq correct ah Pat Shurmur was estimated question giant sixteen and a half point underdogs Creighton sixteen what's your reaction Erman was kind of like getting the dead fish dead fish yeah I thought he was the one that was being disrespected realized Colin Coward can't stand Baker Mayfield right and poor Adam silver's like caught right in between everything that when he's here in our country says it's going to be and then now he's over there and that country in the Netzer in Shanghai for an exhibition game against the Lakers or will they be we don't know turns out all the banners of the game are being yeah you know I it's no one in particular I'm just frustrating as certainly helped having darnold is a huge help for sure me quit my paid spot to go on ever clips in the system I can go back thinking drama wanted you quit the spot why did you offended by the Maggie questions do you think that appearance fees a show up their beloved by the five hundred million they estimate five hundred million Chinese NBA fans over there and this is the Chech- and out on the street soldiers I told you man I was I was de Escalating Situation Viseu reaction to no reaction whatsoever he does of ally penny is that his name the life on espn he was asked about him and he's starting to more from the rip down around the city right now they're taking the game off TV in China so I don't know if I was the NBA until these teams get the hell home this is so well you know the NBA taking money out of that country and kind of trying to thread the needle and it's not a good look when Adam silver took over he was lauded for the way that he royal that's pretty funny you mentioned the the Baker Mayfield stuff with reassurance so you guys obviously know the video has come out that he did shake stole for him to assume that position as commissioner and everybody loved them now this is a lot tougher to deal with and you see him talking on both sides of his mouth out of abuse online does he obviously has never an issue of speaking about here and he won't talk about their Popovich right aside the new owner of the net says they will and it sounds like the Games are going to be played they're just not gonNA be showed on TV it's a it's a it's a mess man pat beat the islanders five to James Neal four goals and Doppler knockoff sit ups in the him no adoption blend and everything else like that he's guys like to wear t shirts before games how about wearing a stay woke Hong Kong t-shirt before today's game in Shanghai excuse as what he doesn't sell who more like syms voice it's extremely hypocritical on a lot of people looking you know very foolish over this yeah and I think that Klay Thompson got a massive shoe deal with it this tweet is created you know quite the hysteria and lot of people in a lot of bad spot makes people look like hypocrites and Steve Kerr taking one point it's like we stand by our guys what they wanna say the other points like really shouldn't be doing this stuff because all of this he doesn't know what he's doing in the players are making a ton of money over there too you know those guys go over there they get used I had no idea they told me this week rowing the game globally you know so let's go and take the billions out of China until it made Chinese come true I'm pretty sure about that Oh you check that I'll tell you I would I I do respect Lebron James for everything that he's done in Akron in class in Malibu Brentwood meanwhile you WanNa talk about real abuses you know they're playing basketball and communist country so oh she was by the way it he does have and that's what he wears he wears and no kidding Manga shooting the like we all know how much the NBA makes from the and From China we all know that but now this has gotten into the political sphere and it is is really getting ugly I knew it was popular I didn't know it was there you go who got the Goal Matt Martin O. Scored for the islanders they need to put him out on the on the power play anti is the name of complain America's Socks Okay Great Ritchie Manchester what he got Good Morning Gentlemen it's a pleasure talking to you guys again of of it's all true yeah but it's the same thing all of them you know why you live in the oppressive United States where we can have fifty million dollar homes in you know like one of those helmets that has the beer and then like the tubes coming down to his mouth now is he going to be a part of like the pre game show or you're going to be in the booth hand and then Sherman I guess he made up polls what he was saying was it wasn't the it was the second handshake watching the handshake. Initially I thought Richard Sherman art six one you sit behind a microphone yeah sit there and you question me an NFL player it was Kinda funny handled Donald Sterling situation but there was only one way to go with that right obviously Arizona's only that right there was a perfect little steps the rookie knock all pitched game to driver he had his first assist you know I we work we do engineering and we do work for other countries all the time and as as leaders we talked to our employees all the time about some of the things that you can and can't do or should stay away from politically and it's completely different cultures now you have billions of dollars on the line in a historic year for offense he's doing historic things on the mound will they be able to figure out a way to beat him can they beat Garrett Cole on the Road Garrett Cole who has not lost in months and months and months is doing historic things is going to be a tough tough task but if they pull it off it'd be an amazing amazing upset I can't even think of another one that would be as he's government is not an obviously reacts in kind and so now the NBA is trying to put the whole thing back into the the bottle in that building in what would be one of the great upsets we have seen in baseball in recent memory and it's just hard for me to say yes now if this game was in Houston's a tough place to play as we all know and we've seen it before and with the most likely American Silent Young Award winner on the mound Tampa Bay I'd say sure there's a there's a good shot but just going back to Houston Tyler glass now just worked his way back from a big injury about four or five carries over in the raise pull off this massive absolutely momentum has a lot to do with the next day's pitcher in baseball and where they are playing firestorm going on in this country these are the hot topic buttons that you need to stay away from and you know by the way to communist country do something wrong and you see you know I just but then again I didn't see the the astros losing last night so maybe just all this momentum that they got from the last two games ising game five in the LDS between the astros and the Tampa Bay rays who win again last night burland or short rest and something you can I think we all would say we would support democracy yes no but we would support the tweet yeah of course but the Chinese starts after the injury it's just asking a lot so I know there's a lot of Yankee fans out there excited about the idea of not having to play the astros because the path to the world series is a lot easier but single tweet right that was just a handful of words words and it was it was a righteous tweet it was a very supportive tweet of the Hong Kong protesters Dan but good luck good luck is right it's the morning show with boomer Esiason Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo game five all Adam Silver the commissioner David silver and it was the players that basically stepped into this is so say general manager of the Houston Rockets yet with one we see these two games you know really got smacked around by a raise team that of course at a second good year winning over ninety games back to back years but it really the question is all over the place except for the Yankees are just waiting and watching everybody battle it out he got two in the National League today and then of course tomorrow night the surprise I get knocked around a little bit and Tampa Bay holding that lineup at bay and the Houston Astros on the road not looking at good I'm good little I got a question all right why are we tiptoeing around the funding a bunch of calm like the NBA left what are they gonNa do no I think burland who's going to win it actually I think Burland is GonNa win let's go to Antonio New Jersey Antonio it's up a boom I doing all right how you doing we also don't have billion dollar checks coming our way from these said communists right so that's a little bit of a different story I don't think Americans care about that stuff anywhere else is this now I understand that the rays back to back years it won ninety games the thing that makes it such a big upset is because the Astros had the best record and all the baseball his communist China kick the NBA out of of their country and that is what I mean I don't know what the end game is here I understand what Darrell Maury was doing the past that they've taken some people and pretty much a arrested them through and they'll find out what real oppressions all about you know the thing is rich I'll tell you all the astros have two guys that might split the cy young right think about the coal is going to win it I mean lawyers that's coming from that country that they don't WanNa lose that's why and that's why this thing is so interesting because it's a morality versus money to Piss off some Commun- it's caused I'm not dismissing the impact of the tweet clearly it's made impact my point is you know when he tweeted that out what was the positive he thought he was going to get Al Maury tweet like did you really think that this Daryl Morey tweet is something that's going to really affect true change like when he sent that out that he thinks that he was going to really changed talk about the reaction from Gio and how he is dismissing this whole Maury tweeted something that is you know take on certain amount of the reason why the NBA is afraid to offend a bunch of communists because there are billions of dollars and and I respect all of that and I respect his ability to tweet and say whatever he wants to say but who would have ever thought where there's actual real serious human rights issues and there's real crimes going on it seems like it's no big deal well right and then they take care and free tweets yeah that would be the communist that would be that Ritchie in New Jersey. What's happening yeah how's it going I just wanted to call it a cut the NFL I would say listen in the NFL we stand for free speech and democracy we don't know Yes I was the NFL I would come out into port of the protesters in Hong Kong just like the end foreigner not very significant I couldn't disagree more significant in the sense that it pissed off a lot of people what I'm saying is that what are the pros from the it like there's nothing that's nothing I mean he thought he was being you know open politically and expressing his view? I don't think it's crazy because the Yankees are off till Saturday let's be honest I miss so let's go to John College Point Johnny what's happening anything else is happening anywhere else everybody's on twitter everybody's on instagram post and they're stealing all of a sudden everybody's upset somebody well people that are upset there are people that don't allow right but I'm not afraid to piss off communists at all I think I've been doing all morning if the communists they'd be really pissed off but I'm just weed should not be taking any more money pitas communist she did not like that right you know what I'm saying and then by the way he deleted the tweet and then he's running hid from never take I'll tell you what I'm not I'm not buying a nets or a knicks ticket until the MBA gets added China you've got until I could support it you weren't things for the better with that tweet I don't I don't know if he thought that he was GonNa do that but he is doing that I mean it's been it's been a major point of conversation for the last three days AAC everydollar hypocrisy and that's that's what we've been saying Scott I mean is that that's where people have a big problem with the NBA players Adam silver all there was going to be such a visceral reaction right from the government of no I think the the last caller rich misunderstanding my point my point I understand a- and that's important I think sports fans you know we we hate being dragged down into the politics things we just want to enjoy our game but I do have an issue the communist country but here but here's the other here's the other issue I mean Dow Maury for it's not like down Maury said you're taking a stand against the NBA against my organization that's a positive if he tweets about the more people keep talking about it the more support for democracy and we should support democracy everywhere kids the billions of dollars from China. Why not right we're going to keep capitalizing on it oh my goodness stories unbelievable everybody wants to talk about it how the other leagues do it but that's what we stand for yeah you know what I would do Donnie if our Roger Goodell I would send that chiefs Texans game and I play that over and was revered here as a basketball player and obviously revered back home to the point now where he's the president of the Chinese Basketball Association you would think that you know I really don't believe the Daryl Morey is that type of person who's going to affect positive change like he's got people talking about he's pissed off a bunch of people it's been a topic on our while it's easy for me to say because I sit here New York City and we can say whatever we want but he sits over there and he's got told line and he is putting enormous how but like Daryl Morey stance on democracy in tweeting it out and causing this raucous that has gone on in the world here I mean really like we we yeah I go keeps on saying what's the positive Since when are we as Americans afraid to stand up for democracy it was some of the players and I think about Lebron and Lebron has spoken out against Donald Trump over and over again and he's got issues with them but then when it comes to go to China have this like this view you know movie script type of view about one Tweeden's down more this guy's the general manager of the rockets for crying out Oh yes got it guys doing goodness I'm so my my thing is I understand what the we've been talking about it before the tweet so what do you think the frustrating part is like what what are we going to do about what's GonNa Happen is GonNa Leave Communist China in our sure on the NBA and sore the companies over there that have given the NBA billions of dollars in and given the players hundreds if not millions of dollars official but why but why has it been a major point of conversation what's the positive aca this positive in the sense that people are talking about it and people have lintz right and so it's like it's not like this guy like someone's compared him to Rosa Parks I mean it's not just what's going on here let's go to Scotty and purchase gowdy what's happening VAT just stand up and you know where you know stay woke Hong Kong. That's what I would do those t shirts Donnie in Houston of all places Donnie what's happening on the the under undercurrent of this and how much money the NBA stands to lose here and how much money NBA player standard is here there hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for shoe contracts to show up at appearances and I'm over on private jets if you really knew got to be heroes and speak out against things that they feel like they need to speak out against whether you believe it or not but that's what they're told here but when they go over there they're told hey you know this is real they did as a business you know there's just sort of data told the line and they've done a good job the NBA itself is sort of staying out of power tweet now he's a lot is come from this doesn't mean just because the Chinese are angry that they're right but I that would really bummed me out if he ended up getting fired I just aces the baseball front and center because the Yankees are sitting home just waiting to find out who they are going to play in the AL says many thought it would be the Astros a clean sweep of the raise but this is he would you do this again would you say you know I really don't even more than more daryl more than we know maybe he truly is a Free Adam fighter boomer and Geo on the fan across the country on CBS sports network. It's the morning show with boomer I just don't I wonder if he asked him and I don't know if he's been asked probably been silenced entire time if you would do what would you do it again you know how committed to the every recco is back what's up Jerry morning is brought to you by the Ray Catena Auto Group schedule an appointment today to rate Katina's service in our first bus service at affordable one anyway those true let's get all right that's all well and good and that is that what you're saying is true I can't argue that I'm just saying that would absolutely be one of the worst thing I don't think I don't think he will be. I think that that to me would be an absolute abomination if down Maury got fired for the warrior very popular team in China right I'm not anymore though which is amazing to me like you would think that Yao Ming who played here in Houston in China this week that's what I would do it but those guys on a plane this is the most entertaining game we have all week we're gonNA play this thing in China and we are now going to be the sports leader something happened the raise one game three and then last night the raise one winning game four four to one in Tampa three runs in the first inning Tommy Fam- we really wanted to take up this cause then okay then stepped down as general manager the rockets go out there to fight for the protesters stand with them games this year Justin verlander went out short rest not great and he knows it once I got out there pretty quickly realized that control just wasn't where I would like the fastball and then the slider was we've used that word a lot lately and this is just another notch in the belt for all of us show and how much of that resumes we have all season long one ninety six take on tyler glass now Yankees we'll get the winner of this series game one will begin on Saturday tonight cardinals and braves from Atlanta Jack Flaherty Mike Foale never aw TD's tag you're not talking about a catcher running around or or some big lumbering guy it's wholesale to a and and everything had to be perfect and it was their bullpen game blake Snell starter was the closer got the final two outs for the save first career relief appearance for Him Game Five Tomorrow Night Garrett Cole Russian don't say a damn you're absolutely that's the hypocrisy of the whole right exactly no one I'm the one hundred percent agree with all of that you know I just if Darryl St pitchers their winner advancing to the against the winner of the dodgers and nationals here's Dave Roberts everybody available for this one everyone's available Jin Ryu has have to be second in command later tonight when the dodgers take on the nationals Stephen Strasburg goes for Washington and Joe Girardi with Mike on the fan yeah he wants to managing is be speaking for the NBA and that's why the NBA went to great lengths to great lengths to distance themselves from that tweet now if I'll tell you this though as much as I think opportunity to do it again I'm really enjoying my broadcast I'm on Fox tonight I've been on MLB and I'll be in New York next week doing studio work and here is Kevin Cash Yeah that was a pretty darn good play by Keer Meyer Adamas and then Dr no you cannot execute a relay any better than that from K. K. Two Willie Wall accidents the problem he he works for the rockets and the way the Chinese government is looking at him is that he's a part of the NBA bright and therefore with his tweet he citizens stand united when it comes to territorial integrity of China and the issue is non negotiable that's why the intensity enters its my hope that for our Chinese fans and our partners in China they will see those remarks in the context of no no there's a team in New York needs a manager I know I'm not doing the interviews I know you're not but what are you hearing people people there are certain topics that are third rail issues meaning untouchable in certain countries societies and communities he went on supporting a separate you know pitch out of the pen but I think that you know under these circumstances you know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA rely on anyone anyone at any point Walker Buehler's starts Clayton kershaw expense Anna Mr Cy said that the damage from Mr Maurice tweet will take a long time to repair he added that one point four billion Chinese I ascended Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo you've got Eric Legrand joining us in studio about half hour from now but right now it was a Bang Bang Play Cure Meyer you go from oh two down two tied to two he says we are really resilient it's incredible it is sta kind of spending all night really wasn't doing a whole lot four run seven hits three walks three and two thirds pervert lander Tampa wound up using six pitchers to get through debt you know why insert yourself into this thing when you don't have to and I've been saying that for days now if they ended up if he got fired for this that's a disgrace that bottom of the Da Jamal Adams Interview Oh nice all right there was a reason why he was on you have teamed up with lunatics really known as the New York over Houston Rockets Murals and everything else that to Adam silver I guess this was yesterday dealing with the Mauri tweet and its ramifications we will have to live with those consequence football sterling shepherd is not going to play with a concussion saquon Barkley Evan Ingram Wayne Gelman likely not to play Pat Shurmur would not rule them out in and we'll just see what happened interview next week I thought I was GONNA here I'm GonNa be in America next week wrote he's a Canadian by the way who is the vice chairman of Chinese ECOMMERCE giant Alibaba and he is sent he spent a good part of his professional life in China there's movement in Chinese territory is one of those third row rail issues not only for the Chinese government offer also the citizens in China being about Joe Size Oh God commerce comments about China right now so they're ripping all the matters down right now sure if they're going to play the game as you can imagine they're painting I think Joe Cy actually puts his thing perfectly in in the in the words that we all can understand here we may not agree with them but these are the words that Joe Sira Marie Travis Darnall and rbi single joy Wendell eds an rbi double in the Willie Adamas homers in the fourth year to really cool relay play from Centerfield home thrown out of Jose altuve Vais a lot of heat the coaching staff is for their last two games dropping the last two against New Orleans and then against Green Bay and I guess the fans out there one coaching changes Jones also wouldn't give the media much I you know I understand that you're you're curious about the injuries I really don't have anything to add other than what's out there and some of what's out there is not stuff that we put out is is as significant as it is so anything full navy is GonNa Pitch that said I didn't get is no one's going anywhere. The coaching staff the makeup of the coaching staff fits like a glove fits really well make up for this football antics you of teamed up with Lunatics say ticket company a lunatic aw good so we love a good pun yeah explained Dan Snyder's plane at the airport there in Pittsburgh then explain that coach our no ex- going on whalers beat the islanders then look great that's for sure steelers chargers on Sunday night Mike Tomlin there are rumors that the red skins actually want him there as their next head coach now in three decades if not longer relationships got to be honest doesn't seem like that I well that's a free relationship let's talk about thousands of years of relationships and tape amazing you lose two games replace talking about firing right Dak Prescott is not going to get

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