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The Drink with Kate Snow: Jimmy Smits


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Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover all for just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys Harrys DOT COM and enter five zero five zero at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code. Five zero five zero enjoy. Hey everyone this is kate snow and I'm excited to share this conversation that I had with actor and television staple Jimmy Smits. We met at Lemani at Rockefeller Center for drink or three and he told me the story of how he got into acting. This interview is part of my series. The drink with Kate Snow you can find more of these conversations about how people overcome failure persevered and make it to the top of their field. It's all on. NBC News Dot Com slash drink. Thank you drink outta Jimmy Smits. No one has ever ordered multiple drinks. I love this. I was gonNA drink English breakfast. Tea Very story we really were. And then you and I was like okay. You grew up in New York City. Yeah all over the place. Why would you so many times economics? Six Times. Mom wasn't doing too good and we needed to be close to family bronx mostly in Brooklyn and. Is it true that you gave up football at some point for drama club. I went to school. That was very proficient in football in New York City and I got I was able to get on team. I went up to camp with them. You're six six three okay. I'm a big SHMOE. got into the varsity jumped to junior and then September came around and and this is a championship team eighteen. Yeah the drama club was like you can't give up the football team midseason. Wow that's okay. That says a lot. Well I think it worked out. We both went to Cornell. We've met before but this big rig big red cheers to that at the time. They had a very intensive master of Fine Arts Program. It'd be like being in a monastery six. Am at the ballet bar. But they gave me such a wonderful toolbox. That's the only way I don't think people know this about you your because they see you as a TV guy teebox but you. You did theater for years I throw away. We went to attorney so you went from. La The law to now bluff city off on NBC. which I can't help but wonder if that's like full circle for you? I know it's a different show but you started out in. La Law was really your big. Is that fair to say. It wasn't a huge character rhythms totally different. I mean that was in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty that guy's kind of bouncy idealistic. You know attorney. This guy that I'm doing now is in in a lot of ways and I think the the law has something to do with theater in a way too because you know there's opening arguments closing arguments as you know dealing with the performing for the jury directing energies reminds me of tuna play that combines his firms. I want you fighting fighting for what's right so much content out there and by the way I downloaded I started watching on the I mean on the train rain right 'cause I was on my way home but but that's the world that we're in now. Is that scary as an actor or is it that there's so much content. Trent is scarier exciting. There's some many venues for new voices and content that you might think would be marginalized that one point whether it be empowered women or minorities you know. Different countries showcasing different shows the Israel wherever absolute and the networks have to kind of they have to really content with the biggest hurdle to find people that are like minded to convince people when there's stereotypical barriers that they have put up about what you should be or could be that you're more than your ethnicity or more than your geographic region or your three or whatever. The case may be fun to play good guy or bad the guy is just. It's just that what's the point of view best advice you ever got. Hang in there and trust trust this invoice. You wish you'd gotten like when you're eighteen. Enjoy the ride. He seemed to be still enjoying found ways to enjoy it more. You so busy busy. Sometimes that I am so busy that I forget to just take off Jimi thank you so much. Hey It's Chris as you know sometimes it's good to just take a step back from the day-to-day onslaught a lot of news and take our broader look issues. That's what I'm doing each week on my podcast. Why is this happening? We're exploring topics ranging from school segregation to climate change. Well the way I think of it is. Climate Change will be the twenty first century. What maternity west of the nineteenth century? It'll be the central subject of questions about economic justice. Everything you care about in the world it'll be affected by climate and digging deep with guests uniquely qualified to analyze issues from mass incarceration to race relations. As you know for the first time in our history at the national level whites lights are on the verge of losing their majority status in twenty years. And I think it's no coincidence that our politics are getting more tribal. Join me for. Why is this happening? New episodes every Tuesday. Wherever you get your podcasts?

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