Bengals open up 2019 OTAs; Offensive line has new look


Everyone. Happy Monday to you. This is Anthony cincy, jungled dot com, and the orange and black insider Bengals podcast. I hope you had a great weekend, and I hope your week is off to a great start. The week is off to a big start for the Cincinnati Bengals as well, because they are kicking off their OTA's, their organiz team activties, which are usually deemed, quote unquote, or in the past, they used they usually were deemed, quote unquote, voluntary. But they are not so much voluntary now and you know, most of the team is air, and they are working out. And obviously, this is a big big set of practices because it's the first unders actor in his new staff in with it. Come a couple of big moves. And of course, there's already a some questions being asked both on this Facebook, live and really amongst all Bengals fans given some news that took place in that news that took place on Monday. Day that was a big one had to do with their first round pick and a couple of veteran offense of Lyman. So the first round pick Joan Williams with the Bengals are very high on Joan Williams lined up as the team starting left tackle in these activities on Monday. Now what they did obviously, if you remember correctly, the Bengals made a big trade last year, figuratively, and literally for cordy Glenn, the left tackle. He was with the Buffalo Bills. He had some experience in college playing guard and tackle. So the Bengals kicked him inside to left guard. Joan Williams is at left tackle, Bobby heart is at right tackle, so you look at that, and you say, okay, well, you know, there could be some improvements. There, obviously, right? The big question is right tackle in the big question is Clint Boling? Everybody is asking now what's going to happen to clean, bowling with this shuffling up of the offense of line? A lot of people think he is out the door. I personally do not believe that now I probably. In the minority in thinking that, but I think that Clint bowling is going to stick around. He's got one year left on his contract. I believe the cap hit is under six million or so off the double check that, but he's, he's got a manageable. Cap it. And he is one of if not the best current offensive line on the Bengals roster. The Bengals opted to resign him years back instead of Kevin Zeitler. They thought he was more affordable. And so he's been on their team. And really, he's played well he's, he's shuffled around a couple of different spots on the line, including left tackle, right tackle. He's he's helped out at a couple of different spots. This is the last year of his contract, as I mentioned, and yes, correct his cap. It is just under six million five point seven five this year. I think he plays out the last year of his contract. What a lot of people are overlooking is that bowling sat out today's practice at with with an undisclosed injury. He's rehabbing an undisclosed injury. So I think that this lineup that we saw Joan Williams at left tackle, cordy, Glenn, Aleph guard Bobby Hart at right tackle. I think that, that. At configuration is going to a could change and Zack Taylor noted to the Cincinnati media today that this is a fluid situation, who they have out there, starting today at the end of may is going to be different than or could be different than what they tried out week one against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. So there's a lot to keep tabs on here. Clint Boling obviously his futures up near. We'll see I personally, I think I'm in the minority. I think he stays. I think they hang on him for one more year, especially with so many new faces on the offensive line. He's been the mainstay. He's a versatile guy. He's a Ford -able and, you know, I think I think he's, he's going to stay the fine a place form what that is. I don't know. Perhaps, the idea is cordy Glenn, then shuffles over the right tackle and Clint bowling is the is the left guard once again, perhaps Clint bowling is, you're right tackle, and, and, you know, you go with the cordy Glenn inside. John. On the outside. We will see I thought it was telling the Joe, excuse me. Cordy. Glenn had apparently a conversation with Jim Turner, the new offense of line coach. And he said something to the to the effect of we had a man talk and guard is going to be where I'm going to play. And you know, that's, that's kind of that. So. Cordy glenn. He may he he's getting left tackle money to play left guard potentially this year. Now, again, in case you are wondering he has kind of a hefty contract, but Cincinnati does have a bit manageable. Because, you know, some of the guaranteed money was eaten up by buffalo, when he signed a deal a couple of years ago, but he is do nine point two five million this year in nine point five million next year being cordy Glenn. And then he is an unrestricted free agent in twenty twenty one clip. Bowling's thirty years old, cordy Glenn who played with bowling in college is twenty nine years old. So I mean they're not spring chickens, but the Bengals have allowed to figure out your because they invested a lot in the offense of line over the past two off seasons. Glenn being one of them. Obviously, this one tweet trade for with a first round swapping of picks in the Buffalo Bills were obviously. Volved there, they invested in a first round pick and Billy price last year this year they resigned. Alex. Redman they resigned trae Hopkins. They re-signed Bobby Hart. They bring in John Miller guard. They draft Jona William. So they, it's a good thing because it's offensive line is struggled over the past couple of seasons and really since Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler left. But it's also you know I it's leaving a lot of things up in the air right now. But, you know, the Bengals seem to have some talented guys, it's more about finding the best five guys in really finding the best five guys that also play into a position that they are comfortable with you can't just throw guys out there in, in, in positions that they're not fully comfortable with. So I see to Hugh each us in going to right tackle, or he is going to ride the bench. I really don't think he's going to sit. I think that the choice comes down to you stardom or you cut him my thing as it always is with the Cincinnati Bengals. If you're going to cut him. Valuable player again one of as we sit here today. One of the best offensive limited, they currently have if you're going to cut him. Okay. I guess I'm not I would not be a fan of that. But where what are you gonna use that money onto make your team better in another spot where is that money going to go because saving it in not using it isn't going to really help this team, perhaps it's cap relief to extend AJ green and Tyler Boyd for the next, you know, handful of years coming up here. Maybe that's the plan. I don't I personally don't know if you know, five point seven five million is, is going to, you know. Cripple this team one way or the other. But perhaps that's what they're thinking. I just think I don't think they're keeping bowling around as a backup. I think he's either going to start or he's going to be I think he sticks around. I think he starts. It's just a matter of where, and I think they'll probably will probably see more experiments with Glenn at right tackle. This is Anthony Gazeta. Cincy jungle dot com. The orange black insider Bengals podcast, Bengals opened up a OTA's this week, and this Monday and will be continuing to do some work the rest of this week in it's our first look at some intensive somewhat intensive activities and practices by the Bengals in the Zac, Taylor era. One other thing that I thought was very interesting. Coming out of this was, it was a vague tweet, albeit, but it was something that I thought pointed into a positive direction in. That's John Ross. John ross. Put out a tweet talking about his confidence level kind of being back and it was actually on Monday after the practices ended. So, you know, I think I think you have to kinda take some take it with a little bit with a great grain of salt. I suppose, but different kind of confidence now is what he tweeted out earlier on Monday, which is interesting. I think obviously that points to his being in Marvin Lewis doghouse for the first couple of years of his career, probably being healthy probably playing in a system that is more akin to his strengths and getting him the ball in ways that he's more comfortable with again. I said he's healthy. He did sit out some workouts previously because of a minor injury. But, you know, you have to like the fact that he's in a better head space, at least that you can from what you can tell from. A five word tweet after the first day of, of OTA practices. So you gotta like that good friend, Mike Donahue. How you doing? Mike, keeping heart and moving. Glenn guard tells me Turner sees things differently than everyone else pretty much. Yeah. I mean I. Turner? If you turn got some issues, I think they're pretty well documented this point in terms of some things in his history. Bullying things other sexist type of things that happened when he was at Texas. AM. He's kind of throwback guy his interviews. He's a very intense in. He's just wired differently. But I think from a coaching standpoint, there is some respect around the league for him and what he can do how he's able to develop in. I think he is very, very confident in Jona Williams. I think he really likes Joan Williams. Probably seeing him over the past couple of years, while at Texas am in the SEC, you know. And, and I think that he thinks the Jona Williams can play left tackle at the NFL level, despite some people thinking he should be a guard or a right tackle, and I think that he does value cordy Glenn on this offense of line. It's just all it really it's all about bowling in how he sees him fit. He in others within the Bengals organization really seemed evalu- Bobby Hart. Bobby Hart is still pretty young. I think he's twenty four twenty five years old. He's got more football ahead of him from what I saw last year though in from what? We have seen from him in the giants from years prior to twenty eight teen. There is not a lot there that builds confidence going into twenty nineteen for him being a starter right now. So, you know, I would at least if, if the plan is to indeed move cordy Glenn inside. And you know, figure out a different place for Clint bowling. I would really like the Bengals to at least have have competition between bowling and heart and see who wins that out in camp. Obviously, you wanna do if you are gonna cut bowling, you wanna do on the solid, maybe do it, really. Or so he can find a place to latch onto, but I think he's a quality player. I think he's he's you know he was the best offensive lineman last year. And I think he needs to stick around for at least one more year, which is the remainder of his contract. Derek route says I've been pulling for Ross haven't given up on him. I think a lot of people are in that boat. And I think a lot of people are in the other boat, which is they think, you know, he's shown all that he can. I think this is a big deal though with Zach Taylor this system, a fresh start hit the reset button. I think that's gonna be you know, I think that's going to be a big a big boost for him. This is interesting. There is rumor in all kind of maybe end on this one, there was a rumor or a conjecture out, I think it was from someone from Bleacher report or NFL dot com. That said that, you know, they would think that an AJ green to New Orleans Saints trade would make a lot of sense both for the Bengals to get some draft capital and for the saints, I do not see that happening. I do not see the logic in that a chance white in the in the Facebook live. Here says that really want. AJ to the saints trade to happen because I want to see the man get a ring. I mean, yeah, I guess that would make sense. But AJ green has repeatedly said he wants to be with the Bengals I think we know what this team can do when he's healthy. You know, he's if he if he finishes, his career healthy and putting up the numbers that we are accustomed to, which is, you know, the those Dow's in yards seven eight nine touchdowns year. Those are hall of fame numbers, he's gonna break every Bengals receiving record that there is so you know, I'd like to see him stick around, like to see him to chances point, potentially win a ring with the Bengals that's probably not going to happen this year. But if it happened in the next year or two will see and really. You know, unless the idea is to collect that draft capital and move up for a quarterback in the next year or two. I don't. I don't really see the need the bangles aren't really aggressive when it comes to the draft. I mean they moved up twice last this last in was on day was day to day three. It wasn't into into night one. So. You know, I don't know. I just I think that AJ green is probably part of their long-term plans as Tyler Boyd, whether that is too long term contracts with franchise tag, Annalong term contract one or the other. We'll see. But I think those are critical to what they're going to do in there, especially critical. If Andy Dalton is in the other future plans as well. If Andy Dalton shows a lot this year, I think he's got a good rapport with those two guys, I think that those two guys would make a lot of sense keeping them long term. This is Anthony ends with Espy nations. Cincy, jungle dot com website keep it to cincy jungle for all of the updates news analysis opinions with OTA's you can also catch our podcast. We have weekly content we have content like this, the orange black insider Bengals podcasts. All of that is on cincy, jungled dot com. It's also on YouTube on itunes on Stitcher on Spotify Google play all that stuff. So check that out. If you're if you haven't checked out the program, yet, we have an interview with Willie Anderson. It's up on the site. So check that out. That was a lot of fun. He said gives ten minutes and he gave his thirty. So that was pretty cool. And a lot of other content both from the podcast and since jungled dot com. So keep it at that site will continue to keep you updated. Thanks for all of your questions you comments. Thanks for tuning in here will keep you updated on all things both on this Facebook live feeds and on the website. Have a good rest. Your week.

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