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It was a weapon, of course, it was an energy weapon. Absolutely. What short of energy is this that we're talking about. I believe it's our f- radiofrequency energy in the microwave range. Mark Lindsay is a State Department security officer who worked in the US consulate in one show, China there is no shadow of doubt in my mind that this was directed attack against my neighbor. And I his neighbor was Catherine Werner, it was intense pressure on both of my temples. And I remember looking around for where the sound was coming from because it was painful. Thank you. Steve cases, a billionaire with a bus on a mission steering. Venture capitalists and their money to areas, they've typically overlooked. I started this company with only five hundred dollars in my pocket. Scalp places like this old church, and Memphis, re have become the stage entrepreneurs to pitch their products. The winner of the pitch competition is sound ways and hope to get a share of cases one hundred fifty million dollar fund. Monaco is a myth, and we live on it. Monaco is Maserati and Martinez. Mega yachts and a famous casino. Maybe tiny Monaco has more multimillionaires per square foot than any other country. This was actually a orange grove. It's ruler Prince Albert Grace Kelly son has seen it all remember different parties and luncheons in the summer where we'd have Frank Sinatra. Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck mine site, so imagine Sinatra. I'm Steve Kroft. I'm Leslie stall. I'm Scott Pelley. I'm interested in Cooper. I'm Sharon, Fonsi. I'm Bill Whitaker. Those stories tonight on sixty minutes. In two thousand sixteen and seventeen twenty five Americans including CIA agents who worked in the US embassy in Cuba, suffered serious brain injuries, causing impaired vision and memory loss among other persistent symptoms. Now, we've learned that at least fifteen American officials in China suffered unexplained brain trauma soon after the FBI is now investigating whether these Americans were attacked by a mysterious weapon. That leaves no trace over many months. We have been collecting evidence of what appears to be a hostile foreign governments plan to target American serving abroad and their families for me. It was November twenty seventeen when I started to feel lightheaded a lot. I was getting more headaches. My wife was getting headaches too. We worked Lindsay is a State Department security officer who worked in the US consulate in one show China. He says that he and his wife began to suffer after hearing strange sounds in their apartment picks her holding marble, then picture if you had like a six foot diameter funnel metal funnel the sound that marble would make as it goes around. And it progressively gets faster as it gets goes down towards the whole at the end. It's a sound like I've never heard before this subtle like deny here that no it was it was actually somewhat loud. I heard about three or four times always in the same spot. Always over my son's crib. And always right before we go to bed Lindsey wears prescribe glasses because sensitivity to light is among his persistent symptoms. The symptoms were progressively getting worse with me my headaches getting worse. The most concerning symptom for me was memory loss, especially short term memory loss. Mark Lindsay believes he was targeted because of his work. He uses top secret equipment to analyze. Electronic threats to diplomatic missions. There is no shadow of doubt in my mind that this was directed attack against my neighbor. And I his neighbor was Catherine Werner who lived one floor up. She's a US Commerce Department trade officer who promoted American business from the Guan Zho consulate. I woke up in the middle of the night night could feel the sound in my head. It was an intense pressure on both of my temples at the same time. I heard of this low humming sound, and it was also leading. And I remember looking around for where the sound was coming from because it was painful when do I notice that you weren't feeling well October of two thousand seventeen I started to get hives all over my body, really bad hives I woke up with headaches every day. I started to feel tired the simplest things would just make me. Very very tired growing. Worse overtime. They were. Yes. My symptoms would get so bad that I would throw up or I would wake up with nosebleeds. She shows even her doors were throwing up blood Werner assumed her. Illness was connected to China's toxic smog. She didn't know it at the time. But her symptoms were the same that American officials in Havana had suffered since twenty sixteen. The US. The there is all the close as a result. We hadn't heard about what happened in Cuba. I mean there were headlines in the news about hearing loss and attacked to our diplomats. But we didn't know the details. Catherine Warner became so ill. Her mother traveled from the US to live with her see spent almost three months with me during that time. She also got very ill. And she and I shared the same symptoms, which short shift did your mother have headaches. And ringing in our ears. We also started to. Both. Have difficulty recalling words after reporting her experiences. Werner was medically evacuated to the US for treatment. US agencies are investigating, but Mark Lindsay has a theory. This was directed standoff attack against my apartment, it was a weapon, of course, it was an energy weapon. Absolutely. What short of energy is this that we're talking about either leave. It's our f- radiofrequency energy in the microwave range ACLU that supports that theory was revealed by the national security agency in two thousand fourteen this NSA statement describes such a weapon as a high powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken intimidate or kill an enemy overtime without leaving evidence. The statement goes on to say this weapon is designed to bay the targets living quarters in microwaves. The NSA disclosed this in a workers compensation case filed by former NSA employee Mike back when you look back across your career. Is there any incident that lean you to believe that it could be responsible for your Parkinson's disease? Yes. In the nineteen nineties beckoned NSA co worker were on assignment overseas years later, he says they developed Parkinson's disease at the same time in nineteen ninety six a colleague of mine Chuck bet, and I traveled to a hostile country and work there for about a week and. I can't say where the hostile country the density of it because it's still classified. Yes. But it was not Cuba or China. You believe that you and Chuck about were attacked with this microwave weapon. Yes. I had a pretty good working knowledge of the Hossa country's intelligence services. What they do to people what they have done what their motives operandi is Mike Beck says more intelligence has come in recently, which he shared in a classified briefing with congressional investigators Mike you can't discuss any of these details because they're all classified. But in your opinion, does the new information that you brief the house and Senate intelligence committee staff on in any way, relate to what happened in Cuba, and China, it's relevant to Cuba, and China cases. No one has. Confirmed that what Beck says happened to him is related to at least forty Americans injured in China and Cuba while Beck suffers from Parkinson's. The recent patients are being treated for the same kind of symptoms that doctors would expect from a concussion thinkers, Dr Tina Shetty is Mark Lindsay's neurologist. Mark initially came to me reporting symptoms of headache memory loss, sleep difficulties emotionality, and irritability. And what did you make of that in the early days? I was very surprised. He did not have any history of any trauma or blow to his head. But he reported a constellation of neurologic symptoms, which are characteristic of mild traumatic brain injury without any history of socio had trauma. I still notice it, but that has improved when I how their brains were injured is the subject of study at the university of Pennsylvania center for brain injury and repair. It's to be all the doctor Shetty is not part of that study. But her patient, Mark Lindsay Hansen. Your presumption is that something happen. And which caused a functional brain injury of widespread brain networks because he has symptoms to reflect a multitude of brain networks. What Dr should he described mirrors the findings published so far by the university of Pennsylvania study, they have said that are symptoms are exactly what they saw in Cuba. And that we have the full suite of findings that they had their Robin and Britta Garfield are among the forty patients in rolled in the university of Pennsylvania study like Kathryn Werner, Robin. Garfield is a trade officer with the Commerce Department. He was posted with his wife and two young children in Shanghai. I don't know when the sound started. I do know that it was for months on end acidy next to win and something hit me fend the left side. And at first it felt like an electric shock. And then it paralyzed me. So I was not able to move or speak. You so hard. You felt like you were in danger in the room. Yes, they say the children suffered blurred vision and loss of balance your daughter was literally falling down. Yes. She fell down multiple times a day. We went on a walk and she just fell on her face. It was very abnormal. She never does said. And then a second time to completely lost her balance and fell to the side when spring the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo confirmed the case of Catherine Werner, you pin found her brain injuries matched the cube victims we had an incident in Guangzhou that the medical indications are very similar and entirely consistent with the medical indications that have taken place to Americans working in Cuba. But. For reasons that are unclear the State Department is raising doubt about the other fourteen China cases, the State Department's medical office sent Mark Lindsay this note that says we have reached the decision that your symptoms and findings do not correlate with the Havana cohort. They tried tonight. They try to cover it up. They tried to minimize it. Why would the State Department minimize this because it's China because we have such a large trade relationship with them? You can push around Cuba trade relations, minimal with China. That's a different beast right State Department. Doctors told Robin Garfield his illness stems from a baseball injury seventeen years ago, which does not explain his wife and children, it has very complicated geopolitical relationship between the US and China so that to me feels like why this determinations being being made what does it mean for your benefits today that the State Department is refusing? To call this an attack it has significant impact on our our life. Our finances Mike career as well likely. I have not been afforded time for my rehabilitation being classified as pre existing injury means that I don't have access to paid leave. It also means that after one year, my medical bills will not be covered. Currently the China. Patients have the attention of at least one member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee Jeanne Shaheen route secretary Pompeo, the group from China is increasingly feeling isolated and left behind by the State Department, the State Department declined an interview, but in a statement to sixty minutes, it said we will continue to provide our colleagues the care they need regardless of their diagnosis or the location. Of their medical evacuation. A State Department official told us that the Cuba patients are victims of an attack. But state hasn't made the same determination for the China patients. The department has asked the national academies of science to assist in the medical investigation. The FBI is also investigating intelligence sources told us that in addition to Cuba and China Russia is a suspect. But if microwaves were used the technology is not rare it could be more than one country is using it US intelligence is still debating what cars the injuries you were in harm's way. And you didn't know it. Exactly, I didn't know it. And I'm afraid that others may be in harm's way. And may not know it. I don't know what the future looks like for me. But I would do anything in my power to prevent this from happening to somebody else serving their country. Americans are not the only ones who've been attacked, according to the Canadian government. Fifteen Canadians were injured in Cuba, including diplomats and their families. For years pundits have declared the United States has split into two America's a nation divided by politics geography and the economy, but one tech icon believes he can help even out the playing field. Steve case the man who co-founded America Online and injected the jingle you've got mail into the American lexicon is now trying to steer venture capitalists and their money to areas, they've typically overlooked mostly small towns and cities in the middle of the country, his vehicle to do that is a one hundred fifty million dollar investment fund and a thirty five foot long. Bright red bus. We joined the billionaire on his bus for recent road trip. Let's go and soon found ourselves aiming for the edge of a wheatfield in Tennessee. Steve case is here to meet a few entrepreneurs who say they've created a new technology that could revolutionize the way America farms. These robots are actually miniature tractors that are operated remotely able to do is cut that travel time down to one third and maximize productive time in field. Do you enterpreneurs are looking for a cash infusion from case to jump start? Their business case is looking for the next big idea and is deep in his quest. Typically, how hard is it been for these guys out here to get the attention of super hard super heart? It's the right now seventy five percent of venture capital goes to three states, California, New York, Massachusetts, most of the venture capitals on the coast not in the middle country. And we. Have to change them tech behemoths like Amazon and Google have doubled down on big cities. But case believes the best opportunities are off the beaten path. And that's where the bus comes in. Thank you. Case in his team are scouring the middle of the country. Looking for promising ideas overlooked by Silicon Valley, they've traveled to thirty eight cities and twenty six states thousands of miles often spending twelve hours a day on the road. You're a successful guy. You've made a fortune. Why in the world do you wanna ride around on a bus in the middle of the country for twelve hours a day day after day because I believe in these entrepreneurs believes believe in them from Washington DC and send your people out. But you go there and you get on the bus and you drive around. So why are you on the bus? I wanna get everybody on the bus entrepreneur like me all over the country. Most people are not paying attention to them most people in their communities. Don't believe in them. Most people on the coast don't think there's anything interesting innovative happening in the middle of country so convinced there is money to be made. In the middle of America case raised a hundred. Fifty million dollars to create what he calls the rise of the rest fund the rest referring to entre preneurs in cities like Indianapolis, Detroit and Birmingham areas usually overlooked by venture capitalists, if you care about the city you have to invest in startups, today's stop Memphis. I started this company with only five hundred dollars in my pocket. Dozens of entrepreneurs have gathered in dusty church to pitch case and his team their ideas mung the competitors. The inventor of new headlight this technology converse to hubby into a low beam elimination. The maker of biodegradable medical device, we are the first to encapsulate the benefits of Honey create a solid product and deliver. It is an implant to heal you internally. And former musician who has come up with a better way for fellow musicians to get paid for their work. We've built a IMDB style database for the music industry that helps give credit where credit is due. Sweet bile backstage case in his team quickly vote seven. Minutes later. The winner of the pitch competition is sound way. Winner gets a hundred thousand dollars to go their business Huckabee change for case. But a shot of adrenaline for the city's struggling economy. The poverty rate. Memphis is almost two times the national average crime is rampant and thirty thousand people have left the city in the last decade the face. This is a hard sell to investors and entrepreneurs have paid for it. I realize I spent a lot of time travel around the country there. Most people in this country wake up in the morning. Anxious fearful about the future you're fearful because the things they see happening. Mostly on the coast are hurting their family hurting their community. See these Silicon Valley companies bragging about disruption. Sometimes that's code words for job destruction in their backyard and drop them, they're losing jobs, not gaining jobs. We feel that when you go there. Do you feel that they think we've kind of been forgotten here straight? They happen forgotten. Yeah. It's not about a feeling about being left behind. They have been left behind. We have to kind of level the playing field. So everybody everywhere really does feel like they have a shot at the American dream right now, they don't JD Vance agrees. It's the reason he became cases partner in the rise of the rest fund Vance route the New York Times bestseller, hillbilly elegy. Do you still consider yourself hillbilly? I certainly do. I certainly do. It's the thing. I'm proudest of hillbilly a blue blazer. Yeah. Well, my my wife dressed me. So you can talk about that Vance's book. Details upbringing in Appalachia surrounded by heartbreaking poverty, drug addiction and instability after a stint in the marines, then earning degrees from Ohio State and Yale Law School. Vance began a career as a high tech investor in Silicon Valley definitely get a little bit skeptical when somebody's developing new app for parking, they tell me they're changing world. So I do think sometimes folks in San Francisco can drink a little bit too much of their own Kool aid discouraged by so-called transformational technologies that weren't two years ago. Vance moved back to a high auto to help run the rise of the rest fund. He says many of his Silicon Valley friends had preconceived ideas about people from small towns Tate, you ever feel like you had to be defensive about where you were from. Oh, sure. Sure. I felt like I definitely had to defend this part of the world had to defend. Of the people who lived here. But from what I think defend them from the assumption that they're all stupid. And that they don't know what they really want in the world. I think there is this. This presumption that they're only people who live here are the people who are forced to live here. They can't get out or they're too dumb to know that they should leave. And that's just not true. I think people are here because they care about their communities, and they want to build something special here. Just as folks in San Francisco when build something special there, Kentucky native Jonathan Webb wants to build something special in his home state. We met in in pike Ville Kentucky. Once a thriving coal town in the heart of Appalachia. It's been hemorrhaging jobs and residents one in three people here make less than twelve thousand dollars a year living below the poverty line. Web thinks it's the perfect place to build high tech greenhouses. And here's why most US produce comes from the west in Mexico, traveling thousands of miles to get to our plates. Web says Kentucky's central location means he can save on fuel costs and get fresher products to stores faster. We can get to seventy percent of the US population. In a one day drive rise of the rest has invested. In webs idea are want to be a high school student in eastern Kentucky right now. Now, he's trying to convince the willful high school students here there is a future in eastern Kentucky. There's not anything here now. And I hope and pray for our community that does come back here. But as of now, it's impossible for all of us to say, even though ninety percent of us want to be able to leave the kind of lobster where we could support ourselves in a fine Lynton, my whole family's here. They've been near. But there's just there's nothing here. No jobs. Nothing. You worry about your. Parents. And like you worry how how are you going to make? I mean, how I mean how can they live paycheck to paycheck and you wanna help, but there's just no future free pike fill like much of the region has been gripped by the opioid epidemic. Overdose. Right. Huge. So many people they around here like you. I mean, that's what it is. Jonathon Webb has contracts with local rehab centers to hire recovering. Addicts starting salaries will be thirteen dollars an hour. Nearly double Kentucky's minimum wage folks need opportunity, and if they don't have opportunity we're going to continue in that cycle here. This WalMart is the town's biggest employer and the hills hero scarred with ads for personal injury attorneys. We counted fifteen of them in town and eastern Kentucky has one of the highest rates in the country for people who've stopped looking for work, and then play devil's advocate people who say this is an area that's been riddled with a drug problem. Them. They don't really have the desire to work. What do you say to that? How do you answer that we shouldn't just accept that? The store should be one of decline, and that's what I think at its core. What rise the rest is about is refusing to see the worst in any place. We want to see the best venture capitalist. So I'm pretty comfortable with risk. If you look even the best venture capitalists of very large share of the companies that they invest in fail. And to me what we alternately want is to recognize that just because a place is risky doesn't mean. It can't alternately be productive. I understand. No. It's certainly not easy. And I don't think that five years from now we're gonna completely change the economy of Appalachia or any other part of the country. But I do think that what you're seeing is some real long-term Amenam to bring more economic prosperity too broad parts of the country. Not just a few cities on the coasts past year. The rise of the rest has invested in over a hundred companies and sixty three cities some of the biggest names in business or invest. There's members of WalMart's Wilton family former Facebook, president show and Parker and Google's Eric Schmidt. The one thing not just offering cash but advice to the entrepreneurs. Had some success watchmaker shine Nola, the they discovered on their first bus tour through Detroit now has more than thirty stores in Baltimore City that has long struggled with pockets of extreme poverty. They invested in Cadillac a company that developed an artificial intelligence test Twi dentist by people with aptitude for software development, no experience or education required. Pass the test and Cadillac, we'll train you company. President Jacob sue says about ninety percent of their trainees land six figure jobs as software developers or people come from coal walks of life. We have fast food workers. We have teachers musicians artists truck drivers security guards, we have people come from all over right into these into these positions Cadillac is rapidly expanding and plans to open in twenty cities in the next two years. This is in kindergarten engineering is the real deal or not doing just for charity. We're doing it. Because we found a better way back in pike Ville, JD Vance and Jonathon Webb are hunting for a second greenhouse site on top of an abandoned mind. Do you think you're gonna make money? I mean is this just that feels good for the region? Or is this good investment doing this certainly because it feels good? But we think it will work to the stakes are high not just for the entrepreneurs. But Steve case says for the country for the skeptics who say this is just a vanity project for Steve case, they can say whatever they want. It's important. Why does it matter if it doesn't happen? Then what we're going to take? What's already a pretty big divide this country? And it's going to get a lot worse to get it into this. Venture capitalists. You have to be successful. You have to make money. So how much pressure is there to get this? Right. We've got to get this, right? This to me really is about the future of America. There's a reason Monaco has often been described as a sunny place for shady people for decades, crooks courtesans and con artists were drawn to this slip of land by the sea because of its wealthy residents. It's famous casino and its willingness to ignore pesky banking regulations. It's the smallest country in the world outside the Vatican less than one square mile and in America, it's been associated with glamour ever since movie star Grace Kelly became Princess of Monaco in the nineteen fifties today, it's home to more multimillionaires per square foot than any other country, while Grace Kelly son Prince Albert has been trying to push his nation into the twenty first century. It unapologetically remains a place where you can parade your jewels park your money and not pay any income tax. There are certainly prettier parts of Europe. But it's Monaco where the super-rich are clamoring to get in. For many Monaco is synonymous with the highlight. Must rotties and Martinez. Mega yachts and motorboats. Fisher island. All the wealthiest people rent that Steven Saltzman alone time resident whose job among other things is to help wealthy foreigners move here. His father produced the early JAMES BOND films, Stephen pitches, the principality with the hyperbole of a Hollywood producer. Topa utopia. It's a country, no sovereign debt. Well, hunger different nationalities. Live together protected in piece by a planet. Loving prince. Is you Joe Pia this wealthy though? Well, I'm talking about utopia because it's a perfect society a perfect society. The first thing you really notice about Monaco is how small it is less than a square mile carved out of the coastline of France cramped alcove of the aging apartments hugging Herber barely big enough for the boats dock year, they're surly more yachts in utopia than I imagined. There would be well this is heaven. It's the mecca of the, you know, they always say two times in Yeltsin that fund the day you buy it in the Senate. With enough money. You can buy just about anything in Monaco. You're more luxury shops than supermarkets. Fundraisers, or the social events of the summer, and whatever you have you can flaunt it without fear. Monaco, isn't a police state. But there are cops everywhere. Very polite salute when they see you. But make no mistake there watching everything not just with cops on corners. But cameras lots of them clocking pedestrians and each car that comes into the country. They see everything see everything, and I'm happy about that. Because I know that I'm living safety, I'm secure, and that the government of this country takes that very seriously. Also takes the good life. Very seriously at times feels as much like a country club as a country membership will cost you to become a resident you have to prove you make a lot of money or have more than half a million dollars in the Bank, and you have to promise to live here. Six months of the year. There's not much of a beach to speak of and traffic can be a nightmare. So what's the peel? A big one is taxes in Monaco, you pay no income tax rarely pay capital gains or inheritance tax. That is unless you're American the IRS taxes. You no matter where you live Monaco may be known as a tax haven, but around here that's kind of a touchy subject. No one has cheating on the taxes. Sales tax. We pay property tax. We pay taxing on our employees, and we pay tax on corporate profits there need more taxes, but part of the appeal has gotta be while I can come here, and I don't have to pay income tax. The fact that Monaco doesn't need income tax may be part of the attraction, but it may be somebody who would also like to have their boat living security, and and not worry about that dole to going down to the supermarket and getting knifed. Dim view the rest of the world that serious crime is was non existent in Monaco. That's part of the attraction for tourists as well. Every day. They flood the principality hoping to get a glimpse of how the one percent live Monaco is a myth, and we live on it. People want to believe in the myth. They wanna come and see it. That's what people expect yawn. Anthony, no gifts grew up with that myth. His family has been here for more than two hundred years, which makes him something of a rarity. He's a citizen. It's good to be a citizen here. Citizens are known as Montague asks. And it's almost impossible for foreigners to become one and men are hell long. They've been here out of the thirty eight thousand people in Monaco, less than a quarter our citizens most monta gas or not millionaires and they couldn't afford to live in their own country without special privileges in a variety of subsidies. You see people driving around the Lamborghinis Bentleys and parking them out on the street. Is there tension? No because foreigners are our wealth. The foreigners are a source of wealth for citizens. There's not huge industries here. There's not farming here. That's how the country makes money exactly. Two hundred country also makes money hosting prestigious international events. Biggest bowl the historic grand prix takes place each spring and attracts tens of thousands of visitors top Formula, one team some of the drivers don't have to commute very form. World champion Lewis Hamilton lives here along with dozens of store athletes in a variety of top sports. Four days. Twenty turbocharged multi million dollar machines hurdle for Monaco's winding narrow streets. There's nowhere in the principality. You can escape the deafening. Roar. Yawn. Anthony Noga says grandfather founded the now legendary race ninety years ago. So for a local what is race weekend. Like it's heaven and hell heaven because seven for guys like me would love it. And I'm having a real good time. They can be held when you live right in that building. And you don't have a pass to go watch the race or you don't like hearing music. Or loud people coming to party? Or a lot of loud people wandering around race weekend by day. They dance party by the race track. At night. The action moves to the doctor in the horror. With champagne flows dance or do this all night. Magin what Grace Kelly would make it. She was Hollywood royalty in nineteen fifty six when she married Prince Rainier his family had ruled over the principality for seven hundred years. It was called the wedding of the century. And with it in the minds of many Americans a fairy tale was born. Indeed, it seventy was a great day in the long history of. Would stores came calling high rollers from America flock to gambling's high temple the ornate casino in the tiny neighborhood of Monte Carlo so often immortalized in movies name's bond. James barth? Hello. Hello. Hello. That was the Monaco that Grace Kelly son Prince Albert grew up in Joel. The palace gardens were his playground. I remember different parties luncheons in the summer where we'd have Frank Sinatra. Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck. And mine sites magin Sinatra around here. The prince is famously shy. And surprisingly accessible title is a big one for such a small country. He's referred to as his serene highness can really see everything from aerial. He's no figurehead. He runs this place prince Mayer CEO, and in many ways luxury landlord take a look at his desk. There's not a problem from international diplomacy to traffic troubles downtown that he doesn't oversee the buck starts and stops with him. Most people we talked to have referred to one time another as the boss. My father was called the bosses. Well, I viewed as an endearing term bosses usually do. It's not an not an easy responsibility. No matter what the size of the country is when Prince Albert ascended the throne fourteen years ago, Monaco had lost some of its luster the casino's fortunes faded and the principality had earned a dubious reputation for turning a blind eye to crooks and tax cheats. There was famous quote that Monica sunny place for shady people was that fair at a certain period in time. It was a pretty accurate description. But there were a lot of shady people here in the past Monaco is certainly not a place like that anymore. Prince Albert has publicly push to get the country line with nearly all international banking regulations. And he's been dubbed the green prints for his focus on climate change, and for mandating that all new construction needs to be environmentally sustainable. The problem is there isn't much space left to build on this two billion dollar project is underway. To add fifteen acres for luxury apartments by expanding out into the sea Monaco remains the most expensive real estate in the world and new developments like the Odeon tower are in high demand apartments are set aside here for the monta gas at a deep discount, perhaps the fanciest public housing in the world, though, there is a separate entrance for the super-rich. So which entrance still go into that one? This is the main on. Peter van note wick is a real estate broker on you think he's currently offering this five story penthouse in the odium take it onto the master bedroom. Floor the price three hundred million dollars, and this is on X retro on experience to Cup because it's a curved. It's a thirty eight thousand square foot marble clad mansion in the sky seven bedrooms movie theater, Jim gold fixtures, and what's an outdoor pool without a water slide. About four or five kitchens? Four kitchen. I mean, you don't wanna walk to another floor to get now. That would would you do that? Hardly command his act. The view is spectacular and the apartment perfect if money in taste or no object. You see that somebody who has a mega yacht a three hundred million dollar Yod and wants to settle down somewhere. Yeah. Maybe the gentlemen will change his wife and the wife will not like the sea and says I want to if in a nice, Vilna gentlemen will change. So you know, you have all there's there's a lot of that goes on. Certainly not for everyone. Then again, that's the whole idea. One of his, you know, like a dream that he met his perfect Slavia brea. Tori is an Italian businessman who moved here ten years ago. Monaco, Albert, the prince, but Flavio is king of the night. Just don't ask him to pick you up in his new Lamborghini before eleven PM pantheon cousin union one night three thousand euros in your restaurant. I saw you on food and bought the champion. Tori owns this nightclub. Tweeter part of his global empire clubs, clothing brands and restaurants, humbly called billionaire life a place where the roaring twenties never seem to have ended the rich, and those who wanna be rich can meet and mingle maybe find companionship for the night is that with Monaco is a party to face a Monica today. Quiet people that people go to the new scope people with Esther. S what humidity eight the party goes on? In this age of instability, uncertainty and inequality, it may seem strange this Oddo Acis of opulence still exists. The Monaco wants you to forget about all that have some champagne enjoy the party, I worry from here. The rest of the world is far far away. Now an update on a story. We first reported for years ago. Our investigation of lumber liquidators Chinese made laminate flooring revealed high levels of formaldehyde that fail to meet health and safety standards this past week in a settlement with the Justice department. The flooring company agreed to pay thirty three million dollars in fines and forfeitures for misleading. It's investors by denying our findings and hiding its own internal information. I'm Anderson Cooper will be back next week with another dish of sixty minutes.

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