NFL week 8 prediction back on track.


Hey everybody says Prestige Jay I want to tell you you know now you listen to your favorite radio show or your Kathy's Well I could do that and so now with anchor you can I love you that they don't is podcasting played ever all caught up and it see halls Falcons Falcons I'm not having a good season starting Thursday that will mean I'm officially caught up and we'll be caught up for the rest of the season unless ever you want to be but most important have fun that's why have fun this is your show have a great day right now this is a totally brand new band segment so everything is starting fresh from league gay and it will be officially caught up though here we go then an-and you want you can do news you do sports you could do talk you could do trivia just be yourself be who the segment week I'm considering this caught up because I didn't know that week seven anyhow negated Tyler Perry there you go all right so Thursday therapy and you can do it too so if you sign up for anchor the day you could be on your way to get your listeners you could find the show and Vikings winning a little bit more game I'm GonNa go with the Vikings this time to win on Thursday night going with the Viking yell I decided to either go home again or somewhere else but other than that I should be cut up now so let's go ahead and do but I think I think the legal giants will top the lions this is your moment make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this prestigious ready for football right now everything could be back to normal hey it's we get eight here fifty three ready for you get conflict in inanimate uh-huh Yeah Miranda never loved the Maranda never showed up she wasn't even in the building my rounded in show up there you go anyway we're going to the vulnerable team now I'm talking about the giants and the Lion I'm worried about these two teams I'm GonNa go with giants or the lion all right now jeff has not been having a good game at has been caught the caught up after I did that it's only miss we fly we six and seven the with this week this week all and they was murdered by the Patriots who who own a casino but the Seahawks Thayer county take now at the team and I could do a bike ride through it there's no score because the games haven't even started yet are you ready for wrong are you ready to go we're finally caught up on NFL petitions hey raskin's I biking both TV very good team but the redskins having their games the Sunday game now the accord I'm going with the bears to be the judge's now the Bengals beat the ram game Tampa Bay you know and asthma did joe to during data weekday or go to jail what would that joke what would that good but I do think that the eagles has gone to take down the bills that's what I think not Balkania over the Titan so we'll see how that goes he goes versus the Buffalo Bills La chargers further though bears and by the way that the both of these games are Sunday in charge of debate see-saw type of season for both teams in Massachusetts so I'm GonNa go ahead and pick the Jacksonville Jaguars because it just don't even have it like now betsy Louis get the Patriot this isn't anything aim of the game I don't pick the rams but I'm ooh but I'm still gonna go with the paint's net game panthers either either game another Game Tyson I is the raiders I'm taking Texas I'm not picking another California teen for the niners for the nine over the packers my pack funding honors another Easy Ness Game Three twenty five game Cleveland Brown for the Sinoe the Patriots the Casino who take anybody crack Patriot. I'm going to be find a way to get past brady and the other quarterback fine away just sign away Steve I mean from week one to week eight they'd been winning you know what I'm GonNa do I'm GonNa pay the states even though the cardinals have won a couple of game the saints are also hard you have it there is the week number eight football and we're all finally caught up so now dolphins and the steelers the dolphins and the steelers of course I'm picking steelers come on out. NFL Police get him come on NFL please anyway Yup so that concludes we ate predictions. If you're listening to big D A whole Sunday night game no you can't do this you can't hey it's GonNa be it's definitely GonNa be Arizona Karnal for this New Orleans Saints at the Cleveland Browns pulled it off God bless them that bless them our hope that could be the only team this season to pull off the Patriots and find a way versus coats boggles versus cold and I think my petition talking near I is the Titan unsee what Tampa Bay GonNa do against the Titan and say that I'm GonNa be it's cold it's GonNa go and beat the colts all right got it over the home team no not she's packers does not cheap packers but I doubt it over the cheese country the country if you're listening to the big deep down on Vicki country dot net anywhere and then he got the criminal clam the one that's even beat Monday night vall is Monday night football he in anchor because this is one of the many way that Bakti zone gets to grow more on More people just for the fun of it the Cleveland Browns. I think I'm on a only GONNA have this game apply because I know I'm not GonNa win but up to prediction and then we're going to see less we do before we go on to week nine I'm all caught up I'm caught up I'm Claude. The packers voted the cheese to

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