437: Black Lives Matter


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We're going through right now. Yeah, exactly only our feelings matter so much less in this specific scenario. If feels weird to get through emails, being like this chick swiped me right on tinder and I. Don't know I should hook up with her because she says she's an open. How pined for those problems to be. The problem's gotten good the those for those to be the real problems. It's fun because they're superficial. It seems like every three months. We wish we could just go back to three months earlier. Where things are, we thought was the lowest point, but didn't quite hit rock bottom yet. Yeah when it was just a pandemic. Hook, you remember when it was just corona virus, and not this mass oppression that we were actively fighting experiencing through every major American city. I guess the oppression and racism has always been there, so we re rewinding the clock. Three months wouldn't really fix that but I. Guess The the sort of boiling point that we're in feels kind of tough to live in. Yeah, you went to a protest you in Brooklyn. I Did I, I think. So Karnal was karnal went to one on Friday and Saturday and I was trying to like build up my mental fortitude because. Pandemic I'm. You? You're told to stay away from the crowds, but I was feeling really awful didn't know what else to do. And then I went to the protest on. Sunday and it was very nice. It was not what I had built up in my head. It wasn't a it was not scary at all. They're like everybody was keeping their distance. Everybody was very respectful. You're listening to passionate moving speeches and it was an entirely. I guess I wouldn't say Nice time because it's like very emotional, but it was. It was it was. It was a beautiful moment. I'd say that's right. Yeah, and then as these protests often do like one little bit of escalation from one party. Creates this negative feedback loop and spirals out of control in the new CDs, videos on twitter. Or TIKTOK wherever you're getting. All you see you like. There's a one car on fire and that's that. Dominates the news? Or even was a lot of Nice stuff and no cars on fire where I was. That's good or even more than the Carson fires. The looting like everybody seems the stories and the. Images and the videos that her must compelling, or is the looting destruction of property, which seems to be like the third most like. If you're ranking everything, you're thinking of like okay. The worst thing of all is the system that's been built up and governmental and systemic way to keep the white man on top, and then there's the protests violence which is awful, and then even below that I think is like destroying targets in whole foods and stuff like that, but for whatever reason. That's the thing that gets focused on the most it is. Weird. Yeah, it's an IT gets focused on the most, and it's like nitpicked like. Hey, this isn't helping the cause. This isn't helping your cause. This isn't going to zoom isn't going to change anything if you if you lose a target, but that's like not the main thing that's happening and it's also. I don't know net fine. Yeah I'm not. That's the stuff that concerns me. The least is how like these giants store chain stores are going to be affected by the broken windows. But yeah, and then you look at you, know the leaders of America and that's the thing that they focus on the most trump is not weighing in on whether or not there are systems in place that keep certain persons of color. At the bottom he's more like. Can you believe these thugs that are breaking the windows of a Bar? Let's fucking shoot I. It's easier to like your nitpicking the process or complaining about your complaining about like the. Afoul or something, but not about like the game itself. Yeah, I read a tweet that was like if I killed one of your family members I'd think I'd understand if you broke one of my windows like that. That part doesn't Piss me off. Yeah I. Mean this whole thing. This whole recent thing was set off by George Floyd being literally murdered on camera so I guess. That's what is the most alarming upsetting terrible thing about this and seeing like people walk out of Patagonia with surfboards doesn't quite register as much as that. Yeah, when and also like Brianna Taylor and. Very like. People murdered in the street, and like their murders weren't arrested somebody Briana was also just Moore murdered in her house. They kicked in the door and shot her so yeah. You can get the at leisure from target. is going to be okay. So what are we supposed to do? I I'm just reading as much as possible learning as much as possible trying to educate myself as much as possible I don't know there's no quick fix obviously to this thing that's been around since the beginning of America. Probably it's early in like our education. I guess like we can't come. Come on a podcast on Monday and like. Talk about how we think and feel. It's we've been sort of ignoring it or like. fussing around on the edges and for too long, so we have to dive in and I. Don't know anything yet. Yeah, but we wanted to I guess not ignore it, but also not spend the entire episode on it, so we figured let's. Talk about anything about it for. As long as we can, and then maybe we'll take a break and then come back and try to record a normal podcast, so people can pick and choose the experience that they want right now. Did they want? To listen to us. Sort of. tiptoe around and try to figure out what our thoughts are, and speak them in some eloquent manner, or do they just WanNa? Hear US answer questions. I can't even get close to eloquent, so if you WANNA skip ten minutes and talk about and talk to the Gameboy, let me know. SKIP SKIP SKIP. It's a weird moment because there's like. I think that we're used to just like. Try Basically. It's privileged position to to always think about moments and. And like these cultural touchstones to be like, how do I fit in? What does this mean for me? What do I do? How can I help, but it's like this moment. That's not about us. So there's like some sort of learning curve to just being like. Shut up, listen but also. An inclination to help and do something. But recognizing that you are on the top and benefiting from the system that's in place. That's hurting people. Yeah, it's like it's not about you, but it's about the system that you partake in. Actively into your benefit, so there's I. really have no fucking clue what to do. Tell me how to ruin it from the inside. It's weird to be like Oh. This whole thing is so messed up and it's making me feel really uncomfortable and sat like good. Yeah, that's fine. That's good. You can feel those things, and that's how I do feel. Especially since we are the same color, engender gender as the bad guys of the story, my life has been very very easy. So, what can we do? Donate your time? Donate Your Voice. Donate your cash. Yeah, donate your mind. You can donate your brain to science. Really entered the oral we found. That seems to have the most information options to donate. Your money is black. Lives Matters Dot Card Dot, Co Hurt Dispel C.. A. R., D., yeah, black lives! Matters plural dot C. A. R. R. D. DOT CO, yeah places to donate. You can donate to the victims to the protesters to the black owned businesses or other important places, so that's just. If. You don't have money to donate. You can spread. The link will tweet it. You can re tweet save every little helps That's right amplify. And then you should probably be listening to podcasts where two white men aren't sort of. Batting around their feelings to each other. Yeah, definitely I would say that if you came here to I. Mean we're just sort of in the same moment with you if you're confused in? uncomfortable. Definitely better podcast resources that can. Not Too much better than me and Amir can, and that were there with you and we'll listen to them to. And then beside all this, there's also the corona virus which is still raging on which is only going to be amplified by all the. Protesting in close proximity and people get thrown and buses and vans and. Prisons and it's all getting worse. It's bad and it's getting worse. Yeah, I mean. This really it like. It's crazy that took. All four years of trump's presidency to get to this point I guess we've been like on a simmer for a while, but like this. What we're in right now is what I feared. When we were talking about the trump election. Yeah Day after he was elected. We'll see if a photo of you see photos of the White House with his lights off and surrounded by fires. It's like okay. He is at the epicenter of this giant colossal. Meltdown. If you know. They put them in the panic room yesterday. Right? What's Nice? They should have left him there. Somebody who mentioned that like Joe Biden should just come out and start acting like president like give a state of the union like start talking and everyone just like we just cross fade to Joe, Biden and like start nor donald trump completely. That would be great. I, didn't they just left trump in the panic room like? Okay so, this is for your safety. It's like there's no. There's no food here. There's no water. That's fine early. You're morbidly obese. I. Assume you could survive for at least a few weeks. Just water alone closet. This is the panic room, but he I mean he's not even GonNa, he's not even saying anything. He's not even addressing anybody is. He's just sitting there like tweeting about. People stealing stuff from Walmart yeah. I woke up the other day and he just like. Let's see what let's see what's on twitter and the top tweet was him. tweeting China with an exclamation mark I'm like all right. Interesting Good Nice. He was like he was doing. He's he was trying to make Obama. Gate happened or something yeah. recusing President Obama of a crime. Okay Buddy that's like. I on the ball here. Rome is burning said I have to point to your last president. Say that he's GonNa Make Obama Gate look like small potatoes or whatever he said. No we're fucked and it's getting worse. Everything is bad and it's getting worse. What will be the next thing what will? What will be the next thing? Natural Disaster feel awkward. Do for one of those because you know. The, viruses bad, and then the cities are burning like the oppression has reached a boiling point now. Let's like throw in. A Tornado or hurricane. Force buyers that could be a could be one the. Summer months are coming up. Yeah! I'm with you natural disaster. That's the. That's that's the icing on the cake. That's like Oh. Maybe you know like in Sims when you can sort of create natural disasters to your cities. I feel like we're at. There's going to be a monster. That's how interesting a Godzilla like sorts giant crack in comes out of the sea in Miami and just sorta starts like pulling buildings down with its tentacles. That's what's next. Let's at least buildings are completely empty because of the disease. That's cool. That's good. and. So. We're in June three months from now. What September and of summer. September first and December. Do you think the world seems better or worse right now? Are we at the low point or are we? On our knees about to face plant onto rock bottom. Yeah, it's hard to it's it really all depends on what you consider? Rock like are these protests. Are. They quote unquote good for society because people have finally had enough, and then we're having difficult conversations, and then we're having the outbreak. Of anger like you can sit at. This is all a good thing. This is inspiring. Look, what's worse is. The few months before this where all this stuff was still happening, but everyone was silent. Early it's hard to find good and bad, but it's the fever breaking right now or is it. GETTING WORSE Or is it like pedal to the metal? We're not releasing just heading towards a disaster. How can things be get better I? Just don't just don't see a path unless like nothing can happen like the you can't dismantle. Centuries of. In three months the disease. is around more people now than it was three months ago and we're starting to reopen things so like that's going to be bad like Angeles two days ago. Like all right? Let's fuck and reopen restaurants. You can eat in a restaurant and everyone's like who's going to go there. Who's going to do that? There's no yeah. They're seemingly no strategy. It's just like boredom, or it's just like like you know what. I don't care open it up. Yeah, in California, supposedly supposed to be one of the most liberal smartest science driven states in Los. Angeles the California of California and they're like. All right record case numbers death still going up. Let's open restaurants. Let's do it. Let's fucking open the restaurants. Yeah new. York City supposed to be one of the most liberal cities in the world, if not the most liberal city in the world, and here we are like throwing protesters Jalen Shit and escalating. Violence in the street yeah, did you see that picture of? A bunch of white. millennials eating Brunch in front of a protest. I sure did. I sure. Like zooming in, that's you. You're eating some sort of benedict. It feels like that. What a week ago! That was great. Yeah, I could see you having corn beef Hash, and then behind you, a police officer sort of escalating the violence, throwing old pan down with his shield. That's quite enough. Okay? What I was protesting as well because my toast was bird. I have no idea what was the worst thing that ever happened to me. There's also an election coming up. He's sort of forget that everyone was worried that the election would be all consuming a year of debates, and how annoying will be now the election in November? It's Choon, and I haven't heard of Joe Biden in the last few weeks I think he went to a protest yesterday. It's nice. Let's say that website again because we are a good resource, but we do. We have a small platform, and all we can do is try to direct people to the same resources that we're using. Yeah, even if we don't fully know or have the same experience as people were trying to help, but black lives matters dot, c., A. R. R. D. C.. Oh, yeah, and. Let's take a break. 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Not a question but Anna Rights Jake might likes Dr Do. Start Star Do Valley. What is that? Yeah I guess not. Yeah, she finds it like animal crossing without the stressful parts more focused on the farming and resources, and the people are actually humans and the animals don't talk in the time doesn't pass while you weren't playing, so you don't get yelled at by Nook after a couple days off that appleseed. Did you get yelled up I know? I didn't get yelled at, but I've heard that. People like one of the residents of my island was like I haven't seen you in awhile. Where if you've been kind of thing? But yeah, it's a little stressful. That time passes in real time. That was definitely a conscious choice to make. It seem like ever stop playing animal crossing hooks, not the boss of me. Playing. Oh, you stopped. Walnut Stop Stop but. Over the weekend I definitely. Sometime of Visit my island. Yeah I saw you at the protest holding up a Nintendo switch wondering if anyone had a charge. All right. Here's a actual question. People had this one is from a twenty two year old bisexual girl from the Philippines. Okay, we'll call her Philippa. I've been with my boyfriend for almost five years now, and he's literally perfect and does not cause me any problems. Our families are pretty close to my parents. Love Him. Here's my issue all this time alone and away from him. Because of quarantine has got me thinking that I haven't had my life explored like in the dating world, we met at Sophomore Year of college and we've been together ever. Ever since so I didn't get a chance to date around and explore New People. He's really committed to me and even talk about wanting to marry me and start a family with me, and that's great, all but I kind of don't want to settle down yet and I feel like if I don't get out of this relationship now we'll have a hard time getting out of it in the future. I mean she's been in it for five years. I've only ever been comfortable with my sexuality these past few years, and so I've never even been with a girl before basically to make a long story short. I want to start dating girls. But I'm scared. I might be throwing away. Good thing. Hope you guys answer this. Thanks, love you. Well. This is a weird time to be like I. Want to see other people that being said I can't see anybody else for a couple months to a year. But it is also true that like this moment right now is the easiest time you'll have getting out of your relationship at if you stay together through the quarantine. It's GonNa be harder because you've gone through another hardship and stay together, so your relationship is thus more fortified. A little further was like. Oh, we've been together for seven years. We can't break up now. There's like. It's not gonNA get easier to break up. It only gets harder so if you're feeling like you want to break up, you should do it right now. Yeah. But then you can't. What are you GonNa? Are you going to explore your? Bisexual side of dating women for the first time ever. You can't leave your house for very often. You can do virtually for for a time until until you're ready to start going on dates irl. It builds high school. It'd be an interesting time to be single, but like you could meet people on the APPs Chat Chat. See who you like, and then do a socially distant date. Were you gonNA walk with a mask? It's kind of. Like! I think it'd be happy to go on a date. Wearing a Basque pressure is pretty low. You don't have to like first impression. They won't see your face. You can have a zip. You can have bad breath. which was the hardest part for me dating? oftentimes, my gums and plaque would reek of shit. That's it's hard to say like stay six feet away from me when we're meeting up for the first time, and it's hard to say like I actually don't smell like tuna. I'm leading in for a kiss and I wreak I- Rica Fish. Yeah. Why not just brush your teeth. That's true I feel like I. Shoulda re written into the podcast I just got a whiff of your breath I don't know how over zoom. But upgraded just wilted. Green steam came out of my mouth. You have greasy breath. Speaking of Greasy check out the had gone. podcast me you. Jeff Riley Morita we're just hanging out once a week. A greasy. That's Greasy pod. Things get very greasy. Silly over there, so you need an extra dose of silliness. We recorded an episode last week before we were. Depressed so. Or only mildly depressed. That'd be a good release. Again every you always wish you can rewind time to two months. Previous I can't wait to see what happens in. Early August to September that makes pine for this day. Insane cannot imagine cannot imagine sure it will happen off I would also say as you're breaking up with your boyfriend. Tell him exactly why tell them everything you told us And and he might have some insight as well. Maybe he'll be cool with an open relationship like. Girls might not be a bad thing. Yeah, yeah, I'll get. If, he's been chill so far you may. He might. He might continue that trend. Yeah and a Lotta. Guys are less threatened by women. You like you're asking to date another guy you're like. I wanted to explore my female sexuality and date females. He might be more open to it. Just like I want to aid that dude versus you. Right here's another one. Sounds pretty funny. Hey, guys will call this guy Reginald, a hey, guys. I have a question about Cubes Rights Reginald. when I started dating my Jeff I noticed. She has an interesting trim pattern. She doesn't shave the side of her business because she has sensitive skin, which makes sense. She said she trims it with. Scissors sometimes sounds dangerous, but adventure a guest. That doesn't happen too often. I don't really like getting a mouthful of Bush every time I go down on her. If I bought a nice pup- trimmer, would it be totally out of line that to suggest she try it, too? If it helps. I'm planning on proposing soon. I have a ring everything. Thank you. Propose I. She might be changing her mind. If you say you get down on one knee with Shurmur we'll use. Shave yourself and marry me. About full of cubes. God. So propose and then. What's the most gentlest way to bring up the idea that? He would prefer if the pupils weren't as bushy on the underside, despite the fact that you sensitive skin. Yeah, I, just think you can't I just think. I don't know I. Don't think he can I think it's impossible you play I. do even if you're engaged to have an open honest conversation about pubic hair if you're coming. Yeah I think when you're married. There's going to be a lot less puke maintenance. Wasn't happening during the courtship phase. It's not going to start now. What about the ion say ship of it all? You know you're you're you're obligated to marry? Still? Obviously, it's not a real contract, but it's a social one, and you guys can talk about the fringe details like pubic hair, personal hygiene things of that nature and yeah, maybe something will come up that she can hopefully potentially may be if she's interested and wants to help you go down on her to trim the underside of her. Situation. I think all you can do. And this is really like I i. think you. My true advice is to just get used to having cubes in your mouth, and that's fine. That's that's the that's someone you love I. Have No problem having pews in my mouth. Strangers never bothered me. You know it's by even if it was in my soup like. You like licking the vagina. Just enjoy everything that comes with it whether it's not that's. It's all it's all positive. Okay, but if you really if you feel like. If you feel like. You, really really can't stand it then I think the only measure you can take is start having a meticulous pup- grooming ritual for yourself lead by example. Don't ask your fiance to do anything. You aren't doing yourself pup-. Wise. Maybe, maybe she'll be inspired. Maybe she'll see your. That'd it'd be like damn that is. That's a neat line. How did you get that? They're also uniform. Thanks rigged. How'd you get the in vicious triangle on top of your pene? Is that zero fade from year, Dole. Zero fade a comb over. Mons, pubis has a bald spot. All right one last question. Sure. Another lady from Vancouver soon will call her. Can that can you tell that word drained creatively? That were coming up with names that just sort of rhyme with where these people are. Yeah that's that's on us. Again, apologize low energy bad effort from us, but here we are doing our best winter. Jeb in sleepy, Joe or host. I'm GONNA take off. How funny is it? The trump's nickname for Joe Biden is sleepy Joe when last election he couldn't come up with that adjective sleepy for someone. He called Low Energy Jeb. So he should've used. You're saying he should have. He should've waited on low energy. Well. It should not have been sleepy job like. Low Insane that nickname. Was Four syllables long low energy JEB and then he was like. Oh, it's so much faster. Say Sleepy, sleepy Joe. That's right. Anyhow, all right. Have you. Resign yourself to the idea that trump might. Win To selection November like we'll just Have another four to forty years of this guy. I GUESS NO I. Have Not! It's I can't accept it. All right Canadia rights, longtime listener, and you guys have got me through multiple unrequited loves. Yeah, not even breakups. Lol! Glad I got to shake Amir's hand in Vancouver and twenty eighteen before it was illegal I. Swear it wasn't me that gave you the flu, so hear me out and. Baby boomers, the name for the next generation of people born after cove it, yea! Genius thoughts I'll see myself out. You're welcome. So instead of baby boomers this next generation of people. Are GonNA. Be called baby boomers. That's pretty solid. The weird thing to me I guess. Is that like calling someone Zimmer because they were born during zoom? Like while other people were zooming. Like. Isn't it weird because? It, it implies that they are the ones that use zoom all the time, but really it was their parents that we're using zoom all the time. Yeah yeah, but baby boomers are because the parents were fucking after the war, and there was a boom rabies. Yeah, they called it the baby boom. So you're like I'm a baby boomer. So it more be like what is. I get the spirit of this and I think it's not bad at all I. think it's pretty solid. You'll allow baby boomers. Yeah. I would. Want to feel old. This baby boomers four months. Will that next generation be called I. Don't know what's what are where millennials there's like the silent generation baby-boomer Gen y Gen Z.. That's the young generation right now. Yeah, and who comes up with the names of it. They don't. They haven't gotten their moniker. I don't know if you're out there. Let me I'm going to Google different names of the generations generation naming. Naming Systems and is it just an American thing I? Don't know that like you're not. Are you a baby boomer? If you're born during that time, but in like London, AB, because it was all about the World War all right well. There's a giant kapiti on generation so I. I don't think it's the right kind. We'll you in another two weeks. I guess. I've got well I. have some other more important reading to do to be honest now you should really get to the bottom of why they're called. Gen X.. Seeing that now. Post millennials. That's what this one next one that's called. Post millennials headed by wind post? Malone was born everybody after post. Malone is a post Maloney. All Okay Zumur. Okay consumer. I don't know if I trust the idea or I. Don't know if I liked the idea of a generation being named after a product though that's free advertising for zoom that bumped me a little bit to actually it is crazy. How much zoom is killing it? Yeah, Jesus Christ. This is like even Google can't get in there. No I heard of this technology like the. The day after the pandemic I think right, yeah, and by that time it was already like a publicly traded company, so it had to have been around for years and years, and we just like just like look I zoom in your email where we on zoom call three years ago and just didn't realize like a weird tech like struggling startup. It's like and for. A year or two? I think I like recorded podcasts with you. FACETIME and with Murph. Emily and caldwell on like Google hangouts. It was so lucky and bad. Yeah, the big problem is like when people are talking at once. How does the software handle that because some? Like some software, it's like lettuce, silence, everybody and you can't hear anything. Some people let the louder person talk in the silence, the other person some people at both at the same time. Yes, zoom does a pretty solid job of blending that area so like even when three people are talking over each other. You hear everyone I don't. Yeah I think I've noticed that like the loudest person is the clearest, and then you can, you can still hear. The other people looks like our first zoom. Call was actually in late October. Wow, so we were using it relatively recently, but still before the pandemic. Yeah we did it for. A head gum. Company, wide meetings interesting stuff. Oh yeah when all of New, York and all of L. A. were in the same room. We only need to us. With, right. Weird time of innocence time of Zoo All right. Well we definitely talked for thirty to forty minutes. Which is pretty good. All things considered. Yeah, we got it out. We I mean late low energy bad. But can you blame us for? Honestly, it's your problem. If you're not happy with it like that's on you, I didn't do anything wrong. Except some. All right for more questions and answers. And theme Song Senator If I. Were you show at gmail.com? With an open with the theme song, but we did get a good one from Vicky this week, so maybe we can close with it Vicky. Such, shout out her boyfriend. Let me look her boyfriend's name. And, there's more silliness to be. Add on the head gun podcast and our Patriot has videos. Were quizzing each other. We're taking the or answering questions or watching old videos. That's a nice descends hours. Lot of stuff on our patriotic Vicky wrote a theme song shot to her boyfriend David, so thank you Vicki and David. Thanks to you guys for listening the euro again if you would like. If you can spare. Anything is black. Lives Matters Dot card CRTV DOT Co.. Thanks for. Next week can't wait to see what the future holds. Were there. By Five. Our. Law. That was a headcount podcast.

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