Camille Grammer vs. The Ladies of RHOBH: A Primer (with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)


<music> Hi. I'm Megan Sierra and I'm Eric Day man. This is the daily Dish Bravo's official podcast so the real housewives of Beverly Hills season nine reunion is underway underway and it's been nothing short of dramatic from addressing Lisa Vander pumps absence to lease arenas twitter war with Nicolette Sheridan and Teddy Mellencamp Ari ave apologizing for her hand in puppy gate not to mention Camille grammars. There's walk-off not only did she physically walk off but her dress was about to fall off to at the end of the real houses of Beverly Hills reunion part to Camille walked away in tears and mentioned that everything was a setup. Yes An- andy kept questioning why she I thought that this was a setup about her. Coming on the reunion Camille then mentions a comment made by Teddy on Bravo T._v.. Dot Com very own real housewives have beverly hills after show teddy pretty much said that the best part of cumulous wedding was leaving which might be a little harsh arch so to prep you for the aftermath of meals walk off and part three of the real houses of Beverly Hills Reunion. We pulled the exact after show moments that explain why she was so upset plus a few more juicy tidbits. You didn't get to see on the show. Let's take take a listen to both sides of the story. Okay Ka Meals wedding highlights from that from the minute. I arrived at the venue. I mean watching the sunset seemed my family and all my my friends. I love so much having my kids they're the rainbows in the background the sunset and David so handsome and having his family there and there was a lot of special miracles that happen. My mom made it there from my wedding. That was a miracle. I didn't think she was GONNA make it. I didn't think it was GONNA make my wedding. I'm glad that the girls were there to experience what I love so much about the Hawaiian islands and so really Special Day Camelia wedding adding highlights okay well we were in Hawaii great sunset and there was even a rainbow. That's what was the best part of communes wedding anything. The departure sure we'll call you. Tell me about being a member of the wedding party uncomfortable with the dresses at one point choked water sorry. I said you cannot wear leave. I'm so sorry that I can't be bridesmaid. These are not stick arms. It's going to be like a chubby squashed pork chop arm. I mean first of all I have double D boobs. That are my <music> own with that comes like I'm fuller all through here I do not were captured. Leave whoever invented the caps lead hated women so I was like Oh my got knowledge. That won't close around my boobs. What am I going to do you so I was gonNA panic plus? It didn't come to like the day before the wedding I had a problem didn't arrive so I was the dress is not here. What am I going to do so then I had to have it like fabric taken to get it to fit? It was a whole situation Asia and I got to see all the snapshots anyway. It's all good now so by the time we had been through you know three days of a wedding it's great but it's a lost a lot and we had just gotten Martin van and this article comes out. What is their hardest pledges sick people magazine? She wanted to release it but then tell us just so you know I released this Kislyak Vivian Fronts and asked my head was actually upper-house when you were all like so we are like it was such a funny moment and that's when I say to rate okay well Henny and I hadn't said anything like I wasn't going to tell her that all right can meal had. Maybe not spoken so nicely because I've learned my lesson. You're not supposed to like go behind people's back and say oh by the way so and so said this well in that moment I was like you have a wedding leading an insane on very nice to me. I'm sorry cheated. I want to say that to you when she did fred four fifty birthday party. I just feel that you know there's a little bit of phoniness and I don't know where she's like. I don't know if she has all the money she has is or is it a show fake accent all of it she bugs and I know we all love going to be honest. She'd makes the back of the little hairs new next stand up and make the little hairs. I should tell her you know if you ever heard of German planning. Get rid of that very easy truthfully. I was very very surprised watching the show back in seeing the way she was talking about me because she was so different to my face. Yes I have enjoyed during the past. There's certain things I question. I questioned still to this day why she would call me a see you next Tuesday when she didn't know me from Adam but again I was willing to move forward and I wanted wanted the girls to be there and I didn't want anybody the drama of that. Oh why didn't Camille invite me. I didn't want to deal with any more drama. Whoever wanted to go you know they came? I get like maybe you invite a friend friend that you're not much to a dinner because it's at the sake of your other friends but it's your wedding and you have a real problem with me. Why am I hear I I should know you have a big enough problem with me that I shouldn't be at your wedding knowing what I know now gone because it seems disingenuous that squashed the memory for me who can be on have been saying that she was very a hurt that Lisa didn't come to her wedding and that you know she wished she could have been there and such an important day? She should have been here to be here for me and to dismiss all of this and then we'll we're leaving the HAWAII LISA run. I'd get some tweet with a people magazine article saying how exclusive Camille Grammars wedding and thank God for Lisa Vander Palm Okay guys what people magazine surprise to be honest in between the branch and going to the airport an article came out in people magazine where Camille professing her eternal gratefulness to lease evanger pump being such a good friend us at the breakfast which the hours before it was posted. I'm so confused. She says I respect her decision. Where like she shower or your wedding and we all like let families we don't could the she says something nice about Lisa but you were saying negative things and actually nice things in the present? She's not even here. We lost stay loss to because they changed. Their schedules left husbands kids to fly for her wedding. That's not a close place to go to Hawaii beautiful but still I think that a lot of them felt slighted and they were just like what as Lisa renison so eloquently. She's just flip flopping all the time. I wonder if that's you know so. is she afraid to really say how she feels about Lisa Vendor pump like if you say something's in one company. Why aren't you consistent? Is it because you're afraid or because you're just say you don't feel that way like what is it. You know an meals never done anything wrong to me and can Camille been nothing but nice to meet but it's hard then to trust in someone like that. Like what am I getting. What is this is this at face value or unite because you're even being unto you? It's being said about other people and you go what what is really going on. which I think is true? Do you think that she was saying she was upset with L. V._p.. For you guys I think she tells whoever she's talking to what she thinks they wanna hear I think she wanted to have a bigger story and be able to talk about Lisa vendor pump because they're already been rumored that Lisa Vander pump was filming with us in here. I'm her savior and I miss her and she's been so amazing to me and now we can talk about that. That's pretty clear I can't with you when you make that face. You're like this. One Teddy really just stepped in it well after your wedding have for dinner with the ladies. They feel sort of betray that you said you were disappointed. Lisa didn't show up to your wedding but then the People magazine story came out and I say how pissed off I was about that. The first half of that people magazine article that they were reading happened before I even Leifer Hawaii it happened before my wedding happened before I you know Lisa showed up or didn't show up. I can be disappointed that Lisa didn't shop for my wedding and not be mad at her. You know yeah I miss her. It would have been nice for I heard a com. Yes I am disappointed but I understand it because she lost her brother and she's going through a lot. You can have both of those failings. Even if Lisa's I said something nice about Lisa so what so what what so what why get get after me. This is about my wedding have a hard girls support me and my marriage in my nuptials. They should be happy for me that I just got married after the horrible experience. I went through with mine divorce. That was I went to an awful divorce and I went through cancer and I didn't choose to be a victim. It happened where you mad at least for not coming to your remember being really so mad. At least I think and the girls wanted me to be mad weddings to great way to bring people together. It's about celebration. It's about love and I always feel like no matter what's going on. You show up digest celebrate. Somebody's wedding who you've it's been a friend of for a very long time. She doesn't have an issue with you right now. She's always here with. Why isn't she? Here I agree Lisa. Renna was one at me. You could see her. She wanted me to follow her along like she was leading kidding me into this emotion that she was feeling. She wanted me to jump on that but I wasn't. I was going in half way because that's not how I felt. You know I felt for Lisa like I said I've had great empathy for what she was going through understood. It can be disappointed at the same time yes do. I miss her presence there because she's fun to be with yes but do I understand. She's going through a lot. Yes and I could also understand the girls frustration about them. <hes> they're frustrated about her. I understand that they were frustrated and maybe that comes off wishy washy to them but this was my wedding. Put the pettiness aside. Do you want to address. What Camille brought up about piquet wasn't she was threatening? I didn't trust you. I didn't know where you were getting all this money from. I know things worse sir. You can give me whatever you walk mill whatever she was getting very aggressive of and she just kept threatening. I know he owes money to someone Ni os money and I'm protecting you. Share threaten me let me try. I wanted protecting you. You're yes snake to protect the me off. It was designed to hurt me to make you look to look bad. What what the you talking about P._K.? Had A heart to heart with me. He started opening up by by saying that he had fallen on hard times in a normal place and then a male go down to big boats. Get Down Dorri running around with very very expensive clothes. We're talking about. Some of her. Tops could be two three thousand in the pants two to three thousand. There's a six thousand alphabet not including the diamonds and the shoes I question that question like how can you afford that and she's like Oh. You're so horrible I mean give me a break here. Get over it. Come on I mean you know I'm not the only one questioning this the other girls questioning at two but they're not saying that I couldn't understand where they animosity was coming from and then none of that has anything to do with you know or your relationship with Camille now. She's not responsible for her husband. You know I believe me. It was just something that was just in my opinion way off base P._k.'s affairs and whoever's coming out tried to say he owes him money that that is from another lifetime ago two way before me. It's it's way before his bankruptcy. It's at the height and you know unfortunately when you become public they come out of the works and that's exactly what's happening. There is far more to story than what people think that they know and there's a lot that I can't say obviously because it's in the hands of lawyers and where it should be is far as engaging or trying to speak on that matter. It's not something I'm going to entertain. It's not my place. It's got a belong where it belongs in the court of law and you can sure that we have a court of law for a very good reason. I've been in a place with Camille. That's different. Oh too many times where she's very nice to my face. We have a lot of conversations on and off camera camera and then she went out my turn my back she saying something horrific about me and it's just like okay. What is your agenda here honey a took? No why maybe she thinks some an easy target. I don't know but Claude well tastes up to scratch tigers knows okay. Just be careful. We had a party to celebrate opening the Twenty Fifth Office of the Agency and it was quite interesting. Testing Camille came in on fire. She came in never mind. Don't say that was coveted hot not worth my time VERSII RIMMED OUT LISA renna disgustingly. The party with a single really seems like a too. I remember her saying you're the mean girl and I remember looking and just kinda going what she needs to do this right now this isn't about me. This is about Camille. This woman is lost her close assistant friend Confidante of twenty some odd years and her house and I remember watching her and thinking okay just breathe. Don't say anything because this woman is in pain. It's still funny with Camille. She's either like our. It's like attack mode it was it was attacked what happened we all different things but what an ideal why do Camille was on another level like there was the point where denise looks at me because she knows them slightly over thinker she goes teddy. Maybe you're just taking things personal and I go. Why don't you try and talk to her? I'm not kidding three minutes later I see denise. Give me like fanny back tonight going at it. I was like told you you could not have a conversation with her without her exploding most disgusting. I don't know why she came to be honest because she came in like Hornet. Yeah like a bad outta. Hell and you know what I've been through a lot. I'm going to let loose tonight and have fun with all these women. She was coming in because she was pissed. You know I've really felt the night before. I've felt like I was ambushed at a dinner nee came after me one after another conversations stations Lisa completely contradictory did let her up felt like a little punch confusing. If you say one thing you say somebody else years. I had a hard time finding my voice. Finally Ah I'm like why am I kau telling to them and what they think no. This is not what happened. I'm need to stand up for myself here. When did you decide that you were going to confront them at this party probably in the car right over because before I didn't I just I wasn't even thinking that I just it was raining? I didn't have a house to live in. I was trying to figure out where to live. I wasn't even thinking about that until I got in the car and I thought Oh God. I'm going to confront these girls. What is it going to be like like I bolt strong and myself that I can use my voice instead of having them? Leave me into the way I should think what I should say I can actually stand up for myself and say no. You're not gonNA lead me into this Lisa Ranna this this is how I feel about this and strong about it. Strong to my conviction of what I was going to what I was feeling about what transpired at the dinner and how I feel about the things that transpired throughout the last few months went to their therapy for years to learn to here's my boys now is the time to do so if you take this whole season people that are hurt and who have been through a devastating tragedy. I think it's not mutually exclusive to what's going on in your behavior of your past. Put It isn't a pass. It's not an excuse she right hurt. People don't hurt people they hurt themselves. If you are going to be shooting to someone at least Cobb to it and apologize and say I was act acting out a certain way or the stuff that was said in my opinion she would have said that whether she was going through or not yikes. I'm intrigued to see how this plays out so as you know I was there so I definitely have an idea. I'm not gonNA give away what happens but you'll be surprised I can't wait be sure to catch the real housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part three Tuesday July thirtieth at nine eight central and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled episode this Thursday. You know we'll be talking about what happens. Talk to you. Then six and remember watching Bravo isn't isn't a guilty pleasure itself care guys. Let's keep the conversation going. We WanNa talk to you all week. Long not just Thursdays you can find us on twitter or Instagram at Bravo T._v.. Don't forget to use the Hashtag Bravo daily dish or reach out to US personally. I'm everywhere at Mexico Sarah Anne. I'm Eric j Mac E. R. I. K. and if you're on facebook join the daily dish facebook group. You can post about what you're watching your favorite shows. WHO's your?

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