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Rally Monte-Carlo Preview with David Evans and Anthony Peacock


Hello and welcome to grapple with David Evans. That's pain I'm coming to you. Live from the middle of the whole on the right up to cap. I note driving myself. I have a very special guest. I institute here which doubles as a depot of some description for my guest today. You wouldn't have heard him here. It is Mr Anthony Peacock. Hello Anthony Hello Dave so let me just put this into context Antony. I started accurate as journalists. Write about things on Anthony Workplace taste ball while I was in monitoring news we covered the WAC together for years. Didn't we certainly didn't have lots of some along the way especially here. He's French. Yeah exactly you went to Peretti And what we see right agency now but you primarily now you to pay our and under a lot of work thoroughly in Formula One. But one of the reasons that you'll hear I. I'm sure you're going to want to call him anyway. But it's also talk about twenty twenty one is an interesting back then W. Yes absolutely said the last time I really was in. WC was from two thousand eight twenty ten sole supplier thoroughly back now as of next year. But I guess barely I. I suppose hasn't really gone away because the company's been supplying wwl see to swallow the junior world championships. So yeah but definitely sort of the start of the trump to absolutely right. That's about early. We're going to plug in that good in early. Let's now just talk fever. Let's talk about. When was your first month I monty? That's a really really good question. I think it was two thousand. That was mine as well. Jim Holder legend that. He's now Jim Halsey a story though thinks should should we believe yeah today. This process nets. I didn't find. Let's start with him holder. Act Great Friend. Who now is is gold of everything at And just I was the nicest blokes you'll ever meet. He I think it was must have been two thousand eighteen thousand a month. I didn't remember the but we were staying in Schefter on the And we had finished. They don't have something to eat and noting theory Jim holders known throughout the well has not. So let's just call him naughty He was driving. He got some work to finish So United Fan say we'd we'd have a Bolton. I think that's why hi Jim was driving. Because he hadn't had a little too so it was felt that the sensible thing to do was to get naughty to joy. I mean worryingly. He hasn't even know he was on Some film of bill which which meant he couldn't drink until so what happened next happened when I was like worryingly note that we advocate drinking and driving. The advocate though won't follows. It's worrying that he hadn't been exactly exactly exactly so what happened next competent in state for him off complete sobriety on really luckily for us not in status deeply sobriety otherwise it would be even more traumatic than it was so maybe it makes absolutely no no it was. It was the biggest moment of my. We finished left the restaurant. And we'd come back up the Roy we come down and you're in the front. We're surgery to await for members who do so it's a one six much less substantial than other things that are even been launched back in two thousand. I think we're back in the talk to six back then but it wasn't a particularly cruel to you know An engine borrowed from a Luma which was lucky so way regarding and and because he's now very dark and very late it's completely frozen With also black is those are everywhere And we went into quite a long. I remember I was alone. Call it went on forever. Yeah I just get this and it's all over to you. I had sent to not tried to call so the corners from the from sitting between the front seats and reasonably inebriated state telling the role France and then we rioted interested is very long and I said No. I don't remember when I don't think this plant and well it turnout. It wasn't flat. You're right it wasn't even daily flight. You see myself unawed. Share a common hero whose Francois Delacour and I think nobody was trying to channel his in Francois Delacour But you know. Even Francois Delicate goes off the road occasionally. And that's exactly what happened and so we went skating off the road and you know. Probably at low speed because he'd had his per-share wars powered by lomar engine but it felt very very fast at the time particularly with a Massive Telegraph the growth pole getting closer and closer and closer which luckily with this. It would have been a little bit painful if we hadn't so We we've actually stopped seem CPR. Cooler hot book could be called as a bit of a sense of humor. Faded time talking about podcast. I did Anyway it's fine. you listening to you and I hope you remember and you know it was one of the standout memories for me of the Monte Carlo Rally. It wasn't even the rally coinciding lasting memory of was looking out the risk screening and vinegar or approaching it and you just onto ninety regardless of how much snow Bronx. That's not the way it's supposed to be. Yeah I mean like you shouldn't really be looking at things coming from a restraint for style. She don't even it very slow speed. So that we all but notes that it was a fabulous Ryan thank you know. I've never had any really really scary moments in car apart from that one so that was actually sort of like the worst. Whatever and you know having said that we're not gonNA have an enormous hucknall? Let's hope not but So yeah so that. That's a bit of a memory for both of us but I think so as we go softened around two thousand for me I think. Great rivalries in the great battles early early the in those thousands to be called in and Richard. But my memory as those two on the Monte was the fact that they both absolutely hate to. This event is really old for whatever reason they didn't quite get on with that. Sorry I'm not. I'm just exerting myself because as part of the life atmosphere we're just paying a toll here. Richard Yeah. They were never really for whatever reason they never really felt at home with it. Who knows why who knows why I guess you could say there's nowhere I like the Monte in Brooklyn but I think there's no we're like the Montier anywhere in the world so It's a bit of not one some drivers. Just don't I guess I mean like Marcus Gronholm. I'm home always hated Monte. Actually Told me you know another finn absolutely loved it and totally go through. It is that you know it's it's a unique event into In terms of its finishes no unique given again. Rally O- Some of these same similar conditions. But it's anticipating and just understanding understanding the changing conditions and being ready for it and then being able to gamble as volume. That's a huge politics about Monte Carlo. Rally isn't it. I think probably a lot of it does come down to confidence success and success. Because it's always said that you know for Monte. You need a little bit of luck. I think the tidal cliches is a little bit like Spinning Roulette Wheeling Casino monte-carlo But to some extent you do make your own luck and you have to trust. I mean I think what all of the drivers say is. You have have to trust that if something doesn't feel fast it doesn't necessarily mean it's all over and you're going to have a disaster. You could lose a stuck of time in the snowy section and then make it up. Fool them drafts Fulton vice versa. So even though you're in the county thinking God this is horrible. I guess what makes us to have the mental strength to say that doesn't matter we're just going to press home. It'll be Kane and some drives probably get a little bit spooked or little frustrated at the time losing and then it leaves you mistake. Yeah exactly thank you. You come out of tickly icy section when you're on slakes and you come back onto dry and you push that bit harder because he think of goal to make sure everybody's nobody's lost on time. I spoke to pet SOBA earlier in the week and asked him. You know what words for For All of and he said you know all of the needs needs to understand he will be on the wrong time at some point this weekend probably mold among and he needs to understand that if a slick on snow the thirty seconds that state. He'll make them up when when he's drawing the next on it's almost a peace of mind Or state of mind. Sorry you need to get into this event and you look at the likes of McKinnon they all have the ability to relax yet Yes I mean I mean. Let's see Sebastian when was it two thousand six. He goes off on Friday and he comes back and he finishes second. I think that just industries more than anything else. How if you have that right mind? Says he say all is not lost in Monte. I guess that's the motto. You know you have to remind that all is not don't lost even though it feels like it is probably comes with maturity experience and Interesting you mentioned Oliver. I mean it's it's a tough time and you'll I monty and particularly tough time being as young as Oliver is so it'll take off into top into that mindset. Because I think you know it's it's it's not an instinctive. One is no intuitive activists based in the tool for any rally drivers notebook particularly young fellow. He wants to get out there and show the world just quickey. Is You know pets was I was saying you know he needs to take this one really steady I monty. Don't try and win the round eating a drumbeat here. So I did cast his mind back to when he did the Monte for the first time in two thousand one first time ever he ran section role yep absolutely absolutely and then forget Monte is I think is still the last event where we saw what was back then. The group hadn't been falsely Slavery Stage Times humming gas levels in EXAC- anything can happen. They can you know one of the most intriguing multis was whatever year it was when we weren't in wls am we saw. I think it's a delicate took all that time. Didn't even he may die. Incredible tie choice He gambled on snowing and it snowed like mad. Add when we were And they can happen On this on this event I have to say this. This castle interrupted initially unknown. NOMI namedrop drove. But I will throw this name The podcast is interrupted by the afternoon. Cold will return my call. Thank you very much jerry to talk about. Various things and of course nineteen eighty five Probably the greatest comeback that we ever saw in any round of the when I think he made more than galaxy. Fifteen minutes or so. That's incredible thanks to five minutes to say that spending made up that we were talking about earlier. Seem like an terrific incredible really butler. uh-huh probably I don't know if it's true Muslim event and probably Montes is not the only rally you could really do that because of the gaps. Yeah tell him for you know if we we had a purpose of our coming this year you could always do on safari for sure you know some of the conditions changing it's totally this place And we we will have. I'm sure will do. We'll see drivers winning and losing some stages And it won't mean that they've won or lost the event It's it it is pretty unique So just give us a kill your Ted who is GonNa Win They Stumble your seven drivers driving new Charles driving for the first time. It's a real step into the night for the likes of China can all in all of these people books having said that we'll get to your unannounced blathering again but both of those boys. You look at mapping I they they all started Yukos's thrill three times in the last three years or three times four years on this event you know running a new confidence first time. He's nothing new. Yeah folding. Tell me Real. Tough for the unoriginal choice. WOULD BE SPENDING EDGY. Simply because he's he's the most of these conditions And we've seen him when he was in his debut with Ford on with Citron he still want to anyway. Despite the fact he was he was getting to grips with the car on the team at the time. So and now he's in in your so logically would say Osha because you know you're you're absolutely right that all these people have got to learn the new environments but we've seen twice that that's not stop Sebastian and He didn't quite win on his Volkswagen. Deputy hit because the busting lifebeat and to it didn't he was looking at the championship by then and he said afterwards would say that he said well he could have won if it'd been really really going for it but at the time was anything apart campaign so he wasn't that bothered about chasing him so you could say right. That's literally every single time. You stepped into new Congress one in Monte. Yeah so dot makes him pretty hard to overlook. But you know it's it's it's so interesting it's so interesting to me like any of the Hindu drivers could win any of the off the Toyota Boys. Well you'd have to say that in the old so weighted heavily. Nha's favor so you know. It's probably likely that of the three of them. He's the only one with the real chance of winning but NF L.. Marsin Alvin Alvin. Some scratch Dante Seventeen. Today's been reasonably Fulton Last couple of years and for me. This could be an event that cooper ABC and it does seem to Alvin. You know Germany in Coosa curve really wet cool secure as well when it was when it was like. Evan was saying that about Jim which was Selena. Sixteen on Corsica was treacherously. Wet Rivers of water. Every exactly yeah yeah yeah yes absolutely. Maybe I'm wrong to discount. Alvin said hostile. I'm sorry but but I think what will be probably difficult for Alvin is getting to grips with the new count. Yeah because he's never done it before anything but a concession exactly so you know this is the thing that has so much experience here and say what you experience it. He can transfer from one to the next So we need to really really interesting is going to be ten. I can. They do Because I I spoke about this Jerry massie earlier in the week again And I asked him and he said you know again exactly the same as you would look to see a As a natural choice for for winner hair. He said. But you can't discount down. Just the pace connects all at the south beliefs that he brings to to didn't eat cal. so yeah it's it's going to be a fascinating one but either way It's Yeah it's going to be great and then helplessly enchiladas. Oh you know sing. Live cool cinnamon. These boys have both going while. They're both good times. Was He. Running until powerful. Listen yeah that would be amazing. You know sort of like you know. Not Just we've got a huge deal of affection for autzen dossier and the Toyota on the driver's wouldn't it be fantastic to see 'em sport with him really really would I mean I think nobody apart from certain nicer. That's quite a lot of people because I mean you couldn't United Malcolm and Wrench Mel. They put so much into everything in to the championship. They provide so much of the championship in terms of cars. And I've even we've seen absolutely the back end of last year as we've already mentioned Corsica last year. There's still plenty of pace and upgrade coming fraudulent Tina So I think you know if there's no hey I do think we'll see Some wins if if you look at the last three Montes and schools one twice. That's a pretty good record not exactly and you know ultimately as everybody keeps saying on this and we all now driving into gap And there is. I can't remember as much snow on the mountains around. Gap Is this in recent years as we come in and last few years. There's been nothing. Yes we'd like a desert. I mean there's lots of snow and funny enough US talking to some people who drove from Italy and they went that road of the number of appeals son. Anyway they said there's a lot of snow at the top of the mountain really. I think that both really really well for proper snowy Monty does but as I was saying the thing that everybody talks is the fact that you don't need the fastest call for you need. Is Confidence yet comfortable car. That gives you confidence so if somebody can very quickly on Friday morning pick a couple of right time choices and just get everything right that will feed into that south belief And so much of a good result here is born into that so it's going to be an absolutely fascinating event. We've already been going on full. Aw Eighteen minutes which caught Los Angeles and when he talking bound naughty naughty crashing. Let's take a break So we'll be back with you a welcome back party gravel. Now we've we've kind of done Monte But I would like to ask you anthony about the rest of the year. What are you excited about? It's always very kind of do pretty coming back next year. What's what's what's really go? Your your fever ongoing for for twenty thousand aside from the new drives in you'd cost which which is always exciting and I was listening to your podcast. The other day when he said is really exciting. Seeing them in new shirts on I can if I choose one thing Cassatt an effort to choose one thing which have got fever for. I think it would actually be New Zealand because favorite fence and to sit back. It's tested you know so. So many great memories of the place the people on the rallies and you know I remember color mccray was said it was his favorite one of his favourite favor. Rally an all the all of the grades say they love easier than you can absolutely see why so to senior look back and see this race back To get to experience that again that's probably looking forward to most it takes you day to get that And you know I keep going back gifts because we probably done countless knees evens between us. It's going to be worth wild and and those roads remember the down mountain road on the on the road and also finger. I three that we'll see like like Whilst obviously drive safe home kids don't even have to be competing in the rally tub good funding the other not exactly an equally. You know you don't need going quickly. Because those roads are so special. And when he concede nothing coming for a for a long way you can you can have a little fun with the Cambodian. Yeah it's It's amazing so many of those. I mean we're talking about normal. Public roads are gravel. which is not something you really get in the rest of Europe is exactly you have to get into Finland normally associated with with Finland? Just what are you Whatever for supper is some chuckling to be full? Chaumont be passed. You always hate. Hating patent would be the first knowledge. This is a huge amount of fun to be had with the Fabulous Kiwi accent So so yeah so new. Zealand is is huge. Obviously we've also got safari go. We're going back to Japan. Know exactly the same place. Did you find with no going back talk today. I G perfect show which is close to Nagoya. I think I believe you close to two inches cubic placed in the going on. Yeah exactly so so. Yeah it's we're GONNA have a great year and we've lost to talk about this year but as we are nearly at the place where we punk every rally I won't to execute something the thing that probably I know go round and then the next right. Sorry about that I want to ask you. You're one of the few people who comes to the monte-carlo around on every and the Monaco Grand Prix. Now give us your insight particular. What is it like in Monaco? Joined grown pre. We can compared to this weekend Obviously there's launch for the for the season On Thursday in casinos by then rally comes back up here and goes back on Sunday. But what's it like in the Grand Prix is is a bit different because the grand prix literally take seventeen principle by takes over. It means. You can't drive the roads until the evenings the barriers everywhere. So you know you're absolutely left. In no doubt that the Grand Prix is happening. In recent years I mean last year was a bit disappointing because we got to Monica member. There really was very little. Sign up the Ronnie was actually that. I think it's going to be different this year. Because we've got the start in Monaco again and we're GONNA THE FINISH IN MONACO So I think the the organizers probably I listened to the feedback but said let's have a little bit more monte-carlo in the in the multicolored rally and that seems to be happening. So it's it's a very different atmosphere. I remember some of the early Montes we did. He did get the feeling that Ronnie was taking principality. In fact. There's a super special stage. Did Pass the Grand Prix circuit so So you know I'd like could be going back to that And hopefully I think we will. I think we will That's a very point because you know there's been years that we've been now when the the monte-carlo circus the sixers come onto conic an HRIS had more publicity Then then the rally So yeah it is. It's a tricky tricky. I'm sure it's going to be an absolutely fabulous event And I will look look forward to look forward to talking to you about it next week because right now we have a rise in parking so it's time for goodbye for me and goodbye from Anti Cuba. It's been a great pleasure.

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