We Heard From KFC Barstool And Then His Mother, Kathy


Go to kevin in hoboken new jersey. What's going on kevin. Oh this is all this k._f._c. I didn't know what the hell you put kevin in hobo it. It comes up. I can't change hoboken for whatever reason but i wrote barstool in your thought. He had a copy of him. I thought he was going to talk about those. Who it's eight seven seven runs now right. I'm with you now i am i opened up. The shot gets the first thing i said i said i stay in the moment. Yesterday didn't like it but clearly mets. Fans are responding to it. Although mets fans will respond to anything positively these days with the way that they're playing. I think that has something to deal with it because i really don't think it's the greatest jingle in the world but i'm with you. I'm in on their walk off last night. How could you turn your your head in another direction against that one. I mean this is i'm in. I'm in with the stupid jingle. It might not have the saxophone. Be tom brady and i'll tell you what because j._d. Is is the most likeable player in baseball. I was pretty likable this guy though anything j._d. Davis right now your full force behind it. Push it because these guys like that might make a difference yeah. I remember you tweeting out in april one j._d. Davis is going to be my guy. I know it. I remember that maybe the first time i've ever been right about baseball. I have no idea why i thought that and i have no idea why it panned out but i'm very happy as he came from houston now. You have a a barstool night coming up this weekend right at the at the game. Yes sir ballpark. If you go to a night dot com slash bar saturday night <hes> <hes> dot com slash barstool you get unlimited beer or an hour prior to first pitch through alcohol cutoff. Get free meal and we're gonna watch basically playoff atmosphere baseball so it's like one of those jet beth yields and telling him away wait wait. You just contradicted yourself. 'cause i just saw you data speier. You said playoff atmosphere though you just twenty mark harrigan you said because he said it felt like october and you said shut your mouth. This is exactly what the wilpon want is for august october not to get over and you said it yourself you playoff atmosphere set atmosphere. It's august. We're we're doing meaningful games in august m._c._i. We're not doing october tober yet. Martin eric said would no matter what happens. This season is now a success which is what the wilpon wanna hear so that they can do absolutely absolutely nothing and put no money into team this is this is why this is so make or break the next six weeks because if they don't make it the wilpon are going to sit pat and say what i disagree i disagree. I do not with with brand wagon in there now. I really think that's not true. I think that they can call. Also you think that this team. I know it is but i do think he's got the ability to do things that maybe others have not been able to. I mean i hope you're right but i could easily easily see nemo back. We're gonna get help a little bit better and we're totally fine. He can make a move pat and do what they do and to be honest yard. Even i mean as a big market team shouldn't even be a question. They're not only should be making moves. No matter what happens is this the rest of the season. He's taking a huge guba for two hundred million dollars like yeah. I mean we can always for that but remember when i was saying all that stuff this off season brody was going to change change. Them and you told me i was not so. I'm gonna tell you now that you're not. I mean i i mean wishful thinking. I don't know what it is it's would you you would actually spend two hundred million dollars on a pitcher that wasn't yours wars in this day and age of tommy john surgery and pitchers that don't give you anything after you give him big money. I mean to be honest. That wouldn't be my first choice. I would love. I mean after seeing how pitching thing doesn't always pan out. I would love a bat over an arm but the point is that we should be able to make that we should be able to overspend a little bit. We should be able to take on a contract. That's not the best or absorb something if it doesn't work out 'cause you're new york market and i. I mean it's pointless. It's like you could argue too. You're never going to act that way but there's somewhere in between there also also not the marlins i mean they. They get a rap like they pay nothing out and they they do. I mean payroll is not ninety million dollars either no but it's like it's like middle middle of the pack especially when you include insurance money coming back and when you're a new york team should be anywhere close to the metal. It's upper middle of the pack. That is true. Now you had a great take you had a creek. Take take the other day that that gary cohen after his vacation should walk into us and why and whoever's signs a contract say double my salary right i i mean i don't wanna knock gary apple too much because it's more about how great gary coleman is when gary and how we are all they can't ever do that. It's weird. Isn't it ever have a vacation sometime ever again or how we should do. They should split it where they put howie on tv. At least will guarantee that would take. I guess it was andrew. Marshall wrote that they they should have burkhardt to it which actually thought was good. I always a great fill in or add honestly rather <hes> i'd rather like ron and just kind of do a sloppy play by play because gary was just run could do that. Oh yeah sure sure. Could i mean the yank yeah with clarity and conan. O.'neil you want keep is the lead voice now he is but ron absolutely could do no wrong doing keith wood halfway through the why i kinda would like to see keith attempt it would be a disaster but i think it'll be so great great though that guy but he also like halfway through the game like i'm not doing this play-by-play going back to say carpets a long drive. I'm done with all right so <hes> barstool at the park. That's a that's a cool thing. That's coming up this weekend. I'm sure he tweeted out the details and all that and unlimited beer from an an hour before the game to alcohol cutoff with with like your the consumers of are still sounds like a dangerous thing to be honest to be honest. The kegs eggs are like constantly filtering in the very end they have a they have these guys wearing windbreakers that says alcohol compliance and they come over and they like enforce the alcohol cutoff straight. Wow now sean man. We'll talk to you all right there. He goes yeah kevin in hoboken. I was like what i thought it might be him but i'll be honest what really happened and alan i were discussing these squeeze settlers and then he called and then we put him on hold as he went right back to the squeeze set lists and forgot. Oh okay i didn't forget i thought you would see barstool and kevin. I couldn't get rid of the hoboken part for some reason k._f._c. I would have known that would have been fine just thought the kevon having an oboe kanada comment on borstal. That's what i thought was going on all right anyway. It's good to talk to him as always this is kathy clancy good morning kathy see how are you good morning. Hi no it's definitely going to be about the mets. Okay all right very good. I was driving and i heard him talking about meaningful baseball in august right. I have been preaching and i've been getting the no it. That's exactly what the wilpon wants and what. I heard him say that on radio. I almost choked. I told you i know you little brat. I didn't come over there and yeah. He just tweeted. We did something out kathy about it too. Yeah yes so and i'm the one getting lectured all the time. You are the reason why i will get away with it yeah yeah. What are you supposed to do not enjoy it. Well it. No you just not have that many times when things were going that call you're watching or you're watching and you're watching and now that you know i mean obviously that's the way it goes but yeah. That's how i heard him. Say me people baseball aw i was like oh my god. That's what this go over there and back he will he's caught up in it. Though this is what happened so we now at this point yeah with regardless of how he felt what we said. During those times i was very similar to him. We after embrace it now so so he's definitely being a little bit hypocritical during this whole thing thing but solemn is so screw it here. We are six hundred true fan out there on who's watching april. I'm the one who's like oh. My god well you in my mom. Mrs clancy because my mother is every single game even last year when they're twenty games under five hundred they're watching every every single game. She's been down to port saint lucie this spring training last like five or six years. He goes down for a week and watches the game so you two need to connect and be able to the text each other during the game so positive st lucie. I called him after i heard it. I was like little brats. Are you kidding. Me are so you don't get anywhere. We're all in now. Mrs clinton were all in all the stuff that we use to say. It's out the window all right. Thanks good talking to check back there. She is it's <hes> k._f._c.'s mom yet sounds very similar is my mom did the same thing when the mets were down like oh man i would you know they started to play well. She said what do you think now. What do you think now what. What do you think just say no no no but she stayed positive throughout the whole thing and she used because she's always parents very very nice them to watch every morning they watch. It's a showed listener. Shell and she had a tough time when you were trying them every day. You put them in the grave yeah well. I think we all did neither did not you were the who was not you you hung on longer than anybody. I will say that you did. I never gave up on you. I just didn't give up bottom left early for you. You didn't have the feel but i hide mistake. I i apologize. Mistake escorts or more damn runs earlier collect with a lead to yeah. It's it's not like i was alone i wasn't i didn't say you were standing alone. In the crush incredulous it lists that there could be any type of season sure i said to you. Knock me for going to miami to see them. I said well maybe the turnaround time out. That's not fair the mock you to see the i think the mocking occurred in in going going down to miami in the summer. That's what it was. No it was. Why would anybody make baseball trip to miami. I am not no no not that is what you said. You know what it was. I think what i don't think it was that it was that was going to go to that game on a friday night in miami. That's what it was like. Who if you're living in miami and it's a weekend and the mets were playing who's going in that. He's who's going. I am and then i felt bad about that. All right listen you're right. I crushed them. I thought that they were done. I thought that they were dead. Discuss them. That's not true. It's all we did was talk about now. There was a time there were you said there's no point in even discussing them because they're meaningless they were they are worthless. They ron wyden say worthless well. Whatever you know what i'm saying well they were. They were getting to the point of being aurora irrelevant. They were getting. They were getting to that point. They were you wrote them off. I i did see that's the difference between me and he was admitting that's the window and i did admit things last night. You give on delete lee. You said it yourself. I wasn't happening. I had it was happening for that. I said this doesn't look good after homerun. Certainly yes at that point. It was too late and leave after the tie game. You stayed for the extra innings when you saw it a homerun. You said they're losing leaving truth the traffic because you thought that the bottom half they yeah that is true. Okay there you go so i thought the chances were they would probably lose at that point and they did not know they didn't. They won the game if you didn't know about it all three morning long.

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