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Rhodium radio knows Adam. Gase Rhodium radio in the city of will mean to. Mauch doctors very little and I got little. Sop is now with us down with the Dow with us. Arabian he's down with. Sony is down with us. Banks is down. You know down with us. J. Boys Down with his paid the Dow with my boy accu down with a like the mentioned broadcom son from the road Monday drain the swamp lake. And by the way. What then you weigh you down with at Bulky Tapes. It is the muscle. Notice your whatever everybody. This is. Rhodium radio episode. Thirty six. While thirty six I remember first date was September eleventh two thousand nineteen a little bit over five months. And we've grown so much since then but Once again before I introduce my next guest of few announcements once again for those that. It's not too late if you want to submit your video after watching the documentary what. Your thoughts were for everybody to have been submitting them. Give us a couple of more. If you will days we're going to edit those and placed those are doing the commercial bracy. Gus Can See how what other people said about the documentary so far all of them have been good to have been overwhelming and put great positive of if you will videos so I ran out of eight booming based but I have the three left that I'm selling for three or four fifteen I have the high seen Twenty four seven and eight six and a mix of where Deacon about read releasing them if you will Stay tuned for that other than that. We are all major platforms so of spotify. Anchor Apple podcast. Whatever everywhere so once again. Rhodium radio episode. Thirty six without further ADO. Please allow me to introduce you to the godfather of Long Beach. The owner of the world famous VIP. And that's right. I said the world famous. Vip Kelvin Anderson Kelvin. Thank you for being here. They have me before we actually into the interview. There's don't WanNA share with you. Okay okay I remember as a kid my brother used to. Dj Club and Long Beach called Grand Central Station for on the east side of Long Beach. And he's to buy records from two spots. Only Steve Yano at Vermont meat and a place right. Pch In Long Beach VIP records. And I remember when I first went there I saw a guy by the name of King. Tim and I soon re but why soon found out that he was your brother. Yes open to that. Point had only heard scratching on a record called grandmaster flash on the wheels steel and then I saw grandma's to flesh scratching on TB. It was like a commercial for something. I saw him scratching behind his back and stuff but I had never seen scratching in person right. It wasn't until I went to VIP records and there. I saw kingdom to the to the and I was just mesmerized and I remember as a Kid. I even asked them. Who taught you? You know I I'm thinking somebody has to teach them but he said No. I practiced at just what he said. And I remember I said well. What's your name all along while my brother was looking at records coming. King Tim and I was like wow and I remember after that growing up. I'm about to be fifty two years old and King. Tam has been a major role in my deejay career. 'cause I always told people to King Tim Story. That's that's super yes king. Tim Is your brother. My baby brother and You know I never really thought about who taught him but yeah he will sell talks and would be big today. But for some reason he just lost love for an But yeah he he definitely Subtle thousands of mix tapes over there. You know all those years and he told a lot of the cast to be a DJ so one thing about him that I can see that you know there are some Dj's to add that are good. You know little bit sloppy but good. Wanting I noticed about him he was not a sloppy cat. His cuts were were crisp. And I remember my brother brought home a mix tape of his and he was cutting up the first time I've ever heard anybody cut up. Let the music play by Shannon. And you're thinking you're going to cut up clear and planet rock right. But when he was cutting up Shannon I was like. Oh my God and I and I'm gonNA confess something and if he's watching. I'm GonNa give you all the credits. I stole his style from leading music. Play the way cut it up. I went to a House party. And he said you WANNA spend said yeah you got to let the music place and I pretty much reenacted did on mix tape so I compared him. I'm sure he's on it so now this jump into it kills me because for me. It's truly an honor and a pleasure to have you here because I believe you're a man you you're walking history. You know you walk in. So let's jump right into. Where was Kelvin? Anderson raised at all. Came from the town called Brandon. Mississippi Innis probably like about twenty miles south of Jackson so I grew up as a big family of family of ten siblings at six boys and four girls very loving parents And believe it or not there was only Gospel music played in our house no R&B no blues. I am for all the kids to end up in the industry. Almost you know store owners but Now we was Hallows and grew up basically on a farm in the country so it ain't like we grow up huge community and so we all had a job assignment and so I guess that's Rian while most let home early you know because You know and and I give my parents a lot of credit for you know the person that I am today. Yes in nineteen seventy two. I graduated from high. School May Twenty second on the twenty third. Say Goodbye to all of my friends and family. On the morning of the twenty fourth I called a Delta flight out of Jackson Mississippi route six. Am and with the time change. I made it to La around ten thirty that morning. My Brother Cletus. Pick me up from the airport. Took me to breakfast. Took me by his house to drop off my luggage and or one o'clock that day. I would work in a VIP while while he he founded VIP in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven stuff and a lot of people don't know the first VIP wreck of within on in south central on one hundred and eighth and Broadway and sixty seven and a couple of years out. The daddy moved to a bigger store on one hundred and eight their main street so death worry were when I moved here in. Nineteen seventy two so okay so now. Obviously a cleanest was out here. I Oh ya Ya. How long was it that he was here before you came on? Well I think he came out in sixty three. I think sixty to sixty three. We had a friend of the family. That Leo dot here. Because it was amazing that we know about here because My parents Civil in grew up and moved to my mom civil and moved to Chicago. My Dad's happens moved to New York so we had nobody out here so a free. Not A family-owned. I hear that he visit and they gave him a place to stay for a couple of months and he got him a job and and As we grew up with China came out join. You know as a kid okay. There's a kid a teenager. I say the only thing that I ever heard of. Mississippi was a story of Robert Johnson. At the crossroads at I saw the movie. Oh you know. I always a matter of fact karate kid played. It was a big story but Do you know the Robert Johnson story from Mississippi. I really don't okay. Yeah supposedly an again. What is true or not people were saying that he met the Devil at a crossroads in Mississippi and devil if you will give them musical powers to play the Guitar Award Not Delta Blues Guy Robert Robert Okay. I I did kind of here. Look something about the only thing that I heard. And it wasn't until nineteen ninety two or maybe ninety one dead. We actually went through New Orleans Mississippi and we were in Louisiana where like seven days performing out there but I like I like Mississippi and it's funny. I usually tell my everybody that in in United States they always say what was the best place you went to the United States. When you perform. I'll be honest too. I really really enjoy Louisiana. We were there like for seven days First Time I tried Gumbel and I loved New Orleans in Louisiana wasn't a New Orleans lawyer and we only pass through New Orleans and we only passed a Mississippi Okay but we stayed in Louisiana because high see family lived in Louisiana so we stayed with them coup. So but yeah so now when you came over here this was straight out of high school. If I'm correct. Yeah today that a high school and what do you do? You come out here My life probably I would say in the tenth grade Me and my best friend said once we finish highschool was going to truck driving school. We WanNa be long distance truck drivers okay. So my brother had opened his store he not when he opened the APP erectus. He had two jobs at Boeing. Well at that time it wasn't called Bowen And he worked at General Motors and the aircraft place at a painter so e Alam record store in two jobs and but I had my second brother David without here also he had got out the military and came here so he was Kinda into store and buy my God. I hear my third brother. Glenn was there so we had this nice dawn on Nathan. Broadway's when I got here in seventy two a few months after that cletus toward open a couple of other stores so the first store debt we open with on Vernon figure Roy in the shop and soon right out free freeway on Figueroa and the end he bought a store in Pasadena that used to be a target store Orange Grove in Pharaoh's and in seventy four he opened at best ever VIP record store on twenty eighth and crenshaw you know. I'm glad I'm glad Kelvin that you're Sherman is because there's a lot of people `specially this generation think that the people just Long Beach. Yeah a lot of people you know but origins pretty much. You're sharing with us now. To deal was actually eight. Vip upon correct when we got the Long Beach. It was eight but Together at one point out say we had like twelve location under the name. Wow while it now just to ask why. Vip Well You know back in the day record store you say long crazy name so I my brother WanNa keep it simple and stuff. Vip so that's a very important place a you. A very important person just kept it simple. Kept US simply so when you came out here. Was this the first time you ever out here. It was my second time so I got a chance to visit out here when he was on. A hundred and eight then Broadway in the stored data was Twice a salad this room but when he moved from one hundred and eighth and Broadway two hundred the main it was probably bigger the VIP in Long Beach Store. Now so that's you know and You know without a doubt. My brother was spotted retailer that I ever met and stuff his philosophy and doing business. You know back then you know. He used to get credit for selling a lot of music. Well his big concept was that he didn't necessarily want to make a lot of money on a few people he wanted to make a little money. A lot of people out of so in within that and stuff. He had the cheapest prices and so of course. You know I'm get some cheapo material. You business came from word of mouth because We at the best prices and and nobody knew the music like we the inside. He taught us that you know in order to be a good salesperson you got was played being played on the radio so we have to always know what the top twenty top forty chart on k. They Caja J. K. J. L. H. I mean we. They'll job because normally people when they walk into the store they get a brain freeze and you'd have to help dig it out. Who missed also. Sometimes they can only say go like and then we went. We'll be able to pick it up because we know we monitor radio like you were able to name that tune definitely and we were good at it also now when you start working for your brother at the VIP when you first came here. What was if you can recall? What was the music pop? At that time. What was hot if you remember? Were definitely are and be we. We specialize in RB Jazz Gospel and Blues You know so I would say he definitely mopping gay while the big thing Freddie Jackson Luther Vandross aretha Franklin who is my favorite artists of all time hands down a rea- frankly and You know it was. It was our be driven situation. Yes yes you know Since you brought up Marvin Gaye to first time. I saw it on Youtube but the first time I saw it on. Abc Alive but when he saying Star spangled banner. Oh Yeah Marvin Gaye. I'll be honest. That made me cry Hawaii. That was beautiful to me. I still think that he holds the record for the Best Star spangled banner my opinion. Gel definitely different and You know I. It was definitely impactful and a lot of people was definitely looking for. Yes yes and the thing is is because it was almost like a sexual healing type of styled he For those of you that want to hear you can youtube it. Marvin Gaye Star spangled banner may rest in peace. Do you remember Kelvin? Your first in-store in who was first installed at your brother Khalida Sauce. I and store why I can remember a few big ones then. We had on like Chris show. We had in store with George Clinton and parliament and These install so big. Do we have to do outside outside? We had a stevie wonder Cain they're India to begin store I remember across the pitcher man. He Brothers Johnson. Because my daughter he took nights pitchers with my daughter. at that in-store but you know We are like a LA LA LA LA BIG PEOPLE. My brother he He started you know. Oh what they're successful. Business affects other success for retail. The doing and stuff. And you know. He picked up a lot of tales from tower records and stuff on how to presents style. I think that's where he got to be aboard outside. Theobald idea from tower records but we were always the we've always changing and Like I say thanks to him my help Pale. Vip As being deplace that you WANNA get your music again You know the place where you will get that special Touch at four show. Music is concerned. Okay I know towards the end. We're going to talk about the what we talked about prior Vip experience of but before we get to that Do you have these pictures of a lot of this stuff? Pitches Lotta pictures or what about possible? Film the I I definitely have some film to of Some new stores I'll say fast forward and then I'll probably got little footage of this snoop Dogg in-store and install were shack when shad came to Long Beach When I L KOO J CAIN Yes so we dem have because I'm like a pack rat man no way but you know what? I'm a lot the same way offering collector and I will say that a steep. Yano me rest in peace. When we started working together he would take pictures of everything a everything. They wouldn't have been a documentary about Steve. Yano though swannee vendor from the city of Whittier if we would not have ever incorporated all pitchers took. Wow because at the end I also not only did. I say you know in memory loving memory of Yano but also gave him photo credit. More pictures did yeah and he would always give me a stack here. You go and we'll more pictures you know not knowing that one day would will right you know but now he s t while the very special person to me cletus? Vip Record Man. You know. I always think of Steven Susan. All always and You know Hasselhoff man to What he did to impact artists develop meaning growth. You know all the years that he was really into business and you know he wasn't just into it on a whim. He actually knew the music you know. He was an inspiration. Yes we did a lot of things together and people can hear more of that as well in the documentary because we actually We interviewed you right. You share so much more What were some of the stores during the time of your brother? Cletus the stores when your will work for him that maybe stand out of that you would say this was a memorable one like any of them well outside of the three dimension We had Harold Melvin and the blue nose came through We Hat Donna. Summer's did a nice in store Barry White Rewind so because DNA way before rap Ryan the motions Sister Sledge collars. You know it was like yeah. I mean the innocent by the move. We are well a little later on our out the Warehouse wreck open up their megastores. Call Big Ben CLETUS TO COUNTER ACT THAT. He opened up our mega store and it was called freeway. Records really wreck in freeway records was zone Cornell Wa Santa Barbara and West in a would formely like Like save on the something he was. He was huge so we did a insert with the Jackson five and that was a that was a mason. Since a person like me. Does it know about in stores because that was never necessarily in direct selling business. I would just help steep so that my first job was with St on Vinyl but obviously I never knew how he got more where he bought them for more whatnot. How does one getting contact with if you will like the Jackson five and say we would like to? Have you do an in store or was it the other way around is some artists? Contact you guys when it starts with the Yoyo. Labor Rep Yoyo Yo representative from Sony Worn above the B. M. G. Either you know we might request it are we might. Also they might say. Hey you know we got Bill would is in town and stuff. You Know He. He got time. We can bring in too if you'd like to have him so Is it works either way. But it's thought were pretty much your rep and Dandy. Take it to the office too. You know the the marketing promotion team and You know if they think it's a good idea and want to You know invest in it to market promote it. We bring in the merchandise and we make it make it happen awesome. Now Will Jackson five km do remember but what year possibly may how would Michael was? Ooh Wow so that was He I would say they would like seventy eight seventy nine also year round. Seventy seven. Seventy eight were the year and Yeah he was he was a little stand offish and stuff but It all win good I I wish I had to pit to the show. You Allow. Show it to you one day. Yeah you know I was probably about nine or ten years old and me love and music here in d stories and speaking to Amanda was there was a part of history for me is like physical stumps. I because I really loved music that much so when I hear stories like this especially when I had brown and she she was share stories about MC hammer and Teena Marie or whatever or I still sit back as a fantasy. You know you. You knew them life. You met him. You know so. Believe me to me. It's a blessing to be able to sit here and A. and you speak on the history of VIP 'cause a lot of people once again they just think one VIP and that was awful Martin Luther King Pch and it was more of a history yet all more of a history now Before your bought the location in Long Beach How many stores did he have at this time? You know you said one point. That was twelve. Yeah our say at the most at one time probably were twelve locations within the family My sister leaser and her husband. At one point had five still Scott she had the store flattening crenshaw right across from knits store. Okay another storm. Flaws in the western and husband had three other. Vip stores To in Compton drove France Central and the other. Naw I guess like will work or something like that in my brother. David had one on Slauson Alameda right across the street from the courthouse. It was you know. Vip stores everywhere. In which one would you say. I'd have thought you mentioned. It was the biggest one or the one that drew the most attention yet. They're twenty eighth and Chris by far by far Beth. Vip So what do you think that was while? I mean we did a big volume there. You know how you win you know of course albums and stuff big on those year. That was like that's old opened up in seventy four and you know you would take the records and put them in the beano. You take the record and put him on Iraq right. We saw so many records still ill than Al and we take them out to boxing. Put the box down and put the record on Tala and we all so much music onto the industry came to us. They want to know who these guys. And how how able to do that well. During that time My brother had We had the best sound system like a studio sound system in there but we also had. Dj'S IN DEBT WITHOUT JOB. All he did was played music and stuff. So it's like I'm salesperson on the floor and you walk in and and you ask for Marvin Gaye so here you already GonNa play that. And that's the okay. I want that. So now he's GonNa play the next artist close to Marvin Gaye so if you like Marvin Dean you like Freddie and the soil like the same thing if you can't somebody came in and asked for bb King. Once you decide. You won't be became he gonNA play Albuquerque. He GonNa play how wolf and stuff so we just had this team. We kept the pressure on and People like Oh man. I liked that trust anybody. Could you know not nobody had had to drive? The We had other independent retail store and Ah My brother Glenn in the early years and this is accurate on the eight. Track years and he probably. Why don't you tell them about store? Mattel listen he actually because like I said you know the People normally when they come in. They know what they won't but they can't think of it and you know if you remember this much about eight track tape that you push it in and have this little civil metal piece in that flip into the next track get around to to get to that civil peace go to track and so he would cover that up. Where would change track so it just all stay in the same thing and he were record? Fifteen seconds of the top forty songs. So you would come in store and you were saying okay. Yeah won't mob on Cooling Gang I want and then once you finish death when he pushed in and you at the register ready to pay and you hear this was the man you got that okay and then met it. We used to be embarrassed. You know I into fifteen was checked days and people will be in there and then they spend all the money man. I have actually felt embarrassed. I acted abby page. Oh beal's yet so because people are found people with sick with music and is crazy that All these youth that I've been in the business Forty one year then long beach but altogether forty eight years in retail I know took mutes com never took so my kids France out. Mike is hey everything everything I know took music. Oh I don't have no home collection while also you know and also not what's to me was very important at least in music stores. Whatever ones are still around is when I would walk in and I will see a guy behind the turntables like you would see a DJ to meet. I was something special. You know because you could walk up to him and like hey man. Can you play grew? Can you play suck emcees and pull it out the sleep with drop the needle and you want to know? It convinces people to buy for example and my brother. Philosophy always was that if you came in about two to two records. I'm supposed to be able to sell you want because in the two that you bought. You just told me what you like so just played the next thing. That's close to what you just saw in. Normally Desta will and a lot of time. That's how we got a chance to push independent artists and stuff so somebody you know. I'll go to The rap situation. Maybe somebody come in and buy ICE Q. And and they buy DJ quick. Well you know I play something in those veins even independent cat that nobody knows and they lie. Oh Man Yeah I like that you know But only have enough money for for to While you go have ice cube so let me get that new cat right. I want to turn it on. Turn my buddy zone to it. And that's how you break in artists as well exactly that gives you. You could even tell him. Hey man this guy right here. He will be pressed up. A few people take it. Yeah yeah well. A lot of times people want to be that person on the block. They got something new and different. Esto play was keen. Man Yau Kelvin. We'RE GOING TO PRESS. Polls right there and we're GONNA come back after a ten minute break. I'm having a great time talking music history. I know you've got a lot more stories and allow more to share. So we're GONNA take a little break so everybody once again call somebody take somebody slap the hell out somebody. Let them know their Kelvin Anderson from the world famous. Vip is in the building. Grab yourself a beer. Go Get your popcorn ready. Make sure you call somebody. Let them know that Kelvin Anderson is live here on Rhodium? Radio will be back. Tony the wizard. Who use the restroom? Welcome back everybody to Rhodium radio episode. Thirty six Before we get back to Kelvin Anderson the owner of the world famous VIP record store once. Again I am running out of these. Three copies Eddie booming bass has already gone. I have high seating. I have twenty four seven and eighty six in the mix. You go buy the three pack. Four fifteen bucks. I am considering a nicer yet. And repressing them up and reselling them. But I know why am working on the other school that I promised everybody that will become an out of soon So once again. Send US your video. Giving us a quick recap of what? You guys thought about the documentary. Twenty to thirty seconds long senators at rolling radio at will edit it and we'll put it out on the commercial break so once again without further ado please allow me to to invite and Continue to speak on Long Beach history but not only long beach history. La History okay. Kelvin understand the owner of the world famous. Vip Record store so Before we went to break we talked about in stores. And how how that time? Nobody was really able to touch which you guys have to offer. As far as music is concerned at record stores you guys had a DJ Lord. You guys had a plan when people would come in to play certain music to make WanNa buy more and believe me. Dj's I know. Sometimes we get our checks and we. We got bills and we got groceries but we also want to buy new we also want them cassettes. Believe me. There's been times where I spent up to at least five hundred bucks so I get it so now. Your brother Cletus buys the Long Beach Location and soon after that you take over by from him in my correct yeah he opened VIP in Long. Beach June. Seventy eight students seventy eight year and six months later. Jane were seventy nine. I bought it from him. So I've actually own it. Since seventy nine seventy nine. I think it will soon after that that I. That's when I started going I would say it was probably like eight degree or when I started pointing was only because my brother would always go. Come on we're going to restore all right and if I'm correct if my mind serves me right. The DJ booted out in Long Beach. Do they have a little bolt? Yeah it was a our version of Queen Mary so my brother actually that was his idea of I. Just Kinda had the queen. Mary busting through the wall. And you walk around through the backing. Walk up on the stage and the deejay booth and the two turntables was right there and so people will walk up in and we just played music for him. from from both so that would iconic you know it still should be. There won't say that I won't bring it back when we kind of recreate the VIP experience but Yeah that with a deejay booth. My brother put together and You know ironically. When when he opened a store in the set I group of employees that he brought in was Roger. Clayton was in that group and so the first technique twelve hundred there roger overturned with their VIP and You know he actually. Even if I took it over. He worked for me for like a another couple of years before he went out on his own. As we all know that history here yet for those of you who are not sure or Who Roger Clinton as he is is a safe to say the founder of Uncle Jam's Army. He would definitely to count founder. Co-founder ago what? He was definitely dead. Man Yes uncle Jam's Army to work for Kelvin. Vip that's where he got his thought. That's awesome. I know a lot of because of me being a DJ for many years I always said this if you're a DJ you have to at least two places VIP. Rhodium you have to know what I I know. There's other places but at least these are my top to my top spot. Because that's where Tony got his start at the Ip if you will end up Steve Yano to me VIP. Roy Swami were two huge major Cornerstones if you will contributors to West Coast hip hop. You know I would say so Definitely you know because we were definitely involved When I look back you know I look at you know work. We deal with todd. Not Miss Master spayed Dale Adrian Team You know it was like the place that you know if you got a good project and we listened to it and we like it. Dna if you will more likely going to do something because we definitely had a strong customer base and You know we was very aggressive and salad actually As I look back My brother Cletus. Athletes sold the first rap record in on the West Coast in California. We all know that shooting here game. When I rap group but nationally they were the first rap group. Yes and when Syria Robison sending out him out to La for him to take a listen to it and we listened to her and so she said you gotTa thank you can sell it so he so of course we can sell this so we put it in all our stores and then after that we put it got it in all of the other independent record store the clear soul to and then when Kate I picked it up the rap but yeah I rap song deputy was played. was Sola VIP. You know wanting that I want people to get from this interview. Is People like Yourself Violet. Brown and as an Others here in the West Coast. But you guys were there. When hip hop started right starting to very few people that could say I was there when it started and to see all of these up and coming artist to end up at your stores pretty much in inviting the public to come meet them receive autographs so that they can buy their product etc a I believe a lot of artists need to show a lot of gratitude humbled themselves when they see a person like yourself of because the Ip broke broke if you will allow the artist right a lot of artists right and you know see. I've always been one of those people that I never forgot where I came from. And I looked at Steve. Yano as a person who invested in me right and I became the person that he he saw good him. He invested in me and he believed in me. And I'm sure there were artists that you feel the same way about coming out of lobbies or coming out of VIP. That possibly don't even care you know a lot of people. Have you know different way though of of showing it but you know a lot of people just felt like it with faith? It was going to happen anyway but I know for a fact that if it hadn't been for independent retail so I'm not just talking about VIP. I'm talking about stores across the country if it hadn't been for independent retail rap music with the never happen it wouldn't have because Of of the fact that we played it in store people like me I will. I'll use to work. Listen to a route project and I would take it to kings park. I'll give it to this guy with this big boombox that set up their drink beer and play domino laude and you know give him on the ground to short tape and he blasted it all day long at the park and people like me. Will you get theft? So he just one restrained back. Vip Our our get. Do they got the low rider? Call with the system in it so loud that it make your ears bleat so my marketing team and stuff I will give them free stuff especially free independence and they will go out and blasted cooling around Hood's debut cruising around the hood and and people you know I just loved it here now and so you know we you know. Dow with you know one of the Independent Strategies Street market in to get music out because You know at that time. Radio wasn't touching it and the major dim believe ended. They said they were just bad efat. They won't be here long. But I can say the reason why new was gonNA last stuff because earlier hip early route was based on music that we love already. I mean you could harm to Rogers that beat and sal you could harm to Jan's track and she saw me. It was based on music that we already love so it wasn't a hard sale. And you got a you know Diesen rap and a great hook she data project and you pretty much address them on my questions was how did you feel I mean? Did you think that hip hop was going to last? You answered that my next question was when you did you like hip hop well our say that because I would say a lot of it was because it's like not like music today in music today Alan Trip. We out because there's some weird that's going on with it that they're people who buy they know all of the verses you're so back in the day People walked in the store Our Lakers says that you know you got that record. I got five on it. And that's it they know versus and stuff so back then. Music would basically hook driven. Now you know I went to a concert now future were there and I mean. The whole stadium was repeating everywhere own light. That's crazy but Yeah I mean it was basically you know back Back in the day it will do best. Beware my crew and you know the beaten and the hook right so you got that you you had to hit. I remember I went to a record store. I don't remember where it was a white guy there and he wanted to buy rapper delight but I remember a young still and I remembered since you brought. It was a hook driven. If you will generation of he said it goes up a city hip hop the HIB. And that's all he knew but everybody knew what that was back on. It was another guy that went up to Steve. Yano standing equals. It's that Song. They just goes base. Everlasting base course. Yeah ooh Yeah I get it I get off. Now let me ask you this. I don't know what jumping ahead. How do you feel about today's version of hip hop compared to when it started? Well I I can get into it and stuff you know it. Just lie this way. Music is and when it comes to hit records is to kind of hit. Records is an instant hit and in the main factor. He now I'm GonNa tell you. Companies that manufacture. He is DEF JAM IN SCOPE. A bad boy because it's too many times a day of gave us records. Say Okay. We're going after this. This is what we're going out the next six weeks and so well we we signed on the market and promote it. So you walk in this door. Well I got introduced you to the name pass but out a five hundred spins on the radio out the MTV that same person that said that they didn't want it will walk in and buy it so they know how the main factor he is so And death what happened with a lot of you know a lot of the projects. I've always said that if I had a record our brother how I would pick a mediocre record and great marketing ova great mar a great record mediocre marketing because it's all about marketing promotion. It's all about the impression impression impression so but you know it is a Lotta You know I was fortunate that you know we have a lot of Rick that wasn't not horse sales and stuff so you know now as far as VIP when hip hop started taking off. What would you say what if you can remember your first if you will rab hip hop in-store VIP at Long Beach Location? I RAP IN STORE. I think it probably probably was too short to show. I think it was to show the first rap instal and Too Short Was very special to VIP because I used to sell his underground cassette I'm sure wing goal. Vip alone along and that was one of the one of the we used to pass out at the park and get to the low rider. And I actually had was. They were selling so fast. I had to buy high speed double. Just keep up with the requests and stuff and called prior to that you know mix taste back then and you you. You said up to cassette decks and do it in real time. I can do that anymore. But because of Too Short and then You know we we Allah Great Ron with the bay area. the click Rv L. Posse and stuff like that. So I would say right out. The the big run with easy and in w our big focus was the bay area and after the wrong with the bay area's when I put together the Vip Studio in Long Beach. Start working with local kids. Individual have in w wait in-store Never had Nwea in-store but Mike Big Memory about that is that Easy used to come down every Friday in this low rider woulda trump full of twelve S. Saw By you know whatever I need a box to and I told him one daft man you just record is so strong. You don't have to do that no more. I said the place where we buy music is is called a one. Stop City once. I said you can take your records there. I said I know the people they will carry this out said and then you can take all record there and you don't have to be making these runs and that's how you got in. The city wants to Holden who had twelve inch. Wouldn't a lot of people talk about West Coast rappers or East Coast rappers? That have passed away the always mentioned in now. An with all due respect to him. You know biggie Park Nici but a lot of them never really mentioned easy. The almost kind of like because it's been positive so long now that either they forgot or it's more they mentioned more the recent ones if you will Now is that just because right outside? I have the source magazine when the announced easy had passed away and I kept because conduct of like when I shared with you earlier about prince passed away to that was one of the artist. I truly miss. I built that way about easy. Yeah you know I really really felt in a lot of Latinos I. I'll speak for our Mexican people. They loved easy they loved him and I was one of them. And I'm not ashamed till because easy was for me. It was a real one right. It was a real ones arrested piece right and So now I know if we could adjourn a little bit ahead what would you say at the Ip was sticking to hip hop was the most if you will the biggest outcome in-store that you've ever had and then maybe give you one debt? Maybe it wasn't as what you thought it would be kind of dead. Well definitely the biggest install we had was thought to release a snoop doggy style and You know the in-store that almost didn't happen because In in Long Beach got this bad about cancer events saying that you know they got a phone call and said that this event take place in a lot of people could get hurt and so we can't so when they told me that. I Call Steve. Berman interscope him and demanded police department. Said we can't do as much invested in this man. You GotTa do it so I you know telling them where we want to do it. And so they said well If anything happened is on you so now we had a great night at night and That was you know one of the that was the biggest one and I would say audience wide and the second biggest one was. When shack came to launch he came in a Custom v long and lower in Sao Paulo. Remember that poor cost like it's too low via the B when he got out he would like Taiwan over it but that was a big in store Definitely we had a great in-store where L. L. O. came to Long Beach we had a goodwin were worn and nate. Dogg separately Also your have Dj. Quick one I never had a debate quick. And you know my favorite rapper really. Yeah now okay I would like for you to share with the audience If I'm correct Digi slicer with a twelve hundred in your studio at be. Ip Quick and he hears okay. Yeah and you know I'll novas flies to had never told me the story. I heard it from quick so he told me one day. He said He do you know that I decided what I WANNA do in life in the back of your store. I'm Li- sheree early nineties you hanging out it and in Long Beach. I'm like sure he c- he said you had this Produces DJ slice the year? He said well out there. One day and he Had Tugs out computer love and flipped it and put a beat on it and this guy was wrapped into it. Like yeah G Q Steve. Dj Slice you know. They redid computer so I'm like wow our just really blown away that he said that day I took my money when bothered drum machine in my life. I will stop fence well. He was already three album then when he told me that. So I had no idea but that's the way it was when I shut the studio in the back of the store at that time. Vip's be open from ten am to ten PM. So I'll come in to open up the store. Go back and unlock the door. Turn equipment and I'll just be through of key is all day long and stuff. You know the yeah. It was a you know a safe environment. You you know I had you know the VIP with the no fly zone rock and stuff you know and even at that time and stuff that was issues going on between local gang members and stuff in you know that that were were the group like two one. Three that had members from both sets. Don't project together. I I consider that as a huge accomplishment and it Kinda Kinda change the the situation in Long Beach at fours. Redirecting them into something positive awesome. I got to go to the back of a studio that you had there with jinx of. He took me back their dishes. When you were putting together your record labels then nine records right Record Label Auto VIP records. And I remember a you bought Jamesy drum machine. I think it costs a little bit of a Thousand Bucks. Act The twenty five hundred G Fat and Alan Oh how genes found out about me. But he came to me one day her. You WanNA open a recording studio up saying year. He said well I can help you. So he took me to his house and he showed me. He said this is what you need to get hit. And also what is it he says? Sp twelve hundred drum machine. He says virtually a studio in itself. You can do to beast. You can recall the music into it. You can even do the vocals in it and makes it down and do demos and Mike. No kidding he C- yeah he said This one belongs to the jury. He said the close to it is Oh dre shoulder so now he tells me he only know how to use it or he just know that this is what I need so And I know jinx from nobody stopped but the fact that his relationship with drake and I you know I knew dray whaling. Because dre my brother cleaves have worked together for years so we left that we left. His house went down to the Good Toss in beach pay twenty five hundred dollars for a brand new. Sp twelve on the drum machine. And I gave it to jinx and about three months later he came back he said okay. I'm ready and that's when I set up the makeshift studio in the back of reality. I'm shouts out the jinx and stuff it. If it hadn't been for him I probably never would've made shuttled to jinx imaging nineteen eighty-seven I wanNA say probably about sixteen or seventeen years old and and that's win to make a long story short. I I I met him at Steve Stan. He gave me his number. Actually Drake is number two. This is my cousins A number of call him up his producer record. I didn't know it was for you so when I went down I kind of audition. I cut his scratchy. So yeah you're to be a DJ and you're GONNA do a scratch it on a wrecker now like okay so we went to echo sound and I I remember. Balchik was the engineer. How and I started doing the scratching and then at the INCA. I don't know how long after he came out but I'm has a record. I was the first time I ever heard in my social scratch on record and I want to say it came out of eighty eight. If I'm correct I would be safe to say. Oh no seemed like it should have been a little Fadi Because I remember. I met him eighty-seven and that's when we started talking. So if I still had the vinyl Noaa says the I believe that has eighty-eight wow and I saw actually bolt both copies and searching. Sin Daddy surging daddy and so after that As a matter of fact when we were leaving echo sound I saw king T- There. That was the first time. I saw him and Tj Pool. Oh you know and I wasn't sure quite pull up her new. Dan will who king teacher right. You know but of Great Great Times Great Memories for me and to be able to say. I am part of a VIP history as a tremendous blessing because You know I met everybody to Steve. Of course I made you to my brother going to VIP by records. But I'm just thankful Kelvin. That you allowed me to be a part of that record you know right and I know after that I guess Jeans Sand. Dasy went out and did a slipping into darkness and a couple of other songs right right but wh why didn't that label go farther than Jason. Data was just had so much going on. You know what it was not. Only the west coast of Canada have had a curse on it and and and the truth of the matter is that we just didn't have the type of we didn't have the freedom of movement that we need in order to make things happen because Local radio did not support independent artists. And stuff you had to be have. Some kind of special connection are held a lot of money behind you to get radio play because their majors control all other radio play. Well I mean we had. We got like a lot of Super Artists in Long Beach. They'll just who stars. I can name a gang of them but because of the game situation stuff viewed a dope artists in Long Beach. You can leave and go five miles the constant right. You know you couldn't go to Inglewood you can't go to Pasadena so because other Lack of freedom of movement Is One of the things that really stunted the growth of a Lotta artists and terrible but does real you now? You have artists called me from Texas and call me from Florida and call me from Georgia Chicago. We want to see you know we heard about VIP so we want to come out there to launch our careers family. You'd better stay because I told the guy in Dallas stuff. I'm saying me Union Dallas and stuff if you conquer town and then once you conquer your town now you can go to fort worth you can go to the Houston you can go these places and nobody dies but You know fortunately I see it. You know you cannot so. A lack of freedom of movement is wanted a big reason that there were Was more a lot more successful artists stuff. We just didn't know how to come together. Mantle over dumped. You know what Kelvin and. I'm glad that you brought that up and I'll tell you why because that is one thing that nobody ever brings. A Walk brings out or talks about. Let me give you a perfect example. And I've started on other shows where when kid frost first came out Laura saw. Okay all the channels. They weren't like that's a song. They were too busy trying to find out. What was he from? The they allowed gang elements into the music. And after a while. Now that you Kinda will come out all and attitudes all fucked up. He's from that neighborhood and I'm thinking to myself this music. Yeah it's just music and that's one thing to this platform that I try to bring unity and possibly try to do away with that. I know one man is not going to be able to do it but it has to start somewhere right you know and I liked the fact that you brought up at two one. Three was a group of people different but they came together and that was a good a good thing. But but you're right. There were some people that couldn't go disbar because they were from right. You know our our memo becky today and I've always spoke out against I've I've been a convention I've been at big convention. I'm talking to people about you know I'm not asking for censorship. I said but you should be a little more responsible for what the artist is saying on the record. I'll say because what they what they say on the record can kill them. She'll look at me like you know. What do you mean that? Don't make no sense but perfect example you remember and and I. I was shocked to see a major company like Columbia records to even go there and stuff when tim dog. You know what Tim Doll First. Big Hit records okay. So then Columbia. They called me and said Within the do the retail Ron. Tim Doll and we WANNA know. Can we had to a in-store? Vip I not only can you not do a into a VIP. You can't do. It installed nowhere here nowhere. I said not even the bay area not even San Diego state do man on the Toyota. You know you can't play with that. Are All you too much time? I want to tell you this one Is speaking the dividers type thing? I would add DEF jam record in New York one time and so they win big screens. I came Mouse Leo and they sent me in the front of this big screen and they showed me video there so they were new offended. I'm looking at them. Looking at me and stuff so when a video with over Is what you think about it. I thought man I said that was a that was the dealt with yelp and a lot of work into that radio affair but I'll say it is a shame if somebody's GonNa die behind Bedia di behind to review what you're talking about. Uh I'll say mentor. Dr. Man Gang Banging on the west coast in real mandate. You can't play with it. So it will be g knockout in gangsters. Ray dogpound kill video so then daylight. Oh man don't make no sense. Four months later came here shoot Montier Jordan video and they had went to Malibu and I was told that the golf course was like fifty thousand dollars a day rental for this golf course to shoot did MONTIEL Jordan video. So what happened first day? Of course DEF. Jam invited all of the artists so they invited warned so who do want him by e biting the dog path so you know they invited BG KNOCKOUT. And so what happened? The first day. Nate hit the guy in the head with the golf club. Now he didn't die but he could have your stuff. So that's what I'm saying. So what do you think it was over that video video and stuff so I mean you know even bigger than that. I spoke out against Park. And biggie. Absolute this. This stuff is good and when Park? May He'll hit him up. I'm like oh so now move fast. Four POCKET DEAD. Sure Big Important out here for the sole trainer war so the night of the soul train award. They had the Out The party at the House of Blues Song Telhami Rep. I'm like man look. I said they can't be walking around like that here in the Mandate Brooklyn from Light Park Day insurance. Ngo in every fifteen twenty minutes. I'm hearing this record. Can't nobody stop me now? Can't nobody hold me back over the key lyrics in the song of puffier drop and I'm like man? It's like it's all. Kinda guys would like to give a feather in their cap for putting a bullet in one of these guys and I said they should be walking around like that so when I got the call that morning about what happened. I wasn't surprised so I'm like just gang banging on the west coast Israel Israel Israel. We're GONNA Piss Paul's right there Kelvin. And wouldn't be back after this commercial. Break all right well once again go ahead and call somebody takes somebody slap the hell out of somebody matter of fact. Let some sense until mid them no. Kelvin Anderson the Godfather languages into building. And we're going to be back after this ten minute break tickets away Johnny. Once again everybody. Welcome back tool. Rhodium radio episode. Thirty six and we are live here in the city of Wilmington Let me give some announcing before. I come back to my special guest Once again three CDs for fifteen bucks I am considering re reprinting them again. If I do they are probably going to have different covers on them. Not sure yet because I'm thinking about reproducing. Some newer ones I Once again send your videos to Rodeo. Radio Edgy Mel Dot Com. Those of you. That have overseen the documentary. Give us your feedback. Twenty to thirty second of video. Twenty thirty seconds. Don't do a documentary. Twenty to thirty seconds of what you thought. Okay so hope. You got your popcorn ready because we're about to go into some west coast hip pop history with none other than the godfather of Long Beach of Kelvin Anderson of the owner of the world famous. Vip Record Store and a city of Long Beach so now let us pick up. A you know Kelvin. There's so much that we could talk about that. It's impossible to get yours and your family's history and one Interview so With all due respect I would like to skip around a little bit. For an example to the day that snoop dogg filmed his infamous video on the roof of the world famous the IP record store. Yeah that was a very memorable day and Man Turn out with just unbelievable and You know everything went great You know the holiday thing We have the close. Not only do we clothe. Vip closed down the whole center that day. To shoot video and man it was just One Hell Day that you know prior to that you know. Vip records just VIP record but after the launch and the success of the music video as reading while we have to change it to world-famous vip records because We got attention from all around the world and stopping to this day This is twenty six years after the release of that video that people still come WanNa comedy Snoop Dogg career with launch from. Yeah you know and Team Win Global. Oh yeah it. We ain't global and started there if you will and Long Beach. Vip being the Mecca if you will long beach because most people when you come to Long Beach. There's two places at visit Right Queen Mary. Right and VIP records s definitely on most people's lists. Yes definitely and there's a place that people around the world is for me. Where if you yes. You know some one name to places in long these Steles were do. Beat the two places you know how. How did that video come about it? Was A snoops idea was record. Labels idea how you contacted or that video. Shoot while smoot idea and I'll contacted by The label from by interscope. That you know already had a great relationship with them. And so You know they told me that snoop warranted you porsche another video on the roof of VIP yourself. Could we make that happen? So I'll make it up so you know we did it and like I say man it's like you gotta be right up there in the top five all time videos right because if you look at the amount of play in spins daddy got and just the overall attention. Nettie this. This logo is like. I don't care where you go. Someone is GonNa recognize the logo and yeah. Yeah it's like you know. I I went on a cruise I went to a cruise to Alaska. And it's like people over there like questioned me about it. You know one of my customers so he got a shirt and he was on his way to Africa. He spent like a week in Africa so when he got back he said he said. I can't tell you what I won't mind. He's about Tuesday. I will my VIP shirt in people. Just engage with them and stuff. He's a man I have people. Buy Me drinks by me food. He said Wednesday he will something else that nobody recognized it he said. I will my shirt Thursday Friday Saturday. He's back on the plane and I just got now people just engaged with. They have so many questions about it. You know that's where you would be in and stuff like that. It has an effect on people. Just well you have the the most if you will most famous rapper on Planet Earth. You know dancing room wrapping on Topo VIP records. It would be up. And I was there. A matter of fact mean John Elkins here. Were there where a voted that the sign will be considered historical landmark right and talk to me. I was saddened. Okay because you had moved buildings you know and then it was gonna be turned into a seven or eleven seventy seven. The sign was going to be taken down. And I'm thinking like what the hell like. They're not gonNA move the Queen Mary while you got moving this year. Was there a reason? Kelvin? That building that your store could not have been saved up. How did you how did I don't WanNA use the wording losing it right? Why was removed our say we originally move out of that location in like twenty fourteen and we kinda bounced around this Sinful while But we moved out because the rent was extremely too high wrought amount of business said you know we were doing and you know I look back and think about when tower records closed. I was contacting the interview by a lot of the media and they said you know we just. WanNa get Joe Feelings on the close enough tower records? I said whereas tower records today but it could be vip tomorrow because you know it dating close. Because they weren't good business. People is just that you can't compete. Excuse me you can't compete with free right. So that's the reason why you know a lot of stores clothier just at the fact that nobody really had to buy music get music and the fact that you know the record industry as a whole label. Then distributors was going into a different direction as far as how they were spending their marketing promotion dollars. They just figured that you know we just do it. We're market through tax and market to my space is what they total a lot of us that was used to good marketing dollars and stuff which contributed greatly to keep in store and keeping your bills paid and stuff like that so when they took all that away reading why chain stores closed because of the marketing promotion dollars outside of the fact. That sales was down right into wasn't so much of a demanding for vinyl cassettes up. Everything was the world. This is your record player now pretty much pretty much Korea now for those of you. That are watching. I love hip hop. Weather's west coast or whether it's east coast but just love hip hop Kelvin has a story about how you may have an insult recreate Mac and his side kick or I don't WanNA use psychic with him that ear. Well actually it will the JESSIL retail run. It wasn't an actual in store like every artist so when labels signed an artist. R&b Here Papa. Whatever VIP was always on the schedule loved to read in a retail? Ron where they just take him around in induce them to the retailer and stuff like that. So Craig being the face of bad boy. When Babar I launch he came VIP and he had this big fat guy with him and stuff with a Craig. Mack t-shirt that I took a victory it in front of a P which turned out to be At the time biggest mall but you know we know a later on after that he got sue for the name and had to change it to notorious. B I g but When big if came along she was just a sidekick and stuff and he used to call me when he come out when he's on his way out of self and want to know if I could hook him up with snoopy. WanNa hang out with snoop so Yeah but yeah. Biggie was cooled and stuff. I had a few interesting conversation with him I remember. You assured me that he would have call out here in Hancock. Snoop whatnot and I believe at one point that we're really cool you know. Is it safe to say that the media possibly blew it up about as East Coast West Coast beef thing like you're saying they were actually? Yeah yeah that didn't help any. I think the fact that you had these two label that felt like that You know what they was both reaching for the crown so And is just. It was just that nature of the beast and stuff that You know still teaming up because today they both with Steve. Making crazy amount of money if they were you know still with us but you know it's just that it will more the west coast than the east coast because you know just that that the west coast that was just they thing. I mean we deal with is is crazy and stuff that within the game situation in Long Beach you got two rival gangs in long. Beach does all cribs and stuff now crypts. Were they will come together to fight. Bloods now crypt. And blood would come together defy cows from the east coast so I mean there are coming together points and stop you know just just now made sense to me but You know something that you know. Hopefully I I'm seeing some changes now but it's still not enough changes that you know we. Can you know feel say phone? Go on to any city for Monja product or your music and stop is is how definitely held the West Coast. Back Death Serena why you know people lie cash. Money was able to flourish until they were just so. Dougie into you. Know they had the money to pay for the airtime whatever and stuff but if they had the same type of situation in their seat is we had on the west coast. It wouldn't it. Wouldn't blow up like that. So freedom of movement is is is such a major important part of being able to market and promote yourself. You know it's like thank God for you know social media today because a lot of those guys were not be who they are. If it hadn't been for social media because let you say you can lay across your bed which laptop and do the Saints Dawn at. Warner brothers and stuff. You know. I'll learn a lot about social media from my Nephew APSO and stuff because I used to go about a record store when he was working at the registering. Carson met Majid this records. And he's okay. I'll be with you in a few minutes. I'm finishing up this interview. So he online doing the interview and overseas somewhere else. So it's just you know that's what social media have allow you know artists to be able to do is reach people not just around. You'll see where the cross the world and he actually had a name for himself. You know internationally even before to deal with a TD. You Know Kelvin. You brought up a great point because there's a Lotta people today because of social media. They are instagram famous. You know man. I'll speak for myself. You got a lot of cocky. Ask Artists author today that believe the hype of social media because they make it a thousand likes on. Picture Day may get two thousand views or something and all of a sudden Dora rapper or your instagram model or whatnot. I'm not hating on that but what I am pointing out. We live in a different time. They need to be thankful for technology because back then you literally had to work. We'd have to travel so you. You had to go places you had to be a nice guy. High Doing Kelvin. Can we have an instore here or whatnot days like well? I'll just do laptop. I mean I'll do a beat on my laptop and then took a picture of myself. Am I going viral? You know my whole viral so we live in a good time especially a good technology time but a lot of these artists today. I see him onto the streets and Dr Movie Stars. You know like you really. A- I don't get that paid any bills right. I don't get that but I'm sure somebody else would probably give me what I'm saying but I don't give a damn what he says. That's that's Real. You know it's There are I would say I see a talked. A lot of the young people that remembers and and pay homage to Not only you know what I've done. Two were had all started and stuff in and and the things that we had to go through In the early days as far as Making sure that People had an avenue to a sale a merchandise and And Marketing to promote themselves. You know I always said and me myself. I always had a Lotta independent artists billboards up on the wall. Vip and you know it was like there was all those guys dream was a half a billboard up there. They felt like that if they got on the side of the building. They made it because we really had nothing else. We could say go to rely P. and you'll see me up her. He had that was like I. Don't WanNA use the word. They made it but it gave them that failure. You know so now you shared with me a story. I want to say maybe about twelve years ago you go into Paisley Park. Oh Yeah we We was me and From the West Coast my good friend Violet Brown shot after Violet Got An interesting story to tell you by Violet. One day but Off from me being mad at her being at the meetings in you know we used to have independent retail meetings and so Unlike ain't she from chain store what what was she doing here so Out The defers? I would say out of the first beaten Though they would call me so we have the meeting stuff. I'm like is going to be there. And they say yes. You're going to be calm because I'll be right off. I learnt so much from her and so and find out how deep she was too man I just love her and stuff man and she so opening caring and sharing and style. Cds wanted a problem. You know in life and stuff that people can just say things that can help you. You know it costs you nothing. This share information and stuff and she's always been that person stuff to the point where if I got something independent underground as hot. Almost I'm GonNa let her know because not only was she supported see she also have an ear. S C has an ear like managed most people that I know so You know violet and I and probably like ten. Other retail from across the country was Fortunate enough to be invited to Paisley part there so we went there and prince gave us a tour to compound now. And what was the evening in? Would them give a four dress concert concert for you? Guys for like twelve people are full concert and I'll just blown away and You know if a few things that have happened you know over my life that you know it was just unbelievable in style. Think real hard to forget the memorable you know. I got to see print in concert when the purple rain album dropped. That was about the only time that was as close as I got to them. Never had an opportunity to meet him. That's probably one of the artists that I wish I could have met. Even just a share like I've met Kurtis Blow Mellie Mell all great great guys but to what's one of the guys that I wish I could have had met you know and I'll be honest with. It really hurts me to think sometimes when. I LISTEN TO ALL HIS MUSIC. I like wow I could have just fucking just meant that guy. You'd be just as you know. It's kind of like an actor that I would like to meet one day. Cleese would I would like to make cleanest would like to meet you know stallone. I have a metals guy yet but I'm a big fan of movies. I'm a big fan of music does so if you will on my bucket list arrived right right Is there any memorable moments that you would say is board an artist that you've that you've meant you said man like I was such a great guy? I'm sure there's many of them any of them. Stand out artists singer R. and B. Singer. Because I know you've met Michael Jackson Prince. Yeah I just projects. That really stands out Key sweat when Keith sweat me his first album make it last forever weather remarkable albumin than when when when I think about you know. Somethin' debt I there with a solo the years That was impactful that album. I remember And we had it. When I came on vinyl depth people would come in and they were bought it. They bought the record off. I single and they just kept every so often. They were released another song and so people would think. It's another new album misstep so that album stayed in our top ten for like a year because the holiday just tediously released it singled off of it and stuff so that album was was was something that. I remember lobby because it's so strong for a whole year and you have people coming in. They'RE BUYING THE ALBUM OVER ROY. Bacon with a new album line now. Just flip the album over on the other side so You know that album. Our say always be gone independent projects and stuff. Because I feel that I have an ear to you. Bring a record to me and I'M GONNA listen to it and once I listened to already know warmer. Sell it too. I already know my customer base. So I'm pulling up in a lot of light. Let me get you going by Russia because you know. And that's one thing independent verse. Most a chain stores is that we must independence. Dole ran by somebody that was really personable with destroy either the owner or relative or something that we cared. I on I noticed. Visited a lot of chain stores that the people that with working with somebody who was working they wait through college coffee. They DOMO homework than watching the people who walk in the door with half the inventory so so So that means that you know we we. We bought music to sail and stuff whereas a magazine and a lot of the chain store. They bought deals. They bought the ten percent and ten percent in advertising in the ten percent. Indeed Free goods and stuff like that ain't real care for. They sold them a not. Well where independent retail to go to city wants. Oppa something I plan to not to take it back right we. We will more personable about what we bought in. So then you know the big box stores because you we we just into it like that awesome awesome so now. I know you guys have been working on a documentary of VIP documentary of you. Show a little bit about that. And what could people? What can we expect when they see a documentary? Yeah I I definitely want to Complete this documentary. I would say I'm probably about seventy percent done with it my co producer. That I started this project we're Unfortunately passed away and You know we was really focusing on the move So I just got a regrouping and get back on it but I got some real interesting interviews on their You know I even have a rest in peace. Ricky Harris Galleria coup In view with him on there and so it's something that I gotta get done. You know like this interview and Stubby e could be a three part documentary sauce. I definitely Would love for the store with my brother. Cletus who is the founder of VIP and put so many things in motion So But it it would be it would be interested in indefinitely will Enlighten people on on lot. We thought the IP disapprove special things over the years as definitely was A big part of lunch and a lot of careers. Yes now. Can you share with a little bit with your show with me earlier. About what can people expect about this You know the soon to come eventually VIP experience. Okay Yeah I had I D you know a lot of people still come to the store and they WANNA know where to sign is so I still have the sign in storage Our fortune with a situation. Where for Dita's to make a replica of the sign? That's Real Nice. So when people come to the store they have something to see but my first goal was to open a black music. Museum and museum would I wanted to tell the story from from from a track all the way to Hologram. So I envision this museum were a great grandma Lca walking in with a great grandkids and she explained to them what they track. Yield the cassette forty five and as you walk through the museum and stuff when it at the end of the Museum. Now they explained in the her digital. Are they explaining her? What a Hologram near the stuff like that. So just be a whole Four five generation over experience There's so Because In in going through this journey I feed. Were what actually take the Dua Museum? So don't look like that's going to happen but I still WanNa do a VIP experience and a VIP experience will be our say something similar to a museum. Because I still got like a you know. Gold records OSTEO got Postal than plaques in pitchers a lot of the old equipment and stuff you know back in the day you know we had real the real stuff so I have things that I could show to You know people that will come through there. They would be interested in seeing. I remember a few years back in. The museum. Idea came when the guy came in a store and they walk down this out. He added to sobbed within the seemed to be like eleven or twelve and he saw a vinyl record and he said dad he said. What's that so earbud laughing? So he explained to him what it was and stuff and he picked up piece of well. How do you put it in the saucer? You know this is a story of need to be told. And you know you know all of that stuff Plays a real important part and stuff. You know I A lot of time I would say when you think of the history of the business and stuff I would say that Behaviors Jackson is hard. Justice employed to me snoop Dogg's and stuff because it was so impactful you know back in her day and stuff and it just music in general and stuff like you know people. We always say that we specialize in Jazz Gospel. R&b Blues Ray. Gay and And Hip hop and so all of those segment of the music industry means a lot to me because I lived it or the part of it now. I had a question for you as far as Steve. Yano on a different note. I just documentary. And of course you're working on your documentary Do you think that it was in the or do you believe that it was important? Sdb story legacy be documented without a doubt You know me being someone who knew Steve Personally. And saw you know the impact that he had on the music industry and the impact he had on just Specially route in and and the impact. He had on dray it. Easy those like name this shoot mangas. And Yeah I'm I'm so happy that you took the initiative to put that in motion and accurate complete the journey because he's definitely very deserving of county in the same way that I'm on my brother Cletus is about you know document his past because he church so many lives loan away And and actually just put in the really put in hard work so same thing with Steve and stuff man he he he he really cure about. What it it wasn't just about making money and stuff. What he no himself that he changed lives and stuff in in a did that because that was his choice to do so. So yeah I mean. He definitely Very divert deserving of this honor that you guys have put together for US. Thank you very much and once again. I do believe Would you were say about your brother? Cletus historic should be told. I believe your your story should be told and I would we say King. Tim Store should be but I hope that that does take place and it comes out soon because I definitely want to buy. I definitely want to support. I love. Vip. I've been going to be as as a kid. I mean I I assure it because once again I support it. One hundred percents. There's anything that we can do. Here are voting on radio We Wanna be able to help him. Contribute to be experienced. Vip documentary so at this time. Kelvin there's any shutout anybody you want to you know. Say hello to rouse the opportunity. If you two are definitely WanNa say Sinn shout to my kids. My Family Tasha to Nisha Kevin Junior Ricky show is my daughter Latasha. She ran VIP for many years and she actually allow me to be able to go out and go to conventions and go out of network so which also led to me. Being demand on the West Coast is fourth the go-to person by Lada record. Label the stuff so You know without that I would have been still stuck on. Kfi She she definitely did a lot to prepare VIP inter- Where ORDEALS TODAY? In my son he spent quite a few years working Behind to count of making sure data. Vip with Okay and my daughter to Nisha also contribute greatly. But you know a shoutout to you know all our siblings that grew up in recognition stuff. You know Nieces NEPHEWS SO VIP will the family thing. And I even my sister Lisa. She's started out at VIP and Long Beach and She was fortunate enough to have to successful record stools. Don't want her time. That she on So you know that and you know I wanNA thank all of Thank Long Beach and All the other areas for the support like I say on the block for forty one years and You know I do really feel that this is the last year because not because you know. Business is slow. But it's some other things that I like to do in life while I'm still help the anchor property do them so The VIP experience would be something that will Keep Vip going and something that you know people can steal your common experience. Because I still last week as some people who came here from France and when they came to the store they said they hadn't even checked in today Airbnb so came from the airport to the stool because they just had to come there. So we still get those type people and So it's important immediate me. They keep a presence Long Beach. Just for what? Vip means so mean. Roy Awesome while a lot of may not live out here in the harbor area of from ten to long these just one St Pch. Right and you would run run into. Vip's you still go visit him Take a picture with him by whatever he has by him out. That's what I was so I give. My shot is first of all. I WanNa Thank Kelvin Anderson. A one of two and cletus. I WANNA thank Tim. I WANNA thank VIP family the world famous VIP family Vip Not only was the Rhodium a big part of my life but also VIP. Against the first time I ever saw the for. Dj couldn't scratch happened to be company. Understands brother Tim so much. Love a much respect them and everybody on Long Beach. I got mad love for Long Beach of much love of much respect to the city of Long Beach other than that. Like to thank my boy John Motherfucker Elkins for making this possible thank Digi media clips also like to thank my son. These canisters just other brady his twin birthday and other than that Sunday. I will be here with two guests. We're GONNA have a double feature on Sunday K. Once again on Sunday put that down on your calendar and then I'm GonNa do something extra special next week. I'm GonNa do Tuesday and Wednesday. I usually do just Sundays and Wednesdays but I'm going to do Tuesday and Wednesday. The reason why I'm having a special guest on Tuesday is because this is a door two guys and are actually out of Long Beach. Okay that's why I'm announcing that. The Russia had a long beach. One of them lives in New York. But he's only down here visiting and I gotta get those two guys together so tune in Sunday Tuesday and Wednesday so thank everybody wants again rolling radio episode. Thirty six Kelvin Anderson. I'm going to be bringing him back soon. Because there's so much more history so be looking out thank you everybody. You guys have a blessed night. We'll see you guys Sunday night. Thank you tickets away Johnny.

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