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They cried passion than Patrick. Three of college football leaves. Keer these Paul Finebaum. Show our to podcast back. Second hour on this Friday We will continue with more of your calls in a moment. We were talking to a gentleman in Germany during the break right as we were heading into the break. Jeff thanks for holding on Let's continue. Yeah I'm like okay saying I'm in a small town like in ten miles East of Frankfurt and Local truckdriver here and Somewhat different here because Most most German Germans They shop by the day. You know they don't go to stores and like you know get ten fifteen textile hamburgers expects with chicken whatever you know they shop for what they basically that they you know. Just just how cultural issue so What they have been save on that part is not such a problem. You know Was beginning to become a problem. Here is I don't think I've heard anyone mentioned this but Considering that Germany is boarded by ten different countries you know or nine different countries They have a lot of seasonal workers to come here to help the farmers out and they're not allowing those workers to enter the country. Now you know so. That's going to be a really big problem you know what type of long-term effects it's GonNa have on the economy but You know you can imagine you know. So that's about all I wanted to speak on right now until You don't notice Jeff Please stay in touch. We appreciate it. Okay no problem. Thanks Jeff calling from near Frank. Fort Germany truckdriver over there. More of your phone calls now. Eight five five to four seventy five a couple of things Just to update you on number one we are. We will be seeing again starting Monday at three on the SEC network Ever since The world seemingly came to an end sportsworld two weeks ago. We were unable to be on. We are now back starting Monday. Secondly herbstreet was with US earlier. That was fascinating Joe Scarborough will continue with many more guests Today but right now it's grab some calls in here and Dan is up next in Georgia. Hello Dan they're okay. We will see if we can update that in a minute again. Sometimes we're successful sometimes. We're not so we'll back your calls momentarily but I want. I want to go back to a couple of things that Joe Scarborough and and Kirk herbstreit talked about and Kirk. Herbstreit was talking about primarily was his opinion I thought he was very Very clear he doesn't know more than anyone else and I think that's the most important thing to understand is that none of us really do know he was offering opinion he. He brought his own family into it and post a question I mean. Would you feel comfortable leading your son? Play High School or College football your daughter playing basketball or volleyball or something else and I know there's always a lot of blowback in Kirk was very emphatic. Saying listen I'm I'm independent. I don't subscribe to one political view or the other. I think too often. We do tend to react along ideology when it comes to something like this. I don't think ideology has one thing to do with it. I think you know where. Where do you get the best available medical information? Politicians are not going to determine. I hope when a it's safe to go back into churches again or synagogues or mosques or were office buildings. I think that's up to other people and it's a real concern when we all we all get hung up and swallowed and intoxicated with our political ideology. Thanks for the thanks for appreciate the call from Germany. Looks Try John Next John. Thank you appreciate your being on. I sure thank you. Thank you for accepting my call I'm a truck driver. I'm a flatbed truck drivers so I do all the For construction work so I'm not in the food business or anything but you know all truck drivers have plenty of time to think I was Speaking of possibility football this this season And the other professional sports do you think that with them restricting the fan base from actually attending games. Do you think they're going to try to do? Like pay per view to increase doing crease. Their their money coming in to replace for the ticket sales. Yeah John First of all they would not be able to pay per view because every Every college conference in in the NFL all have agreements with with major networks. So those could not be changed if we have college football. You'll see the SEC. Game every Saturday afternoon on CBS. You'll see the other games on. Sec OR ACC or ESPN. So that won't change. I do think what you said is interesting. Though I think we could see a different setup If and what I continue to here we've been hearing now for a couple of weeks. It's it's not so much. Getting football season started. You heard Scarborough Joe. Scarborough mentioned it. It's the return of the of the virus and that's what has everyone concerned. And you know we're talking when when does flu season begin? Usually December January February. There are a lot of theories at this virus. Made it over here sooner than that. You know I I I was. I call it something in November anybody who watches or listen to the show notes knew that there was one show. I could barely talk. Remember that lasted about three weeks. And I saw an article today that quoted some experts have said this could have been popping around. Listen I don't I had something I don't know what it was but it sure felt like this. Although it wasn't contagious that's the only thing that would make me think but yeah. I mean once the weather starts getting cooled and we are getting more rain. That's what they say. John the two of us together. I don't think we could solve this problem. But the that's what the experts say. Yes Sir I. I was just wondering because especially like smaller colleges and and high schools and they're going to be losing a lot of revenue to help keep the schools open but but even even if we had games without fans Just for the sake of argument you still have to be in locker rooms you. You probably remember when you were in high school. Those are not exactly large locker room so we're not talking about really healthy a healthy environment. But I think we we had commissioner Sankey on the other day we've talked to. I don't think any of these people really know I bet on these on these conference calls every day. They are now looking at every possibility under the sun. And that's what they have to do. We were not prepared for this obvious. I mean we were watching games in real time before they were cancelled because the college world these Sports World Professional World the political world. We were all surprised by by what happened here. John Thank you for the call really Do appreciate it. Just an update We're we're just reacting to what some of already said here today. We'll continue with your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five a lot of a lot of great guests ahead and we hope you'll stick around. We're here until seven eastern on this Friday afternoon. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show. Podcast look back. All of us during these rather trying times are facing things that we aren't accustomed to like trying to work out. What do you do when the trainers no longer there? Or the gyms no longer there we are going to ask. Somebody who Isn't just a normal trainer he's one of the preeminent sports trainers in the World Rob mcclanahan is The trainer for many of the biggest and brightest names in the NBA sometime ago about a year ago he wrote a book Entitled Training. The NBA's best in finding the keys to greatness to forward by Stephen Curry one of his star People's wrought rob. Thank you very very much. Oh great to have you on and boy. Do we need to hear from you right now? Hope you're well. Yeah you too guys. Especially I haven't met so let's start with the players like a your friend. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant Kevin. Maybe facing a few other issues but I mean the average NBA star right now is unable to play Practice facilities are are shutdown. Now again some of them are a little bit better off than than than most of us in terms of what they may or may not be Or have access to but but how are they staying in shape right now? Yeah I think you know. Most guys are fortunate to have their own little home Kind of Gym. Kinda like Maybe Hotel. Kinda thing looking like But you guys don't have courts you know so you're not really doing anything with the ball ball handling and stuff but as far as shooting. I know all the guys I have been to a court I know teams are advising against that right now. We don't know which ones are clean. And and WHO's been in there? And what have you so yeah? This is different territory for everybody. Top of the had trained like myself. You know Knows really traveling right now. Obviously and if you do travel you don't you get it or not. So then pass launch. They got a lot of questions here. what to do and the NBA's you know obviously having some issues with we play not play fans we have fans. When do we start playing and if you think about it you know they have to make sure every player Coach and staff member doesn't have it going into wizard the season right because if give it to fifty people you know so especially in basketball. The contact sport is so yeah. It's everything's up in the air right now it's it's fascinating it's it's the unknown the NBA drafts coming up right now. A guy should be working out for teams Soon here they have some league and in the end of the big thing is you can't finish the season but rather you have to finish your scenes in order to have the draft right so There's a drought this fall. I I I don't know you know so now you know you have to finish the season to see where guys land to see pick you get so yeah. I think a lot of guys doing to their own little homework out and I think the main thing if I give any advice is the first thing is just eat well because we're on time right now. It's pretty easy job. You could take out or yeah I work out. So that's that's a main of well sleep. Well that's really all you can do right now. Well let me ask you about Those of US could cer- certainly Curry and Durant Westbrook. These guys probably have something at their house. that I don't or most people don't but for the for the average and I realize you're you deal with elite athletes but you know a great deal about training for for US average schmos Other than eating well which what should we do? Yeah you know. I think it's depending on obviously weather and stuff. I think it's good to go for Pentagon where you're at Physically you know a walk. A JOG myself I think that's The best thing to do right now especially just just to get out of the house. It's fresh air. You know top of that is a good thing You know if you have any have any weights you know. Maybe take a three-putt Waco Jog with that You know your typical push ups things like you're trying to stay in shape but it's it's really just being creative At all you know when doing you know like say maybe a jail workout. I'll push ups and pull ups and curls and something like that but otherwise Yeh all gyms are closed and I know. I know a lot of people that I know buying. You know use treadmill or Peleton right now and it can kind of do that. You know because this could last another six months a year. We don't know you know so. It might be a good investment in time to really so doing stuff at home but I'm in. I'm in Rhode Island right now. The weather's sixty three degrees here. So if my three little kids for a little walk to the beach and you know what neighborhood but I'm not sure what to do. You know the eating is a victory is a big So I I realize we aren't. We aren't Nba Stars but I am interested though because I think we all should be And you're right. We're sitting around more and when you're sitting around there's plenty of food What if you had to give it basic advice that you? I'm sure you give to your friends in the NBA. As well. What what should and most important. What should we eat well? It's always you know eating. You know I'm always big fan of eating little things all day long rather than your. You know your big dinner at night. That the like that But you know look five those small meals all day long between this nuts almonds something like that. Maybe even a yogurt But Ninety yeah I mean I think a lot of people get in a lot of takeout right now I look into maybe doing a market run. What's a week and actually cooking? I think that's go a long way I know it's difficult. Some people on the market but people are delivering. So there's there's ways around it but the number one is cook on your own stay hydrated. You're not working on probably not drinking a lot of water. I think if you drink water all day long base where to go and it's going to help you obviously and things like that. So yeah they away from the fried food. Stay away from the pepperoni pizza at ten at night. When he's finished books you know so. Yeah listen we all know in essence? What's what's not good. It's just I always say it's just disciplined. That's all it is. You know if you're going to get takeout. Get Chicken Salad over pizza things like that. That's just every person has to have the discipline especially especially now. I realize when when you're when you're dealing in training NBA players They are two different level and they eat a little bit differently. But would you. Would you say that How how would you describe? What your your your friends and clients Would eat in the in in your players. Who at the highest level? I mean they have to eat a little more than Than than somebody who sits around and does nothing all day. But what do they I mean Kevin? Love is one of my best friends top of being a client and you know he had never seen any what disciplined than him in my life as far as eating so. He's taught me a lot in Hollywood disciplined fortunate to have the chef things like that and have the perfect ingredients organic. What have you but you know. But I. I've been with Kevin after a game in Cleveland and his his chef cooked You know we'll start off with Osama and then escorts is a is a steak so yeah they all in us. But they're also burning more calories than us The cabin just like reading example of a guy who you know. Even if he's traveling packers all stuff. 'cause you knows travel you don't pay fast food so he always looks ahead Stay hydrated all day long. Always have the jug of water on them. And that's a major thing. I think people forget. Just 'cause 'cause you're not doesn't mean you're you know you're hydrated to drink water. You're basically saying just just just drain it right. I mean whether you want to or not you have to quarter all day. Yes Oh yeah especially. If you're not working out what you really not thirsty drink of water and that no catch up to you you know I. I don't do much anymore but I used to get all those gallon. You know being awarded to fill up every day on and then the you know the gallon handle. Oh Yeah I mean supposedly a gallon a day they say yeah it is but if you do it all day long and you kinda still it up every day you kind of see where you're at and if you corner of that is gone. He's probably looking more of that. So it's going to kind of measure it really if you want to get more out of this though it it's easy to get the book network Training the NBA's best and finding the keys to greatness. I know you're keeping up with your clients and your friends. Are they coping pretty well? I know I know that's a strange question for guys that make more Usually more in a week most of us will see in a life but They're still human beings and their friends. Yeah exactly I mean the money the money and you know they're not going to be stressing about that like a lot of people in this country but But still you know that's your livelihood and that's what you do every single days if you've been maybe ten years old ages told stop you know it's not easy you know. I in somebody's guys you know they're on the road. You know two or three weeks a month so to be stuck at home all day long for the first time I did life. I'm sure it's yours ninety. It's a challenge for everybody and I think the biggest thing right now is the though you know. It's not like all right. You Know Adam. Silver says back May Fifteenth. And you can start to heal so your body ready get ready with. We have no idea we. We have no idea into any of these guys be able to come back and just start hooping It's not realistic. You're going to need another trainer cat. You guys prepare their bodies. Prepare their head for you. Know another run out for the summer. Lebron yesterday. You know his body. Everyone thinks it's good for the body because he's resting his buddies at shock because of twenty three eighteen years in the NBA seventy hundred NBA. Whatever it is. He's playing right now so his body is like what's going on you know so that's the other thing too. Even if we came back June one June fifteenth. You gotTA TRAINING CAMP AND DEBATE. So yeah the play without fans the whole thing is just. It's tough it's it's not easy to cope with and again it's it's the unknown stand on so you could go work out every day now. Hardest Heck but if you're not going back to July one why would you even work out like that? You know what I mean so you really want of you know peak at the right time and right now no one knows one. That should be so. It's it's every athlete in the world is going through it so it's not just the NBA. I mean baseball was a week away. You know they told to stop you know. So who knows you know? It's not you know what to do how to train and what to expect right now. So we're just going with it every day like everybody else but eventually disguise. Yeah GonNa have to go back on the court at some point so so that love where it went out Rod. Thanks for the time to and thanks for the advice. We all appreciate it. Okay well the night rob mcclanahan one of the great Trainers around a traitor so many major NBA player. We will take a break More of your phone calls at eight five to four two seven. Two eight five. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast well. We have been talking to a lot of our friends on the road Over these last two weeks because never in my Lifetime has have have truckers. Been more important and we are delighted to welcome into the program. Not only is a song writer but He does a trucking pot trucker in and he does a podcast Palmar Hofer and I hope I got that name right Long-haul might be the best way to Paul. How are you great? Your pronunciation was spot on. I am a trained professional. Seriously it's it's it's really great to have you on and we had a call about twenty minutes ago from a trucker in Frankfurt Germany. We've had calls from truckers all across this country and You know because you deal with these men and women every day They are keeping this country alive right now. The thank you for being with us. And tell us what you're hearing and and from your friends out there on the road unfortunate to Be someone who hauls food and So it's really been business as usual for us and I mean yes sir. Been changes I mean. Atlanta was a ghost town on the Florida last week. and you don't have as much access to some facilities sit down restaurants and the like but when you when you compare those Inconveniences to just the you know What the rest of the world is going through. I feel quite fortunate so things are going well but I want you to talk a little about just The men and women that you know that you see that you converse with that you hear from because I know we always tend to take people for granted until we into we realize how important they are but Give us a little back story on on on who these people are. And and what people like you and your friends out there go through every week. Well you know had a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine Shortly before Calling you seem as Bill Bill. Last Wednesday fell sick and just horribly sick at a truck. Stop in stock and let me. You couldn't even see watch TV. And you know He. He carries his own food as you know Microwave and other ways of preparing food but but he he was just laid up sick unable to care for himself For days and He called his brother who was in nearby. Indianapolis brother was under quarantine. He said the best I can do for us to call the ambulance. And so they did and the ambulance came out and they asked him a series of questions took his temperature. And Said we don't think you've got you know Cova nineteen and he was just left there to to deal with it and He he heard His the trump park next to him like something is tires and he said Man I. I don't even have strange to to to go in there and by myself water. I've run out of water. Could if I give you this money and the gentleman said Menu. You're sick yeah I I'm bad. And the truck next to him said get away from me you know. He was just irate. Don't breathe on me. You don't read on my truck but there was a there's no organization now they're Called meals for eighteen wheelers and so a call went out on social media and you know. He woke up one day and there was a six pack of water on his step. Somebody else brought him some orange juice and soup and lemons and cinnamon and I. I've known Bill Awhile. So when I got off work eight he and his wife or old friends and they back. They gave me a couple of harmonicas once and I was able to take take some groceries to him but I mean this guy still there and and then when when you consider the impacts you said you know in Texas if you take a ride to a hospital in an ambulance your commercial. Driver's license automatically suspended. So Ah when you imagine just how fraught That situation is for a gentleman like that. Who really can't verify condition. That's one example. You see the best in the worst of what's going on in this Pandemic and that whole episode strangers bringing him food. And you know I'm a stranger who is the brother just could would not help him so I'm just giving you that story because it's the the the the first one that comes to mind long-haul Paul joining us Talking about The truckers who who make this country work. I know that it's difficult and and I say that because I experienced five days with a trucker many many years ago so to in terms of a newspaper piece I was doing but what is a normal or is there such a thing Paul as normal week for a truck. Well I the job I have now. I've had almost nine. Years is is Kinda gravy deal. We have direct accounts with Fortune. Five hundred companies and we. We always go somewhere warm almost so we we legal high. Oh and Florida go to Texas about five if this is how you want to run home in about five or six days and it's it's really nice. I call it old man my earlier days. I didn't hall this kind of stuff I was just you know I was just you know all out. You Know Gung Ho just going as many miles as I could. This has been a kind of a good place for me to land after that That kind of running but But for me. The normal for me is two days up in three maybe to today's down. We're three days But I gotta be honest. All I'm kind of a sin bagger. I'm just I'm I'm just not the guy that just is Gung Ho. I've done this job a long time and I just want to get my job done and not hurt anybody and go home and understandably so what. What can we normally find on your podcast? Oh well thanks. For that mentioned we hit over. The road is is a it's a PR extra radio. Topi collaboration with the folks I write for overdrive magazine and in fact my editor. Todd dill's is a listener understand. And he wanted me to send you his regards along with a rousing in dogs. Thank you He's Interesting story about toddy. He lived in Chicago for ten years and then he just gravitated to sec football at a sports bar because like other people with that same cultural identity were there and those were. I became his group of friends and So but anyway Getting back to the PODCAST. What they did was Jewish Shapiro Just I don't know I don't know if this analogy is going to work with the sports trucking audience but it was sort of like Unwise THE ELISA doolittle project they they just. We're GONNA take this guy in this truck seem to like to spin yarns and tell stories and and the land the land mentoring resources into production resources of this amazing network and turn it into something which hopefully approaches an ethnology of the industry in an artful manner. And it's it's done well. Julie Shapiro is is really honest. Our executive producer and. She's really one of the great teachers I've had in my life she She's she's justed. Collaboration that that took and in the skill that took the people that parties on the same team is really bears. Tribute to her and in cost in costs are sound designer. But we we've gotten so so many nice conversation started and It's it's made. It's made a pretty good impact. It was In the top. Twenty for awhile on Apple. An apple has half a million active. Podcast seems to be hanging in the top one hundred fairly well and and it's It's really a bizarre turn of events because of this podcast and this association with this network Get calls from you know legitimate people like yourself we we just had an article shout out from the New Yorker today and and I think what I hope people will hear as like a studs terkel storytelling Version of trucking. That doesn't always make it into Commercial programming this is it you know. Radio is an independent network. I've of content creators and so we had a little more latitude and What I really respected about in costs and Julia Shapiro like if someone would tell us a story about how they were addicted to a drug and they got down on their knees and ask God to take it away from. They didn't they didn't They didn't shy from that story. They put it right in there and because they're looking for an historical context of what has to jump in here. Because we're we're about to run out of time but I do thank you very much. We wish you well and we hope hopefully give our best regards to everyone out there on the road. Absolutely thank you. Thank you long-haul joining us a really interesting concept there we We are certainly saluting. It's been a breakneck show. We started Couple of hours ago with Kirk herbstreet saying he believes the College Football Season High School in the NFL could be off. Didn't feel comfortable. He didn't feel comfortable thinking it was going to happen. That set off quite a chain of events. Joe Scarborough joined us. Mike Lucan the next hour. We have been very very busy. And we'll try to include your phone calls when we come back listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back as we continue again. It has been a busy one with Kirk herbstreet at the top talking about the possibility. In his opinion there may not be a college football season. He had grave concern about that. We also talked to Joe Scarborough Mike Luke coming up in the next hour Augie is in New Orleans. Paul is really getting bad here in New Orleans. I have heard I mean I guess the folks who are not taking this seriously a couple of weeks ago or taking it serious. Now I can tell you that But you know the I missed the interview with her with Kirk But I I think this was my worry all along. I mean this a worry compared to a pandemic. Let's be real but I. I don't see how college football is going to be able to make you realistically see a scenario. Their dog back there or something. Hello Yeah I'm sorry I I don't know and and I'm I'm I'm giving you my best. Guess There Augie I think some critical dates are going to be on the calendar though. Well I just again. The advocate had an interview with Woodward and he said that money is worrisome. I mean Scott Woodward now is coming out. He's he's putting a positives but you can read what he's saying you can read into what he's saying they're really worried. Lsu Is really worried about this. And they're not coming out and saying it in those explicit terms but you can you can actually tell from the way yet listed should be. I think we're going to talk to Scott Woodward Early maybe Monday on our show and I mean there's there's there's there hasn't really been a lot of good news lately and I think when I think the biggest concern is starting if there is a great a great fear of not being able to finish. I just think we. We are way too early in the process. I'm just telling everyone is saying to make any determination. Well I'll tell you what the streets look like if you remember that movie Omega Man With Charlton Heston. That's what it looks like out there. Paul he had a great weekend. Some great guests keep working Dale Brown. I think he'd be a great yes? Ti Great Augie thank you very much and And you and I wish nobody here wants to be doom and gloom. I keep getting people say well. Why can't show be like? It was a couple of weeks ago. Well things change with a couple of weeks ago. Yeah no exactly augie. Your it's not the same world in A. We're all hopeful that we'll get back it but right now we're not there we're not even close again reminder. We will be back on television Monday in we will continue talking about what herbstreet said at the very beginning of the show. I thought Joe Scarborough hatchimal thoughts. Mike Luca will join us from New York in a couple of minutes. More of your phone calls.

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