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Welcome to the undisputed podcast, hosts Jerry Taft this podcast is the full show from today's episode undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good Morning. Happy Friday Johnny Tap West Skip, bayless and Shannon Sharpe the morning. Guys how you doing good morning. Happy June teeth. He'll happy Independence Day to you shed two year community Shannon. Go for those that don't know this official day, yeah! Supposedly, they were free, eight, hundred, sixty, two, three with their master patient proclamation an. So happy Jewish. No, social, media. Yeah I'm great. Don't get you right here. This that happy I will look I thought they were jaw. Bad Is. Really. Look right here really. Good luck. So colorful I don't even know. Black Friday for skip over there. Do you briefly mentioned social media and you know what workable things that took place? Catch you guys up to speed on exactly what I'm talking about so yesterday we talked about Katie Calling Kendrick Perkins a sell out and skip. You made a point on the show that you later posted on twitter. Saying Kevin Durant called Kendrick Perkins a out because for four years and okay, see perk was Katie's enforcer. Slash Bodyguard Katie. Thank perk and his two thousand fourteen MVP. Speech, then perk played briefly with Lebron and sold out to him now. Katie is the enemy and the Braun is beyond Jordan. Mab Rich Randy Park well perk responded to you skip. It skips. You're wrong again. Brandon I have been friends since the eighth grade, and by the way we played on the same a you team in high school all the Oakland soldiers you have it lert since the last time you took an L. on your show and had to buy me a case of Diet. Yeah. That is the latest and I need. Your reaction, this morning i get to that case. Do. except he wanted to diet coke, which is like irreverent blasphemous on this show, but here we go. I. Want to thank my man Kendrick. Perkins for an. Me because now I get it. Yes, as Ginny points out I, did wonder out loud on yesterday's show and then on twitter. Why Kendrick Perkins so crazily? Defense Lebron why he launches these personal attacks on anybody who becomes a threat to Lebron on the court C. K. D. or off the court when it comes to activism, see now kyw read. And I wondered, how did Kendrick Perkins play four great years with Kevin Durant, and Oklahoma City as his enforcer as his bodyguard always had K D's back. And Katie even went so far as to thank Kendrick Perkins in his two thousand fourteen in the speech. And then perk turned on K.. D., and now Katy has gone so far as to call perk sell out. But now I have been enlightened. Now I understand because perk didn't know this per played. On an AA you team with Lebron James in Highschool Perk says they became very close friends in high school now, how from Accra N- Lebron? Wait a second and a kid from Beaumont Texas say Kendrick Perkins played on an Aau team located in Oakland. California the Oakland, soldiers I love that name, the Oakland soldiers, but how that came to pass I can't quite figure out, and maybe they were pros before they were pro. Right positive. So! Now I understand Kendrick Perkins and I understand that he felt all along part of Lebron's high school. Inner Circle See Maverick Carter. See Rich Paul See Randy mims I said see Shannon Sharpe, but not high school Shannon City. He came later to the inner circle. But part believes that he was there from the star. So that's why I tweeted I. Didn't know yet about the the Oakland connection, but. Mave. Rich Randy Perk. That's what he considers himself so now Kendrick Perkins. Thank you because all of your opinions of Lebron James are now this qualify? Because now you have admitted. You're very close bias when it comes to Lebron James so now I just roll my eyes every time I see on twitter. That kindred Perkins's tweeted. Lebron is better than Michael Jordan or if he's tweeted on on twitter, Lebron is the greatest athlete in NBA history or the next time he says Lebron is greater than Jesus I. Don't think he's gone that far, but it feels like we're getting close to Lebron is better than Jesus when it comes to Kendrick Perkins so now. Now it comes clear. He did not betray Kevin. Durant no this preceded that he was close friends with Lebron in highschool so now, thank you very much Kendrick I get it. I stand corrected I. Stand in lightened and you. My friend are completely disqualified when it comes to talking about Lebron James Thank you, so he didn't betray kate. Stay loyal to King Jay did on the down low, because this was unpublicized. I have never read about this. I've never heard about this because. Remember we Kendrick was applying. It seemed like he never did an interview because he did not like the media, he stayed arm's length from the media. Right you this. I had no. Well you know what I started to hear. This like cassavetes reached out to me on a on twitter and said they wanted the same AAU team but I. And I'm thinking the same thing you. Hold on the Bryan Ohio Perks in Texas all my, which is run out Texas down on the by you skip I. Get it. They're both like James Harden. James Hardie rose. Okay, even know California's a big state. But. They were in southern California near their communities next door to each other how? To be a you travel teammates three thousand miles away. In another state. Is that all of that? So the Oakland soldiers and then I look deeper last night. There ranked all time the fourth-best AAU team ever because there was one in New Jersey that featured Koby and Vince Carter and rip Hamilton. Wow okay. How did that? I don't WanNa know Kobe's from fairly. I'll real but I. Know Vincent from Florida. He's so I. Guess You just go pick? I will help him. He'll go peak still look. I'm not going to do that because you told me said you got very close to Michael. Jordan and there are tied that he would call you. Let me. Talk to you and you know. So, now I'm going to have to look at you. Know a little little little side I I have never once socialized with Michael Jordan I Had a quote unquote beer with them. I've not had a meal with him. I just knew him reporter to sub. But he he did things for you. He called you over and gave you. Impo didn't give other people because he respect. Okay. Thank you, Mike, so maybe candidate respects Lebron. With Donald. Kate we do that. We cannot say because. Someone is friends with someone does not mean they can't be objective. I get it. Skip it, and you try a new you're GONNA try to make this more than what it was scared. That was twenty years ago. Yeah, we're loyal, but I believe per has the ability to be objective, says okay Lebron didn't play well. Lebron mischief or Lebron needs to do that. Yeah, but he also knows what his is telling. He also had played against Lebron. Lebron played with Lebron and what he sees, not Lebron, still playing ultimate high level I love the fact that a big ended up apologizing to carry. We'll get that a little later skip, but I'm not gonna I'm not gonNA discount anything that Pertz says I get an invest a lot. There are a lot of people that close with other people that do what we do in the media. That's closed. Beat players, and you don't discount this. But but high school friends goes deeper it lasts. You Got Roots together right. Yeah, okay. Yes, okay, it went so far! That's that's why. I went off yesterday on the show. Went so far as to have. Kendrick suggests the day before. That the death of an African American, eighteen year, old, African American female, the murder of of this woman in Akron. Lebron's hometown got nationally overshadowed didn't get enough national attention because Kai. Re was talking about boycotting the bubble in Orlando. And he blamed that on Keyarena. I'm saying Park. You've lost it man. That's just too much of elite that that is not fair to career skip. I think they've made. To have three suspects. Give that look conspiracy theories look i. don't really think. I, think the thing is that because it was getting so overshadowed because of the joint George floor things still continues to go on skill. That's really dominated the news now corona Kobe nineteen back in the new, because it looks like Florida is about to be the epicenter, and now all of a sudden basketball. We thought we were going to have basketball now. We might not have it because they're hundred plays. That's let. Not only as over the problem, we feel our boys will be muted. We're back down. So, and that's fair stance to take right now and Kendrick can't condemn Kyrie that stands because party Lebron. Maybe a big party Braun is his heart is with on. Yeah, but I think the problem. That perk head is that carry? You never may raise these concerns until the NBA. You couldn't go down in the bubble with your team. None of this. Came for wish until you were told Carrie, you can't tag along. Then all of a sudden he came out well. We maybe we should boycott I think that's the biggest issue and like I said I hate I. Don't WanNa. Speak Perk, but I believe that's what the issue is. An Matt Bahr was kind of critical of Cairo. Also I believe those were. Were some of the issues that they had with. Carrie can carry boys. These concerns earlier in the very beginning. I think people would have given us. Some of these guys that have a problem with what he said would have said okay. You know what category you make some compelling point, but it wasn't until ex post facto. After the fact he couldn't go. Well if I can't play, I don't want anybody else to be able to play. Also, so I believe. That's worth plus great perk and maybe a Matt Barnes came into effect. We carry okay so yesterday I was trying to walk back through in my head. The history of Perk with K. D., because for four years they they had greatness going because remember they went to three conference final right? They won one of them to get to the finals and play obviously Lebron de Wade's Higa right? Yeah, the baby thunders. I call. and. Yes, you to call them. That made is Lebron that's what you call them back, but they grow. There's some truth to that. But they were the baby thunder, but remember in K D's first finals that first baby thunder finals. He averaged thirty one a game, and he scored thirty six in game one, which they won handily and okay see and I thought Oh. They're off to the races right until game to when when goat got away with fouling payday on the baseline and Katie drives on the baseline and goes up for SORTA running jumper from about eight. Radio I. Don't know I think. You don't. Pull it. It was a foul foul Lebron. Hackney been. Really hard shot, but because I don't know a harder shot than a running little one hand or from eight feet on the baseline with no back. To I'd like to win abroad here just. TORONTO! The Luck Shadow. Without, but he didn't mean tobacco. backboard there. There's all their. File this. This is a foul. It gets fooled and. Grabbed his knee and down. You can't do that. It should have been two shots to tie game right there and guess what Lebron gets. The rebound and to his credit gets fouled goes to the other end up to nobody huge pressure. He made both of them to ice the game ice. He didn't win the game. He is the game why you do okay, but my point is perk is is involved in with the thunder, so he seeing young Kevin emerge as a superstar as very potentially the best player on the planet, so then per finally gets cut by the thunder. He bounces around, and he winds up with Iran and plays. Plays, very briefly with Lebron and Cleveland ended up starting only one game one finals game with Lebron and guess what game it was. It was that weird game four, Twenty Fifteen Lebron had been a warrior up to that point, remember head carried them on his bag. NOCI KYRIE NO KEVIN LOVE! Remember this and it's up two games to one in Lebron's house. I was there game four and I'm thinking. If Lebron close this deal tonight. The deal is closed because they're going to be up three to one. They're going to blow that lead. Because remember Golden State wasn't Golden State yet. They were all trying to figure out who they were and they did not have Kevin Durant. Golden State but just wants sixty seven games. There were sixty seventy payment on the biggest stage against the quote unquote best player on the planet. They weren't share who they were yet. What what was what needs to be? Be Okay, but what happened at at Oakland? They lost a game at home in Steph. We've seen him. Do oftentimes started coming up smaller and smaller in playoff games especially at home. I'm going to get to that in just one second but my. My point is in that. Game Lebron came smaller than Steph curry and I was shocked because I thought he had them right where he wanted them and remember what he did. He goes seven twenty two from the field. He goes five of ten from the free throw line, and they got blown off the court because Steve Kerr inserted iggy into the starting lineup, and not only did he guard Lebron, but he's scored twenty himself, and he became the MVP of finals. Starting to back the game three, because they were getting blown out in the all sudden, they put into the lineup and I. Think Steve Kerr stumbled upon bats by accident. Sometimes, the best things happened by accident, and that was an accident and what they did by doing that. Skip rendered their big useless, because if you look at Mars, you look at perks gift. Guide that commanded the ball shack. Get Tim, Duncan get the ball. A gardener guys to get the ball down the block. Able to do something with it. They were basically rebound and put back into the basket, so it rendered those guys useless and so now go to get up and down the court. and Get out. We've often seen in Lebron's playoff career. He loses games four, five and six. Four five and six against the The Dallas Mavericks Twenty, seven files, four or five and six against Boston, his last series, the first go round and Cleveland. Now back to perk. He did win a case of Diet. Coke Diet do because he requested diet coke for me, and do you remember why that happened? It was another game for it was last year's finals, and it was golden. State at home down two games to one and I will admit I made the bet with my heart, not my head because I was rooting against the guy who quit on my San. Antonio the Guy I would not call by name. The Guy I had named only number two what number to do that night to Golden State. I thought there's no way golden state is gonNA. Go down three games to one at home. Say His name now because I. I've forgiven almost forgotten. He's scored thirty six. He had twelve rebounds. Five of nine and he made nine of nine free throws. Lebron wouldn't be able to make nine of nine. I don't think he's done that before. So the point is they blew out golden state because Steph curry came up smaller than he even is at six feet three. He went to of nine from three in a do or die. Quote Unquote game at home. against. The new Lebron. The Guy who was on his way coming files MVP for a second time Colli Lynyrd. So that's why I lost that bet and then one final salvo I might love. Her. So he did take a shot at my age yesterday on twitter, and that's fine. I got no problem with that, but then I started thinking about Kendrick Perkins. Age I realized last night. He's only a month and a half older than Lebron James. He's only thirty five years old. He has to be the oldest looking thirty five year old on the planet. It feels like Kendrick Perkins played with Bob. COUSY, in Boston. Am I ride? Can't drink. What are you talking about other? No I didn't know poor got ballpark. But they came. Together yeah, by the same draft right one with first overall, and when one went I, think twenty seven, th overall, but in the first dry. Okay, so perk so again as I. Often do eight time pro come workout with me. I'm happy to do that. If we can live, we can go run. We'll see perk. Hang with that thing in the driveway. Perk within the dry. We're GONNA make. It might be thinking about comeback. Really would he actually? Is that right A few years past. That's just me. Per By me about thirty thirty two. Thirty pounds. Birth so in the end from this point on I will just scoff maybe even. Killed says about Lebron James his qualified. To make you correctness Oh Caja Perkins is the only guy that's in the media that do what we do that. Possibly having a personal relationship with a current player that his opinion might be by a few the only one. Where did Kevin Durant say about those who cover Lebron? James? What do they call them? Fan Boy, article say. What did the article in some Kevin? Durant team may say about him. It was the fact that he was not getting the praise and the Adulation Lebron. Eight bed drove him in frame M-. What did they say about that? He's always got to chips on colder right. I've always said Kevin. Durant got the thin skin of any superstar I have ever closely observed. He hold on how you you going to be Mad Lebron by the fan, and then he goes, he joins a three ring circus the Golden State Warriors, which was the hottest team though he joined it, so he wanted to be a part of that, and then we need I can look at that a very different way upside down. Not only did he join it. He rose above it. He said I'll go out there where everybody looks at them as a dynasty, and I will rise above their three headed monster, Steph Clay, and dream on, and I will become the best. Best Player by Thar on that team and he was the best player by far back to back finals, MVP's and with the NBA world on the edge of his seat, waiting for Kevin, durant to fall on his face and back to back finals. He took them over there. Why didn't he? Why did he take the game over? When he was up three one own that three headed monster, which was golden state, he, no, no, no, no, no, no rust! Do not put that arrest. Because remember got hurt, he got swept in the by. He got swept in a playoff. The everything that happens bad with Kevin Durant. We seem to give him an excuse. It was Russ Oh. It was golden state and they were just. Put Katie JD got. Somebody's not skipping. All I know. Is it a source very close to Kevin Durant told me that the reason he left. Oklahoma City was. He decided he could not win. A championship with Russell Westbrook as his primary decision-maker Ross brought the ball up the court every single time and it was Russell's choice. Do I let him take a shot? Or am I going to take another shot in routinely? Rush took more shots per season than Kevin. Durant skill I. That's wrong I have a problem with Katie Lebron he was a free agent. He had fulfilled its obligation, the okay o'casey Thunder, but this notion that. He had to go join Golden State that was a seventy three nine win team the year before, and they came back from three one on K.. Deep Skill. I don't know how how does go look? We lose a team to just lost the somebody from the forty nine one of their best players just loss to the Kansas City chiefs, and then create if he. Joins them. How go LOO, 'cause? That's what K. D.. Join Seventy. Three and Steph curry was a unanimous. He's been of all the MVP. He's the only one of Garnham all the first place votes. What anecdote do routinely tell me on this show? That draymond green fled out into the parking lot. Blew the lead to Lebron Company and called Katie on his cell, phone and cry. We need you. Please come save us. Is that now? You told me he'd be. Big If what? They. Say the best thing that he called the Ron he turned around ahead. Katie cried foul. I called him back. He called him to be work did and he blew it up and he blew it right out of town along what happened, he said Katie packing with that one word that magic be word that he added to him on that bench at Clippers early last season. That was the beginning of the end. Just said about that. Do from Prince George candidate hard uptown DC per. Deal that man you both have their. Mind that was file a unit eight like you tell me you drained mind. Me Outside that we have. I think Kevin is worse than fighter always said about Lebron but I. I don't think heaven or Lebron WanNa. Go out into the alley and decided I think so I. Do Yeah Tobacco. How you call a T. gated you you by call somebody adversary. I did it happens how you call the team I thought we family every team that you've ever heard O- family. That's my brother. I love him like a brother. Spend more time, and you don't call them up today. What did you think it was your grandmother or your grandfather? Tell you about. When people tell the absolute truth is when they're either drunk or angry Yup. Yup or what? Kids Agra there you go. And he was livid. He had they had clashed over. Who should bring them all right? And they go? They sit beside each other, and he lost it just the way he did against Lebron in that pivotal game four with. Really you go back and look at it. That was really melted. Get upset about I understand Katie like. Iraq they Katie Hey. We will win a game before you got here. And by the way, Draymond has often dribble the ball. He's often played. Point Guard Point Four. He's normally the highest total market facility. Can No doubt so okay? We'll house draymond. Feel right now without Katie. Feel good. He got a hundred meal that it. Got Three got these are all the Benjamin's. That's it. He's got doing. The at three rings got one more than Katie. right? How many finals? MVP And he got Solos get. He's he say. I got us a ring without Katie. Can you say the same Well all I gotta say is perk. We miss your on the show anytime. You want to come and. See. You are welcome. Part Yeah because. You might look like the oldest the instead. Okay guys calling Kabir. Nick has in unexpected new job. He's joining mediums board of directors as the online publishing platforms, only non white board member also interview high profile leaders activists than athletes and write stories based on those conversations so Shannon. What do you think? What are you surprised by this? I'm not really surprised up from, but when I look at it, we have really haven't heard much from cap over the last three years. They have been a couple of roundtable discussions about causes I mean getting know your rights campaign I think that's something that he started and and and and throw a lot of support money behind but for me. It's interesting that this is not sports. This is not football specific and I. Don't think this is an indication that he's bore or gift returning to the NFL so I don't WanNa read too much into it. Okay I think this is an opportunity for him to get his message out to even more talk to even more high profile. Get some activists get some athletes that that's that heavy. Saying that's in his corner for the goal for the common goal in which he wants to see and that's. Here in America, so for me, and still, we're not going to get an opportunity here, but he's going to be doing the interviewing, so it's not like he's going to be the interview E.. He's the interview ERC. Very good point, so yeah I don't know how much we're going to be able to deduce or or gather from that, but I think they started. This subject matter would be prison, reform and race right so. At the end of the day I think now what people okay, we still have we. We know what cap is doing off the field. I think the question. Does cap still want to play, can't he's still play and will he get an opportunity? I think eventually those are going to be subject matters. There's going to have to be addressed by cab because you keep seeing. Skip a lot of a lot of teams like. Mark Davis says. Hey. I always gave my coaches. If you WANNA sign him signing the a lot of other countries say we might be willing to take a chance him until that. That interview happened where they sit down and they discuss football related to skip not this not prison reform, not what you're doing off the field football related matters then, and only then will I was saying you know someone, serious and then campus. There's about returning to the NFL, but until then this is an opportunity. This is a job for him. Something that he's very passionate about and I'm happy to see that he's still actively barely. Everley involved in things of this yeah. So for me. This is a start. It's also not a finished to his NFL the. To things can be true, says Shannon Sharpe. You can do both right. Lebron is going to do both when they go to the bubble right. He's going to be an activist and he's going to try to win a championship I. Don't doubt that you can juggle those two ball right right. So. At least cap is sticking his toe in the water. Of more public activism. Grit and I. Don't know that much about meeting so I looked on their website. Last night got their mission statement. Medium it says is not like any other platform on the Internet are sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge perspectives. We don't serve ads. We serve you the curious reader who loves to learn new things so I that's that's a good. Connection for gap right place maybe right time. So. What has literally Twenty Twenty Hindsight Taught Us about what Colin Kaepernick did in two thousand sixteen. It took all time Gut Singapore. Is You for a starting quarterback a franchise quarterback in twenty-six. Way Ahead of this curve that we're in right now. This could be glorious curve. Win for him to say. I I'm going to sit for the anthem, and if that doesn't work, okay, take a knee for the the anthem, because somebody desperately to do something to call attention to this right, which is obviously unarmed, black men and women, being murdered by White Gods, and it just capping again and again and again, and again and again, and he finally said enough as a starting quarterback, he risked his livelihood his future and he lost it to take that knee so. As a social slash racial justice warrior. He has gone down in history for what he did. It took us four years to sort of come to grips with. It took four years for many outside the black community to say He was right. This is what that's what this is what he was. Oh! Okay to move past God and country flat, respecting the flag to. You're trying to make a statement. It's because you're part of that flag. It's your country to wreck, but your country is is not serving you the way it serves other. Colored Right? Okay, so now we get back to what has happened over these four years and I've told you oftentimes on the show and I'm going to voice it again. My frustration is I, haven't heard enough from Colin Kaepernick when I did get when I had the privilege of hearing him in two thousand sixteen after football games. He wasn't just a good speaker. He was a compelling riveting speaker to my ear. I was captivated because. He. He was enlightening with an edge. He had an edge to his voice. He had a raw real anger in his voice, but he spoke from a base of deep knowledge and. Comprehension and feel for what he was talking about. To the point that. I was hooked on listening to him. Speak and I thought here we go. We have an activist for the ages. He has the gift of Gab. You have the gift of Gab. It's something you can't be taught or coached. You're born with it, or you're not born with it. Trust me I've been in this business for so long. I know people can talk, or they can't talk. They can communicate, or they can't. Some of the greatest athletes we've ever had. Some of the biggest superstars sit in that chair and they can't communicate it. They can see, but they can't speak it. Colin could speak it so I've been frustrated. To the point of of hurting. Over here he was. He was a leader for the time. Right the he's obviously become the face of the movement. In utter silence, he does tweet occasionally. The one thing. I don't love about tweets. They're like tax. They can be misunderstood. They can be a little murky a little hazy. You mean what about what what what you know how it happens. You can get in trouble on twitter because you tweet one line, everybody says. How can you say that well? That's not exactly what I was saying. I really meant this well. If you have only X. number of characters or you don't even use the allotment right, if you just. If you just just fire off one sentence, it can be misread misunderstood mistaken. Okay so I would love to hear Colin. Speak do interview sessions, or at least do interviews one on one interviews. He's done next to. Nothing suffers Nike ads, and they're great, but it's not real pure rock Colin Kaepernick right and so I've tried to to read between the lines of what's happened here I. do think to a fault. We sort of looked at him as Are you the new Dr King Right. That's not fair. I can't put him on that pedestal. You're talking about the all time gift of Gab. Dr Martin Luther King Yeah. He was a minister by trae. Yes, he's of. Great orators in the history of the world. Yes, we're just just pull up a clip right now and you won't be. Your mesmerized by it so to compare Colin Kaepernick to Dr King is not fair. He's that maybe in his own way in his own style, he could grow into that, but he is. He's opted to remain mostly silent. His mystique has grown in his silence, and maybe that was the game plan right now. Is it better to say nothing and let your oral grow right? Maybe, but does that help the movement whose time has come right? Nah Not really. Agree with you on that, but I think the thing was. Is that in the beginning? We Cap told you what he was doing. You didn't like what he was doing so skip. You made it about instill. There are some sense he's is the flag and it's the anthem is kind of like when the guy when the people were taken to the streets. You didn't take talk about what they were taking to the streets for you talked about the looting you. You talking about the Righty so now you missed a home purpose. Okay, the calls an effect what called Colin Kaepernick to originally take us the, and then taking the at the behest of neighbouring who they agreed rate says eight taking a seat is going to be Steve perceived as bad. How about taking me shortsighted respect towards the plan? And by the way, Nate Boyer is white white for the writer. Yes, Green Beret I think he would be worth Texas I. Don't remember that but. That's what he that's what he's. The man who they a veteran suggested their cap took a neat. He took the neaten, told you why he was taking a knee, but because you didn't want to hear what he was talking about, you said if the flag and disrespected the anthem, okay like the protesters kept the industry, and you see, and you don't want to talk about that whether looting in their writing, and obviously our president and some of our NFL owner set that tone that you're talking about that because. Because that was an issue skip? I'll really WANNA touch that because these here, where I am I'm going to bubble is seventy, two and sunny it'll. It'll get chaotic over here where I know that's not coming to my neighborhood and I is anyone that I know. Skip or I have blood affiliates you with someone that I'm really really close to. They're not gonNA. They're not gonNA suffer at the hands of that. Yeah, so it is hard to get attached or something where you don't feel. You have impersonal connection. Skip for me when I watched. The ASPCA come on television. Already. Know I just GonNa. Get my checkbook. Because they start showing dogs shaken and the care I got go my money and. got a bunch of labels coming in and a t-shirt. Everything. Personal Connection Yeah, I love animals, you and Ernestine Bolt. In the every other night and says you think I just saw this. POOR LITTLE PUPPIES! Fifty three hundred. Twenty dollars. Got Deal. So that's what happened, so you don't have the personal connection to that, but for me his presence becoming bigger and so now maybe you even though he won't be. Interview E, you will hear his boys. You hear other people's voices on this and so now. Maybe it will even get a bigger a bigger supporting. Audience, so I'm happy. The irony is if let's say for sake of argument. You Have Colin Kaepernick Interviewing Bill Russell. Right! We'll I also want to hear bill. Russell ask Colin Kaepernick right question. Yes I want a two way street writer. Yes, because they're both historical figures to me Yes in Colin. It says is going on. Medium is going to do some long form of magazine style writing right great. There's nothing like. Being directly to a massive right in at some point, he's so capable of doing that. If I didn't think so, I'd say well. Writing is great because Dr. King wrote some of the great things, but a lot of his stuff that he spoke with Ad Lib. If. You look at a lot of his stuff. It was ad Lib. He wrote one thing and he spoke something different was I have a dream and a lot of a lot lot of with? Add live. In were you start? Looking at is there's something about voice I mean you reading it? But how do you read it in his voice? How did you hear the passionate? which he given that speech or you hear Mandela when he spoke, or you hear so many great orators church, he'll J. of Cape. When you hear them speak as opposed to reading their writing, it hits different so I believe if we weren't to hear cap speak. Although he could ride it along form, we can read it for ourselves if we were to hear him speak it. There's something about spoken word as opposed to win. June eighteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the US and new Cowboy Joe, McCoy one on Instagram live to discuss his support from making June eighteenth an official national holiday. He also brought up how his team owner Jerry Jones can help in the Movement for racial equality, and that he wants to hear from Jones adding quote. We'll get me in trouble saying that I don't know, but the truth is. It needs to be said so Shannon, would you like to see a statement from Jerry or a press conference? Of heard everything I need to hear from Jerry which was. So anything that he's looking I. Mean Come on, let's be real. I told him I told you at the time. That was a photo. OP. Say If you think Jerry Jones feels some type of way about this movement. He does not unmoved. He's doing this to try to show his team and they bought it. I'll give them credit. He a great dog about would. He logged on. He took it having. Eight nine. Hundred twenty fifth. Yeah, he took that knee on about it. Maybe they were conflicted in the locker room and he went in maybe ten minutes. Off and said I got the solution. Let's all step inside the out of bounds line. Go ten yards in in Neil. Together arms locked while bring my family. You brought everybody everybody GM yeah. Charlotte. It was a photo op so now whatever he says is not going to be authentic. He has as like now June. Eighteenth holiday paid holiday. It's if you didn't know better. I would just say laying last night I was thinking I. Say if you didn't know better. They had a crystal America. Christopher Columbus moment they discovered. They got black people. All. You know what? Let's get over day a day that they could actually get off. We celebrate the fourth everybody off. Get paid. Let's get him a day like they just discovered that a hundred and fifty five years after the fact I like wow, what a novel idea that I started thinking! We get Frederick Douglass get a date, but we rolled apart. We got a couple of days may holiday you get Little Jerry? Where years? Jerry can't say anything now. There's nothing jerry can say. That can convince the black the black community that he gives a damn about these issues. There's nothing it is. That time has passed. He had an opportunity and he released some tax statement where he didn't release. The state must give you remember when he's their the Dallas cowboys. There's this play pin and that you're GonNa told Line live helmet. Helmet you left arm hand over your heart, or you won't be playing for the cowboys, so he lets you know where he's doing. There's nothing he can say. Asked why. He hasn't said anything because like you skipped. Going to tell the truth now, so he can't get up there and. That's why release that statement. Released a statement say he didn't anything. But when you speak, if you uncomfortable or you start a and you start to look left and you start to look like. And Jerry doesn't wash. Their gear is not going to say anything so his silence, his spoken more than words ever could I'm good. Jeremy Co has say endurable, or you might get a little trouble, but you're absolutely right Jerry ships be. He's not, but I don't really know what he can say. After three weeks. What could he say that could convince you? that. He cares about this. Call absolutely So before I. Comment on everything you just said. Allow me to comment and to congratulate. Gerald, McCoy. This was groundbreaking for me and you know I'm a longtime cowboys here. He just got. He's been in this League for eleven years. He has made six pro bowls. He was the leader of the buccaneers, and I think he became a leader in Carolina. But the sudden, he made a move that was unprecedented within the confines of Jerry Jones Franchise. We've had one player after another. Take on Jerry over their contract, but nobody has ever dared to take on Jerry Jones publicly over. Club policy, this is policy he's talking about. This is Gerald. McCoy saying. It would be great to hear a statement from Jerry. Jones in support of everything that's going on. Will that give me in trouble for saying that? I don't know, but the truth is. It needs to be said. Boom! True True True Okay So. I was proud of him. We've had him on the show. We know him liking played a University of Oklahoma. I think he grew up a cowboy fan and Oklahoma City, so he has a feeling for the history of this franchise, certainly under Jerry Jones and. For him to dare to make that statement publicly. It took some guts in it took. Some stature has stature in the league. He is highly respected as a veteran star football player. He's thirty two years of age I. Don't know, I hope he's not on the downside of his career. They got him for reasonable right but Shannon. It dawned on me this current cowboy team. I'm not sure it's top heavy with veteran leadership as much as I love. Dak Prescott. He's not a vocal leader. I believe he leads by deed and I believe. That what he says in the confines of the Locker Room goes when DAX paired artery does not speak that much public right. He doesn't take big public. Stan right for or against. He's pretty. He's pretty noncommittal publicly, and when I look at the defense, which struggle last year mightily. Jalen Smith has leadership potential. Maybe demarcus does a little bit, but after that I'm not sure this man is a leader like a born lead. Yes, he was the leader at the University of Oklahoma and now maybe he's transferred that leadership into the cowboy locker room because that was a leadership statement of course that took some. To do that step, he said what needed to be sad with everybody else. Also the was afraid to and I think the thing is because he came from the outside. He just got there. He's unafraid of Jerry Yeah. Everybody else has been there skip, so they know how dare you know it is. A weird dynamic because they all know that they can go over the coaches head to Jerry's office and cry to Daddy Jerry. Please fix this right, but in the end they're afraid of. Because who the buck stops on his desk if you read what he said, he said it'd be nice if he issued a statement of support the. To support the issue of caused. Why you think he has. Nobody is go there. If this is an issue, skip that you don't support. People are not going to vote on it. People are not gonNA protest. People are not going to speak on issues the out there bed. They don't care about I. Don't really know what else to face gail. Simple as well, let's not make it over overly complicated so one quick point before I go to what you're saying. Remember all these players know the history of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. He fired Jimmy John Right after winning. Two Super Bowls, Jimmy one two in a row. And he said hit the streets. That's like he's crazy. You know what he's liable. When he loses a temper, he's liable anything. That's why there's some fear factor of Jerry within the franchise now to your point. Do I really WANNA. See Jerry make some very. Silly awkward video in which he agreeing Jerry Jones says I love me. Some black lives matter like come on. You would scoff at it. You would laugh at it. You would dismiss it you. You might even be offended by it right so jerry is in this case damned if he does or not, because this just isn't his lane, man. He I've told you before I spent so many hours around this man for the three books. I wrote on the cowboys I never once heard any suggestion come out of his mouth that he's racist by nature. I, don't believe he's a racist but I. do know for sure he is a capitalist. What he ate if I could capitalize off a race film also. It just. His capitalism, just it. Transcends everything in his life where he doesn't care about black lives matter whatever 'cause it is. Is it going to affect his bottom line willing? But The big picture man, not not really. It's just leave me alone. I got I got. I got bigger fish to FRY here. I'm trying to Winston. Football Games more important I'm trying to make billions of dollars. Yes, I, win a second yacht whatever? The Way Jerry grew up thinking they didn't have a lot of money. When he's kid he he made it the hard way in the oilfields, he plunged. He lost everything. He plunged he. He struck it rich. That's all he cares about so is he friends with his black stars? No, not really does. He sort of take him under his wing. Sure he does yeah, but it's because they can help him win. Championships simple simple as that. If you look at the three still on, we look at it. We look at the three guys that he the black guy that he's most comfortable he's close to. Michael Urban Dance Brat Zeke Elliott was a common denominators get. A really good. Another topic novel latest. At some point time they needed Jerry Jones assistance. Correct skill. Oh, off the field. He's carbon denominator. That's a very good point you. Hand holding hands with. Diaz Atas no. We're back. So you, you see the theme here so this notion well. What about how calls he was what Michael? How close he what? He. Getting him out off-field scrapes and Shoes I. Need a little funding I need. Zico funding you. Have gone through that stuff or during the week. That's why he also. Oh! He got into it. You go to get told Lisa Free- YOU'RE GONNA. GET US OUT OUTTA here on our hands. If you keep going, it's compete. Need is the I got a problem with it, but don't try to make thing like you really care about it. You care about the bottom line like you said money's. The can make me money I. Wear I'm on, TV. I get I. Go to the Playoffs Yada Yada Yada so I don't want to hear from actually. I'm good. I've heard everything that I need to hear from Jerry. Which is nothing? I've seen everything that I needed to see from June. which was nothing so I'm good I'm good I know Jerry said it. That's all I need all I need to know is where where you staying. Just don't fool me because I'm like. Does he, does he? I don't skip. I can think if you just tell me. Skill. If you say it'll Shannon, we do this if you say Shanna. Good, but don't say we go and then hair. To our later man I forgot just tell me you didn't WanNa do it. We'd have been cool. Yeah, now. You got me all fired up, they can. Do! To Forget. I know which airs stains I'm. Not Live with it so so obviously. Jerry silence has been disturbing only because wait a second. He's the only owner with his own radio show, and he is the only owner who speaks to the media in the locker room after every game without fail. Rut unless they've had a horrible loss and ducks, but but almost every Sunday. He speech to the media, no owner in the history of the League missing nope owner has ever spoken to the media as much as Jones. Except for this in now, the silence is earsplitting, right? You feel comfortable, saying he's the most powerful owner in sports regardless of sport unless you want to make a case for Mr Craft. But The craft is not as vocal in. Did they close their? They're very close I. Mean because I Roger, you know. He bounces things you know would have in the northeast and other. Way So you know those guys care a lot of weight. Jerry is more folk is so it's either one two or to one, but it's club. Yes, you're absolutely right, okay? I got it, but I believe that in the end the cowboy PR department and maybe even his son Steven. They're just saying WHOA. We can't put him out there to do it an. And with the media, a big media session on this. I I'm not sure what Jerry I don't know if he is capable of handling that now. On this matter that'd be that'd be a lot of people happy. They got paid off. They got June. Teeth paid holiday. I'll know how many people actually knew what would it? Take. Now The NFL's. That chief medical officer has responded to Dr Anthony Bow Cheese. Concerns and suggestion that the League keep its players in a bubble doctor Allen sales acknowledged the league knows it is a tough task and is working on a rapid result testing program Shannon European. Does the NFL also need to operate in a bubble is not these. Is is virtually impossible. Because you have to understand some. Don't some teams get various? Many coaches as they are NBA players on the roster, so if I'm just being conservative, if you're just talking about position coach in oc in DC, you're at tea and right there. Every position has a coach. And then you have the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and they normally have to assistance per site. So you talk about fourteen fifteen guys with the head coach. That's just coaches. Okay, you're talking about forty six man roster plus twelve practice squad guys. How for five months for five bucks with thirty two. So unless you say hello, I, don't know. Cincinnati you're not gonNA. Make the play offs. This thing because you know what to do is. The playoff team and in team that within three or four games, yeah, so and so they took twenty third. So what are the in take fifteen to thirty two of y'all we'll go make it anyway and bring them down so if you WANNA. Take the same amount of people that the NBA is taken down for an NFL. You talking about things. that. I don't know how possible that you can put that. Many people thirty two teams will all those with that entire roster skilled in a bubble. What place you need a city and entire city to? Be Uninhabited. Ovarian y'all. y'All the only ones there and then what do you do a game? Okay. You Got Fifteen Games in the course of a week or you go play two to three games a day because that's going to take. To fulfill the obligation I. Don't know how you do this. On the circumstance and you look at Florida skill. is becoming the new epicenter. They got three team in Florida. Texas Israeli Carolina is rising. Take guy to teen I don't. I don't know how they pull this off. I think what's going to scare into. Basically you destroyed caution to the wind. There's that look. Go happen because you see the University of Texas had template. Getting may be. The NFL Texans had outbreak. Cowboys had a little outbreak, and not heard Tampa had an assistant coach. Positive I'll be honest. You know how they're gonNa do I did GONNA play. They probably not going to have fancy. We'll skip out on you can't you can't pull. Damn, two thousand people off in a bubble I just don't know how you do it. Skip, and then you gotTa have. That just kept. That's just the players the coaching. What about the trainers Dale? You gotTA help them. What about team doctors? I! Skip I'll be honest. I don't know how they can pull this off. But I don't think they can do it in a bubble. They gotta say guys. And you have to have to have them to have expanded rosters because can you imagine if Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady came down with this thing on a Thursday Friday. You. GotTa have the ability to just go grab people's guilt yeah. So I'll be the first Mitt the words from Dr. Fauci were like fingernails on chalkboard. Because I didn't want to hear because I want it to be back so badly in in just one. I think it's okay it's not okay. In. The good doctor says unless players are essentially in a bubble. It would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall. Quote Unquote. If there is a second wave which is certainly a possibility in which would be complicated by predictable flu season as the weather changes rights colder. Football may not happen this year. Says Dr FAO CHEAP Komo Dot. About a buzzkill. Real loud! Come on give us a little little glimmer of hope, a little tiny light at the end of the tunnel. You know. Give me an. If you. If you, there's no ifs and don't like it just doesn't sound good. So as Jamie pointed out the chief medical officer, the League of the NFL Doctor Allen Sills responded. We are considering bubble. What Shannon Sharpe just said how. It's nice to hear your considering it. It's kind of on your back burner, but it's impossible. You would need a bubble bigger than the state of Texas. Yes, to pull this off. I've tried to figure out last night. Could you do regional bubbles? Could you divisional bubbles? This league plays each other from coast to coast, right? You can't have a bubble. How many football stadiums are in a bubble? It's okay at the wide world of sports in at DISNEYWORLD ORLANDO. You Got Multiple Basketball courts contain. They're smaller, so you can get away with it. In confined space, right, you can have a captive audience. But how many football fields can you put into bubble where they already exist it? You'd have to build the bubble and the thing is okay. Okay, they got they take and twenty two teams that say you can have a maximum thirty five people, so you look at it. What six hundred sixty fifty's baby seven hundred times, and you would expand it to guess after one round of play all right then then each team could have up to seventeen guest rooms, so each player could get a guest right, but once you brought those folks right to the bubble. The bubble either so you got twenty seven this rough estimate. If you just do eighty five times thirty two. That's twenty seven hundred twenty people skip. No family. So, just imagine if one person okay one guess. So what what bobble? Okay and remember the NBA's going to be a sprint to the finish line two months two months, Max some some teams much shorter that saw a week a week or two, but the NFL season goes for five months. Will you can't confine? A, captive audience into a bubble for five months with those kinds of numbers involved. If you hold on. There are some some player that a man will have significant others and they have to. Three kids got bitterly be here. Though he'll. Just go ahead and say we'RE GONNA play. We're going to test every day. We're GONNA do everything we possibly can to make it as safe as we possibly can't do not putting this many people in a bubble. That's not happening if theoretically in possible. Vegas get hit, and the thing is the NBA. Is that okay you're in? Everybody's in. These players are going home. They going home at night. They go to the grocery store is going to go out and about they're going to go. Do other things, so you test the guy and he might be one day you tested. Boom because he'd come in contact with somebody. Without you may you be listening? You'll be to hear what he got to say, but you'll be like. Man. We would ever get back to normalcy. Nabi the likelihood of us. What normal used to be that probably happen again, but I try to pick. What is the new normal? Go look like because it seems like we keep the new normal I just don't see I. don't see how they do it. Skip the public. Forget the bubble. Do not put three thousand people in the bubble skill. You're not. So to me and I'm Outta my league in Lane here, but. Just knowing what happens inside my life, and what's happened here in California, it seems like every state or place that reopens or reopened early too early. Then everybody says it's summertime I'm free. Let's go out and party. Let's let's take our mask. WHO NEEDS A mass? It was all overrated start with it was all exaggerated start with and boom boom boom. We have outbreak. We got spike spike spike across the country. Because everybody quit observing the rule right and it probably didn't. It was a whole. They're trying to fair. Election Cycle of and try to do this to scare everybody. Okay good. There are some states that the testing is going down, but the number rising. So? Maybe we're going to have a new direction. Where everybody realizes, we gotta go back to the old way not to be quarantined at home, but you just gotta go back to be more careful. You're going to have to put your mass. Fredo my liberties I don't WanNa. Wear it that I should have to. It's not about it's not about you I want to be able to do what I want to do, so if I in fact, you so be. Does. That's how people think still. Thinking about everybody else about Nah me employs. What do we see? If we see the most powerful. He don't wear one or nobody around here. Whereas one nobody bedside, whereas what what? That's my favorite ride with him. And he says we're winning against. The virus is GonNa just appeared there. Is this is. US give just I want you know. We won't live sports. Teams Lords America's teams. They play a Korean baseball. They play soccer, but we want to see it. Don't know how to playing golf. Right to non context. Right in football is the ultimate contact. Sport it how you play, it would've ask. You guys about skip his allred hard enough to breathe with helping his shoulder pads. Can you imagine to play face covered? We gotta have some kind of shield on the you're just you're just GonNa have to and look. Here's my hope. This league the national. Football League is run by extremely smart people. Who are usually ahead of the curve right so surely they have already calculated how to defeat this the best ways possible, and so if the protocols. The rules for every team are so severe. Maybe they have a chance. If everybody lives in Uttar severe caution where we're again, they're they're not going to have a bubble. They go home like you say so. You're going to have risk, but if they go home safely and cautiously maybe. Maybe we can get through an NFL all the players had to do. Wait another two months. Yeah, and out here out and guess what I would have looked. Looked a lot different. Plate that which is going to do is get. Well. That ship sailed time ago. About the okay Kobe I ain't going back is too dangerous for me. Okay, what we won't. If we were to come back and play, I won't need no franchise tag. I will need to build eight nomo designation Oh. contract. All that I want all of that stuff, so you could have gone baseball on foot. As to how they WANNA. Baseball player to take two percent and sixty percent of pro rated salary blessed enough football players would have taken it baseball. Say No, we will get one hundred percent of pro rated salaries based on the amount of game that we play it okay. And out of it that way I mean. We're all out of our league in this one but I know selfishly. We want sports. That will look at us. This is what we do. This is what keeps us going, so we just hope everyone can be healthy in the end and Shannon. If you could get me. One of your designer masks really appreciate that really helped the look. I got yeah if you could share one. I got to. See. This weekend. Nascar returns to Talladega tomorrow. It's xfinity series bracing at five thirty eastern on F S One then Sunday on Fox. Catch the GEICO. Five hundred at three eastern both races are also on the Fox. Sports APP. Could the eagles be a team to bring Colin? Kaepernick, back to the NFL Doug Peterson isn't ruling out the idea saying quote. It's not out of the realm of possibility that could happen and given injury history Shannon. Can you see the eagles signing? But? That seems to be there. Lot of compliments going around now that the climate change you notice that I hear all the economists and twenty, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen. Now that the climate change all we can bring in a guy skipped because remember you weren't really wanting to bring a guy in. That didn't have the skill set of your starting quarterback half the teach him and entirely different offense, and then he going to be on the sidelines. So how soon could he come in and actually? Now all of a sudden. The momentum's swung a cat with right all alone. Oh I can see a situation where he comes in and you know he learned. Until as the cap come April workout. And Talk Football camp the football and he talked, and he gives up on the chalkboard, and he writes stuff down and says okay. This is what I'm saying to you. Tell me the progression. This is what I'm thinking a progression and you tell me the progressive that you that you think I should be going until that happens all this talk in this area we try to be. Signed cap side Cap. We've heard this before. We've seen this song and dance so many times before so for me, I look at last year Knicks. Failed got hurt. They took a forty year out of retirement. Josh mccown Folding Yep. Cat with what do turn by just. Thirty one. We won't have their. Man Catholic bad, if Kathy another couple of years he buy go-to because. The more he stayed away to better. He gets regard, won't him? In Twenty, seventy, eight, hundred, nineteen, here defined play. You look real good look at real appealing right now does. So I will I will say. They were one of the teams that when cap moved the workout from flowery branch down to a south of south Atlanta the Eagle one of the teams that did send a representative down to watching workout but skip. I don't believe it. I believe everybody just saying all the right getting people hopes up high, but I hope cafe around getting this. Because they've done this before. Everybody Oh Pika. Alameda mistake should've. Decided had him in there, but we did. So, are you starting to get the feeling? There was some secret internal memo sent out to every team. Every chance you get say you're interested. In Colin Kaepernick so that we can appease the masses, we can placate all the people who are demanding Justice Demanding Colin. Kaepernick gets a job in the national football league. As he deserved from the start. Right because to your point Pete, Carroll not only says I I messed up. We should assigning when we had the chance, but he said a team called me and said they're very interesting, really which team? I can't tell you that then your friend Anthony Lynn The menu played with now coaching the chargers. He says teams are crazy. If they don't put Colin Kaepernick on the workout list, we're get list I've never heard of a workout lifts. What does that mean you'll? You'll work I. No, he said we're we're set at quarterback. You are really would tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert, and what okay help me out here so philly? All of a sudden out of the Blue Doug Peterson says it's not out of the realm of possibility that it could happen. You. Bite it I'm probably not, but there are two sides to this coin. Okay, here's the other side to this coin. If you're Carson Wentz right now. What are you thinking? Are you sitting back, saying win, am I ever GonNa get a break because my coach and my gm seem constantly in the quarterback market. When I thought I was pretty good, I thought I closed out the season with a flourish last year. I thought I. RE establish myself as the unquestioned starting quarterback, going forward for the Philadelphia Eagles, and they keep saying not so fat right right? You're their quarterback. They loaded reduce quarterback quarterback factory scale again. Colleges say that you know. Penn state used to be linebacker. You and USC was running back you. Know Lsu say they're Dvu by? You think Florida state. Time. Somebody give it to curl Mardi. Yeah. I get that. Let's give you a factory. You wouldn't NFL team. Your job is not to get quarterbacks ready to go out and play quarterback somewhere else you got karl. Old, Nick, foles. Did. You see what they did when he went outside when you play anywhere else. The rams bit. I don't think he played much in Kansas. We saw Jackson bill that ain't no factory factory You got you had a quarterback. The played well for a stretch of gains. You have a quarterback now that I thought you were the franchise guy, but clearly what I thought what you guys think and what you guys see a something entirely different because getting got excuse me. You Ain't got a quarterback in the second row. And now you're talking about signing another quarterback that his skill set is more like the guy that you took in the second round than the guy who's you took in the first round three years ago very interesting. So So. What was the biggest shock of the NFL? Draft Jalen hurts? Yes, that's what Jalen hurts. You did I told you before the draft Jalen. Hurts is not a running back. He's obviously not. Trade up now they did. Report Jordan Lob. Yeah, but but it's okay. It still sack around whatever you just game hundred and eight hundred dollars the year before. Okay, so I told you we're going into the draft. jalen hurts is a starting quarterback in the national football league, and they loved him, and we've already heard and read. We got packages ready here for Jalen hurry. He's going to get eight ten stamps. He's going to get the Lamar Jackson treatment that Lamar got his rookie year FLACCO was in the game quite a bit until finally, he took the job Oh right. legibly Jalen going to take the job Oh right. Okay so now we're back to by the way they did. Give just now two million dollars to nate subtle. They like him and I looked at his numbers last night. He hasn't played much, but he's been pretty good. He was twenty to twenty, five hundred and fifty six touchdown, no interceptions, he's only twenty six years of age Indiana and they really like him as developmental right quarterback factory quarterback right okay, so now you're three deep and yet number one on the depth chart. His playoff career right now. Carson wentz is one of four for a grand total of three yards because he got concussed early in the Seattle home playoff game which Josh mccown took over and played the rest of the way, and they lost obviously so that's all Carson Wentz has to show. You Love Carson. Wentz I've never been. Completely No, I'm just I'm not bought in. I just don't see enough feel for the game. I'm not sure about him, and I'm definitely not sure about his ability to stay healthy, because it's been one thing after another as you well know. So all the sudden. You start to think well, are, are they? They've really not satisfied with him to the point that they're looking sooner than later to replacing. Okay, if that's their mindset right now, then Colin. Kaepernick does make sense here because if you're not bought completely in two Carson wins. Hey. Listen Calm Capri would be a hit Philadelphia, but still trying to figure out if you didn't think he was good in two twenty seventeen. How To hell you thinking? You've gotten better by not doing what he was told to be doing in three years. How does someone get better by not doing something or three years span? How No it's just what your test is telling. You Peterson and Howie Roseman. Are they convinced that Carson? WENTZ IS IS A. Year, quarterback them because if they're not. Maybe they're showing you. Tim quarterback taking Jalen hurts the second. I'm saying that's what I'm saying, so maybe they're saying. We've position. jalen hurts sooner than later to get a shot to win the job and if that's what you're doing right now, then Colin Kaepernick would make a lot more sense than nate Sud failed would right. Okay so what happened when Michael Vick came to fill it out right and. He took the town by storm. Remember Andy. Reid took the shot and pool remember that. Last year with ask. They add Doug Peterson. Did he consider captain? He gave a pretty short answer. Pretty could weaken everybody. Honestly we could say the everybody we do was best for the eagles. In other words, we not. That's why we ain't got a forty year old that had retired with coaching. That's how much we consider today. We ain't got a forty year old. Guy That was nine years older than CAV's. Now all of a sudden of the. Man I I'm shot. I'm baffled at how many teams are heaping praise will count now when they we couldn't find not one team that with other those flattery words for three straight years that was willing to give him an opportunity that he hadn't gotten the opportunity yet, but it seems like the Boeing term you balling the ideal, maybe bringing him in. To. You got main man I. Don't know that they need to stop with this. either. The man was good enough then. For he wasn't okay. The momentum's should have nothing to do with playing all right this like it shouldn't have affected as a playing bill. You shouldn't say well. We'll. Because he did that. He can't play your just because now will. He was right. He came play. Okay, and I reiterate either Carson Wentz is good enough or he's not correct, Philadelphia Guess. What you got. I've never seen anything like this I've never seen someone. Give a guy that kind of money. And then turn around and get a nuclear. Is Cadillac what Detroit was can't remember? They were taking like. Why receive after awhile received, it took Charles Charles, Rogers rescue soul. It Roy they did it to Calvin Johnson. What the hell of Y'all doing? Either guys, you have a good enough or not. Either Carson Wentz is good. Enough is not so maybe you need to get a new director because he's picking the wrong quarterback and you've gotta take quarterback quarterback quarterback, good point. I'm confused by this. Magic Carson's playing under that knowing everyone in the talk. That's hard for me. It's been hard for wild. Guys Tom Brady though he's counting down the days to week one matchup with the I think I see a smile there from from skips. Friday night smackdown is all new every week on Fox tonight newly crowned intercontinental champion Aj. Style celebrates his win, and we'll find out who is supported will be smackdown tonight eight seven central on Fox. Tom Brady took to instagram to show off some photos of him on the practice field. Looking good even posted a countdown clock to the bucks. Week one opener against the states on Fox. Shannon DEA alike. It love it I hate it. The agley countdown is Atlanta one. Who is a little bit? You pretty that. Battle downscale. Whatever's go get Tom Brady motivated if that's what he wants to do by I'm sure he's not the only guy that does this. I was not one of those guys that circle today like man. I can't wait to get back to the. It was going to happen. Whatever it would so. Hey, that's him. He's been doing. I think over the last couple of years. We've seen him become more active on social media. Posting a lot of his workouts posting some of the things that he would normally do. He was a lot more guarded early, his career and New England and I think this was him. Taking hold says you know what I want to be more free I want to to share more of my life with my fans, my followers and was starting to see him do that scale, so I don't really have a problem with it, but you know saying the countdown to is a year. We buy to get at you saying that I. See where they're like. Yeah, guess what's getting like, Dr. This is I. Don't think we're in Kansas anymore. This is not the AFC east anymore really. Oh! So. It's my turn. I Love Love Love. Because Tom. Brady just took a cliche the countdown clock. He turned it into this. Inspired daily reminder that the clock is ticking down like uh-huh Super Bowl time bomb on game one at New Orleans against your arch rival within the division. Rival. Got Arrival will. It's going to be a new. Orleans. It's GonNa. Be You know at nine Oh that there's going to be the two games of the year. Tampa at New Orleans New Orleans at Tampa book it go and watch it on talks over to okay. You do on that. To do own. To we've already got one hundred. Game Really I'll take it done. How many cases through two cases done? Thank you very much. I needed that. I'm thirsty. So think about what Tom Brady just did. What did he do? He is creating urgency and energy and expectation in frenzy in Tampa Bay unlike any that has been experience there since what two thousand and two the last time they won the super bowl or got to the Super Bowl Tampa Bay has been a an NFL dead zone for low these many years and has turned into mostly. A franchise laughing stock around the League and here comes Tom Brady just as. Covert numbers are spiking in Florida. All Tom Brady be worried about is spiking football's after he scores, touchdowns or Gronk scores touchdowns win, the football season starts. It's like saying pandemic. What pandemic because every day I? Look and he's posting more pictures. He's out there in the hot Tampa Summer Sun. He is grinding he. ESTA you'll right where people post still remember. He's trying to drum up momentum. He wants that bandwagon to roll right through the AFC south and he is one player. I'm I still got him Nancy. It's hard to believe. Tom Brady is in the NFL. Divisions Nobody Division Wins Really Vision Todd. Want like. Division titles no more those okay. The goat is the one player. Who has the guts to just invite all this pressure on his shoulder pads? Because he knows he can back it up at age forty three. He is saying to you I got weapons I didn't have any weapons in New England I got Austin Brainpower Got Bruce Areas or Josh mcdaniels! WHO The ball! We'll send you a bomb, but I don't know if he's Bruce Airy. Bruce, air. quarterback to one big. What happened to Josh mcdaniels when he was the head coach in Denver helped me out. He do to thank you feel. Like Arizona was going to the playoffs every year on the. Way Now Gilbert listening interesting so Tom. Brady is now the happiest he's ever been in his career because he is out from under that tyrod up in Boston tyrant. Now you know what you just mentioned the wizard of Oz Ding. Dong witch is down. You know what happened Tom. Brady just spilled water all over bill belichick and he's melty. Melting Tom Brady has escaped all of a sudden. He's got weapons and he's got him out on the practice field every day in the hot summer Sun. He's sweating. He's grinding and he is building relationships with new teammate. Yeah. I love how you doing that clock is. Did that now coach Belichick with the tyrant now Michael Jordan. He's just trying to get the guys to play, so they could win titled But coach trying to do the same thing. Get those guide them position, so they can win, but he's a tyrant. Usually how you did that because you like Michael Jordan the way he did it. That's what you do. Try to weigh in. Go check. You don't like him. He's a tyrant. In last check. One guy went to what how many this is, we get know. How many Pros Bill Belichick make when he played football. He didn't play football. Eight played Lacrosse at Wesleyan that is that just? Three just to show you. The capabilities of that may realize that you can go and take over four that he didn't even play. Never become the greatest avocado deadly in the. Bill. that. They Coach K., you think okay could become the greatest in NFL. He the greatest manager MLB. Bella DEA crawls guy. He did that because he had the goat at quarterback from day. One in New England took a round quarterback ended. Round indeed. Really Lady what happened to Bill Bill. Checking Cleveland he was there for five years, and he missed the playoffs four out of five times, and then he came to New England. Miss the playoffs again, so that's. Why? Yeah. Interesting, so he was a sub five hundred coach Tom Brady. Was He guy going. Yeah, Ooh, was he got interest worth he got the understand the way to patriots way. So Tom Brady is posting a countdown clock. Saying drew brees Sean Payton. We are coming for you on opening day. We will be there and we're counting down the seconds to that that clash that bow. I'm thinking New Orleans about I. Think about New Orleans by double digits. Give me fourteen right now. No, but that's what's GonNa. Happen would come in here on that Monday. Really need to call and you get me a saints. Do You I've already ordered my Tampa Tom Jersey Tom. Bombay I got it coming, it's. Almost the NFL shop dot com to me a helmet. Really everybody did they play? Happy Okay I actually. It was three months ago. I ordered my Brady Jersey from NFL, dot, com, you guys and I got a note saying we're way out of stock and you're going to have to wait until. I. Like Oh years to get them homeward jury. Jordan going. I think it's top obey. Four years. Did you see those pictures posted of? Those weren't photoshop. That's the best looking forty three year old in the land. That's split away three going on twenty three baby arms. They, didn't. Really. Push. quarterbacks don't really need the you always tell me about. quarterbacks seem the locker room. They're all bad bodies. Okay actually got a pretty good body quarter. We're who told you that I'm just I? Give you right. told me that Giselle told. I'll work finish out of you, you you shame and Tom, Brady you shame. He's shaming me. Have me look at that body. That to look at those pictures you gotTa. Admit it secretly you love. That you, he looks as good in that jury. That uniform knowingly. I do looks better at stopping. He wears it well. He's got that look in his I. Only free he's free finally. The brands number twelve in Tampa Brad Johnson. Twelve ever weather number. Twelve they. took. Cloven between. andbranch. Really! Well Super Bowl here they come, and that man has Mike, Evans and Chris Godwin and. Rob Gronkowski cream Jay Howard. CRAMMER and break that they'd had original cream circles. But I can't get behind the wheel. You realize that's the Super Bowl. Jersey of two thousand and two to being. Really you know what, but he will be I wouldn't have Gina will let them sub leasing because he won't be there for the superbowl, because some other quarterback was. Will that really? Need a Saint Petersburg really. I think he looks really good in that and by the way he chose. Tampa over the chargers because he realized no team. Does I get? No team has ever played in a home super bowl. They've got the Super Bowl in their house. He didn't want to go into division homeboy. I don't want to deal with my homeboy, Belan. Choice. Live on the prairie or live in the lion's den gone on the prairie. He's beating the Mambo two out of three times including the AFC championship game in my homeboys. You done for me lately with Yo plays winter. Your play put our feet barely. Barely daily Yup younger and we want to rematch y'all couldn't even give us a rematch. Because y'all could be get back to seals. Well, it could be the goat versus mom boy in. New Go go new. Go new. Go Baby! Go really the baby. So one super bowls better than six out. You go there you. Back to back jank really yep. That's the same homeboy who, in this past super bowl to an interception late in the third quarter, another one early in the fourth quarter, and got away with a third and fifteen punt pass. We just threw it. He can throw it yoga Irene. Fair caught it. You'll. Hold on your. You'll got. Oh? He led the game winning drive and the. Guy. The guy had three at home. Points this last three? The greatest play run in NFL history that would have been telling me the greatest playoff run against the titans down teen in every game. They're playing flag football. I fly in. There wasn't there because they weren't playing flag. Either Tom Brady and run like that. He had won against my homeboy at Fox. On a Sunday night I was a run. Profile tackles that ran the linebacker ray five combat. That was the single worst exhibition of NFL tackle. Layoff history. Yes, it will bad credit. That was the worst bad ankle reach for flagged sorta tackling. That I've ever seen and I. Think we there it is. Oh Nice. That's nice out could. Drag. Did. Not Nice effort, there is effort little. He's running eight flat forty. And then dragged into the end zone and the second. Somebody tackle I'll try I'll try. I got his flag partic- thirty-five. Though okay, do it miss. Bad Angel Miss Look at that angle missed momentum. Can claim grab this flag? I got his flag, does it? Does that mean? He's down at the one because I pulled his flag off Patrick Boat. Same boat running on the sideline. Really Yeah I they call lightning. Watched, it, and it took nine seconds to run. I'll tell you what thirty all we do know. Tom Brady Tara slowest forty time for quarterback currently in NFL history I will. Ask But His or not quicker in the pocket than the goats feed. You really need to be we. We do. Know? He goes behind the back. That's coming. This year is possible that Patrick Mahomes ways twice as much is Tom Brady now possible. Like six three like forty I think we're going on to sixteen to think he's starting to push. Is easiest. Thing and the arts booking. Good really real real him. Look at trimming ozark shades. Oh, yeah, had a little thing is. Getting Ray told me the. Only thing I know about Ozark. Is I. Love It. I watched. The show. Bateman. Linney, they got it. Wait? Nightmares! Cartel is coming to get me always so good. Brady's Tan in the photo, can we? Can we acknowledge how good he likes to say? Yes. Yes did to. Sates, Outfox I, think we need a countdown clock for our show. Mark Cuban is changed his stance on his players kneeling during the national anthem, saying players who Neil now have his full support, and that he hopes to participate with them and be by law say that players must stand for the anthem, but Cuban said the NBA should give leeway to its players during these changing time, so Shannon how will this play out? scuba can see him doing that Mark Cuban. Steve bomber. They have very unique relationship with the players. It's almost likes debuted themselves as players because they fit so closer there I mean you. You think their fans, not actually owners of a team the way they're behaving in high five and a player than getting so involved and Mark Cuban and I have not always agreed. He and I traded some Bob well. We have some disagreements over twitter many years ago during the Trayvon Martin. Thanks but I think he's had a an awakening. Starting to see things, he starting to empathize with the plight of someone that doesn't look like him, and so I think I've seen a to listen to him. Talk now skip I like what I'm hearing and now you must understand that the bylaws in NBA. is written in their skill. You must stand for the national anthem, so that's GonNa take you know obviously the owners and the players coming to an agreement saying yes, we will allow this to happen. For that to happen, but skip, I can see. I can see as owner like Steve Bomber I can see it only like. Mark Cuban I can absolutely see them neely with their players, because they're having a different type relationship with their players also more so than any other NBA owner that I can call top of my head. Okay, so I've also had many disagreements with one Mark Cuban, and allow me to say before I get to my main point. What Cuban said yesterday was a makeup call for what he said in two thousand seventeen because he took the exact counter. Counter opposite approach, which is probably why you were having some back and forth disagreement because he said back in twenty seventeen. This is America and I'm proud of the people speak out civilly, but he said I'll be standing with my hand over my heart. I think the players will be too. I expect him to be. That's what he said twenty seventeen so now he's gone. Come full circle to I would hopefully I will neal with my players. Okay, this is the huge difference between what has happened in the NBA versus a national football league as you well know all the way back in twenty twelve in the NBA. The Miami Heat led by Lebron and Dwayne Wade. Posed for a picture in hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin Greg gunned down as we know by George. Zimmerman, That was twenty twelve. Colin Kaepernick didn't decide to I. Sit on the bench. Until the third preseason game of two thousand sixteen, the National Football League mentality. He was up against. The! NBA has always been so more enlightened so far more advanced in the NFL. You played in the NFL. Mindset how it grinds on you how you're just a cog in the system correct in the NBA, the players always been more partners with owners correct the stage. The platform has always belonged more to the players then to the Jerry Jones because he felt this is. This is my stages will not allow you to do further your caused by on my platform right so in in the NBA, they were always free to speak yes, and there wasn't any compulsion to kneel, because they didn't really need denial. Call was kneeling out of desperation and twenty cigarettes in four years after the Trayvon Martin Hoodie picks right right wrist. Okay, so it's so different. For the NBA players to the point, if they want to Neil I, am so with them to kneel, but it's very possible that they'll say we don't really need to do that like we've been effectively kneeling for years and years we've been. We've had the ability to make our points very strongly Lebron has been the most outspoken and. Just effective abolition sport. You remember when that was right around twenty twenty, twelve with remember C. P.. Three, D. Way Carmelo Lebron were on stage, and may read that powerful thing is as the espy's. Yeah, no, in the NBA, their owners and players. They've always been forward thinking. They was all we're hearing. You know what we ain't got to keep you the box, be you? But I think they have a lot to do skill with bill. Russell in the summit and the thing, so those guys and you would think the NFL would be like that because Jim. Brown was part of that, but. Not so much. Okay, maybe the maybe the time change so do you. Do you want or do you need? NBA players to to break the rule in Neil? In Orlando well like I said Scrub, and unless they changed the by logger says. In this bubble we're going. Allow you to do it, but for me. Skip because of what they're doing, and that's the way remember we talked about this. Do you think they know as they? Because the the NBA has always allowed the freedom to voice opinions, two boys concerns about things they see in their community so I, would they? I think the NBA will lacks the rules especially, because this is a special circumstance and situation. Yes, I do believe all. Allow them to do it. And I believe the plans we'll do it, but if they didn't know I wouldn't be upset. Because the NBA been really good with its players on social issues, they have been and by the way in the end Mark Cuban yesterday defense to Commissioner Silver Michelle Roberts head of the. NBA Players Association like. I I don't know we can. Because it is a bylaw right right now, you would have to waive the by law. It would have to be officially stamped as it's okay, and you notice you, they work. Everything were lot step embarrassing. Okay this what we're trying to do. They send their paperwork Michelle Roberts LV hers. Staff is not like the NFL NFL. Okay y'all can go back to the facility, not in the. NFL PA we're going to do that. No, that's not how they work. You see why because they don't have any respect. We're GONNA. Do what we want to do and felt what we do. You're right. That's why the players in the NBA and owner in the NBA debuted them more of a partner, whereas the NFL view, themselves were partner with the networks. They do better owners to network. So we do I think NBA players are gonNA wear t shirts. Yet shirts patches on. Yes, I would surprise their black lives matter. Absolutely so but kneeling, it's. If. That's what they WANNA do. That's great ride. The wave the by law, but in the end they're. They're almost like beyond kneeling. They have been effectively kneeling for a decade, right. After being suspended five times by the NFL Josh Gordon is hoping the League will give him one more chance to play. Football Morton has submitted a letter asking to be reinstated and according to his lawyer. Gordon was suspended because he relapsed after the death of his brother in November so Shannon. Near opinion. Should he be reinstated? Yes I believe he should, but calling no. You don't believe that what you just read so I'm GonNa. Let you fill in that a little bit later. I believe he should I think the thing is now because the NFL with the new CBA and the way they look at marijuana skip. Marijuana does not have the same stigmatism that it had many many years ago. There stays that you allowed to buy it in small samples now, so it's not frowned upon now we know Josh Josh Gordon has these teams, and there are certain triggers that can cause these themes to come out now as Asian said he was dealing with the passing of his brother, and we understand that what we don't excludable. We can understand that that's that's very trump's. You know a very tough situation to find yourself opinion that all the sudden. And tragic passing of your brother, and it triggers something in and he he. He fell up, but I just hope Josh can just. Get get some resemblance of his life back because at the end of the day. He's only gonNA play football if he were to get reinstated only a couple more years I like to thank Josh Gordon have way more years of an adult life as a human being. Then he's ever going to spend in the NFL and I just hope he can get that aspect resolve, and so he could live in Nice fruitful productive life as a normal citizen, regardless of football, but I'm afraid skept was going to happen when football is taken away from. And then he's going to. Josh really needs to get this. Because at some point, times get. People are not gonNA. Keep making excuses for judge. We've made excuse excuse excuse, and although this tragic passing of his brother is sad, is tragic. People are not gonNA. Keep making excuses for why you keep finding yourself in this situation. Hopefully, pray pray purely visited the last time. He finds himself in a similar predicament. Shannon what has happened to Josh Gordon. Football wasn't taken away from him. Nothing great. He's been given. Twenty second chances. If you look at his history. Of drug issues. It's so staggering that to me. I've been around Josh I. Like Him a lot. He has so much potential as as a man and a player. Unrealized potential. That, I I always root for him to a fault. because. At some point, you have to just say no to Josh Gordon. And in quit enabling him. To be recaptured by his demons, you just keep saying okay. You're okay we'll. We'll bring you back and we'll bring you back and we'll bring you back I. Want you to think about what this still young man has gone through. In many interviews that he's given. He, said his drug issues started in middle school. In that! WAS ZANEX Codeine Oxycontin. I'm not talking about smoking a little pot. We're getting. into some hard drug areas okay, and he got expelled from middle school twice then he goes to high school in. It's one issue after another with drugs to where he finally gets expelled again then he gets busted arrested. For credit card fraud and abuse. In. He was on probation in the state of Texas when he was being recruited by everybody because. From. A PHENOMENAL TALENT! And he had to choose a school within the State of Texas because his probation limited him to to operating only in the state of Texas, so he goes to Baylor and what happened nothing good happen. It was one drug suspension after another. Some of it was just pot related then. He actually got busted as he's talked about at Baylor for selling pot. Okay, and then they finally just kick him out as much talent as he displayed art. Browse just said that's enough. You're gone and he signs with Utah and he goes to Utah and he said A. Recent interview that's where he discovered cocaine started using cocaine failed a drug test at Utah and never played a down in Salt Lake City. Okay, and then he goes in the supplemental draft. To the Cleveland Browns, and what's that goes to twenty one? And he just keeps flunking drug tests so now. He's been suspended seven times in the national football league after a while. As much as I I like the young man as much as I root form, say what Wendy finally say. That's just not we'll skip. Drug test before you actually get suspended, so he failed more drug to yeah. Then he's been suspended. Because at first they put you the program second. They take game checks then they actually spend you, so you have to have free tests actually before you get suspended. Scale, the thing is that I think. What our former colleagues! Pc Chris Carter and say Josh. You need to get help. And he lashed out, wrote. This lengthy I don't have a problem. He was denying it skipped and I guess they. Embarrassed because here's a guy that had an opportunity for generational will give. That's the term that you hear a lot of generational with this. Dude had who he was Julio Jones before Julio he was. That's what he could have been. Out. With people realize how good Josh Gordon was, but he throwing away. There is like six three three to thirty. Four you see way. He's built. People like gentlemen invoke a little, but yet gourmet. You won't. Expensive seventy eighty million dollars who give that up if you would give up eighty million dollars, what we'd you buy food? Unless, you just got such problems that you've never had to address exactly because like you said get we do keep in, keep enabling. Yeah, they bring him back you. He got kicked out of Baylor and Utah. Say a huge chain day. NO DROVE OUT HERE IN, Utah We? We'll dry stakes killed, so we good here somehow. As applied to man. He founded, and he has these issues that he I don't know Josh really sat down and come to grips with habits get. This is an ongoing problem. He's never going to be liberty in which he doesn't have to be these demons because Dr by the bar. You can drive by your home. What how fifty thousand dance, but is that fifty thousand I? Agree. that it gets his hooks in you and bring real all the hard work the five years the ten years that you've been dry that you've been sober. All of a sudden comes crashing down I just. Skip I. Just hope he can just get get this resolved, so he can have a normal life. Yeah, that's what I really won't most. I believe this is a disease. that he has fought his entire life from middle school on and never defeated, because nobody ever forced him to come to complete grips with Cherban disease, Yup, but it can be treated. It can be, and that's the thing okay in the treatment process. Do you because? You look at cancer. You have to change the way you eat. You have to change the way you do things. Yeah, so you get this disease? Okay, we can't. We can't cure it, but we can treat it, but you're going to have to train certain behaviors to make sure your. Yeah, you ensure yourself that you're not at risk or use you minimize the risk that you're yeah. Man Just, just for the record it's been five summers ago during one of his suspensions that. Josh lived out here in Los. Angeles in West Hollywood with Johnny Manziel for a whole summer in an apartment. They shared Ryan. Trust me. I heard all the stories, and they weren't just smoking pot for the record Da. This goes way deeper than just that that pot you know lead to other things. I. Hope we can just get it. Is Sad, but we've seen far too many of these stories skip it. We've seen. That great players athletes don't matter what I mean. It doesn't have to be scared. We've seen entertainers. We've seen you know. Musicians and artists band his hands in your man, ooh! ooh, York and You just got to be day by day BRA. Okay, so if you give him a twentieth chance second chance you know what's going to happen. It'll happen again. I'm not I'm not confident he's going to. Do the right thing, even though now the new the new CBS says you can get away with a lot more smoking by right. Okay? I, just wish him the best rod just hope he gets his life in order to skip out football. It's about is about life after football because what Josh and he's early Thirties. I our show. We've always, but we want him to be happy and well, and that is what we have to think about that. Is it for in disputed? Teams everyone. undisputed.

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