Middlekauff 3 & Out Gruden and Mayock; Quinnen Williams vs. Nick Bosa; Middlekauff Mailbag


On the next Ron burgundy podcast. This is actually exciting. You got Mr Peter Dinka JR. He's Chang's impersonal poetry, actually. So a lot of people actually find poetry interesting. The sound machine away series thrown of games or game of thrones rod in any surprises. We can expect from Tylenol Lancaster curious. I heart radio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see. Why? Find the Ron burgundy podcast on iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. What is going on everybody? John Bill, Kopp three and out podcast back at it. Again. We're what it's the eleventh. The draft is in it's not next week but the following week. So hell, I mean, we're fifteen days away a little little under two weeks. How how awesome is that? You know, we've been waited basically all off season. I mean free agency in the NFL as we've talked about before is a tad bit overrated. The draft is by far the number one offseason priority net free agency would be a bigger deal. Franchise tags didn't exist, but they do. So, you know, I'm just I'm fascinated with this draft. I just wrote an article today on the athletic about Nick about I wrote last week about Nick Bosa wrote today about Clinton Williams as up today Thursday. If you listen to this Friday you described the athletic, you know, gives my. Thoughts on them some of my friends in the NFL's thoughts on him. They love him. I think he's the best player in this draft the best defensive lineman in this right now, he's a tackle. But he he's pretty special. I'm not the biggest Nick Bosa guy, and we'll we'll get into that a little later. Obviously, we always do the middlekauff mail bag fire into my DM's at John middlekauff. My Twitter handle my Instagram handle easiest way to get hold me before this podcast. Three now podcast. We do middlekauff mail back. I know we get a lot of new listeners every week. I answer questions. So you can ask me literally, everything anything. In the middle Gabrielle bag, and I will answer it here on the podcast. Good solid. Thursday been watching the masters. I waited for to end the masters was just absolutely fantastic today. I made if you don't like golf, I can't relate to you. I love it. It's probably my second favorite sport beside football. And there's nothing better than the masters. You know, maybe the Super Bowl maybe the final four. So I've been dialed in and recording this about five o'clock on Thursday afternoon. But but I wanted to start with this. I thought Mike Mayock this time of year every general manager it's mandatory that they speak. So you look around the league, I think Dell check spoke the other day Mayock spoke Thursday. And I thought he had just a great comment that really got me thinking it's something I've been thinking about anyway, just with the raiders. And I think it parallels. A lot of franchises in. Honestly, it doesn't relate to a lot of the good ones. Necessarily. I think there's a balance in every building in an air building. I think John will roll the dice a little more. And I think I'm a little more conservative. And I think that's a good balance. You know, we've ounce off ourselves all the time. We have some spirited meetings with the coaching staff were there. Banging the table for kid. And I might say he's got way too many red flags only wanna consider him at that spot. And then we get into it. So I think that's healthy. And I think everybody that I've ever talked to that's sat in this chair has talked about the same thing healthy discourse between the coaches the scouts, and and trying to come to those kinds of agreements on those kinds of players know, there's no question for me that your coach is always going to be the highest paid guy in the organization. But if you look at any business in corporate America, right? They have the CEO's and all these CEO's Wells Fargo Bank of America, Google wherever any of these major companies net flicks just making a godly amount of money. Right. Well, it's funny. He's my account works in downtown San Francisco, and I'm probably as pours client. No, I'm pretty confident. I am his pores client, and I was asking questions like what kind of? Do some of these guys make they'll tell you stories like, yeah, I got this guy. Google he's got a W two of like twenty million dollars. And again, I don't live in necessarily a normal area. We have outlier executives, but when you hear some of these stories about yeah. The CFO of so-and-so company, he won't necessarily give me exactly who it is. But yeah, W twos before bonuses or nineteen million dollars twenty three million dollars. These people in Silicon Valley make an athlete money, but they're not even the CEO of the company, but these companies rely on that person, and if you've ever listened to a CEO talk, there's a reason they have COO's and CFO's g operating officer cheap. Chief financial officer chief marketing officer, you hire those guys to do a job and in a big company. Yeah, you're si yo might make just stupid money. Right. Fifty sixty million whatever Roger Goodell fifty million dollars his right hand guy is still making good cash, and you depend. On in like Mayock said to me talked about the discourse and healthy discourse. To me. There is no growth in any high level business. And that's what NFL team is without a little confrontation like confrontation is healthy, the PC America would tell you know, everyone being nice to each other. Let's all hold hands and Kuhn by all. And it's Tom Izzo would say good luck getting bouncing the tournament plan that way. But to me the scariest thing about Jon Gruden Mike Mayock most of us if you listen to podcasts you clearly follow the NFL, Mike max, really smart, and we've all seen his work for the last fifteen years, then very transparent. He's for the most part. He's nailed a lot of the guys. I think he is an excellent value waiter, and John and even when he was hired. He said, you know, what this is a coach driven organization. John is the boss. He said it again today and the thing that makes me nervous for my raider fan. Friends is that Mike Mayock the thing every CEO in the country is not good at everything. But they are. There's a reason they were CEO, and it usually if they're successful CEO. They're probably a good decision maker, whatever whatever their strengths, but they also have weaknesses. So usually when you have weaknesses you put people around you the can make up for that. And that's that person. Strength will Mike may ox strength is going to be the draft. And the thing that would terrify me and the raiders to me are one of the great. I mean, they're in one of the most unique situations we've ever seen that we've ever seen. They have three first round picks have four picks in the top thirty five. I don't ever remember that happening going into the draft. You might have to do some research. I don't think it's ever happened. Now there have been teams remember several years ago. The Minnesota Vikings pick three players in the first round. I think Anthony Barr. Teddy Bridgewater and Floyd the defensive tackle from Florida that ended up messing up his knee. It's kind of avidly I think he's actually suing the Vikings. But they traded back into the first round to me this situation for the raiders one of the reasons they have two first rounders is because one they traded away. If we'd say Aaron Donald is the best player in the league non quarterback Khalil Mack. What's the second best player in the league? They traded away the second best player in the league. Let's one of the reasons you got him, and then Amari Cooper who flawed player, but you still drafted him fourth overall and Mayock as people like when MAC I got the job. Yeah. That's pretty nuts. Then I started texting my buddies. Because when I worked in Philly may worked in jersey he used to come through Philly. How used to back before I pads and stuff was crazy is I haven't been around that long my last year in the league and thirteen that's when I pads game into the NFL. So the first couple of years a guy like Mike Mayock he wanted to watch film. He either have to go to NFL films or come into the actual eagles building where we had all the film, and then he'd watch it. So a lot of guys on that staff knew Mike pretty well. And they said, you know, what he's not gonna take much Bs and from what I've heard he's. Stood his ground on several times with Gruden and in from the information that I have took the right stance, but grew overruled them. So I never understand. What is the point in in saying, someone's your general manager, we John we know you have the power you make all the money? But that doesn't mean you shouldn't empower this guy. Pete Carroll makes more money than John Schneider. John Schneider picks the players Andy Reid makes way more money than breath. Br ve each now picks the players in Kansas City. Those two franchise are extremely healthy. Jon Gruden out of probably all the coaches in the NFL now, some of these younger guys, I don't know anything about the floors, and whatever I can't even speak to their ability to evaluate players. But I know for a fact like I have information Jon Gruden is a terrible evaluator. And I always find it funny on Twitter when you go like Jon Gruden cannot pick players. Oh, you know way more football than you. Yeah. Coaches know a lot of football. But there's. The reason that a ton of coaches are not allowed to draft players. They do not look at it. Like, a guy a personnel person. Like myself would GM's even like some of the fans they can't see sometimes before before the trees trees before the force of my screwed up that analogy, but my point they can't see the big picture. They think so short term because in fairness to them. They're kind of living short term, but Mayock who could really help groom and who likes fighting who likes being aggressive one of the reason Gruden ran all over ran all over Reggie McKenzie. He's perfect form. But you gotta listen to him. And he's banging the table for players. And he's telling you, hey, listen, the thing that I heard this story probably two months ago chip Kelly one draft. I think it was like levian bell Davante Adams Jarvis Landry. Appreciate all. These guys are in the same draft. Chip it take it all these guys off the board. Whether it was character. Whether he didn't think they could. Play for whatever reason. And my buddy awhile back was like you should have seen or do not draft board. It was basically like the two thousand seventeen proble chip who's probably worse than Gruden had for this quote on quote, super sharp guy knew nothing about value and understanding. Hey, listen, you can take this guy in the second round. You don't need to take them in the first round. He's like Jordan Mathews in the top ten. You would. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And some of these coaches, they would do that like if you just gave Jon Gruden full reign. He'll do what he did last year. He'll draft Arden key who stinks PJ hall who looks like an undrafted free agent. Brandon parker. There was going to get Derek Carr. Kilt. Those were three picks one in the second round and two others in the third round. You cannot let I mean he can let himself do whatever you want because he has absolute power. But be smart. He has to think like any empowered CEO you have to trust your people. You do have to trust your. There's a reason you hired Mike mail and. He's uniquely qualified for this job. Now, he's never done it. But we have there's a lot of transparent information. I know what he's thought about players for the last decade. I know that he thought Khalil Mack was the best player in that draft several years ago. He he was not wire on that. Everyone's gotta take clowning. He's like, no, I take Khalil Mack one. Everyone's like, Mike, you're in idiot. Well, five years later turns out actually cloudy. He's pretty good too. But he was right. And that was that was a tough thing to say, and he's a guy with balls. He's a guy with conviction, but if Gruden doesn't listen to them this great situation in this opportunity with pick four pick twenty four and twenty seven is Gruden going to be picking the wrong players. That's where if I was another NFL team. I would actually be kinda glad that knowing that gruden's probably not gonna listen this guy and the wrong players are gonna come off the board. If he does listen to Mike and a guy that's gonna have conviction a guy that's going to believe. Just like any good, you know, executive. That's not the CEO in a major company does then they can be really successful talking to guide in the NFL. Probably I think it was actually earlier this week. He's like actually when you look at the raiders offseason. They added Antonio Brown if he can just keep shift together, Tyrone Williams, a good player. They got rid of Brandon Parker and Trent Brown if they crushed this draft again when I say crush the draft if you just if they hit on three of the four picks in the top thirty five even if they missed on four let's say they took Rashawn Gerry any just not any good as a rookie. Well, they hit on two players in the twenty s and then pick thirty five get like three legit stars. That's a lot. You know, think about it? Most teams are dying to land three starters in a draft. If you have seven or eight picks just get three starters, the difference is if you're drafting in the top thirty five you're not just getting starters, if they are start getting potential impact players, but I have zero faith on him doing a good job. Because I don't think he'll listen to me. And I've already heard some sources or some stories from sources that like, yeah, they're already button heads and may feels like he's not listened to anything. He's saying because in MAC, new what? He's getting into and people like everyone. I get this on Twitter a lot. He knew what he signed up for. Yeah. But you also think like, listen, we're both grownups your. Why wouldn't he listen to me? He's paying me whatever they're paying a couple million bucks a year. Why wouldn t listen to me what my expertise is like I do this. Well, and some people are just so stubborn whether it's whether it's ego. Whether it's just an inability, I really think with most guys just ego. It's just ego and power hungry. And I think Gruden has a lot of that. But I'm really fascinating the way this drafts going to go for the raiders because I don't think at the end of the day's gonna listen to anything excess. Let me tell you about my friends at Robin Hood, Robin Hood is investing app that let you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission. Free other brokerages charge up to ten dollars. Forever. Trade Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees. So you can trade stocks and keep all your profits. Plus there is no account minimum. We've all dealt with. Before you have to put a certain amount in there to hit, you know, a entry level investing. That's not the case here. Simple intuitive design of robinhood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike view, easy to understand charts and market data in place a trade in just four taps on your smartphone. You can also view stock collections such as the one hundred most popular with Robin Hood, you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio. Discover new stocks tracks your favorite companies and yet custom notifications for price movements. So you never miss the right moment to invest Robin is giving listeners of my podcast three and out a free stock like apple Ford. Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at middlekauff. That's M I L E K A, F dot, Robin, Hood dot com. Okay. Let's get into the top half of this draft. And I think right now Kyla Murray's county outlier. It's kind of weird. Josh Rosen has not been traded. But I do get I actually heard some rumblings some rumblings. And I hadn't heard this rumbling in the fall that the cardinal. Steve time was going to get fired. And then he didn't and then he hired cliff Kingsbury. But I know there's some rumblings out there right now. Again, I don't know how substantial they are that that group, Steve and his scouts might be in trouble. Now, I didn't necessarily it almost seems for fetched because we'll what's cliff kings were going to do. He needs a good GM. But I do think there's a reason that they hadn't traded Josh Rosen yet. I do think there is pressure right now coming from the own. Owner who's franchise just gotten barest for the last year to get a first round pick for Josh Rosen. And it doesn't feel like they're going to. So they're almost holding out hope, but at the end of the day, I do think Josh Rosen gets traded. And I do think Murray's on the team. Well, and I've been saying this for while feels like a bay area podcast, I'm doing, but what happens when you your teams draft really high stink around this time of year is that whoever John Lynch takes with the number two overall pick assuming Cava Marie goes one will immediately tell you who they viewed as the best player in the draft. Now that guy isn't necessarily going to be the best player in the draft. I mean, the best player in the draft or even the best defensive lineman of this group could be sweat could be Rashawn Gary could be Quinn could be whoever. But whoever he takes it to. We'll tell you who he viewed as the top dog, and I wrote an article yesterday for the athletic. If you're listening on Friday came out on Thursday. So yesterday, I actually wrote. Three days ago. But I said that Quinn Williams and my philosophy when you're taking in the top five, I'm not trying to hit doubles. I'm swinging for the fences because I would rather strike out in a draft situation that just hit a single like I watched what the Niners did with Solomon Thomas. Solomon Thomas is never going to make a Pro Bowl never going to sniff approachable, but he's gonna play in the league for like nine ten years. If Solomon Thomas was like a fifth fourth round pick. No one would be saying shit. Everyone would be that guy. That's good fine late in the draft. But they took him third overall. Now, he was a low ceiling guy, but it felt like he had high floor while turns out his floors, not even that high, and that's a risky part about just trying to hit a double is. You're thinking I'm taking a low floor. It's like it's like an investment, you can think you're making a good investment. And I played in this Gulf skins game the other day with this guy that built these condos that that he was going to be. He was like sixteen units. And he's only sold six of them any thought he was going to have all sixteen sold. Got. It was the easiest delayed ever done a thought he'd have moss hold a year ago. And now he can't get the other ten office hands. And it just shows you anytime in anything in life in anyone will tell you this in any walk alive. There are no sure things whether it's players whether it's investments whether it's relationships whether it's anything so would you look at the top five in the draft. If you're drafting like the forty Niners at number two. I am taking the guy that I believe has the highest ceiling because it would be easy to justify Nick Bosa. And I wrote this in the article, I think he's a really good player. And I think he's ready made. I think you can come in get nine ten sacks. But I don't I don't think he's as good as his brother and his brother's fantastic. His brother was a better college player than him. And I compared him the last group of players Myles Garrett ceiling clearly much higher. You know, the von. Miller's Khalil Bax the clowns. Those guys are in a different class. I would put closer to the Bradley Chubb mold in Bradley, Chubb, probably a better player. I actually think if I had to rank them I would say Bradley over Nick Bosa Bradley at twelve sacks. Now, I don't ever think Bradley Chubb. I would for the next ten years. I'll take Myles Garrett. I guess ten would be long for a defensive lineman next six years at rather Myles Garrett. Then Bradley Chubb, I'm taking the guy just with the higher ceiling that isn't necessarily mean the Bradley Chubb is going to be Myles Garrett will be have a better career than Bradley Jay up. But I am swinging for the fences. I'm trying to hit a Bryce Harper grand slam and to me in this draft. If I'm the forty Niners or if the Niners are willing to trade the pick. It's not even a question. I haven't really studied Josh Allen. But just from talking to the people I trust the most in the league, I feel pretty confident that Quinn Williams of these top three guys has the highest ceiling. He's been a one year starter, and you go why'd you only short one year. I don't know this guy. Doron pain went thirteen in the draft last year will. Starting above them. Alabama. It's really difficult to crack starting lineup because the guy above you. It's not like that dude zone insurance. Now. No, those type guys usually go in the top twenty. So the guy above you was a lock first round pick. But then when he got his chance like he's a better player than drawn pain. And that's why he's going pro. But I think to me like just comparing him now him and Bosa play different positions. But any good drafter will tell you can't worry about that crap. That's what coach is worrying about take the best player available. And it's easy to say that not a lot of people live by it because coaches do not live by it. They like to fill needs. And when you fill needs you get in trouble when it's a situation where you already got Ford, you get Williams or Bosa you're getting pressure, and the thing I wrote in that article, and I was tipped off by a friend. And I think we've all been talking about this. I've been thinking about this for a while. It's easier to get interior pressure right now than it is outside pressure. From the sense that the tackles in this league, actually, aren't that? Terrible on the whole the guards in centers for the most part or average to below who whoever you are listening to this. You know, I know there's fans of literally every team for the most part. I bet you go. Yeah. We got a centers. Okay. But our guard stink. Yeah. We've got one good guard, but our other center and guards suck. That's usually the way. That's why Aaron Donald Fletcher Cox Chris Jones deforest Buckner last year on the Niners played on a team with no other good defensive line Solomon Thomas stunk. Eric Armstead got hurt. Caches Marsh was their best pass rhetoric caches Marsh yet most of you guys have never heard of any dominate because most of the guards he's facing on a weekly basis stink. So if you can get Quinton Williams to go with d Ford and to force Buckner who's already a fringe pro bowler. And you get four to double digit sack guy who how do you block winning Williams and deforest Buckner? I don't know the other thing about winning Williams. A lot of people compare him to warn sack like he's that. Type gets on guys angles. His quickness his instincts for making plays in the backfield. I'm just not passing on Warren Sapp for you know, I'm not going to call Nick an overachiever because he's not he's a really good player. But I just don't see some perennial Pro Bowl. I definitely don't see some elite All-Pro Quinta Williams can be an all pro. And again, I think if you stick by the philosophy not disobey best player or vailable. But if you have the guy stack the same view, Nick, bows, and quinoa, let's say I view them as the same level prospect. You gotta take the guy with the higher ceiling. If you consistently do that. Because you're going to miss no matter what. But if when you hit on the guy with the higher ceiling sky's the limit. I mean, you get all pros you get all pros. So if I was the Niners, and I was John Lynch, again, assuming Calum Murray goes I which I think is safe to assume I'm taking the big fella from Alabama. Jerry Lewis, fifth wife, dead sitting Nancy dead, Kurt cobaine. Also did Courtney love insane. Johnny cash. Dick, did I Turner abusive in XXX ten Pacione? Amy wine house completely off the rails. Disgrace land is a rock and roll true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving. Very badly is hosted by me Jake Brennan, I grew up in and around rock and roll in the one thing, I know to be absolutely true. Is that real Rockstars parties? Sane more like feral narcissistic animals than functioning members of society in this is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining to pop big Marvin Gaye James Brown. John Lennon Jeon the stones and the Hells Angels running security and a dead kid on the dance floor. These stories and more are all waiting for you in disgrace. Listen to disgrace Santa the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Let's get to the middlekauff mailbag at John middlekauff is my Instagram handle you slide up in those DM's. And then I answer your questions here on the podcast John from Ireland and a big colts fan in reference to the PI in the reviewable challenges changes in rugby. When a wrong decision is made the television match. Official. So there's you know, I guess if you had a rule official in the TV crew is in the ear of the ref and pointed out this is normally if it's an obvious penalty. Would this not be a better option instead of adding more delays challenges to the game process of a ref going to a TV booth? That's interesting baseball kinda does something like this. They get back with the league office. I guess football those the same thing. I don't know if it's that realistic. I do think you've got to have to stop the game. Because what if we see this a lot seems like sterotype wars? Right. But some of the other rules officials in the TV booth have been wrong. I forget the one guy's name. But he was on. Yeah. I think the do was on Monday night football. Whoever the old guy was on Monday night. Football was terrible consistently wrong. I just don't think the standard maybe that works in Ireland. Maybe rugby, I don't know enough about rugby penalties. Maybe they're a little more black and white in football. And it's gonna be a problem. This fall is they're going to be really really subjective. They're going to be a lot like NBA fouls where you could reverse it. You could keep it. I think it would be difficult, and I think just as football fan, and I I don't know longer really have a team anymore. But because I gamble crew for certain teams. I would be incensed if the team I was gambling on that happened and said of the coach being able to review it or challenge or whatever the TV booth. Whoever was in the you know, the referee on the set was in charge of giving. It like a thumbs opera. Thumbs down like, I wouldn't be cool with that. I don't think the league would either has deck already earned his contract extension or does he need to engineer. A deep playoff run this season. Depending on how that goes does Jerry keep an eye on the quarterbacks in next year's draft. The the thing about football. You know, probably I guess the other sports are like this to but in football you evaluate every position every year, basically to the max, so I think you're always locked in your area scouts or whoever is, you know, if you're going into Clemson, you're going at Alabama just because you have a quarterback does not mean, the you're not evaluating those positions. So that that's never a worry to me back to earn it. He just needs to play. Well, you know, if they win nine ten games, they're competing for a wildcard, I got no problem paying him. But if he plays poorly in the team is just good like on paper there a playoff team if he's just solid. They should be in the playoffs it, so if you just solid I got no problem paying them at least decent money. I'm not paying Dak Prescott historic cash really unless he makes legit gets me to the Super Bowl. Maybe if he gets me the NFC championship game. I think about it even then unless he takes a huge step. I'm not. In the pay Dak big money. No matter what he doesn't have the physical skills to be Aaron Rodgers to be a Russell Wilson. But if you wins and keeps playing kind of like he has he needs to be a little better earlier in games. I think his my favorite attribute about him. Is these good Layton games when you're not God's kind of nut cut in time. Dak is really under control and places best football. But to be eleven twelve win team this next year. He has to have more games where he plays well in the first and second quarter. That's in the second half. He's got start hitting some of the deep balls. And. Yeah. At the end of the day if they don't pay him this off season, I would expect their rooting now. Obviously they'd be rooting for them but expecting him to make a deep playoff run to get paid. Hey, hey, John big falcons fan. What do you think they should do this off season to make another playoff on one? They gotta get healthy. I thought last year they were a playoff level team in the injuries just decimated their defense. I mean, their defense was absolutely decimated. One thing. I was thinking, you know, it's kind of the elephant in the room right now or the Texans gonna a trade cloudy, if you're the falcons, could you double down, and maybe trade your first round pick four clowning. The problem is for them to look at the draft. Or what are they draft in the late teens mid teens? I mean, they didn't have very good season. They went five or six or are they draft in the top ten so maybe never mind on that one. Actually, I have to look what they're drafting. But it's not as low as I thought so you probably wouldn't trade for cloudy. You just draft a guy at Oliver someone like that. And you just get let your guys come back on defense because on offense you got Maddie ice say what you want about Maddie ice. He's fine. When you got Julio Jones Calvin Ridley they got players. Devante Freeman should be healthy. They lost to the Niners but backup running backs or replaceable. Yeah. I I think the falcons will be about vaccine for sure. I seem to be one of the few fans that actually liked in. Appreciate a tannehill sad to see him. Go. Do you think the dolphins are planning for an off year and hopes the drafting two and two thousand twenty? I'm with you. When tannehill played he was solid the problem with Dana hill, and I think why Miami had to move on. You can hold onto a guy like tannehill for ten years because he has these moments like how do we ever upgrade you win some games when he's there, and then he gets her, and then he comes back, and he does the same thing. And then he gets hurt then he goes back. He does the same thing that he gets hurt us can't depend on them. I I think Tanny hills better than a lot of us thought that he would ever be when he was healthy like what he became those first couple years with with Adam gates, really what he was doing before. He got hurt that first time when they made the playoffs and that more came in to me, though, you just when you get a guy like that. And he's kind of like a poor man's version of what Sam Bradford was. They just tease you tease ya. It's like, you know, we've all any guys experienced that with girls like t's eventually, you just like, okay, I'm out. I'm not I'm not doing this anymore. And I think that's what they're alternate decision. In was with tannehill. Like, I'm over this tease. I can't do it anymore. I gotta take the sunk cost and just move on on the flip side. I think it's a good move for Tennessee getting him as the backup quarterback Fisher. If Ryan tannehill is your backup quarterback, you're in pretty good shape. I'm thinking about it right now. He's the best backup quarterback in the NFL. Now that foles isn't a backup poor whose lives better backup quarterback than Ryan tannehill. In the great thing about it. He doesn't have the plight. Right. Hell, but more because Marietta struggling or guests hurt. Maybe he does play. I can I get a fall back. Don't ask for fall Bax second. What is the percentage of the Kyle Murray going to the Rams zero no chance like none? Absolutely. None. He's going to go to the cardinals. I'm not a big fan. When you go fall back. If you do good stuff, and you're entertaining on social media on Instagram on Twitter off, all you. I'm open minded, I don't you. Don't just have to have be Kim Kardashian or Peter King or Colin to get a follow follow. I follow the people. If you're if you're good, you know, you gotta be creative. Hey, John big fan over here in the UK guy. We got a lot of international listeners columnists have a big falling in the UK. Do you think the NFL will ever change kick-off times for Sunday games to make them more UK and European friendly? No zero chance their bread and butter is America. So to me the entire television schedule it they don't even care about me living in California. They care about one consumer in. That's the eastern time zone in maybe maybe the central times onto Dallas Chicago. They care about the eastern seaboard and a couple of the major cities Chicago the Packers brand. In the Cowboys. They. Put the Niners raiders Seattle. They don't care at all. They care about wins. The cowboy game wins giant's game was DC with Philly when when's the Steelers and the patriots even the jets like those are enormous markets. So yeah, I don't think they'll ever build it around the UK when is the UK. So they are head of us. So I guess that one the early early morning game that happens for me like out west the six thirty kickoff, which is nine thirty eastern kickoff. Which is actually a what a twelve thirty UK kickoff off. It's kind of cool for you guys. I guess you get once a year out of six seventeen weeks. Do you think there's a possibility of the Cowboys getting in on the Josh Rosen market and moving off Dak Prescott to avoid the big contract. I actually haven't heard this from anyone. But that's kind of genius. Here's the problem. The Cowboys don't have first round pick. They have a second round pick. But would you give up a second round pick? When you already have Dak Prescott who's better than Josh Rosen right now. And also where I stand on deck. You don't have to pay him right now. So this year, I don't know exactly what he's making. But he's making like eight hundred grand. He he's not making any money. Josh Rosen's making more money this year than deck now, obviously, you don't have to pay Josh Rosen maybe ever. But definitely not for several years were Dak it's really this off season or next offseason. Even if I mean, if you franchise, but still cash twenty five twenty six million dollars, whatever the franchise tag would be hell it might even be more than that. Given what the average salaries are. And how they're going up. Not the craziest of ideas. I'll give you that. I just that is very very risky and I like Josh Rosen. But I know for a fact I can make the playoffs with Dak Prescott with my team being good. I do not know that if that's Josh Rosen at all like there is a chance that Josh Rosen. Just not good and you put them on the Cowboys instincts, though, I think he'd be pretty good there events is good. He's got Zeke Jason wins back. You gotta Mari yacht. Gallup maybe they draft a couple offense skill guys this draft. It's actually not that crazy. I like heads at looked into Bose's dad in why his career ended, and he was quoted as saying he blood both of his knees. Joe is missed thirteen games in three years. And Nick as we know as miss more than half the season this year also towards senior in college. Is this a concern that he's still a top three pick considering the whole family is riddled with injuries one thousand percent to me, I wrote this in the article on Bosa Williams is that Nick Boza is benefiting from Joey success, and that's not a bad thing. Like part of Nick one of Nick's positive. Is this lineage that comes from dad played in the NFL in a draft room? That's important. You know, this guy is better rounded his whole life. It's like when you hire our coach. This guy's dad was a coach they think a little differently. So his lineages last name or important, then his brother is not just a good player. He's a dominant player. So you go that works in his favor you go. Well, a lot of people thought Joey wasn't going to be that great of an NFL player. And he's exceeded. Everyone's expectation so Mick who actually physically very similar to him. He's getting kind of like propped up based on that. But I also think you have to look at on the flip side, you go like you said his dad is career washed out because he blew up these his brother has had some weird injuries a foot une- Hammy just kind of an injury problem. I don't think he's as good as his brother, whatever neck Bose's medical check was yet check his knee because he's towards ACL and the sports hernia that he had this year. I got to rely on my doctors. That's the thing if you're John Lynch or Mike Mayock or Mike mccaddon or any of these guys. You're not a doctor. You're you're you're a glorified. I mean, you are a scout. You more of a glorified manager. You know, being the general manager dealing with a lot of stuff, but you do. Do not know anything about medical stuff. So you are very reliant in the great part is if you're of the forty Niners with the giants. I mean, you got like the Stanford medical team. If you're if you're the jets, you got the best doctors in New York. So you've got to rely on those guys. It's the one thing in football where you can go gut. You know, this guy is going to be okay. If the doctor, and this were always kind of support Trent bulky, he took all those ACL guys. Well, the Stanford medical team that the forty Niners employ told him that all those guys we're going to bounce back on what bulky supposed to say. No, man. I know you got a Harvard Medical degree you've worked at Stanford hospital for twenty years. But I think this guy's never going to bounce back. You are very dependent on your doctors when it comes to injuries. So if the doctors go, you know, what I think Nick Bosa if you look at his family's medical history, which I'm sure came up in the doctor's meeting. You know, I'm not quite that comfortable, then as a gentleman after you better not be comfortable either. But if the guy gives you the full Bill of health says, you know, what he's fond. You gotta just kind of think he's gonna be fine. Last week it. I bet by buddy one hundred dollars the raiders win five or less games. Six is a push in the fact in after the fact, I checked in Vegas has them at six and a half went knocking ally. There may have been a little alcohol and shit talking involved. Then there do you think I'm going to be one hundred dollars richer fine. January come January. Well, I think here's the thing with the raiders they've had. I mean, they have added a lot of talent Antonio Brown. He's nuts. But he is unreal player. Trent Brown is a massive upgrade for them. Tyrel Williams is a really good like two three wide receiver their defense. Shitty. But they have all these draft picks after the draft their team could be much improved. Now, if Derek doesn't play well, and I thought last year he was averaged for most of the season and some games below average. Now he had a couple of moments. But if Derek if Derek's good with all this increased talent they hit on a bunch of draft picks. Yeah, they could win seven or eight games. But if in Tonio Brown gets off the rails, and he's starts throwing shit at Jon Gruden and they miss on some draft picks, you'll be one hundred dollars richer. That's one hundred bucks. Who cares as I like that bed? As a titans fan, the mock draft all over the place analysts have us anything between a tackle a wide receiver a tied in a linebacker defensive lineman. What do you think is our biggest need to show up in the first round? Well, I haven't been there at practice last year the kid they draft from Boston College Hera Landry. They got a good defensive line to me. They're young front. Seven is good their corners little hit or miss, but they paid Malcolm Butler a lot of money. He's just he's gonna play and obviously a door Jackson. They draft in the first round. He's gonna play. They drafted Corey Davis who actually showed some signs of life. But he's really the only wide receiver. They got could they justify Nikiel hairy. You know, AJ Brown keen Butler or something like that? In the first round. I do think. So the other thing is last year. Was it last year Delaney got hurt I think it was last year or two years ago? Yeah. It was last year because the Laney went out, and it kinda messes them up the problem with Delaney's. He's the best of saving option, but he's an older player. So I think tied. End to me wide receiver. We're tied in feel very realistic. And I might even lead tied in because you need Marcus mariota. Who's not this explosive? Throw the football game a tight end. So if you've got to draft Noah fan, who's kind of Travis Kelsey Zach earth's type, you know, he's not a blocker. But who cares? I love this. Well, these titans can't block don't ask them to block put them in the slot. Who's gonna cover a six foot four guy that runs a four or five forty? I'll tell you. Nobody why Travis Kelsey Zakar it's dominate because Erz definitely can't block Kelsey is. Okay. I mean tries kind of, but they they can't cover them. That's all I care about. Okay. Talking to some relatives in the Jacksonville area that rely on me for sports info. What is their biggest need in the draft? Any thoughts on Jayhawk at center at Oliver. Who cares though is Jacksonville? Well, they got foles their wide receivers. Allen Robinson left right last year. Chicago Markey's Lee Torres knee. They don't really have a tight end Mercedes Lewis is gone now. So yeah, they need to offensive playmaker. As of the recording of this earlier today Leonard for net got arrested for driving with a spended license after a traffic. Stop. I didn't really read much of the info. All I knows that he got arrested. He's already better some trouble. That's not good. That's a problem. You're not gonna take a running back again in the first round. But I think clearly they still have a bunch of players on defense. Even after cutting me Jackson. They still got Claes Campbell. They still got Dante is not on the team anymore. But they got the other dude I came to his name, but he had a bunch of Saxe couple years ago. Good player, the linebacker solid. So got the two corners. I would go wide receiver or tight end for sure. But you're right. Who cares Jacksonville? The other thing is thinking about Jacksonville. How good is that division? The culture stacked Texas are damn good. And you the titans for solid. I mean, I think the Jacksonville Jaguars the fourth best team that division unless Nick foles can just really strikes Nick foles magic this year. It's going to be really hard K. Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the masters go tiger or close to the draft. Thank god. Because I'm ready. You know, I I like these hypotheticals I'm ready for some actual picks. I'm ready for some actual players. Let's do this week John middlekauff three and out. Tell all your buddies to all your friends predate, you're listening who's. On the next Ron burgundy podcast. This is actually exciting. You got Mr Peter Dinka cheese. Chang's impersonal poetry actually, a lot of people actually find poetry interesting. The same machine away series thrown of games game of thrones raw in any surprises. We expect from Tylenol Lancaster curious. Minister iheart radio is number one for podcasts. And it's easy to see. Why? I'm Doron burgundy podcast on the heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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