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I'M A DWARF AL bringing up next meeting and now enjoy brand new episode of the about last night podcast with Brad Williams and atom rain this weekend I will be in Ames Ames Iowa tomorrow night at Stevens Auditorium with Dane Cook Friday the State Theater in Minneapolis Dankuk and Saturday at the fillmore Detroit Michigan with Dane. Cook all that ticket Info Dankuk DOT COM Brad Williams this weekend tomorrow through Saturday. We'll be in spokane Washington baby at the Spokane Comedy Club. Go I see a boy Brad in Spokane Spokane Comedy Club tomorrow through Saturday tickets. Brad Williams comedy dot com more special announcements. Today's as episode is a bonus episode full of special announcements full of big stories and and cruises. That's right. Brad and Adam are going on a cruise. Do you WanNa go will you can. It's the first ever about last night crews happening. Halloween twenty twenty. It's the adamant Brad spectacular how lean crews set and sale October thirtieth through November. I Oh my God it's finally here you guys have wanted a way to party with us to hang with us to kick it and and the moment is calm we got together with the people that do the Adam Corolla crews and they are helping put together I ever ever about last night crews and we chose Halloween because why not it's a great time. People love to party. You're always looking for something to do on Halloween. Go to a new party or a new the new location and we got it for you. We're setting seal setting sale. We're setting seal as entertainment for the night a seal impersonator now. If we'll try to get the fuck it we are setting sail from Long Beach California and it's a three day cruise October thirtieth through November First Brad had Adam special guests. The goddamn comedy Jam Band a Re Pearson Josh Meyers Joel Nick Jeremiah Watkins Sandy data will be there and a a couple other special guests that have not been confirmed but will be very shortly. It's going to be fucking. bonkers live podcast. We're going to have a goddamn comedy jam band tonight. We're going to have a costume contest dance party Karaoke. It's going to be madness. You don't WanNa miss it. Picture ops meet and greets and just hanging you guys WanNa. Come hang with us us. We got your chance October. Thirtieth to November first twenty twenty the brandon Adam Halloween spook tackler tickets. What do you get them go to travel by Parker DOT COM or Dr Adam rate comedy dot Com and the ticket link is on my website at Atom Ray Comedy Dot Com Holy Shit. That's where today's episode is about Brad. I discussed the cruise cruise we catch up a little bit because Brad and and myself have not sat down and done Solo EPS in the minute. We're counting down Brad's exit from the podcast but but holy shit that we have so many special ones lined up were releasing a lot of bonus episodes because of that we want to milk the time we have with Bratty so a lot of voter steps coming up we got a bonus bonuses tomorrow bonus up next week and including Blake Griffin which will be out next Monday and so many more coming your way all right so so make sure subscribe to the podcast on itunes apple play sorry Google play spotify wherever you get your your podcast put us into the rotation and give us a five star rating on the tunes page and comment on the I tunes charts and email us at about last night pod I keep telling you guys if you want some free merge giving giving mood this this this year so email us at about last night pod. Jimoh dot com where you get the pod how you got to do it why love it and and I'm going to send you some free. Adam Adam remerged. It's that easy you want some free merch. Tell us why you listen to the pod. If you're listening to it and you dig it. Tell us why and your favorite apps and how you got into it and all that bullshit. We've you've received so many sweet heartfelt message from you guys. I'd like to read if you right now. Emma from Philadelphia said I heard you a few times in the local radio station Adam here in Philly on the President Steve. Show and you crack me up. I started following on instagram. Check out the podcast and was hoped right away. You're a great storyteller and Brad is so damn quick awesome guests in Banja every time I'm a welder with long hours and you guys keep me entertained and so thanks for making me laugh. Make my day fly by. I'll keep an eye out for the next time you're in town. PS congrats on the baby Brad Little Baby. Maybe elway with love from Philly Emma such a sweet message. Here's one from Mindy Brogden from Pine. Era Zona discovered both U. V. Adam Corolla been a fan from his Internet streaming morning. Show followed him to the podcast and never heard Brad and you over the years and I get Phoenix with Corolla found y'all's podcast and have enjoyed it ever since congrats bat on Brad on the new baby. GonNa miss you on the pod but we'll keep on listening rock on atom. I enjoyed the interviews when you all get funny. Thanks loved these dudes such a nice messages such a nice message. Here's another one from Arizona Tucson. bussan Arizona Curtis Rivera says guys Curtis Rivera. I listened from Tucson Arizona love. The podcast keeps me going to work. Glad you guys went back to the old school intro for the Dr Oz APP. Just right until you guys how fucking awesome you guys are and hopefully you'll send me some free shit. If I wasn't a broke Mexican. I'd buy it all but should Adam. I heard you say you were giving it away. A. And there's nothing more as Mexicans like than free shits all right shirts and hoodies my mailing address here. It is keep the last common it's a midget. Nadu so why don't you sit down and Lol oh well thanks Curtis Rivera. You are the man appreciate the love you guys are so sweet bread hemingway in Buffalo New York says I live in a suburb of Buffalo and I love the podcast. The first episode of the podcast I heard was Stevo when he tweeted about it. I've been in love ever since thanks for continuing to make me laugh. You guys are the shit hope to see in Buffalo soon. Thank you bread Hemingway Way. Thank you everyone for these messages. Keep them coming about last night. Pot and and we'll send you some free march right read the room my album still out on Amazon spotify. If I google play and I tunes go get that come out and see us live and makes you subscribe because so many great efforts coming up before the countdown of Bradley even the podcast rights you gotTa help we find New Dwarf now that we've got the tour dates to handles emergency out of the way sit back relax and enjoy a bonus episode of the about last night podcast Brad Williams and atom ray so it's time to shed a down Jones Tokyo is we're going on a cruise. There's no better way to get into it. I mean it really is and I love that. We're doing this and yes. This is real. We're not we're not just saying. We're going on a cruise like hey. We're going to cruise through the mind man like no. This is a cruise or a Disneyland cruise or we're inviting you all to the jungle cruise. No He's not for a Dwarf cruise which by the way seems like the next next rowboat. It's just aroma hello. There's forty of us on it. All we could fit. There's surprising to me that the conventions haven't like moved locations. Oh many tried to get off land. Is it because they're truly is maybe a fear and I don't know but that'd be interesting. I'd go on that cruise. I I mean hopefully dwarves and then a lot of freaks dwarf hunters like someone's like it's as big game dwarf is GonNa be great but yes i. I love that now when we're doing these. We're doing these podcasts. that are just you and me. It's always bombshell announcements last time. Brad put put a baby in somebody. Making people tears were had moments. Were were felt in the cockles of everyone this one we're going on a crusade. ooh announced my retirement from Judea retired so they just like raise your yarmulke rafters your shawl. Yeah Yeah Yeah we we are. We are going on a cruise if you like the podcast and you're constantly asking yourself. How do I hang out with these guys without stocking them at comedy clubs right one to see them in a city and make a weekend of it yeah because sometimes yes we do meet and greet after our shows but that's there's a line of people it's just like hey thanks for coming photo. Click by Hook moment. We have to move on because there's just so many people album out we we. We give you a moment in that. Moment is a fucking weekend on a boat on a boat with booze with booms comedy and the and the Goddamn comedy jam band out of Myers Every Pearson and Sandy Dantonio and Jeremiah Walk Ins and costume contest. Here's the thing about the weekend we're going. They gave us options they were like. Do you WanNa go on Easter weekend. Do you want to go the weekend of Martin Martin Luther King Day Weekend Arbor Day very day very popular Earth Day Forum we skip which is a Jewish holiday yeah that nobody cares for hobble which is dwarfed today. Is it really no. That's just how we run home. I got four. We scurry story sounds like what you get. When you go to hobble yeah you guys get. What is it guilt on? I was talking to like an S. T. D. O. Attacker is too many scurry. This is here here is the absolutely fun. Give us a day October. Thirtieth twenty twenty marked Salen from Long Beach California go into medical it is the Brad Williams Williams and Adam Ray or Adam and Brad Williams. Whatever you want Halloween Spook Tackler at see. How often does that sound yeah. Halloween's heckler Giller et see because everyone's at Halloween. Everyone's got big holiday the biggest holiday it. It's the biggest party one. That's what I'm saying because Thanksgiving giving Christmas yeah. There's a lot of positive vibes in but also it's long. There's a weekend there's a lot of build up for Christmas and sometimes letdown too much family. Halloween is like you do your own thing not no one's getting together. It's like the amount of parties I've just gone to where I didn't. I knew one person but ended up knowing and being inside of so many people you know what I'm saying. You were inside so many people I mean the phrase that or maybe you don't I don't know talking about. Maybe it was a very successful weekend. Look I'm saying I went to one Halloween Party at Santa. Barbara once fucked a lot a lot of people a lot of people fucked and made out pegging. I just think Halloween is one of those. It was like caution to the wind. Go bigger go home. The costumes the like an anything can happen even the music that accompanies Halloween between parties always just sounds like crazy shit's should be happening. Yeah and now is now as a chance for that to really go down yeah we were. We're GONNA go. We're GONNA sale from Long Beach to Mexico you. Were a costume for the costume contest where your cost him on the boat. No one cares have fun podcast. We're GONNA end then goddamn comedy jam a band accompanying us on a couple of shows the meet and greets yep. photos shows yeah. I. It's going to be great. It's on a big. It's a it's we got proposed for this event of the people who do the Corolla crews Yup and so we're in good company and we're like we you know we've always wanted to do something like this to give fans an an extra opportunity to to really be a part of something cool and especially with with you leaving the pod in December Yep. It's an extra way of like reuniting the band end and a part of something that truly is now like a vintage collectors item moment because I mean this is one more thing that I wanted to put out when I said head that I'm that I'm going to be leaving. The podcast is that when whenever someone like would never ban breaks whenever podcast stops. Everyone's like all man. They're not getting along man. Yeah full can fighting man. That's how it is now. This is not the case. I just want to spend more time better phrase because we'll miss each other more crews together. Let's go nuts yeah so yes that we wanted to give you guys another chance. Hang out see some great comedy. Do Do do a special event. Live podcast like we said cosmic gladys now. If you're asking Brat we get it. We all these things are awesome. How the fuck do we get. All you do is go to. WWW dot travel by parker dot com slash Halloween spectacular SP okay T. A. U. L. A. R. Halloween spook tackler travel parker dot com slash spectacular and then you can reserve your spot on the on the atom ray and Brad Williams Halloween spectacular at sea. Let me tell you this. I've been on two cruises. Do do doing comedy. There used to be this thing where like Oh. We've comedians are doing cruise ships. It's like it's Kinda lame family friendly. They're old Borscht belt. Comic do exist the end of their lives. You know this is not that the opposite in fact yeah and you know the the people look like you said he came to us and said Do you guys want to do one. Maybe maybe two years ago three years ago. I would've said no but now I've done the Chris Jericho rock and wrestling raiders see. I know that cruise can be amazing. I know that it's going to be great food. It's GONNA NB drinks. I believe there's a casino on the boats gamble. I mean and Karaoke what better time to gamble then when a midget is right next to you if you don't win then you're never in a way that's good luck yeah so this is going to be truly a truly amazing thing. We're going to hang out. Is this for the costume contest. Yeah Eh going to be insane yeah. So you know go big. Go home. I I might even go home. Stay on the boat and the boat hide stay in Mexico. Maybe you're running. I'm from the cops and you and you and you WANNA run and you know that they don't have a chance. They don't have extradition. Laws in Mexico. Let us be or gateway getaway for it. and it is a great company. This is not shady. This is not one of those like it's G- it's going to be a guy with fan that he just holding a boat and splashes water on your face. No it's not that we will be there. No Cardboard cutout images right either live in the flesh. Yeah we did our research to it's like there's a lot of surprisingly options to do something like this with but but this is this is the one that's. GonNa treat everybody the best damn right and then you can get the boat in medical and you do do whatever you WanNa do for a day yeah in medical thing. I'm saying that right. Culture appropriate is okay. You can have a little fun you you hop on the boat so you can. You come right back. It's not it's not a long cruise or not. This isn't like two weeks we leave what time on Friday but whenever the Puck we cast off ah I WANNA say between three and five and then and then you then you get there I think on Saturday is the day that you have a little fun and I think we're doing a a comedy band. Show that first night and then Saturday is costume contest podcast during the day meet-and-greet then then. I think there's one more thing Sunday Sunday afternoon before we before we come back yeah. It's going to be great. We're filling it up and there's GonNa be also just the right amount of events and picture taking and all that and then we'll let's be hanging which is I'm. I'm not staying in my room. Yeah no no no also. I don't like those cruises where the calendar in the agenda is filled up too much to where it's like right. I can't even hang out a little bit and that's the fun of of wanting to go and have fans. Come on and to be able to take cannonball you and and the spook a- Danza what's it called Halloween's butacular it is I mean spook would have been maybe that's your costume. Is You come as Spooky Dan. You've come out like I'm dead. Amazon blew the ghost of Tony Danza. Let me tell you let let me tell you about Blue Lamidi about on my friend. She's my booth fucker ghost of somebody. That's not dead I think yeah. I think that's funny. Gosh Hume exactly so you have any costume. You might as yet oh man now. I don't know forever beat the costume that I was wearing when we did our what does the Fox say video on Youtube where I dressed up as towed from. I'm a Super Mario Brothers you don't. It's just perfect. If you have not seen that just google. What does the Fox say Brian Williams. Whatever look for the dwarf in the mushroom hat that aww porn hub category? It's my nieces favorite video like when you do a finally see them again they're going to. They're going to lose their minds. Oh yes there. I'll I'll do the move. They truly are obsessed with yeah. I'm thinking you know there's obviously with Trudeau going Oh that's not going to happen that is going to have in back native American face whatever he dead bringing bringing bringing it back but just bringing you back and reminding us how wrong it is yes because we hadn't seen it in a while. Yes nobody had made that mistake. Jake since I think was Laura Ingraham. That was like what's wasn't no it was Megan. Kelly what's wrong with just a costume awesome yeah really bad history with it and we the in home saying is we will not be doing. The best black face cost you then not going to be one of the events. If you show up you'll probably be as lever thrown overboard or made fun of or not allowed into the event sure or we'll just yeah and this gives you plenty of time because it's Halloween twenty twenty not in a couple of weeks yeah crews. No this is next year. You have a year to plan and you have a year to get a babysitter time. You have a year to find a camp here to get your mom to watch the kids. Plan your shit around this. You truly should just not go outside exactly because you don't have your act together. A year is plenty of time is going to be the grass we could ever. Halloween is the best we can party party. It's I also have never made a weakened out of it. It's usually just one night two and a half and in. Can you mixing. The comedy shows now. Have you had any kind of legendary Halloween costumes. Yeah I went the first mushrooms two thousand three. I was dressed as a slim. I'm Jim Guy is just a real spiky-haired orange and yellow wig. Oh so the actual slim slim jims not macho man. No the guy that was that was the slim Jim yeah okay. That's pretty solid that was good. Then you can be creepy tow girls stick a bite out of you. I'm spicing ladies Batman one year and it was the first and only time I've ever blacked out and I was carried down the fraternity row by one of the football players in our fraternity house and and always being carried out the row if I just started crying and and he goes dude you gotta wake up it was almost like when Cuba gooding junior got knocked out and he was and he came to two and he was like like taking it all in you. GotTa see this and the whole row was kind of a plotting because people were out on the streets partying remember the SE fraternity roaches all the houses so so everyone's out there seeing Batman being carried down the row by two two football players and everybody was just like you'll be back Cape Crusader if instagram existed existed. He's so many videos of to carry back. Joe Got the best yeah yeah yeah but so that was a that was a fun costume. I've I did the the trump. you know the thing where you it looks like he's carrying you on your shoulders. Oh Yeah I remember that that was that was so the legs kick he like and that was fun. I probably won't go political this year or next year. I guess but because that'll be October they'll be right before the election days before the election will be wearing my Elizabeth Warren Costume. I won't go as cory booker because like we said Ed blackberries. It's good Warren doing it. I mean can my wife goes under Yang they're both I think gender I don't know how can it go yeah which we doesn't work. I don't know maybe I'll go as the vice president who wherever that is gang gang are you on the young gang gang gang wife's gotta be I mean I think you have to be in that in that scenario. It's almost like when yelling came into the league and it was that sounds more like who's your favorite player yeah like you don't go picture story. OCULUS. He's been having a great season. Jump on board with the new flavor of the week exactly and yeah not not I think Andrew Yang is funny he you buy a shirt from and it's and it says Hashtag math because zt because he's Asian and he says and he says that's funny and I think all right you're going to your house. Stereotype jokes like that shit wow good job. Yang Yang. You know what that does when when they make make jokes like that and it just makes you relatable dude yeah like when you can't I mean look at trump like he. He clearly doesn't have a sense of humor and his his way of making a joke. I just heard I heard on some. We'll clipboards where he was like his expyse his clearly this was a blow despise. I can you know what we used to do. A spies his things have changed and he was gonNA leaning in and he was smirking. He never even laughs smirks to kind of hint to make people uncomfortable and then they laugh think. Maybe that was a joke but they're just nervous but he was like you know we use it. He was basically hinting that like we used to kill spies and he was saying we should find whoever leaked this in his office and kill them and so they're all right joe so we should kill L. B. Roll so it's like you gotTa have picture. He's got like the doctor evil button so he's got like the button it says like Kellyanne Conway on it and then you hit the button. She's goes back here the fire I bet he has that somewhere or her body's unfrozen and she comes out of whatever you know. Maybe he tries to cough and she lives in. Maybe he tries to hit the Diet coke button but instead hits the Attorney General William Bar Button so then he goes yeah but if you're relatable way too hard about the guy so we don't have to write. I just gotTa Make Dick Jokes. That's it yes. We're we're. We're very excited for the crews is be great excited to spend time with their families. They get tickets again. They get tickets at. WWW dot travel by parker dot com slash Halloween spook tackler at his right to your Halloween right all right you bring the daughter she'll be I mean I don't know I don't know she is doing one trip for a friend's wedding already yeah we we gotta plan It'll be very interesting. I don't know to handle it. I don't know how she's going to be on the plane. We've gotten several tips. I was talking with Pete Holmes about this how you have to feed them right for takeoff and and as you land so their ears pop Shit like that but yeah may maybe I can't say yes I can't say no. I'm pretty sure she won't be able to swim by you know six months old so many many many many many how do yeah yeah. Are you Dr Evil on her as baby costumes are always fun bested stressing kids up in general. That's why people get dogs as starters when they address them up on Mike. I truly do judge the way people are dogs up on housing and address the kids up. Mike if you have some style for that canine. Did you see what he's going to okay in the fourth grade. Did you see the the video of the person that made a chucky costume for their dog now so there are dog when the dog runs at you. It looks like Chuckie is building a knife and running at you but it's the face of a pug abets fucking the amazing yeah. I don't know what I'm GONNA do like I. I don't know if I'M GONNA be that guy that dresses up there. I mean obviously dress up the kid but there's that added pressure. When you're a comedian of being funny with your costume so here it is on look at that. Show this to you but yeah. There's like that's a bad for game. I'm not gonNA play. God Dang it. Today's episode of the about last night podcast is brought to you by Koi. CBD ooh CBD oil baby feeling relaxed. Just hear me talk about it aren't you. You don't know what the oil is. Don't feel like a dumb dumb Adam Adams to tell you. 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KOA CBD DOT COM Promo Code About last night for twenty percents off any retail order from the website. Gumy's tinctures pens creams that got it all. I'm telling you the shed and and Brandon. I couldn't love more who knows they might fucking make Brad grow which would ruin his act but but would help them reach the cocoa puffs on the top shelf there is there is an extra level of just talking about a while. Oh wait this was on the news. I thought it was just a popular video. It's all my God we on the it's on inside edition is is this pop a killer obviously not with the way that the hand is like attached to the thing so it looks like dude. That's amazing. Also definitely you quick way to give your your cat shits yeah. I can't do that with my dog because that's on a cute little pug. That's fine. My Dog's massive so it's like Oh that's real dog is going to be scary of like the knife that was attached to fake knife to the thing like you see like a real one in its sandy like odd. You get a bigger better sharper knife. You can talk. That's that's gotTa be a horror movie somewhere like ooh the person that dresses their dog as a serial killer but he's actually a serial killer. Oh yeah policies the dog. Would you rather I remember this episode of the Simpsons were they. The guy invented elected while your baby could talk right yeah. Go Mag Maggie translate for Yeah rather have that for your future future daughter or or Diego. Who would you be more in the first year for life as she's making sounds as a as because in uh because because I'm having a girl there's going to be plenty of years where she's going to talk and that's fine. I'm I and listening. I'm going to listen and pretend to listen Mary attentively yeah and I will acknowledge all that so I would say because I have those years of talking ahead I would say I would. I would have my dog talk that and there's there's like someone made this joke. I got I think it was Melissa virus in your where she said everyone gives their dog voice like every dog has like you give your dog accent yeah very much and for Diego Dago my wife and I because he's a big pit bull. We always make him talk like this Kinda Dob. This is voice high dot com and now it'd be interesting if we gave them a voice of would actually be saying things like that. Yeah yeah I mean any kind of dumb. He did put who framed Roger Roger Rabbit hole through my screen door yeah what because the screen door was closed. He came back from a walk. I was outside. He Samba. NBC was like your home and then ran into no the screen doors closed and just just barreled through the thing and it. It looked like you gave Roger Rabbit some soda pop in a hole right through the door so that's why I had to sell a few extra t shirts yeah there. There's going to be a space in your brain to just going back to you having to know to feed your child before the plane lands now. Lou a new piece of baby INFO MHM that something will have to get pushed out of your brain for that to make room for that stuff. Oh Yeah what are you going to start like. What are you going to spend like is it. Football facts acts like what is GonNa. I hope so you got to keep jokes. Yeah keep jokes key eighties cartoon theme songs. You are known horsely on this podcast and in life. If you know you for having a an empty cavernous amount of never ending supply of just facts yeah. I'm not gonNA recall them bullshit or unnecessary because they've always been timely. They're always interesting. Yes like I've never heard fact at dinner or drinks or wherever we we've bend where you bring it up and I go I have to you have to say that right now. Yeah I've never thought that it'd be like no shit. Oh cool and then that spawns a whole other uh-huh I'm coming here from the you made it weird podcast with Pete Home Right and I taught him the word defenestrate he he didn't know what that word meant so then we had a whole riff about that because what that means is the act of throwing someone out of window. That's what do you know that exactly. I don't know Oh but you don't remember you can't back now. I don't know why I know what that word means. Did you see were you like watching a movie with your dad at some point some odd movie and they threw a guy out the window off and you're like Jesus tossing well. Somebody had to finish stratum someday. I'll use that sometime. Thanks Dad in in thirty years. That's going to be very helpful such an obscure word but that's what's great about words to like. I remember the first time I heard unbeknownst and I was like Oh that's going in the rotation. Asian and I love it. It's one of my favorite I think it was Gary Goldman has a where you likes to call bad people Ne'er hairdo wells and just and just kind of breaks down because that's something it's like if if you if if you got your girl and be like I don't stay with that guy. He's a real bad guy like that's one thing but if you go hey stay when that guy. He's a he's a Ne'er do well. She'll she'll have that pause ago. What Ne'er do well. You never does well. That's that's where that comes from. Wow Weird Shit. It's Weird Shit Yeah. If you want random ass facts told you do on a boat then come to Brad Alouine spooked Tackler at Sea October thirtieth twenty twenty leaving from Long Beach callaway go into Mexico having fun to be a Brad might be aw twelve year Brad to bear Brad. This doesn't mean your first cruise for sure. Since your daughter was born yeah I'll be loose and and you always cut loose on Halloween. It's so much fun. I mean hell when I cut loose. I go uh three days ago. Oh I was drunk in a bar in Chico California and they said they said you know we have a challenge at this bar I go what is the challenge yeah and they go. Well you ride a tricycle icicle around the bar. Let Me Stop Right. There tries again. You said Oh I can't fall over done. I'm in yeah well I if you do it around the bar and I said I was wears. The tries to win freer. Why just went okay so I did see that video so they bring out the tricycle they they. They put a bra on me for some reason. Yeah don't know why I don't care to start. The transition shared the field out mania Ania. Maybe yeah why not you know hey well. It was like the Simon G. Go unless it's on the Graham. Yeah Yeah exactly there is there's seinfeld episode. Where am I think George Costanza Dad came up with a man's ear. Yeah the yeah the male Bra so that kind of stuff so I put on the Bra rode the bike around the bar freaks people out because imagine your bar. You're having a beer you Mexican but he saw you come in yeah. You conjoined some hot wings and you're like well. I think I'd go home and go to bed dazzling. Chico and I'm not like privy to their dwarf population but I'm GONNA assume there. I didn't see any yeah I went to. I went to starbucks and we were driving home. The next day and a guy looked me went bret Williams and I go. How are you meant and he goes. What the fuck are you doing the show I don't know Ooh. That's your first question like hey. How are you nice to see what the fuck what's. CELEBS are going up. There actually big comics Adam Ryan Brad Williams we go to Chico show right great show and where else do we go out and we go to see what going on the boats going on a boat that song. Where did all the boat anthems will be played? We'll plan that we'll be playing Christopher Crosses sailing. We'll be playing theme. We've Land Cellini on my heart will go on. We will do the I'm flying Brad. Wow we're GONNA do it. There's got to be some sort of game. We can right around that. Are you arose. I think you're the Rove rose on the mind being I'm I getting fucked version of the top and bottom yeah. That's the street guy version isn't of you. Rosa Jack Rose rose. I don't mind getting talking to muddle tea steaming it up. Oh Yeah don't mind it at all at great movie. You can draw me. I already haven't so yeah well. We'll probably we'll probably do. A couple photo ops like that. We'll be playing the boat anthems. It's GONNA be mayhem. We drink goddamn comedy. Jam Band is too. I'm sure you've heard US talk about the show world-famous every festival the every comics done it and to have them come as just an extra bonus because it was already going to be a blast with us and the Kashem contest but now it's like I mean dude the energy special guest comics that were that that are confirmed that we're talking to you. They're gonNA come because the jam coming up. It's just GONNA be awesome. It's going to be so much fun and I'm so glad that we get to do fun. Things like this would be great for me like I said I'll be. I'll be gone from the pods. It'll be nice to come back. See a bunch of fans. I it. It's so cool knowing late because now we've gotten to meet so many great eight podcast fans yeah toying around the country. I literally have a Rolodex in my head. I know at least twenty podcast fans like yeah. They'RE GONNA sign up yeah there some of them May. We might have restraining orders for fun when they're in costume. We can't tell them see more reason to come. I I'd entity exactly we won't know you'll be. You'll be sitting at our table. You know just come dressed snow white. I'll be very interested male or female. I don't care rose. I don't Yeah Yeah. He doesn't wear again travel by Parker P. A. R. K. E. R. Travel by Parker dot com slash Halloween spectacular tackler. Go there reserve your cabin. Let's have some fun everybody. Let's versions of Lavigne's too right yeah. There's there's there's different sizes. There's balconies. There's not balconies. I know we have some very cheap options. We have some more we have some more expensive options like when you're buying a Dildo you can get the standard to speed. Everyone's everyone's seen it. Everyone's you know or you can get or you can oh hey is it grandma's eightieth birthday. She's still alive. Let's go to the king size. Yeah five-speed five-speed. Let's go to the teeth chatter hands. That's what they were just like that. The two hands yeah those fans by by the way. I wouldn't want that anyway if I was a woman anywhere near my vagina like what is it doing where it goes in and then goes like that no that's that's not a call that he's the fucking uh that's called assault at me to yourself exactly all right so ladies gentlemen. Thank you for joining us on this very special episode go. We'll get your ticket very special bonus episode I'm loving my last few podcast with you. I have a few more and we and we got. We got some great ones in the bank man man so special ones coming up yep so I am absolutely loving you guys. Thank you thank you for your wishes to telling me that I'm leaving but at the same time you you understand that means a lot to me and I love it so much them coming back to do this cruise so I can hang out with you. Guys Shebang is easier to Shebang use it. A BROUHAHA is a kerfuffle would secure call it uh-huh throwing. Will you see that. I don't know we'll come. We'll be Atia Kira dance off with Brad the best thing wow that's actually actually I just came up with that and that's happening. I mean these these dwarf hips. Don't lie GONNA happen. You'RE GONNA lose. Wow someone's going to try to Shakira off against Brad not going to hop. You're going tickets one more time where it. WWW w. w. dot travel by Parker Dot com slash Halloween spook tech Euler October thirtieth twenty twenty a hold your spot get it. Get in line measure here for this because you're going to don't have foam. Oh don't be looking at our INSTAGRAM's. Come October thirtieth bomb in be like why am I not there. We now how we warned you will give you time. Get it now. Get Your finances in order to get tickets now. Get a sitter. Get your your side piece. You're fucking. Bring your bring your best friend. Bring your girlfriend. Bring your wife. Bring your GRANDPA. Whoever likes fun Brigham and we'll see in twenty twenty little alert we now go the new brand. Eh You the breakout laugh podcast. We'll be right back. Hey everybody it's me Tony Danza. Thanks for listening to the bell last night podcast with Brad Williams hit atom ray boy. There are a lot of fun. Why don't you subscribe on. I tunes to this. Welcome in podcast. Give them a five star ratings this midget and this you can feel good about themselves. Workable minutes also get on your iphone or android and get the podcast APP. You can it also listen to it on or about last night. podcast dot com where you can hear past episodes with great debts. Lisa coudl Paul Feek Kevin Neal and Bob Sagging theon Cole Chris Leah Adam Devine Michael McDonald Julia white but Friedman Stevo Parlin Williams. Tom Arnold Ron funches launches Rick Glassman Blake Edison on his home decimate Peluso Joey McIntyre and many many more. I'm Tony Danza. Thanks for listening to the about that last night podcast goodnight. That's it right. Sweet boy smells good in that booth by the way we're GONNA indicate who is it. Hannukah willow is me what's up dog. This is your Pale bugs bunny. Say I got a question question for you. Do you know who has the head of Elmer Fudd and the body of Foghorn Leghorn. Why debts Adam Rain Bread Williams. Ain't I a stinker.

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