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Did for mature audiences the views and opinions dot com auto. Guys won't booze they would later a sacrifice would you bring off all right. That's an easy sport disrespect. He has low class Sacrifice Dot Com to get where I got DOT com. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another spontaneous edition of the box invoices Saturday Saturday fight day deontay while versus Luis Ortiz rematch live eight. PM Eastern on Fox pay per view you could catch their pre free limbs right now on the premier boxing channel or premier boxing champions Youtube Channel. which I don't think it started? I was Looking at that a little awhile ago it hadn't started but floyd mayweather vs Terence Crawford. Obviously Floyd Mayweather had come out this week stating being that he would be coming out of retirement in two thousand and twenty and we don't have any clear plans as which way this living legend will turn born in which direction people speculating. MMA PEOPLE SPECULATING A to fight. Boxing deal I've heard a little bit of everything but we're to discuss Terence Crawford in the fact that he's doing what we've asked of him For quite some time. Now though your name in the hat you know make a case for yourself and I believe. That's what he he did when he took to social media a few hours ago and he posted this very same picture that we're using for our thumbnail as you can see it. Received Forty Nine thousand likes any says twenty twenty. Why not make any puts Hashtag Mayweather Crawford so a lot a lot to take in one beautiful on terence car our Crawford's part to take the social media to finally you know kind of like I said was naming a hat you know say? Hey I'm here here. You know I'm willing. Don't forget me because really. If you don't speak you will be forgotten so just want to give Crawford credit for at least making an attempt to get this done. Whether her you know a lot of us will say well he'll never fight you know he doesn't like Bob he'll never fight Crawford. Maybe so maybe. So but that's not Crawford's Crawford's job Crawford's job as a guy that is thirty two years old now. His job is to try and do what he he has to do to get this fight because his promoters been failing him for some time now and if mayweather it's coming back no other fight out there for Crawford honestly there's not a bigger fight that could be made for him. If you want to see Terence Crawford grow you desperately try and get him. This passing of the Torch Fight Mayweather. It's forty the three years old in February so he's ripe for the taking he may still you have those fantastic may whether skills. But he's ripe for the taking. So we're on Terence Crawford Social Media and this is the trainer of Glen Tapia can do Ho- Should should Asia Green and others terrific Jesse says to Crawford. It'll be a good pay day for you chant. But uh-huh money mayweather needs to stay away from you. MMA fighters is his thing. And that's what a lot of things that you know Floyd's not coming back for a real fight. You Know He. He's coming back for a money. Grab but before I get to any other comments. We got MINU Joan saying fight of the decade. Now I'm going to scroll down to a Terence Crawford comment which has me scratching my head. Now Look at top. Rank comes out and says thinking Emoji but three you them. So are they thinking or the contemplating fuck he wants us to do. Business with the other side but then here comes Terence Crawford and this is where it gets interesting has tag ESPN HASHTAG top. Rank has tagged zone has tagged zone. I said Hash Tag egg zone Interesting in trusting hashtag design now. It was Brian McCann Sai a Bo. Oh Mac the trainer of Terence told US first quarter twenty. Twenty Crawford's should be done with that contract now. We don't know when that is first for scorer could be all the way up until April. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe it's the whole first half but hash tag does zone interesting interesting now has take. Pb See that's even more interesting because you you see someone could have been. I think you're so smart. Of course he's with. ESPN and top rank. So who al.. Hayman deals with desks. Who Floyd is so so then why is the zone there or is he not saying Hashtag? Everybody who's in boxing. Who wants to bite his fight? I'm about to be a free agent has tagged zone. That's the monkey monkey wrench right. Did you know because it again. ESPN top rank PBC if he leaves every other Hashtag besides that zone. Then I'm like okay. This this is not then you know. Tyson fury in and Fox doing a split pay per view. So that's what he means but he put zone in this just to the highest bidder. Who wants despite now? Obviously this is all theoretical because mayweather mayweather chooses who we we fight in. May whether we'll ever choose to fight Terence Crawford credit to Terence Crawford credit to turn. This is what you do. Attach yourself to that name. He talked about coming back. Will you talk about fighting them. This is what you do. Oh so happy that after all these years. They're finally taking that advice. Man You gotta a shoot your shot or you're going to be left an adult you ain't GonNa have no big fight it ain't gonNA come. You gotTA shoot your shot if you don't put it out there that's why I love the speaker believer receive. This is that this is that we spoke about. Aj doing speaking believe and receive it. And this is Crawford speaking believer receive it right here. Let's give them a skill Mahara on this. Why because this is what you gotta do? So let's see if there's any conspiracy theories like myself on any of these replies to Crawford mentioning all those networks in Hashtag so if you want fights like this bra laughing myself I mean okay someone else come back and says true they they they they respect that he said you can he replied. I mean talking about this one says that that would be epic on which is too. I just don't know the disk and ever happen. This is a passing of the torch. They gotta give me with all types of money. And that's why I'm happy. He put asked tag dissolve. Maybe they would pay for a double triple overtime and fun for me. Whether like Oh you came out of retirement. Here's more to go back into time. If I but on the network I duNNo. I don't know but this is a little quick report man little quick report. This is terrence Crawford. Crawford verified instagram He's at over half a million followers and this is his last post at fifty one Thousand likes that's about ten percent of his followers so he's getting good engagement And you know that he's in Ken he stays in camp with you. Know all his stablemates stablemates. Jamal haring Everybody you know there. He goes in the camera here with Jamal. Harry obviously he always gives around Chicago Stevenson. So you know he's he's he's ready he's ready and he needs this big fight like this he really does You know he is thirty two and this year there. He only fought Amir Khan and he's going to end the year with mean machine a guy that everybody just calls them by his nickname because we can't pronounce his first and last name. We don't know who we fought. We know that he drew or raw. Ore had a robbery with Ray Robinson. So you know this is a good way to at least get some buzz on a guy who's about the fighting like fourteen days right. I think he fights on December fourteenth. I could be wrong about that. But he definitely in December you know and again you know mayweather. The one the came out this week saying he was coming out of retirement in twenty twenty and we don't have any clear plans on which direction you know. Floyd is GonNa go you know. He hasn't for since two thousand seventeen and that was beating Conor McGregor. That wasn't a true professional national boxer. But if you speak about bikes in his last boxing fight was with Andre Berto. So I think there's a lot of danger and a prime terrance Crawford taken on a mayweather but I think may whether if anything if something that could ever come to fruition. He would be be putting this together as to ideal or something like that. Maybe like the way the war did the Kovalev deal but Crawford you know l.. Look he's won multiple titles multiple weight classes but at thirty two with all at success with all his sp's and and all the pound bound for pound Lewis. He's just not destroy that he or his fans wish he would would be That's just the truth you know. He's promoted by top rank but their arrival promoter they don't really do with would Al so this is far fetched. Because you're like I'll fight. I'll fight floyd. If it was that easy to floor will the new kaffee spence. You can fight back. You can fi- porter you can fight. Keith Thurman Danny Garcia you would've already for them so now you coming for the top which is going to be your biggest pay day. I just don't see why our or floyd would say yeah. Let's let's let's come back out of retirement and throw you at. You're at a top young up and coming welterweight on the top bring side it just it. Don't make no sense. The only sense that makes is that Hashtag zone meaning. He's thinking about this when he's done with that top rank contract. That's how I'm looking at it. He's not thinking about this now. He say twenty twenty because he no that's when force coming back and and we know that's what his contract is allegedly up which are brand. Now the question assume remains. Is he going to sign another extension. I don't know that's what we're going to have to see us on another extension but I'M GONNA go ahead and go out to the callers. You already know them a call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one once voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people. Don't forget to add Nestor Gibbs on skype just a little quick report show. We're going to go out to the sponsors. Let us know your thoughts on the situation. Remember to rate his five five stars on I tunes these calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts electric vehicle charging stations for consultations stations and Turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. All right. We're GONNA Michigan B.. Police autoomy coke. What up I that was going on with Mike? I don't know man. He answered no Texas today. Bra Mike Nonni with this topic right here. This says boy man. I think it's a cool man. Shot out how I can see whether swooping their fighter this all just despite By Earl spits even though he fake. Give him praise though I don't know man I don't think they do. Maybe if the bad big enough I own desire. Oh I don't know about that either. It's good questions though. We do gotta get some Asir. Thanks for having a show man keeping up to date on everything else mask ask for the champ amount. Be Paul thanks for calling. We're going out to the ring lids slow talk to me. Decatur Georgia My shout the body for making meet Rangel Man is crazy. Fight for me. You know he both my guys. If this was the happened happen but I if it was having I had a lane toward bud had to go to euphonium. Sometimes I don't do that but in this particular case I would have to because I assure what I'll be doing but again if money to bring their own go do pick out and if bug contract do twenty twenty. I hope he some kind of move just to get out from under the top ranked situation so people can stop having that to you. Know what I'm saying. Say about him because it seemed like really the only thing good aint backing out for nobody so we get up. Forgive Monday that the top rank thing then we can really do some Shit in two hundred twenty nights ability. Hope you listening money if you listen. That's was a shout Gabbay for them but if you on the that'd be some great shit. I won't be mad at him if he did it. Because there's at least guys bows for but Liz Lo why you think why you think Terence Crawford for put Hashtag zone zone has tagged. PBC is exactly you know it is actually kind of like a little money ploy in a city like throwing it out there of course which which. I don't not saying you particularly well. What people don't do it? They're going to run with it just because they did smarter him to do that. Shit about money just did this. Shit the deontay wilder book come out and do this shit the money man. This Shit Cooler Hair I. I'm all for the sheet mine. Right Decatur Georgia. Thanks for calling in. We're going out to boomerang in Seattle Washington Mr Hariri win the shot. Because I don't care what Mr the Sir Dominic what's up dominate going once. Just listen and the meantime going out to California Donald in Richmond sold to US man. Hey you know I like this. When I see a notification proper from Christopher I'm saying Oh Blah plus the worst oh boy I think that definitely defined ain't GonNa Happen so I'm not GonNa get overexcited but I think it would be a good fight I Do I think that but could be. Floyd is possible right now at this point floyd age although I know he keeps his open but I do believe that but does have the skill to beat him if he was to beat them so I think it will be a good tactical fight. Because I kind of look at Crawford as a mayweather and more of a tough way and he does kind of have a similar skill. Set So I think it will be great I think that when cropper Contract is up. I wouldn't recommend for him to go to PVC because foyt Loyd is a hater and he's running PBC. But I would think it would be a great idea for bud to go to dissolve because going to dissolve it wouldn't necessarily disqualify him from getting any he's why would it. BBC fighter because we know that her and puts the bat out there. And I think zone would be a great place for Bud to be I think would be able to get more and better fights because You know like I say Eddie hearn. He'll out there for anybody who wants to fight. That is Tom but I do want to ask specifically why do you think he put Hashtag dissolve type. PBC ESPN's brank honest answer. Today is is that he might go to dissolve after his contract is up. Thanks for calling in let me go out to Colorado Stone boombox and talk to me You know calling Avenir for fourteen Crawford it out. Glad to see it. Max is cloud chasing man. I'm glad somebody pulled up his skirt. Are you talking about coming out of retirement to fight other forty Eurofighters talking about come out to fight no young young lion so pretty pretty more blessed all day just he just stunned and as far to hold up though. I mean Crawford like a Cherry for floor because thirty not to thirty two the biggest real well too way. He fought his like Hawn middleweight. You know the the the most skilled fighter he fought was Gamboa's or feelings. Da's so like no this'll be a hell of a fight. I work our. I would like it for us. skills because I watched the Jeff Horn coach Freddie Roach coach. Talk about facing Crawford and they talk about like. That's ask the closest thing that you'll get to floyd but he punch hotter and he'd meaner that's where Freddie Roach and autumn saying and he should never go to dissolve because dissolved who what welterweight Deuda song got. I think maybe Ortiz. That's probably it so we'll be worse you'll be worse raw to zone. Because he went on at least he can fight the Warm Forty Light Ramirez and they can still do a deal with dissolved if I summit Oh God but they don't have nowhere to lay so he gonNA stick with Charlie Rangel you think he put Hashtag disown. I'm thinking I think he's saying that I'll I'll do the fight on his own but I won't side to this. I liked like that fight. Whoever a fight like that it would be basically a beating whoever I may Florida? Ain't GonNa find on showtime many. Like he'll no he would rather do fox. I gotTA beating whatever it is so you got Fox. Showtime does on all these people would not put money up to get that floyd fight so I think that's why put it because he know everybody's GonNa try to beat on that point. Hey did you see seals plan. Yeah I did I definitely seen that lay Liley said if floyd floyd come back I'm coming back to say well. If you coming back me usually vikings you said that before so some days we're calling. Are we going out to ruin a five. Oh four talk to suicide if you watch it on Youtube. Don't forget that comes up with the visibility show and let's get this show in front of is of new box fan so we could get new cordless talking boxing with US rootstock to us will it's gone on and I don't think that this fight happens but I still have to give credit to a Crawford just like what age a couple of months ago talking. Shit it helps your career and boxing and he needs to be applauded for that. I just doing saying something something to get more attention on yourself but as far as design or PBC those thanks. I mean if he decides the goals either one of those companies hope it works. Offer him but I mean staying with top rank. That might not help his career because he doesn't have that many options doesn't like he'd have options on zone either. Br I mean hopefully makes the smartest citizen. One of his contract is up. But that's my call all right all right. Well thanks for calling in. We're going out to to miss the platinum talk to US Yala. I'm just calling I. I don't think this happens. I think it's just the same thing. Remember her all Mayweather was saying that fire and Saudi Arabia with TAC. Yup Yup Yup Yup that ended up being a hoax so I think he just long smoke getting some attention. Yeah I mean we did a show yesterday saying that mayweather just said he was coming out of retirement cock block wilder but You know after that. There's been Hella Rumors Mursal Mayweather's true comeback. You know well doesn't he do this about every two years or something exactly what I said yesterday. He's do but he's but what every two years he's due to come out of retirement so there that adds truth to this. Well is the banks Crawford doesn't I mean but but we all know Spencer's He's a he's a piece this off the table right now due to who injury or at least rehabilitation well. Hopefully it happens man if it does. Yeah but I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm just giving you the devil's advocate the other side of the I'm with you. I don't think it happens. Let alone you know while Crawford's in a top rank contract now talk if we're taking any if we're taking any like I don't know if we're going to be conspiracy theorists and go off the Hashtag put Aztec Zone that makes makes me think all right. He wants to wait till twenty twenty because that's when his contract is up and he's leaving it up for the biggest bidder. Yeah that's what I think to see what's going to pay the most exactly well. That's my cough. Thanks Mr Platinum you. The man thanks for calling in. We're going out to that one white boy in Texas. Talk to US guys for another show. Phyllis not youtube smashed allied glutton subscribe and for as little as five bucks a month. You can get on patron you can ask these coaches and boxing Freshman boxers questions personal questions. I want and help ness and Mike out man that trying to grow the trying to go The Boxing Voice Board Wars Man FIGHT WITH CYP still on. I'm not for sure man Alan I don't think Crawford really I don't think they were gonNA come out for that he gonNA hang and take that fight Crawford. Smoke is asked this late but it's good news. It's good media. Keep his keeps Nehma Amo keep his name in the rumor mill. I feel like you'll smoke them. Based on what office went off a Jeff Horn. I know this is gonNA say Salon too. I'm not a big catch crossing fan either but I still think he's smoke. I'm just saying way into the Kovolev. Ovallis fight with no experience in would cross be going into the mayweather fight with Anthony. Anthony Yard almost had go live. I mean almost only cancelled horse using hand grenades but it James Crawford has got a couple of other names. Anthony Yard hasn't got no less Jeff. One Game Ball was one of my favorite Faisal no game boy ain't got he's not the you know he ain't got the pedigree's as mayweather but that was a fight for the good fight. That's all I know. I don't know man I it just on paper maybe the mayweather's or looking at this and John I'm GonNa get to some other girls maybe the mayweather looking at this and they're like yeah we could. We could do this week. Totally take this young book. Wet behind is ain't never been in the ring widow. Nobody as small fucker out and be right back on top. Be Right back on top. Now the problem is is it a marketable fight is the risk worth the reward like like. How much is someone GonNa pay for this fight? How much is it worth to the box? And Fantasy Floyd fight Terence Crawford I mean honestly speaking I guess I'm the residency. Cat around here. So he proven at welterweight floor was coming back to the world's way I'd rather see him spice spence but I guess the question is what sort of shot or you given terrorists versus floyd or is it a given the deterrence whitewashes floyd simply. Because he's forty three years old and he's he's he's past palm because I mean be up for a long time for for a long time we've gone out to Boomerang in Detroit. DETROIT ALUMNI caller straight to the point for those with attention deficit so famous. Excuse me of coming back with another one. I say that on this topic My you already know man is fight day so I'm excited man already. Got My ticket to relief for the theater. Like seven thirty so I can watch them pre law. To to be honest they look pretty pretty is deal what would you do you go out in between the electric wire in between fights to smoke. Yeah once you what's your what's your winner is is just like Apple. I WANNA take would've tickets to go to go out of your car. You come back in and you still got your back. Yeah so you go out there I go out there like yeah Visit early knockout. Or something I go out there. You know what I'm saying like if it's a slow fight you know saying and I I know I got him into go so burn a roll up like two months ago breath usually a involved along with me out of the guy but with you she could bring him with anyway so so we already got to drink her children. Sarah so we've got to try that maybe maybe that's a good idea for deontay wildest fight in February when he fights You know fury since we're going to be doing boorda was in Texas. Maybe we I know I know I went for a first at the theater was it was pretty electric. Komo audience insurance away. I say everyone was doing assigned. It'd be spoke saying they come back. You know a lot of theater awesome uncle lodging with a on May Weather Crawford traffic though. I'm happy to see way. And he's scared whether that work with his name out there. There's been fighting coming. He's not GonNa do that for him so at least you know some get some attention while they were smattering will partially Even before mayweather returns last time I thought would be to be. I think he does behind us. Josette Oh really think we can compare Anthony Yard to play. Let's not let's not compare. Let's let's compare pair. May whether to Hawn or to Gamboa or to Benedetta is that touch them or Gamboa's it hurt him known on him saying this this this is true. You know what I'm saying Floyd says though you know what I'm saying but at the same time lockers ballot by Ars Moseley You know what I'm saying and by Judas you know what I'm saying. And they had a tough time with I can't ever remember nine He's a mandatory. We go out now to triple rang. Cyp Young Young too. So let me let me fake if you extort from this point on me my wife were definitely find a proper. She doesn't know more they must is too long too. Okay too much you're talking. It's going to be out of hand. And he told you WanNa see me realize so. Let's just keep it at border wars. Now I ain't saying nothing about that man. It's good award bullshit because dating but I promise you will see me editor worth one hundred per cent of the next little regular dog last. Ask hype the greatest. Show not telling you. Check me if you want to as we bushy. I'm a decline so mayweather but always going okay. Okay so then we got a Mr. PBC what's up was good. You hear me not include Champi. You know what's going on block talked I'll speak in the whole time Yes seen this this morning Like I said I'm I'm happy that for my retirement. I've seen that floyd senior doesn't like it but I mean floyd he he brings the acid. He has that when he finds man's is something to see and I don't think it has nothing to do acog or you know AKAGI blocking the sign of say wilder all because he has so many people that WanNa fight him he could be he got many pack. Ya You know it's a money. Grab Crawford I mean. That'd be cool but I don't think he's willing to like take that low risk risk you know low pay high risk. Maybe who knows but I feel like could be would be better more money. Referendum fucking. He's going to give you want this. Because you said the same thing about tic- I find the onset water. You said the same thing about Mike you go see if I spent the you always get it wrong. What you mean I said Fury I said while the world's GonNa Fight Fury? Sorry about earl say yeah. That didn't make sense in up and I was right. You see earl did to like he's not gonNa find all offer is not even worse differ. I mean he back at the top right a win over Crawford makes you pound for found number one again. The world already offers the best welterweight. They already know that many Paco and we'll be bigger SELLIN SAUDI ARABIA BRINK. Okay listen WHO's GonNa know who Crawford is Saudi Arabia. Listen all the Mattis's that's only one fight though you know what I mean. Let let me grab that money. The Saudi Arabian income handlers. This Crawford work. You know what I'm saying or vice versa. Many money handling you know keep one-time Thurman Right so so let let let floyd come hand do Crawford. That's all I'll see what's wrong with that sound like a good plan to me Listen I think I think floyd could beat them for thirty two years old. He suffered no adversity the most versus. We've seen them suffer. WHO's Cambozola like? Yeah well we're talking about Floyd Mayweather in Maine so you guys are the ones sleeping. I think floyd could beat the portion of the show we call via vile y'all Yoyo y'all went up. Neth was up my boxing brother the Info Joe would do a man being super super super busy man working man. I've been able to call me and let me make like my pig. I put me down for wilder A round K O but I wouldn't be surprised if Ortiz hurts him began. Dan will put me down for a while for the Ko for is Mayweather in Crawford I love it Yo. Mayweather didn't give you determine that shot but Pacquiao did and Thurman dropped. The ball ended when they tried to pass that torch to him from that generation. So for Mayweather wouldn't fight Crawford Man. It'd be a pass notorious fight or it'd be another pack out Thurman Floyd Mayweather vs cropper offer. That he yeah. You'd be like that. You know what I'm saying like experience in May whether pound for pound but if you ask me today I would vote for corporate. Just like I wanNA Thurman over pack. Yeah I still gotta go with the youth. German just dropped the ball but That's my call. Hit those thumbs up you. Listen to the voice of the people there is no equal. I'm out Fam- P.. The difference with Thurman Picking You pick in term and his Thurman was proven he was unified at welterweight. He showed us he moved up to fifty four. Not a former champion out there that he was proven proven like a little different. You know coffers still got a prude. US Did you know he he. He could do something like this. We're going out to a new caller in the bay area. Nine to five nine to five this. He always Kosovars Thank you for having me on this. How do I spell Q. S. A. S.? All right. We'll talk to us here in the bay. Yes Yeah I'm in the bay. Oakland Oakland I I wanted to say I don't think Floyd Mayweather Right now beats turns Orange Crawford yes mayweather. You can argue that. He's going to go down as one of the best you can. You can argue the best of all time I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not gonNA say anything but what I'll say is this. He's been out in the ring and hasn't had a real fight since Andre Berto and that's what three years ago at this point. Two thousand yes you you yeah okay so going on four or five almost so you know yet. He is one of the best to do it. Because he's been doing this he's been active you Outside of this year and I really think they covered is the best pound for pound fiber but Crawford for Amir Khan and he will be fighting getting mean machine. This year. Like those tuna mayweather's tune-ups after eighteen months off okay. Eighteen months of was one Manuel Marquez. A first ballot hall of Famer with the only clean knockout over backyard. That's a mayweather you know. That's a mayweather mayweather. Mayweather would beat Amir Khan green the machine and probably Crawford in the same year I agree he definitely would be Amir Khan and the green machine if you really. I believe that missed by ever happens. I'll be back on here and I want you to put your money where your mouth is. 'cause I I really think right now. With how active parents Crawford's been the fact that he's in his probably how act he fought once this year about until I'm talking about over the years even if he hasn't been active this this year which he's only how to fight in April Samir. Khan that is true. I still think if mayweather comes out of retirement he loses. Now yes. Give me weather if you give mayweather amid Khaneh Tuna. And then he didn't go a tune-up may mayweather comes out high Crawford workout a tune-up war got to tune of before he got the fight. Cova lab like you want him to fight. The Cold War May whether those completely different topics. You're absolutely you're absolutely right. Among Gra Kovolev is a lot younger and less skilled. You're absolutely right through different types of the different fighter completely different style. Yes best work came out. He did it to tune-ups that was his choice. If Mayweather wants to come out and take a tune-up which isn't going to be probably too much money for him depending on what the tuneup is. But it'll be one of those mayweather it'll be fair. I mean it you know what even if you give me whether tune-ups do I still I put put my money on Crawford at this point switch south for has from Omaha. I'm not I'm from Oakland California but I do think that man but Crawford the pound for pound number one fighter people. I think people need to give him credit. He never versity man. Floyd Floyd got clipped by Moseley Floyd so for diversity with Costanzo with Judah he never suffered adversity. This is floyd later or this is floyd that was closest to was was prime. You know we're floyd today right now. Who has in a while? And he hasn't fought any one hundred per though is not a top tier. Welterweight wasn't what did he say. Don't take that as disrespect. Hopefully you've been listening to the show. Long quals quals asa also quasi quasi Yes thirty each person. Thanks for calling in. We're going to go out to Caesar in Las Vegas. League is talk to me out and ask I'm on my own man scarface What I do release a Solo Dolo scarface Manalo? Baby Ch- I would. I would think that Mike want would want to be on this show but yeah man so what I read online. Because I got an occasional essays was going back to two fights. Is that what you is what you read as well. Yeah I mean. I've seen that today about the two fights possibly being manny and then a standard but year. This is Crawford saying Yo you coming going back to two thousand and twenty one. I mean you right but do we really think that would even consider a federal Crawford. I mean I don't think you would consider any any top top welterweight besides Peck Peck Road. Really the only right that makes sense. You know in my opinion. That's just me my opinion that if if I may weather and you know I'm I'm I'm fifty. No when I done everything that I've done I know me. And my a father. And Jeff and nate. We sent him back at me like what is do thirty. Two years old. He's inactive. He ain't fought nobody. Gambella May Gamboa Mayweather. My smack Gameboy into retirement nest. You're not you're not telling. Lv Right now. That's what I say. I think I think listen. I think the same way that you guys slept on Canelo and as soon as CANNELLA RUMOR COPPOLA WAS I. I said that's a cherry for Carmelo. And he showed you the fucking goat. I'm nestor damage. Okay so what Floyd. This is a cherry for Floyd. This it's a Cherry Cherry Roy. He went swell rounds with David. Ben Evita's would you ever in your life nick. I will fucking take a second mortgage on my house floyd before four David Bethel Jose Ben. Evita's Bra come on. Listen listen why do you think didn't take the blassie fight or hey all suffer because they knew they seem to flaws in cove left just like can mellow seen them. So you you telling me Jose Bellavia as hit Excuse me Yeah Jose hit Crawford Gamboa. You're Crawford and employ can't do none of that not not just remember arc you I just remembered is right. People like Oh four. Two years old man he forces McGregor foist tuna was one one man will mark case. That's his tuneup. After fucking eighteen months out of the ring at the EM fat Bergen getting into fights as with ti he come back and fi one well Marquez. First Ballot Hall of fame only due to flatten pack. Yeah and you've talking about this do find a mid con man. What before I do to make flowing knew what he would do to make gotta slight never? He told us that fighting worth it. I'M NOT GONNA make pay per view for that Brown. If he warned he could do it if he wants he could do it because guess what if they would have been a podcast around back then when when be hop was fighting past forty people would would would have probably been saying. Oh you know I mean I was around when he fought to parabas crowd. I was super impressed. That he beat survivors cloud the way he did then he unify would like if if be hot could do it. Why can't do it? That's all I'm saying and be hoping for ain't the same day they not the same. There's only one do you take a second mortgage out on. And that's Floyd Floyd his career. Provea you could count the controversial controversial fights on one hand and some of them controversial fights. It ain't no controversy buckets. Just don't know how to school. 'cause neither May Donna. Fight Wisconsin Virtue to me. The you know what I'm saying but whatever don't don't take my word for I'll tell you if he wanted to Cherry Hill bus hill bus it and I'm glad terrence crutcher put Hashtag zone. WBZ whoever paid most who ever paid the most. Now it's up to the public demanding because he ain't GonNa just give Crawford. Ah fucking super fight. He Ain't done name we're talking about Gamboa's his his protege about the fight Gamboa's come on man. We want the brand new. Cincinnati taught him NASA drugs long. Then just just just say no from here on out Soviet together and sober up blow crops talking Cherry. Take off man. That's fucking insane floyd's favor fighter floyd advocates. You not to do this. Don't take the road anywhere for your. Regine Crawford blew out Jose. Ben Vida so floor should be afraid read he. He didn't punts con in Dick and take them to the eighth dude that everybody fucking knocks out and like just blowing on them. Yeah four should be afraid great across it come on. Alan Boyd is forty plus. Hasn't fought in like three years he will end up like Hop Outside of the rank against Joseph Joe You I don't do it floyd confidence a younger stronger faster version of you heard Freddie Roach tell you a tale of that he will get his ass kicked inflation. It's not favorite flight. I don't want to see it done and everybody needs to stop. Sam Floyd he got hit by hall of Famers Emmanuel. Gus This is not a hall of Famer. He hit fluey. A bunch of tabs busted his nose Emmanuel is all the famous heater only journeyman. It will go down in history. You can't even mention another journeyman as as as as durable as him. The markets demarcus Chop Chop Corley busted him up. Lago Floyd he's not a fan what Bernie. She'll chop chop coil. Steel our fight and what you just hang lundy like a year ago Bro you talking about dudes you have been in the ring. Where everybody he he he if we wanted to Fight Zab Judah chopping in there where everybody everybody via is Ronnie Shields fighter back in the day he busted floyd up? He isn't Hall of Famer Florida's very hit a girl dolls slow. He's very hitter. He's so so so so let me ask you let me ask you sir. Let me ask you how many how many fives does this chop chop have shit a lot a lot. He's taking government exactly. We'll we'll Jose benefit as a MA. Well he ever gets up at beat the shit out of Chop upshaw Corey. Yeah now now but what he ever fight as much as we'll ever be in the ring with the names and the level was chop chop they've been Evita's before the gun show in the beat the shit out of CIA. Jose Jose before was fucking dated. You you know I like I like I like that you walk. I like the John Avoid. I like that. You're trying to avoid the question at the end of the day floor. You my favorite fighter. Ever don't do it. You'll get data and beaten cropper's too great too young too fast too strong to athletic through tricky fight a fight collided on this coming from the President of the Bug Crawford Bandwagon Shit saying give me some some legit boxing fans that just WanNa talk boxing. There's looking at this from from a fight standpoint. You know what I'm saying. Let me see what we by then. We got some new new cars this year but now that is something definitely new Illinois first time caller. WHO's this Kevin Chicago Kevin? Kevin what is going on us to them by the Muslim propogate. He got a chance. uh-huh ain't got shots for. He gets hit too much. And we all know. Floyd is very accurate. He's very quick. He's such a cross for some of and only way he may get his is just because of the mystique of Barbie pound for pound number one and and he would just approve a point that he's nowhere near close to what floyd is that will be the only reason why he would he would take that fight and for Crawford standpoint. A reason why he called him out is because talk right and get nobody. Wendy theme in in twenty twenty he on the horizon coming up Spence Spence Fridays. Nine to twenty twenty one looks like because of the accident and it's like how long are we gonNA let book ranches powerful POW L. Wave and he hasn't fought anybody in welterweight in the top eight. You you gotTa Spend Peterson Garcia Doc. Porter Brook all them. Guys is better than anybody on his resume and he's still pound for pound a month when it came back that way too much long especially when you're not fighting nobody on top copy so would him calling out mentioned it all all all all the people zone and whatnot is just a money moving for him to get more money from from top wearing. We all know he ain't got the balls to leave. Leave top ranking go someplace else if he has if he has some balls like like he call it out floyd go to PBC by all the guys at wealthed away and then uh we can. We can talk right now not really saying much. Well thank you for. The call definitely definitely can't wait for you to call back and we're going out to a new a new another first time caller any five one seven talk to me. What is this Michigan again? Who's this yet is will man what up though? Listen I'm GonNa tell you like this. Do Dick just got off the fall. Study the best. WHOA forty-seven I give coffers everything okay? He's a great fighter. He Ain't done shit at one forty seven nothing. He struggled a bit of just the twelve rows. How's he barely beat the white boy? You don't WanNA fight nobody else. I mean that's it says it all right there I mean he could Mike Garcia by porter you could. I mean he doesn't WanNa find but he said he could buy you guys. You don't WanNa find nobody. Nobody nobody so him being floyd. It's not going to happen now. I will say this. I don't think that they're going to fight. I think that's GONNA come back to fight. Because he was fresh off a weapon. Darkness brought high in in the money. Is there for that fight. But you don't you think that's how you spice up manny fight. You come back many knocked off top well to wait you come knock off a top because if you don't got a bell you don't know no no if you ain't got a belt you still you lose negotiation power manny still do you. I would rather see I would rather see fully fight fucking saw porter despite defy Crawford fat. Yeah I I think Porter's aggression and pressure would he would make he floyd with half literally fight. He would have to fight. It's not going to be all that potshot and it's not going to be audit defensive. Schick he's GonNa have to get in there and fight reporter period. That would be a fight. I will pay for. But he'll find Crawford Crawford easy. He's too big for Crawford. He's to cutting for Crawford. I don't see I don't see and I wish is more focused but quit smoking Crawford off all day long and use groups. Online look has a great fighter. I get that but he ain't fought. Nobody gamble with didn't look too bad. Gets Great. Big Gamble had been rusty. He left me set up his career. Let's keep it real again bulletin. Look that I'm with you on which let me make sure I got that name down. Restaurant Will Michigan Great Cau- oh Let's see what we got on seven Sura in the meantime we Go back out the Texas here if you're watching this on Youtube don't forget to hit that helps with the visibilities show help. TB grow by subscribing to the Youtube Channel. Telling a friend about the show and hit in that thumbs comes up and share this show on your facebook social media telephone that you knows a boxing fan. Have them call in express themselves. I mean look that was an excellent uncall- by will I mean I know it's because agreed with my point but you know first time caller like to express themselves so so fluidly inflow dope lag that I love it. Man Boxer was Tom. So you're telling me according to an interview that did This week according to Instagram Post Tens Crawford is GonNa Fight. People says he can't fight spence is GONNA be at one forty from one forty and people that are forty year but that was before floyd made an opportunity. No no but that's the same thing so instead of fighting Danny Garcia Shawn Porter keys Yuga or even a Ortiz. You GonNa fight some would as one forty or floyd I get it Florida if proper would ever if even if he gets in the ring with Florida at of make him a better star. Because Floyd Loyd don't get me wrong but from this post I was more interested in the hashtags because that's the baldy thing to do. That's that's telling. Espn you know you can either pay me the money or so. You can see me leave. You know put in Hashtag Zone. PBC that's ballsy. I like it. But he's telling Bobby let's make some flights and make some money or you know go. You can have a seal. That's my car all right brother. We're going to stay right there in Texas. We're GONNA go to mastermind mastermind go. Yeah look I honestly man I Miss Lewis fights but I was never a big fan so this is a win win for me because either way either proffer to beat. FLOYD'S WE'LL GET to see roy get his first loss flowed across vast metal speed up the process of what was going to happen with the real or forty seven fighters. So I say let's make the big event three floyd back Crawford Olympic he can either you know make history have hand Floyd Ale or he could take paternity we expect but either way either way I'm with so that's my call. Well all right supermax. Thanks for calling going out to boomerang. Cyp Talk to me not funny that if everybody got a problem problem with Crawford Floyd problem with number five slow. He had no chance to win. The Memories Crawford will be at a fluid. If you're a convict Florida's to Florida's not ready for that and it's never going to happen. Destroyed coming back to take a fight. He's GONNA lose. You'll probably fight Loma or five pack. Yeah yeah he's not fighting. No young black life Johnny. The stop and wake up and remember this is three or four emigrated. He don't do that. That's not what he about the a stupid. He knows exactly what y'all know. Don't suffer them young black lines to ain't no joke. Don't play yourself. You're always talking about Crawford. Kate NATO by betes ask them your number four autobody one night somebody. That'd be nice. beat him let's make a fool of yourself is not naming off. Do they want forty seven S. Better make a fool yourself. Nope you won't do it all all you talk about me one. What have never fought me? One name could be them. Nancy ended the day. y'All hate known yet. It's a great show. Oh because great. Am Property and like. I told you ain't copper. And that's like I've coffers friendly so I got your back Crop Jaffe. Let's go. Yeah so I mean I think Thurman beat some Porta. Beat some and Earl Beecham now the issue with all all those fights is Thurman Izzy the same. You know now that he's got this injury this surgery porter he still the same. I think but What was the earl? is He still the same. So yeah man I don't know that's why I want to see those fights you know That's what I'm specifically saying. Floyd's tuneup is woman or Marquez. You know fluid would never struggle with Jose. Ben Evita's you know he would never get clipped by Gamboa's so that's my defense. We got everybody on there and everybody over well see Guess is just you and me triple ran right back at you. I got him yes. I'm glad he's back because that was a horrible horrible lackluster. No no no appreciation energy spots. That's connecting order. I think that bullshit. We don't believe you you need more people. I blow body believe talk about belief I can promote a man. Bob Lies in lies in life. I don't believe Komodo suspected bobby. Great wine the people because that's the job a lot but like I said Y'all may it puts up money. GimMe all this input. I put number five or something it would. A guy by the name is porter. The name is porter who believes that they believe that. Does the line open for the bed with me my betting. My betting side does not carry fantasy fights like that. So I'm asking you just like I told you which fights kidnapping they did if you think that F. fights go put quarterback favorite favorite right now. Will they make them. The favorite I dunno may may be based off his earl if they went it into the right now if they went into if he was fighting Crawford right now instead of me machine I mean if cocoa ah trump was fine porter instead of me machine. I think Puerto could be the favorite because he's got a lot of momentum ball enough to fight. I want to Chat Kevin. He released you commercial. They're already saying they're ready. But a lot of people like a lot of people like Crawford. That's the thing but I like to be impressed. I don't like liked to to live in this whole. Oh itis I won't let my eyes see tests. Let my man you make it all work that way. It don't work that way for certain people because certain people do get the test themselves. I've seen Danny Garcia S. themselves years ago years ago and Danny Garcia can't be coffee try again next already. He's already had a hell of a career and he's younger than Crawford. He's done more in a statement. The same timespan wouldn't glass next up your way next. He didn't he didn't know top welterweight. Bro Do Crawford got a belt from is because has Danny 'cause that do accepting step aside money because he didn't WanNa fight Danny date actually again. What Daddy I don't WanNa hear your story who'd he be we don't we don't we don't change the subject the subject Dante's taste subject and don't plus your energy on Danny because we talking offered could never said that I never said that? That's what you want me to say so that you can have an argument but you don't. I gave you the names that I think the beetle. I told you Keith Thurman Earl Spencer and Import and you align awesome cool anymore. I'm lying I'm lying. You're not comfortable sure. That is your cut it but in that is your call but That's cool. You know everything you say is fact backed. Everything I say is hot. I mean sure but the fact of the matter is he ain't fight none of them do fact of the matter is if he could beat. Danny the way you claim why descend Danny a small offer. The Nissan the easiest fighter in Con- I duNno in enemy but Let me see. We got another caller here. WHO's this use? I've been checked. This is easy to make fights man. We've watched that get done so simply You just got to send the right off if you really want it. We WanNa Davidian Talk to me. What's going on how you doing good good? I've been listening Interesting I mean that'd be cool if I mean I don't know if I were happen if if Lloyd it's like people forget how good Florida was especially when he was younger but I still think you know he possibly could be. You know Terence Crawford Cross. I don't know what this delusion that these people have by like. They cast a spell on on all these Crawford fans. I Still WanNa see the I do despite in some dude named me man or whatever machine or green green machine or whatever so I I don't know I'm I I mean. Turns Crawford is a good fighter. But I don't know what you know. I would like to see that happen but That would be interesting though because because I think it could beat them I don't know but Yeah that's my car. All right Oh my goodness goodness. y'All don't be surprised. Cannella Fighting Callum Smith Nex Count Smith over again dog walk by his midget mandatory mandatory crazy. He better do certain all right who we got we got. I think somebody was just oh yeah boomerang on the PBC talk to me Mr PBC. Yeah Ayumi Yeah Yeah it was good Yeah I know I said about a fantasy fights with could be even. It'll be dope as she fought Crawford but I don't know I feel like if he did it like you said that's a Nice Cherry pick. I mean I'm not even talking shit about coffee but is it depends on. What Crawford does this next? Finally do me machine if he really just destroys them and we can see some shit like thank him. Go through some type of troubles in come out of it victorious. I don't know but like I said I mean like you. You said basically he had troubles would call a little tiny bit. He had troubles with Jose Been Evita's to all the Twelfth Brown to get him out in the do was all one leg lake. But I mean you guys did say somebody Shampoo order that would be a tough fight and then again we already know. Support is usually known to give people fights but he ain't getting the w with Floyd Mayweather Coffee because I think it'd be easier fight for floyd I mean the do professionally. The best and we he he does and Y'all can. Hey you know I see You know strongbox in with his hair and his nose talking shit but and and this this is how it is. Floyd does what he does. And he's going to get the W. for Crawford all all the way and that's my car going out to boomerang stainless talk to me you ride on. This does not look too good right now to not to get off topic but I mean it's time for the would be a good life with mayweather with with with two three years. You know. Say 'cause we not really taking McGregor fight into account you know as far as high level for almost five years out of the game. I think Crawford is easier. Fight Mayweather saying if if he added sue between Florida and may weather. I'm sorry quarter and Crawford Crawford probably the five as take. Take Crawford Man. I mean bordered S. twelve round straight action just pressure and I'm sure fluid and working in a situation with we like I say you talking four or five years off from a real like how high level you believe five so I think cross would be the better choice if I may weather in that situation as far as the amount of risk and that's all I got man I for the national still listening. Please make sure you push thumbs up. Share this every episode of the box voice. PODCAST 'CAUSE TB life and if you ain't ate your excuse used to send out the Oklahoma me too all right all right. All right I think I got to everybody so If you're watching this future president pass hit that thumbs up through the visibility so helps us grow and don't forget to share this and you should definitely finally be watching John. Ryder versus Callan Smith. John Rider Has Jess Br. And Look I can't say much because I'm just watching this in the seven round people's I mean with messages like Yo. You Better Watch this fight. We would Johnson jive right because we're but day Umbro John Reid. I can't believe how small he is like all the Times I've heard Mike talk about. He never mentioned his do was this small or Z.. The calumnies that big but brother John. Reid is a poor man's canal oh man so callum. Isn't super trouble super trouble he can't even land. I don't know I mean sometimes you just have an an off night bro. But again I'm only in two rounds of that fight and that's the seven eighth. We got another caller closed. Claus's keep popping up out of nowhere me see who's this that is an. We've got another one over here. Yeah what is this. What is this looks like a new car then five have one three? WHO's this week calling from being teams and the minute I know I know man I got a new number being brandon? Man China You know put together this hustle man working on his clothing line. Elohim jeans is coming. So but It's fight night. Baby serve me. Hey Dick days man you you know you. You is across at hater breath but I like how you so on them Because the man show some balls and called out the best pound for pound defied us some our generation floyd mayweather okay. So let's let's be easy. It's a great move with the call now The best calling calling out the best you know. I can't say anybody else's been out you're calling out spence calling out then mayweather. I mean if this this is the realm that this guy believes he's on then you know let let's get it on. What does he have to lose net? What did he have to lose if he loses to mayweather other? He's going to be he's going to be looked at like Nello if he beats mayweather then all the talk of them being the POW POW number one his true so well I mean he got a lot to lose when Cannella loss to me whether you know it was a lot different may well. It's forty three now. He may well. That forty three beasts call for right now I guess he don't right because terminate losing an intern. Lost Pack Yar forty man but forty and forty three different. Oh forty and forty three. He is different. You know they're going to give me more great weather sport but let's just forty. Three is a lot different than you know. A young man Sturdy Bra. Let's keep it. You know what I mean. He's he's he's the best so I mean you can't you can't discredit the kid. If he loses is he gonNA lose by violent man talking to the way he gonNA lose. What is what is best on a line? You know he's GonNa give his best. It's going to be a great height. It would be a mega fi in my opinion and I would hope that that fight would be. I mean how. How how? How mega when you first pay-per-view fifty then your next one hundred hundred fifty? If you talked to bobby did two hundred. Yeah Yeah but a lot of that was the dance partner. Be I mean like if we keep a one hundred if if you know the riders riders are going to get behind. I'm saying excited thousand with CON. He did two hundred fifty with her but but but when he he fought car on Khan was more so still a little relevant. Now let's keep it were hunted. He was still a little he. He had a lot more buzz. Then he ended ended up having once he fought But you know what I mean so I mean again you cannot deny that the writers are going to get behind my man. AM But they're gonNA talk this going to be on ESPN ESPN plus. He might even end up on zone talking his fighter. I mean it's going to be a great thing. I would be a Ilene James Man Congratulations on the cold Definitely early Come back on his. Shoot me a personal message so we could Do an interview been Rocking out with us for years. Definitely want to give you an opportunity at least to let our listeners know where they could get those new genes and at least take a look at them. I know we got Cana on line. Talk to me can just listening once twice. You're listening to this y'all crazy I WanNa say that will stay in this came on and said that Crawford would be easier weirded in fucking was the fucking whiskey drinker McGregor wow really like I don't mean shit you ain't shit. He got approved yourself still undecided victim. Postal and Jewison dangle wasn't old walk but all my bad my bad you write. It wasn't the only do vacant title. Thomas the law may who else who else is brab forgotten. He wouldn't collected stones right man even he was holding. It wasn't the biggest star I'm Jay. I'm a hater because I tell the truth. Okay I mean that's very take Marquez. Pretty drug them up to fucking weights and was weighing shit out that man. He drugged him up. He drugged him up. Oh you mean you mean like Calbert moved up the Feige noddy and Mikey moved up the fire Earl and who moved up you mean like Anneli the move up two ways to fight Kovalev come on man stop it. Stopping started Diaz is tag Alco was a cherry before it happens right because I'm axon accent because I know Bashi skill just like I'm telling you just like I'm telling you call for every for fluid just like I'm telling them Coffee Cherry before your chair for fluid. Here tear for floor foibles Papa. He GONNA bus eight billion pounds. I don't make a true Da. Sure before elegant you in check by Game Boa will he ever we ever. He'll cut his fucking hands off before he Jose Ben Evita's put hands on him talking about a whole different classified. You write about uh-huh you fucking for four hundred house. Ford is in the PENTHOUSE. Ford is in the past. Been Your Management Finding Thomas. The law May Victim Postal Fucking fucking Julius Dongo game you talk about dragging people up. He's he drugged him up. He drug him up. He drugged him. The drug him up. He drugged lamb. He May Derek. Gee Move Fifty on that night. Come on our for our listening. I want all you offer fans to buy the paper because that's floyd won't Buddhist fight 'cause you call for fake supports buys pay per view and don't know by know thankfully we've been doing this. Show help them out get some clout hopefully hopefully giving them an opportunity so so people can know. This dude is man for real. Hopefully we'll say hopefully all right. Thank you for calling in Cyp The three times and we did because we was about the leader's should just keep getting lady. Everybody calling in double check them lines. Everybody's everybody's there are right Eh as G._T._O. piece.

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