29: Candid Coaches Conversations pt 4: Rule Changes


welcome to another episode of candid coaches conversations This week we have another group of highly. Touted assistant coaches guys that we brought together a couple of so called journalists including myself. I guess but we have robbed author as usual. He will actually moved in this podcast. Thank you will not look like a statue and we have. Cbs matt norlander and the topic. This week we'll be rules and Rule changes rule proposals. You'll hear a lot of these guys. Talk candidly what. they like. What they don't like whether it's on the court or hopefully some of the rules off the court as well as the last few weeks we've tried to change it up topic wise this week. We'll talk about rules with some of the recommendations that are out there you know. The the rule oversight panel's going to vote on this early. June norrland is probably got some more info on this but the big launch are obviously whether they go to six fouls. That's a big one probably not going to happen. Technicals for flopping no warnings anymore. I think i don't know live stats. I guess you're gonna be able to use some equipment Potentially on the bench. If the league's approve it it's kind of an experimental rule where you can what you can download previously downloaded and live stats during gains. Let let's start norlander. What am i forgetting. Am i forgetting anything else. It's of relevance team. Timeouts will replace media time outs which is definitely a baseball but i think is actually really good for the consumer it will make it has the potential to have be three to five to seven minutes shorter overall and then shot clocks will if the school wants to it can be like an mba shot clock show tenths of a second on the shot clock for the entirety of the game. That will be on a school by school basis but yes flopping can ballots cetera et cetera. The only thing that will be experimented in the nit next year will be the sixth foul rule. Which is obviously the most interesting one. Everything else If it gets passed by by prop will be implemented immediately for next season right. So i'm going to start with cody. Cody came from the nba. And i think obviously it's we know it's a different game but but you dealt with six files and now you've been in college for a couple years. How do you feel about college basketball from from five to six. I mean to me. The big key is that there's an additional eight minutes right at the professional level. So the need for those additional fouls is there otherwise you would see star players fouling out early in games. And you can't have that. I think that the big thing that from my experience and again it's only two years and you guys have been killing it doing it for years and years and years you can tell i'm insane but just as an outsider coming in is there's there's such a bigger pool of teams right at the college level. It's much harder to have consistency from game to game on the officiating side with only thirty teams and only whatever it is however many officials we had in the league. It's a smaller group so a small group to teach the nuances of how to make the calls and what you get is consistency across the board from game the game. That doesn't mean they're going to get everyone right. But my point being charge calls right like rerouting drivers right hand checking it's so inconsistent that one game your best player might have two thousand the first five minutes but the next game. You might do the exact same thing and both of those files go not call right so lack of consistency would be the only thing that leads me to believe in additional foul could be needed but again. We don't have that extra minute. So i really don't see a need for that change. Anybody wanna go to six. Oh hell no so. So for me. Outside of inconsistency why in the world would they put all these stipulations on file. Calls light so safe. You can get you can get a kid has zero files in the first half and you have four thousand secondhand. Well we all know. That's the moment of truth. That's the most intense part of a game and you can get disqualified. That makes no sense. If you go though six go six hundred and relations you know the same thing if you why have you get three and i had get through in the second half. That's fine but if you can't get one file in the first half you get four in the second half. What was the point going to six. And so people forget. I think in the early nineties the biggies and attack i think it was the atlantic sun. They experimented with this all right. So that's became. I guess the rugged big east in foul called nick gangs got extended. Do want that again. I don't mind on the six. I don't mind going to six all right but if you're gonna go to six why have stipulations on. That's all i'm saying. I agree with jonas I mean i grew up in the washington. Dc area at the high school. I live those big east as jonas. Would they had six fouls you watch georgetown and villanova and saint john's playing those. Those teams were bloodbath. Man know. i mean. obviously there was some count on the floor and that but like it was. Survival of the fittest. And that's thought like how. I interpret the game should be played and I just think you know. I think cutting makes a good point too about you know. We're playing eight lots minutes. I just don't see there's any need for for six fouls. I think it should be six vows because your best player when you get to put on the bench for the whole first. Half in so As a disadvantage if the refs not going to be consistent your best sitting on a bench it has six five. You'll be more inclined to leave him in a game until he get three. No three defers after the second app so i think vows protect the best players in the best fares drive the prada so we need the product to be good. The nba got more stars in our game so we need our best players on the court and if you not like behind we only plan. I don't know if. I wanna see the best pair sitting on the bench. I know i don't think it's wack rule. I wish they were blue to six hours and twenty four second shock. The new transfer rule is eight or nine guys in a lot of people will have big rotation unless you got unless you're gonna go platoon anyway. I give you saying by getting you know after your second foul you put on the bench but the same thing that you get your third file in this scenario with no stipulation. I don't know a coach in his right mind. Allow player to get four or five and a half but it does happening right now. You get to some coaches. Let them play naked third bow but they don't get paid allies thirty five. You're not done for the rest of the game. You just let it out got two fouls to get into that. Some coaches over coach. I know when i was in college. Macos that you play in the first avenue three thousand. Because again he don't serve you. Don't believe in playing nineteen you only going to play six and a half maybe said so to six file would keep the better players on the court driving the product because we wanna see the best players. The agree with jason. Because the game is supposed to be about a player's was best for our players was best for a game. And i think when you could protect allow the players have six files ago competing especially you see the you know the numbers in the nba I think you just like jason say you know the product is our our kids and our players necessarily need to protect an an and i think you have a better game well. I like devil's advocate on this one. Because why. I like the idea of going to six vowels for all the reasons that you guys are mentioning but why. Why is there this auto bench with two fouls in the first does exactly right. You don't have a really good point because it was like a study at the nba level talking about foul trouble whether we put guys to the too similar thousand and play the house and mike. The data shows that letting the guy's point the thousand more often than not actually. Don't get that next foul. A player to says you can't we can put first basin out there with two percent frank. Hey don't get your third get stirred next one just as competitive chocolate. But i think it has a lot to do with personnel. You play but that that's a good point. We think we always think the guy's gonna get it. That's the interesting thing very interesting. An mba guys are. Let me guys rock with files. So so it's like yeah like. Hey because you can't have frank at three thousand first half y'all s right so but in the same sense i mean. What if we think that he's gonna get it but maybe maybe we can actually trust them more than we think knows. I have a question for the veteran coaches here. That have been around. You know andre ron among them The biggie stuff gets referenced in how it was a failed experiment thirty years ago but do we think that the modern college game the way it's played the way that it has been changed in a fishy in the weights beneficiary. The past five years remember. We're talking six seven years ago about how you know we needed to clean up the game and make it more. Fluid more cosmetically appealing right. It feels like there has been good gains on that. So is there the potential that with this rule which again will just be done at the nit level just to see how it goes. I think that's actually the right process here but do you believe that. The division one men's basketball is a cleaner game in two thousand and twenty one By small margins major margins margins at all versus what. The biggest was in the late eighties. Early nineties matt here like for me personally out could give help offensively with screen and stuff like an nba. They call they get away with dolphins so screen and a lot more in the college game. I'll post gaza sometimes scared that screens. Because they're scared to out that way. So most faust one of the deepest saw the ball seems so by allowance six. Maybe we could get. Our post is or something better screening. Get those guys scream. More not being having a concern of getting files that way. So that'd be one reason why i think the six made may help you know. Matt i agree with you saying that like i mean i think the officiating has gotten better. We've tried to call the first thousand pant checking out. I think we've improved that. But i you know. I just feel sometimes though especially in the acc. Move on and see. Why tested this. I i just feel like it gets more physical as we get into conference play. You know it really does. And and then it gets it gets corralled back in the nc double a. term 'cause those guys wanted to advance so Because we're seeing the guys night in a night out in the acc. So you know. I do agree. You know because those were bloodbath man. Some of those files were. That's not but it's in early nineties an- and with those teams. I mean it was it. Was it came down to coaching. Came down the Who was filed late. And i mean it was just a blood after those. Those guys was physical and growing up on big ten basketball as a point guard. You kind of what she was getting into. They recruited and other conferences. You use that to their advantage. Negative recruit the big sale. Oh he's going to play slow basketball half or basketball. You know the is going to be fifty four to sixty games like that but it was also through basketball where you got punished with. You went in there and the paint and they made you pay for so Growing up on that style of play. That's all you knew in in now. I think the game is definitely a little software. They they have done a good job of cleaning up but just growing up growing up on those those big ten basketball teams and coaches. Those really good teams. I think I'm with jason is another guy turned to six six files in. My reason is probably a little different. I think human human nature of the beast and you gotta help with human air. I mean everybody on this call as that during the game and said come home and that's a bad call like how many times during the game the you look around you you said that's a bad call so all of us get bad. 'cause lesson when you're on the road in the acc big ten sec human nature of these so when the crowds come back is kinda human nature or the official count getting motion with the crowd and makes calls. I think it takes the pressure. All these bad calls that made jalen held you. Don't care withdrawal. Say or anybody says guy gets to five that bit. Because he don't think he's he he don't think he's going to defend and play hall. He thinks he's going not not go hog. Give up some buckets. Because he's trying to stay in the game so if if it was up to me Jason hard saying the best players only Drives the product s the truest thing. Not her that balance right. I mean it is that balance you want the best in the floor. But you're afraid of the way the game might look if you're giving everybody six files right like especially next year. I think the game's gonna be so ugly at the beginning of next year anyway with all the turnover among rosters and if you added like six files his thank you can be a a train wreck in terms of the quality of play as much as anything All right let's we've gone through that let. Let's go around the room a little bit of like. What's the one rule that you guys would change and it could be. You could have one on the court. You could have one off the court. I wanna hear the one off the court as much as one is going to be more interesting. Chris kreider. Let's start with you. You haven't said anything yet. Been counted just listening. What do you got what rules would you change rule or rules. We're talking about just overall. Ncwa so i. If i had to say one thing. I think all of us you know in our in our positions we being compliant and compliance is always so important and we we try to follow the rules to a t. I know for myself. You know how many texts calls do we make to our compliance department with something comes up. Hey can i do this something that i think you know. We recruit these guys. And we're basketball coaches and you go through the recruiting process. They arrive on your campus. And you want to coach him. And i understand why the rules are what they are. But just the whole time in the countable hours i think sometimes the time that allowed to spend on the court once you reach that number so let's say four hours a week. A guy wants to get extra shots. You wants to work out lots of a film. I just think. I find it as being an internal struggle. Hey go grab go grab a manager. Hey i'll get you on the next go around you know so you wanna follow the rules but at the same time you want to. What's right for the kid. You recruited them trying to help south for me. That's a that's bounce case. What do you got. you haven't spoken you. There is a. I definitely agree. days. There's been saying. I if i were changed related. That'd be six files just off the top of my head but simple standpoint of of the product You don't have coaches old school coaches alike wise in terms of linda. Have these guys. And that's don't be case firefighters because if you looking at it you'll your margin. The various have tallied. More than a opposed. You'll save three thousand second Close game so that's the rule. I'm hoping to change Moving forward in just give these guys a better feel of what a federal level with the six files and playing like that. Because like like see watson is gonna be tired whereas rome of air when a when a referee makes a bad call and it can cost four or five. Now you've got the last four minutes of the game so that's the rollout out with change. Hey i got one for you. Before i let you go on this one How bad is it when you play by games. How the officiating when you play by games against some of these guys at any calls now. She's not they ought to get out of the about low carbs and meet me being. I got as both of a low major school You hope some hope to five thousand helps you in a game. Because you'll play those. Go to the vince. If he happens. Pick valley get a charge call. But i didn't want the game of basketball is wise to grow our. Who else has got to go. One has got something. Maybe a little bit outside the box jason up in here. There's a lot of smart basketball minds on this call goodman not included. I hate the fact that the charge exists. The way that exists in college basketball. I wanna know from you guys. Do you hate it as much as i do. Because there's nothing that. I can't spend more than watson defender slide in underneath somebody going to the rain. Fall down and give roy with a with a charge. Called on it silence. No i lobby great to charge call. I think too much this level that coach taking charges right as a strategy and to me. I think number one is dangerous number two. I think if a guy gets in the air before you get to the spot you should have no shot at getting that call and Honestly it's been it drives me nuts. I mean especially. Go play kelvin. Sampson team those guys are disciplined. So they're low man's there he's given outside the charge circle and he's going down on any contact so to me even whether and that's the problem again that goes back to the inconsistencies from game to game the are triggered to me to the fact that again we've got so many games so many teams. It's just not call equally and so it's really disrupts the game and that's where you're going to the issues like jason was touching on our to your top players attack in the ran and they're not getting that call. It's brutal so i. It's it's a killer i can't stand it. And i also talk about screening andrea mentioned screening. It's another one. I can't stand the illegal screen. Calls are like totally wildly inconsistent. And and i just. I'm not a big fan. But i do think if you if you teach you guys the right way. I think the using charges. I think this is your badge. Heck yeah i agree with that. I know i've ever worked with coach beer That much but prepare for him after they have rule We have to get several charges a again and it you know the times. They beat us in the past At when he was at texas they have five or six charging. What was the difference in the game. So i definitely understand where you guys come from but if you teach it the right way and you consistent in you have a culture where you're doing a practice in that's what you know. Things is definitely a bad. It's a little bit old school to not played for morgan. Moving at the matha high school will end step in and take a charge. You know at the buzzers going off man. I was coming out. You know so i. It's it's kind of ingrained with me. But i i understand what kobe to i. I do think you know one of the rules. That i thought was really gonna pass. I met went through some of them there. But i thought we're going to widen the lane. I thought that would help out a little bit. I didn't think the charge circle. Mike was on the committee rules committee when they put the charge circle in tonight moved back but i really would was hoping that they would have a wider lactic. That would even open it up even a little bit more but absolutely a table that for this year. But yeah it's It's interesting call for for us. Old school guys. Do you guys feel about on ball charges. That's another one that's wildly inconsistent like we're guys sliding and he's actually slight because the nba level. A guy with the ball owns the space. Right if i'm driving and you reroute me. That's a foul on you like even if even if you read in jumped in the way in full doubts you got in my way. I own that space right so like that. I don't know how you guys feel about dollar. That's another one that i mean. There are certain teams. Like jerry said man i mean. It's that are very unbelievably disciplined and very well coached at using those things to their advantage. I mean daviel. Mitchell was the best that right he was able to just get in front of somebody in take charge. I honestly don't mind that one as much because if beating someone to the spot like you kind of ernie is the ones where someone slides over. And it's not even trying to make a play on the ball we talk about. What's what's best for the game and want to see your best player. Make a play. Do you wanna see someone. Try to block shot at the rim bloc dunk at the rim may get dumped on maybe get a poster maybe highlight. Maybe someone sportscenter or do you want to see your best player going up getting undercutting fallen down. Maybe he's got two free throws out of it. Maybe he's picking his third foul in the first half because it was bad charge. Call i just. I hate the off ball. Secondary fender fall down into a spot. I just. it's not basketball. Speaking donald mental. He he he he. He was one of the best defenders off scene because he wouldn't let you set a ball screen. And how many times can you say. I think marcus geared did a few times but you to continue his boss raise. We'll one four or five boss freeze and he had never let you let me just got over and beat you to the spot. So i think you got guys like that. That's that's a whole other level. Mike right there but i'm which do like my high school coach like you gotta rewarded by taking charge. So i'm a big fan of charges. I'm sorry fellas mark my thing is man. I i think it should be one basketball. I think that it helped the game. If the ncaa rule s have one basketball so everybody could stay hot all the time we only league in the world of the change balls goes on. Why does that. Why is that because it's for money. I'm totally get it but like an ncaa. They own the the tournament so we pay a one ball and everybody getting rid s do one ball one universal basketball because we will preparation. You go play texas tech. You gotta go get out your unarmored balls if you go play. You gotta get out the nike balls. Yeah so when we amount trip. Utah's unarmored from utah. To go to colorado nike so we switched bosnia. We come on la. That's adidas bar and then we'll pay our gang. Nike ball comprise only the into aa only. The can't figure this shit out syria and say we should how to one hundred percent four goodman profanity on our families doing every time every week at and see why he met that to something. Special heart is right. We can't beat notre dame undamaged by the most ball by the way she shoes willow. Wealth the ball without thinking about four quarters. I'm not a big fan. I just take changes are game. But i know there's there's some movement towards that. I'm looking for a quarters break game now much easier. That twenty minutes on the clock. That's like a few minutes. You give them a better rhythm you get your tv timeout. Uva you get your group in. And out i i. I wish we did four quarters. While i did some reporting on this last week on it so i don't know when we're getting four quarters because the problem is Men's college basketball is different from every other sport in that the nfl has a tv deal with all of its you know with all with all channels at arunachal games the same thing with the nba. The contracts always end at the same time and in the women's game. You only had a handful of games on television across a couple of networks so that it was not hard to restructure the td contract in men's college basketball. The cbs deal doesn't end at the same time as the fox deal doesn't end at the same time. The espn deal so you cannot have a situation where espn goes. Okay we're cool. If we want to completely restructure how we send our commercials in add money to a template that aligns with four quarters but then you've got the big ten network that's got two more years after that fox has three more years. Cbs has five more years. After that. you have to have all the television contracts end at the same point. So that you can restructure. At least that's how it was explained to me by tv. Executive and someone at the level. So i think everyone wants to get to or not everyone but a lot of people wanna get to the four quarters because it makes sense. It's logical progression but television money is the thing that is preventing this from happening and the feedback. I got was if this ever happens. It's at least ten fifteen years out. Once we get beyond the the current media landscape of how college basketball broadcasts on traditional brazilian play. they're like how would that be impacted right. If there's ten stoppages are playing a game right in the the the companies are paying for their ten spots or whatever it is like are we taking away stoppages of play. Yes sir there would would be. That's what i was told. There would be a reduction when quarters 'cause you would only have them at the quarter breaks and then it's come should ask should have rights each get a time out right. You're under seven. You're under three your quarter break. And if i mean just throwing it out there right you can give him the idea. Just add avary timeouts. You get like a throwaway twenty seconds. I'm out and now you come to the same amount of stoppage. The played with the other one. I think it solvable. But it's something that i think takes a true concerted effort and all the invested parties are not interested in doing at this point. Because you're involved again. You're involving the rules. Committee the conferences that have their own tv deals right. Cody and then the television executives who lord over so much of this is something that's audible and i'm kind of ambivalent on it. I would like to see it but if it doesn't happen i'm okay with but the pr- the situation presenting their yeah absolutely I think it is something that we can conquer. But i just don't think it's i think we'll look up in ten years in men's college basketball still going to be a two half game. I mean. I think there's two things that really really matter for this at least for me. It's the watch ability of the product on tv right. There's nothing more frustrating than when you get that. Tv timeout at the under sixteen and then with fifteen minutes forty five seconds left. Somebody calls a timeout in the second half so you get that three minute tv timeout. Then you come back and play for ten seconds That's going away. That's that's good of you to that. The other part of it is that when you with all of these thousand or called when both teams are in the bonus with seven minutes left in a half and you just have nothing but free throws down the stretch of the game like that can really kill stuff too especially when you're tournament and There are so many tightly cold games. There's lawn foul so the rule reset fouls apiece I don't know if that's something that is actually ended up happening but to me. That makes a lotta sense. Excuse me he has the product on tv better. They they didn't. I don't know why didn't they discuss basically going to fake for quarters format but they just. They didn't do it. Because i know there's enough still that still like the one in one on two four quarters into the fouls like you don't have one anymore which i cannot i. Cannot i kind of understand why they why they would resist that. But i think that's why this was on the table. This was discussed last week but they just decided that they were not ready to abandon the one in one concept which has its pros and cons overall. But i think that was a major factor in why it wasn't passed along for even experimentation at the it level the way that the sixth rules. Let me tell you guys. A little. Bit of our partners over at bet rivers sportsbook. If you haven't signed up with rivers yet now is the time that rivers sportsbook is offering a two hundred fifty dollar match bonus for your first deposit but what sets them apart they required just one. Play through to turn your bonus in cash money when you win. It bet river sports. They pay fast. And now it's even faster with rush. Pay instant approval for withdrawals. It's safe it's secure. It's reliable go to bed. Rivers dot com today or download. The app must be twenty one years or older gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler. Quick break from jaffna and today's show is brought to you. 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Good let's lighten dot com slash. Good to post your first job. Free terms and conditions apply are. Who who else. Who else has some ideas for rule changes overall. Yeah one thing. I had especially off the court. And chris kind of loosely early when he was talking about you know having managers go work out with guys and so forth i can. Atc you know see. Why probably solve email today. But i think we're gonna kinda go to this started with the pandemic of the last summer. But i i really feel like like your graduate assistant or your operations guy or something like that like no one things. I've been a product here. Beer notre dame the twenty one years especially the last half my your for twenty one years because you had success on the court and off the court you know you're doing things the right way One i've taken a lot of pride in is like mentoring. Some are young coaches on our staff including the last five or six years guys lifeforce probably even more important young black coaches that are starting their careers out that. I think that this is just such an important step for those guys and you know for those guys not to be able to get on the court and actually work with guys. I just think that's that's just not right. For example like a couple years ago we had Eric atkins who's assistant at gw. Right now will be a head. Coach here shortly. was in our kind of our video ronin like that and you know. Our young apprentice help but he was a freshman. Eric was on our staff and You know he wasn't able to go. You know the both from the dmv area you know they had developed a great relationship off the court like eric aca trivial to go help how. 'bout on the court to help you know. He's a very good point for us to help you know teach himself the nuances of the game and so forth. I just think we're we're getting you know. We got something a day. Where i think we're gonna get to that point. At least we're going to experiment with this summer To be able to do that. I just think that's so important. You know the core to interact with guys. I know the recruiting pizzas. One thing be. I'll go out and recruit but you know there's a lot of recruiting that's done off the court to that. Those guys were involved with which i think helps prepare those guys but like we got you know. Loosen it up a little bit and let those guys actually get out there and sweat with those guys specially like during the summertime. When we're on the road like able to work with guys like crista the you know you have to get a manager. Maybe workout for the next couple of hours like we should be able to do that. We should have our young guys in our staff. Sgt be able to step in those roles. I think i think there will for me. I think that's the change very fast. Because and la every agency is out here so they can work out with our grass. It just don't work out with a runner on average six. Come onto the coach trip so for me. I think that just because win away. We got a million runners. I right so they come in your head coach heiko if they did that for us that eliminates some our players. We had like three in the past. The name draft diggins they work but our guys with unlimited our right. I think that that really helped for us out here because every agent is trying to get all players right now. It's just been my experience. The last six years that the gym keeps kids out of trouble. If you you ncwa. I don't understand how practical intelligence that until you that if the kid is in the gym he's not in the club he ain't running straight. He's not doing things that get you in trouble collins. So that's something that really really bothers me. I that's something that we gotta get change and the guys is still a bunch of lazy guys out here some some guys. Don't wanna gimme jim we get. We have blessed here at florida state. The new bloods plugin a that. We get kids with tremendous amount of humility. That wanna be. Jim wraps but it's hard dancing around that time. They that definitely has a change in the agent. Deal jayson stark mountain real israel to get that Are power players. i'll throw out real quick From a from media and consumer standpoint and actually be interested to see what Will you guys is coaches Feel how it changed. It doesn't change at the games. I want i understand that. We're never going back to the way it was without monitor reviews but there there are too many and there have been instances a lot of them in the past couple of seasons guys. You will be point game with a minute to go. Take fifteen minutes a real time. It is a terrible experience there so my role proposal is that once wants. The monitor review begins. That process begins when the official is looking. You get sixty seconds. You get sixty seconds or you stick with the call. And that's it so that even if you have three of these in the final minute of the game like not that. There is a wisconsin iowa game. I think it was the final regular season game this season. It took twenty minutes in real time to play the final two minutes of the game. This just never happened there. I'm actually curious when that stuff is happening in you injured dealing with all this like almost comically like what the hell are you talking on the huddle for all that time. There's only so much you can say about a given situation there and it's just it's it's dead air and it's something that college basketball's verily needs to clean up because we know we're going back to not having it so we're gonna have it. We have to protect the official themselves so they can't be staring at the same thing for five six eight minutes. I'll say this that starts with them. Being reliable officials right inconsistent officials. But what the nba did it i like. Obviously we've got the replace center secaucus right so somebody else's looking at it so when it happens they go over. The dancers are being given to them. They're not. it's not there for them to decide. I would love to see each conference. Go to that right because when you go to the monitor now you if you put a timer on it ta- about how long it be a review takes right but at the end of the games to getting back to it is i mean. There's a lot on the line here as well. Right these are. We're not playing for fun right. We put roofs overheads right feeding feeding kids through this game paying for college education. Things like that so to to me. It's important that we get it right. It has to be gotten right because if you are in the short end of that's thick on the losing side right in. That could be the difference between somebody having a job or not having a job or this or that it is a. It's it's just unacceptable to me. So i liked the thought of a reviews a review center and and to me also like the thought of the coach's challenge being at the end. 'cause we had that in the During my time all three years thousand the g. league we use that challenge and to me. I thought that was valuable right. If you really think you're right throughout your time out there put something on you know. Put a little skin in the game. what else. What else we got andrea. What what would you change say marvin and it goes back to play and stuff. I love the nba. Eru of the last two minutes with If time outs solid bounce out of taking berg gray basketball mas about college basketball you get that pin. Drop something pretty in those situations. That'd be one rule. Alexey coming out of the college is our love watching the nba games. A couple minutes. Maybe game exciting to watch this some off the court and not. I'm unicorn on this dance. The recruiting count drive me crazy. I should have one. I'll take it may fit safe. And i'm free and as a term going on down the road i should be at goto. It you can. I think every school's different academic calendar. So you can't mandate when guys have breaks when the kids ain't there so allow us to go. I'll take it hurts. People don't cheat by pitting those counties on us and it takes away from us being able to have contact without families a lotta times because the restrictions and so they still always talk about the third parties. These handle stuff. I'll take this get out more. We could kind of eliminate some of the middleman more because we could develop relations. So that's the only thing i drive me. Nuts actually calendar. I hate the calendar. Follow the rules. And i'm going to do it but i wish there was less wants a gel. That's why andrei grades the best mid major assistant in the country. He needs to go up to big jobs. that's greatness. i agree with that. I agree but guys. I'll work other. What's you wanna work. You get the player now again. Sometimes you you can. Still work is hard as you can but if that other guys doing some other shit stuff sorry why then they get the player but but if everything's equal give it to the guy who's gonna work so let guys go out whenever they want to go out. What's the big deal. Well the big deal is sometimes you gotta ask some time for your wife. Your family to we had to go out all the time. It'd be like you know during the season and you have a dead period. Have a couple of dead periods were dead. We're still any anything. But it's too i want to see change one is. I think it's corny to have tied up possession basketball and there are some of the ribs are not consistent. they give it a jump ball somebody else. I think everything should be a jumble ice now reward in that s corning near the two things. I'm a father of a upcoming College to navigate ice station. Tell me. I have to leave the gym when my son is not playing a game. That's that's corn. But i want a washed again and say. Hey little jason do dribble left watching we. I'm supposed to leave the gym when his games over like i'm really entertaining recruiting somebody else so i think those rules are too much that they think we always owner. I think had to put a little bit more human realistic with that office. An rule or anything. But i was curious if you guys started talking about with your staff's game attire just coming out of last year when everybody was wearing we going back to the suits not hope. Not xavier won't davis slacks pullover. And that's what we ga saves money. I know more tailored suits. Animal cleaners bills financing options. Still going shorts right to marry this year so it might be shirtless with students. Well arrive you better. You better start working out more than that. i would like to see change and then And so we were over to the world games and play and with a ball is hit the rail line. i thought the game was so much More exciting more intense and just better just a better flow and pace of a game when you guys is going to get it right. You know why went up. Boy you could go snatch often You could save the little corny. Jason i like that word a little forty you know goaltending calls and that man. Let's play house. Well let's get go. I thought that was really really fun. And all our guys like a was over there in the world game. So i think that would be be some cool to bring to. The game was on the table last week in. I don't know why. I was actually giving the impression that they would have a good chance to go to the nit. Experimental phase for next season. Didn't even get there the only feedback. I got an advance of that was at the american level. Haven't been talked to play that way so there might have been some reticence over physicality around the rim. But i think the game is going to jared. I think it's headed that. Like i think that will be a rule like we'll look into decade. That will be a role. I don't know why there was a players one or two games to kind of figure it out effort right. also it's one less thing for the official to have to worry about. It just seems like the ultimate win win so like there are a couple of things that didn't get pushed through that. We're a little like okay. I guess i kinda that one kind of blew me away. There's no downside to this. That can talk foresee. It's the feeble rule we should just implemented immediately and they just they just opted not to but i think if there was enough. Push from coaches. You know in the next year and the year after that like you you send feedback to the people that needs to be sent to barnes and huggins are now going to be on the on the rules committee for the next year or two. I think there's a chance that could actually get pushed through the next time. They vote rule stuff. 'cause i don't know it brings a certain excitement to the game and again it's one less thing for the officials anytime you can take something practically out of the officials hands for the betterment of the game. It's just over here. What else we got any other ideas any other things that you absolutely hate in the game right now. That should be changed. jeff. I don't know about that. I wanna remind everybody follows. This is a family of that is preventing to. I've got a question garad rod. What was the reason that you would favor of the wider land wanted. You can elaborate on the From the c. y. The be able you know we're talking about the charge call earlier. I think that when you have a elena that's narrow there's more to rob's point there's more contact near the room you know and i. I grew up with the charge. But i do think there's too many charges in the game to especially near the rim so i thought that that maybe could aleve that problem a little bit by having you know guys further out from the basket so and You know so. I i'll be back i was. I would love to see us. Go basically the fever rules. I twenty four second shot clock. I like the wide lane. But here's the thing about the wide lane to just piggyback on that. He talk about space right. The wide lane impacts the offense player sitting in there for three seconds right because we don't have a d. three so inherently what happens is the big guys have to cleanse further out away from the rim. So when they do that. We're still going to try to teach our guys to state that loman spot. But what are they going to do right. They're going to have more of a tendency to follow that guy one or two steps even away from the rim which touted the caveat to that is on a drive on the right side if my guy cleansed right himself over on the left side it's further for that guy to go to get a position to take that charge so there's less likelihood he can even make it there. So that's the thing that i love about the wide lane. I think that changes the game. I do like twenty four second shot clock because it speeds things up you guys like twenty four second shot clock or no overall. I liked congruence. I think the better the same reason high school basketball out of shot clock. I mean have congruence between high school to college to profession. only do about that. Because i've been mellon oy and recruiting chicago. Let me some of those. Those guys can't even have a have enough money for bleachers or less known to put a shot clock so i think a lot of people in the state illinois chicago wanted but it was just financially funds. Come from so. I think That's big a lot of people. Think about let's for the shock likely about somebody's communities somebody cities. There's but is it. Is it college game to go. Twenty four are able to do that. I liked the twenty four but a deficit will help if you had no starting at the high school level ma. Biggest pet peeve is when the referees telling kids to sit out for celebration like are you serious. Super cornea vase was say i was like it was like you could dunk the ball in warm ups. Robert you get a technical foul name is players like some of these kids never get into game in their time to the guy that played behind four pick so for me to bring some to the table from a handprint on that team was to celebrate in bring energy and now soon as i get up i got a referee. Who's missing a call down this way telling me me and my players sit out like little stuff like that is just like komo analysis play bass woah. Nothing worse than hanging on the room calls nothing worse than the technicals. It's like come on man like let him celebrate as long as they're not doing too chin ups they wanna do case in what he got. Is everybody catch on everything to twenty seconds economy That is where. I think what we're doing is as a as an organization instead of low. We we won't play fast and so what what would be better than spending game. Twenty four second shot clock to get a quick To get more transition best to make the playoffs they're not better So i think everybody gets a lot of different points. I would like to see to be honest with you away with the whole ten seconds. A call in the backcourt. As i'm not i don't understand the point of it Why like a situation rests on this now. You do it a lot. Because he's just forget grew so wayne just kind of interested because not not picking ninety four feet. I need a baby. Eight-man booted leave true. I never gonna be working. It will be irrelevant. User frazier gonna come off the bench and take charge. I love the. I love the young fellow state but i need a ten second line to what about. What about other recruiting rules gas. You guys are obviously involved in recruiting more than anybody else. Is there anything else that you would change there again. you know. My whole deal is less than the the a matter restrictions. What specifically is there. Anything else that. I love years ago when i first broke in recruiting there. Were things that you could do to be creative when you went to events to to stand out from everybody else. I miss that i miss. Listen to summer to me sucks now. Compared to how it used to be it used to be fun it used to have characters used to be able to be creative. Now it's like none of that are coming to the games with tj four t shirts. Yeah i mean listen the bail even the baylor shirts right. How big they were and then didn't like ban the size that could have the lettering. I mean listen you had john. Beeline yelling at nudes. Because they're standing in front of doorway like come on like like stuff's gotta loosen up in recruiting and have fun and like you said. It's all about the kids. Like let them have fun. And i think part of it is promotional part of it. I think we lost it. I'm not the biggest sunny for karaoke. Ganic in the world but that dude knew how to promote. Didn't he like sebastian. Tell fair darius washington matchup abcd that was bigger than like lebron against by the way we all thought it was. And now there's no there's no juice in any of the buildings we got clerk there. We where smu we just signed key phrases. And we're trying to get jordan mickey and we prayed. Some shirts nike shorts. I said a nun wrong with staying at home. The didn't have nothing personal but his family. Everybody knew what we saw with school. Sorta sad because we had a shirt and say none role was staying at home is like komo like you do your job. If you're worried about my words shirt but it'd become is is that in a in corny and at from a recruiting standpoint. You gotta allow the out workpeople rules. That don't allow people out eight. If you want to be a boring not working extra do as on you. You wanna stay home. That's on you. How silverback outlook is bored. I'm following the bus if i have to. I won't daddy as young. I'm following the bus. Now you don't blow you you gotta let guys out. Work used that bus. Even with this man i told you. Hey listen buses leaving four thirty need directions. The bus always going through the game. I'm about a the third. It'll be 'cause it's been out of sight out of mind been dead here for so long and we didn't have a summer last summer but it'll be interesting to see if we go back to the three a weekend so to speak in july because i always liked that during the summertime man. You're able to a lot of ground and see a lot of guys. See the best players play against the best players. They always always big with us as far as evaluations I think we're going to go to that but it's a good change after the summer. We're going to go back to the cancer. I guess we are have to be. You know because michael is president than abc's you had to be on board with the nc double. I mean i don't know how you guys felt when two years ago when we did it but you know just the best in that you know so It's gonna be interesting. Hopefully we'll get back to that this summer. But then what's going to happen. You know moving forward. You know it's going to be interesting. i'll say they. They voted on. That issue is gonna should vote next wednesday but his two eight eleven sixteenth through the eighteenth and twenty second foods twenty fifth. The thing for me is like like i said in recruited everybody's gonna run to the dita's under armour and nike. But it's going to be a lot of pros who can prove itself in high school to get on the a side. Jim so my thing is allow more side. Jim a certified. So i can go sneak and find me across nearby jimmy. Why go jason that be like to this summer. Right jason like next. It's going to go back to the camps. I think we're going to have the peach jim. you know and then i went to one phoenix and i never knew a kid named alex of was he. So it's some if you look at the right stuff you go by and opportunity to be seeing right like another set. So i didn't mind that that was cool but una piece fan. I love the pizza. I like the peaches. I liked the. I like to watch the fifteen sixteen. I liked to allied to see dance that kansas. You recruited me do we have four quote unquote no majors and say tissue. This yard team. We started by thirty minutes whereas you can tell you though we had. We had a kid transfer from rice and the jazz traffic bryce who was located out of high school. Whoa jas i knew how to handle claire. Everybody'll team i gotta go find them before they snap. I wanted to go to rise. No more just come on us because we know for us jason. It's wofford wolford a while. He was bald and he was bought. As i say. Whoa ho this modo. If you spend all this time recruiting develop relationship with these kids and parents and then you feel out you bet you gotta turn turn some obscure to even do anything like i miss the i miss. Here's to go with the lines. Be literally man. That was special in vegas jeff especially in vegas all like one of my favorite things ever was i one i breaking in recruiting and cooler and he went up to me. It was bradley. Abcd and he said to me he goes. Hey can you do me favor. Can you tell that kid that bbc that we're gonna offer him a scholarship and i looked at him. I like your head. Coach isn't even like l. Skinner hasn't even seen him. He's like just just tell them we're offering. I'm like i'm not telling them you're offering a mosquito like the shit that went on again. I'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry. Listen you can believe me out dos. The out later k gives him something to do. he doesn't talk you might as well add it But i think there was so much entertainment with the summer that is lost now and just tries to take away all the fun away from everything and again like to me. We gotta bring the fun back into the game. Somehow whether it's a you whether it's college whether it's recruiting whatever. It is like the in home visit is gone. Those one of the best things the in home visits stories were the best stories ever. They're gone now home. Visits you guys do now. Zoom zoom spanish. It out they know by really run run into their home but see why said with with with the that is young. He may go and do some home. Hey guys i wasn't outlet vaccinated homes as many as i can. I'm vaccinate i'm i'm not young. Later we solicit is also like your member them. Home businesses sitting out with grandma. Mama i visit. I'll miss not helps you. Secure you get them. To hold is still legal now. It's cold it by scary. No i'm saying there weren't that many of them. Even even before covid they still kinda come to a standstill for the most part they. They weren't like they used to be. Yeah i don't do a home visit. Say they'd be embarrassed. Or you know family dynamic but yeah well they tell me. Why are we going to do it on. The school is something about going into that home. Were they lay their head or break. Breasts like always denied like knock will want to be the school. I've been at the school. I need to be a mom house or anyhow somebody housing it's different. It's different one more. Thank chris Case in what the difference now is there. Anything you guys would do is mid as as major guys to try to make it more of an equal playing field. Is there any. i guess. Is there anything. In recruiting with restrictions. That hurts you. Maybe more than hurts these guys. When it comes to recruiting everything. I know i've learned from c. wa so I think for us. no. I don't think there's a pecking order. There's a natural pecking order takes place. You know. i've been at some different places in different levels. And i think it always works out if you are. Are you do a good job. You treat people the right way and try to work like see wise saying. I think you're going to get the guys you try to identify jason talking about a man. We had it. Rice drew peterson. You try to identify. Evaluation is where it's at and so at the end of the day evaluate recruit. Win some lose some. Cyo used to always say you bet. Three hundred in this thing. You pretty good so for me. That's how i view job. I had to two kids kid ever jin. He made some noise too. So yeah guys. I'm just done with the whole people. Tell me who low major major. 'cause now the high majors is still in anything at a bitter load average sixteen point so today enemies pamper that. Tell me who not good enough air fan. I don't even want to see them scouting wine. Lucie that jason harder absolutely right that key to it is evaluating stealing fellas When eleven to spurs for us i was in a recruiting warwick presbyterian at north dakota. They laughed at me when i signed invested laughed at days. He's playing in the big shots tournament. I'm gonna laugh at. I was right down. The road would try to get out laughing at right. That was a that was a true evil right there brother classic case our people know what the hell you looking for. See it you stick to your gone. You laid on the tracks for that dude. And that's what he got. Lost art and our game soon especially at higher. Evaluation is a lost art. People go off on who recruited who or who would who got these media offers. I trust my eyes but it's a lost art. I'm not your boss. Boss in your school is chasing having a number one and two recruiting class. dose kids are still gonna get handed over to other programs. Is your boss or with the school one. Like when heavy recruiting glasgow want some good players. I'm gonna say this respect jerry's in kansas. I mean they had a quarter of devante graham. Who's going to abstain in frame state. right that's bass as a great valuation now on the people. They think that that's a blue blood having a program but those two to be a major guard people said You gotta give card styles credit. Because if i'm not mistaken he wanted to go see jordan mclaughlin with sc and it was back rule. Eighteen sides him in vegas frank hat one part of his hair braided and other half not braided. And katie. what goes see jordan. He'd like a little kid picking up his new ninety four feet and he called coach. Said is this a flute. We're back the next day in offering so it's a trust tomorrow's joan. His hanes is getting pretty good at it too. He stole him from saint francis. Eileen bid three days watching law and order when i lost the that that track track athlete the one that run a forty and four one s name older keyword. But everybody on this call back. Jim atlantic most why c. Why won't hang with you at a piece this year. Baby you know get together a piece. I see jamil. i'm gonna be at the. I'm south carolina. South carolina turning fell. Ill pizzas together. I will there with my hoodie and you ask them nikes on jan airmax joseph food. That's going to be the third day. The first peacedale. Maybe you're guaranteed misses. That long break in the middle of peach jam from ten years ago when you see everybody at the pool this listen appreciate everybody jumping off for this. This is good. This was a chance to talk about the rules and the good the bad the ugly. And we'll do it again. We'll we'll have everybody back. Make sure again everybody listening coaches candid conversations every single week. We'll have different coaches different topics. And let's hope all merced candidates jason heartless i liken on a counter three. Let's see who could get to the puerto houses.

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